About Us

FirstRate Data was founded in Chicago in 2017 by two traders who were struggling to find good quality high-resolution historical futures price datasets to test their arbitrage models. Since then we have expanded our coverage into stocks, ETFs, FX, crypto, and most recently options data. We remain focused on US market data but we are targeting expanding our covergage to European and Asian equity markets in mid-2024.
Our sole focus remains on high-quality historical data and we do not provide any live or streaming data, although we do update all datasets at the end of each trading data so customers can run simulations on the latest data.

Since Covid, we are now a 100% remote team with our team divided between the US and Europe. Our team has now grown to 12 with the addition of two data specialists in mid-2023.

Until early 2023, we were entirely self-funded. In early 2023, we completed a small institutional financing round from a family office and seed-stage venture fund to fund our increasing focus on institutional clients as well as our geographic expansion. We firmly believe in organic growth and do not anticipate large future financing rounds as we maintain a focus on profitable sustainable growth.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about us, or check out our current vacancies if you would like to join us.