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US Indices - Historical Intraday Price Data

Frequency Date Range Number of Tickers
Jan 2008 - Jul 2024
118 Tickers
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This bundle contains 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, and 1-day historical intraday data for 115 major US indices.

All tickers updated to 2024-07-19

AEX (Amsterdam Exchange Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
ASX (FTSE All Share) Start Date:2015-12-10
BKX (Kbw Nasdaq Bank Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BRR (Cme Cf Bitcoin Reference Rate) Start Date:2018-06-12
BRTI (Cme Cf Bitcoin Real-Time Index) Start Date:2016-11-13
BXD (CBOE Djia Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BXM (CBOE S&P 500 Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BXN (CBOE Nasdaq-100 Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BXR (CBOE Russell 2000 Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
CEX (Standard & Poors Chemicals Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
CLL (CBOE S&P 500 95-110 Collar Index) Start Date:2008-08-26
COMP (Nasdaq Composite) Start Date:2008-01-02
CXU (U.S.-Europe-Japan Basket) Start Date:2008-01-02
DAX (DAX 30) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJCIAGC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Agriculture Capped Component) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCICC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Cocoa) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIEN (Dow Jones Commodity Index Energy) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIGC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Gold) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIGR (Dow Jones Commodity Index Grains) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIIK (Dow Jones Commodity Index Nickel) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIKC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Coffee) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCISB (Dow Jones Commodity Index Sugar) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCISI (Dow Jones Commodity Index Silver) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJI (Dow Jones Industrial Average) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJINET (Dow Jones Internet) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJR (Dow Jones Equity Real Estate Investment Trust Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJTTR (Dow Jones Transportation) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJX (Dj Industrials 1/100 Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DRG (Nyse Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2008-01-02
DUX (Dow Jones Utility Average Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DVS (S&P 500 Dividend Index 10X) Start Date:2010-02-05
DWCF (Dow Jones Total Us Stock Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DWCPF (Dow Jones Us Completion Total Stock Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DWLG (Dow Jones Large-Cap Growth Total Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DWLV (Dow Jones Large-Cap Value Total Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DXL (CBOE Jumbo Djx Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DXY (US Dollar Index) Start Date:2020-12-11
EVZ (CBOE Eurocurrency Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-08-01
FVX (CBOE 5 Year Treasury) Start Date:2008-01-02
GVZ (CBOE Gold Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-08-01
HGX (Phlx Housing Sector) Start Date:2008-01-02
LOVOL (CBOE Low Volatility Index) Start Date:2014-07-15
MID (S&P Midcap 400) Start Date:2010-12-06
MIDG (S&P Midcap 400 Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
MIDV (S&P Midcap 400 Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
MRUT (Mini-Russell 2000 Index) Start Date:2021-02-22
NDX (Nasdaq 100) Start Date:2008-01-02
NQX (Nasdaq 100 Reduced Value Index) Start Date:2019-03-12
NYA (Nyse Composite) Start Date:2008-01-02
NYFANG (Nyse Fang+ Index) Start Date:2017-09-28
NYXBT (Nyse Bitcoin Index) Start Date:2015-05-19
OEX (S&P 100) Start Date:2008-01-02
OSX (Phlx Oil Service Sector Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
OVX (CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-07-15
PUT (CBOE S&P 500 Put-Write Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
REIT (Dow Jones Equity Reit) Start Date:2008-01-02
RLS (Russell 2000 Index Settlement) Start Date:2018-06-15
RUA (Russell 3000 Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
RUI (Russell 1000) Start Date:2008-01-02
RUT (Russell 2000) Start Date:2008-01-02
RVX (Russell 2000 Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
RXM (CBOE S&P 500 Risk Reversal Index) Start Date:2017-08-04
SET (S&P 500 Settlement Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
SGX (S&P 500 Growth) Start Date:2010-12-06
SMILE (CBOE S&P 500 Smile Index) Start Date:2017-08-04
SMLG (S&P Small Cap 600 Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
SP500LVOL (S&P 500 Low Volatility) Start Date:2011-04-04
SP600 (S&P 600 Small Cap) Start Date:2010-12-06
SPEN (CBOE S&P 500 Enhanced Growth Balanced Series) Start Date:2017-08-04
SPGSCI (S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity) Start Date:2020-12-11
SPMPG (S&P Midcap 400 Pure Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPMPV (S&P Midcap 400 Pure Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPRI (CBOE S&P 500 Range Bound Premium) Start Date:2017-08-04
SPRO (CBOE S&P 500 Buffer Protect Index Series) Start Date:2017-08-04
SPSIBI (S&P Biotechnology Select Industry) Start Date:2010-12-06
SPSPG (S&P Small Cap 600 Pure Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPSPV (S&P Small Cap 600 Pure Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPSV (S&P Small Cap 600 Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPTMI (S&P Total Market Index) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPX (S&P 500) Start Date:2008-01-02
SPXPG (S&P 500 Pure Growth) Start Date:2008-01-02
SPXPV (S&P 500 Pure Value) Start Date:2008-01-02
SVX (S&P 500 Value) Start Date:2010-12-06
TNX (CBOE 10 Year Treasury) Start Date:2008-01-02
TYX (CBOE 30 Year Treasury) Start Date:2008-01-02
UKX (FTSE 100) Start Date:2015-12-10
UTIL (Dow Jones Utilities) Start Date:2008-01-02
UTY (Phlx Utility Sector) Start Date:2008-01-02
VAF (S&P 500 Variance Futures Settlement Prices) Start Date:2013-02-15
VIF (CBOE Spx Far-Term VIX Index) Start Date:2008-08-25
VIN (CBOE Spx Near-Term VIX Index) Start Date:2008-08-25
VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VIX1Y (CBOE 1-Year Volatility Index) Start Date:2018-04-25
VIX3M (S&P 500 3 Month Volatility) Start Date:2008-01-02
VIX6M (CBOE Mid-Term Volatility Index) Start Date:2014-06-04
VIX9D (S&P 500 9-Day Volatility) Start Date:2013-10-01
VOLI (Nations Voldex) Start Date:2013-06-21
VPD (CBOE VIX Premium Strategy Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VPN (CBOE Capped VIX Premium Strategy Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VRO (VIX Options Settlement Index) Start Date:2008-01-01
VVIX (VIX Volatility Index) Start Date:2012-03-14
VWA (CBOE VIX Indicative Ask Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VWB (CBOE VIX Indicative Bid Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VXD (CBOE Djia Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VXN (CBOE Nasdaq Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VXTH (CBOE VIX Tail Hedge Index) Start Date:2011-07-29
VXTLT (20+ Year Treasury Bond Volatility Index) Start Date:2020-05-28
W5000 (Wilshire 5000) Start Date:2016-03-31
WPUT (CBOE S&P 500 One-Week Putwrite Index) Start Date:2017-07-19
XAU (Philadelphia Gold And Silver Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
XAX (Amex Composite) Start Date:2020-12-11
XDA (Phlx Aud Currency Index) Start Date:2013-04-08
XDB (Phlx British Pound Index) Start Date:2013-04-08
XEO (S&P European 100 Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
XMI (Nyse Arca Major Market) Start Date:2020-12-11
XND (Nasdaq 100 Total Return Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
XSP (Mini Standard & Poor's 500) Start Date:2008-01-02
XSR (S&P 500 Settlement Reduced) Start Date:2008-01-02