If you cannot find the answer to your question please reach out to us on support@firstratedata.com .

All datasets are updated daily with updates for the trading day available by 11pm EST. The only exceptions are international index data and the continuous adjusted futures datasets which are updated weekly.

Customers are entitled to three months of free updates. After three months, customers can subscribe for updates for $20-$30 per month depending on the dataset bundle

For stocks and ETFs, all datasets contain both unadjusted and adjusted data. The adjusted data is fully adjusted for both splits and dividends (please refer to the price adjustment page for more details).
The intraday bars and tick data for stocks and ETFs are aggregated from trades on the below exchanges:

XASE (NYSE American - AMEX)
XCIS (National Stock Exchange)
CQS (Consolidated Quote System)
XISX (International Securities Exchange)
XCHI (Chicago Stock Exchange)
XNYS (New York Stock Exchange)
XNGS (Nasdaq)
CTS (Consolidated Tape System)
OOTC (OTC Bulletin Board)
XOTC (OTC Bulletin Board)
PSGM (OTC Bulletin Board)
PINX (OTC Bulletin Board)
OTCB (OTC Bulletin Board)
OTCQ (OTC Bulletin Board)
XCBO (Chicago Board Options Exchange)
PHLX (Nasdaq PSX)
No. We focus on intraday data and so we only offer 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour timeframes and well as tick data.
Stocks, ETFs, Futures, FX, crypto and US indices are in US Eastern Time
International Indices are in the local timezone of each exchange the index is based on. For example, the Hang Seng Index is Hong Kong Standard time, ASX is Australia Standard time, Nikkei is Japan Standard Time.
The data is immediately available for download upon a purchase.
For 1-minute intraday bars for individual tickers, datasets are priced between $39.95 - $49.95 for 15-20 years of historical data. We also offer dataset bundles of up to 2000 tickers which are priced under $0.20 per ticker
For tick data, most tickers are priced between $49.95 - $59.95 per ticker for 10 years historical tick data. Please refer to our Tick Data Pricing page for more details.
For each instrument we provide 2-weeks of free sample data (or 1-day for tick datasets).
If you require longer timeframes for your testing we provide 3-months of free intraday data and 1-month of free tick data for select intruments.
The usage license is quite permissive and allows for usage and distribution within a single organization and for derivative works. Re-distribution of large exerpts of the data outside the purchasing organization is not allowed. Please review the License Agreement for full details.
For stocks, indices and crypto source data directly from major exchanges (including dark-pools for stocks). The details of the exchanges can be found on the readme.txt file for each download (including sample files). For FX data we source from five major banks.
For indices we do not currently offer voume data - for many indices volumes are not in the official index spec and data vendors aggregate this from the component stocks however this leads to major disprepancies between datasets so we chose to omit volume from indices.
We are developing an API (please email us for early-access) but as of now, we only offer downloads of data in zipped files.
No. Currently we only offer US stock data, however we will be offering international (UK, Hong Kong and Australia) stock data in future. Please email us for more details.