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FX Majors (20 Tickers)

Frequency Date Range Number of Tickers
Jan 2009 - March 2023
(see below dates for each ticker)
23 Tickers
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All datasets are updated daily (updates for the trading day are available by 11pm US Eastern time).
1 month of free updates are included. Updates are $34.95 per month thereafter.
This bundle is included in the Complete Bundle (7000+ stocks, 2500+ ETFs, 140 Futures, 115 Indices, 50 Cryptocurrencies)

This bundle contains 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, and 1-day historical intraday data for the 20 FX majors.

All tickers updated to 20230331

AUDCAD Start Date:2010-01-01AUDCHF Start Date:2010-01-01AUDJPY Start Date:2010-01-01AUDNZD Start Date:2010-01-01AUDUSD Start Date:2010-01-01CADJPY Start Date:2010-01-01CHFJPY Start Date:2010-01-01EURAUD Start Date:2010-01-01EURCAD Start Date:2010-01-01EURCHF Start Date:2010-01-01EURGBP Start Date:2010-01-01EURJPY Start Date:2010-01-01EURNZD Start Date:2010-01-01EURUSD Start Date:2010-01-01GBPAUD Start Date:2010-01-01GBPCHF Start Date:2010-01-01GBPJPY Start Date:2010-01-01GBPUSD Start Date:2010-01-01NZDJPY Start Date:2010-01-01NZDUSD Start Date:2010-01-01USDCAD Start Date:2010-01-01USDCHF Start Date:2010-01-01USDJPY Start Date:2010-01-01