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Historical Intraday Ultra US Treasury Bond Futures (UB) Data

Ultra US Treasury Bond Futures (UB) Datasets

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1 Minute
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This dataset contains both a continuous data series and individual futures contracts.

Continuous data is from 1-Jan-2015 , Individual contracts start with UBH10 (March 2010)

The continuous series is created by chaining together front-month contracts and rolling to the next month on the final day of the contract. Prices are also back-adjusted (ie adjusted for the price differential on the roll date).

This Dataset is Available in the below Bundles :

Futures 40 (40 Most Active Futures) | ($199.95) 40 Tickers
Our intraday data and tick data are sourced direct from major exchanges and tested for completeness and consistency. The files are in comma-separated (csv) format, zipped and available for immediate download