Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question please reach out to us on .

Purchase Info

The payment methods we accept depends on your location. In general, all credit cards, Paypal and Amazon pay are accepted as well as bank transfer for some locations.
Our payment partner FastSpring processes all payments so you can easily check the available methods by clicking the 'Buy Now' button on any product page.
Please review our online version of the License Agreement which applies to all data purchases.
We don't allow for publication of the data in its raw format. However, derivative works such as analyst reports and research which publish extracts of the data (usually under two weeks) or reformatted data such as graphs or infographics are permitted.
Please refer to our License Agreement for full details.
The license allows for multiple users of the data provided all users are within a single corporation or institution. The license does not allow for multiple unconnected parties to share the data. Please refer to our license for full details.
After your purchase, you are automatically sent an email with a link to your unique customer page which has links to your historical dataset as well as the daily updates. This should arrive within five minutes, please check your spam folder in case the email has been diverted.
The purchase comes with one-month of free daily updates. After one month you may choose to continue with updates by purchasing a subscription. Note that if you do not have an active subscription the data links are not live so you would need to download the data you require within the one month period.
Upon purchase you are provided with a unique web link to your personal download page. This page contains links to the zip archives of the data. If you have purchased a single ticker, the zip archive is typically under 200MB and contains all timeframes (1min, 5min, 30min, 1hour, and 1day).
For the data bundles, each zip archive contains multiple tickers. To prevent data corruption we keep all zip archives below 4GB and so bundles may be split into multiple zip files as the below graphic of the S&P500 bundle downloads demonstrates:
For bundles, we also offer a full featured API for efficient downloads. Note that the API only serves zip archives of data files and not raw data. ''Stocks Complete'' bundle interface
BundleSize (zip compressed)Size uncompressed
Complete Bundle (stocks, ETFs, futures etc)40 GB440 GB
Complete Stocks+ETFs34 GB380 GB
Complete Stocks28 GB290 GB
Complete ETFs7 GB80 GB
SP 500 Stocks7 GB80 GB
Nasdaq 100 Stocks3 GB39 GB
Futures Active5 GB60 GB
Crypto Active4 GB30 GB
FX 0.3 GB1 GB
Yes, we have an API to enable you to integrate the data into your workflows. Just note that the API serves zip archives of data files and not raw data.
Data Delivery
All datasets are updated daily with updates available by 11.30pm for the current day's trade.
The daily updates are included in the current week's datafile which can be downloaded via weblink. We do not have an API for data delivery, however, the update links are static and so some of our customers incorporate the links into their workflows. The size of the update files are usually quite small (under 15MB zipped).
Updates are approximately $50 per year for individual tickers, and between $59 - $99 per month for bundles (note due to taxes local prices for ex-US customers are usually approx 10-15% higher).
Update pricing for bundles is available on each product page.
Data Info
All data is in csv (comma separated value) format and zipped for fast and convenient downloading. The csv format is compatible with Excel and most major analysis packages. We provide data samples on each product page for testing.
Each line in the dataset contains the times, open, high, low, close, volume for the timeframe (except for index data which does not have a volume as this is not included in the specs for most indices).
Please download the sample found on each dataset page for more details on the format and for a sample of the data.
For US equities we have near complete coverage of listed stocks and ETFs. We do not cover acquisition companies prior to forming a SPAC (ie shell companies with only cash as an asset), we also do not cover bonds or interest-paying investment vehicles that are listed on stock exchanges.
We do not cover international (non-US) stocks.
Yes, we provide samples for all our datasets. The samples can be downloaded from the 'Download Sample' link under the Buy Now button on each product page.
Where possible we source data directly from the exchanges, in some cases where we cannot source directly from the exchanges (such as delisted ticker data) we source from upstream enterprise data vendors.
All data is in US Eastern Timezone (ie EST/EDT depending on the time of year) except for crypto data which is in UTC.
Yes, we include end-of-day data in each dataset.
For stocks and ETFs, all datasets contain both unadjusted and adjusted data. For adjusted data we offer both split-only adjusted, as well as split+dividend adjusted data (please refer to the price adjustment page for more details).
To generate continuous futures series we chain together front-month contracts. There are two continuous series, an unadjusted series of the raw contract price data and an adjusted series where the prices are adjusted to avoid price jumps on contract rolls. See our futures adjustment page for full details.
The tick data for stocks and ETFs are aggregated from trades on the below exchanges:

XASE (NYSE American - AMEX)
XCIS (National Stock Exchange)
CQS (Consolidated Quote System)
XISX (International Securities Exchange)
XCHI (Chicago Stock Exchange)
XNYS (New York Stock Exchange)
XNGS (Nasdaq)
CTS (Consolidated Tape System)
OOTC (OTC Bulletin Board)
XOTC (OTC Bulletin Board)
PSGM (OTC Bulletin Board)
PINX (OTC Bulletin Board)
OTCB (OTC Bulletin Board)
OTCQ (OTC Bulletin Board)
XCBO (Chicago Board Options Exchange)
PHLX (Nasdaq PSX)