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Crypto - 50 Most Active Crypto Currencies

Frequency Date Range Number of Tickers
Jan 2005 - May 2024
53 Tickers
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All tickers updated to 2024-05-20

ADA (Cardano) Start Date:2018-03-01
BAT (Basic Attention Token) Start Date:2018-01-08
BCH (Bitcoin Cash) Start Date:2017-12-04
BNT (Bancor) Start Date:2017-08-01
BSV (Bitcoin Sv) Start Date:2018-12-01
BTC (Bitcoin) Start Date:2013-04-01
BTC-EUR (Bitcoin-Eur) Start Date:2017-01-01
BTG (Bitcoin Gold) Start Date:2017-11-01
CVC (Civic) Start Date:2017-07-01
DAI (Dai) Start Date:2018-04-07
DASH (Dash) Start Date:2017-05-01
DCR (Decred) Start Date:2019-05-08
DOGE (Dogecoin) Start Date:2017-06-01
EOS (Eos) Start Date:2017-07-01
ETC (Ethereum Classic) Start Date:2017-01-01
ETH (Ethereum) Start Date:2016-03-11
ETH-BTC (Ethereum-Bitcoin) Start Date:2017-01-01
FUN (Funfair) Start Date:2017-09-01
HT (Huboi Token) Start Date:2019-03-06
ICX (Icon) Start Date:2017-10-01
IOST (Iost) Start Date:2018-06-06
KNC (Kyber Network) Start Date:2018-06-01
LINK (Chainlink) Start Date:2019-07-01
LRC (Loopring) Start Date:2018-04-07
LSK (Lisk) Start Date:2018-02-01
LTC (Litecoin) Start Date:2017-01-01
MAID (Maid Safe Coin) Start Date:2017-06-02
MANA (Decentraland) Start Date:2017-08-01
MKR (Maker) Start Date:2018-06-01
NEO (Neo) Start Date:2017-09-07
OMG (Omg Network) Start Date:2017-08-01
ONT (Ontology) Start Date:2018-05-01
PAX (Paxos Standard) Start Date:2018-12-04
QTUM (Qtun) Start Date:2018-04-01
REP (Augur) Start Date:2017-01-02
SC (Siacoin) Start Date:2019-11-01
SNT (Status) Start Date:2018-01-01
TRX (Tron) Start Date:2017-10-07
USDC (Usd Coin) Start Date:2020-01-08
USDT (Tether) Start Date:2017-04-01
UST (Terraust) Start Date:2018-12-01
UTK (Utrust) Start Date:2018-02-07
VET (Vechain) Start Date:2018-09-01
WAVES (Waves) Start Date:2019-09-01
XEM (Nem) Start Date:2017-06-01
XLM (Stellar) Start Date:2018-03-01
XMR (Monero) Start Date:2017-01-01
XRP (Ripple) Start Date:2017-02-01
XTZ (Tezos) Start Date:2017-07-03
XVG (Verge) Start Date:2017-10-01
ZEC (Zcash) Start Date:2017-01-01
ZIL (Zilliqa) Start Date:2018-06-07
ZRX (Ox) Start Date:2017-09-01