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Complete Intraday Bundle - Stock, Futures, ETF, Index, Crypto

Frequency Date Range Number of Tickers
Jan 2000 - Jun 2024
(see below dates for each ticker)
10456 Tickers
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All datasets are updated daily with the updated data for the trading day are available by 11pm US Eastern time.

One month of free updates are included (a subscription can be purchased for $79.95 per month thereafter)

To include options in the bundle, please check out the Complete Bundle + Options .

This bundle combines the Stocks Complete, ETF Complete, US Futures, US Index and FX bundles into a single bundle.

The bundle comprises 1-minute/5-min/30-min/1-hour intraday data, as well as daily end-of-day data for:
  • 13281 most liquid US stocks (includes all active Russell 3000, S&P500, Nasdaq 100, and DJI)
  • Over 7000 delisted tickers
  • 2529 most liquid ETFs
  • 130 most actively traded futures contracts
  • 115 major US indices
  • 50 most actively traded crypto currencies
  • 70 most active FX crosses
Stocks and ETFs are adjusted for splits/dividends. Out-of-hours trades are included.

All tickers updated to 2024-06-17

US Indices - Historical Intraday Price Data
AEX (Amsterdam Exchange Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
ASX (FTSE All Share) Start Date:2015-12-10
BKX (Kbw Nasdaq Bank Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BRR (Cme Cf Bitcoin Reference Rate) Start Date:2018-06-12
BRTI (Cme Cf Bitcoin Real-Time Index) Start Date:2016-11-13
BXD (CBOE Djia Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BXM (CBOE S&P 500 Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BXN (CBOE Nasdaq-100 Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
BXR (CBOE Russell 2000 Buywrite Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
CEX (Standard & Poors Chemicals Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
CLL (CBOE S&P 500 95-110 Collar Index) Start Date:2008-08-26
COMP (Nasdaq Composite) Start Date:2008-01-02
CXU (U.S.-Europe-Japan Basket) Start Date:2008-01-02
DAX (DAX 30) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJCIAGC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Agriculture Capped Component) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCICC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Cocoa) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIEN (Dow Jones Commodity Index Energy) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIGC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Gold) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIGR (Dow Jones Commodity Index Grains) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIIK (Dow Jones Commodity Index Nickel) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCIKC (Dow Jones Commodity Index Coffee) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCISB (Dow Jones Commodity Index Sugar) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJCISI (Dow Jones Commodity Index Silver) Start Date:2017-07-19
DJI (Dow Jones Industrial Average) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJINET (Dow Jones Internet) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJR (Dow Jones Equity Real Estate Investment Trust Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJTTR (Dow Jones Transportation) Start Date:2008-01-02
DJX (Dj Industrials 1/100 Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DRG (Nyse Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2008-01-02
DUX (Dow Jones Utility Average Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DVS (S&P 500 Dividend Index 10X) Start Date:2010-02-05
DWCF (Dow Jones Total Us Stock Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DWCPF (Dow Jones Us Completion Total Stock Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DWLG (Dow Jones Large-Cap Growth Total Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DWLV (Dow Jones Large-Cap Value Total Market) Start Date:2011-11-07
DXL (CBOE Jumbo Djx Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
DXY (US Dollar Index) Start Date:2020-12-11
EVZ (CBOE Eurocurrency Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-08-01
FVX (CBOE 5 Year Treasury) Start Date:2008-01-02
GVZ (CBOE Gold Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-08-01
HGX (Phlx Housing Sector) Start Date:2008-01-02
LOVOL (CBOE Low Volatility Index) Start Date:2014-07-15
MID (S&P Midcap 400) Start Date:2010-12-06
MIDG (S&P Midcap 400 Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
MIDV (S&P Midcap 400 Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
MRUT (Mini-Russell 2000 Index) Start Date:2021-02-22
NDX (Nasdaq 100) Start Date:2008-01-02
NQX (Nasdaq 100 Reduced Value Index) Start Date:2019-03-12
NYA (Nyse Composite) Start Date:2008-01-02
NYFANG (Nyse Fang+ Index) Start Date:2017-09-28
NYXBT (Nyse Bitcoin Index) Start Date:2015-05-19
OEX (S&P 100) Start Date:2008-01-02
OSX (Phlx Oil Service Sector Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
OVX (CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-07-15
PUT (CBOE S&P 500 Put-Write Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
REIT (Dow Jones Equity Reit) Start Date:2008-01-02
RLS (Russell 2000 Index Settlement) Start Date:2018-06-15
RUA (Russell 3000 Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
RUI (Russell 1000) Start Date:2008-01-02
RUT (Russell 2000) Start Date:2008-01-02
RVX (Russell 2000 Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
RXM (CBOE S&P 500 Risk Reversal Index) Start Date:2017-08-04
SET (S&P 500 Settlement Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
SGX (S&P 500 Growth) Start Date:2010-12-06
SMILE (CBOE S&P 500 Smile Index) Start Date:2017-08-04
SMLG (S&P Small Cap 600 Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
SP500LVOL (S&P 500 Low Volatility) Start Date:2011-04-04
SP600 (S&P 600 Small Cap) Start Date:2010-12-06
SPEN (CBOE S&P 500 Enhanced Growth Balanced Series) Start Date:2017-08-04
SPGSCI (S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity) Start Date:2020-12-11
SPMPG (S&P Midcap 400 Pure Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPMPV (S&P Midcap 400 Pure Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPRI (CBOE S&P 500 Range Bound Premium) Start Date:2017-08-04
SPRO (CBOE S&P 500 Buffer Protect Index Series) Start Date:2017-08-04
SPSIBI (S&P Biotechnology Select Industry) Start Date:2010-12-06
SPSPG (S&P Small Cap 600 Pure Growth) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPSPV (S&P Small Cap 600 Pure Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPSV (S&P Small Cap 600 Value) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPTMI (S&P Total Market Index) Start Date:2011-11-07
SPX (S&P 500) Start Date:2008-01-02
SPXPG (S&P 500 Pure Growth) Start Date:2008-01-02
SPXPV (S&P 500 Pure Value) Start Date:2008-01-02
SVX (S&P 500 Value) Start Date:2010-12-06
TNX (CBOE 10 Year Treasury) Start Date:2008-01-02
TYX (CBOE 30 Year Treasury) Start Date:2008-01-02
UKX (FTSE 100) Start Date:2015-12-10
UTIL (Dow Jones Utilities) Start Date:2008-01-02
UTY (Phlx Utility Sector) Start Date:2008-01-02
VAF (S&P 500 Variance Futures Settlement Prices) Start Date:2013-02-15
VIF (CBOE Spx Far-Term VIX Index) Start Date:2008-08-25
VIN (CBOE Spx Near-Term VIX Index) Start Date:2008-08-25
VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VIX1Y (CBOE 1-Year Volatility Index) Start Date:2018-04-25
VIX3M (S&P 500 3 Month Volatility) Start Date:2008-01-02
VIX6M (CBOE Mid-Term Volatility Index) Start Date:2014-06-04
VIX9D (S&P 500 9-Day Volatility) Start Date:2013-10-01
VOLI (Nations Voldex) Start Date:2013-06-21
VPD (CBOE VIX Premium Strategy Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VPN (CBOE Capped VIX Premium Strategy Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VRO (VIX Options Settlement Index) Start Date:2008-01-01
VVIX (VIX Volatility Index) Start Date:2012-03-14
VWA (CBOE VIX Indicative Ask Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VWB (CBOE VIX Indicative Bid Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VXD (CBOE Djia Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VXN (CBOE Nasdaq Volatility Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
VXTH (CBOE VIX Tail Hedge Index) Start Date:2011-07-29
VXTLT (20+ Year Treasury Bond Volatility Index) Start Date:2020-05-28
W5000 (Wilshire 5000) Start Date:2016-03-31
WPUT (CBOE S&P 500 One-Week Putwrite Index) Start Date:2017-07-19
XAU (Philadelphia Gold And Silver Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
XAX (Amex Composite) Start Date:2020-12-11
XDA (Phlx Aud Currency Index) Start Date:2013-04-08
XDB (Phlx British Pound Index) Start Date:2013-04-08
XEO (S&P European 100 Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
XMI (Nyse Arca Major Market) Start Date:2020-12-11
XND (Nasdaq 100 Total Return Index) Start Date:2008-01-02
XSP (Mini Standard & Poor's 500) Start Date:2008-01-02
XSR (S&P 500 Settlement Reduced) Start Date:2008-01-02
ETF-Complete (2500+ Tickers)
AAA (Listed Funds Trust Aaf First Priority Clo Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-09-09
AAAU (Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF) Start Date:2018-08-15
AADR (AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright ADR ETF) Start Date:2010-07-21
AAXJ (iShares MSCI All Country Asia) Start Date:2008-08-15
ABEQ (Absolute Core Strategy ETF) Start Date:2020-01-22
ACES (Alps Clean Energy ETF) Start Date:2018-06-29
ACIO (ETF Series Solutions) Start Date:2019-07-10
ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction ETF) Start Date:2016-11-01
ACTV (Leadershares Activist Leaders ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
ACTX (Global X Guru Activist ETF) Start Date:2007-06-11
ACVF (American Conservative Values ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
ACWF (iShares MSCI Global Multifactor ETF) Start Date:2015-05-04
ACWI (iShares MSCI Acwi Index Fund) Start Date:2008-03-28
ACWV (iShares MSCI Global Min Vol Factor ETF) Start Date:2011-10-20
ACWX (iShares MSCI Acwi Ex U.S. ETF) Start Date:2008-03-31
ADFI (Anfield Dynamic Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2020-08-18
ADIV (Smartetfs Asia Pacific Dividend Builder ETF) Start Date:2021-03-29
ADME (Aptus Drawdown Managed Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-11-08
ADRE (Invesco Bldrs Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund) Start Date:2002-11-26
AEMB (American Century Emerging Markets Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-07-01
AESR (Anfield U.S. Equity Sector Rotation ETF) Start Date:2019-12-17
AFIF (Two Roads Shared Trust) Start Date:2018-09-18
AFK (Vaneck Vectors Africa ETF) Start Date:2008-07-14
AFLG (First Trust Active Factor Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2019-12-04
AFMC (First Trust Active Factor Mid Cap ETF) Start Date:2019-12-04
AFSM (First Trust Active Factor Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2019-12-04
AFTY (Csop FTSE China A50 ETF) Start Date:2015-03-12
AGG (iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond) Start Date:2003-09-29
AGGY (WisdomTree Barclays Yield Enhanced U.S. Aggregate Bond Fund) Start Date:2015-07-09
AGNG (Global X Aging Population ETF) Start Date:2016-05-10
AGOV (Etc Gavekal Asia Pacific Government Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-07-22
AGOX (Adaptive Alpha Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2021-05-10
AGQ (ProShares Ultra Silver) Start Date:2008-12-04
AGZ (iShares Agency Bond) Start Date:2008-11-11
AGZD (WisdomTree Barclays Intrrthgusaggtbd ETF) Start Date:2013-12-18
AHHX (Adaptive High Income ETF) Start Date:2021-11-15
AHYB (American Century Select High Yield ETF) Start Date:2021-11-18
AIA (iShares S&P Asia ETF) Start Date:2007-11-16
AIEQ (Ai Powered Equity ETF) Start Date:2017-10-17
AIQ (Global X Future Analytics Tech ETF) Start Date:2018-05-11
AIRR (First Trust Rba American Industrial Renaissance ETF) Start Date:2014-03-11
AIVI (WisdomTree International AI Enhanced Value Fund) Start Date:2007-05-08
AIVL (WisdomTree U.S. AI Enhanced Value Fund) Start Date:2022-01-18
ALTL (Rbs Us Large Cap Alternator ETN) Start Date:2020-06-25
ALTY (Global X Superdividend Alternatives ETF) Start Date:2015-07-14
AMAX (Rh Hedged Multi-Asset Income ETF) Start Date:2021-11-15
AMJ (JP Morgan Chase Capital Xvi Jp M) Start Date:2009-04-02
AMLP (Alerian Mlp ETF) Start Date:2010-08-25
AMNA (Etracs Alerian Midstream Energy Index ETN) Start Date:2020-06-22
AMND (Ubs Ag Etracs Alerian Midstream Energy High Dividend Index ETN) Start Date:2020-07-16
AMOM (Qraft Ai-Enhanced U.S. Large Cap Momentum ETF) Start Date:2019-05-21
AMUB (Ubs Etracs Alerian Mlp Index ETN Series B Due 18 July 2042) Start Date:2015-10-09
AMZA (Infracap Mlp ETF) Start Date:2014-10-07
ANEW (ProShares MSCI Transformational Changes ETF) Start Date:2020-10-16
ANGL (Vaneck Vectors Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2012-04-11
AOA (iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF) Start Date:2008-11-12
AOK (iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF) Start Date:2008-11-10
AOM (iShares Moderate Allocation ETF) Start Date:2008-11-11
AOR (iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF) Start Date:2008-11-12
APRZ (Trust Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2021-04-01
AQGX (Ai Quality Growth ETF) Start Date:2021-11-08
AQWA (Global X Clean Water ETF) Start Date:2021-04-12
ARB (Altshares Merger Arbitrage ETF) Start Date:2020-05-07
ARCM (Arrow Investments Trust) Start Date:2017-03-31
ARGT (Global X MSCI Argentina) Start Date:2011-03-03
ARKB (ARK21Shares Bitcoin ETF) Start Date:2024-01-11
ARKF (ARKFintech Innovation ETF) Start Date:2019-02-04
ARKG (ARKGenomic Revolution ETF) Start Date:2014-10-31
ARKK (ARKInnovation ETF) Start Date:2014-10-31
ARKQ (ARKIndustrial Innovation ETF) Start Date:2014-09-30
ARKW (ARKNext Generation Internet ETF) Start Date:2014-09-30
ARKX (ARKSpace Exploration & Innovation ETF) Start Date:2021-11-02
ARMR (Armor Us Equity Index ETF) Start Date:2020-02-11
ARVR (First Trust Indxx Metaverse ETF) Start Date:2022-04-20
ASEA (Global X FTSE Southeast Asia ETF) Start Date:2011-02-17
ASET (Flexshares Real Assets Allocation ETF) Start Date:2015-11-24
ASHR (Xtrackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares) Start Date:2013-11-06
ASHS (Deutsche X-Trackers Hrvstcsi500chn A Sc) Start Date:2014-05-21
ASHX (Xtrackers MSCI China A Inclusion Equity ETF) Start Date:2015-10-20
ASPY (Asymshares Asymmetric S&P 500 ETF) Start Date:2021-03-10
ATFV (Alger 35 ETF) Start Date:2021-05-04
ATMP (Barclays ETN+ Select Mlp) Start Date:2013-03-13
AUGZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2020-08-03
AUSF (Global X Funds Global X Adaptive U.S. Factor ETF) Start Date:2018-08-28
AVDE (Avantis International Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
AVDV (Avantis International Small Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
AVEM (Avantis Emerging Markets Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-09-19
AVES (Avantis Emerging Markets Value ETF) Start Date:2021-09-30
AVIG (Avantis Core Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2020-10-15
AVIV (Avantis International Large Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2021-09-30
AVLV (Avantis U.S. Large Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2021-09-23
AVMU (Avantis Core Municipal Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2020-12-10
AVRE (Avantis Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2021-09-30
AVSF (Avantis Short-Term Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2020-10-15
AVUS (Avantis U.S. Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
AVUV (Avantis U.S. Small Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
AWAY (ETFmg Travel Tech ETF) Start Date:2020-02-13
AWYX (ETFmg 2X Daily Travel Tech ETF) Start Date:2021-06-16
BAB (Invesco Taxable Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-11-17
BAL (iPath Bloomberg Cotton Subtr ETN) Start Date:2008-10-01
BALT (Innovator Defined Wealth Shield ETF) Start Date:2010-03-10
BAPR (Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF) Start Date:2019-04-01
BAR (Graniteshares Gold Trust) Start Date:2017-08-31
BATT (Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF) Start Date:2018-06-06
BAUG (Innovator Us Equity Buffer ETF - August) Start Date:2019-08-01
BBAX (JP Morgan Betabuilders Developed Asia Ex-Japan ETF) Start Date:2018-08-08
BBC (Bioshares Biotechnology Clinical Trials) Start Date:2014-12-17
BBCA (JP Morgan Betabuilders Canada ETF) Start Date:2018-08-08
BBEU (JP Morgan Betabuilders Europe ETF) Start Date:2018-06-18
BBH (Vaneck Vectors Biotech ETF) Start Date:2016-02-01
BBIN (JP Morgan Betabuilders International Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-12-05
BBJP (JP Morgan Betabuilders Japan ETF) Start Date:2018-06-21
BBMC (JP Morgan Betabuilders U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-04-15
BBP (Bioshares Biotechnology Products) Start Date:2014-12-17
BBRE (JP Morgan Betabuilders MSCI Us Reit ETF) Start Date:2018-06-18
BBSA (JP Morgan Betabuilders 1-5 Year Us Aggregate Bd ETF) Start Date:2019-03-13
BBSC (JP Morgan Betabuilders U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-11-17
BBUS (J.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust) Start Date:2019-03-13
BCD (Aberdeen Standard Bloomberg All Commodity Longer Dated Strateg) Start Date:2017-03-31
BCI (Aberdeen Standard Bloomberg All Commodity Strategy K-1 Free ETF) Start Date:2017-03-31
BCIM (Abrdn Bloomberg Industrial Metals Strategy K-1 Free ETF) Start Date:2021-09-23
BCM (iPath Pure Beta Broad Commodity ETN) Start Date:2011-04-21
BDCX (Etracs Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Wells Fargo Bdc Index ETN) Start Date:2020-06-03
BDCZ (Etracs Mvis Business Development Companies Index ETN) Start Date:2015-10-09
BDEC (Innovator Us Equity Buffer ETF - December) Start Date:2019-12-02
BDRY (Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF) Start Date:2018-03-22
BECO (Blackrock Future Climate And Sustainable Economy ETF) Start Date:2021-08-05
BEDZ (AdvisorShares Hotel ETF) Start Date:2021-04-21
BERZ (Microsectors Fang & Innovation -3X Inverse Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2021-08-18
BETZ (Roundhill Sports Betting & Igaming ETF) Start Date:2020-06-04
BFEB (Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF February Series) Start Date:2020-02-03
BFIT (Global X Health & Wellness Thematic ETF) Start Date:2016-05-10
BFOR (Barron's 400 ETF) Start Date:2013-06-04
BFTR (Blackrock Future Innovators ETF) Start Date:2020-10-01
BGLD (FTCboe Vest Gold Strategy Quarterly Buffer ETF) Start Date:2021-01-21
BGRN (iShares Global Green Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-11-27
BIB (ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology) Start Date:2010-04-08
BIBL (Inspire 100 ETF) Start Date:2017-10-31
BICK (First Trust Bick ETF) Start Date:2010-04-13
BIDS (Amplify Digital & Online Trading ETF) Start Date:2021-09-22
BIL (SPDR Lehman 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF) Start Date:2007-05-30
BILS (SPDR Bloomberg 3-12 Month T-Bill ETF) Start Date:2020-09-24
BIS (ProShares Ultrashort Nasdaq Biotech) Start Date:2010-04-08
BITB (Bitwise Bitcoin Etp Trust) Start Date:2024-01-11
BITO (ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-10-19
BITQ (Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF) Start Date:2021-05-12
BITS (Global X Blockchain & Bitcoin Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-11-16
BIV (Vanguard It Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-04-10
BIZD (Vaneck Vectors Bdc Income ETF) Start Date:2013-02-12
BJAN (Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF) Start Date:2019-01-02
BJK (Vaneck Vectors Gaming ETF) Start Date:2008-01-24
BJUL (Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF) Start Date:2018-08-29
BJUN (Innovator Us Equity Buffer ETF - June) Start Date:2019-06-03
BKAG (Bny Mellon Core Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-04-24
BKCH (Global X Blockchain ETF) Start Date:2021-07-14
BKEM (Bny Mellon Emerging Markets Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-04-24
BKF (iShares MSCI Bric) Start Date:2007-11-16
BKHY (Bny Mellon High Yield Beta ETF) Start Date:2020-04-24
BKIE (Bny Mellon International Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-04-24
BKLC (Bny Mellon Us Large Cap Core Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-04-09
BKLN (PowerShares Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2011-03-03
BKMC (Bny Mellon Us Mid Cap Core Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-04-09
BKSB (Bny Mellon Short Duration Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-04-24
BKSE (Bny Mellon Us Small Cap Core Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-04-09
BKUI (Bny Mellon Ultra Short Income ETF) Start Date:2021-08-11
BLCN (Reality Shares Nasdaq Nexgen Economy ETF) Start Date:2018-01-17
BLDG (Cambria Global Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2020-09-24
BLES (Inspire Global Hope Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2017-02-28
BLHY (Virtus Newfleet Dynamic Credit) Start Date:2016-12-06
BLNG (iPath Pure Beta Precious Metal) Start Date:2021-09-20
BLOK (Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF) Start Date:2018-01-17
BLV (Vanguard Long-Term Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-04-10
BMAR (Innovator Us Equity Buffer ETF - March) Start Date:2020-03-02
BMAY (Innovator Us Equity Buffer ETF - May) Start Date:2020-05-01
BMED (Blackrock Future Health ETF) Start Date:2020-10-01
BND (Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF) Start Date:2007-04-10
BNDC (Flexshares Core Select Bond ETF) Start Date:2016-11-21
BNDD (Quadratic Deflation ETF) Start Date:2021-09-21
BNDW (Vanguard Total World Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-09-06
BNDX (Vanguard Total International Bond ETF) Start Date:2013-06-04
BNE (ETF Series Solutions Blue Horizon Bne ETF) Start Date:2020-12-09
BNKD (Microsectors U S Big Banks Index 3X Inverse Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2019-04-04
BNKU (Microsectors U S Big Banks Index 3X Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2019-04-03
BNO (United States Brent Oil Fund) Start Date:2010-06-02
BNOV (Innovator Us Equity Buffer ETF - November) Start Date:2019-11-01
BOAT (Sonicshares Global Shipping ETF) Start Date:2021-08-04
BOCT (Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF) Start Date:2018-10-01
BOIL (ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas) Start Date:2011-10-06
BOND (Pimco Total Return ETF) Start Date:2012-03-01
BOSS (Global X Founder-Run Companies ETF) Start Date:2017-02-15
BOTZ (Global X Funds Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF) Start Date:2016-09-13
BOUT (Innovator Ibd Breakout Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2018-09-13
BRF (Vaneck Vectors Brazil Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2009-05-14
BRRR (Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund) Start Date:2024-01-11
BRZU (Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2013-04-10
BSCE (Guggenheim Bulletshares 2014 Co) Start Date:2018-10-10
BSCN (Invesco Bulletshares 2023 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-09-17
BSCO (Invesco Bulletshares 2024 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-09-19
BSCP (Guggenheim Bulletshrs 2025 Bd ETF) Start Date:2015-10-09
BSCQ (Invesco Bulletshares 2026 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2016-09-16
BSCR (Invesco Bulletshares 2027 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-09-27
BSCS (Invesco Bulletshares 2028 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-08-09
BSCT (Invesco Bulletshares 2029 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-12
BSCU (Invesco Bulletshares 2030 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
BSCV (Invesco Bulletshares 2031 Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-09-16
BSDE (Invesco Bulletshares 2024 Usd Emerging Markets Debt ETF) Start Date:2018-10-16
BSEA (ETFmg Breakwave Sea Decarbonization Tech ETF) Start Date:2021-09-21
BSEP (Innovator Us Equity Buffer ETF - September) Start Date:2019-09-03
BSJN (Invesco Bulletshares 2023 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2015-10-14
BSJO (Invesco Bulletshares 2024 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2016-09-14
BSJP (Invesco Bulletshares 2025 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-09-27
BSJQ (Invesco Bulletshares 2026 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-08-09
BSJR (Invesco Bulletshares 2027 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-12
BSJS (Invesco Bulletshares 2028 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-09-16
BSJT (Invesco Bulletshares 2029 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-09-15
BSMN (Invesco Bulletshares 2023 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
BSMO (Invesco Bulletshares 2024 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
BSMP (Invesco Bulletshares 2025 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
BSMQ (Invesco Bulletshares 2026 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
BSMR (Invesco Bulletshares 2027 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
BSMS (Invesco Bulletshares 2028 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
BSMT (Invesco Bulletshares 2029 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-25
BSMU (Invesco Bulletshares 2030 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-10-12
BSMV (Invesco Bulletshares 2031 Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-10-27
BSV (Vanguard St Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-04-10
BTAL (Agfiq Us Market Neutral Anti-Beta Fund) Start Date:2011-09-13
BTCO (Invesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF) Start Date:2024-01-11
BTCW (WisdomTree Bitcoin Trust) Start Date:2024-01-11
BTEC (Principal Healthcare Innovators ETF) Start Date:2016-08-22
BTEK (Blackrock Future Tech ETF) Start Date:2020-10-01
BTF (Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-10-22
BUFD (FTCboe Vest Fund Of Deep Buffer ETF) Start Date:2021-01-21
BUFF (Laddered Fund Of S&P 500 Power Buffer ETFs) Start Date:2015-07-22
BUFG (FTCboe Vest Buffered Allocation Growth ETF) Start Date:2021-10-27
BUFR (First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Viii) Start Date:2020-08-11
BUFT (FTCboe Vest Buffered Allocation Defensive ETF) Start Date:2021-10-27
BUG (Global X Cybersecurity ETF) Start Date:2019-10-31
BUL (Pacer Us Cash Cows Growth ETF) Start Date:2019-05-03
BULZ (Microsectors Fang & Innovation 3X Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2021-08-18
BUYZ (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust) Start Date:2020-02-27
BUZZ (Vaneck Social Sentiment ETF) Start Date:2021-03-04
BWX (SPDR Lehman Intl Treasury Bd) Start Date:2007-10-05
BWZ (SPDR Blmbg Barclays St Intrn Trsbd ETF) Start Date:2009-01-27
BYLD (iShares Yield Optimized Bond) Start Date:2014-04-24
BYTE (Roundhill Io Digital Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2021-10-28
BZQ (ProShares Ultrashort MSCI Brazil Capped) Start Date:2009-06-19
CACG (Clearbridge All Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2017-05-04
CALF (Pacer Us Small Cap Cash Cows 100 ETF) Start Date:2017-06-19
CANE (Teucrium Sugar ETF) Start Date:2011-09-19
CARZ (First Trust Nasdaq Global Auto Index Fund) Start Date:2011-05-10
CATH (Global X S&P 500 Catholic Values ETF) Start Date:2016-04-19
CBLS (Changebridge Capital Long/Short Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-11-13
CBON (Vaneck Vectors Chinaamc China Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-11-11
CBSE (Changebridge Capital Sustainable Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-11-13
CCD (Calamos Dynamic Convertible & Income Fund) Start Date:2015-03-27
CCOR (Core Alternative ETF) Start Date:2017-05-24
CCRV (iShares U.S. ETF Trust iShares Commodity Curve Carry Strategy) Start Date:2020-09-03
CDC (Victoryshares Us Eq Ome Enhanced Volatility Wtd ETF) Start Date:2014-07-02
CDL (Victoryshares Us Lgcp Hi Div Vol Wtd ETF) Start Date:2015-07-08
CEF (Sprott Physical Gold And Silver Trust) Start Date:2018-01-18
CEFA (Global X S&P Catholic Values Developed Ex-U.S. ETF) Start Date:2020-06-24
CEFD (Etracs Monthly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Closed-End Fund Index ETN) Start Date:2020-06-03
CEFS (Exchange Listed Funds Trust) Start Date:2017-03-21
CEMB (iShares Emerging Markets Corporate Bond) Start Date:2012-04-19
CEW (WisdomTree Emerging Currency Strat ETF) Start Date:2009-05-06
CFA (Victoryshares Us 500 Volatility Wtd ETF) Start Date:2014-07-02
CFCV (Clearbridge Focus Value ESG ETF) Start Date:2020-06-02
CFO (Victoryshares Us 500 Enhanced Volatility Wtd ETF) Start Date:2014-07-02
CGO (Calamos Global Total Return Fund) Start Date:2005-10-27
CGW (Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF) Start Date:2007-05-14
CHAD (Direxion Dly CSI 300 Chn A Shr Br 1X ETF) Start Date:2015-06-17
CHAU (Direxion Dly CSI 300 Chn A Shr Bl 2X ETF) Start Date:2015-04-16
CHB (Global X China Biotech Innovation ETF) Start Date:2020-09-25
CHGX (Change Finance U.S. Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free ETF) Start Date:2017-10-10
CHI (Calamos Convertible Opportunities And Income Fund) Start Date:2002-06-27
CHIC (Global X MSCI China Communication Services ETF) Start Date:2009-12-09
CHIE (Global X China Energy ETF) Start Date:2009-12-16
CHIH (Global X Funds Global X MSCI China Health Care ETF) Start Date:2018-12-11
CHII (Global X China Industrials ETF) Start Date:2009-12-01
CHIK (Global X MSCI China Information Technology ETF) Start Date:2018-12-11
CHIM (Global X China Materials ETF) Start Date:2010-01-14
CHIQ (Global X MSCI China Consumer Discretionary ETF) Start Date:2009-12-01
CHIR (Global X Funds Global X MSCI China Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2018-12-11
CHIS (Global X MSCI Consumer Staples ETF) Start Date:2018-12-11
CHIU (Global X Funds Global X MSCI China Utilities ETF) Start Date:2018-12-11
CHIX (Global X China Financials ETF) Start Date:2009-12-11
CHNA (PowerShares China A-Share ETF) Start Date:2018-08-15
CHW (Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund) Start Date:2007-06-27
CHY (Calamos Convertible And High Income Fund) Start Date:2003-05-29
CIBR (First Trust Nasdaq Cea Cybersecurity ETF) Start Date:2015-07-07
CID (Victoryshares Intl Hi Div Vol Wtd ETF) Start Date:2015-08-20
CIL (Victoryshares International Vol Wtd ETF) Start Date:2015-08-20
CIZ (Victoryshares Developed Enh Vol Wtd ETF) Start Date:2014-10-01
CLDL (Direxion Daily Cloud Computing Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2021-01-08
CLIX (ProShares Long Online/Short Stores ETF) Start Date:2017-11-16
CLNR (IQ Cleaner Transport ETF) Start Date:2021-10-21
CLOU (Global X Cloud Computing ETF) Start Date:2019-04-16
CLRG (IQ Chaikin U.S. Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2017-12-13
CLSA (Cabana Target Leading Sector Aggressive ETF) Start Date:2021-07-13
CLSC (Cabana Target Leading Sector Conservative ETF) Start Date:2021-07-13
CLSM (Cabana Target Leading Sector Moderate ETF) Start Date:2021-07-13
CLTL (PowerShares Treasury Collateral ETF) Start Date:2017-01-12
CMBS (iShares Cmbs) Start Date:2012-02-16
CMDY (iShares Bloomberg Roll Select Commodity Strategy ETF) Start Date:2018-04-05
CMF (iShares California Muni Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-10-05
CN (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI All China Eq) Start Date:2014-04-30
CNBS (Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF) Start Date:2019-07-23
CNCR (Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF) Start Date:2015-10-14
CNDA (IQ Canada Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2021-10-22
CNRG (SPDR S&P Kensho Clean Power ETF) Start Date:2018-10-23
CNXT (Vaneck Vectors Chinaamc Sme-Chinext ETF) Start Date:2014-07-24
CNYA (iShares MSCI China A ETF) Start Date:2016-06-15
COM (Direxion Auspice Broad Commodity Strategy ETF) Start Date:2017-03-30
COMB (Graniteshares Bloomberg Commodity Broad Strategy No K-1 ETF) Start Date:2017-05-25
COMT (iShares Commodities Select Strategy ETF) Start Date:2014-10-16
COPX (Global X Copper Miners ETF) Start Date:2010-04-20
CORN (Teucrium Corn Fund) Start Date:2010-06-09
CORP (Pimco Investment Grade Corporate Bd ETF) Start Date:2010-09-21
COW (iPath Bloomberg Livestock Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-02-01
COWZ (Pacer Us Cash Cows 100 ETF) Start Date:2016-12-19
CPER (United States Copper Index) Start Date:2011-11-15
CPI (IQ Real Return ETF) Start Date:2009-10-27
CQQQ (Invesco China Technology ETF) Start Date:2009-12-08
CRAK (Vaneck Vectors Oil Refiners ETF) Start Date:2015-08-19
CRBN (iShares MSCI Acwi Low Carbon Target ETF) Start Date:2014-12-09
CRPT (First Trust Skybridge Crypto Industry And Digital Economy ETF) Start Date:2021-09-21
CRUZ (Defiance Hotel Airline And Cruise ETF) Start Date:2021-06-04
CSA (Victoryshares Us Small Cap Vol Wtd ETF) Start Date:2015-07-08
CSB (Victoryshares Us Smcp Hi Div Vol Wtd ETF) Start Date:2015-07-08
CSD (Guggenheim S&P Spin-Off ETF) Start Date:2006-12-15
CSF (Victoryshares Us Discv Enh Vol Wtd ETF) Start Date:2014-08-01
CSM (ProShares Large Cap Core Plus) Start Date:2009-07-14
CSML (IQ Chaikin U.S. Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2017-05-16
CSQ (Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund) Start Date:2004-04-01
CTEC (Global X Cleantech ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
CTEX (ProShares S&P Kensho Cleantech ETF) Start Date:2021-09-30
CUBS (Asian Growth Cubs ETF) Start Date:2021-06-17
CURE (Direxion Daily Healthcare Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2011-06-15
CUT (Guggenheim MSCI Global Timber ETF) Start Date:2007-11-09
CVY (Guggenheim Multi-Asset Income ETF) Start Date:2006-09-21
CWB (SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Convertible Securities) Start Date:2009-04-16
CWEB (Direxion Daily CSI China Internet Index Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2016-11-02
CWI (SPDR MSCI Acwi Ex-Us ETF) Start Date:2007-01-17
CWS (AdvisorShares Focused Equity ETF) Start Date:2016-09-21
CXSE (WisdomTree China Ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund) Start Date:2012-09-19
CYA (Simplify Tail Risk Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-09-14
CYB (WisdomTree Chinese Yuan Strategy ETF) Start Date:2008-05-14
CZA (Guggenheim Mid-Cap Core ETF) Start Date:2007-04-03
DALI (First Trust Dorseywright Dali 1 ETF) Start Date:2018-05-15
DALT (Two Roads Shared Trust) Start Date:2017-09-29
DAPP (Vaneck Digital Transformation ETF) Start Date:2021-04-14
DAPR (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - April) Start Date:2021-04-19
DAT (ProShares Big Data Refiners ETF) Start Date:2021-09-30
DAUG (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - August) Start Date:2019-11-07
DAX (Horizons Dax Germany ETF) Start Date:2014-10-23
DBA (PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund) Start Date:2007-01-05
DBAW (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI Alwd Exus Hgdeq) Start Date:2014-01-27
DBB (PowerShares DB Base Metals ETF) Start Date:2007-01-05
DBC (PowerShares DB Commodity Index) Start Date:2006-02-03
DBE (PowerShares DB Energy ETF) Start Date:2007-01-05
DBEF (Xtrackers MSCI Eafe Hedged Equity ETF) Start Date:2011-06-09
DBEH (Im DBi Hedge Strategy ETF) Start Date:2019-12-18
DBEM (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI Em Mkts Hdgd Eq) Start Date:2011-06-09
DBEU (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI Europe Hedgd Eq) Start Date:2013-10-01
DBEZ (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI Eurozone Hdg Eq) Start Date:2014-12-15
DBGR (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI Germany Hdgd Eq) Start Date:2011-06-09
DBJA (Innovator Double Stacker 9 Buffer ETF - Jan) Start Date:2021-01-04
DBJP (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Eq) Start Date:2011-06-09
DBMF (Im DBi Managed Futures Strategy ETF) Start Date:2019-05-08
DBO (Invesco DB Oil Fund) Start Date:2007-01-05
DBOC (Innovator Double Stacker 9 Buffer ETF - Oct) Start Date:2020-10-01
DBP (PowerShares DB Precious Metals ETF) Start Date:2007-01-05
DBS (PowerShares DB Silver ETF) Start Date:2007-01-05
DBV (PowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest ETF) Start Date:2006-09-20
DDEC (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - Dec) Start Date:2020-12-21
DDIV (First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Dividend ETF) Start Date:2014-03-11
DDLS (WisdomTree Dyn Ccy Hdgd Intl Smcp Eq ETF) Start Date:2016-01-07
DDM (ProShares Ultra Dow30) Start Date:2006-06-21
DDWM (WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged International Equity Fund) Start Date:2016-01-07
DECZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2020-12-01
DEED (First Trust TCWSecuritized Plus ETF) Start Date:2020-04-30
DEEF (Deutsche X-Trackers FTSE Dev Exuscmpsftr) Start Date:2015-11-24
DEEP (Roundhill Acquirers Deep Value ETF) Start Date:2014-09-23
DEF (Guggenheim Defensive Equity ETF) Start Date:2006-12-15
DEFI (Hashdex Bitcoin ETF) Start Date:2024-01-11
DEM (WisdomTree Emerging Markets Hig) Start Date:2007-07-13
DEMZ (Democratic Large Cap Core ETF) Start Date:2020-11-03
DES (WisdomTree Us Smallcap Dividend ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DEUS (Deutsche X-Trackers Russell 1000 Cmpsftr) Start Date:2015-11-24
DEW (WisdomTree Global High Dividend ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DFAC (Dimensional U.S. Core Equity 2 ETF) Start Date:2021-06-14
DFAE (Dimensional Emerging Core Equity Market ETF) Start Date:2020-12-02
DFAI (Dimensional International Core Equity Market ETF) Start Date:2020-11-18
DFAS (Dimensional U.S. Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2021-06-14
DFAT (Dimensional U.S. Targeted Value ETF) Start Date:2021-06-14
DFAU (Dimensional Us Core Equity Market ETF) Start Date:2020-11-18
DFAX (Dimensional World Ex U.S. Core Equity 2 ETF) Start Date:2021-09-13
DFCF (Dimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Core Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2021-11-16
DFE (WisdomTree Europe Smallcap Dividend ETF) Start Date:2006-09-21
DFEB (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - February) Start Date:2020-02-24
DFEN (Direxion Daily Aerospace & Defense Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2017-05-03
DFHY (Trimtabs ETF Trust Donoghue Forlines Tactical High Yield ETF) Start Date:2020-12-08
DFIP (Dimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Inflation-Protected Securiti) Start Date:2021-11-16
DFIV (Dimensional International Value ETF) Start Date:2021-09-13
DFJ (WisdomTree Japan Smallcap Dividend ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DFND (Reality Shares Divcon Dividend Defender ETF) Start Date:2016-01-14
DFNL (Davis Select Financial ETF) Start Date:2017-01-12
DFNM (Dimensional ETF Trust Dimensional National Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-11-16
DFSD (Dimensional ETF Trust Dimensional Short-Duration Fixed Income) Start Date:2021-11-16
DFUS (Dimensional U.S. Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-06-14
DGL (PowerShares DB Gold ETF) Start Date:2007-01-05
DGP (DB Gold Double Long ETN) Start Date:2008-02-28
DGRE (WisdomTree Emerging Mkts Qual Div Gr ETF) Start Date:2013-08-01
DGRO (iShares Core Dividend Growth ETF) Start Date:2014-06-12
DGRS (WisdomTree U.S. Smallcap Dividend Growth Fund) Start Date:2013-07-25
DGRW (WisdomTree U.S. Dividend Growth Fund) Start Date:2013-05-22
DGS (WisdomTree Emerging Markets Smallcap Divdend Fund) Start Date:2007-10-30
DGT (SPDR Global Dow ETF) Start Date:2002-02-04
DGZ (DB Gold Short ETN) Start Date:2008-03-03
DHS (WisdomTree High Dividend ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DIA (SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average) Start Date:2000-01-03
DIAL (Columbia Diversified Fixed Income Allocation ETF) Start Date:2017-10-12
DIG (ProShares Ultra Oil & Gas) Start Date:2007-02-01
DIHP (Dimensional International High Profitability ETF) Start Date:2022-03-24
DIM (WisdomTree International Midcap Div ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DINT (Davis Select International ETF) Start Date:2018-03-02
DIV (Global X Super Dividend ETF) Start Date:2013-03-12
DIVB (iShares Us Dividend And Buyback ETF) Start Date:2017-11-09
DIVO (Amplify Cwp Enhanced Dividend Ome ETF) Start Date:2016-12-14
DIVS (Smartetfs Dividend Builder ETF) Start Date:2021-03-29
DIVZ (Trueshares Low Volatility Equity Income ETF) Start Date:2021-01-28
DJAN (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - January) Start Date:2021-01-19
DJCB (Etracs Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return ETN Series B Due) Start Date:2019-10-25
DJD (Guggenheim Dow Jones Indl Avg Div ETF) Start Date:2015-12-16
DJP (iPath Dow Jones Ubs Commodity) Start Date:2006-10-30
DJUL (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - July) Start Date:2020-07-20
DJUN (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - June) Start Date:2020-06-22
DLN (WisdomTree Largecap Dividend Fund) Start Date:2006-06-16
DLS (WisdomTree International Smallcap Dividend) Start Date:2006-06-16
DMAR (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - March) Start Date:2021-03-22
DMAY (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - May) Start Date:2020-05-18
DMCY (Democracy International Fund) Start Date:2021-04-01
DMDV (Aam S&P Developed Markets High Dividend Value ETF) Start Date:2018-11-28
DMXF (iShares ESG Advanced MSCI Eafe ETF) Start Date:2020-06-18
DNL (WisdomTree Global Ex-U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Fund) Start Date:2006-06-16
DNOV (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - November) Start Date:2019-11-18
DOCT (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - October) Start Date:2020-10-19
DOG (ProShares Short Dow30) Start Date:2006-06-21
DOL (WisdomTree International Largecp Div ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DON (WisdomTree Us Midcap Dividend ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DOZR (Direxion Daily Us Infrastructure Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2021-09-23
DPST (Direxion Daily Regional Banks Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2015-08-19
DRIP (Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bear 2X Shares) Start Date:2015-05-29
DRIV (Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF) Start Date:2018-04-17
DRN (Direxion Daily Real Estate Bull 3X ETF) Start Date:2009-07-16
DRSK (Aptus Defined Risk ETF) Start Date:2018-08-08
DRV (Direxion Daily Real Estate Bear 3X ETF) Start Date:2009-07-16
DSCF (Discipline Fund ETF) Start Date:2021-09-21
DSEP (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF - September) Start Date:2020-09-21
DSI (iShares MSCI Kld 400 Social ETF) Start Date:2006-11-17
DSJA (Innovator ETFs Trust) Start Date:2021-01-04
DSOC (Innovator Double Stacker ETF - October) Start Date:2020-10-01
DSTL (Distillate U.S. Fundamental Stability & Value ETF) Start Date:2018-10-24
DSTX (Distillate International Fundamental Stability & Value ETF) Start Date:2020-12-15
DTD (WisdomTree Total Dividend ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DTEC (Alps Disruptive Technologies ETF) Start Date:2017-12-29
DTH (WisdomTree International High Div ETF) Start Date:2006-06-16
DUDE (Merlyn.AI Sectorsurfer Momentum ETF) Start Date:2020-12-30
DUG (ProShares Ultrashort Oil & Gas) Start Date:2007-02-01
DURA (Vaneck Vectors ETF Trust) Start Date:2018-10-31
DUSA (Davis Select Us Equity ETF) Start Date:2017-01-12
DUSL (Direxion Daily Industrials Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2017-05-03
DUST (Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bear 2X) Start Date:2010-12-08
DVLU (First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF) Start Date:2018-09-07
DVOL (First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Low Volatility ETF) Start Date:2018-09-07
DVY (iShares Dow Jones Select) Start Date:2003-11-07
DVYA (iShares Asia/Pacific Dividend) Start Date:2012-02-24
DVYE (iShares Emerging Markets Dividend ETF) Start Date:2012-02-24
DWAC (Elkhorn Commodity Rotation Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-09-30
DWAS (Invesco DWA Smallcap Momentum ETF) Start Date:2012-07-19
DWAT (Arrow DWA Tactical ETF) Start Date:2014-10-01
DWAW (AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Fsm All Cap World ETF) Start Date:2019-12-27
DWCR (Arrow DWA Country Rotation ETF) Start Date:2017-12-29
DWEQ (AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Alpha Equal Weight ETF) Start Date:2019-12-27
DWLD (Davis Select Worldwide ETF) Start Date:2017-01-12
DWM (WisdomTree Defa) Start Date:2006-06-16
DWMC (AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Micro-Cap ETF) Start Date:2018-07-11
DWMF (WisdomTree International Multifactor Fund) Start Date:2018-08-10
DWSH (AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Short ETF) Start Date:2018-07-11
DWUS (AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Fsm Us Core ETF) Start Date:2019-12-27
DWX (SPDR S&P International Dividend ETF) Start Date:2008-02-20
DXD (ProShares Ultrashort Dow30) Start Date:2006-07-13
DXGE (WisdomTree Germany Hedged Equity ETF) Start Date:2013-10-17
DXJ (WisdomTree Japan Total Dividend) Start Date:2006-06-16
DXJS (WisdomTree Japan Hedged Smallcap Eq ETF) Start Date:2013-06-28
DYLD (Leadershares Dynamic Yield ETF) Start Date:2021-06-29
DYNF (Blackrock U.S. Equity Factor Rotation ETF) Start Date:2019-03-21
DZZ (DB Gold Double Short ETN) Start Date:2008-02-28
EAGG (iShares ESG Aware U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-10-23
EAOA (iShares ESG Aware Aggressive Allocation ETF) Start Date:2020-06-18
EAOK (iShares ESG Aware Conservative Allocation ETF) Start Date:2020-06-18
EAOM (iShares ESG Aware Moderate Allocation ETF) Start Date:2020-06-18
EAOR (iShares ESG Aware Growth Allocation ETF) Start Date:2020-06-18
EAPR (Innovator Emerging Markets Power Buffer ETF April) Start Date:2021-04-01
EASG (Xtrackers MSCI Eafe ESG Leaders Equity ETF) Start Date:2018-09-06
EATZ (AdvisorShares Restaurant ETF) Start Date:2021-04-21
EBIZ (Global X E-Commerce ETF) Start Date:2018-11-30
EBLU (Ecofin Global Water ESG Fund) Start Date:2020-08-21
EBND (SPDR Barclays Capital Emerging Markets Local Bond ETF) Start Date:2011-02-24
ECH (iShares MSCI Chile ETF) Start Date:2007-11-16
ECLN (First Trust Eip Carbon Impact ETF) Start Date:2019-08-20
ECNS (iShares MSCI China Small-Cap) Start Date:2010-09-29
ECON (Columbia Emerging Markets Consumer ETF) Start Date:2010-09-14
ECOW (Pacer Emerging Markets Cash Cows 100 ETF) Start Date:2019-05-06
ECOZ (Trueshares ESG Active Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2020-03-02
EDC (Direxion Emerging Markets Bull) Start Date:2008-12-17
EDEN (iShares MSCI Denmark Capped) Start Date:2012-01-26
EDIV (SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend ETF) Start Date:2011-02-24
EDOC (Global X Telemedicine & Digital Health ETF) Start Date:2020-07-30
EDOG (Alps Emerging Sector Dividend Dogs ETF) Start Date:2014-03-28
EDOW (First Trust Dow 30 Equal Weight ETF) Start Date:2017-08-09
EDUT (Global X Education ETF) Start Date:2020-07-14
EDV (Vanguard Ext Duration Treasury ETF) Start Date:2007-12-13
EDZ (Direxion Daily Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-12-17
EELV (PowerShares S&P Em Mkts Low Volatil ETF) Start Date:2012-01-13
EEM (iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index) Start Date:2003-04-14
EEMA (iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia ETF) Start Date:2012-02-09
EEMD (Aam S&P Emerging Markets High Dividend Value ETF) Start Date:2017-11-29
EEMO (PowerShares S&P Emerg Mkts Momentum ETF) Start Date:2012-02-24
EEMS (iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small-Cap) Start Date:2011-08-18
EEMV (iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2011-10-20
EEMX (SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Fuel Reserves Free ETF) Start Date:2016-10-25
EES (WisdomTree Smallcap Earnings ETF) Start Date:2007-02-23
EET (ProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging Markets) Start Date:2009-06-04
EEV (ProShares Ultrashort MSCI Emerging Mkts) Start Date:2007-11-01
EFA (iShares MSCI Eafe Index) Start Date:2001-08-27
EFAD (ProShares MSCI Eafe Dividend Growers) Start Date:2014-08-21
EFAS (Global X MSCI Superdividend Eafe ETF) Start Date:2016-11-16
EFAV (iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Eafe ETF) Start Date:2011-10-20
EFAX (SPDR MSCI Eafe Fossil Fuel Free ETF) Start Date:2016-10-25
EFG (iShares MSCI Eafe Growth ETF) Start Date:2005-08-05
EFIV (SPDR S&P 500 ESG ETF) Start Date:2020-07-28
EFIX (First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Viii First Trust TCWEmerging) Start Date:2021-02-18
EFNL (iShares MSCI Finland Capped) Start Date:2012-01-26
EFO (ProShares Ultra MSCI Eafe) Start Date:2009-06-04
EFU (ProShares Ultrashort MSCI Eafe) Start Date:2007-10-25
EFV (iShares MSCI Value Index Fund) Start Date:2005-08-05
EFZ (ProShares Short MSCI Eafe) Start Date:2007-10-25
EGIS (2Ndvote Society Defended ETF) Start Date:2020-11-18
EGPT (Vaneck Vectors Egypt ETF) Start Date:2010-02-18
EIDO (iShares MSCI Indonesia ETF) Start Date:2010-05-07
EINC (Vaneck Vectors Energy Income ETF) Start Date:2012-03-13
EIRL (iShares MSCI Ireland Capped) Start Date:2010-05-07
EIS (iShares MSCI Israel Capped) Start Date:2008-03-28
EJAN (Innovator ETFs Trust Innovator MSCI Emerging Markets Power Buf) Start Date:2020-01-02
EJUL (Innovator MSCI Emerging Markets Power Buffer ETF - July) Start Date:2019-07-01
ELD (WisdomTree Emerging Markets Lcl DBt ETF) Start Date:2010-08-09
EMB (iShares JP Morgan Em Bond Fd) Start Date:2007-12-19
EMBD (Global X Emerging Markets Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-06-03
EMCB (WisdomTree Emerging Markets Bd ETF) Start Date:2012-03-08
EMCR (Xtrackers Emerging Markets Carbon Reduction And Climate Improv) Start Date:2018-12-06
EMDV (ProShares MSCI Emerg Mkts Div Growers) Start Date:2016-01-27
EMFM (Global X Next Emerging & Frontier ETF) Start Date:2013-11-07
EMGF (iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2015-12-10
EMHC (SPDR Bloomberg Emerging Markets Usd Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-04-07
EMHY (iShares Emerging Markets High Yield Bond) Start Date:2012-04-03
EMIF (iShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure) Start Date:2009-06-19
EMLC (Market Vectors Emerging Markets) Start Date:2010-07-23
EMLP (First Trust North American Energy Infrastructure Fund) Start Date:2012-06-21
EMMF (WisdomTree Emerging Markets Multifactor Fund) Start Date:2018-08-10
EMNT (Pimco Enhanced Short Maturity Active ESG Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2019-12-12
EMQQ (Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF) Start Date:2014-11-13
EMSG (Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets ESG Leaders Equity ETF) Start Date:2018-12-06
EMTL (SPDR Doubleline Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc ETF) Start Date:2016-04-14
EMTY (ProShares Decline Of The Retail Store ETF) Start Date:2017-11-16
EMXC (iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Ex China ETF) Start Date:2017-07-26
EMXF (iShares ESG Advanced MSCI Em ETF) Start Date:2020-10-13
ENFR (Alerian Energy Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2013-11-01
ENOR (iShares MSCI Norway Capped) Start Date:2012-01-24
ENTR (Ershares Entrepreneur 30 ETF) Start Date:2017-11-08
ENZL (iShares MSCI New Zealand Capped) Start Date:2010-09-02
EOCT (Innovator Emerging Markets Power Buffer ETF - October) Start Date:2021-10-01
EPHE (iShares MSCI Philippines) Start Date:2010-09-29
EPI (WisdomTree India Earnings Fund) Start Date:2008-02-22
EPOL (iShares MSCI Poland ETF) Start Date:2010-05-26
EPP (iShares MSCI Pacific Ex-Japan I) Start Date:2004-01-02
EPRF (Innovator S&P High Quality Preferred ETF) Start Date:2016-05-24
EPS (WisdomTree Earnings 500 ETF) Start Date:2007-02-23
EPU (iShares MSCI Peru ETF) Start Date:2009-06-22
EPV (ProShares Ultrashort FTSE Europe) Start Date:2009-06-19
EQAL (PowerShares Russell 1000 Equal Wght ETF) Start Date:2014-12-29
EQL (Alps Equal Sector Weight ETF) Start Date:2009-07-07
EQOP (Natixis U.S. Equity Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
EQRR (ProShares Equities For Rising Rates ETF) Start Date:2017-07-25
EQUL (IQ Engender Equality ETF) Start Date:2021-10-21
EQWL (PowerShares Russell Top 200 Equal Wt ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
ERM (Equitycompass Risk Manager ETF) Start Date:2017-04-11
ERO (iPath Eur/Usd Exchange Rate ETN) Start Date:2021-06-15
ERSX (Ershares Non-Us Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2018-12-28
ERTH (Invesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
ERX (Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-11-06
ERY (Direxion Daily Energy Bear 2X Shares) Start Date:2008-11-06
ESCR (Xtrackers Bloomberg Us Inv Grade ESG ETF) Start Date:2020-05-12
ESEB (Xtrackers JP Morgan ESG Emerg Mkts Sovereign ETF) Start Date:2020-05-12
ESG (Flexshares STOXX Us ESG Impact ETF) Start Date:2016-07-14
ESGA (American Century Sustainable Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-07-15
ESGB (IQ Mackay ESG Core Plus Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-06-29
ESGD (iShares Trust iShares ESG Aware MSCI Eafe ETF) Start Date:2016-06-30
ESGE (iShares ESG MSCI Em ETF) Start Date:2016-07-20
ESGG (Flexshares STOXX Glbl ESG Impact ETF) Start Date:2016-07-14
ESGN (Columbia Sustainable International Equity Income ETF) Start Date:2016-06-13
ESGS (Columbia Sustainable U.S. Equity Income ETF) Start Date:2016-06-17
ESGU (iShares ESG MSCI Usa ETF) Start Date:2016-12-06
ESGV (Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF) Start Date:2018-09-20
ESGY (American Century Sustainable Growth ETF) Start Date:2021-07-01
ESHY (DB-X MSCI) Start Date:2020-05-12
ESML (iShares ESG Aware MSCI Usa Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2018-04-12
ESMV (iShares ESG MSCI Usa Min Vol Factor ETF) Start Date:2021-11-04
ESPO (Vaneck Vectors Video Gaming And Esports ETF) Start Date:2018-10-17
ESUS (Etracs 2X Leveraged MSCI Us ESG Focus Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-09-15
ETHO (Etho Climate Leadership Us ETF) Start Date:2015-11-18
EUDG (WisdomTree Europe Quality Div Gr ETF) Start Date:2014-05-07
EUDV (ProShares MSCI Europe Dividend Growers ETF) Start Date:2015-09-11
EUFN (iShares MSCI Europe Financials ETF) Start Date:2010-02-03
EUM (ProShares Short MSCI Emerging Markets) Start Date:2007-11-01
EUO (ProShares Ultrashort Euro) Start Date:2008-11-25
EURL (Direxion Daily FTSE Europe Bull 3X ETF) Start Date:2014-01-22
EUSA (iShares MSCI Usa Equal Weighted) Start Date:2010-05-07
EUSB (iShares ESG Advanced Total Usd Bond Market ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
EUSC (WisdomTree Europe Hedged Smallcap Eq ETF) Start Date:2015-03-04
EVNT (Altshares Event-Driven ETF) Start Date:2021-09-20
EVX (Vaneck Vectors Environmental Svcs ETF) Start Date:2006-10-16
EWA (iShares MSCI Australia Index) Start Date:2000-01-03
EWC (iShares MSCI Canada Index Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
EWCO (Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Communication Services ETF) Start Date:2018-11-07
EWD (iShares Sweden) Start Date:2005-11-30
EWEB (Global X Emerging Markets Internet & E-Commerce ETF) Start Date:2020-11-11
EWG (iShares MSCI Germany Index Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
EWGS (iShares MSCI Germany Small-Cap) Start Date:2012-01-26
EWH (iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWI (iShares MSCI Italy Index Fund) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWJ (iShares MSCI Japan Index Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
EWJV (iShares MSCI Japan Value ETF) Start Date:2019-03-07
EWK (iShares MSCI Belgium Capped) Start Date:2005-11-30
EWL (iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
EWM (iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund) Start Date:2005-01-03
EWMC (Guggenheim S&P Midcap 400 Equal Wt ETF) Start Date:2010-12-08
EWN (iShares MSCI Netherlands) Start Date:2005-11-30
EWO (iShares MSCI Austria Capped) Start Date:2000-01-03
EWP (iShares MSCI Spain Index Fund) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWQ (iShares MSCI France Index Fund) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWRE (Guggenheim S&P 500 Eql Wght Rel Est ETF) Start Date:2015-08-14
EWS (iShares MSCI Singapore Index) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWSC (Guggenheim S&P Smallcap 600 Eql Wt ETF) Start Date:2010-12-08
EWT (iShares MSCI Taiwan Index Fund) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWU (iShares MSCI United Kingdom Ind) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWUS (iShares MSCI United Kingdom Small-Cap) Start Date:2012-01-26
EWV (ProShares Ultrashort MSCI Japan) Start Date:2007-11-08
EWW (iShares MSCI Mexico Index Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
EWX (SPDR S&P Emerging Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2008-05-16
EWY (iShares MSCI South Korea Index) Start Date:2004-01-02
EWZ (iShares MSCI Brazil Index) Start Date:2005-01-03
EWZS (iShares MSCI Brazil Small-Cap) Start Date:2010-09-29
EXI (iShares S&P Global Industrials ETF) Start Date:2006-09-27
EYLD (Cambria Emerging Shareholder Yield ETF) Start Date:2016-07-14
EZA (iShares MSCI South Africa Index) Start Date:2003-02-07
EZBC (Franklin Bitcoin ETF) Start Date:2024-01-11
EZJ (ProShares Ultra MSCI Japan) Start Date:2009-06-05
EZM (WisdomTree Midcap Earnings ETF) Start Date:2007-02-23
EZU (iShares MSCI Emu Index Fund) Start Date:2000-07-31
FAAR (First Trust Alternative Absolute Return Strategy ETF) Start Date:2016-05-23
FAB (First Trust Multi Cap Val AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2007-05-23
FAD (First Trust Multi Cap Gr AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2007-05-23
FALN (iShares U.S. Fallen Angels Usd Bond ETF) Start Date:2016-06-17
FAN (First Trust Ise Global Wind Energy Index Fund) Start Date:2008-06-18
FAPR (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - April) Start Date:2021-11-02
FAS (Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-11-06
FAUG (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - August) Start Date:2019-11-07
FAZ (Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-11-06
FBCG (Fidelity Blue Chip Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-06-04
FBCV (Fidelity Blue Chip Value ETF) Start Date:2020-06-04
FBGX (Ubs Ag Fi Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN) Start Date:2014-06-11
FBND (Fidelity Total Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-10-09
FBT (First Trust Amex Biotechnology Index) Start Date:2006-06-23
FBTC (Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust) Start Date:2024-01-11
FBZ (First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-19
FCA (First Trust China AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-21
FCAL (First Trust California Municipal High Income ETF) Start Date:2017-06-27
FCEF (First Trust Cef Income Opportunity ETF) Start Date:2016-09-29
FCG (First Trust Natural Gas ETF) Start Date:2007-05-11
FCLD (Fidelity Cloud Computing ETF) Start Date:2021-10-07
FCOM (Fidelity MSCI Communication Services Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FCOR (Fidelity Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-10-09
FCPI (Fidelity Stocks For Inflation ETF) Start Date:2019-11-07
FCTR (First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2018-07-26
FCVT (First Trust Ssi Strat Convert Secs ETF) Start Date:2015-11-04
FDD (First Trust STOXX European Sel Div ETF) Start Date:2007-08-30
FDEC (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - December) Start Date:2020-12-21
FDEM (Fidelity Emerging Markets Multifactor ETF) Start Date:2019-02-28
FDG (American Century Focused Dynamic Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-04-02
FDHT (Fidelity Digital Health ETF) Start Date:2021-10-07
FDHY (Fidelity High Yield Factor ETF) Start Date:2018-06-14
FDIS (Fidelity MSCI Consumer Discretionary Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FDL (First Trust Morningstar Dividend Leaders) Start Date:2006-03-15
FDLO (Fidelity Low Volatility Factor ETF) Start Date:2016-09-15
FDM (First Trust Dow Jones Select Microcap Index Fund) Start Date:2005-09-30
FDMO (Fidelity Momentum Factor ETF) Start Date:2016-09-15
FDN (First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index) Start Date:2006-06-23
FDNI (First Trust Dow Jones International Internet ETF) Start Date:2018-11-07
FDRR (Fidelity Dividend ETF For Rising Rates) Start Date:2016-09-15
FDRV (Fidelity Electric Vehicles And Future Transportation ETF) Start Date:2021-10-07
FDT (First Trust Dev Mkts Ex-Us AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-19
FDTS (First Trust Devmkts Exus Sc AlphaDEXetf) Start Date:2012-02-16
FDVV (Fidelity Core Dividend ETF) Start Date:2016-09-15
FDWM (Fidelity Women's Leadership ETF) Start Date:2021-06-17
FEBZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2021-02-01
FEDL (Etracs 2X Leveraged Ifed Invest With The Fed Tr Index ETN) Start Date:2021-09-15
FEDM (Flexshares ESG & Climate Developed Markets Ex-Us Core Index Fu) Start Date:2021-09-21
FEHY (Flexshares ESG & Climate High Yield Corporate Core Index Fund) Start Date:2021-09-21
FEIG (Flexshares ESG & Climate Investment Grade Corporate Core Index) Start Date:2021-09-21
FEM (First Trust Emerging Markets AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2011-04-19
FEMB (First Trust Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Bd ETF) Start Date:2014-11-05
FEMS (First Trust Emerg Mkts Sc AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2012-02-17
FENY (Fidelity MSCI Energy Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FEP (First Trust Europe AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-26
FEUS (Flexshares ESG & Climate Us Large Cap Core Index Fund) Start Date:2021-09-21
FEUZ (First Trust Eurozone AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2014-10-27
FEX (First Trust Large Cap Core AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2007-05-10
FEZ (SPDR Dj Euro STOXX 50 ETF) Start Date:2002-10-21
FFEB (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - February) Start Date:2020-02-24
FFHG (Northern Lights Fund Trust Iv) Start Date:2017-06-06
FFIU (Uva Unconstrained Medium-Term Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2017-08-21
FFND (The Future Fund Active ETF) Start Date:2021-08-24
FFSG (Northern Lights Fund Trust Iv) Start Date:2017-11-01
FFTG (Northern Lights Fund Trust Iv) Start Date:2017-11-01
FFTI (Northern Lights Fund Trust Iv) Start Date:2017-06-06
FFTY (Innovator Ibd 50 ETF) Start Date:2015-04-09
FGD (First Trust Dow Jones Global Sel Div ETF) Start Date:2007-11-27
FGM (First Trust Germany AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2012-02-17
FGRO (Fidelity Growth Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2021-02-04
FHLC (Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FIBR (iShares Edge Us Fixed Income Bal Risk) Start Date:2016-05-12
FICS (First Trust International Developed Capital Strength ETF) Start Date:2020-12-16
FID (First Trust S&P International Dividend Aristocrats ETF) Start Date:2013-08-23
FIDI (Fidelity International High Dividend ETF) Start Date:2018-01-18
FIDU (Fidelity MSCI Industrials Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FIEE (Ubs Ag Fi Enhanced Europe 50 ETN) Start Date:2016-02-18
FIGB (Fidelity Investment Grade Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-03-04
FIHD (Ubs Ag Fi Enhanced Global High Yield ETN) Start Date:2016-02-22
FILL (iShares MSCI Global Energy Producers) Start Date:2012-02-02
FINX (Global X Fintech Thematic ETF) Start Date:2016-09-13
FISR (SPDR Ssga Fixed Income Sector Rotation ETF) Start Date:2019-04-03
FITE (SPDR S&P Kensho Future Security ETF) Start Date:2017-12-27
FIVA (Fidelity International Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2018-01-18
FIVG (Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETF) Start Date:2019-03-05
FIW (First Trust Ise Water Index Fund) Start Date:2007-05-11
FIXD (First Trust TCWOpportunistic Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2017-02-15
FJAN (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - January) Start Date:2021-01-19
FJP (First Trust Japan AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-26
FJUL (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - July Series) Start Date:2020-07-20
FJUN (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - June) Start Date:2020-06-22
FKU (First Trust United Kingdom AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2012-02-27
FLAG (Weatherstorm Forensic Accntg Lg-Shrt ETF) Start Date:2021-11-01
FLAU (Franklin FTSE Australia ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLAX (Franklin FTSE Asia Ex Japan ETF) Start Date:2018-02-08
FLBL (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust) Start Date:2018-06-01
FLBR (Franklin FTSE Brazil ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLCA (Franklin FTSE Canada ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLCB (Franklin Liberty U.S. Core Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-19
FLCH (Franklin FTSE China ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLCO (Franklin Liberty Investment Grd ETF) Start Date:2016-10-05
FLDR (Fidelity Merrimack Street Trust) Start Date:2018-06-14
FLEE (Franklin FTSE Europe ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLEH (Franklin FTSE Europe Hedged ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLFR (Franklin FTSE France ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLGB (Franklin FTSE United Kingdom ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLGR (Franklin FTSE Germany ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLGV (Franklin Liberty U.S. Treasury Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-06-11
FLHK (Franklin FTSE Hong Kong ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLHY (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust) Start Date:2018-06-01
FLIA (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust) Start Date:2018-06-01
FLIN (Franklin FTSE India ETF) Start Date:2018-02-08
FLIY (Franklin FTSE Italy ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLJH (Franklin FTSE Japan Hedged ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLJP (Franklin FTSE Japan ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLKR (Franklin FTSE South Korea ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLLA (Franklin FTSE Latin America ETF) Start Date:2018-10-11
FLLV (Franklin Liberty U.S. Low Volatility ETF) Start Date:2016-09-22
FLMB (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust Franklin Liberty Federal Tax-Free) Start Date:2017-09-05
FLMI (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust Franklin Liberty Federal Intermed) Start Date:2017-09-05
FLMX (Franklin FTSE Mexico ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLN (First Trust Latin America AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-20
FLOT (iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF) Start Date:2011-06-17
FLQL (Franklin Libertyq U.S. Equity ETF) Start Date:2017-04-28
FLQM (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust) Start Date:2017-04-28
FLQS (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust) Start Date:2017-04-28
FLRG (Fidelity U.S. Multifactor ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
FLRN (SPDR Bloomberg Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF) Start Date:2011-12-01
FLRT (AdvisorShares Pacific Asst Enh Fl Rt ETF) Start Date:2015-02-19
FLSA (Franklin FTSE Saudi Arabia ETF) Start Date:2018-10-11
FLSP (Franklin Liberty Systematic Style Premia ETF) Start Date:2019-12-26
FLSW (Franklin FTSE Switzerland ETF) Start Date:2018-02-08
FLTB (Fidelity Term Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-10-09
FLTR (Market Vectors Investment Grade) Start Date:2011-04-26
FLTW (Franklin FTSE Taiwan ETF) Start Date:2017-11-06
FLUD (Franklin Liberty Ultra Short Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-07-16
FLV (American Century Focused Large Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2020-04-02
FLZA (Franklin FTSE South Africa ETF) Start Date:2018-10-11
FM (iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF) Start Date:2012-09-13
FMAG (Fidelity Magellan ETF) Start Date:2021-02-04
FMAR (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - March) Start Date:2021-03-22
FMAT (Fidelity MSCI Materials ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FMAY (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - May) Start Date:2020-05-18
FMB (First Trust Managed Municipal ETF) Start Date:2014-05-15
FMF (First Trust Morningstar Managed Futures Strategy Fund) Start Date:2013-08-02
FMHI (First Trust Municipal High Income ETF) Start Date:2017-11-03
FMIL (Fidelity New Millennium ETF) Start Date:2020-06-04
FMNY (First Trust New York Municipal High Income ETF) Start Date:2021-05-13
FMQQ (Fmqq The Next Frontier Internet & Ecommerce ETF) Start Date:2021-09-28
FNCL (Fidelity MSCI Financials Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FNDA (Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company Index ETF) Start Date:2013-08-15
FNDB (Schwab Fundamental Us Broad Market ETF) Start Date:2013-08-15
FNDC (Schwab Fundamental International Small Company Index ETF) Start Date:2013-08-15
FNDE (Schwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company Index ETF) Start Date:2013-08-15
FNDF (Schwab Fundamental International Large Company Index ETF) Start Date:2013-08-15
FNDX (Schwab Fundamental U.S. Large Company Index ETF) Start Date:2013-08-15
FNGD (Bank Of Montreal Microsectors Fang Index 3X Inverse Leveraged ETN Exp 8 Jan 2038) Start Date:2018-01-23
FNGG (Direxion Daily Select Large Caps & Fangs Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2021-09-30
FNGO (Bank Of Montreal Microsectors Fang Index 2X Leveraged ETN Exp 8 Jan 2038) Start Date:2018-09-04
FNGS (Microsectors Fang ETNs Due January 8) Start Date:2019-11-13
FNGU (Microsectors Fang+™ Index 3X Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2018-01-23
FNK (First Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-20
FNOV (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - November) Start Date:2019-11-18
FNX (First Trust Mid Cap Core AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-10
FNY (First Trust Mid Cap Growth AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-20
FOCT (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - October) Start Date:2020-10-19
FORH (Formidable ETF) Start Date:2021-04-30
FOVL (iShares Focused Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2019-03-21
FPA (First Trust Asiapac Ex-Jpn AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2011-04-20
FPE (First Trust Preferred Securities And Income ETF) Start Date:2013-02-12
FPEI (First Trust Institutional Preferred Securities And Income ETF) Start Date:2017-08-23
FPFD (Fidelity Preferred Securities & Income ETF) Start Date:2021-06-17
FPRO (Fidelity Real Estate Investment ETF) Start Date:2021-02-04
FPX (First Trust Us Equity Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2006-05-24
FPXE (First Trust Ipox Europe Equity Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2018-10-05
FPXI (First Trust International Ipo ETF) Start Date:2014-11-07
FQAL (Fidelity Quality Factor ETF) Start Date:2016-09-15
FRDM (Alpha Architect ETF Trust) Start Date:2019-05-23
FREL (Fidelity MSCI Real Estate Index ETF) Start Date:2015-02-05
FRI (First Trust S&P Reit ETF) Start Date:2007-05-10
FRNW (Fidelity Clean Energy ETF) Start Date:2021-10-07
FRTY (Alger Mid Cap 40 ETF) Start Date:2021-03-01
FSEC (Fidelity Investment Grade Securitized ETF) Start Date:2021-03-04
FSEP (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - September Series) Start Date:2020-09-21
FSIG (First Trust Duration Investment Grade Corporate ETF) Start Date:2021-11-18
FSMB (First Trust Short Duration Managed Municipal ETF) Start Date:2018-11-27
FSMD (Fidelity Small-Mid Multifactor ETF) Start Date:2019-02-28
FSMO (Fidelity Small-Mid Cap Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2021-02-04
FSST (Fidelity Sustainable U.S. Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-06-17
FSTA (Fidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FSZ (First Trust Switzerland AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2012-02-16
FTA (First Trust Large Cap Val AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2007-05-17
FTAG (First Trust Indxx Global Agriculture ETF) Start Date:2010-03-31
FTC (First Trust Large Cap Gr AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2007-05-23
FTCS (First Trust Capital Strength ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
FTEC (Fidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FTGC (First Trust Global Tactical Commodity Strategy Fund) Start Date:2013-10-23
FTHI (First Trust High Income ETF) Start Date:2014-01-07
FTLS (First Trust Long/Short Equity Fund) Start Date:2014-09-09
FTRI (First Trust Indxx Glbl Natrl Res Inc ETF) Start Date:2010-03-12
FTSD (Franklin Liberty Short Dur Us Govt ETF) Start Date:2013-11-05
FTSL (First Trust Senior Loan Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2013-05-02
FTSM (First Trust Enhanced Short Maturity ETF) Start Date:2014-08-06
FTXG (First Trust Nasdaq Food & Beverage ETF) Start Date:2016-10-10
FTXH (First Trust Nasdaq Pharmaceuticals ETF) Start Date:2016-09-22
FTXL (First Trust Nasdaq Semiconductor ETF) Start Date:2016-09-21
FTXN (First Trust Nasdaq Oil & Gas ETF) Start Date:2016-09-23
FTXO (First Trust Nasdaq Bank ETF) Start Date:2016-10-07
FTXR (First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETF) Start Date:2016-09-22
FUE (Elements Mlcx Biofuels Exch Ser Tr ETN) Start Date:2008-02-15
FUMB (First Trust Ultra Short Duration Municipal ETF) Start Date:2018-11-05
FUNL (Cornercap Fundametrics Large-Cap ETF) Start Date:2020-08-20
FUTY (Fidelity MSCI Utilities ETF) Start Date:2013-10-24
FV (First Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETF) Start Date:2014-03-06
FVAL (Fidelity Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2016-09-15
FVC (First Trust Dorsey Wright Dynamic Foc 5) Start Date:2016-03-18
FVD (First Trust Value Line Dividend Index) Start Date:2003-10-09
FXA (Rydex Currency Shares Australian) Start Date:2006-06-26
FXB (Currencyshares British Pound Ster ETF) Start Date:2006-06-26
FXC (Rydex Currencyshares Canadian D) Start Date:2006-06-26
FXD (First Trust Consumer Discretionary AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-22
FXE (Currencyshares Euro Trust) Start Date:2005-12-12
FXF (Currencyshares Swiss Franc ETF) Start Date:2006-06-26
FXG (First Trust Consumer Staples AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-10
FXH (First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-21
FXI (iShares FTSE China 25 Index Fund) Start Date:2004-10-08
FXL (First Trust Technology AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-29
FXN (First Trust Energy AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-10
FXO (First Trust Financials AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-10
FXP (ProShares Ultrashort FTSE China 50) Start Date:2007-11-08
FXR (First Trust Industrials/Producer Durables AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-24
FXU (First Trust Utilities AlphaDEX ETF) Start Date:2007-05-10
FXY (Rydex Currencyshares Japanese) Start Date:2007-02-13
FXZ (First Trust Materials AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-11
FYC (First Trust Small Cap Growth AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2011-04-20
FYLD (Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yield ETF) Start Date:2013-12-03
FYT (First Trust Small Cap Value AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2011-04-20
FYX (First Trust Small Cap Core AlphaDEX Fund) Start Date:2007-05-10
GAA (Cambria Global Asset Allocation ETF) Start Date:2014-12-10
GAL (SPDR Ssga Global Allocation ETF) Start Date:2012-04-26
GAMR (Purefunds Video Game Tech ETF) Start Date:2016-03-10
GAZ (iPath Bloomberg Natural Gas Subtr ETN) Start Date:2017-05-11
GBF (iShares Government/Credit Bond) Start Date:2007-01-11
GBIL (Goldman Sachs Treasury Access 0-1 Year ETF) Start Date:2016-09-08
GBLD (Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF) Start Date:2021-04-22
GBTC (Grayscale Bitcoin Trust) Start Date:2015-05-04
GBUY (Goldman Sachs Future Consumer Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-11-11
GCC (WisdomTree Continuous Commodity ETF) Start Date:2008-01-24
GCOR (Goldman Sachs ETF Trust Goldman Sachs Access U.S. Aggregate Bo) Start Date:2020-09-10
GCOW (Pacer Global Cash Cows Dividend ETF) Start Date:2017-01-13
GDMA (Gadsdena Dynamica Multi-Asseta ETF) Start Date:2018-11-15
GDOC (Goldman Sachs Future Health Care Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-11-11
GDVD (Principal Exchange-Traded Funds) Start Date:2022-03-31
GDX (Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF) Start Date:2006-05-22
GDXD (Microsectors Gold Miners -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs) Start Date:2020-12-03
GDXJ (Market Vectors Junior Gold Mine) Start Date:2009-11-11
GDXU (Microsectors Gold Miners 3X Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2020-12-03
GEM (Goldman Sachs Activebeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF) Start Date:2015-09-29
GENY (Principal Millennials ETF) Start Date:2016-08-22
GERM (ETFmg Treatments Testing And Advancements ETF) Start Date:2020-06-18
GGRW (Gabelli Growth Innovators ETF) Start Date:2021-02-16
GHYB (Goldman Sachs Access High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-09-07
GHYG (iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond) Start Date:2012-04-05
GIGB (Goldman Sachs Access Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-06-08
GII (SPDR S&P Global Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2007-01-31
GINN (Goldman Sachs Innovate Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-11-09
GK (AdvisorShares Gerber Kawasaki ETF) Start Date:2021-07-02
GLCN (Vaneck Vectors China Growth Leaders ETF) Start Date:2010-10-14
GLD (SPDR Gold Shares) Start Date:2004-11-18
GLDB (Strategy Shares Gold-Hedged Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-05-18
GLDM (SPDR Gold Minishares Trust) Start Date:2018-06-26
GLDX (Global X Gold Explorers ETF) Start Date:2021-11-03
GLIF (Agfiq Global Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2019-05-23
GLIN (Vaneck Vectors India Growth Leaders ETF) Start Date:2010-08-25
GLL (ProShares Ultrashort Gold) Start Date:2008-12-03
GLRY (Northern Lights Fund Trust Iv Inspire Faithward Mid Cap Moment) Start Date:2020-12-08
GLTR (Aberdeen Standard Physical Precious Metals Basket Shares ETF) Start Date:2010-10-22
GMET (Vaneck Green Metals ETF) Start Date:2021-11-11
GMF (SPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific ETF) Start Date:2007-03-23
GMOM (Cambria Global Momentum ETF) Start Date:2014-11-04
GNMA (iShares Gnma Bond) Start Date:2012-02-17
GNOM (Global X Genomics & Biotechnology ETF) Start Date:2019-04-10
GNR (SPDR S&P Global Natural Resources ETF) Start Date:2010-09-14
GOAU (Us Global Go Gold And Precious Metal Miners ETF) Start Date:2017-06-28
GOEX (Global X Gold Explorers ETF) Start Date:2010-11-04
GOVT (iShares Us Treasury Bond) Start Date:2012-02-24
GOVZ (iShares 25 Year Treasury Strips Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-09-24
GQRE (Flexshares Global Quality Real Estate Index Fund) Start Date:2013-11-06
GREI (Goldman Sachs Future Real Estate And Infrastructure Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-11-11
GREK (Global X MSCI Greece ETF) Start Date:2011-12-08
GRES (IQ Global Resources ETF) Start Date:2009-10-27
GRID (First Trust Nasdaq Cln Edgestgidifsetf) Start Date:2009-11-17
GRN (iPath Global Carbon ETN) Start Date:2021-05-25
GRNB (Vaneck Vectors Green Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-03-06
GRU (Elements Mlcx Grains Tr ETN) Start Date:2008-02-15
GSEE (Goldman Sachs Marketbeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-05-15
GSEU (Goldman Sachs Activebeta Europe Eq ETF) Start Date:2016-03-02
GSEW (Goldman Sachs ETF Trust) Start Date:2017-09-14
GSFP (Goldman Sachs Future Planet Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-07-15
GSG (iShares S&P Gsci Commodity-Indexed Trust) Start Date:2006-07-21
GSID (Goldman Sachs Marketbeta International Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-05-15
GSIE (Goldman Sachs Activebeta International Equity ETF) Start Date:2015-11-10
GSIG (Golden Sachs ETF Trust Goldman Sachs Access Investment Grade C) Start Date:2020-07-09
GSJY (Goldman Sachs Activebeta Japan Eq ETF) Start Date:2016-03-04
GSLC (Goldman Sachs Activebeta U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2015-09-21
GSP (iPath S&P Gsci Total Return ETN) Start Date:2006-06-07
GSPY (Gotham Enhanced 500 ETF) Start Date:2020-12-29
GSSC (Goldman Sachs Activebeta Us Small Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2017-06-29
GSST (Goldman Sachs ETF Trust) Start Date:2019-04-17
GSUS (Goldman Sachs Marketbeta U.S. Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-05-15
GSY (Invesco Ultra Short Duration ETF) Start Date:2008-02-12
GTEK (Goldman Sachs Future Tech Leaders Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-09-16
GTIP (iShares Global Inflation Linked) Start Date:2018-10-04
GTO (Invesco Total Return Bond ETF) Start Date:2016-02-10
GTR (WisdomTree Target Range Fund) Start Date:2021-10-07
GUNR (Flexshares Global Upstream) Start Date:2011-09-22
GURU (Global X Guru ETF) Start Date:2012-06-05
GUSH (Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2015-05-29
GVAL (Cambria Global Value ETF) Start Date:2014-03-12
GVI (iShares Intermediate Government/Credit Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-01-11
GVIP (Goldman Sachs Hedge Industry Vip ETF) Start Date:2016-11-03
GWX (SPDR S&P International Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2007-04-26
GXC (SPDR S&P China ETF) Start Date:2007-03-23
GXG (Global X MSCI Colombia ETF) Start Date:2009-02-09
GXTG (Global X Thematic Growth ETF) Start Date:2019-11-04
GYLD (Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF) Start Date:2012-05-08
HACK (ETFmg Prime Cyber Security ETF) Start Date:2014-11-12
HAIL (SPDR S&P Smart Mobility ETF) Start Date:2017-12-27
HAP (Vaneck Vectors Natural Resources ETF) Start Date:2008-09-03
HART (IQ Healthy Hearts ETF) Start Date:2021-01-14
HAUZ (Xtrackers International Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2013-10-01
HAWX (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Acwi Ex Us) Start Date:2015-07-01
HCOM (Hartford Schroders Commodity Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-09-15
HCRB (Hartford Funds Exchange-Traded Trust) Start Date:2020-02-20
HDAW (Deutsche X-Trackers MSCIawdexushdvydhgeq) Start Date:2015-08-14
HDEF (Xtrackers MSCI Eafe High Dividend Yield Equity ETF) Start Date:2015-08-18
HDG (ProShares Hedge Replication) Start Date:2011-07-14
HDGE (AdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF) Start Date:2011-01-27
HDLB (Etracs Monthly Pay 2Xleveraged Us High Dividend Low Volatility) Start Date:2019-10-25
HDMV (First Trust Hrzn Mgdvolatil Dev Intl ETF) Start Date:2016-08-26
HDRO (ETF Series Solutions Defiance Next Gen H2 ETF) Start Date:2021-03-10
HDV (iShares Core High Dividend ETF) Start Date:2011-03-31
HEDJ (WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity ETF) Start Date:2009-12-31
HEEM (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2014-09-25
HEFA (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Eafe ETF) Start Date:2014-02-14
HEGD (Swan Hedged Equity Us Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2020-12-23
HELX (Franklin Genomic Advancements ETF) Start Date:2020-02-27
HEQT (Simplify Hedged Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-11-02
HERD (Pacer Cash Cows Fund Of Funds ETF) Start Date:2019-05-07
HERO (Global X Video Games & Esports ETF) Start Date:2019-10-31
HEWC (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Canada) Start Date:2015-07-01
HEWG (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Germany) Start Date:2014-02-18
HEWJ (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Japan ETF) Start Date:2014-02-05
HEWU (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Uk) Start Date:2015-07-09
HEZU (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Eurozone ETF Of iShares Trust) Start Date:2014-08-22
HFXI (IQ 50 Percent Hedged FTSE Intl ETF) Start Date:2015-07-22
HIBL (Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2019-11-07
HIBS (Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2019-11-07
HIPS (Graniteshares Hips Us High Income ETF) Start Date:2015-01-07
HJEN (Direxion Hydrogen ETF) Start Date:2021-03-25
HKND (Humankind Us Stock ETF) Start Date:2021-02-24
HLAL (Wahed FTSE Usa Shariah ETF) Start Date:2019-07-16
HLGE (Hartford Longevity Economy ETF) Start Date:2021-03-17
HMOP (Hartford Municipal Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2017-12-14
HNDL (Nasdaq 7Handl Index ETF) Start Date:2018-01-17
HODL (Vaneck Bitcoin Trust) Start Date:2024-01-11
HOLD (AdvisorShares Sage Core Reserves ETF) Start Date:2014-01-15
HOM (Lifegoal Home Down Payment Investment ETF) Start Date:2021-09-09
HOMZ (Hoya Capital Housing ETF) Start Date:2019-03-20
HSCZ (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Eafe Sm-Cp) Start Date:2015-07-14
HSMV (First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Small/Mid ETF) Start Date:2020-04-07
HSRT (Hartford Funds Exchange-Traded Trust) Start Date:2018-05-31
HSUN (Hartford Sustainable Income ETF) Start Date:2021-09-22
HTAB (Hartford Schroders Tax-Aware Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-04-19
HTEC (Robo Global Healthcare Technology And Innovation ETF) Start Date:2019-06-25
HTRB (Hartford Total Return Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-09-28
HTUS (Hull Tactical Us ETF) Start Date:2015-06-25
HUSV (First Trust Hrzn Mgdvolatil Domestic ETF) Start Date:2016-08-25
HVAL (Alps Hillman Active Value ETF) Start Date:2021-07-16
HYBB (iShares Bb Rated Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-10-08
HYD (Market Vectors High Yield) Start Date:2009-02-05
HYDB (iShares High Yield Bond Factor ETF) Start Date:2017-07-13
HYDR (Global X Hydrogen ETF) Start Date:2021-07-14
HYDW (Xtrackers Low Beta High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-01-11
HYEM (Vaneck Vectors Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2012-05-09
HYG (iShares Iboxx $ High Yield Corporate Bd) Start Date:2007-04-11
HYGH (iShares Interest Rate Hedged High Yld Bd) Start Date:2014-05-29
HYGV (Flexshares High Yield Value-Scored Bond Index Fund) Start Date:2018-07-18
HYHG (ProShares High Yield Interest Rate Hdgd) Start Date:2013-05-23
HYLB (Xtrackers Usd High Yield Corporate Bond) Start Date:2016-12-07
HYLD (Peritus High Yield ETF) Start Date:2010-12-01
HYLS (First Trust Tactical High Yield ETF) Start Date:2013-02-27
HYMB (SPDR Nuveen S&P High Yield Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2011-04-14
HYMU (Blackrock High Yield Muni Income Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-03-18
HYS (Pimco 0-5 Year High Yield Corp) Start Date:2011-06-17
HYTR (Cp High Yield Trend ETF) Start Date:2020-01-22
HYUP (Xtrackers High Beta High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-01-11
HYXF (iShares ESG Advanced High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-09-15
HYXU (iShares International High Yield Bond) Start Date:2012-04-03
HYZD (WisdomTree Interest Rt Hdg Hi Yld Bd ETF) Start Date:2013-12-18
IAGG (iShares Core International Aggregate Bond Fund) Start Date:2015-11-12
IAI (iShares Us Broker-Dealers ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
IAK (iShares Us Insurance) Start Date:2006-05-05
IAPR (Innovator International Developed Power Buffer ETF April) Start Date:2021-04-01
IAT (iShares U.S. Regional Banks ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
IAU (iShares Gold Trust) Start Date:2005-01-28
IAUF (iShares U.S. ETF Trust) Start Date:2018-06-08
IAUM (iShares Gold Trust Micro iShares Gold Trust Micro Etv Shares R) Start Date:2021-06-29
IBB (iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology In) Start Date:2001-02-12
IBBQ (Invesco Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF) Start Date:2021-06-11
IBCE (iShares Ibonds Mar 2023 Term Exfncl) Start Date:2013-04-19
IBD (Inspire Corporate Bond Impact ETF) Start Date:2017-07-11
IBDD (iShares Ibonds Mar 2023 Term Corporate) Start Date:2013-07-10
IBDO (iShares Ibonds Dec 2023 Corporate ETF) Start Date:2015-03-12
IBDP (iShares Ibonds Dec 2024 Corporate ETF) Start Date:2015-03-12
IBDQ (iShares Ibonds Dec 2025 Term Corporate) Start Date:2015-03-12
IBDR (iShares Ibonds Dec 2026 Term Corporate ETF) Start Date:2016-09-19
IBDS (iShares Ibonds Dec 2027 Term Corporate ETF) Start Date:2017-09-14
IBDT (iShares Ibonds Dec 2028 Term Corporate ETF) Start Date:2018-09-20
IBDU (iShares Ibonds Dec 2029 Term Corporate ETF) Start Date:2019-09-19
IBDV (iShares Ibonds Dec 2030 Term Corporate ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
IBDW (iShares Ibonds Dec 2031 Term Corporate ETF) Start Date:2021-06-24
IBET (Ibet Sports Betting And Gaming ETF) Start Date:2021-11-16
IBHC (iShares Ibonds 2023 Term High Yield And Income ETF) Start Date:2019-05-09
IBHD (iShares Ibonds 2024 Term High Yield And Income ETF) Start Date:2019-05-09
IBHE (iShares Ibonds 2025 Term High Yield And Income ETF) Start Date:2019-05-09
IBHF (iShares Ibonds 2026 Term High Yield And Income ETF) Start Date:2020-11-12
IBHG (iShares Ibonds 2027 Term High Yield And Income ETF) Start Date:2021-07-09
IBIT (iShares Bitcoin Trust) Start Date:2024-01-11
IBML (iShares Ibonds Dec 2023 Term Muni Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-04-13
IBMM (iShares Ibonds Dec 2024 Term Muni Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-03-22
IBMN (iShares Ibonds Dec 2025 Term Muni Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-11-15
IBMO (iShares Ibonds Dec 2026 Term Muni Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-04-04
IBMP (iShares Ibonds Dec 2027 Term Muni Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-04-11
IBMQ (iShares Ibonds Dec 2028 Term Muni Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-04-18
IBND (SPDR Bloomberg International Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2010-05-20
IBTD (iShares Ibonds Dec 2023 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-03-03
IBTE (iShares Ibonds Dec 2024 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-02-28
IBTF (iShares Ibonds Dec 2025 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-02-28
IBTG (iShares Ibonds Dec 2026 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-02-28
IBTH (iShares Ibonds Dec 2027 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-02-28
IBTI (iShares Ibonds Dec 2028 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-02-28
IBTJ (iShares Ibonds Dec 2029 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-02-28
IBTK (iShares Ibonds Dec 2030 Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2020-07-20
IBUY (Amplify Online Retail ETF) Start Date:2016-04-20
ICF (iShares Cohen & Steers Realty M) Start Date:2001-02-02
ICLN (iShares Global Clean Energy ETF) Start Date:2008-06-25
ICOW (Pacer Developed Markets International Cash Cws 100) Start Date:2017-06-19
ICSH (iShares Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF) Start Date:2013-12-13
ICVT (iShares Convertible Bond ETF) Start Date:2015-06-04
IDAT (iShares Cloud 5G And Tech ETF) Start Date:2021-06-10
IDEV (iShares Core MSCI International Developed Markets ETF) Start Date:2017-03-23
IDHD (PowerShares S&P Intl Dev Hi Div Low Vltl) Start Date:2016-12-01
IDHQ (PowerShares S&P Intl Dev Quality ETF) Start Date:2007-06-13
IDLB (PowerShares FTSE Intl Lw Bt Eq Wgt) Start Date:2015-11-05
IDLV (PowerShares S&P Intl Dev Low Volatil ETF) Start Date:2012-01-17
IDME (ETF Series Solutions International Drawdown Managed Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-07-23
IDMO (PowerShares S&P Intl Dev Momentum ETF) Start Date:2012-02-24
IDNA (iShares Genomics Immunology And Healthcare ETF) Start Date:2019-06-13
IDOG (Alps International Sector Div Dogs ETF) Start Date:2013-06-28
IDRV (iShares Self-Driving Ev And Tech ETF) Start Date:2019-04-18
IDU (iShares Dow Jones U.S. Utilitie) Start Date:2004-01-02
IDV (iShares Dow Jones Epac Select D) Start Date:2007-06-15
IDX (Vaneck Vectors Indonesia ETF) Start Date:2009-01-20
IEDI (iShares Evolved Us Discretionary Spending ETF) Start Date:2018-03-23
IEF (iShares Lehman 7-10 Year Treasu) Start Date:2002-07-30
IEFA (iShares Core MSCI Eafe) Start Date:2012-10-22
IEI (iShares Lehman 3-7 Year Treasur) Start Date:2007-01-11
IEMG (iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets) Start Date:2012-10-22
IEO (iShares U.S. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
IETC (iShares Evolved U.S. Technology ETF) Start Date:2018-03-23
IEUR (iShares Core MSCI Europe ETF) Start Date:2014-06-12
IEUS (iShares MSCI Europe Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2007-11-19
IEV (iShares Europe ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IEZ (iShares U.S. Oil Equipment & Services ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
IFED (Etracs Ifed Invest With The Fed Tr Index ETN) Start Date:2021-09-15
IFGL (iShares International Developed Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2007-11-19
IFRA (iShares Us Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2018-04-05
IFV (First Trust Dorsey Wright Intl Foc 5) Start Date:2014-07-23
IG (Principal Investment Grade Corporate Active ETF) Start Date:2018-04-19
IGBH (iShares Interest Rate Hedged Long-Term Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2015-09-11
IGE (iShares North American Natural Resources ETF) Start Date:2001-11-26
IGEB (iShares Investment Grade Bond Factor ETF) Start Date:2017-07-13
IGF (iShares Global Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2007-12-12
IGHG (ProShares Investment Grade Intr Rt Hdgd) Start Date:2013-11-07
IGIB (iShares Lehman Intermediate) Start Date:2007-05-16
IGLB (iShares Long-Term Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-12-09
IGLD (FTCboe Vest Gold Strategy Target Income ETF) Start Date:2021-03-03
IGM (iShares Expanded Tech Sector ETF) Start Date:2001-03-19
IGN (iShares North American Tech-Multimd Ntwk) Start Date:2001-08-27
IGOV (iShares International Treasury Bond) Start Date:2009-01-29
IGRO (iShares International Dividend Growth ETF) Start Date:2016-05-19
IGSB (iShares Short-Term Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
IGV (iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector Et) Start Date:2002-09-03
IHAK (iShares Cybersecurity And Tech ETF) Start Date:2019-06-13
IHDG (WisdomTree International Hedged Dividend Growth Fund) Start Date:2014-05-07
IHE (iShares U.S. Pharmaceuticals ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
IHF (iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
IHI (iShares U.S. Medical Devices ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
IHY (Vaneck Vectors Intl Hi Yld Bd ETF) Start Date:2012-04-03
IHYF (Invesco High Yield Bond Factor ETF) Start Date:2020-12-03
IIGD (Invesco Investment Grade Defensive ETF) Start Date:2018-09-07
IIGV (Invesco Investment Grade Value ETF) Start Date:2018-09-07
IJAN (Innovator ETFs Trust Innovator MSCI Eafe Power Buffer ETF - Ja) Start Date:2020-01-02
IJH (iShares S&P Midcap 400 Index Fu) Start Date:2004-01-02
IJJ (iShares S&P Midcap 400 Value Index) Start Date:2004-01-02
IJK (iShares S&P Midcap 400 Growth) Start Date:2004-01-02
IJR (iShares S&P Smallcap 600 Index) Start Date:2004-01-02
IJS (iShares S&P Smallcap 600 Value ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IJT (iShares S&P Smallcap 600 Growth ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IJUL (Innovator MSCI Eafe Power Buffer ETF - July) Start Date:2019-07-01
ILCB (iShares Morningstar Large-Cap ETF) Start Date:2021-03-22
ILCG (iShares Morningstar Large-Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
ILCV (iShares Morningstar Large-Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
ILDR (First Trust Innovation Leaders ETF) Start Date:2021-05-26
ILF (iShares Latin America 40 Index) Start Date:2002-02-05
ILTB (iShares Core 10+ Year Usd Bond) Start Date:2009-12-09
IMCB (iShares Morningstar Mid-Cap ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
IMCG (iShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2021-03-22
IMCV (iShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
IMOM (Momentumshares Intl Quant Mom ETF) Start Date:2015-12-23
IMTB (iShares 5-10 Year Usd Bond) Start Date:2016-11-07
IMTM (iShares Edge MSCI Intl Momentum Factor) Start Date:2015-01-26
INCO (Columbia India Consumer ETF) Start Date:2011-08-10
INDA (iShares MSCI India) Start Date:2012-02-03
INDF (iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Indtls) Start Date:2020-11-02
INDL (Direxion Daily MSCI India Bull 3X ETF) Start Date:2010-03-11
INDS (Pacer Benchmark Industrial Real Estate Sctr ETF) Start Date:2018-05-15
INDY (iShares India 50 ETF) Start Date:2009-11-20
INFL (Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF) Start Date:2021-01-12
INKM (SPDR Ssga Income Allocation ETF) Start Date:2012-04-26
INMU (Blackrock Intermediate Muni Income Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-03-18
INTF (iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Intl) Start Date:2015-05-04
IOCT (Innovator International Developed Power Buffer ETF - October) Start Date:2021-10-01
IOO (iShares Global 100 ETF) Start Date:2000-12-08
IPAC (iShares Core MSCI Pacific ETF) Start Date:2014-06-12
IPAY (ETFmg Prime Mobile Payments ETF) Start Date:2015-07-16
IPKW (PowerShares Intl Buyback Achiev ETF) Start Date:2014-03-06
IPOS (Renaissance International Ipo ETF) Start Date:2014-10-07
IQDE (Flexshares International Quality Dividend Defensive Index Fund) Start Date:2013-04-16
IQDF (Flexshares International Quality Dividend Index Fund) Start Date:2013-04-16
IQDG (WisdomTree International Quality Dividend Growth Fund) Start Date:2016-04-07
IQDY (Flexshares Intl Qual Div Dynamic ETF) Start Date:2013-04-16
IQIN (IQ 500 International ETF) Start Date:2018-12-13
IQLT (iShares MSCI Intl Quality Factor ETF) Start Date:2015-01-15
IQM (Franklin Templeton ETF Trust) Start Date:2020-02-27
IQSI (IQ Candriam ESG International Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-12-17
IQSU (IQ Candriam ESG Us Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-12-17
IRBO (iShares Robotics And Artificial Intelligence ETF) Start Date:2018-06-28
ISCB (iShares Morningstar Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2021-03-22
ISCF (iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Intl Sm-Cp) Start Date:2015-05-01
ISCG (iShares Morningstar Small-Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
ISCV (iShares Morningstar Small-Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
ISDX (Invesco Rafi Strategic Developed Ex-Us ETF) Start Date:2018-09-14
ISEM (Invesco Rafi Strategic Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2018-09-13
ISHG (iShares 1-3 Year International Trs Bd) Start Date:2009-01-28
ISMD (Inspire Small/Mid Cap Impact ETF) Start Date:2017-03-10
ISRA (Vaneck Vectors Israel ETF) Start Date:2013-06-26
ISTB (iShares Core 1-5 Year Usd Bond ETF) Start Date:2012-10-22
ISVL (iShares Trust iShares International Developed Small Cap Value) Start Date:2021-03-25
ISWN (Amplify Blackswan Iswn ETF) Start Date:2021-01-26
ISZE (iShares Edge MSCI Intl Size Factor) Start Date:2015-07-07
ITA (iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF) Start Date:2006-05-05
ITAN (Sparkline Intangible Value ETF) Start Date:2021-06-29
ITB (iShares Dow Jones U.S. Home) Start Date:2006-05-05
ITEQ (Bluestar Israel Technology ETF) Start Date:2015-11-03
ITM (Vaneck Vectors Amt-Free Intermediate Municipal Index ETF) Start Date:2007-12-06
ITOT (iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
IUS (Invesco Rafi Strategic Us ETF) Start Date:2018-09-12
IUSB (iShares Core Total Usd Bond Market ETF) Start Date:2014-06-12
IUSG (iShares Core S&P U.S. Growth ETF) Start Date:2014-06-12
IUSS (Invesco Rafi Strategic Us Small Company ETF) Start Date:2018-09-13
IUSV (iShares Core S&P U.S. Value ETF) Start Date:2014-06-12
IVAL (Valueshares International Quant Val ETF) Start Date:2014-12-17
IVDG (Invesco Focused Discovery Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-12-22
IVE (iShares S&P 500 Value Index Fun) Start Date:2004-01-02
IVES (ETFmg Drone Economy Strategy ETF) Start Date:2020-04-08
IVLC (Invesco Us Large Cap Core ESG ETF) Start Date:2020-12-22
IVLU (iShares Edge MSCI Intl Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2015-07-15
IVOG (Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
IVOL (Quadratic Interest Rate Volatility And Inflation Hedge ETF) Start Date:2019-05-14
IVOO (Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
IVOV (Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
IVRA (Invesco Real Assets ESG ETF) Start Date:2020-12-22
IVSG (Invesco Select Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-12-22
IVV (iShares S&P 500 Index) Start Date:2005-01-03
IVW (iShares S&P 500 Growth Index Fund) Start Date:2005-01-03
IWB (iShares Russell 1000) Start Date:2000-05-19
IWC (iShares Microcap ETF) Start Date:2005-08-16
IWD (iShares Russell 1000 Value) Start Date:2000-05-26
IWDL (Etracs 2X Leveraged Us Value Factor Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-02-09
IWF (iShares Russell 1000 Growth Index) Start Date:2000-05-26
IWFH (iShares Virtual Work And Life Multisector ETF) Start Date:2020-10-01
IWFL (Etracs 2X Leveraged Us Growth Factor Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-02-08
IWL (iShares Russell Top 200 ETF) Start Date:2009-09-28
IWM (iShares Russell 2000 Index) Start Date:2000-05-26
IWML (Etracs 2X Leveraged Us Size Factor Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-02-05
IWN (iShares Russell 2000 Value) Start Date:2000-07-28
IWO (iShares Russell 2000 Growth Index) Start Date:2000-07-28
IWP (iShares Russell Midcap Growth) Start Date:2001-08-03
IWR (iShares Russell Midcap Index Fund) Start Date:2002-02-04
IWS (iShares Russell Midcap Value Index) Start Date:2001-08-03
IWV (iShares Russell 3000) Start Date:2000-05-26
IWX (iShares Russell Top 200 Value ETF) Start Date:2009-09-28
IWY (iShares Russell Top 200 Growth ETF) Start Date:2009-09-28
IXC (iShares Global Energy ETF) Start Date:2001-11-26
IXG (iShares Global Financials ETF) Start Date:2002-10-28
IXJ (iShares Global Healthcare ETF) Start Date:2002-06-24
IXN (iShares Global Tech ETF) Start Date:2002-07-25
IXP (iShares Global Telecom ETF) Start Date:2002-08-14
IXSE (WisdomTree India Ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund) Start Date:2019-04-04
IXUS (iShares Core MSCI Total International Stock ETF) Start Date:2012-10-22
IYC (iShares Us Consumer Services ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IYE (iShares Dow Jones U.S. Energy) Start Date:2004-01-02
IYF (iShares Dow Jones U.S. Financia) Start Date:2004-01-02
IYG (iShares U.S. Financial Services ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IYH (iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IYJ (iShares Dow Jones U.S. Industrial) Start Date:2004-01-02
IYK (iShares U.S. Consumer Goods ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IYLD (iShares Morningstar Multi-Asset Income Index ETF) Start Date:2012-04-05
IYM (iShares U.S. Basic Materials ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IYR (iShares Dow Jones Us Real Estate) Start Date:2005-01-03
IYT (iShares Dow Jones Transportation) Start Date:2005-01-03
IYW (iShares Dow Jones U.S. Tech) Start Date:2004-01-02
IYY (iShares Dow Jones U.S. ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IYZ (iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF) Start Date:2005-11-30
IZRL (ARKIsrael Innovative Technology ETF) Start Date:2017-12-05
JAAA (Janus Henderson Aaa Clo ETF) Start Date:2020-10-19
JANZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2021-01-04
JCPB (J.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust) Start Date:2019-01-30
JCTR (JP Morgan Carbon Transition U.S. Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-12-10
JDST (Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 2X) Start Date:2013-10-03
JEMA (JP Morgan Activebuilders Emerging Markets Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-03-11
JEPI (JP Morgan Equity Premium Income ETF) Start Date:2020-05-21
JETS (Us Global Jets) Start Date:2015-04-30
JFWD (Jacob Funds Jacob Forward ETF) Start Date:2021-07-14
JHCB (John Hancock Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-03-31
JHEM (John Hancock Multifactor Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2018-09-28
JHMB (John Hancock Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF) Start Date:2021-08-19
JHMD (John Hancock Multifactor Developed International ETF) Start Date:2016-12-16
JHML (Jhancock Multifactor Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2015-09-30
JHMM (John Hancock Multi-Factor Mid Cap ETF) Start Date:2015-09-29
JHSC (John Hancock Multifactor Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2017-11-09
JIDA (JP Morgan Activebuilders International Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-07-08
JIG (JP Morgan International Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-05-21
JJA (iPath Bloomberg Agriculture Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-01-31
JJC (iPath Dow Jones Ubs Copper Tota) Start Date:2018-01-29
JJE (iPath Bloomberg Energy Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-01-23
JJG (iPath Bloomberg Grains Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-01-30
JJM (iPath Dow Jones Ubs Industrial) Start Date:2018-01-29
JJN (iPath Bloomberg Nickel Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-01-18
JJP (iPath Dj-Ubs Precious Metals Su) Start Date:2018-01-18
JJS (iPath Bloomberg Softs Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-01-18
JJT (iPath Bloomberg Tin Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-02-16
JJU (iPath Dj-Ubs Aluminum Subindex) Start Date:2018-01-18
JMBS (Janus Henderson Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF) Start Date:2018-09-13
JMOM (JP Morgan U.S. Momentum Factor ETF) Start Date:2017-11-09
JMST (JP Morgan Ultra-Short Municipal Ome ETF) Start Date:2018-10-18
JMUB (J.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust) Start Date:2018-10-31
JNK (SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond) Start Date:2007-12-04
JNUG (Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2013-10-03
JO (iPath Bloomberg Coffee Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-02-01
JOET (Virtus Terranova U.S. Quality Momentum ETF) Start Date:2020-11-18
JOJO (Atac Credit Rotation ETF) Start Date:2021-07-16
JPEM (JP Morgan Diversified Return Emkts Eq ETF) Start Date:2015-01-09
JPIB (J.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust) Start Date:2020-09-14
JPIE (JP Morgan Income ETF) Start Date:2021-11-02
JPIN (JP Morgan Diversified Return International Equity ETF) Start Date:2014-11-07
JPMB (JP Morgan Usd Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-01-31
JPME (JP Morgan Divers Ret Us Mid Cp Eq ETF) Start Date:2016-05-18
JPSE (JP Morgan Diversified Return U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2016-11-17
JPST (JP Morgan Ultra-Short Income ETF) Start Date:2017-05-19
JPUS (JP Morgan Diversified Return Us Eq ETF) Start Date:2015-09-30
JPXN (iShares Jpx-Nikkei 400) Start Date:2007-05-16
JQUA (JP Morgan U.S. Quality Factor ETF) Start Date:2017-11-09
JRE (Janus Henderson U.S. Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2021-06-23
JRNY (Alps Global Travel Beneficiaries ETF) Start Date:2021-09-09
JSCP (JP Morgan Short Duration Core Plus ETF) Start Date:2021-03-02
JSMD (Janus Small/Mid Cap Growth Alpha ETF) Start Date:2016-02-25
JSML (Janus Henderson Small Cap Growth Alpha ETF) Start Date:2016-02-25
JSTC (Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF) Start Date:2020-12-10
JULZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2020-07-01
JUNZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2021-06-01
JUSA (JP Morgan Activebuilders U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-07-08
JUST (Goldman Sachs Just U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2018-06-13
JVAL (JP Morgan U.S. Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2017-11-09
JXI (iShares Global Utilities) Start Date:2006-09-22
JZRO (Janus Henderson Net Zero Transition Resources ETF) Start Date:2021-09-10
KALL (Kraneshares MSCI All China Index ETF) Start Date:2015-02-13
KAPR (Innovator ETFs Trust) Start Date:2020-04-01
KARS (Kraneshares Electric Vehicles And Future Mobility Index ETF) Start Date:2018-01-19
KBA (Kraneshares Bosera MSCI China A Share ETF) Start Date:2014-03-05
KBE (SPDR S&P Bank ETF) Start Date:2005-11-15
KBND (Kraneshares Bloomberg China Bond Inclusion Index ETF) Start Date:2014-12-03
KBUY (Kraneshares Cicc China Consumer Leaders Index ETF) Start Date:2020-12-09
KBWB (Invesco Kbw Bank ETF) Start Date:2011-11-01
KBWD (Invesco Kbw High Dividend Yield Financial ETF) Start Date:2010-12-02
KBWP (Invesco Kbw Property & Casualty Insurance ETF) Start Date:2010-12-02
KBWR (PowerShares Kbw Regional Banking ETF) Start Date:2011-11-01
KBWY (Invesco Kbw Premium Yield Equity Reit ETF) Start Date:2010-12-02
KCCA (Kraneshares California Carbon Allowance Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-10-05
KCE (SPDR S&P Capital Markets ETF) Start Date:2005-11-15
KEJI (Global X China Innovation ETF) Start Date:2021-02-24
KEMQ (Kraneshares Emerging Markets Consumer Technology ETF) Start Date:2017-10-12
KEMX (Kraneshares MSCI Emerging Markets Ex China Index ETF) Start Date:2019-04-12
KESG (Kraneshares MSCI China ESG Leaders Index ETF) Start Date:2020-07-29
KEUA (Kraneshares European Carbon Allowance Strategy ETF) Start Date:2021-10-05
KFVG (Kraneshares Trust Kraneshares Cicc China 5G And Semiconductor) Start Date:2020-11-24
KFYP (Kraneshares Zacks New China ETF) Start Date:2013-07-23
KGRN (Kraneshares MSCI China Environment Index ETF) Start Date:2017-10-13
KGRO (Kraneshares China Innovation ETF) Start Date:2021-10-07
KHYB (Kraneshares Asia Pacific High Income Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-06-28
KIE (SPDR S&P Insurance ETF) Start Date:2005-11-15
KJAN (Innovator Us Small Cap Power Buffer ETF - January) Start Date:2020-01-02
KJUL (Innovator U.S. Small Cap Power Buffer ETF - July) Start Date:2020-07-02
KLCD (Kfa Large Cap Quality Dividend Index ETF) Start Date:2019-06-12
KLDW (Gavekal Knowledge Leaders Dev Wld ETF) Start Date:2015-07-09
KLNE (Direxion Daily Global Clean Energy Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2021-07-29
KMED (Kraneshares Trust Kraneshares Emerging Markets Healthcare Inde) Start Date:2018-08-30
KMLM (Kfa Mount Lucas Index Strategy ETF) Start Date:2020-12-02
KNG (ETF Series Solutions) Start Date:2018-03-27
KNGS (Upholdings Compound Kings ETF) Start Date:2020-12-30
KOCG (Fis Knights Of Columbus Global Belief ETF) Start Date:2021-07-14
KOCT (Innovator Us Small Cap Power Buffer ETF - October) Start Date:2019-10-01
KOIN (Innovation Shares Nextgen Protocol ETF) Start Date:2018-01-30
KOKU (Xtrackers MSCI Kokusai Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-04-08
KOLD (ProShares Ultrashort Bloomberg Natural Gas) Start Date:2011-10-06
KOMP (SPDR S&P Kensho New Economies Composite ETF) Start Date:2018-10-23
KONG (ETF Opportunities Trust Formidable Fortress ETF) Start Date:2021-07-22
KORP (American Century Diversified Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-01-16
KORU (Direxion Daily South Korea Bull 3X ETF) Start Date:2013-04-11
KRBN (Kraneshares Global Carbon ETF) Start Date:2020-07-30
KRE (SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF) Start Date:2006-06-22
KRMA (Global X Conscious Companies ETF) Start Date:2016-07-12
KROP (Global X Agtech & Food Innovation ETF) Start Date:2021-07-14
KSA (iShares MSCI Saudi Arabia ETF) Start Date:2015-09-17
KSTR (Kraneshares Sse Star Market 50 Index ETF) Start Date:2021-01-27
KTEC (Kraneshares Hang Seng Tech Index ETF) Start Date:2021-06-09
KURE (Kraneshares MSCI All China Health Care Index ETF) Start Date:2018-02-01
KVLE (Kraneshares Trust Kfa Value Line Dynamic Core Equity Index ETF) Start Date:2020-11-24
KWEB (Kraneshares CSI China Internet ETF) Start Date:2013-08-01
KWT (Vaneck Vectors Solar Energy ETF) Start Date:2020-09-03
KXI (iShares Global Consumer Staples ETF) Start Date:2006-09-22
LABD (Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2015-05-28
LABU (Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2015-05-28
LBAY (Leatherback Long/Short Alternative Yield ETF) Start Date:2020-11-17
LCG (Sterling Capital Focus Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-08-27
LCR (Leuthold Core ETF) Start Date:2020-01-06
LCTD (Blackrock World Ex U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF) Start Date:2021-04-08
LCTU (Blackrock U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF) Start Date:2021-04-08
LD (iPath Dj-Ubs Lead Subindex Tota) Start Date:2008-06-25
LDEM (iShares ESG MSCI Em Leaders ETF) Start Date:2020-02-12
LDSF (First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF) Start Date:2019-01-07
LDUR (Pimco Enhanced Low Duration Active Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2014-01-23
LEAD (Reality Shares ETF Trust) Start Date:2016-01-06
LEGR (First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction & Process ETF) Start Date:2018-01-25
LEMB (iShares Emerg Mkts Local Currency Bond) Start Date:2011-10-20
LEXI (Alexis Practical Tactical ETF) Start Date:2021-07-01
LFEQ (Vaneck Vectors Long/Flat Trend ETF) Start Date:2017-10-05
LGH (Hcm Defender 500 Index ETF) Start Date:2019-10-10
LGLV (SPDR Ssga Us Large Cap Low Volatility Index ETF) Start Date:2013-02-21
LGOV (First Trust Long Duration Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2019-01-23
LIT (Global X Lithium ETF) Start Date:2010-07-23
LKOR (Flexshares Credit-Scored Us Long Corporate Bond Index Fund) Start Date:2015-09-24
LMBS (First Trust Low Duration Mortgage Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2014-11-05
LOPP (Gabelli Love Our Planet & People ETF Gabelli Love Our Planet &) Start Date:2021-02-01
LOUP (Innovator Loup Frontier Tech ETF) Start Date:2018-07-25
LQD (iShares Iboxx $ Invest Grade Bond) Start Date:2002-07-30
LQDB (iShares Trust iShares Bbb Rated Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-05-20
LQDH (iShares Interest Rate Hedged Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-06-17
LQDI (iShares U.S. ETF Trust) Start Date:2018-05-10
LRGE (Clearbridge Large Cap Growth ESG ETF) Start Date:2017-05-25
LRGF (iShares MSCI Usa Multifactor ETF) Start Date:2015-04-30
LRNZ (Truemark AI & Deep Learning ETF) Start Date:2020-03-02
LSAF (Leadershares Alphafactor Us Core Equity ETF) Start Date:2018-10-02
LSAT (Leadershares Alphafactor Tactical Focused ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
LSST (Natixis ETF Trust Natixis Loomis Sayles Short Duration Income) Start Date:2017-12-28
LTL (Ultra Telecommunications ProShares) Start Date:2008-04-09
LTPZ (Pimco 15+ Year U.S. Tips Index Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2009-09-08
LVHD (Legg Mason Low Volatility High Div ETF) Start Date:2015-12-29
LVHI (Legg Mason Intl Low Volatil Hi Div ETF) Start Date:2016-07-28
LVOL (American Century Low Volatility ETF) Start Date:2021-01-14
LYFE (2Ndvote Life Neutral Plus ETF) Start Date:2020-11-18
MAAX (Vaneck Vectors ETF Trust) Start Date:2019-05-16
MAGA (ETF Series Solutions) Start Date:2017-09-07
MAMB (Monarch Ambassador Income ETF) Start Date:2021-03-24
MARB (First Trust Merger Arbitrage ETF) Start Date:2020-02-05
MARZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2021-03-01
MBB (iShares Barclays Mbs Bond Fund) Start Date:2007-03-16
MBBB (Vaneck Moody's Analytics Bbb Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-12-02
MBCC (Monarch Blue Chips Core ETF) Start Date:2021-03-24
MBND (SPDR Nuveen Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-02-04
MBOX (Freedom Day Dividend ETF) Start Date:2021-05-05
MBSD (Flexshares Disciplined Duration Mbs ETF) Start Date:2014-09-04
MCHI (iShares MSCI China) Start Date:2011-03-31
MDCP (Victoryshares Thb Mid Cap ESG ETF) Start Date:2021-10-06
MDEV (First Trust Indxx Medical Devices ETF) Start Date:2021-06-23
MDIV (First Trust Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund) Start Date:2012-08-14
MDY (SPDR S&P Midcap 400) Start Date:2000-01-03
MDYG (SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
MDYV (SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
MEAR (Blackrock Short Maturity Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2015-03-05
METV (Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF) Start Date:2021-06-30
MEXX (Direxion Daily MSCI Mexico Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2017-05-03
MFDX (Pimco Equitiy Series Pimco Rafi Dynamic Multi-Factor Internati) Start Date:2017-09-06
MFEM (Pimco Rafi Dynamic Multi-Factor Emerging Market Equity ETF) Start Date:2017-09-06
MFUS (Pimco Equitiy Series Pimco Rafi Dynamic Multi-Factor U.S. Equi) Start Date:2017-09-06
MGC (Vanguard Mega Cap ETF) Start Date:2007-12-26
MGK (Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2007-12-21
MGMT (Ballast Small/Mid Cap ETF) Start Date:2020-12-03
MGV (Vanguard Mega Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2007-12-21
MID (American Century Mid Cap Growth Impact ETF) Start Date:2020-07-15
MIDE (Xtrackers S&P Midcap 400 ESG ETF) Start Date:2021-02-24
MIDU (Direxion Daily Mid Cap Bull 3X ETF) Start Date:2009-01-08
MIG (Vaneck Moody's Analytics Ig Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-12-02
MILN (Global X Millennials Thematic ETF) Start Date:2016-05-06
MINC (AdvisorShares Newfleet Multi-Sector Income ETF) Start Date:2013-03-20
MINT (Pimco Enh Shrt Maturity) Start Date:2009-11-17
MJ (ETFmg Alternative Harvest ETF) Start Date:2015-12-03
MJUS (ETFmg U.S. Alternative Harvest ETF) Start Date:2021-05-13
MLN (Vaneck Vectors Amt-Free Long Muni ETF) Start Date:2008-01-08
MLPA (Global X Mlp ETF) Start Date:2012-04-19
MLPB (Ubs Etracs Alerian Mlpinfrs ETN Serb) Start Date:2015-10-09
MLPO (Credit Suisse Ag) Start Date:2014-12-04
MLPR (Etracs Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Alerian Mlp Index ETN) Start Date:2020-06-03
MLPX (Global X Mlp & Energy Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2013-08-07
MMIN (IQ Mackay Municipal Insured ETF) Start Date:2017-10-18
MMIT (IQ Mackay Municipal Intermediate ETF) Start Date:2017-10-18
MMLG (First Trust Multi-Manager Large Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-07-22
MMTM (SPDR S&P 1500 Momentum Tilt ETF) Start Date:2012-10-25
MNA (IQ Merger Arbitrage ETF) Start Date:2009-11-17
MOAT (Vaneck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF) Start Date:2012-04-25
MOO (Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF) Start Date:2007-09-05
MOON (Direxion Moonshot Innovators ETF) Start Date:2020-11-12
MORT (Vaneck Vectors Mortgage Reit Income ETF) Start Date:2011-08-17
MOTI (Vaneck Vectors Morningstar Intl Moat ETF) Start Date:2015-07-14
MOTO (Smartetfs Smart Transportation & Technology ETF) Start Date:2019-11-15
MPRO (Northern Lights Fund Trust Iv Monarch Procap ETF) Start Date:2021-03-24
MRAD (Smartetfs Advertising & Marketing Technology ETF) Start Date:2020-12-31
MRGR (ProShares Merger ETF) Start Date:2012-12-13
MRSK (Toews Agility Shares Managed Risk ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
MSOS (AdvisorShares Pure Us Cannabis ETF) Start Date:2020-09-02
MSTB (Lha Market State Tactical Beta ETF) Start Date:2020-09-30
MSVX (Lha Market State Alpha Seeker ETF) Start Date:2020-05-14
MTGP (WisdomTree Mortgage Plus Bond Fund) Start Date:2019-11-14
MTUL (Etracs 2X Leveraged MSCI Us Momentum Factor Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-02-05
MTUM (iShares Edge MSCI Usa Momentum Factor ETF) Start Date:2013-04-18
MTVR (Fount Metaverse ETF) Start Date:2021-10-28
MUB (iShares S&P National Municipal) Start Date:2007-09-10
MUNI (Pimco Intermediate Municipal Bond Active Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2009-12-02
MUSI (American Century Multisector Income ETF) Start Date:2021-07-01
MUST (Columbia Multi-Sector Municipal Income ETF) Start Date:2018-10-10
MVPS (Amplify ETF Trust Amplify Thematic All-Stars ETF) Start Date:2021-07-21
MVRL (Etracs Monthly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Mortgage Reit ETN) Start Date:2020-06-03
MVV (ProShares Ultra Midcap400) Start Date:2006-06-21
MXI (iShares Global Materials ETF) Start Date:2006-09-22
MYY (ProShares Short Midcap400) Start Date:2006-06-21
MZZ (ProShares Ultrashort Midcap400) Start Date:2006-07-13
NACP (Impact Shares Trust I Impact Shares Naacp Minority Empowerment) Start Date:2018-07-19
NAIL (Direxion Daily Homebuilders & Supplies Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2015-08-19
NANR (SPDR S&P North American Natural Resources ETF) Start Date:2015-12-16
NAPR (Innovator Growth-100 Power Buffer ETF - April) Start Date:2020-04-01
NDVG (Nuveen Dividend Growth ETF) Start Date:2021-08-05
NEAR (iShares Short Maturity Bond ETF) Start Date:2013-09-26
NERD (Roundhill Bitkraft Esports & Digital Entertainment ETF) Start Date:2019-06-04
NETL (Netlease Corporate Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2019-03-22
NFLT (Virtus Newfleet Multi-Sect Uncons Bd ETF) Start Date:2015-08-11
NFRA (Flexshares STOXX Global Broad Infras ETF) Start Date:2013-10-09
NFTY (First Trust India Nifty 50 Equal Weight ETF) Start Date:2012-02-28
NGE (Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF) Start Date:2013-04-03
NIB (iPath Bloomberg Cocoa Subtr ETN) Start Date:2008-06-26
NJAN (Innovator ETFs Trust) Start Date:2020-01-02
NJUL (Innovator Growth-100 Power Buffer ETF - July) Start Date:2020-07-01
NLR (Vaneck Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Engy ETF) Start Date:2007-08-15
NOBL (ProShares S&P 500 Aristocrats) Start Date:2013-10-10
NOCT (Innovator ETFs Trust) Start Date:2019-10-01
NORW (Global X MSCI Norway ETF) Start Date:2010-11-10
NRGD (Bank Of Montreal) Start Date:2019-04-10
NRGU (Microsectors Us Big Oil Index 3X Leveraged) Start Date:2019-04-24
NSCS (Nuveen Small Cap Select ETF) Start Date:2021-08-05
NTSE (WisdomTree Trust WisdomTree Emerging Markets Efficient Core Fu) Start Date:2021-05-20
NTSI (WisdomTree Trust WisdomTree International Efficient Core Fund) Start Date:2021-05-20
NTSX (WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund) Start Date:2018-08-02
NUAG (Nushares Enhanced Yield Us Aggt Bd ETF) Start Date:2016-09-15
NUBD (Nuveen ESG U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-10-02
NUDM (Nuveen ESG International Developed Markets Eqty) Start Date:2017-06-07
NUEM (Nuveen ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF) Start Date:2017-06-07
NUGO (Nuveen Growth Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2021-09-28
NUGT (Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull) Start Date:2010-12-08
NUHY (Nuveen ESG High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-09-26
NULC (Nuveen ESG Large-Cap ETF) Start Date:2019-06-04
NULG (Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2016-12-14
NULV (Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2016-12-14
NUMG (Nuveen ESG Mid-Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2016-12-14
NUMV (Nuveen ESG Mid-Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2016-12-14
NURE (Nushares Short-Term Reit ETF) Start Date:2016-12-20
NUSA (Nuveen Enhanced Yield 1-5 Year U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-04-03
NUSC (Nuveen ESG Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2016-12-14
NUSI (Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETF) Start Date:2019-12-20
NVQ (Qraft Ai-Enhanced Us Next Value ETF) Start Date:2020-12-03
NXTG (First Trust Indxx Nextg ETF) Start Date:2011-02-18
NYC (iShares Nyse Composite Index Fu) Start Date:2020-08-18
NYF (iShares S&P Ny Muni) Start Date:2007-10-05
OBOR (Kraneshares MSCI One Belt One Road Index ETF) Start Date:2017-09-08
OCIO (ETF Series Solutions Trust ETF) Start Date:2017-06-27
OCTZ (Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2020-10-01
OEF (iShares S&P 100 Index Fund) Start Date:2000-10-27
OEUR (O'shares FTSE Europe Quality Div ETF) Start Date:2015-08-19
OGIG (O'shares Global Internet Giants ETF) Start Date:2018-06-05
OIH (Market Vectors Oil Services ETF) Start Date:2001-02-26
OIL (iPath S&P Gsci Crude Oil Tr ETN) Start Date:2011-04-21
OILD (Microsectors Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. -3X Inverse Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2021-11-16
OILK (ProShares K-1 Free Crude Oil Strategy) Start Date:2016-09-28
OILU (Microsectors Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. 3X Leveraged ETN) Start Date:2021-11-09
OMFL (Invesco Russell 1000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF) Start Date:2017-11-10
OMFS (Invesco Russell 2000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF) Start Date:2017-11-10
OND (ProShares On-Demand ETF) Start Date:2021-10-27
ONEO (SPDR Russell 1000 Momentum ETF) Start Date:2015-12-03
ONEQ (Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Track) Start Date:2003-10-01
ONEV (SPDR Russell 1000 Low Vol Foc ETF) Start Date:2015-12-03
ONEY (SPDR Russell 1000 Yield ETF) Start Date:2015-12-03
ONG (iPath Pure Beta Energy ETN) Start Date:2022-01-20
ONLN (ProShares Online Retail ETF) Start Date:2018-07-16
ONOF (Global X Adaptive U.S. Risk Management ETF) Start Date:2021-01-13
OOTO (Direxion Daily Travel & Vacation Bull 2X Shares) Start Date:2021-06-10
OPER (ETF Series Solutions ETF Clearshares Ultra-Short Maturity ETF) Start Date:2018-07-11
OPPX (Corbett Road Tactical Opportunity ETF) Start Date:2021-02-25
OSCV (Opus Small Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2018-07-18
OUNZ (Van Eck Merk Gold Trust) Start Date:2014-05-16
OUSA (O'shares FTSE Us Quality Dividend ETF) Start Date:2015-07-14
OUSM (Oshares U.S. Small-Cap Quality Dividend ETF) Start Date:2016-12-30
OVB (Overlay Shares Core Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-10-01
OVF (Overlay Shares Foreign Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-10-01
OVL (Overlay Shares Large Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-10-01
OVLH (Overlay Shares Hedged Large Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-01-15
OVM (Overlay Shares Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-10-01
OVS (Overlay Shares Small Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-10-01
OVT (Overlay Shares Short Term Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-01-15
OWNS (Impact Shares Affordable Housing Mbs ETF) Start Date:2021-07-27
PAK (Global X MSCI Pakistan ETF) Start Date:2015-04-23
PALC (Pacer Lunt Large Cap Multi-Factor Alternator ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
PALL (Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF) Start Date:2010-01-08
PAMC (Pacer Lunt Midcap Multi-Factor Alternator ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
PAPR (Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF) Start Date:2019-04-01
PAUG (Innovator Us Equity Power Buffer ETF - August) Start Date:2019-08-01
PAVE (Global X Us Infrastructure Development ETF) Start Date:2017-03-08
PAWZ (ProShares Pet Care ETF) Start Date:2018-11-06
PBD (Invesco Global Clean Energy ETF) Start Date:2007-06-13
PBDM (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-09-22
PBE (Invesco Dynamic Biotechnology & Genome ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PBEE (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-09-22
PBJ (Invesco Dynamic Food & Beverage ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PBND (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-09-29
PBP (PowerShares S&P 500 Buywrite ETF) Start Date:2007-12-21
PBS (Invesco Dynamic Media ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PBSM (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-09-22
PBTP (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-09-22
PBUS (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-09-22
PBW (Invesco Wilderhill Clean Energy ETF) Start Date:2005-03-03
PCEF (Invesco Cef Income Composite ETF) Start Date:2010-02-19
PCY (PowerShares Emerging Markets So) Start Date:2007-10-11
PDBC (Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF) Start Date:2014-11-07
PDEC (Innovator Us Equity Power Buffer ETF - December) Start Date:2019-12-02
PDN (Invesco FTSE Rafi Developed Markets Ex-U.S. Small-Mid ETF) Start Date:2007-09-27
PDP (Invesco DWA Momentum ETF) Start Date:2007-03-01
PEJ (Invesco Dynamic Leisure And Entertainment ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PEX (ProShares Global Listed Private Equity) Start Date:2013-02-28
PEXL (Pacer Us Export Leaders ETF) Start Date:2018-07-24
PEY (PowerShares High Yld Eq Div Achiev ETF) Start Date:2004-12-09
PEZ (Invesco DWA Consumer Cyclicals Momentum ETF) Start Date:2006-10-12
PFEB (Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF February Series) Start Date:2020-02-03
PFF (iShares S&P Us Preferred Stock) Start Date:2007-03-30
PFFA (Virtus Infracap U.S. Preferred Stock ETF) Start Date:2018-05-16
PFFD (Global X U.S. Preferred ETF) Start Date:2017-09-13
PFFL (Ubs Etracs 2Xmonthly Pay Leveraged Preferred Stock Index ETN Sept 25 2048) Start Date:2018-09-26
PFFR (Infracap Reit Preferred ETF) Start Date:2017-02-08
PFFV (Global X Variable Rate Preferred ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
PFI (PowerShares DWA Financial Momentum ETF) Start Date:2006-10-12
PFIG (PowerShares Fundamental Investm) Start Date:2011-09-15
PFIX (Simplify Interest Rate Hedge ETF) Start Date:2021-05-11
PFLD (Aam Low Duration Preferred And Income Securities ETF) Start Date:2019-11-20
PFM (PowerShares Dividend Achievers ETF) Start Date:2005-09-15
PFUT (Putnam Sustainable Future ETF) Start Date:2021-05-26
PFXF (Vaneck Vectors Preferred Securities Ex Financials ETF) Start Date:2012-07-17
PGAL (Global X MSCI Portugal ETF) Start Date:2013-11-13
PGF (Invesco Financial Preferred ETF) Start Date:2006-12-06
PGHY (Invesco Global Short Term High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2013-06-21
PGJ (PowerShares Golden Dragon China ETF) Start Date:2004-12-09
PGM (iPath Dj-Ubs Platinum Subindex) Start Date:2018-01-18
PGRO (Putnam Focused Large Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2021-05-26
PGX (PowerShares Preferred Portfolio) Start Date:2008-01-31
PHB (PowerShares High Yield Corporat) Start Date:2007-11-15
PHDG (PowerShares S&P 500 Downside Hedged ETF) Start Date:2012-12-06
PHO (Invesco Water Resources ETF) Start Date:2005-12-06
PHYL (Pgim Active High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-09-27
PHYS (Sprott Physical Gold Trust) Start Date:2010-02-26
PICB (PowerShares International Corpo) Start Date:2010-06-03
PICK (iShares MSCI Global Select Metals & Mining Producers ETF) Start Date:2012-02-02
PID (Invesco International Dividend Achievers™ ETF) Start Date:2005-09-15
PIE (PowerShares DWA Emerging Markets Mom ETF) Start Date:2007-12-28
PIFI (Clearshares Piton Intermediate Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2020-10-02
PILL (Direxion Daily Pharmctcl&Medcl Bl 2X ETF) Start Date:2017-11-15
PIN (PowerShares India ETF) Start Date:2008-03-05
PINK (Simplify Health Care ETF) Start Date:2021-10-08
PIO (Invesco Global Water ETF) Start Date:2007-06-13
PIZ (PowerShares DWA Developed Mkts Mom ETF) Start Date:2007-12-28
PJAN (Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF) Start Date:2019-01-02
PJP (Invesco Dynamic Pharmaceuticals ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PJUL (Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF) Start Date:2018-08-08
PJUN (Innovator Us Equity Power Buffer ETF - June) Start Date:2019-06-03
PKB (PowerShares Dynamic Building & Const ETF) Start Date:2005-10-26
PKW (PowerShares Buyback Achievers ETF) Start Date:2006-12-20
PLAT (WisdomTree Growth Leaders Fund) Start Date:2019-05-22
PLDR (Putnam Sustainable Leaders ETF) Start Date:2021-05-26
PLRG (Principal U.S. Large-Cap Adaptive Multi-Factor ETF) Start Date:2021-05-20
PLTL (Principal U.S. Small-Cap Adaptive Multi-Factor ETF) Start Date:2021-05-20
PLTM (First Trust Ise Global Platinum) Start Date:2018-02-05
PLW (PowerShares 1-30 Treasury Ladde) Start Date:2007-10-11
PMAR (Innovator Us Equity Power Buffer ETF - March) Start Date:2020-03-02
PMAY (Innovator Us Equity Power Buffer ETF - May) Start Date:2020-05-01
PNOV (Innovator Us Equity Power Buffer ETF - November) Start Date:2019-11-01
PNQI (PowerShares Nasdaq Internet ETF) Start Date:2008-06-13
POCT (Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF) Start Date:2018-10-01
POTX (Global X Cannabis ETF) Start Date:2019-09-20
PPA (Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF) Start Date:2005-12-01
PPH (Vaneck Vectors Pharmaceutical ETF) Start Date:2011-12-22
PPLT (Aberdeen Standard Platinum Shares ETF) Start Date:2010-01-08
PPTY (Ppty - U.S. Diversified Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2018-03-27
PQDI (Principal Spectrum Tax-Advantaged Dividend Active ETF) Start Date:2020-06-17
PREF (Principal Spectrum Preferred Securities Active ETF) Start Date:2017-07-11
PRF (Invesco FTSE Rafi Us 1000 ETF) Start Date:2005-12-20
PRFZ (Invesco FTSE Rafi Us 1500 Small-Mid ETF) Start Date:2006-09-20
PRN (Invesco DWA Industrials Momentum ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
PRNT (3D Printing ETF) Start Date:2016-07-19
PSC (Principal U.S. Small Cap Multi-Factor ETF) Start Date:2016-09-22
PSCC (Invesco S&P Smallcap Consumer Staples ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCD (PowerShares S&P Smcap Cnsmr Discret ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCE (PowerShares S&P Smallcap Energy ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCF (PowerShares S&P Smallcap Financ) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCH (Invesco S&P Smallcap Health Care ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCI (Invesco S&P Smallcap Industrials ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCJ (Pacer Swan Sos Conservative) Start Date:2021-11-02
PSCM (PowerShares S&P Smallcap Materials ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCT (Invesco S&P Smallcap Information Technology ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCU (PowerShares S&P Smallcap Utilities ETF) Start Date:2010-04-07
PSCW (Pacer Swan Sos Conservative) Start Date:2021-11-05
PSCX (Pacer Swan Sos Conservative) Start Date:2020-12-23
PSDN (AdvisorShares Poseidon Dynamic Cannabis ETF) Start Date:2021-11-17
PSEP (Innovator Us Equity Power Buffer ETF - September) Start Date:2019-09-03
PSET (Principal Price Setters Index ETF) Start Date:2016-03-22
PSFD (Pacer Swan Sos Flex) Start Date:2020-12-23
PSFF (Pacer Swan Sos Fund Of Funds ETF) Start Date:2020-12-30
PSFJ (Pacer Swan Sos Flex) Start Date:2021-11-05
PSFM (Pacer Swan Sos Flex) Start Date:2021-11-05
PSI (PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductors ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PSIL (AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF) Start Date:2021-09-16
PSJ (PowerShares Dynamic Software ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PSK (SPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock ETF) Start Date:2009-09-17
PSL (Invesco DWA Consumer Staples Momentum ETF) Start Date:2006-10-12
PSLV (Sprott Physical Silver Trust) Start Date:2010-10-29
PSMB (PowerShares Bal Multi-Asst Allc) Start Date:2017-02-23
PSMC (PowerShares Cnsrv Multi-Asst Allc) Start Date:2017-02-23
PSMD (Pacer Swan Sos Moderate) Start Date:2020-12-23
PSMG (PowerShares Gr Multi-Asst Allc) Start Date:2017-02-23
PSMJ (Pacer Swan Sos Moderate) Start Date:2021-11-02
PSMM (Invesco Actively Managed Exchange-Traded Fund Trus) Start Date:2017-02-23
PSMR (Pacer Swan Sos Moderate) Start Date:2021-11-05
PSP (Invesco Global Listed Private Equity ETF) Start Date:2006-10-24
PSQ (ProShares Short Qqq) Start Date:2006-06-21
PSR (PowerShares Active U.S. Real Es) Start Date:2008-11-21
PST (ProShares Ultrashort Lehman 7-1) Start Date:2008-05-01
PSTL (PowerShares Global Steel Portfo) Start Date:2019-05-15
PTBD (Pacer Trendpilot Us Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-10-23
PTEU (Pacer Trendpilot European Index ETF) Start Date:2015-12-15
PTF (Invesco DWA Technology Momentum ETF) Start Date:2006-10-12
PTH (Invesco DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF) Start Date:2006-10-12
PTIN (Pacer Trendpilot International ETF) Start Date:2019-05-03
PTLC (Pacer Trendpilot Us Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2015-06-12
PTMC (Pacer Trendpilot Us Mid Cap ETF) Start Date:2015-06-12
PTNQ (Pacer Trendpilot 100 ETF) Start Date:2015-06-12
PUI (PowerShares DWA Utilities Momentum ETF) Start Date:2005-10-26
PULS (Pgim Ultra Short Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-04-10
PUTW (WisdomTree Cboe S&P 500 Putwrite Strategy Fund) Start Date:2016-02-24
PVAL (Principal Contrarian Value Index ETF) Start Date:2021-05-26
PVI (PowerShares Vrdo Tax Free Weekl) Start Date:2007-11-15
PWB (PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2005-03-03
PWC (PowerShares Dynamic Market ETF) Start Date:2003-11-14
PWS (Pacer Wealthshield ETF) Start Date:2017-12-12
PWV (PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2005-03-03
PWZ (Invesco California Amt-Free Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-10-11
PXE (PowerShares Dynamic Engy Explr&Prdtn ETF) Start Date:2005-11-01
PXF (Invesco FTSE Rafi Developed Markets Ex-U.S. ETF) Start Date:2007-06-25
PXH (Invesco FTSE Rafi Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2007-09-27
PXI (PowerShares DWA Energy Momentum ETF) Start Date:2006-10-12
PXJ (PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Svcs ETF) Start Date:2005-10-26
PXQ (PowerShares Dynamic Networking ETF) Start Date:2005-06-23
PXUS (Principal International Multi-Factor Index ETF) Start Date:2021-05-27
PY (Principal Shareholder Yield Index ETF) Start Date:2016-03-22
PYPE (Ubs Etracs Nyse Pickens Core Midstream Index ETN Exp 20Th Aug 2048) Start Date:2018-08-21
PYZ (PowerShares DWA Basic Materials Mom ETF) Start Date:2006-10-12
PZA (Invesco National Amt-Free Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-10-11
PZT (PowerShares Insured Ny Municipa) Start Date:2007-10-11
QABA (First Trust Nasdaq Aba Community Bank Index) Start Date:2009-07-01
QAI (IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF) Start Date:2009-03-25
QARP (Xtrackers Russell 1000 Us Quality At A Reasonable Price ETF Et) Start Date:2018-04-05
QAT (iShares MSCI Qatar Capped) Start Date:2014-05-01
QCLN (First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund) Start Date:2007-02-14
QCLR (Global X Nasdaq 100 Collar 95-110 ETF) Start Date:2021-08-26
QCON (American Century ETF Trust American Century Quality Convertibl) Start Date:2021-02-18
QDEC (FTCboe Vest Nasdaq-100 Buffer ETF December) Start Date:2020-12-21
QDEF (Flexshares Quality Dividend Defensv ETF) Start Date:2012-12-19
QDF (Flexshares Quality Dividend Index Fund) Start Date:2012-12-19
QDIV (Global X S&P 500 Quality Dividend ETF) Start Date:2018-07-17
QDPL (Pacer Metaurus Us Large Cap Dividend Multiplier 400 ETF) Start Date:2021-07-13
QDYN (Flexshares Quality Dividend Dynamic ETF) Start Date:2012-12-19
QEFA (SPDR MSCI Eafe Strategicfactors ETF) Start Date:2014-06-05
QEMM (SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Strategicfactors ETF) Start Date:2014-06-05
QGRO (American Century STOXX U.S. Quality Growth ETF) Start Date:2018-09-12
QID (ProShares Ultrashort Qqq) Start Date:2006-07-13
QINT (American Century Quality Diversified International ETF) Start Date:2018-09-12
QLC (Flexshares Us Quality Large Cap Index Fund) Start Date:2015-09-24
QLD (ProShares Ultra Qqq) Start Date:2006-06-21
QLTA (iShares Aaa – A Rated Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2012-02-16
QLV (Flexshares Us Quality Low Volatility Index Fund) Start Date:2019-07-16
QLVD (Flexshares Developed Markets Ex-Us Quality Low Volatility Inde) Start Date:2019-07-16
QLVE (Flexshares Emerging Markets Quality Low Volatility Index Fund) Start Date:2019-07-16
QMAR (FTCboe Vest Nasdaq-100 Buffer ETF - March) Start Date:2021-03-22
QMOM (Alpha Architect ETF Trust) Start Date:2015-12-02
QPFF (American Century ETF Trust American Century Quality Preferred) Start Date:2021-02-18
QPX (AdvisorShares Q Dynamic Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-12-29
QQC (Simplify Nasdaq 100 Plus Convexity ETF) Start Date:2020-12-11
QQD (Simplify Nasdaq 100 Plus Downside Convexity ETF) Start Date:2020-12-11
QQEW (First Trust Nasdaq 100 Equal Weight) Start Date:2006-05-02
QQH (Hcm Defender 100 Index ETF) Start Date:2019-10-10
QQJG (Invesco ESG Nasdaq Next Gen 100 ETF) Start Date:2021-10-27
QQMG (Invesco ESG Nasdaq 100 ETF) Start Date:2021-10-28
QQQ (PowerShares Qqq) Start Date:2000-01-03
QQQA (ProShares Nasdaq-100 Dorsey Wright Momentum ETF) Start Date:2021-05-20
QQQE (Direxion Nasdaq-100 Equal Wtd ETF) Start Date:2012-03-21
QQQJ (Invesco Nasdaq Next Gen 100 ETF) Start Date:2020-10-13
QQQM (Invesco Nasdaq 100 ETF) Start Date:2020-10-13
QQQN (Victoryshares Nasdaq Next 50 ETF) Start Date:2020-09-10
QQQX (Nuveen Nasdaq 100 Dynamic Overwrite Fund) Start Date:2014-12-22
QQXT (First Trust Nasdaq-100 Ex-Tech Sect ETF) Start Date:2007-05-08
QRFT (Qraft Ai-Enhanced U.S. Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2019-05-21
QRMI (Global X Nasdaq 100 Risk Managed Income ETF) Start Date:2021-08-26
QTAP (Innovator Growth Accelerated Plus ETF - April) Start Date:2021-04-01
QTEC (First Trust Nasdaq 100 Technology) Start Date:2006-05-03
QTJL (Innovator Growth Accelerated Plus ETF - July) Start Date:2021-07-01
QTOC (Innovator Growth Accelerated Plus ETF - October) Start Date:2021-10-01
QTR (Global X Nasdaq 100 Tail Risk ETF) Start Date:2021-08-26
QTUM (Defiance Quantum ETF) Start Date:2018-09-05
QUAL (iShares Edge MSCI Usa Quality Factor ETF) Start Date:2013-07-18
QULL (Etracs 2X Leveraged MSCI Us Quality Factor Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-02-09
QUS (SPDR MSCI Usa Strategicfactors ETF) Start Date:2015-04-16
QVAL (Alpha Architect ETF Trust) Start Date:2014-10-22
QVML (Invesco S&P 500 Qvm Multi-Factor ETF) Start Date:2021-06-30
QVMM (Invesco S&P Midcap 400 Qvm Multi-Factor ETF) Start Date:2021-06-30
QVMS (Invesco S&P Smallcap 600 Qvm Multi-Factor ETF) Start Date:2021-06-30
QWLD (SPDR MSCI World Strategicfactors ETF) Start Date:2014-06-05
QYLD (Global X Nasdaq 100 Covered Call ETF) Start Date:2013-12-12
QYLG (Global X Nasdaq 100 Covered Call & Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-09-22
RAAX (Vaneck Inflation Allocation ETF) Start Date:2018-04-10
RAFE (Pimco Rafi ESG U.S. ETF) Start Date:2019-12-19
RAVI (Flexshares Ready Access Variable Inc ETF) Start Date:2012-10-11
RAYC (Rayliant Quantamental China Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-12-31
RAYS (Global X Solar ETF) Start Date:2021-09-09
RBND (SPDR Bloomberg Sasb Corporate Bond ESG Select ETF) Start Date:2020-11-10
RCD (Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Consumer Discretionary ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RDFI (Rareview Dynamic Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
RDIV (Oppenheimer Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF) Start Date:2013-10-01
RDOG (Alps ETF Trust Alps Reit Dividend Dogs ETF) Start Date:2020-01-02
RDVY (First Trust Nasdaq Rising Dividend Achievers ETF) Start Date:2014-01-07
RECS (Columbia Research Enhanced Core ETF) Start Date:2019-09-25
REET (iShares Global Reit ETF) Start Date:2014-07-10
REGL (ProShares Trust) Start Date:2015-12-15
REIT (Alps Active Reit ETF) Start Date:2021-02-26
REK (ProShares Short Real Estate) Start Date:2010-03-18
REM (iShares Mortgage Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2007-05-04
REMX (Vaneck Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF) Start Date:2010-10-28
RESD (WisdomTree Trust) Start Date:2020-03-16
RESE (WisdomTree Trust) Start Date:2020-03-16
RESP (WisdomTree U.S. ESG Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
RETL (Direxion Daily Retail Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2010-07-14
REVS (Columbia Research Enhanced Value ETF) Start Date:2019-09-25
REW (ProShares Ultra Short Technology) Start Date:2007-02-02
REZ (iShares Residential Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2007-05-04
RFCI (Riverfront Dynamic Core Income ETF) Start Date:2016-06-17
RFDA (Riverfront Dynamic Us Dividend Advtg ETF) Start Date:2016-06-07
RFDI (First Trust Riverfront Dyn Dev Intl ETF) Start Date:2016-04-14
RFEM (First Trust Riverfront Dyn Em Mkts ETF) Start Date:2016-06-15
RFEU (First Trust Riverfront Dynamic Eurp ETF) Start Date:2016-04-14
RFFC (Riverfront Dynamic Us Flex-Cap ETF) Start Date:2016-06-07
RFG (Guggenheim S&P Midcap 400 Pure Gr ETF) Start Date:2006-06-22
RFV (Guggenheim S&P Midcap 400 Pure Val ETF) Start Date:2006-03-07
RGI (Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Industrials ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RHRX (Rh Tactical Rotation ETF) Start Date:2021-11-08
RHS (Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETF) Start Date:2007-01-04
RHTX (Rh Tactical Outlook ETF) Start Date:2021-11-08
RIET (Hoya Capital High Dividend Yield ETF) Start Date:2021-09-22
RIGS (Riverfront Strategic Income ETF) Start Date:2013-10-09
RINF (ProShares Inflation Expectations) Start Date:2012-01-12
RING (iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETF) Start Date:2012-02-02
RISN (Inspire Tactical Balanced ESG ETF) Start Date:2020-07-16
RISR (Foliobeyond Rising Rates ETF) Start Date:2021-10-01
RLY (SPDR Ssga Multi-Asset Real Return ETF) Start Date:2012-04-26
RMM (Rydex 2X S&P Midcap 400) Start Date:2019-07-26
RNDM (First Trust Developed International Equity Select ETF) Start Date:2017-06-23
RNDV (First Trust Us Equity Dividend Select ETF) Start Date:2017-06-22
RNEM (First Trust Emerging Markets Equity Select ETF) Start Date:2017-06-23
RNLC (First Trust Large Cap Us Equity Select ETF) Start Date:2017-06-22
RNMC (First Trust Mid Cap Us Equity Select ETF) Start Date:2017-06-22
RNRG (Global X Renewable Energy Producers ETF) Start Date:2021-02-01
RNSC (First Trust Small Cap Us Equity Select ETF) Start Date:2017-06-22
ROAM (Hartford Multifactor Emerging Mkts ETF) Start Date:2015-02-26
ROBO (Robo Global Robotics And Automation Index ETF) Start Date:2013-10-22
ROBT (First Trust Nasdaq Artificial Intelligence And Robotics ETF) Start Date:2018-02-22
RODE (Lattice Strategies Trust) Start Date:2019-11-06
RODM (Hartford Multifactor Dev Mkts) Start Date:2015-02-26
ROKT (SPDR S&P Kensho Final Frontiers ETF) Start Date:2018-10-23
ROM (ProShares Ultra Technology) Start Date:2007-02-01
ROMO (Strategy Shares Newfound/Resolve Robust Momentum ETF) Start Date:2019-11-04
ROOF (IQ Us Real Estate Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2011-06-14
RORO (Atac Us Rotation ETF) Start Date:2020-11-18
ROSC (Hartford Multifactor Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2015-03-24
ROUS (Hartford Multifactor Us Equity ETF) Start Date:2015-02-26
RPAR (Rpar Risk Parity ETF) Start Date:2019-12-13
RPG (Invesco S&P 500® Pure Growth ETF) Start Date:2006-03-07
RPV (Invesco S&P 500® Pure Value ETF) Start Date:2006-03-07
RRH (Advocate Rising Rate Hedge ETF) Start Date:2021-10-28
RSP (Rydex S&P Equal Weight ETF) Start Date:2003-05-01
RSPE (Invesco ESG S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF) Start Date:2021-11-17
RSPY (Revere Sector Opportunity ETF) Start Date:2021-08-24
RTAI (Rareview Tax Advantaged Income ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
RTH (Vaneck Vectors Retail ETF) Start Date:2011-12-22
RTL (iShares FTSE Nareit Retail Inde) Start Date:2018-07-19
RTM (Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Materials ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RUFF (Alpha Dog ETF) Start Date:2021-10-15
RVNU (Deutsche X-Trackers Muni Infras Revn Bd) Start Date:2013-06-04
RWJ (Invesco S&P Smallcap 600 Revenue ETF) Start Date:2008-02-22
RWK (Oppenheimer Mid Cap Revenue ETF) Start Date:2008-02-22
RWL (Invesco S&P 500 Revenue ETF) Start Date:2008-02-22
RWM (ProShares Short Russell2000) Start Date:2007-01-25
RWO (SPDR Dj Wilshire Global Real Estate ETF) Start Date:2008-05-14
RWR (SPDR Dj Wilshire Reit ETF) Start Date:2001-08-29
RWX (SPDR Dj Wilshire Intl Real Esta) Start Date:2006-12-19
RXD (ProShares Ultrashort Health Car) Start Date:2007-02-01
RXI (iShares Global Consumer Discretionary ETF) Start Date:2006-09-21
RXL (ProShares Ultra Health Care) Start Date:2007-02-01
RYE (Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Wt Energy ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RYF (Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Financials ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RYH (Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Health Care ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RYJ (Guggenheim Raymond James Sb-1 Equity ETF) Start Date:2006-05-19
RYLD (Global X Russell 2000 Covered Call ETF) Start Date:2019-04-22
RYT (Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Technology ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RYU (Guggenheim S&P 500 Eq Wt Utilities ETF) Start Date:2006-11-07
RZG (Invesco S&P Smallcap 600® Pure Growth ETF) Start Date:2006-03-07
RZV (Invesco S&P Smallcap 600® Pure Value ETF) Start Date:2006-03-07
SAA (ProShares Ultra Smallcap600) Start Date:2007-01-25
SAEF (Schwab Strategic Trust Schwab Ariel ESG ETF) Start Date:2021-11-16
SARK (Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF) Start Date:2021-11-09
SAVN (Lifegoal Conservative Wealth Builder ETF) Start Date:2021-09-09
SBB (ProShares Short Smallcap600) Start Date:2007-01-25
SBIO (Alps Medical Breakthroughs ETF) Start Date:2014-12-31
SBND (PowerShares DB 3X Short 25 Year) Start Date:2021-09-21
SCC (ProShares Ultrashort Consumer Services) Start Date:2007-02-05
SCDL (Etracs 2X Leveraged Us Dividend Factor Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-02-05
SCHA (Schwab U.S. Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2009-11-03
SCHB (Schw Us Brd Mkt ETF) Start Date:2009-11-03
SCHC (Schwab International Small-Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2010-01-14
SCHE (Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETF) Start Date:2010-01-14
SCHF (Schwab International Equity) Start Date:2009-11-03
SCHG (Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2009-12-11
SCHH (Schwab Us Reit ETF) Start Date:2011-01-13
SCHI (Schwab 5-10 Year Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-10-10
SCHJ (Schwab 1-5 Year Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2019-10-10
SCHK (Schwab 1000 Index ETF) Start Date:2017-10-11
SCHM (Schwab Us Mid-Cap ETF) Start Date:2011-01-13
SCHO (Schwab Short-Term U.S. Treasury ETF) Start Date:2010-08-05
SCHP (Schwab U.S. Tips ETF) Start Date:2010-08-05
SCHQ (Schwab Long-Term U.S. Treasury ETF) Start Date:2019-10-10
SCHR (Schwab Intermediate-Term U.S. Treasury ETF) Start Date:2010-08-05
SCHV (Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2009-12-11
SCHY (Schwab International Dividend Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-04-29
SCHZ (Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF) Start Date:2011-07-14
SCJ (iShares MSCI Japan Small-Cap) Start Date:2007-12-21
SCO (ProShares Ultrashort Dj-Aig Cru) Start Date:2008-11-25
SCZ (iShares MSCI Eafe Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2007-12-12
SDCI (Uscf Summerhaven Dynamic Commodity Strategy No K-1 Fund) Start Date:2018-05-03
SDD (ProShares Ultrashort Smallcap600) Start Date:2007-01-25
SDEF (Sound Enhanced Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2020-12-31
SDEI (Sound Equity Income ETF) Start Date:2020-12-31
SDEM (Global X MSCI Superdividend Em Mkts ETF) Start Date:2015-03-17
SDG (iShares MSCI Global Impact ETF) Start Date:2016-04-22
SDGA (Impact Shares Sustainable Development Goals Global Equity ETF) Start Date:2018-09-24
SDIV (Global X Superdividend ETF) Start Date:2011-06-09
SDOG (Alps Sector Dividend Dogs ETF) Start Date:2012-06-29
SDOW (Ultrapro Short Dow30) Start Date:2010-02-11
SDP (ProShares Ultrashort Utilities) Start Date:2007-03-15
SDVY (First Trust Smid Cap Rising Dividend Achievers ETF) Start Date:2017-11-03
SDY (SPDR S&P Dividend ETF) Start Date:2005-11-15
SEA (Guggenheim Shipping ETF) Start Date:2022-01-20
SECT (Northern Lights Fund Trust Iv) Start Date:2017-09-06
SEF (ProShares Short Financials) Start Date:2008-06-12
SEIX (Virtus Seix Senior Loan ETF) Start Date:2019-04-25
SENT (AdvisorShares Alpha Dna Equity Sentiment ETF) Start Date:2021-02-03
SEPZ (Listed Funds Trust Trueshares Structured Outcome) Start Date:2020-09-01
SFIG (WisdomTree Us Short-Term Corporate Bond Fund) Start Date:2016-04-27
SFY (Sofi Select 500 ETF) Start Date:2019-04-11
SFYF (Sofi 50 ETF) Start Date:2019-05-08
SFYX (Sofi Next 500 ETF) Start Date:2019-04-11
SGDJ (Alps Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF) Start Date:2015-03-31
SGDM (Sprott Gold Miners ETF) Start Date:2014-07-15
SGG (iPath Bloomberg Sugar Subtr ETN) Start Date:2018-01-25
SGOL (Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold Shares ETF) Start Date:2009-09-09
SGOV (iShares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond ETF) Start Date:2020-05-28
SH (ProShares Short S&P500) Start Date:2006-06-21
SHAG (WisdomTree Yield Enhanced Us Sh-Tr Aggregate Bond) Start Date:2017-05-18
SHE (SPDR Ssga Gender Diversity ETF) Start Date:2016-03-08
SHM (SPDR Lehman Short Term Municipa) Start Date:2007-10-16
SHUS (Syntax Stratified U.S. Total Market Hedged ETF) Start Date:2021-06-16
SHV (iShares Lehman Short Treasury B) Start Date:2007-01-11
SHY (iShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond) Start Date:2002-07-30
SHYD (Vaneck Vectors Short High-Yield Muni ETF) Start Date:2014-01-14
SHYG (iShares 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2013-10-17
SHYL (Xtrackers Short Duration High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-01-10
SIHY (Harbor Scientific Alpha High-Yield ETF) Start Date:2021-09-16
SIJ (ProShares Ultrashort Industrial) Start Date:2007-02-01
SIL (Global X Silver Miners ETF) Start Date:2010-04-20
SILJ (ETFmg Prime Junior Silver ETF) Start Date:2012-11-29
SILX (ETFmg Prime 2X Daily Junior Silver Miners ETF) Start Date:2021-06-16
SIMS (SPDR S&P Kensho Intelligent Structures ETF) Start Date:2017-12-27
SIVR (Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF) Start Date:2009-07-24
SIXA (6 Meridian Mega Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-05-11
SIXH (Etc 6 Meridian Hedged Equity Index Option ETF) Start Date:2020-05-11
SIXL (Etc 6 Meridian Low Beta Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-05-11
SIXO (Allianzim U.S. Large Cap 6 Month Buffer10 Apr/Oct ETF) Start Date:2021-10-01
SIXS (Etc 6 Meridian Small Cap Equity ETF) Start Date:2020-05-11
SIZE (iShares Edge MSCI Usa Size Factor) Start Date:2013-04-18
SJB (ProShares Short High Yield) Start Date:2011-03-22
SJNK (SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Short Term High Yield Bond) Start Date:2012-03-15
SKF (ProShares Ultrashort Financials) Start Date:2007-02-01
SKOR (Flexshares Credit-Scored Us Bd ETF) Start Date:2014-11-13
SKYU (ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Cloud Computing ETF) Start Date:2021-01-21
SKYY (First Trust Ise Cloud Computing Index Fund) Start Date:2011-07-06
SLQD (iShares 0-5 Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2013-10-17
SLV (iShares Silver Trust) Start Date:2006-04-28
SLVO (Credit Suisse X-Links Silver Covcall ETN) Start Date:2013-04-17
SLVP (iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETF) Start Date:2012-02-02
SLX (Vaneck Vectors Steel ETF) Start Date:2006-10-17
SLY (SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SLYG (SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SLYV (SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SMB (Vaneck Vectors Amt-Free Short Municipal Index ETF) Start Date:2008-02-27
SMCP (Alphamark Actively Managed Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2015-04-21
SMDD (ProShares Ultrapro Short Midcap400) Start Date:2010-02-11
SMDV (ProShares Russell 2000 Dividend Growers ETF) Start Date:2015-02-05
SMDY (Syntax Stratified Midcap ETF) Start Date:2020-01-17
SMH (Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF) Start Date:2000-06-05
SMHB (Etracs 2Xmonthly Pay Leveraged Us Small Cap High Dividend ETN Series B) Start Date:2018-11-09
SMI (Vaneck Hip Sustainable Muni ETF) Start Date:2021-09-10
SMIG (ETF Series Solutions Aam Bahl & Gaynor Small/Mid Cap Income Gr) Start Date:2021-08-26
SMIN (iShares MSCI India Small-Cap) Start Date:2012-02-09
SMLE (Xtrackers S&P Smallcap 600 ESG ETF) Start Date:2021-02-24
SMLF (iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Usa Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2015-04-30
SMLV (SPDR Ssga Us Small Cap Low Volatility Index ETF) Start Date:2013-02-21
SMMD (iShares Russell 2500 ETF) Start Date:2017-07-07
SMMU (Pimco Short Term Municipal Bond Fund) Start Date:2010-02-03
SMMV (iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Usa Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2016-09-09
SMN (ProShares Ultra Short Basic Materials) Start Date:2007-02-02
SMOG (Vaneck Vectors Low Carbon Energy ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SNLN (Highland/Iboxx Senior Loan ETF) Start Date:2012-11-08
SNPE (Xtrackers S&P 500 ESG ETF) Start Date:2019-06-26
SNSR (Global X Funds Global X Internet Of Things ETF) Start Date:2016-09-16
SOCL (Global X Social Media ETF) Start Date:2011-11-15
SOGU (The Short De-SPAC ETF) Start Date:2021-05-19
SOLR (Smartetfs Sustainable Energy Ii ETF) Start Date:2022-01-03
SOXL (Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2010-03-11
SOXQ (Invesco Phlx Semiconductor ETF) Start Date:2021-06-11
SOXS (Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2010-03-11
SOXX (iShares Phlx Semiconductor ETF) Start Date:2007-04-27
SOYB (Teucrium Soybean Fund Etv) Start Date:2011-09-19
SPAB (SPDR Portfolio Aggregate Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-05-30
SPAX (Robinson Alternative Yield Pre-Merger SPAC ETF) Start Date:2021-06-23
SPBC (Simplify U.S. Equity Plus Gbtc ETF) Start Date:2021-05-25
SPBO (SPDR Portfolio Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2011-04-07
SPC (Crossingbridge Pre-Merger SPAC ETF) Start Date:2021-09-21
SPCX (The SPAC And New Issue ETF) Start Date:2020-12-16
SPD (Simplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Us Equity Plus Downsid) Start Date:2020-09-04
SPDV (Aam S&P 500 High Dividend Value ETF) Start Date:2017-11-29
SPDW (SPDR Portfolio World Ex-Us ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPEM (SPDR Portfolio Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPEU (SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPFF (Global X Superincome Preferred ETF) Start Date:2012-07-17
SPGM (SPDR Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETF) Start Date:2012-02-28
SPGP (Invesco S&P 500 Garp ETF) Start Date:2011-06-16
SPHB (Invesco S&P 500 High Beta ETF) Start Date:2011-05-05
SPHD (Invesco S&P 500® High Dividend Low Volatility ETF) Start Date:2012-10-18
SPHQ (Invesco S&P 500® Quality ETF) Start Date:2007-05-08
SPHY (SPDR Portfolio High Yield Bond ETF) Start Date:2012-06-19
SPIB (SPDR Portfolio Intermediate Term Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-02-11
SPIP (SPDR Portfolio Tips ETF) Start Date:2007-05-30
SPLB (SPDR Portfolio Long Term Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-03-12
SPLG (SPDR Portfolio S&P 500) Start Date:2010-01-01
SPLV (PowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatil) Start Date:2011-05-05
SPMB (SPDR Portfolio Mortgage Backed Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-01-27
SPMD (SPDR Portfolio S&P 400 Mid Cap ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPMO (PowerShares S&P 500 Momentum) Start Date:2015-10-12
SPMV (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-07-13
SPPP (Sprott Physical Platinum And Palladium Trust) Start Date:2012-12-19
SPRE (Sp Funds S&P Global Reit Sharia ETF) Start Date:2020-12-30
SPRX (Spear Alpha ETF) Start Date:2021-08-04
SPSB (SPDR Portfolio Short Term Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-12-17
SPSK (Tidal ETF Trust Sp Funds Dow Jones Global Sukuk ETF) Start Date:2019-12-30
SPSM (SPDR Portfolio S&P 600 Small Cap ETF) Start Date:2013-07-09
SPTI (SPDR Portfolio Intermediate Term Treasury) Start Date:2007-05-30
SPTL (SPDR Portfolio Long Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2007-05-30
SPTM (SPDR Portfolio S&P 1500 Composite Stock Market ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPTS (SPDR Portfolio Short Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2011-12-01
SPUC (Simplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Us Equity Plus Upside) Start Date:2020-09-04
SPUS (Sp Funds S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusions ETF) Start Date:2019-12-18
SPVM (Invesco S&P 500 Value With Momentum ETF) Start Date:2011-06-16
SPVU (Invesco S&P 500 Enhanced Value ETF) Start Date:2015-10-09
SPXB (ProShares S&P 500 Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-05-03
SPXE (ProShares S&P 500 Ex-Energy) Start Date:2015-09-24
SPXL (Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bull 3X) Start Date:2008-11-05
SPXN (ProShares S&P 500 Ex-Financials) Start Date:2015-09-24
SPXS (Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X) Start Date:2008-11-05
SPXT (ProShares S&P 500 Ex-Technology ETF) Start Date:2015-09-24
SPXU (ProShares Ultrapro Short S&P500) Start Date:2009-06-25
SPXV (ProShares S&P 500 Ex-Health Care ETF) Start Date:2015-09-24
SPY (SPDR S&P 500) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPYC (Simplify Exchange Traded Funds Simplify Us Equity Plus Convexi) Start Date:2020-09-04
SPYD (SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 High Dividend ETF) Start Date:2015-10-22
SPYG (SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Growth ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPYV (SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Value ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPYX (SPDR S&P 500 Fossil Fuel Rsrv Free ETF) Start Date:2015-12-01
SQEW (Leadershares Equity Skew ETF) Start Date:2020-05-12
SQLV (Legg Mason Small-Cap Quality Value ETF) Start Date:2017-07-13
SQQQ (ProShares Ultrapro Short Qqq) Start Date:2010-02-11
SRET (Global X Superdividend Reit ETF) Start Date:2015-03-17
SRLN (SPDR Blackstone/Gso Senior Loan) Start Date:2013-04-04
SRS (ProShares Ultrashort Real Estate) Start Date:2007-02-01
SRTY (Proshareultrapro Short Russell 2000) Start Date:2010-02-11
SRVR (Pacer Benchmark Data & Infrastructure Real Estate Sctr ETF) Start Date:2018-05-16
SSFI (Day Hagan/Ned Davis Research Smart Sector Fixed Income ETF) Start Date:2021-09-29
SSG (ProShares Ultrashort Semiconductors) Start Date:2007-02-05
SSLY (Syntax Stratified Smallcap ETF) Start Date:2020-05-29
SSO (ProShares Ultra S&P500) Start Date:2006-06-21
SSPX (Janus Henderson U.S. Sustainable Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-09-09
SSPY (Syntax Stratified Largecap ETF) Start Date:2019-01-04
SSUS (Day Hagan/Ned Davis Research Smart Sector ETF) Start Date:2020-01-17
STIP (iShares 0-5 Year Tips Bond ETF) Start Date:2010-12-03
STLG (iShares Global 100 ETF) Start Date:2020-01-16
STLV (iShares Global 100 ETF) Start Date:2020-01-16
STNC (Stance Equity ESG Large Cap Core ETF) Start Date:2021-03-16
STOT (Ssga Active Trust) Start Date:2016-04-14
STPZ (Pimco 1-5 Year U.S. Tips Index Exchange-Traded Fund) Start Date:2009-08-21
SUB (iShares S&P Short Term National Amt-Free Bond ETF) Start Date:2008-11-07
SUBS (Fount Subscription Economy ETF) Start Date:2021-10-28
SUSA (iShares MSCI Usa ESG Select ETF) Start Date:2017-07-13
SUSB (iShares ESG 1-5 Year Usd Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-07-18
SUSC (iShares ESG Usd Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-07-20
SUSL (iShares ESG MSCI Usa Leaders ETF) Start Date:2019-05-10
SVAL (iShares Us Small Cap Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
SVIX (-1X Short VIX Futures ETF) Start Date:2022-03-30
SVXY (ProShares Short VIX Short Term) Start Date:2011-10-04
SWAN (Amplify Blackswan Growth & Treasury Core ETF) Start Date:2018-11-06
SXQG (Etc 6 Meridian Quality Growth ETF) Start Date:2021-05-11
SXUS (Janus Henderson International Sustainable Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-09-09
SYLD (Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF) Start Date:2013-05-14
SYUS (Syntax Stratified U.S. Total Market ETF) Start Date:2021-03-19
SZK (ProShares Ultra Short Consumer Goods) Start Date:2007-02-05
SZNE (Pacer Cfra-Stovall Equal Weight Seasonal Rotation ETF) Start Date:2018-07-24
TAGG (T. Rowe Price Qm U.S. Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-09-29
TAGS (Teucrium Agricultural Fund Etv) Start Date:2012-03-28
TAIL (Cambria Tail Risk ETF) Start Date:2017-04-06
TAN (Invesco Solar ETF) Start Date:2008-04-15
TAXF (American Century Diversified Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-09-12
TBF (ProShares Short 20+ Year Treasu) Start Date:2009-08-20
TBJL (Innovator 20 Year Treasury Bond 9 Buffer ETF - July) Start Date:2020-08-18
TBT (ProShares Ultrashort Lehman 20+) Start Date:2008-05-01
TBUX (T. Rowe Price Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-09-29
TBX (ProShares Short 7-10 Year Treasury) Start Date:2011-04-05
TCHI (Rbs China Trendpilot ETN) Start Date:2022-02-01
TCHP (T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-08-05
TDIV (First Trust Nasdaq Technology Dividend Index Fund) Start Date:2012-08-14
TDSA (Cabana Target Drawdown 5 ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
TDSB (Cabana Target Drawdown 7 ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
TDSC (Cabana Target Drawdown 10 ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
TDSD (Cabana Target Drawdown 13 ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
TDSE (Cabana Target Drawdown 16 ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
TDTF (Flexshares Iboxx 5Yr Target Dur Tips ETF) Start Date:2011-09-22
TDTT (Flexshares Iboxx 3-Year Target Duration Tips Index Fund) Start Date:2011-09-23
TDV (ProShares S&P Technology Dividend Aristocrats ETF) Start Date:2019-11-07
TDVG (T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-08-05
TECB (iShares U.S. Tech Breakthrough Multisector ETF) Start Date:2020-01-10
TECL (Direxion Daily Technology Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-12-17
TECS (Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-12-17
TEQI (T. Rowe Price Equity Income ETF) Start Date:2020-08-05
TFI (SPDR Barclays Capital Municipal Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-09-13
TFJL (Innovator 20 Year Treasury Bond 5 Floor ETF - July) Start Date:2020-08-18
TFLO (iShares Treasury Floating Rate Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-02-04
TGIF (Sofi Weekly Income ETF) Start Date:2020-10-02
TGR (iShares S&P Target Date Retirem) Start Date:2022-03-28
TGRW (T. Rowe Price Growth Stock ETF) Start Date:2020-08-05
THCX (Cannabis ETF) Start Date:2019-07-09
THD (iShares MSCI Thailand Index Fund) Start Date:2008-03-28
THNQ (Robo Global Artificial Intelligence ETF) Start Date:2020-05-11
THY (Toews Agility Shares Dynamic Tactical Income ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
TILT (Flexshares Morningstar Us Market Factor Tilt Index Fund) Start Date:2011-09-22
TINT (ProShares Smart Materials ETF) Start Date:2021-10-27
TINY (ProShares Nanotechnology ETF) Start Date:2021-10-27
TIP (iShares Barclays Tips Bond Fund) Start Date:2003-12-05
TIPX (SPDR Bloomberg 1-10 Year Tips ETF) Start Date:2013-05-30
TIPZ (Pimco Broad Us Tips ETF) Start Date:2009-09-09
TLH (iShares 10-20 Year Treasury Bond ETF) Start Date:2007-01-11
TLT (iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treas Bond) Start Date:2002-07-30
TLTD (Flexshares Morningstar Developed Markets Ex-Us Market Factor Tilt Index ETF) Start Date:2012-09-28
TLTE (Flexshares Mstar Emgmkts Fcttilt ETF) Start Date:2012-09-28
TMAT (Main Thematic Innovation ETF) Start Date:2021-01-29
TMDV (ProShares Russell Us Dividend Growers ETF) Start Date:2019-11-07
TMF (Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2009-04-16
TMFC (Motley Fool 100 Index ETF) Start Date:2018-01-30
TMV (Direxion Daily 30-Yr Treasury B) Start Date:2009-04-16
TNA (Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-11-05
TOK (iShares MSCI Kokusai) Start Date:2007-12-12
TOKE (Cambria ETF Trust) Start Date:2019-07-25
TOLZ (ProShares Dj Brookfield Global Infras) Start Date:2014-03-27
TOTL (SPDR Doubleline Total Return Tactical ETF) Start Date:2015-02-24
TOTR (T. Rowe Price Total Return ETF) Start Date:2021-09-29
TPHD (Timothy Plan High Dividend Stock ETF) Start Date:2019-05-01
TPHE (Timothy Plan High Dividend Stock Enhanced ETF) Start Date:2021-07-29
TPIF (Timothy Plan International ETF) Start Date:2019-12-03
TPLC (Timothy Plan Us Large/Mid Cap Core ETF) Start Date:2019-05-01
TPLE (Timothy Plan Us Large/Mid Cap Core Enhanced ETF) Start Date:2021-07-29
TPOR (Direxion Daily Transportation Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2017-05-03
TPSC (Timothy Plan Us Small Cap Core ETF) Start Date:2019-12-03
TPYP (Tortoise North American Pipeline Fund) Start Date:2015-06-30
TQQQ (ProShares Ultrapro Qqq) Start Date:2010-02-11
TRND (Rbs Us Large Cap Trendpilot ETN) Start Date:2019-05-06
TRPL (Pacer Metaurus Us Large Cap Dividend Multiplier 300 ETF) Start Date:2021-07-13
TRTY (Cambria Trinity ETF) Start Date:2018-09-12
TSJA (Innovator Triple Stacker ETF - January) Start Date:2021-01-04
TSOC (Innovator Triple Stacker ETF - October) Start Date:2020-10-01
TSPA (T. Rowe Price U.S. Equity Research ETF) Start Date:2021-06-09
TTAC (Trimtabs Float Shrink ETF) Start Date:2016-09-28
TTAI (Fcf International Quality ETF) Start Date:2017-06-28
TTT (ProShares Ultrapro Short 20+ Year Treasury) Start Date:2012-03-29
TUR (iShares MSCI Turkey Investable) Start Date:2008-03-28
TWIO (Spinnaker ETF Series Trajan Wealth Income Opportunities ETF) Start Date:2021-04-01
TWM (ProShares Ultrashort Russell200) Start Date:2007-01-25
TYD (Direxion Daily 10-Yr Treasury B) Start Date:2009-04-17
TYO (Direxion Daily 7-10 Yr Trs Bear 3X ETF) Start Date:2009-04-16
TZA (Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2008-11-05
UAE (iShares MSCI Uae Capped) Start Date:2014-05-01
UAPR (Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF) Start Date:2019-04-01
UAUG (Innovator Us Equity Ultra Buffer ETF - August) Start Date:2019-08-01
UBND (WisdomTree Western Asset Uncnstnd Bd ETF) Start Date:2021-10-05
UBOT (Direxion Daily Robotics) Start Date:2018-04-19
UBR (ProShares Ultra MSCI Brazil Capped) Start Date:2010-04-29
UBT (ProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury) Start Date:2010-01-21
UCC (ProShares Ultra Consumer Services) Start Date:2007-02-05
UCIB (Ubs Etracs Bloomberg Constant Maturity Commodity Index Cmci Total Return ETN Series B Due 5 April 2038) Start Date:2015-10-09
UCO (ProShares Ultra Dj-Aig Crude Oil) Start Date:2008-11-25
UCON (First Trust TCWUnconstrained Plus Bond ETF) Start Date:2018-06-05
UCRD (Victoryshares ESG Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-10-05
UCYB (ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF) Start Date:2021-01-21
UDEC (Innovator Us Equity Ultra Buffer ETF - December) Start Date:2019-12-02
UDN (PowerShares DB Us Dollar Bearish ETF) Start Date:2007-03-01
UDOW (ProShares Ultrapro Dow30) Start Date:2010-02-11
UEVM (Victoryshares Usaa MSCI Emerging Markets Value Momentum ETF) Start Date:2017-10-26
UFEB (Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF February Series) Start Date:2020-02-03
UFO (Procure Space ETF) Start Date:2019-04-11
UGA (United States Gasoline) Start Date:2008-02-27
UGE (ProShares Ultra Consumer Goods) Start Date:2007-05-18
UGL (ProShares Ultra Gold) Start Date:2008-12-03
UITB (Victoryshares Usaa Core Intermediate-Term Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-10-26
UIVM (Victoryshares Usaa MSCI International Value Momentum ETF) Start Date:2017-10-26
UJAN (Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF) Start Date:2019-01-02
UJB (ProShares Ultra High Yield) Start Date:2011-04-14
UJUL (Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF) Start Date:2018-08-08
UJUN (Innovator Us Equity Ultra Buffer ETF - June) Start Date:2019-06-03
ULE (ProShares Ultra Euro) Start Date:2008-11-25
ULST (SPDR Ssga Ultra Short Term Bond ETF Of Ssga Active Trust) Start Date:2013-10-10
ULTR (IQ Ultra Short Duration ETF) Start Date:2019-07-31
ULVM (Victoryshares Usaa MSCI Usa Value Momentum ETF) Start Date:2017-10-26
UMAR (Innovator Us Equity Ultra Buffer ETF - March) Start Date:2020-03-02
UMAY (Innovator Us Equity Ultra Buffer ETF - May) Start Date:2020-05-01
UMDD (ProShares Ultrapro Midcap400) Start Date:2010-02-11
UMI (Uscf Midstream Energy Income Fund ETF) Start Date:2021-03-24
UNG (United States Natural Gas Fund) Start Date:2007-04-18
UNL (United States 12 Month Natural Gas) Start Date:2009-11-18
UNOV (Innovator Us Equity Ultra Buffer ETF - November) Start Date:2019-11-01
UOCT (Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF) Start Date:2018-10-01
UPRO (ProShares Ultrapro S&P500) Start Date:2009-06-25
UPV (ProShares Ultra FTSE Europe) Start Date:2010-04-30
UPW (ProShares Ultra Utilities) Start Date:2007-02-01
URA (Global X Uranium ETF) Start Date:2010-11-05
URE (ProShares Ultra Real Estate) Start Date:2007-02-06
URNM (Northshore Global Uranium Mining ETF) Start Date:2019-12-04
URTH (iShares MSCI World ETF) Start Date:2012-01-12
URTY (ProShares Ultrapro Russell2000) Start Date:2010-02-11
USAI (Pacer American Energy Independence ETF) Start Date:2017-12-13
USCI (United States Commodity Index) Start Date:2010-08-10
USD (ProShares Ultra Semiconductors) Start Date:2007-02-01
USDU (WisdomTree Bloomberg Us Dllr Bullish ETF) Start Date:2013-12-18
USEP (Innovator ETFs Trust) Start Date:2019-09-03
USEQ (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-07-13
USFR (WisdomTree Floating Rate Treasury Fund) Start Date:2014-02-04
USHY (iShares Broad Usd High Yield Corporate Bond) Start Date:2017-10-26
USI (Principal Ultra-Short Active Income ETF) Start Date:2019-04-25
USIG (iShares Broad Usd Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2014-06-12
USL (United States 12 Month Oil) Start Date:2007-12-06
USLB (PowerShares Russell 1000 Low Beta Eq Wgt) Start Date:2015-11-05
USMC (Principal U.S. Mega-Cap ETF) Start Date:2017-10-12
USMF (WisdomTree Us Multifactor Fund) Start Date:2017-06-29
USML (Etracs 2X Leveraged MSCI Us Minimum Volatility Factor Tr ETN) Start Date:2021-02-09
USMV (iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Usa) Start Date:2011-10-20
USO (United States Oil) Start Date:2006-04-10
USOI (Credit Suisse Ag Credit Suisse X-Links Crude Oil Shares Covered Call ETN) Start Date:2017-04-26
USRT (iShares Core U.S. Reit ETF) Start Date:2016-11-03
USSG (MSCI Usa ESG Leaders Equity ETF) Start Date:2019-03-07
UST (ProShares Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury) Start Date:2010-01-22
USTB (Victoryshares Usaa Core Short-Term Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-10-26
USVM (Victoryshares Usaa MSCI Usa Small Cap Value Momentum ETF) Start Date:2017-10-26
USVT (Us Value ETF) Start Date:2021-09-14
USXF (iShares ESG Advanced MSCI Usa ETF) Start Date:2020-06-18
UTES (Virtus Reaves Utilities ETF) Start Date:2015-09-24
UTRN (Vesper Us Large Cap Short-Term Reversal Strategy ETF) Start Date:2018-09-21
UTSL (Direxion Daily Utilities Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2017-05-03
UUP (PowerShares DB Usd Index Bullis) Start Date:2007-02-20
UVDV (Uva Dividend Value ETF) Start Date:2021-11-19
UVIX (2X Long VIX Futures ETF) Start Date:2022-03-30
UVXY (ProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short) Start Date:2011-10-04
UWM (ProShares Ultra Russell2000) Start Date:2007-01-25
UXI (ProShares Ultra Industrials) Start Date:2007-02-05
UYG (ProShares Ultra Financials) Start Date:2007-02-01
UYM (ProShares Ultra Basic Materials) Start Date:2007-03-13
VABS (Virtus Newfleet Abs/Mbs ETF) Start Date:2021-02-10
VALQ (American Century STOXX U.S. Quality Value ETF) Start Date:2018-01-16
VALT (ETFmg Sit Ultra Short ETF) Start Date:2019-10-09
VAMO (Cambria Value And Momentum ETF) Start Date:2015-09-09
VAW (Vanguard Materials ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VB (Vanguard Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VBK (Vanguard Small Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VBND (Vident Core Us Bond Strategy ETF) Start Date:2014-10-16
VBR (Vanguard Small Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VCAR (Simplify Volt Robocar Disruption And Tech ETF) Start Date:2020-12-29
VCEB (Vanguard World Funds) Start Date:2020-09-24
VCIT (Vanguard It Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-11-23
VCLN (Virtus Duff & Phelps Clean Energy ETF) Start Date:2021-08-04
VCLO (Simplify Volt Cloud And Cybersecurity Disruption ETF) Start Date:2020-12-29
VCLT (Vanguard Long-Term Corporate Bonds) Start Date:2009-11-23
VCR (Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VCSH (Vanguard St Bond ETF) Start Date:2009-11-23
VDC (Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VDE (Vanguard Energy ETF) Start Date:2004-10-01
VEA (Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF) Start Date:2007-07-26
VEGA (AdvisorShares Star Global Buy-Write ETF) Start Date:2012-09-18
VEGI (iShares MSCI Global Agriculture Producers ETF) Start Date:2012-02-02
VEGN (Us Vegan Climate Index) Start Date:2019-09-10
VEU (Vanguard FTSE Aw Ex-Us ETF) Start Date:2007-03-08
VFH (Vanguard Financials ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VFMF (Vanguard Us Multifactor Fund ETF) Start Date:2018-02-15
VFMO (Vanguard Us Momentum Factor ETF) Start Date:2018-02-15
VFMV (Vanguard Us Minimum Volatility ETF) Start Date:2018-02-15
VFQY (Vanguard U.S. Quality Factor ETF) Start Date:2018-02-15
VFVA (Vanguard Us Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2018-02-15
VGIT (Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2009-11-23
VGK (Vanguard European ETF) Start Date:2005-03-10
VGLT (Vanguard Long-Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2009-11-24
VGSH (Vanguard Short-Term Treasury ETF) Start Date:2009-11-23
VGT (Vanguard Information Tech ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VHT (Vanguard Healthcare ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VICE (AdvisorShares Trust AdvisorShares Vice ETF) Start Date:2017-12-13
VIDI (Vident International Equity Fund) Start Date:2013-10-30
VIG (Vanguard Dividend Apprec ETF) Start Date:2006-04-27
VIGI (Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation Index Fund) Start Date:2016-03-02
VIOG (Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
VIOO (Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
VIOV (Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
VIRS (Pacer Biothreat Strategy ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
VIS (Vanguard Industrial ETF) Start Date:2004-10-22
VIXM (ProShares VIX Mid-Term Futures ETF) Start Date:2011-01-04
VIXY (ProShares Trust VIX Short-Term) Start Date:2011-01-04
VLU (SPDR S&P 1500 Value Tilt ETF) Start Date:2012-10-25
VLUE (iShares Edge MSCI Usa Value Factor ETF) Start Date:2013-04-18
VMBS (Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF) Start Date:2009-11-23
VMOT (Alpha Architect ETF Trust) Start Date:2017-05-03
VNLA (Janus Henderson Short Duration Income ETF) Start Date:2016-11-17
VNM (Vaneck Vectors Vietnam ETF) Start Date:2009-08-14
VNMC (Natixis Vaughan Nelson Mid Cap ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
VNQ (Vanguard Reit ETF) Start Date:2004-09-29
VNQI (Vanguard Global Ex-Us Real Estate) Start Date:2010-11-01
VNSE (Natixis Vaughan Nelson Select ETF) Start Date:2020-09-17
VO (Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VOE (Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF) Start Date:2006-08-25
VONE (Vanguard Russell 1000 ETF) Start Date:2010-09-22
VONG (Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETF) Start Date:2010-09-22
VONV (Vanguard Russell 1000 Value ETF) Start Date:2010-09-22
VOO (Vanguard S&P 500 ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
VOOG (Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
VOOV (Vanguard S&P 500 Value ETF) Start Date:2010-09-09
VOT (Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth ETF) Start Date:2006-08-25
VOTE (Engine No. 1 Transform 500 ETF) Start Date:2021-06-23
VOX (Vanguard Communication Services ETF) Start Date:2004-09-29
VPC (Virtus Private Credit Strategy ETF) Start Date:2019-02-08
VPL (Vanguard Pacific ETF) Start Date:2005-03-10
VPN (Global X Data Center Reits & Digital Infrastructure ETF) Start Date:2020-11-02
VPU (Vanguard Utilities ETF) Start Date:2007-03-13
VRAI (Virtus Real Asset Income ETF) Start Date:2019-02-08
VRIG (Invesco Variable Rate Investment Grade ETF) Start Date:2016-09-22
VRP (Invesco Variable Rate Preferred ETF) Start Date:2014-05-01
VSDA (Victoryshares Dividend Accelerator ETF) Start Date:2017-04-18
VSGX (Vanguard ESG International Stock ETF) Start Date:2018-09-20
VSLU (Applied Finance Valuation Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2021-04-30
VSMV (Victoryshares Us Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility ETF) Start Date:2017-06-22
VSS (Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex-Us Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2009-04-06
VT (Vanguard Total World Stock ETF) Start Date:2008-06-26
VTC (Vanguard Total Corporate Bond ETF) Start Date:2017-11-09
VTEB (Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond Index ETF) Start Date:2015-08-25
VTHR (Vanguard Russell 3000 ETF) Start Date:2010-09-22
VTI (Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF) Start Date:2001-06-15
VTIP (Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETF) Start Date:2012-10-16
VTV (Vanguard Value ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VTWG (Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth ETF) Start Date:2010-09-22
VTWO (Vanguard Russell 2000 ETF) Start Date:2010-09-22
VTWV (Vanguard Russell 2000 Value ETF) Start Date:2010-09-22
VUG (Vanguard Growth ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VUSB (Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF) Start Date:2021-04-07
VUSE (Vident Core Us Equity) Start Date:2014-01-22
VV (Vanguard Large-Cap ETF) Start Date:2004-01-30
VWID (ETFis Series Trust I) Start Date:2020-07-20
VWO (Vanguard MSCI Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2005-03-10
VWOB (Vanguard Emerging Markets Government Bond ETF) Start Date:2013-06-04
VXF (Vanguard Extended Market Vipers ETF) Start Date:2002-01-04
VXUS (Vanguard Total International Stock Index) Start Date:2011-01-28
VXX (iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures) Start Date:2009-03-02
VXZ (iPath Series B S&P 500® VIX Mid-Term Futures ETN) Start Date:2009-02-20
VYM (Vanguard High Dividend Yld ETF) Start Date:2006-11-16
VYMI (Vanguard International High Dividend Yield Index Fund) Start Date:2016-03-02
WANT (Direxion Daily Consumer Discretionary Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2018-11-29
WBIF (Wbi Bull|Bear Value 1000 ETF) Start Date:2014-08-27
WBIG (Wbi Tactical Lcy Shares ETF) Start Date:2014-08-27
WBIL (Wbi Bull|Bear Quality 1000 ETF) Start Date:2014-09-03
WBIY (Wbi Power Factor High Dividend ETF) Start Date:2016-12-22
WBND (Western Asset Total Return ETF) Start Date:2018-10-04
WCBR (WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund) Start Date:2021-01-28
WCLD (WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund) Start Date:2019-09-06
WDIV (SPDR S&P Global Dividend ETF) Start Date:2013-05-30
WEAT (Teucrium Wheat Fund) Start Date:2011-09-19
WEBL (Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2019-11-07
WEBS (Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2019-11-07
WFH (Direxion Work From Home ETF) Start Date:2020-06-25
WFHY (WisdomTree Us High Yield Corporate Bond Fund) Start Date:2020-06-25
WFIG (WisdomTree Us Corporate Bond Fund) Start Date:2016-04-27
WGRO (WisdomTree U.S. Growth & Momentum Fund) Start Date:2021-06-24
WINC (Western Asset Short Duration Income ETF) Start Date:2019-02-08
WIP (SPDR DB International Government) Start Date:2008-03-19
WIZ (Alpha Architect Merlyn.AI Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter ETF) Start Date:2019-10-17
WKLY (Sofi Weekly Dividend ETF) Start Date:2021-05-11
WLDR (Affinity World Leaders Equity ETF) Start Date:2018-01-17
WLTH (Lifegoal Wealth Builder ETF) Start Date:2021-09-09
WNDY (Global X Wind Energy ETF) Start Date:2021-09-15
WOMN (Impact Shares Trust I ETF Impact Shares Ywca Womenas Empowerme) Start Date:2018-08-28
WOOD (iShares Global Timber & Forestry) Start Date:2008-06-25
WPS (iShares Trust iShares S&P Devel) Start Date:2007-08-07
WTMF (WisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy Fund) Start Date:2011-01-05
WTV (WisdomTree U.S. Value Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
WUGI (Esoterica Nextg Economy ETF) Start Date:2020-03-31
WWJD (Inspire International ESG ETF) Start Date:2019-10-01
XAR (SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF) Start Date:2011-09-29
XBAP (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated 9 Buffer ETF - April) Start Date:2021-04-01
XBI (SPDR Series Trust SPDR S&P Bio) Start Date:2006-02-06
XBJL (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated 9 Buffer ETF - July) Start Date:2021-07-01
XBOC (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated 9 Buffer ETF - October) Start Date:2021-10-01
XCEM (Columbia Em Core Ex-China ETF) Start Date:2015-09-02
XCLR (Global X Funds Global X S&P 500 Collar 95-110 ETF) Start Date:2021-08-26
XDAP (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated ETF - April) Start Date:2021-04-01
XDAT (Franklin Exponential Data ETF) Start Date:2021-01-14
XDJL (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated ETF - July) Start Date:2021-07-01
XDOC (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated ETF - October) Start Date:2021-10-01
XDQQ (Innovator Growth Accelerated ETF - Quarterly) Start Date:2021-04-01
XDSQ (Innovator ETFs Trust Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated ETF - Q) Start Date:2021-04-01
XES (SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF) Start Date:2006-06-22
XHB (SPDR Series Trust SPDR Homebuil) Start Date:2006-02-06
XHE (SPDR S&P Health Care Equipment ETF) Start Date:2011-01-27
XHS (SPDR S&P Health Care Services ETF) Start Date:2011-09-29
XITK (SPDR Factset Innovative Technology ETF) Start Date:2016-01-14
XJH (iShares ESG Screened S&P Mid-Cap ETF) Start Date:2020-09-24
XJR (iShares ESG Screened S&P Small-Cap ETF) Start Date:2020-09-24
XJUN (FTCboe Vest U.S. Equity Enhance & Moderate Buffer ETF - June) Start Date:2021-07-13
XLB (Materials Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLC (Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund) Start Date:2018-06-19
XLE (Energy Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLF (Financial Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLG (Invesco S&P 500® Top 50 ETF) Start Date:2005-05-10
XLI (Industrial Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLK (Technology Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLP (Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLRE (Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund) Start Date:2015-10-08
XLSR (SPDR Ssga U.S. Sector Rotation ETF) Start Date:2019-04-03
XLU (Utilities Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLV (Health Care Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XLY (Consumer Discret Select Sector SPDR) Start Date:2000-01-03
XME (SPDR S&P Metals & Mining) Start Date:2006-06-22
XMHQ (Invesco S&P Midcap Quality ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
XMLV (Invesco S&P Midcap Low Volatility ETF) Start Date:2013-02-15
XMMO (Invesco S&P Midcap Momentum ETF) Start Date:2007-05-07
XMPT (Vaneck Vectors Cef Municipal Income ETF) Start Date:2011-07-13
XMVM (Invesco S&P Midcap Value With Momentum ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
XNTK (Nyse Technology ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
XOP (SPDR S&P Oil&Gas Exploration & Prod) Start Date:2006-06-22
XOUT (Graniteshares Xout U.S. Large Cap ETF) Start Date:2019-10-07
XPH (SPDR S&P Pharmaceuticals ETF) Start Date:2006-06-22
XPND (First Trust Expanded Technology ETF) Start Date:2021-06-15
XPP (ProShares Ultra FTSE China 50) Start Date:2009-06-04
XRLV (PowerShares S&P 500Ex-Rate Snsvlwvtl ETF) Start Date:2015-04-09
XRMI (Global X Funds Global X S&P 500 Risk Managed Income ETF) Start Date:2021-08-26
XRT (SPDR S&P Retail) Start Date:2006-06-22
XSD (SPDR S&P Semiconductor ETF) Start Date:2006-02-06
XSHD (PowerShares S&P Smcp Hi Div Low Volatil) Start Date:2016-12-01
XSHQ (Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust Ii) Start Date:2017-04-06
XSLV (Invesco S&P Smallcap Low Volatility ETF) Start Date:2013-02-15
XSMO (Invesco S&P Smallcap Momentum ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
XSOE (WisdomTree Emerging Markets Ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund) Start Date:2014-12-10
XSVM (Invesco S&P Smallcap Value With Momentum ETF) Start Date:2007-05-16
XSW (SPDR S&P Software & Services ETF) Start Date:2011-09-29
XT (iShares Exponential Technologies ETF) Start Date:2015-03-23
XTAP (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated Plus ETF - April) Start Date:2021-04-01
XTJL (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated Plus ETF - July) Start Date:2021-07-01
XTL (SPDR S&P Telecom ETF) Start Date:2011-01-27
XTN (SPDR S&P Transportation ETF) Start Date:2011-01-27
XTOC (Innovator U.S. Equity Accelerated Plus ETF - October) Start Date:2021-10-01
XTR (Global X Funds Global X S&P 500 Tail Risk ETF) Start Date:2021-08-26
XVOL (Acruence Active Hedge U.S. Equity ETF) Start Date:2021-04-22
XVV (iShares ESG Screened S&P 500 ETF) Start Date:2020-09-24
XWEB (SPDR S&P Internet ETF) Start Date:2016-06-28
XYLD (Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF) Start Date:2013-06-24
XYLG (Global X S&P 500 Covered Call & Growth ETF) Start Date:2020-09-21
YANG (Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X Shares) Start Date:2009-12-03
YCL (ProShares Ultra Yen) Start Date:2008-11-25
YCS (ProShares Ultrashort Yen New) Start Date:2008-11-25
YDEC (FTCboe Vest International Equity Buffer ETF - December) Start Date:2020-12-21
YINN (Direxion Daily FTSE China Bull 3X Shares) Start Date:2009-12-03
YLD (Principal Active Income ETF) Start Date:2015-07-09
YLDE (Clearbridge Dividend Strategy ESG ETF) Start Date:2017-05-23
YMAR (FTCboe Vest International Equity Buffer ETF - March) Start Date:2021-03-22
YOLO (AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF) Start Date:2019-04-18
YPS (Arrow Reverse Cap 500 ETF) Start Date:2021-05-24
YXI (ProShares Short FTSE China 50) Start Date:2010-03-18
YYY (Amplify High Income ETF) Start Date:2013-06-21
ZECP (Zacks Trust Zacks Earnings Consistent Portfolio ETF) Start Date:2021-08-24
ZHDG (Zega Buy And Hedge ETF) Start Date:2021-07-07
ZIG (The Acquirers Fund) Start Date:2019-05-15
ZROZ (Pimco 25+ Year Zero Coupon Us Treasury) Start Date:2009-11-04
ZSL (ProShares Ultrashort Silver) Start Date:2008-12-03
FX Majors (70 Tickers)
AUDBRL Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDCAD Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDCHF Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDCNH Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDHUF Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDILS Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDINR Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDJPY Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDMXN Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDSGD Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDTHB Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDTRY Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDUSD Start Date:2010-01-01
AUDZAR Start Date:2010-01-01
EURAUD Start Date:2010-01-01
EURBRL Start Date:2010-01-01
EURCAD Start Date:2010-01-01
EURCHF Start Date:2010-01-01
EURCNH Start Date:2010-01-01
EURCNY Start Date:2010-01-01
EURGBP Start Date:2010-01-01
EURHUF Start Date:2010-01-01
EURILS Start Date:2010-01-01
EURINR Start Date:2010-01-01
EURMXN Start Date:2010-01-01
EURSGD Start Date:2010-01-01
EURTHB Start Date:2010-01-01
EURTRY Start Date:2010-01-01
EURUSD Start Date:2010-01-01
EURZAR Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPAUD Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPBRL Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPCHF Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPCNH Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPHUF Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPILS Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPINR Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPMXN Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPSGD Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPTHB Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPTRY Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPUSD Start Date:2010-01-01
GBPZAR Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDBRL Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDCAD Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDCHF Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDCNH Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDHUF Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDILS Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDINR Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDJPY Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDMXN Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDSGD Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDTHB Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDTRY Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDUSD Start Date:2010-01-01
NZDZAR Start Date:2010-01-01
USDBRL Start Date:2010-01-01
USDCAD Start Date:2010-01-01
USDCHF Start Date:2010-01-01
USDCNH Start Date:2010-01-01
USDCNY Start Date:2010-01-01
USDHKD Start Date:2010-01-01
USDHUF Start Date:2010-01-01
USDILS Start Date:2010-01-01
USDINR Start Date:2010-01-01
USDJPY Start Date:2010-01-01
USDMXN Start Date:2010-01-01
USDSGD Start Date:2010-01-01
USDTHB Start Date:2010-01-01
USDTRY Start Date:2010-01-01
USDZAR Start Date:2010-01-01
Stocks Complete (10,000+ Tickers)
A (Agilent Technologies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AA (Alcoa Corporation) Start Date:2016-10-18
AACG (Ata Creativity Global American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2008-01-29
AACT (Ares Acquisition Ii) Start Date:2023-06-12
AADI (Aadi Bioscience) Start Date:2017-08-08
AAL (American Airlines) Start Date:2013-12-09
AAMC (Altisource Asset Management Com) Start Date:2012-12-13
AAME (Atlantic American) Start Date:2000-01-03
AAN (Aaron's) Start Date:2020-12-01
AAOI (Applied Optoelectronics) Start Date:2013-09-26
AAON (Aaon) Start Date:2000-01-03
AAP (Advance Auto Parts) Start Date:2001-11-29
AAPL (Apple) Start Date:2000-01-03
AAT (American Assets Trust) Start Date:2011-01-13
AAU (Almaden Minerals Common Shares) Start Date:2005-12-20
AB (Alliancebernstein Holding L.P.) Start Date:2006-02-27
ABBV (Abbvie) Start Date:2013-01-02
ABCB (Ameris Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ABCL (Abcellera Biologics) Start Date:2020-12-11
ABEO (Abeona Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-16
ABEV (Ambev S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-11-11
ABG (Asbury Automotive) Start Date:2002-05-10
ABIO (Arca Biopharma) Start Date:2009-01-28
ABLV (Able View Global Inc) Start Date:2022-09-12
ABM (Abm Industries Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
ABNB (Airbnb) Start Date:2020-12-10
ABOS (Acumen Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-07-01
ABR (Arbor Realty Trust) Start Date:2004-05-06
ABSI (Absci) Start Date:2021-07-22
ABT (Abbott Laboratories) Start Date:2000-01-03
ABTS (Abits Inc) Start Date:2014-04-10
ABUS (Arbutus Biopharma) Start Date:2010-11-15
ABVC (Abvc Biopharma) Start Date:2021-08-03
AC (Associated Capital) Start Date:2015-11-10
ACA (Arcosa) Start Date:2018-11-01
ACAC (Acri Capital Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-08-08
ACAD (Acadia Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2004-05-27
ACAX (Alset Capital Acquisition) Start Date:2022-03-24
ACB (Aurora Cannabis Common Shares) Start Date:2018-10-23
ACCD (Accolade) Start Date:2020-07-02
ACCO (Acco Brands) Start Date:2005-08-17
ACDC (Profrac Holding) Start Date:2022-05-13
ACEL (Accel Entertainment) Start Date:2017-08-24
ACET (Adicet Bio) Start Date:2018-01-26
ACGL (Arch Capital Ltd.) Start Date:2000-05-09
ACHC (Acadia Healthcare Company) Start Date:2012-01-11
ACHL (Achilles Therapeutics Plc) Start Date:2021-03-31
ACHR (Archer Aviation) Start Date:2020-12-18
ACHV (Achieve Life Sciences Common Shares) Start Date:2008-08-22
ACI (Albertsons Companies) Start Date:2020-06-26
ACIC (American Coastal Insurance Corp) Start Date:2012-12-11
ACIU (Ac Immune Sa) Start Date:2016-09-23
ACIW (Aci Worldwide) Start Date:2007-07-25
ACLS (Axcelis Technologies) Start Date:2000-07-11
ACLX (Arcellx) Start Date:2022-02-04
ACM (Aecom) Start Date:2007-05-10
ACMR (Acm Research, Class A) Start Date:2017-11-03
ACN (Accenture Plc) Start Date:2009-09-01
ACNB (Acnb) Start Date:2006-10-25
ACNT (Ascent Industries) Start Date:2007-05-16
ACON (Aclarion) Start Date:2022-04-22
ACONW (Aclarion Warrant) Start Date:2022-04-22
ACOR (Acorda Therapeutics) Start Date:2006-02-10
ACP (Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2011-01-27
ACQRU (Independence Holdings Units) Start Date:2021-03-09
ACQRW (Independence Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-17
ACR (Acres Commercial Realty) Start Date:2021-02-17
ACRE (Ares Commercial Real) Start Date:2012-04-26
ACRS (Aclaris Therapeutics,) Start Date:2015-10-07
ACRV (Acrivon Therapeutics) Start Date:2022-11-15
ACST (Acasti Pharma Class A) Start Date:2013-01-07
ACTG (Acacia Research) Start Date:2002-12-16
ACU (Acme United Corporation.) Start Date:2004-05-10
ACV (Alberto-Culver Co.) Start Date:2015-05-22
ACVA (Acv Auctions) Start Date:2021-03-24
ACXP (Acurx Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-06-25
ADAG (Adagene) Start Date:2021-02-09
ADAP (Adaptimmune Therapeutics Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2015-05-06
ADBE (Adobe Systems Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADC (Agree Realty Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADD (Color Star Technology) Start Date:2008-09-11
ADEA (Adeia) Start Date:2007-04-26
ADI (Analog Devices) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADIL (Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2018-07-27
ADILW (Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc Warrant) Start Date:2018-07-27
ADM (Archer-Daniels-Midland Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADMA (Adma Biologics Cmn) Start Date:2013-10-17
ADN (Advent Technologies Holdings Class A) Start Date:2018-11-16
ADNT (Adient) Start Date:2016-10-17
ADNWW (Advent Technologies Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2019-01-24
ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Start Date:2000-12-01
ADPT (Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation) Start Date:2019-06-27
ADRT (Ault Disruptive Technologies) Start Date:2022-02-09
ADSE (ADS-Tec Energy Plc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-23
ADSEW (ADS-Tec Energy Plc Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-23
ADSK (Autodesk) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADT (Adt) Start Date:2018-01-19
ADTH (Adtheorent Holding Company) Start Date:2021-12-23
ADTHW (Adtheorent Holding Company Warrants) Start Date:2021-04-20
ADTN (Adtran) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADTX (Aditx Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-06-30
ADUS (Addus Homecare) Start Date:2009-10-28
ADV (Advantage Solutions Class A) Start Date:2019-09-09
ADVM (Adverum Biotechnologies) Start Date:2014-07-31
ADVWW (Advantage Solutions Warrant) Start Date:2016-09-15
ADX (Adams Diversified Equity Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADXN (Addex Therapeutics American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2020-01-29
AE (Adams Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEE (Ameren Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEF (Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund) Start Date:2007-10-02
AEG (Aegon N.V.) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEHL (Antelope Enterprise Holdings) Start Date:2010-01-25
AEHR (Aehr Test Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEI (Alset Ehome International) Start Date:2020-11-24
AEIS (Advanced Energy Inds) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEM (Agnico Eagle Mines Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEMD (Aethlon Medical) Start Date:2007-05-16
AENT (Bldrs Asia 50 ADR Index Fund) Start Date:2021-03-24
AEO (American Eagle Outfitters) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEP (American Electric Power) Start Date:2000-01-03
AER (Aercap Holdings N.V.) Start Date:2006-11-21
AES (Aes Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
AESI (Atlas Energy Solutions) Start Date:2023-03-09
AEVA (Aeva Technologies,) Start Date:2020-02-27
AEYE (Audioeye) Start Date:2018-09-04
AEZS (Aeterna Zentaris) Start Date:2004-06-03
AFAR (Aura Fat Projects Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2023-01-03
AFB (Alliancebernstein National Municipal Income Fund Inc) Start Date:2002-01-29
AFBI (Affinity Bancshares) Start Date:2020-07-23
AFCG (Afc Gamma) Start Date:2021-03-19
AFG (American Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
AFGE (American Financial 4.500% Subordinated Debentures Due 2060) Start Date:2020-09-18
AFJK (Aimei Health Technology Co.) Start Date:2024-01-22
AFL (Aflac Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AFMD (Affimed N.V.) Start Date:2014-09-12
AFRI (Forafric Global Plc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-06-10
AFRIW (Forafric Global Plc Warrants) Start Date:2022-06-10
AFRM (Affirm) Start Date:2021-01-13
AFT (Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund) Start Date:2011-02-24
AFYA (Afya Limited) Start Date:2019-07-19
AG (First Majestic Silver) Start Date:2010-12-15
AGAE (Allied Gaming & Entertainment) Start Date:2017-10-25
AGBA (Agba Holding) Start Date:2019-07-31
AGCO (Agco Corporation) Start Date:2009-05-04
AGD (Aberdeen Global Dynamic Dividend Fund) Start Date:2006-07-27
AGEN (Agenus) Start Date:2000-02-08
AGFY (Agrify) Start Date:2021-01-28
AGI (Alamos Gold) Start Date:2015-07-06
AGIO (Agios Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-07-24
AGL (Agilon Health) Start Date:2021-04-15
AGM (Federal Agricultural Mortgage) Start Date:2000-01-03
AGMH (Agm Holdings Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-04-18
AGNC (Agnc Investment) Start Date:2008-05-15
AGNCN (Agnc Investment Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/1000Th Interest In A Share Of 7.00% Series C Fixed-To-Floating Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock) Start Date:2017-08-28
AGNCP (Agnc Investment Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/1000Th Interest In A Share Of 6.125% Series F Fixed-To-Floating Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock) Start Date:2020-02-04
AGO (Assured Guaranty Ltd.) Start Date:2004-04-23
AGR (Avangrid) Start Date:2015-12-17
AGRI (Agriforce Growing Systems) Start Date:2021-07-08
AGRIW (Agriforce Growing Systems Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-08
AGRO (Adecoagro S.A.) Start Date:2011-01-28
AGS (Playags) Start Date:2018-01-26
AGX (Argan) Start Date:2007-08-22
AGYS (Agilysys) Start Date:2003-09-16
AHCO (Adapthealth Corp) Start Date:2018-05-24
AHG (Akso Health ADS) Start Date:2017-11-03
AHH (Armada Hoffler Properties) Start Date:2013-08-05
AHI (Advanced Human Imaging Limited. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-19
AHPI (Allied Healthcare Products) Start Date:2007-05-16
AHR (American Healthcare Reit) Start Date:2024-02-07
AHT (Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc) Start Date:2003-08-26
AI (C3 Ai) Start Date:2020-12-09
AIF (Apollo Tactical Income Fund) Start Date:2013-02-26
AIG (American International) Start Date:2000-01-03
AIHS (Senmiao Technology) Start Date:2018-03-16
AIM (Aim Immunotech) Start Date:2002-02-04
AIMAU (Aimfinity Investment I) Start Date:2022-04-26
AIMAW (Aimfinity Investment I Warrant) Start Date:2022-06-17
AIMD (Ainos) Start Date:2007-05-16
AIN (Albany International) Start Date:2000-01-03
AINC (Ashford) Start Date:2014-11-07
AIO (Virtus Artificial Intelligence & Technology Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2019-10-29
AIP (Arteris) Start Date:2021-10-27
AIR (Aar) Start Date:2000-01-03
AIRC (Taxable Apartment Income Reit) Start Date:2020-12-15
AIRG (Airgain) Start Date:2016-08-12
AIRI (Air Industries) Start Date:2007-07-16
AIRS (Airsculpt Technologies) Start Date:2021-10-29
AIRT (Air T) Start Date:2000-01-03
AIRTP (Air T Air T Funding Alpha Income Trust Preferred Securities) Start Date:2019-06-11
AIT (Applied Industrial Technologies) Start Date:2000-07-03
AITR (Ai Transportation Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2024-01-02
AIU (Meta Data ADS) Start Date:2022-05-02
AIV (Apartment Investment & Management) Start Date:2009-07-21
AIXI (Xiao-I Corporation) Start Date:2023-03-09
AIZ (Assurant) Start Date:2004-02-05
AJG (Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
AJX (Great Ajax Corp) Start Date:2015-02-13
AKA (A.K.A. Brands Holding) Start Date:2021-09-22
AKAM (Akamai Technologies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AKAN (Akanda Common Shares) Start Date:2022-03-15
AKBA (Akebia Therapeutics Comm) Start Date:2014-03-20
AKLI (Akili) Start Date:2021-06-30
AKO.A (Embotelladora Andina S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
AKO.B (Embotelladora Andina S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
AKR (Acadia Realty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
AKRO (Akero Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-06-20
AKTS (Akoustis Technologies) Start Date:2017-03-13
AKTX (Akari Therapeutics Plc ADS) Start Date:2014-01-31
AKYA (Akoya Biosciences) Start Date:2021-04-16
AL (Air Lease Corporation) Start Date:2011-04-19
ALAB (Astera Labs) Start Date:2024-03-20
ALAR (Alarum Technologies) Start Date:2018-09-11
ALB (Albemarle Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALBT (Avalon Globocare) Start Date:2018-03-26
ALC (Alcon) Start Date:2019-04-09
ALCE (Alternus Clean Energy Inc) Start Date:2022-04-20
ALCO (Alico) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALCY (Alchemy Investments Acquisition 1) Start Date:2023-06-26
ALDX (Aldeyra Therapeutics,) Start Date:2014-05-02
ALE (Allete) Start Date:2000-09-01
ALEC (Alector) Start Date:2019-02-07
ALEX (Alexander & Baldwin) Start Date:2012-07-02
ALG (Alamo) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALGM (Allegro Microsystems) Start Date:2020-11-02
ALGN (Align Technology) Start Date:2001-01-30
ALGS (Aligos Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-10-16
ALGT (Allegiant Travel) Start Date:2006-12-08
ALHC (Alignment Healthcare) Start Date:2021-03-26
ALIM (Alimera Sciences) Start Date:2010-04-22
ALIT (Alight,) Start Date:2020-07-17
ALK (Alaska Air Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALKS (Alkermes Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALKT (Alkami Technology) Start Date:2021-04-14
ALL (Allstate Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALLE (Allegion) Start Date:2013-11-18
ALLG (Allego N.V.) Start Date:2022-03-17
ALLK (Allakos) Start Date:2018-07-19
ALLO (Allogene Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-10-11
ALLR (Allarity Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-12-21
ALLT (Allot Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2006-11-16
ALLY (Ally Financial) Start Date:2014-04-10
ALNT (Allient Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
ALNY (Alnylam Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2004-06-01
ALOT (Astronova) Start Date:2002-02-05
ALPP (Alpine 4 Holdings Class A) Start Date:2017-01-13
ALRM (Alarm.com Holdings) Start Date:2015-06-26
ALRN (Aileron Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-06-29
ALRS (Alerus Finl Corp) Start Date:2007-05-17
ALSN (Allison Transmission Holdings) Start Date:2012-03-15
ALTG (Alta Equipment) Start Date:2019-04-25
ALTI (Alvarium Tiedemann Holdings Class A) Start Date:2021-04-27
ALTO (Alto Ingredients,) Start Date:2007-04-25
ALTR (Altair Engineering) Start Date:2017-11-01
ALV (Autoliv) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALVO (Alvotech Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-06-16
ALVOW (Alvotech Warrant) Start Date:2022-06-16
ALVR (Allovir) Start Date:2020-07-30
ALX (Alexander's) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALXO (Alx Oncology Holdings) Start Date:2020-07-17
ALYA (Alithya Class A Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2018-11-01
ALZN (Alzamend Neuro) Start Date:2021-06-15
AM (Antero Midstream Corporation) Start Date:2017-05-04
AMAL (Amalgamated Bank) Start Date:2018-08-09
AMAT (Applied Materials) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMBA (Ambarella) Start Date:2012-10-10
AMBC (Ambac Financial) Start Date:2013-05-01
AMBI (Ambipar Emergency Response) Start Date:2020-09-09
AMBO (Ambow Education Holding ADS Each Representing Two Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-06-01
AMBP (Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-09-29
AMC (Amc Entertainment) Start Date:2013-12-18
AMCR (Amcor Plc) Start Date:2019-06-11
AMCX (Amc Networks) Start Date:2011-06-16
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AME (Ametek) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMED (Amedisys) Start Date:2002-05-10
AMG (Affiliated Managers Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMGN (Amgen) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMH (American Homes 4 Rent) Start Date:2013-08-01
AMK (Assetmark Financial) Start Date:2019-07-18
AMKR (Amkor Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMLI (American Lithium) Start Date:2023-01-10
AMLX (Amylyx Pharmaceuticals,) Start Date:2022-01-07
AMN (Amn Healthcare Services) Start Date:2001-11-13
AMP (Ameriprise Financial) Start Date:2005-10-03
AMPG (Amplitech) Start Date:2021-02-17
AMPH (Amphastar Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-06-25
AMPL (Amplitude, Class A) Start Date:2021-09-28
AMPS (Altus Power Class A) Start Date:2021-02-01
AMPX (Amprius Technologies) Start Date:2022-09-15
AMPY (Amplify Energy) Start Date:2017-05-19
AMR (Alpha Metallurgical Resources,) Start Date:2017-04-28
AMRC (Ameresco) Start Date:2010-07-22
AMRK (A-Mark Precious Metals C) Start Date:2014-03-17
AMRN (Amarin Plc) Start Date:2008-02-19
AMRX (Amneal Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-05-07
AMS (American Shared Hospital Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMSC (American Superconductor Corpor) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMSF (Amerisafe) Start Date:2005-11-18
AMST (Amesite) Start Date:2020-09-25
AMSWA (American Software) Start Date:2005-10-25
AMT (American Tower) Start Date:2012-01-03
AMTB (Amerant Bancorp) Start Date:2018-08-29
AMTD (Amtd Idea American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2022-01-31
AMTX (Aemetis) Start Date:2014-05-15
AMWD (American Woodmark) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMWL (Amwell Health) Start Date:2020-09-17
AMX (America Movil S.A.B. De C.V. American Depository Receipt Series L) Start Date:2001-02-12
AMZN (Amazon.com) Start Date:2000-01-03
AN (Autonation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANAB (Anaptysbio) Start Date:2017-01-26
ANDE (Andersons) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANEB (Anebulo Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-05-07
ANET (Arista Networks) Start Date:2014-06-06
ANF (Abercrombie & Fitch Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANGH (Anghami Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-02-04
ANGHW (Anghami Warrants) Start Date:2022-02-04
ANGI (Angi Homeservices) Start Date:2017-10-02
ANGO (Angiodynamics) Start Date:2004-06-01
ANIK (Anika Therapeutics) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANIP (Ani Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-11-05
ANIX (Anixa Biosciences) Start Date:2007-05-16
ANL (Adlai Nortye Ltd.) Start Date:2023-09-29
ANNX (Annexon Biosciences) Start Date:2020-07-24
ANRO (Alto Neuroscience) Start Date:2024-02-02
ANSC (Agriculture &Amp; Natural Solutions Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2024-01-03
ANSS (Ansys) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANTE (Airnet Technology American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-11-07
ANTX (An2 Therapeutics) Start Date:2022-03-25
ANVS (Annovis Bio) Start Date:2020-01-29
ANY (Sphere 3D Common Shares) Start Date:2014-07-07
AOD (Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividend Fund) Start Date:2007-04-23
AOMR (Angel Oak Mortgage) Start Date:2021-06-17
AON (Aon Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AORT (Artivion) Start Date:2007-05-10
AOS (A.O. Smith Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
AOSL (Alpha & Omega) Start Date:2010-04-29
AOUT (American Outdoor Brands) Start Date:2020-08-21
AP (Ampco-Pittsburgh) Start Date:2000-01-03
APA (Apache Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
APAM (Artisan Partners Asset Management) Start Date:2013-03-07
APCX (Apptech Payments) Start Date:2017-05-08
APCXW (Apptech Payments Warrant) Start Date:2022-01-05
APD (Air Products & Chemicals Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
APDN (Applied Dna Sciences) Start Date:2007-05-16
APEI (American Public Education) Start Date:2007-11-09
APGE (Apogee Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-07-14
APH (Amphenol Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
API (Agora) Start Date:2020-06-26
APLD (Applied Blockchain) Start Date:2009-12-10
APLE (Apple Hospitality Reit) Start Date:2015-05-18
APLS (Apellis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-11-09
APLT (Applied Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-05-14
APM (Aptorum Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-12-18
APO (Apollo Global Management) Start Date:2011-03-30
APOG (Apogee Enterprises) Start Date:2000-01-03
APP (Applovin) Start Date:2021-04-15
APPF (Appfolio) Start Date:2015-06-26
APPN (Appian Corporation) Start Date:2017-05-25
APPS (Digital Turbine) Start Date:2007-05-16
APRE (Aprea Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-10-03
APT (Alpha Pro Tech) Start Date:2000-09-21
APTM (Alpha Partners Technology Merger Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-23
APTMU (Alpha Partners Technology Merger Unit) Start Date:2021-07-28
APTMW (Alpha Partners Technology Merger Warrant) Start Date:2021-09-27
APTO (Aptose Biosciences Common Shares) Start Date:2008-10-31
APTV (Aptiv Plc) Start Date:2011-11-17
APVO (Aptevo Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-07-20
APWC (Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2011-04-29
APYX (Apyx Medical Corp) Start Date:2007-05-16
AQB (Aquabounty Technologies) Start Date:2017-01-11
AQMS (Aqua Metals) Start Date:2015-07-31
AQN (Algonquin Power & Utilities) Start Date:2016-11-29
AQNU (Algonquin Power & Utilities Corporate Units) Start Date:2021-06-29
AQST (Aquestive Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-07-25
AQU (Aquaron Acquisition) Start Date:2023-01-04
AR (Antero Resources Corp) Start Date:2013-10-10
ARAV (Aravive) Start Date:2014-03-21
ARAY (Accuray) Start Date:2007-02-08
ARBB (Arb Iot Limited) Start Date:2023-04-05
ARBE (Arbe Robotics Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-10-08
ARBEW (Arbe Robotics Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-08
ARBK (Argo Blockchain Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-23
ARC (Arc Document Solutions) Start Date:2005-02-04
ARCB (Arcbest O) Start Date:2007-04-27
ARCC (Ares Capital Corporation) Start Date:2012-10-08
ARCH (Arch Resources) Start Date:2016-10-05
ARCO (Arcos Dorados Holdings) Start Date:2011-04-14
ARCT (Arcturus Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-05-22
ARDC (Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2012-11-28
ARDX (Ardelyx) Start Date:2014-06-19
ARE (Alexandria Real Estate Equities) Start Date:2000-01-03
AREB (American Rebel Holdings) Start Date:2018-01-23
AREBW (American Rebel Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2022-02-07
AREC (American Resources Class A) Start Date:2015-11-25
AREN (The Arena Holdings) Start Date:2022-02-09
ARES (Ares Management Corporation) Start Date:2014-05-02
ARGX (Argenx Se) Start Date:2017-05-18
ARHS (Arhaus) Start Date:2021-11-04
ARI (Apollo Commercial) Start Date:2009-09-24
ARIS (Aris Water Solutions Class A) Start Date:2021-10-22
ARKO (Arko) Start Date:2020-12-23
ARKOW (Arko Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-23
ARKR (ARKRestaurants) Start Date:2004-03-15
ARL (American Realty Investors) Start Date:2000-08-03
ARLO (Arlo Technologies) Start Date:2018-08-03
ARLP (Alliance Resource Partners Lp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARM (Arm Holdings Limited) Start Date:2023-09-14
ARMK (Aramark) Start Date:2013-12-12
ARMP (Armata Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-08-21
AROC (Archrock) Start Date:2007-08-21
AROW (Arrow Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARQ (Arq Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
ARQQ (Arqit Quantum Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-07
ARQQW (Arqit Quantum Warrants) Start Date:2021-09-07
ARQT (Arcutis Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2020-01-31
ARR (Armour Residential Reit) Start Date:2009-11-10
ARRY (Array Technologies) Start Date:2020-10-15
ARTL (Artelo Biosciences) Start Date:2017-11-14
ARTLW (Artelo Biosciences Warrant) Start Date:2019-06-21
ARTNA (Artesian Resource) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARTW (Art's-Way Manufacturing Co.) Start Date:2003-02-06
ARVL (Arrival Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-25
ARVN (Arvinas) Start Date:2018-09-27
ARW (Arrow Electronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARWR (Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2004-09-03
AS (Amer Sports) Start Date:2024-02-01
ASA (Asa Gold And Precious Metals Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASAI (Sendas Distribuidora S A ADS) Start Date:2021-03-08
ASAN (Asana) Start Date:2020-09-30
ASB (Associated Banc-Corp) Start Date:2014-12-23
ASC (Ardmore Shipping Corp) Start Date:2013-08-01
ASCB (A SPAC Ii Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-05-31
ASG (Liberty All-Star Growth Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASGI (Aberdeen Standard Global Infrastructure Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2020-07-29
ASGN (Asgn Incorporated) Start Date:2012-08-31
ASH (Ashland Global Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASIX (Advansix) Start Date:2016-09-15
ASLE (Aersale) Start Date:2020-12-15
ASLN (Aslan Pharmaceuticals American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-05-04
ASM (Avino Silver & Gold Mines Common Shares) Start Date:2018-01-08
ASMB (Assembly Biosciences Com) Start Date:2010-12-17
ASML (Asml Holding) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASND (Ascendis Pharma A/S American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2015-01-28
ASNS (Actelis Networks) Start Date:2022-05-13
ASO (Amsouth Ban) Start Date:2020-10-02
ASPI (Asp Isotopes) Start Date:2022-11-10
ASPN (Aspen Aerogels) Start Date:2014-06-13
ASPS (Altisource Portfolio) Start Date:2009-08-10
ASR (Grupo Aeroportuario Del Sureste S.A. De C.V.) Start Date:2000-09-28
ASRT (Assertio Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-26
ASRV (Ameriserv Financial) Start Date:2001-05-07
ASST (Asset Entities) Start Date:2023-02-03
ASTC (Astrotech Corporation) Start Date:2009-05-04
ASTE (Astec Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASTH (Astrana Health Inc) Start Date:2015-06-03
ASTI (Ascent Solar Technologies) Start Date:2006-08-29
ASTL (Algoma Steel Common Shares) Start Date:2021-10-20
ASTLW (Algoma Steel Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-20
ASTR (Astra Space, Class A) Start Date:2021-06-28
ASTS (Ast Spacemobile, Class A) Start Date:2019-11-01
ASTSW (Ast Spacemobile Warrant) Start Date:2019-11-01
ASUR (Asure Software) Start Date:2010-01-21
ASX (Ase Technology Holding Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2018-05-01
ASXC (Asensus Surgical) Start Date:2021-03-05
ASYS (Amtech Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATAI (Atai Life Sciences) Start Date:2021-06-18
ATAT (Atour Lifestyle Holdings) Start Date:2022-11-11
ATEC (Alphatec) Start Date:2006-06-12
ATEN (A10 Networks) Start Date:2014-03-21
ATER (Aterian) Start Date:2019-06-12
ATEX (Anterix) Start Date:2015-02-03
ATGE (Devry) Start Date:2007-05-01
ATGL (Alpha Technology Limited) Start Date:2023-10-31
ATHA (Athira Pharma) Start Date:2020-09-18
ATHE (Alterity Therapeutics American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-04-09
ATHM (Autohome) Start Date:2013-12-11
ATHX (Athersys) Start Date:2024-01-08
ATI (Allegheny Technologies Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATIF (Atif Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-05-03
ATIP (Ati Physical Therapy,) Start Date:2020-10-02
ATKR (Atkore Intl) Start Date:2016-06-10
ATLC (Atlanticus) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATLO (Ames National) Start Date:2005-05-12
ATLX (Atlas Lithium) Start Date:2023-01-10
ATMC (Alphatime Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2023-01-19
ATMU (Atmus Filtration Technologies) Start Date:2023-05-26
ATMV (Alphavest Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2023-01-25
ATNF (180 Life Sciences) Start Date:2020-06-08
ATNFW (180 Life Sciences Warrant) Start Date:2017-06-27
ATNI (Atn International) Start Date:2006-05-23
ATNM (Actinium Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-03-26
ATO (Atmos Energy Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATOM (Atomera) Start Date:2016-08-05
ATOS (Atossa Therapeutics,) Start Date:2012-11-08
ATR (Aptargroup) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATRA (Atara Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2014-10-16
ATRC (Atricure) Start Date:2005-08-05
ATRI (Atrion) Start Date:2004-10-29
ATRO (Astronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATS (Ats Corporation) Start Date:2023-05-25
ATSG (Air Transport Srvcs) Start Date:2008-05-16
ATUS (Altice Usa) Start Date:2017-06-22
ATXG (Addentax) Start Date:2016-12-12
ATXI (Avenue Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-06-27
ATXS (Astria Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-06-25
ATYR (Atyr Pharma Inc) Start Date:2015-05-07
AU (Anglogold Ashanti Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
AUB (Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp) Start Date:2014-11-28
AUBN (Auburn National Bancorp) Start Date:2005-03-30
AUDC (Audiocodes Ltd) Start Date:2000-01-03
AUGX (Augmedix) Start Date:2021-03-31
AUID (Ipsidy) Start Date:2021-07-19
AULT (Ault Alliance) Start Date:2023-01-03
AUMN (Golden Minerals Company) Start Date:2009-05-07
AUNA (Auna S.A.) Start Date:2024-03-22
AUPH (Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2014-09-02
AUR (Aurora Innovation, Class A) Start Date:2021-05-10
AURA (Aura Biosciences) Start Date:2021-10-29
AUROW (Aurora Innovation Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-04
AUST (Austin Gold Common Shares) Start Date:2022-05-04
AUTL (Autolus Therapeutics Plc American Depositary Share) Start Date:2018-06-22
AUUD (Auddia) Start Date:2021-02-17
AUUDW (Auddia Warrants) Start Date:2021-02-17
AUVI (Applied Uv) Start Date:2020-08-31
AVA (Avista Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
AVAH (Aveanna Healthcare Holdings) Start Date:2021-04-29
AVAL (Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores S.A.) Start Date:2014-09-23
AVAV (Aerovironment) Start Date:2007-01-23
AVB (Avalonbay Communities) Start Date:2000-01-03
AVBP (Arrivent Biopharma) Start Date:2024-01-26
AVD (American Vanguard) Start Date:2006-03-07
AVDL (Avadel Pharmaceuticals Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-05-04
AVDX (Avidxchange Holdings,) Start Date:2021-10-13
AVGO (Broadcom) Start Date:2016-02-01
AVGR (Avinger) Start Date:2015-01-30
AVIR (Atea Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-11-02
AVK (Advent Convertible And Income Fund) Start Date:2003-04-30
AVNS (Avanos Medical) Start Date:2014-11-03
AVNT (Avient Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-01
AVNW (Aviat Networks) Start Date:2010-01-29
AVO (Mission Produce) Start Date:2020-10-01
AVPT (Avepoint, Class A) Start Date:2021-06-28
AVPTW (Avepoint Warrant) Start Date:2019-11-05
AVRO (Avrobio) Start Date:2018-06-21
AVT (Avnet) Start Date:2000-01-03
AVTE (Aerovate Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-06-30
AVTR (Avantor) Start Date:2019-05-17
AVTX (Avalo Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-11-13
AVXL (Anavex Life Sciences) Start Date:2015-10-28
AVY (Avery Dennison Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
AWF (Alliancebernstein Global High Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
AWH (Aspira Women's Health) Start Date:2010-01-27
AWI (Armstrong World Industries) Start Date:2006-10-18
AWIN (Aerwins Technologies) Start Date:2021-10-12
AWK (American Water Works Company Inc) Start Date:2008-04-23
AWP (Aberdeen Global Premier Properties Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-04-26
AWR (American States Water) Start Date:2000-01-03
AWRE (Aware) Start Date:2000-01-03
AWX (Avalon Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
AX (Axos Financial) Start Date:2007-05-16
AXDX (Accelerate Diagnostics C) Start Date:2003-10-09
AXGN (Axogen) Start Date:2007-05-16
AXL (American Axle & Mfg) Start Date:2000-01-03
AXNX (Axonics Modulation Technologies) Start Date:2018-10-31
AXON (Axon Enterprise,) Start Date:2015-06-11
AXP (American Express Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
AXR (Amrep) Start Date:2000-01-03
AXS (Axis Capital Holdings Limited) Start Date:2003-07-01
AXSM (Axsome Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-11-19
AXTA (Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.) Start Date:2014-11-12
AXTI (Axt) Start Date:2000-01-03
AY (Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure Plc) Start Date:2014-06-13
AYI (Acuity Brands) Start Date:2001-12-03
AYRO (Ayro) Start Date:2007-05-16
AYTU (Aytu Bioscience) Start Date:2017-10-20
AZ (A2z Smart Technologies Common Shares) Start Date:2022-01-05
AZEK (Azek Company) Start Date:2020-06-12
AZN (Astrazeneca Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
AZO (Autozone Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AZPN (Aspen Technology) Start Date:2005-03-22
AZTA (Azenta) Start Date:2007-05-02
AZTR (Azitra) Start Date:2023-06-16
AZUL (Azul S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-04-11
AZZ (Azz) Start Date:2000-01-03
B (Barnes) Start Date:2000-01-03
BA (Boeing Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
BABA (Alibaba Holding American Depositary Shares Each Representing Eight Ordinary Share) Start Date:2014-09-19
BAC (Bank Of America Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
BACK (Imac Holdings) Start Date:2019-02-13
BAER (Bridger Aerospace Holdings) Start Date:2023-01-25
BAFN (Bayfirst Financial) Start Date:2021-11-30
BAH (Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation) Start Date:2010-11-17
BAK (Braskem Sa ADR) Start Date:2019-10-24
BALL (Ball Corp) Start Date:2005-01-03
BALY (Bally's Corporation) Start Date:2019-03-29
BAM (Brookfield Asset Management Inc) Start Date:2005-10-05
BANC (Banc Of California Commo) Start Date:2007-05-17
BAND (Bandwidth) Start Date:2017-11-10
BANF (Bancfirst) Start Date:2000-01-03
BANFP (Bancfirst - Bfc Capital Trust Ii Cumulative Trust Preferred Securities) Start Date:2006-11-14
BANL (Cbl International Limited) Start Date:2023-03-23
BANR (Banner) Start Date:2000-10-30
BANX (Arrowmark Financial) Start Date:2013-11-07
BAOS (Baosheng Media) Start Date:2021-02-08
BAP (Credicorp Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
BARK (The Original Bark Company) Start Date:2020-12-18
BASE (Couchbase) Start Date:2021-07-22
BATL (Battalion Oil) Start Date:2020-02-20
BATRA (Liberty Media Series A Lbty Braves) Start Date:2016-04-18
BATRK (Liberty Media Series C Lbty Braves) Start Date:2016-04-18
BAX (Baxter International) Start Date:2000-01-03
BAYA (Bayview Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2023-12-29
BB (Blackberry Limited) Start Date:2007-04-25
BBAI (Bigbear.AI) Start Date:2021-12-08
BBAR (Banco Bbva Argentina S.A. ADS) Start Date:2007-05-16
BBCP (Concrete Pumping) Start Date:2017-08-21
BBD (Banco Bradesco S.A.) Start Date:2002-08-02
BBDC (Barings Bdc,) Start Date:2018-08-03
BBDO (Banco Bradesco Sa American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2012-03-13
BBGI (Beasley Broadcast Class A) Start Date:2000-02-11
BBIO (Bridgebio Pharma) Start Date:2019-06-27
BBLG (Bone Biologics) Start Date:2021-10-13
BBLGW (Bone Biologics Warrants) Start Date:2021-10-13
BBN (Blackrock Taxable Municipal Bond Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-08-27
BBSI (Barrett Business Services) Start Date:2002-08-14
BBU (Brookfield Business Partners) Start Date:2016-06-01
BBUC (Brookfield Business Class A Exchangeable Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2022-03-15
BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.) Start Date:2009-12-14
BBW (Build-A-Bear Workshop) Start Date:2004-10-28
BBWI (Bath & Body Works,) Start Date:2007-04-27
BBY (Best Buy Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
BC (Brunswick Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BCAB (Bioatla) Start Date:2020-12-16
BCAN (Bynd Cannasoft Enterprises) Start Date:2022-05-31
BCAT (Blackrock Capital Allocation Trust) Start Date:2020-09-25
BCBP (Bcb Bancorp) Start Date:2006-05-02
BCC (Boise Cascade) Start Date:2013-02-06
BCDA (Biocardia) Start Date:2008-11-28
BCDAW (Biocardia Warrant) Start Date:2022-11-11
BCE (Bce) Start Date:2000-01-03
BCH (Banco De Chile Banco De Chile ADS) Start Date:2002-08-02
BCLI (Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics I) Start Date:2007-05-16
BCML (Baycom Corp) Start Date:2007-05-16
BCO (The Brink's Company) Start Date:2003-05-05
BCOV (Brightcove) Start Date:2012-02-17
BCOW (1895 Bancorp Of Wisconsin) Start Date:2019-01-09
BCPC (Balchem) Start Date:2006-12-22
BCRX (Biocryst Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
BCS (Barclays Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BCSF (Bain Capital Specialty Finance) Start Date:2018-11-15
BCTX (Briacell Therapeutics Common Shares) Start Date:2021-02-24
BCTXW (Briacell Therapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-02-24
BCV (Bancroft Fund Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
BCX (Blackrock Resources Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2011-03-29
BCYC (Bicycle Therapeutics Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-05-23
BDC (Belden) Start Date:2004-07-16
BDJ (Blackrock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust) Start Date:2005-08-30
BDL (Flanigan's Enterprises) Start Date:2006-05-03
BDN (Brandywine Realty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
BDRX (Biodexa Pharmaceuticals Plc) Start Date:2015-12-07
BDSX (Biodesix Inc) Start Date:2020-11-02
BDTX (Black Diamond Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-01-30
BDX (Becton Dickinson) Start Date:2000-01-03
BE (Bloom Energy Corp) Start Date:2018-07-25
BEAM (Beam Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-05-15
BEAT (Heartbeam,) Start Date:2021-11-11
BECN (Beacon Roofing Supply) Start Date:2004-09-23
BEDU (Bright Scholar Education Holdings American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2017-05-18
BEEM (Beam Global) Start Date:2020-12-15
BEEMW (Beam Global Warrant) Start Date:2019-04-16
BEKE (Ke) Start Date:2020-08-13
BELFA (Bel Fuse Class A) Start Date:2000-01-03
BELFB (Bel Fuse) Start Date:2000-01-03
BEN (Franklin Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
BEP (Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P.) Start Date:2007-05-16
BEPC (Brookfield Renewable Class A Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2020-07-24
BERY (Berry Global) Start Date:2012-10-04
BEST (Best) Start Date:2019-02-19
BETS (Bit Brother Ltd.) Start Date:2019-02-20
BF.A (Brown-Forman) Start Date:2000-01-03
BF.B (Brown-Forman) Start Date:2000-01-03
BFAM (Bright Horizons Family Solutions) Start Date:2013-01-25
BFC (Bank First Corp) Start Date:2007-05-17
BFH (Bread Financial) Start Date:2007-04-30
BFI (Burgerfi International) Start Date:2018-03-26
BFIIW (Burgerfi International Warrant) Start Date:2018-03-26
BFIN (Bankfinancial) Start Date:2005-06-28
BFK (Blackrock Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2001-07-27
BFLY (Butterfly Network) Start Date:2020-07-13
BFRG (Bullfrog AI Holdings) Start Date:2023-02-14
BFRI (Biofrontera) Start Date:2021-10-29
BFRIW (Biofrontera Warrants) Start Date:2021-10-29
BFS (Saul Centers) Start Date:2000-01-03
BFST (Business First Bancshares) Start Date:2018-04-11
BFXQ (Bowflex Inc) Start Date:2007-04-30
BFZ (Blackrock California Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2001-07-27
BG (Bunge Limited) Start Date:2001-08-02
BGB (Blackstone Strategic Credit Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2012-09-26
BGC (Bgc Inc) Start Date:2008-04-02
BGFV (Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp) Start Date:2005-10-06
BGH (Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interests) Start Date:2012-10-26
BGI (Birks) Start Date:2005-11-15
BGNE (Beigene American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2016-02-03
BGR (Blackrock Energy And Resources Trust) Start Date:2004-12-23
BGS (B&G Foods) Start Date:2007-05-23
BGSF (Bg Staffing) Start Date:2014-04-29
BGT (Blackrock Floating Rate Income Trust) Start Date:2004-08-30
BGX (Blackstone Long Short Credit Income Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2011-01-27
BGXX (Bright Green) Start Date:2022-05-17
BGY (Blackrock Enhanced International Dividend Trust) Start Date:2007-05-25
BH (Biglari) Start Date:2018-05-01
BH.A (Biglari) Start Date:2018-05-01
BHAT (Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-07-26
BHB (Bar Harbor Bankshares) Start Date:2003-12-29
BHC (Bausch Health Companies) Start Date:2007-04-27
BHE (Benchmark Electronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
BHF (Brighthouse Financial) Start Date:2017-07-17
BHFAL (Brighthouse Financial 6.25% Junior Subordinated Debentures Due 2058) Start Date:2018-09-14
BHFAP (Brighthouse Financial Depositary Shares 6.6% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock Series A) Start Date:2019-03-26
BHIL (Benson Hill) Start Date:2021-09-27
BHK (Blackrock Core Bond Trust Blackrock Core Bond Trust) Start Date:2001-11-28
BHLB (Berkshire Hills Bancorp) Start Date:2005-10-25
BHM (Bluerock Homes Trust Class A) Start Date:2022-09-28
BHP (Bhp American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
BHR (Braemar Hotels & Resorts) Start Date:2013-11-20
BHV (Blackrock Virginia Municipal Bond Trust) Start Date:2006-06-26
BHVN (Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd.) Start Date:2017-05-04
BIAF (Bioaffinity Technologies) Start Date:2022-09-01
BIDU (Bidu) Start Date:2005-08-05
BIG (Big Lots) Start Date:2006-08-18
BIGC (Bigcommerce) Start Date:2020-08-05
BIGZ (Blackrock Innovation And Growth Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-03-26
BIIB (Biogen) Start Date:2000-01-03
BILI (Bilibili) Start Date:2018-03-28
BILL (Bill.com Holdings) Start Date:2019-12-12
BIMI (Bimi International Medical) Start Date:2010-10-04
BIO (Bio-Rad Laboratories) Start Date:2002-05-10
BIO.B (Bio-Rad Laboratories) Start Date:2001-08-20
BIOL (Biolase) Start Date:2005-10-06
BIOR (Biora Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-06-19
BIOX (Bioceres Crop Solutions Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-03-15
BIP (Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.) Start Date:2008-01-31
BIPC (Brookfield Infrastructure Corporation) Start Date:2020-04-20
BIRD (Allbirds, Class A) Start Date:2021-11-03
BIRK (Birkenstock Holding Limited) Start Date:2023-10-11
BIT (Blackrock Multi-Sector Income Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2013-02-26
BITF (Bitfarms) Start Date:2021-06-21
BIVI (Biovie Class A) Start Date:2019-08-15
BJ (Bj's Wholesale Club Holdings) Start Date:2018-06-28
BJDX (Bluejay Diagnostics,) Start Date:2021-11-10
BJRI (Bj's Restaurants) Start Date:2004-08-16
BK (The Bank Of New York Mellon) Start Date:2000-01-03
BKD (Brookdale Senior Living) Start Date:2005-11-22
BKE (Buckle) Start Date:2000-01-03
BKH (Black Hills Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BKHA (Black Hawk Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2024-05-13
BKKT (Bakkt Holdings,) Start Date:2021-10-18
BKN (Blackrock Investment Quality Municipal Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc) Start Date:2007-04-30
BKR (Baker Hughes Company) Start Date:2017-07-05
BKSY (Blacksky Technology) Start Date:2019-12-20
BKT (Blackrock Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
BKTI (Bk Technologies) Start Date:2007-04-26
BKU (Bankunited) Start Date:2011-01-28
BKYI (Bio-Key International) Start Date:2006-12-11
BL (Blackline) Start Date:2016-10-28
BLAC (Bellevue Life Sciences Acquisition) Start Date:2023-03-17
BLBD (Perseon Corp) Start Date:2014-03-20
BLBX (Blackboxstocks) Start Date:2016-01-22
BLCO (Bausch + Lomb Common Shares) Start Date:2022-05-06
BLD (Topbuild) Start Date:2015-06-29
BLDE (Blade Air Mobility, Class A) Start Date:2019-11-05
BLDEW (Blade Air Mobility Warrants) Start Date:2020-01-03
BLDP (Ballard Power Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
BLDR (Builders Firstsource) Start Date:2005-06-28
BLE (Blackrock Municipal Income Trust Ii) Start Date:2002-07-30
BLEU (Bleuacacia Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-01-10
BLEUR (Bleuacacia Rights) Start Date:2022-01-10
BLEUW (Bleuacacia Warrants) Start Date:2022-01-10
BLFS (Biolife Solutions) Start Date:2007-05-16
BLFY (Blue Foundry Bancorp) Start Date:2021-07-16
BLIN (Bridgeline Digital) Start Date:2007-06-29
BLK (Blackrock) Start Date:2000-01-03
BLKB (Blackbaud) Start Date:2004-07-26
BLMN (Bloomin Brands) Start Date:2012-08-08
BLND (Blend Labs) Start Date:2021-07-16
BLNK (Blink Charging Co.) Start Date:2018-02-14
BLRX (Biolinerx American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2011-07-25
BLTE (Belite Bio Inc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2022-04-29
BLUE (Bluebird Bio) Start Date:2013-06-19
BLW (Blackrock Duration Income Trust) Start Date:2003-07-29
BLX (Banco Latinoamericano) Start Date:2000-01-03
BLZE (Backblaze, Class A) Start Date:2021-11-11
BMA (Banco Macro S.A. ADR) Start Date:2006-03-27
BMBL (Bumble) Start Date:2021-02-11
BME (Blackrock Health Sciences Trust) Start Date:2005-03-29
BMEA (Biomea Fusion) Start Date:2021-04-16
BMEZ (Blackrock Health Sciences Trust Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2020-01-29
BMI (Badger Meter) Start Date:2000-01-03
BMN (Blackrock 2037 Municipal Target Term Trust Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2022-10-27
BMO (Bank Of Montreal) Start Date:2000-01-03
BMR (Beamr Imaging) Start Date:2023-02-28
BMRA (Biomerica) Start Date:2007-05-17
BMRC (Bank Of Marin) Start Date:2004-02-05
BMRN (Biomarin Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2009-07-21
BMTX (Bm Technologies) Start Date:2018-09-21
BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb) Start Date:2000-01-03
BN (Brookfield Class A) Start Date:2007-05-01
BNED (Barnes & Noble Education Inc) Start Date:2015-07-23
BNGO (Bionano Genomics,) Start Date:2018-09-21
BNL (Broadstone Net Lease) Start Date:2020-09-17
BNOX (Bionomics ADS) Start Date:2021-12-16
BNR (Burning Rock Biotech) Start Date:2020-06-12
BNRE (Brookfield Reinsurance Class A Exchangeable) Start Date:2022-12-14
BNRG (Brenmiller Energy Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-05-25
BNS (Bank Of Nova Scotia) Start Date:2002-06-07
BNTC (Benitec Biopharma) Start Date:2015-08-18
BNTX (Biontech Se) Start Date:2019-10-10
BNY (Blackrock New York Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2001-07-27
BNZI (Banzai International Inc) Start Date:2021-02-12
BOC (Boston Omaha Class A) Start Date:2017-06-16
BODI (Beachbody Company Inc) Start Date:2021-06-28
BOE (Blackrock Enhanced Global Dividend Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-05-26
BOF (Branchout Food) Start Date:2023-06-16
BOH (Bank Of Hawaii Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BOKF (Bok Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
BOLD (Boundless Bio) Start Date:2024-03-28
BOLT (Bolt Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2021-02-05
BON (Bon Natural Life) Start Date:2021-06-24
BOOM (Dmc Global) Start Date:2000-01-03
BOOT (Boot Barn) Start Date:2014-10-30
BORR (Borr Drilling Common Shares) Start Date:2019-07-31
BOSC (B.O.S. Better Online Solutions) Start Date:2000-01-03
BOTJ (Bank Of The James Financial) Start Date:2012-01-25
BOW (Bowhead Specialty Holdings) Start Date:2024-05-23
BOWL (Bowlero Class A) Start Date:2021-04-23
BOWN (Bowen Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2023-08-17
BOX (Box) Start Date:2015-01-23
BOXL (Boxlight Class A) Start Date:2017-11-30
BP (Bp P.L.C.) Start Date:2000-08-01
BPMC (Blueprint Medicines Corporation) Start Date:2015-04-30
BPOP (Popular) Start Date:2000-01-03
BPRN (The Bank Of Princeton) Start Date:2017-05-31
BPT (Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
BPTH (Bio-Path Holdings) Start Date:2008-04-28
BPTS (Biophytis) Start Date:2021-02-10
BPYPP (Brookfield Property Partners L.P. 6.50% Class A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Units) Start Date:2019-03-22
BQ (Boqii Holding) Start Date:2020-09-30
BR (Broadridge Financial Solutions) Start Date:2007-04-02
BRAG (Bragg Gaming Common Shares) Start Date:2021-08-27
BRBR (Bellring Brands) Start Date:2019-10-17
BRBS (Blue Ridge Bankshares) Start Date:2010-08-24
BRC (Brady) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRCC (Brc) Start Date:2022-02-09
BRDG (Bridge Investment) Start Date:2021-07-16
BREA (Brera Holdings Plc) Start Date:2023-01-27
BRFH (Barfresh Food) Start Date:2022-01-20
BRFS (Brf S.A.) Start Date:2009-12-10
BRID (Bridgford Foods) Start Date:2006-10-12
BRK.A (Berkshire Hathaway) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRK.B (Berkshire Hathaway) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRKL (Brookline Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRKR (Bruker) Start Date:2003-07-02
BRLT (Brilliant Earth Class A) Start Date:2021-09-23
BRN (Barnwell Industries) Start Date:2004-01-12
BRNS (Barinthus Biotherapeutics Plc) Start Date:2021-04-30
BRO (Brown & Brown) Start Date:2000-01-03
BROG (Brooge Energy Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-07-13
BROGW (Brooge Holdings Warrant Expiring 12/20/2024) Start Date:2018-07-13
BROS (Dutch Bros) Start Date:2021-09-15
BRSH (Bruush Oral Care) Start Date:2022-08-03
BRSP (Brightspire Capital Class A) Start Date:2018-02-01
BRT (Brt Apartments Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRTX (Biorestorative Therapies) Start Date:2021-11-05
BRW (Saba Capital Income & Opportunities Fund Sbi) Start Date:2007-05-03
BRX (Brixmor Property) Start Date:2013-10-30
BRY (Berry Corp) Start Date:2018-07-20
BRZE (Braze) Start Date:2021-11-17
BSAC (Banco Santander-Chile) Start Date:2007-04-27
BSBK (Bogota Financial Corp) Start Date:2020-01-16
BSBR (Banco Santander) Start Date:2009-10-07
BSET (Bassett Furniture Industries Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
BSFC (Blue Star Foods) Start Date:2020-04-28
BSIG (Brightsphere Investment) Start Date:2014-10-09
BSL (Blackstone Senior Floating Rate Term Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-05-26
BSM (Black Stone Minerals, L.P.) Start Date:2015-05-01
BSRR (Sierra) Start Date:2000-01-03
BST (Blackrock Science And Technology Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2014-10-29
BSTZ (Blackrock Science And Technology Trust Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2019-06-26
BSVN (Bank7) Start Date:2018-09-20
BSX (Boston Scientific) Start Date:2000-01-03
BSY (Bentley Systems Inc) Start Date:2020-09-23
BTA (Blackrock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust Blackrock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2006-02-27
BTAI (Bioxcel Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-03-08
BTBD (Bt Brands) Start Date:2021-11-12
BTBDW (Bt Brands Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-12
BTBT (Bit Digital Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-03-20
BTCM (Bit Mining ADS) Start Date:2013-11-22
BTCS (Btcs) Start Date:2021-09-14
BTCT (Btc Digital Ltd.) Start Date:2018-10-17
BTCY (Biotricity) Start Date:2016-02-18
BTG (B2gold) Start Date:2008-10-29
BTI (British American Tobacco Industries P.L.C. ADR) Start Date:2000-01-03
BTM (Bitcoin Depot Inc) Start Date:2022-04-19
BTMD (Biote Class A) Start Date:2021-04-28
BTO (John Hancock Financial Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
BTOC (Armlogi Holding) Start Date:2024-05-14
BTOG (Bit Origin Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-08-14
BTSG (Brightspring Health Services) Start Date:2024-01-26
BTT (Blackrock Municipal 2030 Target Term Trust) Start Date:2012-08-29
BTTR (Better Choice Company) Start Date:2021-06-29
BTU (Peabody Energy Corporation) Start Date:2017-04-03
BTZ (Blackrock Credit Allocation Income Trust) Start Date:2006-12-22
BUD (Anheuser-Busch Inbev Sa) Start Date:2009-09-16
BUI (Blackrock Utility Infrastructure & Power Opportunities Trust) Start Date:2011-11-23
BUJA (Bukit Jalil Global Acquisition 1 Ltd.) Start Date:2023-08-21
BUR (Burford Capital Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2016-04-06
BURL (Burlington Stores) Start Date:2013-10-02
BUSE (First Busey) Start Date:2000-01-03
BV (Brightview) Start Date:2018-06-28
BVN (Compania De Minas Buenaventura S.A.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
BVS (Bioventus) Start Date:2021-02-11
BW (Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises,) Start Date:2015-07-01
BWA (Borgwarner) Start Date:2000-01-03
BWAQ (Blue World Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-03-16
BWAY (Brainsway American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-04-17
BWB (Bridgewater Bancshares) Start Date:2018-03-14
BWEN (Broadwind) Start Date:2008-03-04
BWFG (Bankwell Financial) Start Date:2014-05-15
BWG (Brandywineglobal Global Income Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2012-03-28
BWIN (Baldwin Insurance Inc) Start Date:2019-10-24
BWMN (Bowman Consulting) Start Date:2021-05-07
BWMX (Betterware De Mexico, S.A.B. De C.V.) Start Date:2020-03-16
BWXT (Bwx Technologies) Start Date:2010-08-02
BX (Blackstone) Start Date:2007-06-22
BXC (Bluelinx) Start Date:2004-12-14
BXMT (Blackstone Mortgage Trust) Start Date:2007-05-02
BXMX (Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-05-02
BXP (Boston Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
BXSL (Blackstone Secured Lending Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-10-28
BY (Byline Bancorp) Start Date:2017-06-30
BYD (Boyd Gaming Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BYFC (Broadway Financial) Start Date:2004-02-20
BYM (Blackrock Municipal Income Quality Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2002-10-29
BYND (Beyond Meat) Start Date:2019-05-02
BYNO (Bynordic Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-04-05
BYON (Beyond Inc) Start Date:2007-04-26
BYRN (Byrna Technologies) Start Date:2021-05-05
BYSI (Beyondspring) Start Date:2017-03-09
BYU (Baiyu Holdings Inc) Start Date:2015-04-22
BZ (Kanzhun) Start Date:2021-06-11
BZFD (Buzzfeed Class A) Start Date:2021-12-06
BZFDW (Buzzfeed Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-05
BZH (Beazer Homes Usa) Start Date:2000-01-03
BZUN (Baozun) Start Date:2015-05-21
C (Citigroup) Start Date:2011-05-09
C.K (Citigroup Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Pfd Ser K) Start Date:2007-04-26
CAAP (Corporacion America Airports S.A.) Start Date:2018-02-01
CAAS (China Automotive Systems) Start Date:2004-08-24
CABA (Cabaletta Bio) Start Date:2019-10-25
CABO (Cable One) Start Date:2015-06-11
CAC (Camden National) Start Date:2002-02-04
CACC (Credit Acceptance) Start Date:2006-04-26
CACI (Caci International) Start Date:2009-05-04
CACO (Caravelle International) Start Date:2022-12-19
CADE (Cadence Bancorporation) Start Date:2017-04-13
CADL (Candel Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-07-27
CAE (Cae) Start Date:2009-07-02
CAF (Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund) Start Date:2006-09-28
CAG (Conagra Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAH (Cardinal Health) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAKE (Cheesecake Factory) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAL (Caleres) Start Date:2000-01-03
CALB (California Bancorp) Start Date:2017-07-03
CALC (Calcimedica Inc) Start Date:2020-09-25
CALM (Cal-Maine Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
CALT (Calliditas Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-06-05
CALX (Calix) Start Date:2010-03-24
CAMP (Calamp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAMT (Camtek) Start Date:2000-07-28
CAN (Canaan American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-11-21
CANB (Can B) Start Date:2011-04-29
CANF (Can-Fite Biopharma Sponsored ADR) Start Date:2012-11-12
CANG (Cango American Depositary Shares Each Representing Two) Start Date:2018-07-26
CANO (Cano Health,) Start Date:2020-07-06
CAPL (Crossamerica Partners Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2012-10-25
CAPR (Capricor Therapeutics) Start Date:2008-05-13
CAPT (Captivision Inc) Start Date:2022-04-04
CAR (Avis Budget) Start Date:2006-09-05
CARA (Cara Therapeutics Common) Start Date:2014-01-31
CARE (Carter Bankshares) Start Date:2007-05-16
CARG (Cargurus) Start Date:2017-10-12
CARM (Carisma Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2014-02-06
CARR (Carrier Global) Start Date:2020-03-19
CARS (Cars Com) Start Date:2017-05-18
CART (Instacart) Start Date:2023-09-19
CARV (Carver Bancorp) Start Date:2007-07-10
CASH (Meta Financial) Start Date:2006-03-21
CASI (Casi Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-04-24
CASS (Cass Information Systems) Start Date:2004-03-09
CASY (Casey's General Stores) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAT (Caterpillar) Start Date:2000-01-03
CATC (Cambridge Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-18
CATO (Cato) Start Date:2009-10-16
CATX (Perspective Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
CATY (Cathay General Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAUD (Collective Audience Inc) Start Date:2021-09-03
CAVA (Cava) Start Date:2023-06-15
CB (Chubb Limited) Start Date:2008-07-18
CBAN (Colony Bankcorp) Start Date:2004-10-20
CBAT (Cbak Energy Technology) Start Date:2007-05-03
CBFV (Cb Financial Svc Cmn) Start Date:2007-05-22
CBH (Allianzgi Convertible & Income 2024 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2017-06-28
CBL (Cbl & Associates Properties) Start Date:2021-11-02
CBNK (Capital Bancorp) Start Date:2018-09-26
CBOE (Cboe Global Markets) Start Date:2010-06-15
CBRE (Cbre) Start Date:2017-01-03
CBRG (Chain Bridge I Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-01-04
CBRGU (Chain Bridge I Units) Start Date:2021-11-10
CBRL (Cracker Barrel Old Country Store) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBSH (Commerce Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBT (Cabot Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBU (Community Bank System) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBUS (Cibus Inc) Start Date:2017-07-20
CBZ (Cbiz) Start Date:2006-08-07
CC (Chemours Company) Start Date:2015-06-19
CCAP (Crescent Capital Bdc) Start Date:2020-02-03
CCB (Coastal Financial) Start Date:2018-07-18
CCBG (Capital City Bank) Start Date:2000-01-03
CCCC (C4 Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-10-02
CCCS (Ccc Intelligent Solutions Holdings) Start Date:2021-08-02
CCEL (Cryo-Cell International) Start Date:2007-05-16
CCEP (Coca-Cola European Partners Plc) Start Date:2018-11-07
CCI (Crown Castle International) Start Date:2001-04-25
CCJ (Cameco Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CCK (Crown Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
CCL (Carnival) Start Date:2000-01-03
CCLD (Carecloud) Start Date:2014-07-23
CCM (Concord Medical Services Holdings ADS) Start Date:2009-12-11
CCNE (Cnb Financial) Start Date:2002-10-30
CCO (Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings,) Start Date:2005-11-14
CCOI (Cogent Communications Holdings) Start Date:2006-03-06
CCRD (Corecard) Start Date:2007-05-18
CCRN (Cross Country Healthcare) Start Date:2001-10-25
CCS (Century Communities) Start Date:2014-06-18
CCSI (Consensus Cloud Solutions,) Start Date:2021-09-30
CCTG (Ccsc Technology International Holdings Limited) Start Date:2024-01-18
CCU (Compania Cervecerias Unidas S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CCZ (Comcast Holdings Zones) Start Date:2018-09-25
CDE (Couer Mining) Start Date:2000-01-03
CDIO (Cardio Diagnostics Holdings) Start Date:2022-01-14
CDLX (Cardlytics) Start Date:2018-02-09
CDMO (Avid Bioservices) Start Date:2007-04-25
CDNA (Caredx) Start Date:2014-07-17
CDNS (Cadence Design Systems) Start Date:2005-10-31
CDP (Copt Defense Properties) Start Date:2007-01-03
CDRE (Cadre Holdings) Start Date:2021-11-04
CDRO (Codere Online Luxembourg S.A. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-01
CDROW (Codere Online Luxembourg S.A. Warrants) Start Date:2021-12-01
CDT (Conduit Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2022-03-28
CDTG (Cdt Environmental Technology Investment Holdings Limited) Start Date:2024-04-18
CDTX (Cidara Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-04-15
CDW (Cdw Corporation) Start Date:2013-06-27
CDXC (Chromadex) Start Date:2008-07-15
CDXS (Codexis) Start Date:2010-04-22
CDZI (Cadiz) Start Date:2005-06-20
CDZIP (Cadiz Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-07-08
CE (Celanese) Start Date:2005-01-21
CEAD (Cea Industries) Start Date:2022-02-11
CEADW (Cea Industries Warrant) Start Date:2022-02-11
CECO (Ceco Environmental) Start Date:2000-01-03
CEE (The Central And Eastern Europe Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
CEG (Constellation Energy) Start Date:2023-05-15
CEI (Camber Energy) Start Date:2016-11-30
CEIX (Consol Energy) Start Date:2017-11-14
CELC (Celcuity) Start Date:2017-09-20
CELH (Celsius) Start Date:2010-02-10
CELU (Celularity Class A) Start Date:2019-08-08
CELUW (Celularity Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-19
CELZ (Creative Medical Technology Holdings) Start Date:2021-12-03
CEM (Clearbridge Mlp And Midstream Fund) Start Date:2010-06-25
CENN (Cenntro Electric) Start Date:2013-02-15
CENT (Central Garden & Pet) Start Date:2000-01-03
CENTA (Central Garden & Pet) Start Date:2007-02-06
CENX (Century Aluminum) Start Date:2000-01-03
CEPU (Central Puerto S.A. ADS) Start Date:2018-02-02
CERE (Cerevel Therapeutics Holdings,) Start Date:2020-07-30
CERS (Cerus) Start Date:2000-01-03
CERT (Certara) Start Date:2020-12-11
CET (Central Securities) Start Date:2000-01-03
CETU (Cetus Capital Acquisition) Start Date:2023-03-24
CETX (Cemtrex) Start Date:2015-06-25
CETXP (Cemtrex Series 1 Preferred Stock) Start Date:2017-02-17
CEV (Eaton Vance California Municipal Income Trust Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2000-01-03
CEVA (Ceva) Start Date:2003-12-08
CF (Cf Industries Holdings Inc) Start Date:2005-08-11
CFB (Crossfirst Bankshares) Start Date:2019-08-15
CFBK (Cf Bankshares) Start Date:2005-11-16
CFFI (C&F Financial) Start Date:2006-05-03
CFFN (Capitol Federal Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
CFG (Citizens Financial) Start Date:2014-09-24
CFLT (Confluent) Start Date:2021-06-24
CFR (Cullen/Frost Bankers) Start Date:2000-01-03
CFSB (Cfsb Bancorp) Start Date:2022-01-13
CG (The Carlyle) Start Date:2012-05-03
CGA (China Green Agriculture) Start Date:2009-03-09
CGAU (Centerra Gold Common Shares) Start Date:2021-04-15
CGBD (Tcg Bdc,) Start Date:2017-06-14
CGC (Canopy Growth Corporation) Start Date:2018-05-24
CGEM (Cullinan Oncology) Start Date:2021-01-08
CGEN (Compugen Ltd) Start Date:2000-08-11
CGNT (Cognyte Software) Start Date:2021-02-02
CGNX (Cognex Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CGON (Cg Oncology) Start Date:2024-01-25
CGTX (Cognition Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-10-08
CHAA (Catcha Investment Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-05
CHCI (Comstock Holding Companies Class A) Start Date:2004-12-14
CHCO (City Holding) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHCT (Community Healthcare Trust) Start Date:2015-05-21
CHD (Church & Dwight) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHDN (Churchill Downs Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHE (Chemed) Start Date:2004-05-18
CHEF (Chefs Warehouse) Start Date:2011-07-28
CHEK (Check-Cap Ordinary Share) Start Date:2015-03-18
CHGG (Chegg) Start Date:2013-11-13
CHH (Choice Hotels International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHK (Chesapeake Energy Corporation) Start Date:2021-02-10
CHKEL (Chesapeake Energy Class C Warrants) Start Date:2021-02-10
CHKEW (Chesapeake Energy Class A Warrants) Start Date:2021-02-10
CHKEZ (Chesapeake Energy Class B Warrants) Start Date:2021-02-10
CHKP (Check Point Software Technologies Ltd) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHMG (Chemung Financial) Start Date:2007-05-18
CHMI (Cherry Hill Mortgage Investmen) Start Date:2013-10-04
CHN (China Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHNR (China Natural Resources) Start Date:2004-11-22
CHPT (Chargepoint Holdings,) Start Date:2019-09-16
CHR (Cheer Holding Inc) Start Date:2018-09-12
CHRD (Chord Energy) Start Date:2020-11-20
CHRO (Chromocell Therapeutics Corp) Start Date:2024-02-16
CHRS (Coherus Biosciences Comm) Start Date:2014-11-06
CHRW (C. H. Robinson Worldwide) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHSCL (Chs Inc Class B Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock Series 4) Start Date:2015-01-22
CHSCM (Chs Inc Class B Reset Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock Series 3) Start Date:2014-09-10
CHSCN (Chs Inc Preferred Class B Series 2 Reset Rate) Start Date:2014-03-06
CHSCO (Chs Class B Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock) Start Date:2013-09-23
CHSN (Chanson International Holding) Start Date:2023-03-30
CHT (Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2003-10-09
CHTR (Charter Communications) Start Date:2010-09-14
CHUY (Chuy's) Start Date:2012-07-24
CHWY (Chewy) Start Date:2019-06-14
CHX (Championx Holding) Start Date:2018-04-27
CI (Cigna) Start Date:2000-01-03
CIA (Citizens) Start Date:2002-08-22
CIB (Bancolombia S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CIEN (Ciena Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CIF (Mfs Intermediate High Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
CIFR (Cipher Mining) Start Date:2021-08-25
CIFRW (Cipher Mining Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-07
CIG (Companhia Energetica De Minas Gerais) Start Date:2001-09-18
CIGI (Colliers International Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2007-05-16
CII (Blackrock Capital And Income Fund) Start Date:2004-05-26
CIK (Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund) Start Date:2006-05-11
CIM (Chimera Investment Corporation) Start Date:2007-11-16
CINF (Cincinnati Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
CING (Cingulate) Start Date:2021-12-08
CINGW (Cingulate Warrants) Start Date:2021-12-08
CINT (Ci&T Inc) Start Date:2021-11-10
CIO (City Office Reit) Start Date:2014-04-15
CION (Cion Investment) Start Date:2021-10-05
CISO (Cerberus Cyber Sentinel) Start Date:2020-06-26
CISS (C3is Inc) Start Date:2023-06-14
CIVB (Civista Bancshares) Start Date:2007-05-16
CIVI (Civitas Resources,) Start Date:2014-09-17
CIX (Compx International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CJJD (China Jo-Jo Drugstores) Start Date:2010-04-22
CKPT (Checkpoint Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-12-19
CKX (Ckx Lands) Start Date:2003-12-08
CL (Colgate-Palmolive) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLAR (Clarus Corp) Start Date:2017-09-01
CLB (Core Laboratories N.V.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLBK (Columbia Financial) Start Date:2018-04-20
CLBR (Colombier Acquisition Ii) Start Date:2024-01-11
CLBT (Cellebrite Di Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-08-31
CLBTW (Cellebrite Di Warrants) Start Date:2021-08-31
CLDT (Chatham Lodging) Start Date:2010-04-16
CLDX (Celldex Therapeutics, Inc) Start Date:2008-10-01
CLEU (China Liberal Education Holdings) Start Date:2020-05-08
CLF (Cleveland-Cliffs) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLFD (Clearfield) Start Date:2008-01-02
CLGN (Collplant Biotechnologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-01-31
CLH (Clean Harbors) Start Date:2008-12-15
CLIR (Clearsign Technologies) Start Date:2012-04-25
CLLS (Cellectis S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2015-03-25
CLM (Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund New) Start Date:2003-02-21
CLMB (Climb Global Solutions) Start Date:2007-05-16
CLMT (Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.) Start Date:2006-01-27
CLNE (Clean Energy Fuels) Start Date:2007-05-25
CLNN (Clene) Start Date:2020-12-31
CLNNW (Clene Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-31
CLOE (Clover Leaf Capital Class A) Start Date:2021-09-10
CLOER (Clover Leaf Capital Rights) Start Date:2021-09-10
CLOV (Clover Health Investments, Corp) Start Date:2021-01-08
CLPR (Clipper Realty) Start Date:2017-02-10
CLPS (Clps Incorporation) Start Date:2018-05-24
CLPT (Clearpoint Neuro) Start Date:2019-07-03
CLRB (Cellectar Biosciences) Start Date:2010-02-24
CLRC (Climaterock Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-06-02
CLRCR (Climaterock Right) Start Date:2022-06-02
CLRCU (Climaterock Unit) Start Date:2022-04-28
CLRCW (Climaterock Warrant) Start Date:2022-06-02
CLRO (Clearone) Start Date:2006-08-28
CLS (Celestica,) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLSD (Clearside Biomedical) Start Date:2016-06-02
CLSK (Cleanspark Inc) Start Date:2014-04-10
CLST (Catalyst Bancorp) Start Date:2021-10-13
CLVRW (Clever Leaves Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-18
CLVT (Clarivate Plc) Start Date:2018-10-29
CLW (Clearwater) Start Date:2008-12-17
CLWT (Euro Tech Holdings Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLX (The Clorox Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
CM (Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce) Start Date:2006-07-10
CMA (Comerica) Start Date:2000-01-03
CMAX (Caremax) Start Date:2021-06-04
CMAXW (Caremax Warrant) Start Date:2020-09-28
CMBM (Cambium Networks Corp) Start Date:2019-06-26
CMC (Commercial Metals Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
CMCL (Caledonia Mining Corp) Start Date:2017-06-29
CMCM (Cheetah Mobile American Depositary Shares Each Representing 10 Class Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-05-08
CMCO (Columbus Mckinnon) Start Date:2000-01-03
CMCSA (Comcast) Start Date:2000-01-03
CMCT (Cim Commercial Trust) Start Date:2007-05-16
CME (Cme) Start Date:2002-12-06
CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill) Start Date:2006-01-26
CMI (Cummins) Start Date:2003-12-10
CMLS (Cumulus Media Class A) Start Date:2018-08-01
CMMB (Chemomab Therapeutics American Depositary Share) Start Date:2019-02-12
CMND (Clearmind Medicine) Start Date:2022-11-15
CMP (Compass Minerals) Start Date:2003-12-12
CMPO (Composecure Class A) Start Date:2021-12-28
CMPOW (Composecure Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-19
CMPR (Cimpress) Start Date:2019-12-05
CMPS (Compass Pathways Plc) Start Date:2020-09-18
CMPX (Compass Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-08-13
CMRAW (Comera Life Sciences Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2022-05-20
CMRE (Costamare) Start Date:2010-11-04
CMRX (Chimerix) Start Date:2013-04-11
CMS (Cms Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
CMT (Core Molding Technologies Inc) Start Date:2002-09-03
CMTG (Claros Mortgage Trust) Start Date:2021-11-03
CMTL (Comtech Telecommunications) Start Date:2000-01-03
CMU (Mfs Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNA (Cna Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNC (Centene Corporation) Start Date:2003-10-16
CNDT (Conduent) Start Date:2016-12-13
CNET (Zw Data Action Technologies) Start Date:2010-09-14
CNEY (Cn Energy) Start Date:2021-02-05
CNF (Cnfinance Holdings American Depositary Shares Each Representing Twenty) Start Date:2018-11-07
CNFR (Conifer Holdings) Start Date:2015-08-13
CNH (Cnh Industrial Nv) Start Date:2013-09-30
CNI (Canadian National Railway) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNK (Cinemark) Start Date:2007-04-24
CNM (Core & Main) Start Date:2021-07-23
CNMD (Conmed) Start Date:2020-04-14
CNNE (Cannae Holdings) Start Date:2017-11-20
CNOB (Connectone Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
CNP (Centerpoint Energy) Start Date:2002-10-01
CNQ (Canadian Natural Resources Limited) Start Date:2003-02-03
CNS (Cohen & Steers) Start Date:2004-08-16
CNSL (Consolidated Comm) Start Date:2005-07-22
CNSP (Cns Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-11-08
CNTA (Centessa Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-05-28
CNTB (Connect Biopharma) Start Date:2021-03-19
CNTG (Centogene Bv) Start Date:2019-11-07
CNTX (Context Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-10-20
CNTY (Century Casinos) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNVS (Cinedigm Corp) Start Date:2023-05-30
CNX (Cnx Resources Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNXC (Concentrix) Start Date:2020-11-24
CNXN (Pc Connection) Start Date:2007-05-01
COCO (The Vita Coco Company) Start Date:2021-10-21
COCP (Cocrystal Pharma) Start Date:2018-03-12
CODA (Coda Octopus) Start Date:2017-07-19
CODI (Compass Diversified) Start Date:2006-05-18
CODX (Co-Diagnostics) Start Date:2017-07-12
COE (China Online Education American Depositary Shares Each Representing 15 Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2016-06-10
COEP (Coeptis Therapeutics Holdings) Start Date:2008-12-09
COF (Capital One Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
COFS (Choiceone Financial) Start Date:2007-05-16
COGT (Cogent Biosciences) Start Date:2018-03-29
COHN (Cohen & Company) Start Date:2010-01-04
COHR (Coherent) Start Date:2023-05-15
COHU (Cohu) Start Date:2000-01-03
COIN (Coinbase) Start Date:2021-04-14
COKE (Coca-Cola Bottling) Start Date:2000-01-03
COLB (Columbia Banking System) Start Date:2000-01-03
COLD (Americold Realty Trust) Start Date:2018-01-19
COLL (Collegium Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2015-05-07
COLM (Columbia Sportswear Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
COMM (Commscope Holding Company) Start Date:2013-10-25
COMP (Compass) Start Date:2021-04-01
COMSW (Comsovereign Holding Warrants) Start Date:2021-01-22
CONN (Conn's) Start Date:2003-11-25
CONXU (Conx Unit) Start Date:2020-11-02
CONXW (Conx Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-21
COO (The Cooper Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
COOK (Traeger) Start Date:2021-07-29
COOP (Mr. Cooper) Start Date:2012-03-28
COP (Conocophillips) Start Date:2002-09-03
COR (Cencora Inc) Start Date:2007-01-03
CORR (Corenergy Infrastructure) Start Date:2007-05-16
CORT (Corcept Therapeutics) Start Date:2004-04-14
CORZ (Core Scientific) Start Date:2021-04-08
COSM (Cosmos Holdings) Start Date:2012-10-11
COST (Costco Wholesale) Start Date:2000-01-03
COTY (Coty) Start Date:2013-06-13
COUR (Coursera) Start Date:2021-03-31
COYA (Coya Therapeutics) Start Date:2022-12-29
CP (Canadian Pacific Railway Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPA (Copa Holdings S.A.) Start Date:2005-12-15
CPAC (Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
CPAY (Corpay Inc) Start Date:2010-12-15
CPB (Campbell Soup) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPF (Central Pacific Financial) Start Date:2002-12-31
CPHC (Canterbury Park Holding 'New') Start Date:2016-07-01
CPHI (China Pharma Holdings) Start Date:2006-05-04
CPIX (Cumberland Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2009-08-11
CPK (Chesapeake Utilities) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPLP (Capital Product Partners L.P. Common Units) Start Date:2007-03-30
CPNG (Coupang) Start Date:2021-03-11
CPOP (Pop Culture) Start Date:2021-06-30
CPRI (Capri Holdings) Start Date:2011-12-15
CPRT (Copart Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPRX (Catalyst Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2006-11-15
CPS (Cooper Standard) Start Date:2013-10-17
CPSH (Cps Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-16
CPSS (Consumer Portfolio Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPT (Camden Property Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPTN (Cepton) Start Date:2022-02-11
CPTNW (Cepton Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-23
CPZ (Calamos Long/Short Equity & Dynamic Income Trust) Start Date:2019-11-26
CQP (Cheniere Energy Partners L.P.) Start Date:2007-03-21
CR (Crane Co.) Start Date:2023-04-03
CRAI (Cra International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRBG (Corebridge Financial) Start Date:2022-09-15
CRBP (Corbus Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-04-16
CRBU (Caribou Biosciences) Start Date:2021-07-23
CRC (California Resources Corp) Start Date:2020-11-02
CRCT (Cricut) Start Date:2021-03-25
CRD.A (Crawford & Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRD.B (Crawford & Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRDF (Cardiff Oncology) Start Date:2010-03-02
CRDL (Cardiol Therapeutics Class A Common Shares) Start Date:2021-08-10
CRDO (Credo Technology Holding) Start Date:2022-01-27
CREG (Smart Powerr) Start Date:2010-03-22
CRESW (Cresud S.A.C.I.F. Y A. Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-25
CRESY (Cresud S.A.C.I.F. Y A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-04
CREX (Creative Realities) Start Date:2018-11-15
CRF (Cornerstone Total Return Fund) Start Date:2003-02-21
CRGO (Freightos) Start Date:2023-01-26
CRGX (Cargo Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-11-10
CRGY (Crescent Energy Company Class A) Start Date:2021-12-08
CRH (Crh Plc) Start Date:2004-03-08
CRI (Carter's) Start Date:2003-10-28
CRIS (Curis Inc) Start Date:2000-08-01
CRK (Comstock Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRKN (Crown Electrokinetics) Start Date:2021-01-26
CRL (Charles River Laboratories International) Start Date:2000-06-23
CRM (Salesforce.com) Start Date:2004-06-23
CRMD (Cormedix) Start Date:2010-05-13
CRMT (America's Car-Mart) Start Date:2002-05-10
CRNC (Cerence) Start Date:2019-09-16
CRNT (Ceragon Networks Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2000-09-06
CRNX (Crinetics Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-07-18
CRON (Cronos) Start Date:2018-02-27
CROX (Crocs) Start Date:2017-01-18
CRS (Carpenter Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRSP (Crispr Therapeutics Ag) Start Date:2016-10-19
CRSR (Corsair Gaming) Start Date:2020-09-23
CRT (Cross Timbers Royalty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRTDW (Creatd Warrant) Start Date:2020-09-11
CRTO (Criteo S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-10-30
CRUS (Cirrus Logic) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRVL (Corvel) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRVO (Cervomed Inc) Start Date:2016-11-14
CRVS (Corvus Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-03-23
CRWD (Crowdstrike Holdings) Start Date:2019-06-12
CRWS (Crown Crafts Inc) Start Date:2007-03-13
CSAN (Cosan S.A. ADS) Start Date:2021-03-08
CSBR (Champions Oncology) Start Date:2015-08-26
CSCO (Cisco Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSGP (Costar) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSGS (Csg Systems International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSIQ (Canadian Solar Common Shares) Start Date:2006-11-09
CSL (Carlisle Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSPI (Csp) Start Date:2006-04-21
CSR (Centerspace) Start Date:2007-10-29
CSSE (Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Class A) Start Date:2017-08-18
CSTE (Caesarstone) Start Date:2012-03-22
CSTL (Castle Biosciences) Start Date:2019-07-25
CSTM (Constellium Se Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2013-05-23
CSV (Carriage Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSWC (Capital Southwest Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSWI (Csw Industrials) Start Date:2015-09-30
CSX (Csx) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTAS (Cintas Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTBI (Community Trust Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTGO (Contango Ore) Start Date:2010-12-20
CTHR (Charles & Colvard) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTKB (Cytek Biosciences) Start Date:2021-07-23
CTLP (Cantaloupe,) Start Date:2007-05-16
CTLT (Catalent) Start Date:2014-07-31
CTM (Castellum) Start Date:2022-10-13
CTMX (Cytomx Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-10-08
CTNM (Contineum Therapeutics) Start Date:2024-04-05
CTNT (Cheetah Net Supply Chain Service) Start Date:2023-08-01
CTO (Cto Realty Growth) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTOS (Custom Truck One Source,) Start Date:2017-10-06
CTR (Clearbridge Mlp And Midstream Total Return Fund) Start Date:2012-06-27
CTRA (Coterra Energy) Start Date:2016-08-18
CTRE (Caretrust Reit) Start Date:2014-05-29
CTRI (Centuri Holdings) Start Date:2024-04-18
CTRM (Castor Maritime Common Shares) Start Date:2019-02-11
CTRN (Citi Trends) Start Date:2005-05-18
CTS (Cts) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTSH (Cognizant Technology Solutions) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTSO (Cytosorbents Corp) Start Date:2014-12-23
CTV (Innovid) Start Date:2021-04-05
CTVA (Corteva) Start Date:2019-05-24
CTXR (Citius Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-08-03
CUBA (Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund) Start Date:2002-08-26
CUBE (Cubesmart) Start Date:2007-05-01
CUBI (Customers Bancorp Common) Start Date:2013-05-16
CUE (Cue Biopharma) Start Date:2018-01-02
CUK (Carnival & Plc) Start Date:2003-04-21
CULL (Cullman Bancorp) Start Date:2009-10-09
CULP (Culp) Start Date:2007-05-16
CURI (Curiositystream Class A) Start Date:2020-01-08
CURIW (Curiositystream Warrant) Start Date:2020-01-07
CURV (Torrid Holdings) Start Date:2021-07-01
CUTR (Cutera) Start Date:2004-03-31
CUZ (Cousins Properties Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
CVAC (Curevac N.V.) Start Date:2020-08-14
CVBF (Cvb Financial) Start Date:2009-07-22
CVCO (Cavco Industries) Start Date:2003-07-01
CVCY (Central Valley Comm Bank) Start Date:2006-05-01
CVE (Cenovus Energy) Start Date:2009-12-09
CVEO (Civeo Corporation) Start Date:2014-06-02
CVGI (Commercial Vehicle) Start Date:2004-08-09
CVGW (Calavo Growers) Start Date:2002-07-23
CVI (Cvr Energy) Start Date:2007-10-23
CVII (Churchill Capital Vii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-05
CVKD (Cadrenal Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-01-20
CVLG (Covenant Logistics Class A) Start Date:2007-05-16
CVLT (Commvault Systems) Start Date:2006-09-22
CVLY (Codorus Valley Bancorp) Start Date:2006-10-16
CVM (Cel-Sci) Start Date:2000-02-07
CVNA (Carvana Co.) Start Date:2017-04-28
CVR (Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.) Start Date:2007-05-16
CVRX (Cvrx) Start Date:2021-06-30
CVS (Cvs Health) Start Date:2000-01-03
CVU (Cpi Aerostructures) Start Date:2022-10-05
CVV (Cvd Equipment) Start Date:2001-06-04
CVX (Chevron) Start Date:2001-10-10
CW (Curtiss-Wright Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CWAN (Clearwater Analytics) Start Date:2021-09-24
CWBC (Community West Bancshares) Start Date:2004-02-27
CWCO (Consolidated Water) Start Date:2000-01-03
CWD (Calibercos) Start Date:2023-05-17
CWEN (Clearway Energy) Start Date:2018-09-17
CWEN.A (Clearway Energy) Start Date:2018-09-17
CWK (Cushman & Wakefield Plc) Start Date:2018-08-02
CWST (Casella Waste Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
CWT (California Water Service) Start Date:2000-01-03
CX (Cemex S.A.B. De C.V.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CXAI (Cxapp Inc) Start Date:2021-02-04
CXDO (Crexendo) Start Date:2015-01-13
CXE (Mfs High Income Municipal Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
CXH (Mfs Investment Grade Municipal Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
CXM (Sprinklr) Start Date:2021-06-23
CXT (Crane Nxt Co.) Start Date:2023-04-04
CXW (Corecivic) Start Date:2000-10-02
CYBN (Cybin Common Shares) Start Date:2021-08-05
CYBR (Cyberark Software Ltd.) Start Date:2014-09-24
CYCC (Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-03-28
CYCN (Cyclerion Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-03-18
CYD (China Yuchai International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYH (Community Health Systems) Start Date:2000-06-09
CYN (Cyngn) Start Date:2021-10-20
CYRX (Cryoport) Start Date:2015-07-24
CYTH (Cyclo Therapeutics) Start Date:2011-02-18
CYTHW (Cyclo Therapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-09
CYTK (Cytokinetics Com) Start Date:2004-04-30
CYTO (Altamira Therapeutics Common Shares 0.01 Sf) Start Date:2014-08-06
CZFS (Citizens Financial Services) Start Date:2007-05-24
CZNC (Citizens And Northern) Start Date:2005-01-13
CZOO (Cazoo Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-08-27
CZR (Caesars Entertainment Corporation) Start Date:2014-09-22
CZWI (Citizens Community Bancorp) Start Date:2006-11-10
D (Dominion Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
DAC (Danaos Corporation) Start Date:2006-10-16
DADA (Dada Nexus Limited) Start Date:2020-06-05
DAIO (Data I/O) Start Date:2000-01-03
DAKT (Daktronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
DAL (Delta Air Lines) Start Date:2007-05-03
DALN (Dallasnews Series A) Start Date:2021-06-29
DAN (Dana) Start Date:2008-02-01
DAO (Youdao) Start Date:2019-10-25
DAR (Darling Ingredients) Start Date:2000-01-03
DARE (Dare Bioscience) Start Date:2014-04-10
DASH (Doordash) Start Date:2020-12-09
DATS (Datchat) Start Date:2021-08-13
DATSW (Datchat Series A Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-13
DAVA (Endava Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-07-27
DAVE (Dave Class A) Start Date:2022-01-06
DAVEW (Dave Warrants) Start Date:2022-01-06
DAWN (Day One Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-05-27
DAY (Dayforce Inc) Start Date:2018-04-26
DB (Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft) Start Date:2001-10-03
DBGI (Digital Brands) Start Date:2021-05-14
DBGIW (Digital Brands Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-14
DBI (Designer Brands) Start Date:2007-04-30
DBL (Doubleline Opportunistic Credit Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-01-27
DBRG (Digitalbridge ,) Start Date:2014-06-27
DBVT (DBv Technologies S.A.) Start Date:2014-10-22
DBX (Dropbox) Start Date:2018-03-23
DC (Dakota Gold) Start Date:2022-04-05
DCBO (Docebo) Start Date:2020-12-03
DCF (Bny Mellon Alcentra Global Credit Income 2024 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2017-10-27
DCFC (Tritium Dcfc) Start Date:2022-01-14
DCGO (Docgo) Start Date:2021-11-01
DCI (Donaldson) Start Date:2000-01-03
DCO (Ducommun) Start Date:2000-01-03
DCOM (Dime Community Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
DCOMP (Dime Community Bancshares Fixed-Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series A) Start Date:2020-02-13
DCTH (Delcath Systems) Start Date:2018-05-02
DD (Dupont De Nemours) Start Date:2019-06-03
DDC (Ddc Enterprise Limited) Start Date:2023-11-17
DDD (3D Systems) Start Date:2011-05-26
DDI (Doubledown Interactive Co. ADS) Start Date:2021-08-31
DDL (Dingdong) Start Date:2021-06-29
DDOG (Datadog) Start Date:2019-09-19
DDS (Dillard's) Start Date:2000-01-03
DDT (Dillard's Capital Trust I) Start Date:2000-01-03
DE (Deere & Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
DEA (Easterly Government Properties) Start Date:2015-02-06
DECA (Denali Capital Acquisition) Start Date:2022-06-07
DECK (Deckers Outdoor Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
DEI (Douglas Emmett) Start Date:2006-10-25
DELL (Dell Technologies) Start Date:2018-12-26
DENN (Denny's) Start Date:2005-05-10
DEO (Diageo Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
DERM (Journey Medical) Start Date:2021-11-12
DESP (Despegar.com,) Start Date:2019-03-07
DFH (Dream Finders Homes) Start Date:2021-01-21
DFIN (Donnelley Financial Solutions) Start Date:2016-09-26
DFLI (Dragonfly Energy Holdings) Start Date:2021-08-24
DFP (Flaherty & Crumrine Dynamic Preferred And Income Fund) Start Date:2013-05-24
DFS (Discover Financial Services) Start Date:2007-07-02
DG (Dollar General) Start Date:2009-11-13
DGHI (Digihost Technology Common Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2021-11-15
DGICA (Donegal) Start Date:2003-07-03
DGICB (Donegal Class B) Start Date:2019-03-01
DGII (Digi International) Start Date:2000-01-03
DGLY (Digital Ally) Start Date:2007-05-16
DGX (Quest Diagnostics) Start Date:2000-01-03
DH (Definitive Healthcare) Start Date:2021-09-15
DHAI (Dih Holding Us Inc) Start Date:2022-03-21
DHC (Diversified Healthcare Trust Common Shares Of Bene) Start Date:2007-04-30
DHF (Bny Mellon High Yield Strategies Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
DHI (D. R. Horton) Start Date:2000-01-03
DHIL (Diamond Hill Investment) Start Date:2002-08-29
DHR (Danaher) Start Date:2000-01-03
DHT (Dht) Start Date:2012-07-17
DHX (Dhi) Start Date:2007-07-18
DHY (Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund) Start Date:2006-05-11
DIAX (Nuveen Dow 30Sm Dynamic Overwrite Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2014-12-22
DIBS (1Stdibs.com) Start Date:2021-06-10
DIN (Dine Brands Global) Start Date:2008-06-02
DINO (Hf Sinclair) Start Date:2019-01-04
DIOD (Diodes) Start Date:2000-06-19
DIS (The Walt Disney Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
DIST (Distoken Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2023-03-30
DIT (Amcon Distributing Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
DJCO (Daily Journal) Start Date:2007-05-17
DJT (Trump Media &Amp; Technology Corp) Start Date:2021-09-30
DK (Delek Us) Start Date:2006-05-04
DKL (Delek Logistics Partners, Lp) Start Date:2012-11-02
DKNG (Draftkings) Start Date:2019-07-25
DKS (Dick's Sporting Goods) Start Date:2002-10-16
DLA (Delta Apparel) Start Date:2000-07-03
DLB (Dolby Laboratories) Start Date:2005-02-17
DLHC (Dlh Holdings) Start Date:2008-05-19
DLNG (Dynagas Lng Partners Lp Common Units) Start Date:2013-11-13
DLO (Dlocal) Start Date:2021-06-03
DLPN (Dolphin Entertainment) Start Date:2017-12-21
DLR (Digital Realty Trust Inc) Start Date:2004-10-29
DLTH (Duluth) Start Date:2015-11-20
DLTR (Dollar Tree) Start Date:2000-01-03
DLX (Deluxe) Start Date:2000-01-03
DLY (Doubleline Yield Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2020-02-26
DM (Desktop Metal,) Start Date:2019-05-03
DMA (Destra Multi-Alternative Fund) Start Date:2022-01-13
DMAC (Diamedica Therapeutics) Start Date:2009-06-01
DMB (Bny Mellon Municipal Bond Infrastructure Fund) Start Date:2013-04-26
DMF (Bny Mellon Municipal Income) Start Date:2000-01-03
DMLP (Dorchester Minerals Lp) Start Date:2003-02-03
DMO (Western Asset Mortgage Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2010-02-24
DMRC (Digimarc) Start Date:2005-06-10
DMTK (Dermtech) Start Date:2017-08-10
DMYY (Dmy Squared Technology) Start Date:2022-12-07
DNA (Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings,) Start Date:2021-04-19
DNB (Dun & Bradstreet Corporation) Start Date:2020-07-01
DNLI (Denali Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-12-08
DNMR (Danimer Scientific,) Start Date:2020-05-28
DNN (Denison Mines Corp) Start Date:2007-04-19
DNOW (Now) Start Date:2014-06-02
DNP (Dnp Select Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
DNTH (Magenta Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2018-06-21
DNUT (Krispy Kreme) Start Date:2021-07-01
DO (Diamond Offshore Drilling) Start Date:2022-03-30
DOC (Physicians Realty Trust) Start Date:2013-07-19
DOCN (Digitalocean) Start Date:2021-03-24
DOCS (Doximity) Start Date:2021-06-24
DOCU (Docusign) Start Date:2018-04-27
DOGZ (Dogness) Start Date:2017-12-20
DOLE (Dole) Start Date:2021-07-30
DOMA (Doma Holdings,) Start Date:2021-01-22
DOMH (Dominari Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-16
DOMO (Domo) Start Date:2018-06-29
DOOO (Brp Common Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2013-08-07
DORM (Dorman Products) Start Date:2006-05-26
DOUG (Douglas Elliman) Start Date:2021-12-30
DOV (Dover) Start Date:2000-01-03
DOW (Dow) Start Date:2019-03-20
DOX (Amdocs Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
DOYU (Douyu International Holdings Limited) Start Date:2019-07-17
DPG (Duff & Phelps Utility And Infrastructure Fund) Start Date:2011-07-27
DPRO (Draganfly Common Shares) Start Date:2021-07-30
DPSI (Decisionpoint Systems) Start Date:2020-12-08
DPZ (Domino's Pizza) Start Date:2004-07-13
DQ (Daqo New Energy American Depositary Shares Each Representing Five Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2010-10-07
DRCT (Direct Digital) Start Date:2022-02-11
DRD (Drdgold American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2011-12-29
DRH (Diamondrock Hospitality) Start Date:2005-05-26
DRI (Darden Restaurants) Start Date:2000-01-03
DRIO (Dariohealth) Start Date:2016-03-04
DRMA (Dermata Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-08-13
DRMAW (Dermata Therapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-13
DRQ (Dril-Quip) Start Date:2000-01-03
DRRX (Durect) Start Date:2000-09-28
DRS (Leonardo Drs) Start Date:2022-11-29
DRTS (Alpha Tau Medical) Start Date:2022-03-08
DRTSW (Alpha Tau Medical Warrant) Start Date:2022-03-08
DRUG (Bright Minds Biosciences) Start Date:2021-11-08
DRVN (Driven Brands) Start Date:2021-01-15
DSGN (Design Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-03-26
DSGR (Distribution Solutions) Start Date:2007-05-16
DSGX (The Descartes Systems Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
DSL (Doubleline Income Solutions Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interests) Start Date:2013-04-26
DSM (Bny Mellon Strategic Municipal Bond Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
DSP (Viant Technology) Start Date:2021-02-10
DSS (Dss) Start Date:2007-05-16
DSU (Blackrock Debt Strategies Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
DSWL (Deswell Industries Common Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
DSX (Diana Shipping) Start Date:2005-03-23
DSY (Big Tree Cloud Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2023-01-11
DT (Dynatrace) Start Date:2019-08-01
DTC (Solo Brands) Start Date:2021-10-28
DTCK (Davis Commodities Limited) Start Date:2023-09-19
DTE (Dte Energy Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
DTF (Dtf Tax-Free Income 2028 Term Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
DTIL (Precision Biosciences) Start Date:2019-03-28
DTM (Dt) Start Date:2021-06-18
DTSS (Datasea) Start Date:2018-12-19
DTST (Data Storage) Start Date:2021-05-14
DTW (Dte Energy Company 2017 Series E 5.25% Junior Subordinated Debentures Due 2077) Start Date:2017-11-22
DUK (Duke Energy) Start Date:2012-07-03
DUO (Fangdd Network American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-11-01
DUOL (Duolingo) Start Date:2021-07-28
DUOT (Duos Technologies) Start Date:2008-09-30
DV (Doubleverify) Start Date:2023-05-15
DVA (Davita) Start Date:2000-10-09
DVAX (Dynavax Technologies) Start Date:2004-02-19
DVN (Devon Energy) Start Date:2004-10-12
DWSN (Dawson Geophysical Company) Start Date:2008-01-02
DX (Dynex Capital) Start Date:2000-01-03
DXC (Dxc Technology) Start Date:2017-03-16
DXCM (Dexcom) Start Date:2005-04-14
DXF (Dunxin Financial Holdings American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2010-11-23
DXLG (Destination Xl) Start Date:2002-08-12
DXPE (Dxp Enterprises) Start Date:2002-02-05
DXR (Daxor) Start Date:2000-01-03
DXYN (Dixie) Start Date:2000-01-03
DY (Dycom Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
DYAI (Dyadic International) Start Date:2008-01-16
DYCQ (Dt Cloud Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2024-04-12
DYN (Dyne Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-05-15
DYNT (Dynatronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
DZSI (Dzs) Start Date:2007-04-30
E (Eni S.P.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
EA (Electronic Arts) Start Date:2000-01-03
EAD (Allspring Income Opportunities Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2003-02-26
EAI (Entergy Arkansas Llc First Mortgage Bonds 4.875% Series Due September 1 2066) Start Date:2016-08-17
EARN (Ellington Residential Mortgage) Start Date:2013-05-01
EAST (Eastside Distilling) Start Date:2014-04-16
EAT (Brinker International) Start Date:2000-01-03
EB (Eventbrite) Start Date:2018-09-20
EBAY (Ebay) Start Date:2000-01-03
EBC (Eastern Bankshares) Start Date:2020-10-15
EBF (Ennis) Start Date:2000-01-03
EBMT (Eagle Bancorp Montana) Start Date:2007-05-23
EBON (Ebang International Holdings Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-06-26
EBR (Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras S.A. - Eletrobras) Start Date:2016-10-13
EBS (Emergent Biosolutions) Start Date:2006-11-15
EBTC (Enterprise Bancorp) Start Date:2006-06-01
EC (Ecopetrol S.A.) Start Date:2008-09-18
ECAT (Blackrock ESG Capital Allocation Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-09-28
ECBK (Ecb Bancorp) Start Date:2022-07-28
ECC (Eagle Point Credit Company) Start Date:2014-10-08
ECDA (Ecd Automotive Design Inc) Start Date:2023-01-04
ECF (Ellsworth Growth And Income Fund Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
ECL (Ecolab) Start Date:2000-01-03
ECOR (Electrocore) Start Date:2018-06-22
ECPG (Encore Capital) Start Date:2003-07-22
ECVT (Ecovyst) Start Date:2021-08-03
ECX (Ecarx Holdings Class A) Start Date:2022-12-21
ED (Consolidated Edison) Start Date:2000-01-03
EDAP (Edap Tms S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2001-12-04
EDBL (Edible Garden Ag Incorporated) Start Date:2022-05-05
EDBLW (Edible Garden Ag Incorporated Warrant) Start Date:2022-05-05
EDD (Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund) Start Date:2007-04-24
EDF (Virtus Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-12-23
EDIT (Editas Medicine) Start Date:2016-02-03
EDN (Empresa Distribuidora Y Comercializadora Norte S.A.) Start Date:2007-04-26
EDR (Endeavor Holdings) Start Date:2021-04-29
EDRY (Eurdry Drybulk) Start Date:2018-05-31
EDSA (Edesa Biotech Common Shares) Start Date:2010-08-03
EDTK (Skillful Craftsman) Start Date:2020-07-23
EDU (New Oriental Education & Technology) Start Date:2006-09-15
EDUC (Educational Development) Start Date:2000-01-03
EE (Excelerate Energy Class A) Start Date:2022-04-13
EEA (The European Equity Fund) Start Date:2005-10-31
EEFT (Euronet Worldwide) Start Date:2000-01-03
EEIQ (Elite Education) Start Date:2021-03-25
EEX (Emerald Holding) Start Date:2017-04-28
EFC (Ellington Financial) Start Date:2010-10-08
EFOI (Energy Focus) Start Date:2007-05-09
EFR (Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-11-25
EFSC (Enterprise Financial Svcs) Start Date:2005-02-08
EFSH (1847 Holdings Llc) Start Date:2022-08-03
EFT (Eaton Vance Floating Rate Income Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-07-26
EFTR (Effector Therapeutics,) Start Date:2021-03-01
EFTRW (Effector Therapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-01
EFX (Equifax) Start Date:2000-01-03
EFXT (Enerflex Ltd) Start Date:2022-10-13
EG (Everest Ltd.) Start Date:2005-01-03
EGAN (Egain) Start Date:2007-05-16
EGBN (Eagle Bancorp) Start Date:2006-02-23
EGF (Blackrock Enhanced Government Fund) Start Date:2005-10-27
EGHT (8 X 8) Start Date:2001-07-19
EGIO (Edgio) Start Date:2007-06-08
EGO (Eldorado Gold Corporation) Start Date:2003-01-23
EGP (Eastgroup Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
EGRX (Eagle Pharmaceuticals Co) Start Date:2014-02-12
EGY (Vaalco Energy) Start Date:2004-07-21
EH (Ehang Holdings ADS) Start Date:2019-12-12
EHAB (Enhabit) Start Date:2022-06-23
EHC (Encompass Health Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-07
EHI (Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc) Start Date:2003-07-29
EHTH (Ehealth) Start Date:2006-10-20
EIC (Eagle Point Income Company) Start Date:2019-07-24
EIG (Employers) Start Date:2007-01-31
EIGR (Eiger Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-01-30
EIM (Eaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest $.01 Par Value) Start Date:2002-08-28
EIX (Edison Int'l) Start Date:2000-01-03
EJH (E-Home Household Service Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-05-14
EKSO (Ekso Bionics Holdings) Start Date:2014-01-17
EL (Estee Lauder Cos.) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELA (Envela Corp) Start Date:2016-05-31
ELAB (Elevai Labs) Start Date:2023-11-21
ELAN (Elanco Animal Health Incorporated) Start Date:2018-09-20
ELBM (Electra Battery Materials) Start Date:2022-04-27
ELDN (Eledon Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-09-17
ELEV (Elevation Oncology) Start Date:2021-06-25
ELF (E.L.F. Beauty) Start Date:2016-09-22
ELLO (Ellomay Capital Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2008-10-27
ELMD (Electromed) Start Date:2010-08-13
ELME (Elme Communities) Start Date:2007-05-03
ELP (Companhia Paranaense De Energia - Copel) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELS (Equity Lifestyle Properties) Start Date:2004-11-23
ELSE (Electro-Sensors) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELTK (Eltek Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELTX (Angion Biomedica) Start Date:2021-02-05
ELUT (Elutia Inc) Start Date:2020-10-08
ELV (Elevance Health) Start Date:2000-10-02
ELVN (Enliven Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2020-03-12
ELWS (Earlyworks Co.) Start Date:2023-07-25
ELYM (Eliem Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-08-10
EM (Smart Share Global) Start Date:2021-04-01
EMBC (Embecta Corp) Start Date:2022-04-01
EMCG (WisdomTree Emerging Markets Consumer Growth Fund) Start Date:2022-09-30
EMD (Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc) Start Date:2003-12-04
EME (Emcor) Start Date:2000-11-16
EMF (Templeton Emerging Markets Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
EMKR (Emcore) Start Date:2000-01-03
EML (Eastern) Start Date:2000-01-04
EMN (Eastman Chemical) Start Date:2000-01-03
EMO (Clearbridge Energy Midstream Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2011-06-10
EMP (Entergy Mississippi, Llc First Mortgage Bonds, 4.90% Series Due October 1, 2066) Start Date:2016-09-16
EMR (Emerson Electric Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
EMX (Emx Royalty Common Shares) Start Date:2008-10-27
ENB (Enbridge, Inc) Start Date:2001-10-30
ENCPW (Energem Warrant) Start Date:2022-01-10
ENFN (Enfusion Class A) Start Date:2021-10-21
ENG (Englobal) Start Date:2002-06-17
ENIC (Enel Chile S.A.) Start Date:2016-04-21
ENJ (Entergy New Orleans Llc First Mortgage Bonds 5.0% Series Due December 1 2052) Start Date:2012-12-05
ENLC (Enlink Midstream, Llc) Start Date:2014-03-10
ENLT (Enlight Renewable Energy) Start Date:2023-02-10
ENLV (Enlivex Therapeutics Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-07-31
ENO (Entergy New Orleans Llc First Mortgage Bonds 5.50% Series Due April 1 2066) Start Date:2016-03-24
ENOV (Enovis) Start Date:2008-05-08
ENPH (Enphase Energy) Start Date:2012-03-30
ENR (Energizer Holdings) Start Date:2015-07-01
ENS (Enersys) Start Date:2004-08-02
ENSC (Ensysce Biosciences) Start Date:2021-07-02
ENSG (Ensign) Start Date:2007-11-09
ENSV (Enservco) Start Date:2007-05-16
ENTA (Enanta Pharmaceuticals C) Start Date:2013-03-21
ENTG (Entegris) Start Date:2000-07-11
ENTO (First Wave Biopharma Inc) Start Date:2016-10-28
ENTX (Entera Bio Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-06-28
ENV (Envestnet) Start Date:2010-07-29
ENVA (Enova International) Start Date:2014-11-13
ENVB (Enveric Biosciences) Start Date:2015-07-10
ENVX (Enovix) Start Date:2021-07-12
ENX (Eaton Vance New York Municipal Bond Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest $.01 Par Value) Start Date:2002-08-28
ENZ (Enzo Biochem) Start Date:2000-01-03
EOD (Allspring Global Dividend Opportunity Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-03-28
EOG (Eog Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
EOI (Eaton Vance Enhance Equity Income Fund Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-10-27
EOLS (Evolus) Start Date:2018-02-08
EOS (Eaton Vance Enhance Equity Income Fund Ii) Start Date:2005-01-27
EOSE (Eos Energy Enterprises Class A) Start Date:2020-11-02
EOSEW (Eos Energy Enterprises Warrant) Start Date:2020-06-03
EOT (Eaton Vance Municipal Income Trust Eaton Vance National Municipal Opportunities Trust) Start Date:2009-05-27
EP (Empire Petroleum) Start Date:2023-05-15
EPAC (Enerpac Tool) Start Date:2007-05-03
EPAM (Epam Systems) Start Date:2012-02-08
EPC (Edgewell Personal Care Co) Start Date:2000-04-04
EPD (Enterprise Products Partners L.P.) Start Date:2000-01-03
EPIX (Essa Pharma) Start Date:2015-03-13
EPM (Evolution Petroleum) Start Date:2006-07-17
EPOW (Sunrise New Energy Ltd) Start Date:2021-02-09
EPR (Epr Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
EPRT (Essential Properties Realty Trust) Start Date:2018-06-21
EPRX (Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2024-04-05
EPSN (Epsilon Energy Common Share) Start Date:2019-02-19
EQ (Equillium) Start Date:2018-10-12
EQBK (Equity Bancshares) Start Date:2015-11-11
EQC (Equity Commonwealth) Start Date:2000-01-03
EQH (Equitable Holdings) Start Date:2018-05-10
EQIX (Equinix) Start Date:2000-08-11
EQNR (Equinor Asa) Start Date:2018-01-16
EQR (Equity Residential) Start Date:2000-01-03
EQS (Equus Total Return) Start Date:2000-01-03
EQT (Eqt Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
EQX (Equinox Gold) Start Date:2019-09-16
ERAS (Erasca) Start Date:2021-07-16
ERC (Allspring Multi-Sector Income Fund) Start Date:2003-06-25
ERH (Allspring Utilities And High Income Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2004-04-28
ERIC (Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson) Start Date:2006-08-24
ERIE (Erie Indemnity) Start Date:2000-01-03
ERII (Energy Recovery) Start Date:2008-07-02
ERJ (Embraer S.A.) Start Date:2000-07-21
ERNA (Eterna Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-03-26
ES (Eversource Energy) Start Date:2009-03-02
ESAB (Esab) Start Date:2022-04-05
ESBA (Empire State Realty Op, L.P. Series Es) Start Date:2013-10-02
ESCA (Escalade) Start Date:2000-01-03
ESE (Esco Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
ESEA (Euroseas) Start Date:2007-01-31
ESGL (Esgl Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2022-04-07
ESGR (Enstar) Start Date:2002-09-30
ESGRO (Enstar Depository Shares 7.00% Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preference Shares Series E) Start Date:2018-12-03
ESGRP (Enstar Depositary Shares Each Representing 1/1000Th Of An Interest In Preference Shares) Start Date:2018-07-13
ESHA (Esh Acquisition) Start Date:2023-07-21
ESI (Element Solutions Inc) Start Date:2014-01-23
ESLT (Elbit Systems Ltd) Start Date:2010-06-01
ESNT (Essent Ltd.) Start Date:2013-10-31
ESOA (Energy Services Of America) Start Date:2012-11-16
ESP (Espey Mfg. & Electronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
ESPR (Esperion Therapeutics Co) Start Date:2013-06-26
ESQ (Esquire Financial) Start Date:2017-06-27
ESRT (Empire State Realty Trust) Start Date:2013-10-02
ESS (Essex Property Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
ESSA (Essa Bancorp) Start Date:2007-04-04
ESTA (Establishment Labs Holdings) Start Date:2018-07-19
ESTC (Elastic N.V.) Start Date:2018-10-05
ET (Energy Transfer Lp) Start Date:2007-05-02
ETB (Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Income Fund Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-04-27
ETD (Ethan Allen Interiors Inc) Start Date:2007-04-26
ETG (Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-01-29
ETJ (Eaton Vance Risk-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-07-27
ETN (Eaton Corporation) Start Date:2012-12-03
ETNB (89Bio) Start Date:2019-11-11
ETO (Eaton Vance Tax-Advantage Global Dividend Opp) Start Date:2004-05-26
ETON (Eton Pharmaceutcials) Start Date:2018-11-13
ETR (Entergy) Start Date:2000-01-03
ETRN (Equitrans Midstream Corp) Start Date:2018-10-31
ETSY (Etsy) Start Date:2015-04-16
ETV (Eaton Vance Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-06-28
ETW (Eaton Vance Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Buy-Write Opportunites Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-11-21
ETWO (E2open Parent Holdings,) Start Date:2020-06-15
ETX (Eaton Vance Municipal Income 2028 Term Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2013-03-26
ETY (Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2006-11-28
EU (Encore Energy) Start Date:2023-01-23
EUDA (Euda Health Holdings) Start Date:2021-12-14
EURN (Euronav Nv) Start Date:2015-01-23
EVA (Enviva Partners, Lp) Start Date:2015-04-29
EVAX (Evaxion Biotech) Start Date:2021-02-05
EVBG (Everbridge) Start Date:2016-09-16
EVBN (Evans Bancorp) Start Date:2006-05-08
EVC (Entravision Communication) Start Date:2000-08-02
EVCM (Evercommerce) Start Date:2021-07-01
EVER (Everquote) Start Date:2018-06-28
EVEX (Eve Holding) Start Date:2022-05-10
EVF (Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
EVFM (Evofem Biosciences) Start Date:2014-11-20
EVG (Eaton Vance Short Diversified Income Fund Eaton Vance Short Duration Diversified Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-02-24
EVGN (Evogene Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2013-11-21
EVGO (Evgo Class A) Start Date:2020-11-20
EVGOW (Evgo Warrants) Start Date:2020-11-20
EVGR (Evergreen Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2022-04-06
EVGRU (Evergreen Unit) Start Date:2022-02-09
EVH (Evolent Health) Start Date:2015-06-05
EVI (Evi Industries) Start Date:2009-12-01
EVLV (Evolv Technologies Holdings, Class A) Start Date:2020-09-22
EVLVW (Evolv Technologies Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-19
EVM (Eaton Vance California Municipal Bond Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest $.01 Par Value) Start Date:2002-08-28
EVN (Eaton Vance Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
EVO (Evotec Se American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-04
EVOK (Evoke Pharma) Start Date:2013-09-25
EVR (Evercore) Start Date:2006-08-14
EVRG (Evergy) Start Date:2018-05-24
EVRI (Everi) Start Date:2007-05-08
EVT (Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-09-26
EVTC (Evertec) Start Date:2013-12-04
EVTL (Vertical Aerospace Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-16
EVTV (Envirotech Vehicles) Start Date:2022-07-06
EVV (Eaton Vance Duration Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-06-11
EW (Edwards Lifesciences) Start Date:2000-04-03
EWBC (East West Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
EWCZ (European Wax Center) Start Date:2021-08-05
EWTX (Edgewise Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-03-26
EXAI (Exscientia Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-10-01
EXAS (Exact Sciences Corporation) Start Date:2001-02-01
EXC (Exelon) Start Date:2000-10-23
EXEL (Exelixis) Start Date:2000-04-17
EXFY (Expensify, Class A) Start Date:2021-11-10
EXG (Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund) Start Date:2007-02-23
EXK (Endeavour Silver) Start Date:2007-01-29
EXLS (Exlservice) Start Date:2006-10-20
EXP (Eagle Materials) Start Date:2004-02-02
EXPD (Expeditors) Start Date:2000-01-03
EXPE (Expedia) Start Date:2005-08-09
EXPI (Exp World) Start Date:2013-11-19
EXPO (Exponent) Start Date:2000-01-03
EXR (Extra Space Storage) Start Date:2004-08-16
EXTO (Almacenes Exito Sa) Start Date:2023-08-23
EXTR (Extreme Networks) Start Date:2000-01-03
EYE (National Vision Holdings) Start Date:2017-10-26
EYEN (Eyenovia) Start Date:2018-01-25
EYPT (Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-16
EZFL (Ezfill Holdings) Start Date:2021-09-15
EZGO (Ezgo Technologies) Start Date:2021-01-26
EZPW (Ezcorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
F (Ford Motor) Start Date:2005-01-03
FA (First Advantage) Start Date:2021-06-23
FAF (First American Financial Corporation) Start Date:2010-05-24
FAM (First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-11-24
FAMI (Farmmi,) Start Date:2018-02-16
FANG (Diamondback Energy) Start Date:2012-10-12
FANH (Fanhua American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-11-01
FARM (Farmer Bros) Start Date:2004-01-14
FARO (Faro Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
FAST (Fastenal Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
FAT (Fat Brands Class A) Start Date:2017-10-23
FATBB (Fat Brands Class B) Start Date:2021-08-24
FATBW (Fat Brands Warrant) Start Date:2022-10-11
FATE (Fate Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-10-01
FAX (Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
FBIN (Fortune Brands Innovations) Start Date:2011-10-04
FBIO (Fortress Biotech) Start Date:2011-11-17
FBIOP (Fortress Biotech 9.375% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock) Start Date:2017-11-14
FBIZ (First Business Financial) Start Date:2006-09-08
FBK (Fb Financial Corp) Start Date:2016-09-16
FBLG (Fibrobiologics) Start Date:2024-01-31
FBMS (First Bancshares) Start Date:2006-05-30
FBNC (First Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
FBP (First Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
FBRT (Franklin Bsp Realty Trust) Start Date:2021-10-19
FBRX (Forte Biosciences) Start Date:2017-04-13
FC (Franklin Covey) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCAP (First Capital) Start Date:2007-05-24
FCBC (First Community) Start Date:2001-03-01
FCCO (First Community) Start Date:2006-01-09
FCEL (Fuelcell Energy) Start Date:2000-06-07
FCF (First Commonwealth) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCFS (Firstcash) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCN (Fti Consulting) Start Date:2001-08-16
FCNCA (First Citizens Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCNCP (First Citizens Bancshares Depositary Shares) Start Date:2020-03-13
FCO (Aberdeen Global Income Fund) Start Date:2004-11-04
FCPT (Four Corners Property Trust) Start Date:2015-11-10
FCT (First Trust Senior Floating Rate Income Fund Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-05-26
FCUV (Focus Universal) Start Date:2017-09-01
FCX (Freeport-Mcmoran) Start Date:2000-01-03
FDBC (Fidelity D & D Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
FDMT (4D Molecular Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-12-11
FDP (Fresh Del Monte Produce) Start Date:2000-01-03
FDS (Factset Research Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
FDUS (Fidus Investment) Start Date:2011-06-21
FDX (Fedex Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FE (Firstenergy Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
FEAM (5E Advanced Materials) Start Date:2022-03-15
FEBO (Fenbo Holdings Limited) Start Date:2023-11-30
FEI (First Trust Mlp And Energy Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-11-28
FEIM (Frequency Electronics) Start Date:2006-08-01
FELE (Franklin Electric) Start Date:2000-01-03
FEMY (Femasys) Start Date:2021-06-18
FEN (First Trust Energy Income And Growth Fund) Start Date:2004-06-25
FENC (Fennec Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-09-13
FENG (Phoenix New Media American Depositary Shares Each Representing 48 Class A Ordinary Shares.) Start Date:2011-05-12
FERG (Ferguson Plc) Start Date:2021-03-08
FET (Forum Energy Technologies) Start Date:2012-04-12
FEXD (Fintech Ecosystem Development Class A) Start Date:2022-01-13
FEXDR (Fintech Ecosystem Development Right) Start Date:2022-01-13
FEXDW (Fintech Ecosystem Development Warrant) Start Date:2022-01-13
FF (Futurefuel) Start Date:2007-05-16
FFA (First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund) Start Date:2004-08-27
FFBC (First Financial Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
FFC (Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred And Income Securities Fund Incorporated) Start Date:2003-01-30
FFIC (Flushing Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
FFIE (Faraday Future Intelligent Electric) Start Date:2020-09-02
FFIEW (Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Warrant) Start Date:2020-08-28
FFIN (First Financial Bankshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
FFIV (F5 Networks) Start Date:2000-01-03
FFNW (First Financial Northwest) Start Date:2007-10-10
FFWM (First Foundation) Start Date:2014-11-03
FG (F&G Annuities & Life) Start Date:2022-12-01
FGB (First Trust Specialty Finance And Financial Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2007-05-25
FGBI (First Guaranty Bancshares) Start Date:2015-11-05
FGEN (Fibrogen) Start Date:2014-11-14
FGF (Fg Financial) Start Date:2014-04-01
FGI (Fgi Industries Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-01-25
FHB (First Hawaiian) Start Date:2016-08-04
FHI (Federated Hermes) Start Date:2005-07-27
FHLTU (Future Health ESG Unit) Start Date:2021-09-10
FHLTW (Future Health ESG Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-09
FHN (First Horizon National Corporation) Start Date:2004-04-21
FHTX (Foghorn Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-11-02
FI (Fiserv Inc) Start Date:2005-01-03
FIBK (First Interstate Banc) Start Date:2010-03-24
FICO (Fair Isaac) Start Date:2009-08-18
FICVU (Frontier Investment Units) Start Date:2021-07-01
FICVW (Frontier Investment Warrants) Start Date:2021-09-10
FIF (First Trust Energy Infrastructure Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2011-09-28
FIGS (Figs) Start Date:2021-05-27
FIHL (Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited) Start Date:2023-06-29
FINS (Angel Oak Financial Strategies Income Term Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2019-05-29
FINV (Finvolution American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-11-10
FINW (Finwise Bancorp) Start Date:2021-11-19
FIP (Ftai Infrastructure) Start Date:2022-07-20
FIS (Fidelity National Information Services) Start Date:2006-02-01
FISI (Financial Institutions) Start Date:2000-01-03
FISK (Empire State Realty Op, L.P. Series 250) Start Date:2013-10-08
FITB (Fifth Third Bancorp) Start Date:2011-01-20
FITBI (Fifth Third Bancorp Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-12-06
FITBO (Fifth Third Bancorp Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/1000Th Ownership Interest In A Share Of Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series K) Start Date:2019-10-02
FITBP (Fifth Third Bancorp Depositary Shares Each Representing 1/40Th Share Of Fifth Third 6.00% Non-Cumulative Perpetual Class B Preferred Stock Series A) Start Date:2019-08-27
FIVE (Five Below) Start Date:2012-07-19
FIVN (Five9) Start Date:2014-04-04
FIX (Comfort Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
FIZZ (National Beverage) Start Date:2007-06-12
FKWL (Franklin Wireless) Start Date:2008-01-23
FL (Foot Locker Inc) Start Date:2003-03-31
FLC (Flaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund Inc) Start Date:2003-10-09
FLEX (Flex Ltd) Start Date:2000-01-03
FLFV (Feutune Light Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2023-01-03
FLGC (Flora Growth) Start Date:2021-05-11
FLGT (Fulgent Genetics) Start Date:2016-09-29
FLIC (First Of Long Island) Start Date:2006-01-25
FLL (Full House Resorts) Start Date:2006-04-03
FLNC (Fluence Energy, Class A) Start Date:2021-10-28
FLNG (Flex Lng Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-06-17
FLNT (Fluent) Start Date:2016-09-26
FLO (Flowers Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
FLR (Fluor) Start Date:2000-12-22
FLS (Flowserve Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FLUX (Flux Power Holdings) Start Date:2012-06-15
FLWS (1-800 Flowers.com) Start Date:2000-01-03
FLXS (Flexsteel Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
FLYE (Fly-E) Start Date:2024-06-06
FLYW (Flywire) Start Date:2021-05-26
FMAO (Farmers & Merchants Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
FMBH (First Mid Bancshares) Start Date:2007-05-17
FMC (Fmc Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FMN (Federated Hermes Premier Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2002-12-20
FMNB (Farmers National Banc) Start Date:2007-05-16
FMS (Fresenius Medical Care Ag & Co. Kgaa) Start Date:2000-01-03
FMX (Fomento Economico Mexicano S.A.B. De C.V.) Start Date:2000-01-03
FMY (First Trust Motgage Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-05-26
FN (Fabrinet) Start Date:2010-06-25
FNA (Paragon 28) Start Date:2021-10-15
FNB (F.N.B. Corporation) Start Date:2003-12-17
FNCB (Fncb Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
FND (Floor & Decor Holdings) Start Date:2017-04-27
FNF (Fidelity National Financial) Start Date:2005-10-14
FNGR (Fingermotion) Start Date:2017-08-01
FNKO (Funko) Start Date:2017-11-02
FNLC (First Bancorp) Start Date:2004-05-11
FNV (Franco-Nevada Corporation) Start Date:2011-09-08
FNWB (First Northwest Bancorp) Start Date:2015-01-30
FNWD (Finward Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
FOA (Finance Of America Companies Class A) Start Date:2019-04-18
FOF (Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2006-11-28
FOLD (Amicus Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-31
FONR (Fonar) Start Date:2000-01-03
FOR (Forestar) Start Date:2017-09-28
FORA (Forian) Start Date:2021-03-03
FORD (Forward Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
FORM (Formfactor) Start Date:2003-06-13
FORR (Forrester Research) Start Date:2000-01-03
FORTY (Formula Systems) Start Date:2013-02-11
FOSL (Fossil) Start Date:2000-01-03
FOUR (Shift4 Payments) Start Date:2020-06-05
FOX (Twenty-First Century Fox Class B) Start Date:2007-04-30
FOXA (Twenty-First Century Fox Class A) Start Date:2019-02-27
FOXF (Fox Factory Holding) Start Date:2013-08-08
FOXO (Foxo Technologies Class A) Start Date:2022-09-16
FPAY (Flexshopper) Start Date:2012-01-24
FPF (First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2013-05-24
FPH (Five Point Holdings, Llc Class A Common Shares) Start Date:2017-05-10
FPI (Farmland Partners) Start Date:2014-04-11
FPL (First Trust New Opportunities Mlp & Energy Fund) Start Date:2014-03-27
FR (First Industrial Realty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
FRA (Blackrock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund Inc) Start Date:2003-10-29
FRAF (Franklin Finl Svcs Corp) Start Date:2007-05-17
FRBA (First Bank Williamstown) Start Date:2010-10-15
FRD (Friedman Industries) Start Date:2002-02-04
FREE (Whole Earth Brands Class A) Start Date:2019-05-14
FREEW (Whole Earth Brands Warrant) Start Date:2020-06-25
FRES (Fresh2 Ltd.) Start Date:2023-05-30
FREY (Freyr Battery) Start Date:2021-07-06
FRGE (Forge Global) Start Date:2022-03-22
FRGT (Freight Technologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2017-08-08
FRHC (Freedom Holding) Start Date:2011-09-30
FRME (First Merchants) Start Date:2000-01-03
FRMEP (First Merchants Depository Shares) Start Date:2022-10-11
FRO (Frontline) Start Date:2001-08-06
FROG (Jfrog) Start Date:2020-09-16
FRPH (Frp) Start Date:2007-05-16
FRPT (Freshpet) Start Date:2014-11-07
FRSH (Freshworks Class A) Start Date:2021-09-22
FRST (Primis Financial) Start Date:2007-05-16
FRSX (Foresight Autonomous Holdings American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-06-15
FRT (Federal Realty Investment Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
FRZA (Forza X1) Start Date:2022-08-12
FSBC (Five Star Bancorp) Start Date:2021-05-05
FSBW (Fs Bancorp) Start Date:2012-07-10
FSCO (Fs Credit Opportunities) Start Date:2022-11-14
FSD (First Trust High Income Long Short Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-09-28
FSEA (First Seacoast Bancorp) Start Date:2019-07-17
FSFG (First Savings Financial) Start Date:2008-10-07
FSI (Flexible Solutions International) Start Date:2002-11-18
FSLR (First Solar) Start Date:2006-11-17
FSLY (Fastly) Start Date:2019-05-17
FSM (Fortuna Silver Mines) Start Date:2011-09-19
FSP (Franklin Street Pptys) Start Date:2005-06-02
FSS (Federal Signal) Start Date:2000-01-03
FSTR (Lb Foster) Start Date:2000-01-03
FSV (Firstservice Common Shares) Start Date:2015-06-02
FT (Franklin Universal Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
FTAI (Fortress Transportation And Infrastructure Investors Llc) Start Date:2015-05-15
FTCI (Ftc Solar) Start Date:2021-04-28
FTDR (Frontdoor) Start Date:2018-09-13
FTEK (Fuel Tech) Start Date:2000-01-03
FTEL (Fitell Corporation) Start Date:2023-08-08
FTF (Franklin Duration Income Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-09-04
FTFT (Future Fintech) Start Date:2009-03-30
FTHM (Fathom Holdings) Start Date:2020-07-31
FTHY (First Trust High Yield Opportunities 2027 Term Fund) Start Date:2020-06-26
FTI (Technipfmc) Start Date:2017-01-17
FTII (Futuretech Ii Acquisition) Start Date:2022-04-08
FTK (Flotek Industries) Start Date:2005-07-27
FTNT (Fortinet) Start Date:2009-11-18
FTRE (Fortrea Holdings Inc) Start Date:2023-06-16
FTS (Fortis) Start Date:2016-10-14
FTV (Fortive Corp) Start Date:2016-07-05
FUBO (Fubotv /Fl) Start Date:2020-10-08
FUL (H.B. Fuller Company) Start Date:2002-12-02
FULC (Fulcrum Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-07-18
FULT (Fulton Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
FULTP (Fulton Financial Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/40Th Interest In A Share Of Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series A) Start Date:2020-11-03
FUN (Cedar Fair L.P.) Start Date:2000-01-03
FUNC (First United) Start Date:2000-01-03
FUND (Sprott Focus Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
FURY (Fury Gold Mines Common Shares) Start Date:2020-10-12
FUSB (First Us Bancshares) Start Date:2007-05-16
FUTU (Futu Holdings Limited) Start Date:2019-03-08
FVCB (Fvcbankcorp) Start Date:2017-09-29
FVRR (Fiverr International Ltd.) Start Date:2019-06-13
FWONA (Formula One) Start Date:2013-01-22
FWONK (Formula One) Start Date:2014-07-08
FWRD (Forward Air) Start Date:2000-01-03
FWRG (First Watch Restaurant) Start Date:2021-10-01
FXNC (First National) Start Date:2007-05-16
FYBR (Frontier Communications Parent,) Start Date:2021-05-04
G (Genpact Limited) Start Date:2007-08-02
GAB (Gabelli Equity Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
GABC (German American Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
GAIA (Gaiam) Start Date:2000-01-03
GAIN (Gladstone Investment) Start Date:2005-06-23
GALT (Galectin Therapeutics) Start Date:2009-01-12
GAM (General American Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
GAMB (Gambling.com) Start Date:2021-07-23
GAMC (Golden Arrow Merger Class A) Start Date:2021-05-07
GAMCW (Golden Arrow Merger Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-04
GAME (Engine Gaming And Media) Start Date:2021-06-17
GAN (Gan) Start Date:2020-05-08
GANX (Gain Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-03-18
GASS (Stealthgas) Start Date:2005-10-07
GATO (Gatos Silver) Start Date:2020-11-02
GATX (Gatx Corp) Start Date:2007-04-27
GAU (Galiano Gold) Start Date:2008-01-02
GAUZ (Gauzy Ltd.) Start Date:2024-06-06
GB (Global Blue Holding Ag Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-06-27
GBAB (Guggenheim Taxable Municipal Bond & Investment Grade Debt Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-10-27
GBBK (Global Blockchain Acquisition) Start Date:2022-06-17
GBCI (Glacier Bancorp) Start Date:2014-03-04
GBIO (Generation Bio) Start Date:2020-06-12
GBLI (Global Indemnity) Start Date:2007-05-07
GBNH (Greenbrook Tms Common Shares) Start Date:2021-03-16
GBNY (Generations Bancorp Ny) Start Date:2021-01-13
GBR (New Concept Energy Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
GBTG (Global Business Travel Class A) Start Date:2020-11-23
GBX (Greenbrier Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
GCBC (Greene County Bancorp) Start Date:2004-10-21
GCI (Gannett Co.) Start Date:2014-02-04
GCMG (Gcm Grosvenor) Start Date:2020-11-16
GCMGW (Gcm Grosvenor Warrant) Start Date:2019-01-31
GCO (Genesco) Start Date:2000-01-03
GCT (Gigacloud Technology) Start Date:2022-08-18
GCTK (Glucotrack) Start Date:2022-03-11
GCV (Gabelli Convertible And Income Securities Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
GD (General Dynamics) Start Date:2000-01-03
GDC (Gd Culture) Start Date:2015-12-29
GDDY (Godaddy) Start Date:2015-04-02
GDEN (Golden Entertainment) Start Date:2007-05-02
GDHG (Golden Heaven Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2023-04-12
GDL (Gdl Fund The Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-04-23
GDO (Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2009-11-24
GDOT (Green Dot Corporation) Start Date:2010-07-22
GDRX (Goodrx) Start Date:2020-09-23
GDS (Gds Holdings Limited) Start Date:2016-11-02
GDST (Goldenstone Acquisition Limited) Start Date:2022-04-14
GDTC (Cytomed Therapeutics Pte. Ltd.) Start Date:2023-04-14
GDV (Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-11-25
GDYN (Grid Dynamics) Start Date:2018-10-05
GE (General Electric) Start Date:2000-01-03
GECC (Great Elm Capital) Start Date:2016-11-04
GEF (Greif) Start Date:2002-10-07
GEF.B (Greif) Start Date:2006-03-02
GEG (Great Elm) Start Date:2007-03-09
GEHC (Ge Healthcare Technologies) Start Date:2022-12-15
GEL (Genesis Energy, L.P.) Start Date:2001-02-01
GEN (Gen Digital) Start Date:2001-05-02
GENC (Gencor Industries) Start Date:2007-12-20
GENE (Genetic Technologies ADS) Start Date:2006-01-03
GENI (Genius Sports Limited) Start Date:2020-10-05
GENK (Gen Restaurant) Start Date:2023-06-28
GEO (Geo) Start Date:2000-01-03
GEOS (Geospace Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
GERN (Geron) Start Date:2000-01-03
GES (Guess) Start Date:2000-01-03
GETR (Getaround) Start Date:2021-04-26
GETY (Getty Images Holdings Class A) Start Date:2022-07-25
GEV (Ge Vernova Inc) Start Date:2024-04-02
GEVO (Gevo,) Start Date:2011-02-09
GF (New Germany Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
GFAI (Guardforce Ai) Start Date:2021-09-29
GFAIW (Guardforce AI Co. Warrant) Start Date:2021-09-29
GFF (Griffon) Start Date:2000-01-03
GFI (Gold Fields Limited) Start Date:2002-05-10
GFL (Gfl Environmental) Start Date:2020-03-03
GFS (Globalfoundries Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-10-28
GGAL (Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.) Start Date:2002-12-11
GGB (Gerdau S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
GGG (Graco) Start Date:2000-01-03
GGN (Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Trust) Start Date:2005-03-29
GGR (Gogoro) Start Date:2022-04-05
GGROW (Gogoro Warrant) Start Date:2022-04-05
GGT (Gabelli Multi-Media Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
GGZ (Gabelli Global Small And Mid Cap Value Trust) Start Date:2014-06-12
GH (Guardant Health) Start Date:2018-10-04
GHC (Graham Holdings Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
GHG (Greentree Hospitality American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2018-03-27
GHI (Greystone Housing Impact Investors Lp) Start Date:2008-07-01
GHIX (Gores Holdings Ix Class A) Start Date:2022-03-22
GHLD (Guild Co) Start Date:2020-11-02
GHM (Graham) Start Date:2000-01-03
GHRS (Gh Research Plc) Start Date:2021-06-25
GHSI (Guardion Health Sciences) Start Date:2019-04-05
GHY (Pgim Global High Yield Fund) Start Date:2012-12-21
GIB (Cgi) Start Date:2000-01-03
GIC (Global Industrial Company) Start Date:2007-05-01
GIFI (Gulf Island Fabrication) Start Date:2000-01-03
GIGM (Gigamedia Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2000-02-18
GIII (G-Iii Apparel) Start Date:2000-01-03
GIL (Gildan Activewear) Start Date:2000-01-03
GILD (Gilead Sciences) Start Date:2000-01-03
GILT (Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd) Start Date:2006-04-26
GIPR (Generation Income Properties) Start Date:2021-10-05
GIS (General Mills) Start Date:2000-01-03
GJO (Synthetic Fixed-Income Securities Synthetic Fixed-Income Securities On Behalf Of Strats) Start Date:2005-11-21
GJR (Synthetic Fixed-Income Securities Strats Trust For Procter&Gamble Securities Series 2006-1) Start Date:2007-05-17
GJS (Goldman Sachs Securities Strats Trust For Goldman Sachs Securities Series 2006-2) Start Date:2006-04-28
GJT (Synthetic Fixed-Income Securities Synthetic Fixed-Income Securities Floating Rate Structured Repackaged Asset-Backed Trust Securities Certificates Series 2006-3) Start Date:2007-05-16
GKOS (Glaukos) Start Date:2015-06-25
GL (Globe Life) Start Date:2007-05-01
GLAC (Global Lights Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2023-12-04
GLAD (Gladstone Capital) Start Date:2002-08-02
GLBE (Global-E Online) Start Date:2021-05-12
GLBS (Globus Maritime) Start Date:2010-11-26
GLBZ (Glen Burnie Bancorp) Start Date:2004-01-20
GLDD (Great Lakes Dredge & Dock) Start Date:2006-12-27
GLDG (Goldmining Common Shares) Start Date:2020-10-06
GLLI (Globalink Investment) Start Date:2021-12-23
GLLIR (Globalink Investment Rights) Start Date:2021-12-23
GLLIW (Globalink Investment Warrants) Start Date:2021-12-23
GLMD (Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-03-13
GLNG (Golar Lng) Start Date:2003-07-15
GLO (Clough Global Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2006-05-02
GLOB (Globant S.A.) Start Date:2014-07-18
GLP (Global Partners Lp) Start Date:2005-09-29
GLPG (Galapagos Nv American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2015-05-14
GLPI (Gaming And Leisure Properties) Start Date:2013-10-14
GLQ (Clough Global Equity Fund Clough Global Equity Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-04-27
GLRE (Greenlight Capital Re) Start Date:2007-05-24
GLSI (Greenwich Lifesciences) Start Date:2020-09-25
GLST (Global Star Acquisition,) Start Date:2022-11-10
GLT (Glatfelter Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
GLTO (Galecto) Start Date:2020-11-02
GLU (Gabelli Global Utility Common Shares Of Beneficial Ownership) Start Date:2004-05-26
GLUE (Monte Rosa Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-06-24
GLV (Clough Global Dividend And Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-07-28
GLW (Corning) Start Date:2000-01-03
GLYC (Glycomimetics O) Start Date:2014-01-10
GM (General Motors) Start Date:2010-11-18
GMAB (Genmab A/S) Start Date:2019-07-18
GMBLW (Esports Entertainment Warrant) Start Date:2020-04-14
GMBLZ (Esports Entertainment Warrant) Start Date:2022-03-14
GMDA (Gamida Cell Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-10-26
GME (Gamestop Corporation) Start Date:2002-05-10
GMED (Globus Medical) Start Date:2012-08-03
GMGI (Golden Matrix) Start Date:2018-11-30
GMM (Global Mofy Metaverse Limited) Start Date:2023-10-10
GMRE (Global Medical Reit Commo) Start Date:2016-06-29
GMS (Gms) Start Date:2016-05-26
GNE (Genie Energy) Start Date:2011-10-26
GNFT (Genfit S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-03-27
GNK (Genco Shipping & Trading) Start Date:2015-07-20
GNL (Global Net Lease) Start Date:2015-06-02
GNLN (Greenlane) Start Date:2019-04-18
GNLX (Genelux) Start Date:2023-01-26
GNPX (Genprex) Start Date:2018-03-29
GNRC (Generac Holdings) Start Date:2010-02-11
GNS (Genius Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-04-12
GNSS (Genasys) Start Date:2007-05-16
GNT (Gamco Natural Resources Gold & Income Trust) Start Date:2011-01-27
GNTA (Genenta Science S.P.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-15
GNTX (Gentex Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
GNTY (Guaranty Bancshares) Start Date:2017-05-09
GNW (Genworth Financial Inc) Start Date:2004-05-25
GO (Grocery Outlet Holding) Start Date:2019-06-20
GOCO (Gohealth) Start Date:2020-07-15
GODN (Golden Star Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2023-06-28
GOEV (Canoo Class A) Start Date:2019-04-16
GOEVW (Canoo Warrant) Start Date:2019-04-16
GOF (Guggenheim Strategic Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-07-27
GOGL (Golden Ocean) Start Date:2007-05-04
GOGO (Gogo) Start Date:2013-06-21
GOLD (Barrick Gold) Start Date:2002-12-06
GOLF (Acushnet Holdings) Start Date:2016-10-28
GOOD (Gladstone Commercial) Start Date:2003-08-14
GOODO (Gladstone Commercial 6.00% Series G Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock Par Value $0.001 Per Share) Start Date:2021-06-28
GOOG (Alphabet Inc Class C) Start Date:2005-01-03
GOOGL (Alphabet Inc Class A) Start Date:2004-08-19
GOOS (Canada Goose Holdings) Start Date:2017-03-21
GORO (Gold Resource) Start Date:2006-09-14
GORV (Lazydays Holdings Inc) Start Date:2018-03-16
GOSS (Gossamer Bio) Start Date:2019-02-08
GOTU (Gaotu Techedu American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-06-06
GOVX (Geovax Labs) Start Date:2020-09-25
GP (Georgia-Pacific) Start Date:2020-08-28
GPAK (Gamer Pakistan) Start Date:2023-10-09
GPC (Genuine Parts) Start Date:2000-01-03
GPCR (Structure Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-02-03
GPI (1 Automotive) Start Date:2000-01-03
GPK (Graphic Packaging Holding Company) Start Date:2000-03-01
GPMT (Granite Point Mortgage Trust) Start Date:2017-06-23
GPN (Global Payments) Start Date:2001-02-01
GPRE (Green Plains) Start Date:2006-03-15
GPRK (Geopark Limited) Start Date:2014-02-07
GPRO (Gopro O) Start Date:2014-06-26
GPS (Gap) Start Date:2000-01-03
GRAB (Grab) Start Date:2021-12-02
GRABW (Grab Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-02
GRBK (Green Brick Energy) Start Date:2007-06-20
GRC (Gorman-Rupp Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
GREE (Greenidge Generation Holdings Class A Common) Start Date:2021-09-15
GRF (Eagle Capital Growth Fund) Start Date:2007-06-08
GRFS (Grifols S.A.) Start Date:2011-06-02
GRFX (Graphex) Start Date:2022-08-17
GRI (Gri Bio Inc) Start Date:2021-02-10
GRIN (Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-06-18
GRMN (Garmin Ltd.) Start Date:2000-12-08
GRND (Grindr) Start Date:2021-01-14
GRNQ (Greenpro Capital) Start Date:2018-04-17
GRNT (Granite Ridge Resources) Start Date:2022-10-25
GROM (Grom Social Enterprises) Start Date:2021-06-17
GROMW (Grom Social Enterprises Warrants) Start Date:2021-06-17
GROV (Grove Collaborative Holdings Class A) Start Date:2021-05-13
GROW (U.S. Global Investors Class A) Start Date:2002-02-04
GROY (Gold Royalty) Start Date:2021-03-09
GRPN (on) Start Date:2011-11-04
GRRR (Gorilla Technology) Start Date:2022-07-14
GRTS (Gritstone Oncology) Start Date:2018-09-28
GRVY (Gravity Co. ADS) Start Date:2005-02-08
GRWG (Growgeneration) Start Date:2016-11-11
GRX (The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-06-29
GRYP (Gryphon Digital Mining Inc) Start Date:2018-02-26
GS (Goldman Sachs) Start Date:2000-01-03
GSAT (Globalstar,) Start Date:2006-11-02
GSBC (Great Southern Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
GSBD (Goldman Sachs Bdc) Start Date:2015-03-18
GSHD (Goosehead Insurance) Start Date:2018-04-27
GSIT (Gsi Technology) Start Date:2007-03-29
GSIW (Garden Stage Limited) Start Date:2023-12-01
GSK (Glaxosmithkline Plc) Start Date:2000-12-27
GSL (Global Ship Lease,) Start Date:2008-08-15
GSM (Ferroglobe Plc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2015-12-24
GSMGW (Glory Star New Media Holdings Warrant Expiring 2/13/2025) Start Date:2018-09-12
GSUN (Golden Sun Education) Start Date:2022-06-22
GT (The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
GTBP (Gt Biopharma) Start Date:2021-02-11
GTE (Gran Tierra Energy) Start Date:2008-04-08
GTEC (Greenland Technologies Holding Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-08-08
GTES (Gates Industrial Plc) Start Date:2018-01-25
GTHX (G1 Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-05-17
GTI (Graphjet Technology) Start Date:2022-01-10
GTIM (Good Times Restaurants) Start Date:2000-01-03
GTLB (Gitlab Class A) Start Date:2021-10-14
GTLS (Chart Industries) Start Date:2006-07-26
GTN (Gray Television) Start Date:2002-08-30
GTX (Garrett Technologies) Start Date:2021-05-03
GTY (Getty Realty Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
GUG (Guggenheim Active Allocation Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-11-24
GURE (Gulf Resources) Start Date:2009-10-27
GUT (Gabelli Utility Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
GUTS (Fractyl Health) Start Date:2024-02-02
GV (Visionary Education Technology Holdings Inc) Start Date:2022-05-17
GV (Visionary Education Technology Holdings Inc) Start Date:2023-08-01
GVA (Granite Construction) Start Date:2000-01-03
GVH (Globavend Holdings Limited) Start Date:2023-11-08
GVP (Gse Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
GWAV (Greenwave Technology Solutions) Start Date:2015-04-09
GWH (Ess Tech,) Start Date:2021-10-11
GWRE (Guidewire Software) Start Date:2012-01-25
GWRS (Global Water Resources) Start Date:2016-04-28
GWW (Grainger) Start Date:2000-01-03
GXAI (Gaxosai Inc) Start Date:2023-02-15
GXAI (Gaxos.AI Inc) Start Date:2023-02-15
GXO (Gxo Logistics) Start Date:2021-08-02
GYRE (Gyre Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
GYRO (Gyrodyne, Llc) Start Date:2015-09-01
H (Hyatt Hotels Corporation) Start Date:2009-11-05
HA (Hawaiian) Start Date:2000-01-03
HAE (Haemonetics Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
HAFC (Hanmi Financial) Start Date:2001-01-29
HAIN (The Hain Celestial) Start Date:2000-01-03
HAL (Halliburton Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
HALO (Halozyme Therapeutics) Start Date:2004-11-01
HAO (Haoxi Health Technology Limited) Start Date:2024-01-26
HAS (Hasbro) Start Date:2000-01-03
HAYN (Haynes International) Start Date:2007-03-21
HAYW (Hayward) Start Date:2021-03-12
HBAN (Huntington Bancshares) Start Date:2009-09-18
HBANM (Huntington Bancshares Incorporated Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/1000Th Interest In A Share Of Huntington Series I Preferred Stock) Start Date:2021-06-10
HBB (Hamilton Beach Brands Hldg Co) Start Date:2017-10-02
HBCP (Home Bancorp) Start Date:2008-10-03
HBI (Hanesbrands Inc) Start Date:2006-09-06
HBIO (Harvard Bioscience) Start Date:2013-10-21
HBM (Hudbay Minerals) Start Date:2010-10-25
HBNC (Horizon Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
HBT (Hbt Financial) Start Date:2019-10-11
HCA (Hca Holdings) Start Date:2011-03-10
HCAT (Health Catalyst) Start Date:2019-07-25
HCC (Warrior Met Coal) Start Date:2017-04-13
HCI (Hci) Start Date:2012-10-25
HCKT (Hackett) Start Date:2008-01-31
HCM (Hutchmed) Start Date:2016-03-17
HCP (Hashicorp) Start Date:2021-12-09
HCSG (Healthcare Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
HCTI (Healthcare Triangle) Start Date:2021-10-13
HCVI (Hennessy Capital Investment Vi Class A) Start Date:2021-11-24
HCVIU (Hennessy Capital Investment Vi Unit) Start Date:2021-09-29
HCWB (Hcw Biologics) Start Date:2021-07-20
HD (Home Depot) Start Date:2000-01-03
HDB (Hdfc Bank) Start Date:2001-07-20
HDL (Super Hi International Holding Ltd.) Start Date:2024-05-17
HDSN (Hudson Technologies) Start Date:2004-12-15
HE (Hawaiian Electric Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
HEAR (Turtle Beach Commo) Start Date:2012-03-22
HEES (H&E Equipment Services) Start Date:2006-01-31
HEI (Heico Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
HEI.A (Heico Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
HELE (Helen Of Troy) Start Date:2000-01-03
HEPA (Hepion Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-02-10
HEPS (D-Market Electronic Services & Trading) Start Date:2021-07-01
HEQ (John Hancock Hedged Equity & Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2011-05-26
HES (Hess Corporation) Start Date:2007-03-13
HESM (Hess Midstream Lp Class A Share Representing A Partner Interest) Start Date:2017-04-05
HFBL (Home Federal Bancorp Of Louisiana) Start Date:2007-05-23
HFFG (Hf Foods) Start Date:2017-09-07
HFRO (Highland Income Fund) Start Date:2017-11-06
HFWA (Heritage Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
HG (Hamilton Insurance) Start Date:2023-11-10
HGBL (Heritage Global) Start Date:2007-05-16
HGLB (Highland Global Allocation Fund) Start Date:2019-02-19
HGTY (Hagerty Class A) Start Date:2021-06-01
HGV (Hilton Grand Vacations) Start Date:2016-12-14
HHGC (Hhg Capital Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-11
HHGCW (Hhg Capital Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-11
HHH (Howard Hughes Holdings Inc) Start Date:2010-11-05
HHS (Harte-Hanks) Start Date:2021-12-01
HI (Hillenbrand) Start Date:2008-04-01
HIBB (Hibbett Sports) Start Date:2000-01-03
HIE (Miller/Howard High Income Equity Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2014-11-25
HIFS (Hingham Institution) Start Date:2007-05-16
HIG (Hartford Financial Svc.Gp.) Start Date:2000-01-03
HIHO (Highway Holdings) Start Date:2003-01-24
HII (Huntington Ingalls Industries) Start Date:2011-03-22
HIMS (Hims & Hers Health,) Start Date:2019-09-13
HIMX (Himax Technologies American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2006-03-31
HIO (Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
HIPO (Hippo Holdings) Start Date:2021-07-29
HITI (High Tide Common Shares) Start Date:2021-06-02
HIVE (Hive Blockchain Technologies Common Shares) Start Date:2021-07-01
HIW (Highwoods Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
HIX (Western Asset High Income Fund Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
HKD (Amtd Digital) Start Date:2022-07-15
HKIT (Hitek Global) Start Date:2023-03-31
HL (Hecla Mining) Start Date:2000-01-03
HLF (Herbalife Nutrition Ltd.) Start Date:2004-12-16
HLI (Houlihan Lokey) Start Date:2015-08-13
HLIO (Helios Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-16
HLIT (Harmonic) Start Date:2000-01-03
HLLY (Holley) Start Date:2020-11-27
HLMN (Hillman Solutions) Start Date:2021-07-12
HLN (Haleon Plc) Start Date:2022-07-18
HLNE (Hamilton Lane Incorporated) Start Date:2017-03-01
HLP (Hongli) Start Date:2023-03-29
HLT (Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc) Start Date:2013-12-12
HLTH (Cue Health) Start Date:2021-09-24
HLVX (Hillevax) Start Date:2022-04-29
HLX (Helix Energy Solutions) Start Date:2006-07-18
HLXB (Helix Acquisition Ii) Start Date:2024-02-09
HMC (Honda Motor Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
HMN (Horace Mann Educators) Start Date:2000-01-03
HMNF (Hmn Financial) Start Date:2006-10-31
HMST (Homestreet) Start Date:2012-02-10
HMY (Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited) Start Date:2002-11-27
HNI (Hni) Start Date:2000-01-03
HNNA (Hennessy Advisors) Start Date:2007-05-16
HNRA (Hnr Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2022-04-06
HNRG (Hallador Energy Company) Start Date:2010-05-21
HNST (The Honest Company) Start Date:2021-05-05
HNVR (Hanover Bancorp) Start Date:2022-05-11
HNW (Pioneer Diversified High Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-25
HOFT (Hooker Furniture) Start Date:2002-06-27
HOFV (Hall Of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company) Start Date:2020-07-02
HOFVW (Hall Of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company Warrant) Start Date:2020-07-02
HOG (Harley-Davidson) Start Date:2000-01-03
HOLI (Hollsys Automation Technologies International, Common) Start Date:2008-08-01
HOLO (Microcloud Hologram) Start Date:2021-08-06
HOLX (Hologic) Start Date:2000-01-03
HOMB (Home Bancshares) Start Date:2006-06-23
HON (Honeywell Int'l) Start Date:2000-01-03
HONE (Harborone Bancorp) Start Date:2016-06-30
HOOD (Robinhood Markets) Start Date:2021-07-29
HOOK (Hookipa Pharma) Start Date:2019-04-18
HOPE (Hope Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-01
HOTH (Hoth Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-02-15
HOUR (Hour Loop) Start Date:2022-01-07
HOUS (Anywhere Real Estate) Start Date:2012-10-11
HOV (Hovnanian Enterprises, Class A) Start Date:2001-03-15
HOVNP (Hovnanian Enterprises Inc Dep Shr Srs A Pfd) Start Date:2005-11-30
HOVR (New Horizon Aircraft Ltd.) Start Date:2023-02-10
HOWL (Werewolf Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-04-30
HP (Helmerich & Payne) Start Date:2000-01-03
HPCO (Hempacco Co.) Start Date:2022-08-30
HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Start Date:2015-11-02
HPF (John Hancock Pfd Income Fund Ii Pfd Income Fund Ii) Start Date:2002-11-26
HPH (Highest Performances Holdings Inc) Start Date:2019-03-29
HPI (John Hancock Preferred Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-07-15
HPK (Highpeak Energy,) Start Date:2020-08-24
HPKEW (Highpeak Energy Warrant) Start Date:2020-08-24
HPP (Hudson Pacific Properties) Start Date:2010-06-24
HPQ (Hp) Start Date:2000-01-03
HPS (John Hancock Preferred Income Fund Iii Preferred Income Fund Iii) Start Date:2003-06-17
HQH (Tekla Healthcare Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
HQI (Hirequest) Start Date:2007-05-16
HQL (Teklalife Sciences Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
HQY (Healthequity) Start Date:2014-07-31
HR (Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
HRB (Block H&R) Start Date:2000-01-03
HRI (Herc) Start Date:2007-05-02
HRL (Hormel Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
HRMY (Harmony Biosciences) Start Date:2020-08-19
HROW (Harrow Health) Start Date:2013-02-08
HRT (Hireright Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2021-10-29
HRTG (Heritage Insurance In) Start Date:2014-05-23
HRTX (Heron Therapeutics Commo) Start Date:2007-05-16
HRYU (Hanryu Holdings) Start Date:2023-08-01
HRZN (Horizon Technology Finance) Start Date:2010-10-29
HSAI (Hesai) Start Date:2023-02-09
HSBC (Hsbc Holdings Plc.) Start Date:2000-01-03
HSCS (Heart Test Laboratories) Start Date:2022-06-15
HSCSW (Heart Test Laboratories Warrant) Start Date:2022-06-15
HSDT (Helius Medical Technologies Class A) Start Date:2014-06-27
HSHP (Himalaya Shipping Ltd.) Start Date:2023-03-31
HSIC (Henry Schein) Start Date:2000-01-03
HSII (Heidrick & Struggles) Start Date:2000-01-03
HSON (Hudson Global) Start Date:2003-04-01
HSPO (Horizon Space Acquisition I) Start Date:2023-01-26
HST (Host Hotels & Resorts) Start Date:2006-04-18
HSTM (Healthstream) Start Date:2000-04-11
HSY (The Hershey Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
HTBI (Hometrust Bancshares) Start Date:2012-07-11
HTBK (Heritage Commerce) Start Date:2000-01-03
HTCR (Heartcore Enterprises) Start Date:2022-02-10
HTD (John Hancock Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-02-25
HTGC (Hercules Capital) Start Date:2005-06-09
HTH (Hilltop) Start Date:2007-08-01
HTHT (Huazhu Limited) Start Date:2010-03-26
HTIA (Healthcare Trust 7.375% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock) Start Date:2020-03-30
HTLD (Heartland Express) Start Date:2000-01-03
HTLF (Heartland Financial Usa) Start Date:2017-03-31
HTLFP (Heartland Financial Usa Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/400Th Ownership Interest In A Share Of 7.00% Fixed-Rate Reset Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series E) Start Date:2020-06-29
HTOO (Fusion Fuel Green Plc Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-12-10
HTOOW (Fusion Fuel Green Plc Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-10
HTY (John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global Shareholder Yield Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-09-26
HTZ (Hertz Global Holdings, Inc) Start Date:2021-11-09
HTZWW (Hertz Global Holdings Inc Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-09
HUBB (Hubbell Corp) Start Date:2009-10-29
HUBG (Hub) Start Date:2000-01-03
HUBS (Hubspot) Start Date:2014-10-09
HUDA (Hudson Acquisition I) Start Date:2022-12-27
HUDI (Huadi International Co., Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-01-22
HUGE (Fsd Pharma Class B Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2020-01-09
HUIZ (Huize Holding) Start Date:2020-02-12
HUM (Humana) Start Date:2000-01-03
HUMA (Humacyte) Start Date:2021-08-23
HUMAW (Humacyte Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-24
HUN (Huntsman Corporation) Start Date:2005-02-14
HURC (Hurco Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
HURN (Huron Consulting) Start Date:2004-10-13
HUSA (Houston American Energy) Start Date:2007-07-05
HUT (Hut 8 Mining Common Shares) Start Date:2021-06-15
HUYA (Huya) Start Date:2018-05-11
HVT (Haverty Furniture) Start Date:2000-01-03
HVT.A (Haverty Furniture Companies) Start Date:2001-10-29
HWBK (Hawthorn Bancshares) Start Date:2007-06-18
HWC (Hancock Whitney Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-03
HWKN (Hawkins) Start Date:2000-01-03
HWM (Howmet Aerospace) Start Date:2016-11-01
HXL (Hexcel Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
HY (Hyster-Yale Materials) Start Date:2012-10-01
HYAC (Haymaker Acquisition 4) Start Date:2023-09-15
HYB (New America High Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
HYFM (Hydrofarm) Start Date:2020-12-10
HYI (Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2010-10-27
HYLN (Hyliion Holdings) Start Date:2020-10-02
HYMC (Hycroft Mining Holding Class A) Start Date:2018-03-12
HYMCL (Hycroft Mining Holding Warrants) Start Date:2021-01-25
HYMCW (Hycroft Mining Holding Warrant) Start Date:2020-06-01
HYPR (Hyperfine Class A) Start Date:2021-01-27
HYT (Blackrock Corporate High Yield Fund) Start Date:2003-05-29
HYW (Hywin Holdings) Start Date:2021-03-26
HYZN (Hyzon Motors Class A) Start Date:2021-07-14
HYZNW (Hyzon Motors Warrants) Start Date:2020-12-14
HZO (Marinemax) Start Date:2000-01-03
IAC (Iac/Interactivecorp) Start Date:2020-07-01
IAE (Voya Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund Ing Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-03-28
IAF (Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
IAG (Iamgold Corporation) Start Date:2005-12-20
IART (Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
IAS (Integral Ad Science Holding) Start Date:2021-06-30
IAUX (I-80 Gold Common Shares) Start Date:2022-05-19
IBAC (Ib Acquisition) Start Date:2024-05-01
IBCP (Independent Bank) Start Date:2007-05-08
IBEX (Ibex) Start Date:2020-08-07
IBIO (Ibio) Start Date:2008-08-19
IBKR (Interactive Brokers) Start Date:2007-05-04
IBM (International Business Machines) Start Date:2000-01-03
IBN (Icici Bank Limited) Start Date:2000-03-28
IBOC (International Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
IBP (Installed Building Products) Start Date:2014-02-13
IBRX (Immunitybio,) Start Date:2021-03-10
IBTA (Ibotta) Start Date:2024-04-18
IBTX (Independent Bank Co) Start Date:2013-04-03
ICAD (Icad) Start Date:2002-07-01
ICCC (Immucell) Start Date:2000-01-03
ICCH (Icc Holdings) Start Date:2017-03-28
ICCM (Icecure Medical Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-08-26
ICD (Independence Contract Drilling) Start Date:2014-08-08
ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) Start Date:2005-11-16
ICFI (Icf International) Start Date:2006-09-28
ICG (Intchains Limited) Start Date:2023-03-16
ICHR (Ichor) Start Date:2016-12-09
ICL (Icl Ltd.) Start Date:2014-09-24
ICLK (Iclick Interactive Asia American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-12-22
ICLR (Icon Plc) Start Date:2000-01-04
ICMB (Investcorp Credit Management Bdc) Start Date:2014-02-06
ICU (Seastar Medical Holding) Start Date:2021-03-18
ICUI (Icu Medical) Start Date:2000-01-03
IDA (Idacorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
IDAI (T Stamp Class A) Start Date:2021-06-21
IDCC (Interdigital) Start Date:2000-04-26
IDE (Voya Infrastructure Industrials And Materials Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-01-27
IDEX (Ideanomics,) Start Date:2007-05-16
IDN (Intellicheck) Start Date:2000-01-03
IDR (Idaho Strategic Resources) Start Date:2022-03-11
IDT (Idt) Start Date:2011-08-01
IDXX (Idexx Laboratories) Start Date:2000-01-03
IDYA (Ideaya Biosciences) Start Date:2019-05-23
IE (Ivanhoe Electric) Start Date:2022-06-28
IEP (Icahn Enterprises L.P) Start Date:2007-09-18
IESC (Ies) Start Date:2006-05-15
IEX (Idex Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
IFBD (Infobird) Start Date:2021-04-20
IFF (Intl Flavors & Fragrances) Start Date:2000-01-03
IFN (India Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
IFRX (Inflarx N.V.) Start Date:2017-11-16
IFS (Intercorp Financial Services) Start Date:2019-07-19
IGA (Voya Global Advantage And Premium Opportunity Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-10-27
IGC (India Globalization Capital) Start Date:2019-02-26
IGD (Voya Global Equity Dividend And Premium Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2005-03-29
IGI (Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity Trust) Start Date:2009-06-26
IGIC (International General Insurance Holdings Ordinary Share) Start Date:2018-04-10
IGMS (Igm Biosciences) Start Date:2019-09-18
IGR (Cbre Global Real Estate Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2004-02-25
IGT (International Game Technology) Start Date:2015-04-07
IH (Ihuman) Start Date:2020-10-09
IHD (Voya Emerging Markets High Income Dividend Equity Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2011-04-27
IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Plc) Start Date:2003-04-15
IHRT (Iheartmedia) Start Date:2019-05-07
IHS (Ihs Holding Limited) Start Date:2021-10-14
IHT (Innsuites Hospitality Trust Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-11-25
IHTA (Invesco High Income 2024 Target Term Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest No Par Value Per Share) Start Date:2017-11-30
IIF (Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund) Start Date:2013-11-19
III (Information Services Grp) Start Date:2007-02-12
IIIN (Insteel Industries) Start Date:2004-09-28
IIIV (I3 Verticals) Start Date:2018-06-21
IIM (Invesco Value Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
IINN (Inspira Technologies Oxy) Start Date:2021-07-14
IINNW (Inspira Technologies Oxy B.H.N. Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-14
IIPR (Innovative Industrial Properties) Start Date:2016-12-01
IKNA (Ikena Oncology) Start Date:2021-03-26
IKT (Inhibikase Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-12-23
ILAG (Intelligent Living Application) Start Date:2022-07-13
ILMN (Illumina Inc) Start Date:2000-07-28
ILPT (Industrial Logistics Properties Trust Common Share) Start Date:2018-01-12
IMAB (I-Mab) Start Date:2020-01-17
IMACW (Imac Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2019-02-13
IMAX (Imax) Start Date:2000-01-03
IMCC (Im Cannabis Common Shares) Start Date:2021-03-01
IMCR (Immunocore Plc) Start Date:2021-02-05
IMKTA (Ingles Markets) Start Date:2005-03-31
IMMP (Immutep American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
IMMR (Immersion) Start Date:2000-01-03
IMMX (Immix Biopharma) Start Date:2021-12-16
IMNM (Immunome) Start Date:2020-10-02
IMNN (Imunon) Start Date:2007-07-06
IMO (Imperial Oil Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
IMOS (Chipmos Technologies American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
IMPH (Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc) Start Date:2007-04-27
IMPP (Imperial Petroleum) Start Date:2021-12-06
IMRN (Immuron American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-03-02
IMRX (Immuneering) Start Date:2021-07-30
IMTE (Integrated Media Technology) Start Date:2017-08-11
IMTX (Immatics N.V. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-07-02
IMTXW (Immatics N.V. Warrants) Start Date:2020-07-02
IMUX (Immunic) Start Date:2019-04-17
IMVT (Immunovant) Start Date:2019-06-21
IMXI (International Money Express) Start Date:2017-03-27
INAB (In8bio) Start Date:2021-07-30
INBK (First Internet Bancorp Common) Start Date:2013-02-22
INBS (Intelligent Bio Solutions) Start Date:2020-12-23
INBX (Inhibrx) Start Date:2020-08-19
INCR (Intercure Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-01
INCY (Incyte) Start Date:2000-01-03
INDB (Independent Bank) Start Date:2000-01-03
INDI (Indie Semiconductor, Class A) Start Date:2021-06-11
INDO (Indonesia Energy) Start Date:2019-12-19
INDP (Indaptus Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-08-04
INFA (Informatica) Start Date:2021-10-27
INFN (Infinera) Start Date:2007-06-07
INFU (Infusystems) Start Date:2010-12-23
INFY (Infosys ADR) Start Date:2000-01-03
ING (Ing Groep N.V.) Start Date:2000-01-03
INGN (Inogen) Start Date:2014-02-14
INGR (Ingredion) Start Date:2000-01-03
INHD (Inno Holdings) Start Date:2023-12-14
INKT (Mink Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-10-15
INLX (Intellinetics) Start Date:2012-02-14
INM (Inmed Pharmaceuticals Common Shares) Start Date:2020-06-19
INMB (Inmune Bio) Start Date:2019-02-04
INMD (Inmode Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-08-08
INN (Summit Hotel Properties) Start Date:2011-02-09
INNV (Innovage Holding) Start Date:2021-03-04
INO (Inovio Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2005-04-04
INOD (Innodata) Start Date:2000-01-03
INSE (Inspired Entertainment) Start Date:2014-12-11
INSG (Inseego) Start Date:2007-05-01
INSI (Insight Select Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
INSM (Insmed Incorporated) Start Date:2000-08-28
INSP (Inspire Medical Systems) Start Date:2018-05-03
INST (Instructure) Start Date:2021-07-22
INSW (International Seaways) Start Date:2016-11-16
INTA (Intapp) Start Date:2021-06-30
INTC (Intel) Start Date:2000-01-03
INTG (Intergroup Corporation) Start Date:2004-03-23
INTJ (Intelligent Limited) Start Date:2024-03-20
INTR (Inter & Class A) Start Date:2022-06-23
INTS (Intensity Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-06-30
INTT (Intest) Start Date:2002-02-04
INTU (Intuit) Start Date:2000-01-03
INTZ (Intrusion) Start Date:2007-05-16
INUV (Inuvo) Start Date:2009-07-31
INVA (Innoviva) Start Date:2007-05-04
INVE (Identive) Start Date:2010-01-15
INVH (Invitation Homes) Start Date:2017-02-01
INVO (Invo Bioscience) Start Date:2020-11-13
INVZ (Innoviz Technologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-06
INVZW (Innoviz Technologies Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-06
INZY (Inozyme Pharma) Start Date:2020-07-24
IOBT (Io Biotech) Start Date:2021-11-05
IONM (Assure Holdings) Start Date:2021-09-29
IONQ (Ionq,) Start Date:2021-01-04
IONR (Ioneer Ltd) Start Date:2022-06-30
IONS (Ionis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2002-05-08
IOR (Income Opportunity Realty Investors) Start Date:2007-05-18
IOSP (Innospec) Start Date:2006-03-22
IOT (Samsara) Start Date:2021-12-15
IOVA (Iovance Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2009-09-01
IP (International Paper) Start Date:2000-01-03
IPA (Immunoprecise Antibodies) Start Date:2017-01-03
IPAR (Inter Parfums) Start Date:2000-03-28
IPDN (Professional Diversity Network) Start Date:2013-03-05
IPG (Interpublic) Start Date:2000-01-03
IPGP (Ipg Photonics) Start Date:2006-12-13
IPHA (Innate Pharma S.A. ADS) Start Date:2019-10-17
IPI (Intrepid Potash) Start Date:2008-04-22
IPSC (Century Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-06-18
IPW (Ipower) Start Date:2021-05-12
IPWR (Ideal Power) Start Date:2013-11-22
IPX (Iperionx American Depositary Share) Start Date:2022-06-21
IPXX (Inflection Point Acquisition Ii) Start Date:2023-07-17
IQ (IQiyi) Start Date:2018-03-29
IQI (Invesco Quality Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
IQV (IQvia Holdings) Start Date:2013-05-09
IR (Ingersoll-Rand Plc) Start Date:2017-05-12
IRBT (Irobot Corporation) Start Date:2005-11-09
IRDM (Iridium Communications) Start Date:2009-09-24
IREN (Iris Energy Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-17
IRIX (Iridex) Start Date:2002-12-18
IRM (Iron Mountain Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
IRMD (Iradimed Corp) Start Date:2014-07-16
IROH (Iron Horse Acquisitions) Start Date:2024-02-16
IRON (Disc Medicine) Start Date:2020-08-12
IROQ (If Bancorp) Start Date:2011-07-08
IRS (Irsa Inversiones Y Representaciones S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
IRT (Independence Realty Trust) Start Date:2013-09-18
IRTC (Irhythm Technologies) Start Date:2016-10-20
IRWD (Ironwood Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2010-02-03
ISD (Pgim High Yield Bond Fund) Start Date:2012-04-26
ISDR (Issuer Direct) Start Date:2008-03-26
ISPC (Ispecimen) Start Date:2021-06-17
ISPO (Inspirat) Start Date:2021-02-09
ISPOW (Inspirato Incorporated Warrant) Start Date:2021-02-09
ISPR (Ispire Technology) Start Date:2023-04-04
ISRG (Intuitive Surgical) Start Date:2000-06-16
ISRL (Israel Acquisitions Corp) Start Date:2023-02-28
ISSC (Innovative Solutions And Support) Start Date:2000-08-04
ISTR (Investar Holding Corp) Start Date:2014-07-01
IT (Gartner Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ITCI (Intra-Cellular Therapies) Start Date:2014-01-31
ITGR (Integer Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-08
ITI (Iteris) Start Date:2004-12-09
ITIC (Investors Title) Start Date:2000-01-03
ITOS (Iteos Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-07-24
ITP (It Tech Packaging) Start Date:2009-12-17
ITRG (Integra Resources Common Shares) Start Date:2020-07-31
ITRI (Itron) Start Date:2000-01-03
ITRM (Iterum Therapeutics Plc Ordinary Share) Start Date:2018-05-25
ITRN (Ituran Location And Control Ltd.) Start Date:2005-09-28
ITT (Itt) Start Date:2000-09-05
ITUB (Itau Unibanco Holding S.A.) Start Date:2009-05-20
ITW (Illinois Tool Works) Start Date:2000-01-03
IVA (Inventiva) Start Date:2020-07-13
IVAC (Intevac) Start Date:2000-01-03
IVCA (Investcorp India Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2022-06-30
IVDA (Iveda Solutions) Start Date:2009-10-12
IVP (Inspire Veterinary Partners) Start Date:2023-08-30
IVR (Invesco Mortgage Capital) Start Date:2009-06-26
IVT (Inventrust Properties) Start Date:2021-10-12
IVVD (Invivyd) Start Date:2021-08-06
IVZ (Invesco Ltd.) Start Date:2007-05-24
IX (Orix ADS) Start Date:2000-01-03
IXHL (Incannex Healthcare American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2022-03-02
IZEA (Izea Worldwide) Start Date:2011-06-07
IZM (Iczoom ,) Start Date:2023-03-15
J (Jacobs Engineering) Start Date:2007-05-02
JACK (Jack In The Box) Start Date:2008-12-15
JAGX (Jaguar Health) Start Date:2015-05-13
JAKK (Jakks Pacific) Start Date:2000-01-03
JAMF (Jamf) Start Date:2020-07-22
JAN (Janone) Start Date:2007-05-16
JANX (Janux Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-06-11
JAZZ (Jazz Pharmaceuticals Plc) Start Date:2012-01-18
JBGS (Jbg Smith Properties) Start Date:2017-07-06
JBHT (J. B. Hunt Transport Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
JBI (Janus International ,) Start Date:2019-12-20
JBL (Jabil) Start Date:2000-01-03
JBLU (Jetblue Airways Corporation) Start Date:2002-05-10
JBSS (John B Sanfilippo) Start Date:2000-01-03
JBT (John Bean Technologies Corporation) Start Date:2008-08-01
JCE (Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-03-28
JCI (Johnson Controls International) Start Date:2000-01-03
JCSE (Je Cleantech Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-04-22
JCTCF (Jewett-Cameron Trading Company Common Shares) Start Date:2004-12-08
JD (Jd.com Inc) Start Date:2014-05-22
JDZG (Jiade Limited) Start Date:2024-05-15
JEF (Jefferies Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
JELD (Jeld-Wen Holding) Start Date:2017-01-27
JEQ (Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
JEWL (Adamas One) Start Date:2022-12-09
JFBR (Jeffs' Brands Ltd) Start Date:2022-08-26
JFIN (Jiayin American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-05-10
JFR (Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund) Start Date:2004-03-26
JFU (9F American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-08-15
JG (Aurora Mobile American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-07-26
JGH (Nuveen Global High Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2014-11-24
JHG (Janus Henderson Plc) Start Date:2017-05-30
JHI (John Hancock Investors Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
JHS (John Hancock Income Securities Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
JHX (James Hardie Industries Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2001-10-22
JILL (J. Jill) Start Date:2017-03-09
JJSF (J&J Snack Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
JKHY (Jack Henry & Associates Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
JKS (Jinkosolar Holding Company American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2010-05-14
JL (J-Long Limited) Start Date:2024-01-24
JLL (Jones Lang Lasalle) Start Date:2000-01-03
JLS (Nuveen Mortgage And Income Fund) Start Date:2009-11-25
JMIA (Jumia Technologies Ag American Depositary Shares Each Representing Two Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-04-12
JMM (Nuveen Multi-Market Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
JMSB (John Marshall Bancorp) Start Date:2013-11-21
JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) Start Date:2000-01-03
JNPR (Juniper Networks) Start Date:2009-10-29
JNVR (Janover) Start Date:2023-07-25
JOAN (Joann) Start Date:2021-03-12
JOB (Gee) Start Date:2002-09-27
JOBY (Joby Aviation,) Start Date:2021-08-11
JOE (St. Joe) Start Date:2000-01-03
JOF (Japan Smaller Capitalization Fund Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
JOUT (Johnson Outdoors) Start Date:2000-03-02
JPC (Nuveen Preferred & Income Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2003-03-31
JPI (Nuveen Preferred And Income Term Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-07-27
JPM (JP Morgan Chase & Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
JQC (Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-06-26
JRI (Nuveen Real Asset Income And Growth Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-04-26
JRS (Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2001-11-19
JRSH (Jerash Holdings) Start Date:2018-05-04
JRVR (James River Lt) Start Date:2014-12-12
JSPR (Jasper Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-09-20
JSPRW (Japer Therapeutics Warrants) Start Date:2020-01-10
JUNE (Junee Limited) Start Date:2024-04-17
JVA (Coffee Holding Co.) Start Date:2005-05-03
JVSA (Jvspac Acquisition) Start Date:2024-03-11
JWEL (Jowell Global) Start Date:2021-03-17
JWN (Nordstrom) Start Date:2000-01-03
JXJT (Jx Luxventure) Start Date:2013-03-07
JXN (Jackson Financial) Start Date:2021-09-01
JYD (Jayud Global Logistics Limited) Start Date:2023-04-21
JYNT (The Joint) Start Date:2014-11-11
JZ (Jianzhi Education Technology) Start Date:2022-08-26
JZXN (Jiuzi Holdings) Start Date:2021-05-18
K (Kellogg Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
KA (Kineta) Start Date:2016-02-11
KAI (Kadant) Start Date:2003-05-14
KALA (Kala Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-07-20
KALU (Kaiser Aluminum) Start Date:2006-07-07
KALV (Kalvista Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-04-09
KAR (Kar Auction Services) Start Date:2009-12-11
KARO (Karooooo) Start Date:2021-04-01
KAVL (Kaival Brands Innovations) Start Date:2021-07-29
KB (Kb Financial Inc) Start Date:2001-11-13
KBH (Kb Home) Start Date:2000-01-03
KBR (Kbr) Start Date:2006-11-16
KC (Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited) Start Date:2020-05-08
KD (Kyndryl Holdings,) Start Date:2021-10-22
KDLY (Kindly Md) Start Date:2024-05-31
KDP (Keurig Dr Pepper) Start Date:2008-05-07
KE (Kimball Electronics Comm) Start Date:2014-11-03
KELYA (Kelly Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
KELYB (Kelly Services) Start Date:2008-01-18
KEN (Kenon Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2015-01-12
KEP (Korea Electric Power) Start Date:2000-01-03
KEQU (Kewaunee Scientific) Start Date:2004-01-05
KERNW (Akerna Warrant) Start Date:2018-02-27
KEX (Kirby) Start Date:2000-01-03
KEY (Keycorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
KEYS (Keysight Technologies) Start Date:2014-11-03
KF (Korea Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
KFFB (Kentucky First Federal Bancorp) Start Date:2005-03-03
KFRC (Kforce) Start Date:2000-01-31
KFS (Kingsway Financial Services) Start Date:2001-07-11
KFY (Korn Ferry) Start Date:2000-01-03
KGC (Kinross Gold Corporation) Start Date:2003-02-03
KGS (Kodiak Gas Services) Start Date:2023-06-29
KHC (Kraft Heinz Co) Start Date:2015-07-06
KIDS (Orthopediatrics) Start Date:2017-10-12
KIM (Kimco Realty) Start Date:2000-01-03
KIND (Nextdoor Holdings,) Start Date:2021-11-08
KINS (Kingstone Companies) Start Date:2009-07-02
KIO (Kkr Income Opportunities Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2013-07-26
KIQ (Kelso Technologies Inc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-10-14
KIRK (Kirkland's Commonstock) Start Date:2002-07-30
KITT (Nauticus Robotics) Start Date:2021-08-04
KKR (Kkr & Co.) Start Date:2010-07-15
KLAC (Kla-Tencor) Start Date:2000-01-03
KLDO (Kaleido Biosciences) Start Date:2019-02-28
KLG (Wk Kellogg Co.) Start Date:2023-09-27
KLIC (Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
KLTR (Kaltura) Start Date:2021-07-21
KLXE (Klx Energy Services) Start Date:2018-08-29
KMB (Kimberly-Clark) Start Date:2000-01-03
KMDA (Kamada Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2013-05-31
KMI (Kinder Morgan) Start Date:2011-02-11
KMPR (Kemper) Start Date:2001-05-24
KMT (Kennametal) Start Date:2000-01-03
KMX (Carmax Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
KN (Knowles Corp) Start Date:2014-03-03
KNDI (Kandi Technologies Inc) Start Date:2007-09-24
KNF (Knife River Corp) Start Date:2023-06-01
KNOP (Knot Offshore Partners Lp) Start Date:2013-10-04
KNSA (Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-05-24
KNSL (Kinsale Capital) Start Date:2016-07-28
KNTK (Kinetik) Start Date:2017-05-02
KNW (Know Labs) Start Date:2022-09-16
KNX (Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings) Start Date:2010-12-16
KO (Coca-Cola Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
KOD (Kodiak Sciences) Start Date:2018-10-04
KODK (Eastman Kodak Co.) Start Date:2013-11-01
KOF (Coca Cola Femsa S.A.B. De C.V. American Depositary Shares Each Representing 10 Units) Start Date:2000-01-03
KOP (Koppers) Start Date:2006-02-01
KOPN (Kopin Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
KORE (Kore Holdings) Start Date:2021-10-01
KOS (Kosmos Energy) Start Date:2011-05-11
KOSS (Koss) Start Date:2007-05-21
KPLT (Katapult Holdings,) Start Date:2019-12-30
KPLTW (Katapult Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2019-12-27
KPRX (Kiora Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-07-27
KPTI (Karyopharm Therapeutics C) Start Date:2013-11-06
KR (Kroger Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
KRC (Kilroy Realty Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
KREF (Kkr Real Estate Finance Trust) Start Date:2017-05-05
KRG (Kite Realty Trust) Start Date:2004-08-12
KRKR (36Kr Holdings American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-11-08
KRMD (Repro Med Systems) Start Date:2007-05-17
KRNL (Kernel Holdings) Start Date:2021-04-01
KRNLU (Kernel Holdings Units) Start Date:2021-02-03
KRNLW (Kernel Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2021-03-26
KRNT (Kornit Digital Ltd.) Start Date:2015-04-02
KRNY (Kearny Financial) Start Date:2005-02-24
KRO (Kronos Worldwide) Start Date:2003-12-09
KRON (Kronos Bio) Start Date:2020-10-09
KROS (Keros Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-04-08
KRP (Kimbell Royalty Partners, Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2017-02-03
KRRO (Korro Bio Inc) Start Date:2019-10-03
KRT (Karat Packaging) Start Date:2021-04-15
KRUS (Kura Sushi Usa) Start Date:2019-08-01
KRYS (Krystal Biotech) Start Date:2017-09-20
KSCP (Knightscope Class A) Start Date:2022-01-27
KSM (Dws Strategic Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
KSPI (Joint Stock Company Kaspi.Kz) Start Date:2024-01-19
KSS (Kohl's) Start Date:2000-01-03
KT (Kt Corporation) Start Date:2010-01-04
KTB (Kontoor Brands) Start Date:2019-05-09
KTCC (Key Tronic) Start Date:2000-01-03
KTF (Dws Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
KTOS (Kratos Defense & Security) Start Date:2007-09-17
KTRA (Kintara Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-02-22
KTTA (Pasithea Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-09-15
KTTAW (Pasithea Therapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-09-15
KUKE (Kuke Music Holding) Start Date:2021-01-12
KULR (Kulr Technology) Start Date:2018-07-18
KURA (Kura Oncology) Start Date:2015-11-05
KVAC (Keen Vision Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2023-09-15
KVHI (Kvh Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
KVUE (Kenvue) Start Date:2023-05-04
KVYO (Klaviyo) Start Date:2023-09-20
KW (Kennedy-Wilson Holdings) Start Date:2010-03-19
KWE (Kwesst Micro Systems) Start Date:2022-12-07
KWR (Quaker Chemical) Start Date:2000-01-03
KXIN (Kaixin Auto Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2017-11-06
KYMR (Kymera Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-08-21
KYN (Kayne Anderson Energy Infrastructure Fund) Start Date:2004-09-28
KYTX (Kyverna Therapeutics) Start Date:2024-02-08
KZIA (Kazia Therapeutics American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
KZR (Kezar Life Sciences) Start Date:2018-06-21
L (Loews) Start Date:2007-04-27
LAAC (Lithium Americas) Start Date:2008-10-28
LAB (Standard Biotools) Start Date:2022-04-06
LAC (Lithium Americas Corp) Start Date:2023-09-21
LAD (Lithia Motors) Start Date:2000-01-03
LADR (Ladder Capital Corp) Start Date:2014-02-06
LAES (Sealsq Corp) Start Date:2023-05-22
LAKE (Lakeland Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
LAMR (Lamar Advertising Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
LANC (Lancaster Colony) Start Date:2000-01-03
LAND (Gladstone Land Com) Start Date:2013-01-29
LANDM (Gladstone Land 5.00% Series D Cumulative Term Preferred Stock) Start Date:2021-01-25
LANV (Lanvin Holdings) Start Date:2022-12-15
LARK (Landmark Bancorp) Start Date:2005-06-14
LASE (Laser Photonics) Start Date:2022-09-30
LASR (Nlight) Start Date:2018-04-26
LATG (Latamgrowth SPAC Class A) Start Date:2022-03-18
LATGU (Latamgrowth SPAC Unit) Start Date:2022-01-25
LAUR (Laureate Education) Start Date:2017-02-01
LAW (Cs Disco) Start Date:2021-07-21
LAZ (Lazard Ltd) Start Date:2005-05-05
LAZR (Luminar Technologies, Class A) Start Date:2020-12-03
LBPH (Longboard Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-03-12
LBRDA (Liberty Broadband) Start Date:2014-11-04
LBRDK (Liberty Broadband Corporation) Start Date:2014-11-04
LBRDP (Liberty Broadband Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock) Start Date:2020-12-22
LBRT (Liberty Oilfield Services) Start Date:2018-01-12
LBTYA (Liberty Global Plc) Start Date:2004-06-08
LBTYB (Liberty Global Plc Class B) Start Date:2004-06-09
LBTYK (Liberty Global Plc Class C) Start Date:2005-09-08
LC (Lendingclub Corp) Start Date:2014-12-11
LCAHU (Landcadia Holdings Iv Units) Start Date:2021-03-25
LCAHW (Landcadia Holdings Iv Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-18
LCFY (Locafy Ordinary Share) Start Date:2022-03-25
LCID (Lucid ,) Start Date:2020-09-18
LCII (Lci Industries) Start Date:2017-01-03
LCIN (Lannett Co Inc) Start Date:2013-12-13
LCNB (Lcnb) Start Date:2007-05-16
LCTX (Lineage Cell Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-16
LCUT (Lifetime Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
LCW (Learn Cw Investment Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-29
LDI (Loandepot) Start Date:2021-02-11
LDOS (Leidos Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-27
LDP (Cohen & Steers Duration Preferred And Income Fund) Start Date:2012-07-27
LDTC (Leddartech Holdings Inc) Start Date:2021-03-01
LDWY (Lendway Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
LE (Lands End) Start Date:2014-03-20
LEA (Lear) Start Date:2009-11-20
LECO (Lincoln Electric Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
LEDS (Semileds) Start Date:2010-12-09
LEE (Lee Enterprises Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
LEG (Leggett & Platt) Start Date:2000-01-03
LEGH (Legacy Housing) Start Date:2018-12-14
LEGN (Legend Biotech Corporation) Start Date:2020-06-05
LEGT (Legato Merger Iii) Start Date:2024-03-28
LEJU (Leju Holdings American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Ordinary Share) Start Date:2014-04-17
LEN (Lennar) Start Date:2000-01-03
LEN.B (Lennar) Start Date:2003-04-24
LENZ (Lenz Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2021-06-25
LEO (Bny Mellon Strategic Municipals) Start Date:2000-01-03
LESL (Leslie's) Start Date:2020-11-02
LEU (Centrus Energy) Start Date:2014-09-30
LEV (The Lion Electric Company) Start Date:2021-05-07
LEVI (Levi Strauss & Co.) Start Date:2019-03-21
LEXX (Lexaria Bioscience) Start Date:2021-01-12
LEXXW (Lexaria Bioscience Warrant) Start Date:2021-01-12
LFCR (Lifecore Biomedical) Start Date:2007-05-11
LFLY (Leafly Holdings) Start Date:2019-12-13
LFLYW (Leafly Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2022-02-07
LFMD (Lifemd) Start Date:2021-02-22
LFST (Lifestance Health) Start Date:2021-06-10
LFT (Lument Finance Trust) Start Date:2013-03-22
LFUS (Littelfuse) Start Date:2000-01-03
LFVN (Lifevantage Corp) Start Date:2012-09-12
LFWD (Lifeward Ltd.) Start Date:2014-09-12
LGCB (Linkage Global Inc) Start Date:2023-12-19
LGCL (Lucas Gc Limited) Start Date:2024-03-05
LGF.A (Lions Gate Entertainment) Start Date:2007-08-01
LGF.B (Lions Gate Entertainment) Start Date:2007-08-01
LGHL (Lion Holding American Depositary Share) Start Date:2020-06-16
LGHLW (Lion Holding Warrant) Start Date:2019-06-21
LGI (Lazard Global Total Return And Income Fund) Start Date:2004-05-06
LGIH (Lgi Homes) Start Date:2013-11-07
LGL (Lgl) Start Date:2006-12-04
LGMK (Logicmark) Start Date:2013-08-23
LGND (Ligand Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-06-14
LGO (Largo Common Shares) Start Date:2021-04-19
LGVCU (Lamf Global Ventures I Unit) Start Date:2021-11-11
LGVN (Longeveron) Start Date:2021-02-12
LH (Laboratory Of America Holding) Start Date:2000-01-03
LHX (L3harris Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-01
LI (Li Auto) Start Date:2020-07-30
LIAN (Lianbio American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-01
LICN (Lichen China) Start Date:2023-02-06
LICY (Li-Cycle Holdings) Start Date:2021-08-11
LIDR (Aeye Class A) Start Date:2021-01-11
LIDRW (Aeye Warrant) Start Date:2021-01-06
LIFW (Msp Recovery Class A) Start Date:2020-10-21
LII (Lennox International) Start Date:2000-01-03
LILA (Liberty Latin America) Start Date:2015-07-10
LILAK (Liberty Latin America Ltd.) Start Date:2015-06-23
LILM (Lilium N.V.) Start Date:2021-09-15
LILMW (Lilium N.V. Warrants) Start Date:2021-09-15
LIN (Linde Plc) Start Date:2018-10-29
LINC (Lincoln Educational Services) Start Date:2005-06-23
LIND (Lindblad Expeditions) Start Date:2013-07-03
LINK (Interlink Electronics) Start Date:2007-05-16
LIPO (Lipella Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2022-12-20
LIQT (Liqtech International) Start Date:2011-08-25
LITB (Lightinthebox Holding Co. American Depositary Shares Each Representing 2 Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2013-06-06
LITE (Lumentum Holdings) Start Date:2015-07-23
LITM (Snow Lake Resources) Start Date:2021-11-19
LIVE (Live Ventures Incorporated) Start Date:2015-10-09
LIVN (Livanova Plc) Start Date:2015-10-19
LIXT (Lixte Biotechnology Holdings) Start Date:2020-11-25
LIXTW (Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2020-11-25
LKCO (Luokung Technology Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-01-08
LKFN (Lakeland Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
LKQ (Lkq Corporation) Start Date:2003-10-06
LL (Lumber Liquidators) Start Date:2010-01-04
LLAP (Terran Orbital) Start Date:2021-04-26
LLL (Jx Luxventure) Start Date:2017-06-01
LLY (Lilly) Start Date:2000-01-03
LLYVA (Liberty Media Corp) Start Date:2024-01-02
LLYVK (Liberty Media Corp) Start Date:2024-01-02
LMAT (Lemaitre Vascular) Start Date:2006-10-19
LMB (Limbach Holdings) Start Date:2016-11-16
LMDX (Lumiradx Common Shares) Start Date:2021-09-29
LMDXW (Lumiradx Warrant) Start Date:2021-09-29
LMFA (Lm Funding America) Start Date:2015-12-08
LMND (Lemonade Inc) Start Date:2020-07-02
LMNR (Limoneira Co) Start Date:2007-05-22
LMPX (Lmp Automotive Holdings) Start Date:2019-12-05
LMT (Lockheed Martin) Start Date:2000-01-03
LNC (Lincoln National) Start Date:2000-01-03
LND (Brasilagro Brazilian Agric Real Estate Co Sponsored ADR) Start Date:2012-11-08
LNG (Cheniere Energy) Start Date:2003-03-24
LNKB (Linkbancorp) Start Date:2022-09-13
LNN (Lindsay) Start Date:2000-01-03
LNSR (Lensar) Start Date:2020-10-02
LNT (Alliant Energy Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
LNTH (Lantheus) Start Date:2015-06-25
LNW (Light & Wonder) Start Date:2007-05-02
LNZA (Lanzatech Global) Start Date:2021-09-24
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc) Start Date:2008-07-29
LOAR (Loar Holdings) Start Date:2024-04-25
LOB (Live Oak Bancshares) Start Date:2015-07-23
LOBO (Lobo Ev Technologies Ltd) Start Date:2024-03-21
LOCL (Local Bounti) Start Date:2021-11-22
LOCO (El Pollo Loco C) Start Date:2014-07-25
LODE (Comstock) Start Date:2007-05-16
LOGC (Contextlogic Inc) Start Date:2020-12-16
LOGI (Logitech International Sa) Start Date:2012-09-24
LOMA (Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina Sociedad Anonima ADS) Start Date:2017-11-01
LOOP (Loop Industries) Start Date:2015-11-11
LOPE (Grand Canyon Education) Start Date:2008-11-20
LOVE (The Lovesac Company) Start Date:2018-06-27
LOW (Lowe's Cos.) Start Date:2000-01-03
LPA (Logistic Properties Of The Americas) Start Date:2021-03-30
LPCN (Lipocine) Start Date:2014-03-21
LPG (Dorian Lpg) Start Date:2014-05-08
LPL (Lg Display Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2004-07-22
LPLA (Lpl Financial Holdings) Start Date:2010-11-18
LPRO (Open Lending Class A) Start Date:2020-06-11
LPSN (Liveperson) Start Date:2000-04-07
LPTH (Lightpath Technologies Class A) Start Date:2000-07-12
LPTV (Loop Media) Start Date:2022-09-21
LPTX (Leap Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-01-25
LPX (Louisiana-Pacific Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
LQDA (Liquidia Corp) Start Date:2018-07-26
LQDT (Liquidity Service) Start Date:2006-02-27
LQR (Lqr House) Start Date:2023-08-10
LRCX (Lam Research) Start Date:2000-01-03
LRE (Lead Real Estate Co.) Start Date:2023-09-27
LRFC (Logan Ridge Finance) Start Date:2013-09-25
LRHC (La Rosa Holdings) Start Date:2023-10-10
LRMR (Larimar Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-06-19
LRN (Stride) Start Date:2007-12-13
LSAK (Lesaka Technologies) Start Date:2007-04-30
LSBK (Lake Shore Bancorp) Start Date:2006-04-05
LSCC (Lattice Semiconductor Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
LSDI (Lucy Scientific Discovery) Start Date:2023-02-09
LSEA (Landsea Homes) Start Date:2018-06-29
LSEAW (Landsea Homes Warrant) Start Date:2018-06-29
LSF (Laird Superfood) Start Date:2020-09-23
LSPD (Lightspeed Commerce) Start Date:2020-09-11
LSTA (Lisata Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-08-09
LSTR (Landstar System) Start Date:2000-01-03
LSXMA (The Liberty Siriusxm) Start Date:2016-04-18
LSXMB (Liberty Media Series B Liberty Siriusxm) Start Date:2016-04-21
LSXMK (The Liberty Siriusxm) Start Date:2016-04-18
LTBR (Lightbridge) Start Date:2009-10-09
LTC (Ltc Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
LTH (Life Time Holdings,) Start Date:2021-10-07
LTRN (Lantern Pharma) Start Date:2020-06-11
LTRX (Lantronix) Start Date:2000-08-04
LTRY (Lottery.com,) Start Date:2018-06-13
LTRYW (Lottery.com Warrants) Start Date:2021-11-01
LU (Lucent Technology) Start Date:2020-11-02
LUCD (Lucid Diagnostics) Start Date:2021-10-14
LUCY (Innovative Eyewear) Start Date:2022-08-15
LULU (Lululemon Athletica) Start Date:2007-07-30
LUMN (Lumen Technologies) Start Date:2007-04-30
LUMO (Lumos Pharma) Start Date:2011-11-11
LUNA (Luna Innovations) Start Date:2006-06-05
LUNG (Pulmonx) Start Date:2020-10-01
LUV (Southwest Airlines) Start Date:2000-01-03
LUXH (Luxurban Hotels) Start Date:2007-05-11
LVLU (Lulu's Fashion Lounge Holdings,) Start Date:2021-11-11
LVO (Liveone) Start Date:2017-12-14
LVS (Las Vegas Sands) Start Date:2004-12-15
LVTX (Lava Therapeutics Nv) Start Date:2021-03-25
LVWR (Livewire) Start Date:2020-11-23
LW (Lamb Weston Holdings Inc) Start Date:2016-11-01
LWAY (Lifeway Foods) Start Date:2000-04-10
LWLG (Lightwave Logic,) Start Date:2008-03-10
LX (Lexinfintech Holdings American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-12-21
LXEH (Lixiang Education) Start Date:2020-10-01
LXEO (Lexeo Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-11-03
LXFR (Luxfer) Start Date:2012-10-03
LXP (Lexington Realty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
LXRX (Lexicon Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-04-27
LXU (Lsb Industries) Start Date:2003-12-15
LYB (Lyondellbasell) Start Date:2010-10-14
LYEL (Lyell Immunopharma,) Start Date:2021-06-17
LYFT (Lyft) Start Date:2019-03-29
LYG (Lloyds Banking Plc) Start Date:2001-11-28
LYRA (Lyra Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-05-01
LYT (Lytus Technologies Holdings Ptv. Common Shares) Start Date:2022-06-15
LYTS (Lsi Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
LYV (Live Nation Entertainment) Start Date:2005-12-22
LZ (Legalzoom.com) Start Date:2021-06-30
LZB (La-Z-Boy) Start Date:2000-01-03
LZM (Lifezone Metals Ltd.) Start Date:2021-12-13
M (Macy's) Start Date:2000-01-03
MA (Mastercard) Start Date:2006-05-25
MAA (Mid-America Apartments) Start Date:2000-01-03
MAC (Macerich) Start Date:2000-01-03
MAG (Mag Silver) Start Date:2000-01-03
MAIA (Maia Biotechnology) Start Date:2022-07-28
MAIN (Main Street Capital Corporation) Start Date:2007-10-08
MAMA (Mama's Creations Inc) Start Date:2013-05-22
MAMO (Massimo) Start Date:2024-04-02
MAN (Manpowergroup) Start Date:2000-01-03
MANH (Manhattan Associates) Start Date:2000-01-03
MANU (Manchester United Plc) Start Date:2012-08-10
MAPS (Wm Technology, Class A) Start Date:2019-10-01
MAPSW (Wm Technology Warrants) Start Date:2019-10-01
MAR (Marriott Int'l.) Start Date:2000-01-03
MARA (Marathon Digital Holdings,) Start Date:2014-07-28
MARPS (Marine Petroleum Trust Units Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2000-01-04
MARX (Mars Acquisition) Start Date:2023-03-14
MAS (Masco) Start Date:2000-01-03
MASI (Masimo Corporation) Start Date:2007-08-08
MASS (908 Devices) Start Date:2020-12-18
MAT (Mattel) Start Date:2000-01-03
MATH (Metalpha Technology Holding) Start Date:2017-10-20
MATV (Mativ Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-02
MATW (Matthews International) Start Date:2000-01-03
MATX (Matson) Start Date:2012-07-02
MAV (Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Fund) Start Date:2003-11-24
MAX (Mediaalpha) Start Date:2020-11-02
MAXN (Maxeon Solar) Start Date:2020-12-15
MAYS (J. W. Mays) Start Date:2007-05-18
MBC (Masterbrand) Start Date:2022-12-09
MBCN (Middlefield Banc Cmn) Start Date:2007-05-16
MBI (Mbia) Start Date:2000-01-03
MBIN (Merchants Bancorp) Start Date:2017-10-27
MBINN (Merchants Bancorp Depositary Shares Preferred Series C) Start Date:2021-03-23
MBINO (Merchants Bancorp Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/40Th Interest In A Share Of Series B Fixed-To-Floating Rate) Start Date:2019-08-20
MBINP (Merchants Bancorp 7.00% Fixed-To-Floating Rate Series A Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock) Start Date:2019-03-29
MBIO (Mustang Bio) Start Date:2017-08-22
MBLY (Mobileye Global) Start Date:2022-10-26
MBNKP (Medallion Bank Fixed-To-Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series F) Start Date:2019-12-18
MBOT (Microbot Medical) Start Date:2007-04-27
MBRX (Moleculin Biotech) Start Date:2016-06-02
MBUU (Malibu Boats Com) Start Date:2014-01-31
MBWM (Mercantile Bank) Start Date:2000-01-03
MC (Moelis & Company) Start Date:2014-04-16
MCAC (Monterey Capital Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-07-01
MCB (Metropolitan Bank Hldg Corp) Start Date:2017-11-08
MCBC (Macatawa Bank) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCBS (Metrocity Bankshares) Start Date:2019-10-03
MCD (Mcdonald's) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCFT (Mastercraft Boat) Start Date:2015-07-17
MCHP (Microchip Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCHX (Marchex Class B) Start Date:2004-03-31
MCI (Barings Corporate Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCK (Mckesson) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCN (Madison Covered Call & Equity Strategy Fund) Start Date:2004-08-02
MCO (Moody's Corp) Start Date:2000-10-03
MCR (Mfs Charter Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCRB (Seres Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-06-26
MCRI (Monarch Casino & Resort) Start Date:2000-01-07
MCS (Marcus) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCVT (Mill City Ventures Iii) Start Date:2009-05-27
MCW (Mister Car Wash) Start Date:2021-06-25
MCY (Mercury General Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MD (Mednax) Start Date:2009-01-02
MDB (Mongodb) Start Date:2017-10-19
MDBH (Mdb Capital Holdings) Start Date:2023-09-21
MDGL (Madrigal Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-16
MDIA (Mediaco Holding Class A) Start Date:2020-01-06
MDJH (Mdjm Ordinary Share) Start Date:2019-01-08
MDLZ (Mondelez International) Start Date:2001-06-13
MDRR (Medalist Diversified Reit) Start Date:2018-11-28
MDRRP (Medalist Diversified Reit Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock) Start Date:2020-02-13
MDT (Medtronic Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MDU (Mdu Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
MDV (Modiv Class C) Start Date:2022-02-11
MDVL (Medavail Holdings) Start Date:2011-03-04
MDWD (Mediwound Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-03-20
MDXG (Mimedx , Inc) Start Date:2008-04-02
MDXH (Mdxhealth Sa American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-04
ME (23Andme Holding Co. Class A) Start Date:2021-06-17
MEC (Mayville Engineering Co) Start Date:2019-05-09
MED (Medifast) Start Date:2002-12-20
MEDP (Medpace) Start Date:2016-08-11
MEDS (Trxade) Start Date:2020-02-13
MEG (Montrose Environmental) Start Date:2020-07-23
MEGI (Mainstay Cbre Global Infrastructure Megatrends Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2021-10-27
MEGL (Magic Empire Global) Start Date:2022-08-05
MEI (Methode Electronics) Start Date:2007-10-17
MEIP (Mei Pharma) Start Date:2003-12-18
MELI (Mercadolibre Inc) Start Date:2007-08-10
MEOH (Methanex Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
MERC (Mercer International Inc) Start Date:2006-03-03
MESA (Mesa Air) Start Date:2018-08-10
MESO (Mesoblast American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2009-01-05
MET (Metlife) Start Date:2000-04-05
META (Meta Platforms) Start Date:2012-05-18
METC (Ramaco Resources,) Start Date:2017-02-03
METCB (Ramaco Resources Inc) Start Date:2023-06-16
MFA (Mfa Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
MFC (Manulife Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MFD (Macquarie First Trust Global) Start Date:2004-03-26
MFG (Mizuho Financial) Start Date:2006-11-08
MFH (Mercurity Fintech Holding ADS) Start Date:2015-04-08
MFI (Mf International Limited) Start Date:2024-04-22
MFIC (Midcap Financial Investment) Start Date:2007-04-30
MFIN (Medallion Financial) Start Date:2007-05-11
MFM (Mfs Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MFV (Mfs Special Value Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MG (Mistras) Start Date:2009-10-08
MGA (Magna International) Start Date:2000-01-03
MGEE (Mge Energy) Start Date:2002-08-12
MGF (Mfs Government Markets Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MGIC (Magic Software Enterprises Ltd) Start Date:2000-01-03
MGIH (Millennium International Holdings Limited) Start Date:2023-04-04
MGLD (The Marygold Companies) Start Date:2022-03-10
MGM (Mgm Resorts International) Start Date:2000-01-03
MGNI (Magnite,) Start Date:2020-06-30
MGNX (Macrogenics) Start Date:2013-10-10
MGOL (Mgo Global) Start Date:2023-01-13
MGPI (Mgp Ingredients) Start Date:2002-10-11
MGRC (Mcgrath Rentcorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
MGRX (Mangoceuticals,) Start Date:2023-03-21
MGTX (Meiragtx) Start Date:2018-06-08
MGX (Metagenomi) Start Date:2024-02-09
MGY (Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp) Start Date:2017-06-29
MGYR (Magyar Bancorp) Start Date:2006-01-24
MHD (Blackrock Muniholdings Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MHF (Western Asset Municipal High Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MHH (Mastech Digital) Start Date:2008-10-01
MHI (Pioneer Municipal High Income Fund) Start Date:2003-07-18
MHK (Mohawk Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
MHLD (Maiden Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2008-05-06
MHN (Blackrock Muniholdings New York Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MHO (M/I Homes) Start Date:2000-01-03
MHUA (Meihua International Medical Technologies Co. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-02-16
MI (Nft Ltd.) Start Date:2015-11-25
MICS (The Singing Machine Company) Start Date:2022-05-24
MIDD (The Middleby Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MIGI (Mawson Infrastructure) Start Date:2021-06-21
MIMO (Airspan Networks Holdings) Start Date:2020-11-19
MIN (Mfs Intermediate Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MIND (Mind Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
MINM (Minim) Start Date:2021-07-07
MIO (Pioneer Municipal High Income Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2021-08-06
MIR (Mirion Technologies,) Start Date:2020-08-20
MIRA (Mira Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2023-08-03
MIRM (Mirum Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-07-18
MIST (Milestone Pharmaceuticals Common Shares) Start Date:2019-05-09
MITK (Mitek Systems) Start Date:2005-07-27
MITQ (Moving Image Technologies) Start Date:2021-07-08
MITT (Ag Mortgage Investment Trust) Start Date:2011-06-30
MIY (Blackrock Muniyield Michigan Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MKC (Mccormick & Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
MKFG (Markforged Holding) Start Date:2020-10-08
MKL (Markel) Start Date:2000-01-03
MKSI (Mks Instruments) Start Date:2000-01-03
MKTW (Marketwise, Class A) Start Date:2021-07-22
MKTX (Marketaxess Holdings) Start Date:2004-11-05
ML (Moneylion) Start Date:2020-08-14
MLAB (Mesa Laboratories) Start Date:2006-05-16
MLCO (Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited) Start Date:2011-12-07
MLEC (Moolec Science Sa) Start Date:2023-01-03
MLGO (Microalgo) Start Date:2022-12-13
MLI (Mueller Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
MLKN (Millerknoll,) Start Date:2007-04-30
MLM (Martin Marietta Materials) Start Date:2000-01-03
MLNK (Meridianlink) Start Date:2021-07-28
MLP (Maui Land & Pineapple) Start Date:2000-01-03
MLR (Miller Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
MLSS (Milestone Scientific) Start Date:2007-05-16
MLTX (Moonlake Immunotherapeutics Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-04-06
MLYS (Mineralys Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-02-10
MMA (Alta Global Limited) Start Date:2024-03-28
MMAT (Meta Materials) Start Date:2010-11-08
MMC (Marsh & Mclennan) Start Date:2000-01-03
MMD (Mainstay Mackay Definedterm Municipal Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2012-06-27
MMI (Marcus & Millichap) Start Date:2013-10-31
MMLP (Martin Midstream Partners L.P. Partnership) Start Date:2002-11-01
MMM (3M Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
MMS (Maximus) Start Date:2000-01-03
MMSI (Merit Medical Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
MMT (Mfs Multimarket Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MMU (Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MMV (Multimetaverse Holdings Class A) Start Date:2021-06-08
MMYT (Makemytrip Limited) Start Date:2010-08-12
MNDO (Mind C.T.I. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2000-08-08
MNDR (Mobile-Health Network Solutions) Start Date:2024-04-10
MNDY (Monday.com) Start Date:2021-06-10
MNKD (Mannkind) Start Date:2004-07-28
MNMD (Mind Medicine) Start Date:2021-04-27
MNOV (Medicinova) Start Date:2006-12-08
MNPR (Monopar Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-12-19
MNR (Mach Natural Resources Lp) Start Date:2023-10-25
MNRO (Monro) Start Date:2000-01-03
MNSB (Mainstreet Bancshares) Start Date:2007-05-17
MNSBP (Mainstreet Bancshares Depositary Shares) Start Date:2020-09-16
MNSO (Miniso Holding) Start Date:2020-10-15
MNST (Monster Beverage) Start Date:2000-01-03
MNTK (Montauk Renewables) Start Date:2021-01-22
MNTS (Momentus Class A) Start Date:2020-01-02
MNTSW (Momentus Warrant) Start Date:2019-12-30
MNTX (Manitex International) Start Date:2008-05-28
MNY (Moneyhero Ltd.) Start Date:2020-12-07
MO (Altria Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MOB (Mobilicom Ltd) Start Date:2022-08-25
MOBQW (Mobiquity Technologies Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-09
MOD (Modine Manufacturing) Start Date:2004-10-14
MODD (Modular Medical) Start Date:2020-10-08
MODG (Topgolf Callaway Brands) Start Date:2007-05-01
MODN (Model N) Start Date:2013-03-20
MODV (Modivcare) Start Date:2007-04-25
MOFG (Midwestone Financial) Start Date:2008-03-18
MOG.A (Moog) Start Date:2001-08-27
MOGO (Mogo Common Shares) Start Date:2018-04-18
MOGU (Mogu American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-12-06
MOH (Molina Healthcare) Start Date:2003-07-02
MOLN (Molecular Partners) Start Date:2021-06-16
MOMO (Momo) Start Date:2014-12-11
MOND (Mondee Holdings Class A) Start Date:2021-03-24
MOR (Morphosys Ag American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-04-19
MORF (Morphic Holding) Start Date:2019-06-27
MORN (Morningstar) Start Date:2005-05-03
MOS (The Mosaic Company) Start Date:2011-05-20
MOV (Movado) Start Date:2001-05-21
MOVE (Movano) Start Date:2021-03-23
MP (Mp Materials) Start Date:2020-11-16
MPA (Blackrock Muniyield Pennsylvania Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MPAA (Motorcar Parts Of America) Start Date:2000-01-03
MPB (Mid Penn Bancorp) Start Date:2008-08-01
MPC (Marathon Petroleum) Start Date:2011-06-23
MPLN (Multiplan Corporation) Start Date:2020-04-03
MPLX (Mplx Lp) Start Date:2012-10-26
MPTI (M-Tron Industries) Start Date:2022-10-03
MPU (Mega Matrix) Start Date:2007-05-16
MPV (Barings Participation Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
MPW (Medical Properties Trust) Start Date:2005-07-08
MPWR (Monolithic Power Systems) Start Date:2006-04-13
MPX (Marine Products) Start Date:2005-06-24
MQ (Marqeta) Start Date:2021-06-09
MQT (Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
MQY (Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MRAM (Everspin Technologies) Start Date:2016-10-07
MRBK (Meridian Bank) Start Date:2017-11-07
MRC (Mrc Global) Start Date:2012-04-12
MRCC (Monroe Capital) Start Date:2012-10-25
MRCY (Mercury Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
MRDB (Mariadb Plc) Start Date:2022-12-19
MREO (Mereo Biopharma Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-04-24
MRIN (Marin Software Incorporated) Start Date:2013-03-22
MRK (Merck & Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
MRKR (Marker Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-11-08
MRM (Medirom Healthcare) Start Date:2020-12-29
MRNA (Moderna) Start Date:2018-12-07
MRNO (Murano Global Investments Ltd.) Start Date:2022-03-16
MRNS (Marinus Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-07-31
MRO (Marathon Oil) Start Date:2000-01-03
MRSN (Mersana Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-06-28
MRTN (Marten Transport) Start Date:2000-01-05
MRUS (Merus N.V. Common Shares) Start Date:2016-05-19
MRVI (Maravai Lifesciences) Start Date:2020-11-20
MRVL (Marvell Technology Ltd.) Start Date:2000-06-30
MRX (Marex Plc) Start Date:2024-04-25
MS (Morgan Stanley) Start Date:2006-01-17
MSA (Msa Safety Incorporated) Start Date:2004-07-12
MSB (Mesabi Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSBI (Midland States Bancorp) Start Date:2016-05-24
MSC (Studio City International Holdings American Depositary Shares Each Representing Four Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-10-18
MSCI (MSCI Inc) Start Date:2007-11-15
MSD (Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSEX (Middlesex Water) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSFT (Microsoft) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSGE (Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp) Start Date:2023-04-21
MSGM (Motorsport Games) Start Date:2021-01-13
MSGS (Madison Square Garden Sports Corp) Start Date:2015-10-01
MSI (Motorola Solutions) Start Date:2010-12-17
MSM (Msc Industrial Direct Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSN (Emerson Radio) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSS (Maison Solutions) Start Date:2023-10-05
MSSA (Metal Sky Star Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-05-31
MSTR (Microstrategy) Start Date:2002-08-28
MT (Arcelormittal) Start Date:2004-12-20
MTA (Metalla Royalty & Streaming Common Shares) Start Date:2020-01-08
MTB (M&T Bank) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTBL (Moatable Inc) Start Date:2011-05-04
MTC (Mmtec Common Shares) Start Date:2019-01-08
MTCH (Match) Start Date:2015-11-19
MTD (Mettler Toledo) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTDR (Matador Resources) Start Date:2012-02-02
MTEK (Maris-Tech Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-02-02
MTEKW (Maris-Tech Warrants) Start Date:2022-02-02
MTEM (Molecular Templates) Start Date:2007-05-03
MTEN (Mingteng International) Start Date:2024-04-18
MTEX (Mannatech Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTG (Mgic Investment Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTH (Meritage Homes Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTLS (Materialise Nv American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2014-06-25
MTN (Vail Resorts) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTNB (Matinas Biopharma Holdings) Start Date:2014-07-21
MTR (Mesa Royalty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTRN (Materion) Start Date:2007-05-01
MTRX (Matrix Service) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTSI (Macom Technology Solutions Holdings) Start Date:2012-03-15
MTTR (Matterport, Class A) Start Date:2021-02-02
MTUS (Metallus Inc) Start Date:2014-06-19
MTW (Manitowoc Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTX (Minerals Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTZ (Mastec) Start Date:2000-01-03
MU (Micron Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
MUA (Blackrock Muniassets Fund Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MUC (Blackrock Muniholdings California Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MUE (Blackrock Muniholdings Quality Fund Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
MUFG (Mitsubishi Ufj Financial) Start Date:2018-04-02
MUI (Blackrock Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2003-07-30
MUJ (Blackrock Muniholdings New Jersey Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MULN (Mullen Automotive,) Start Date:2008-10-28
MUR (Murphy Oil Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MURA (Mural Oncology Plc) Start Date:2023-11-06
MUSA (Murphy Usa) Start Date:2013-09-03
MUX (Mcewen Mining) Start Date:2007-05-16
MVBF (Mvb Financial) Start Date:2008-02-19
MVF (Blackrock Munivest Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MVIS (Microvision Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MVO (Mv Oil Trust Units Of Beneficial Interests) Start Date:2007-01-19
MVST (Microvast Holdings,) Start Date:2019-03-27
MVSTW (Microvast Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2019-03-27
MVT (Blackrock Munivest Fund Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
MWA (Mueller Water Products) Start Date:2006-05-26
MWG (Multi Ways Holdings Limited) Start Date:2023-04-03
MX (Magnachip Semiconductor) Start Date:2011-03-11
MXC (Mexco Energy) Start Date:2005-03-08
MXCT (Maxcyte) Start Date:2021-07-30
MXE (Mexico Equity And Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MXF (Mexico Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MXL (Maxlinear) Start Date:2010-03-24
MYD (Blackrock Muniyield Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYE (Myers Industries) Start Date:2001-05-01
MYFW (First Western Financial) Start Date:2018-07-19
MYGN (Myriad Genetics) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYI (Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund Iii Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYMD (Mymd Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-01-02
MYN (Blackrock Muniyield New York Quality Fund common Stock) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYNA (Mynaric Ag ADS) Start Date:2021-11-12
MYND (Myndai Inc) Start Date:2022-05-24
MYNZ (Mainz Biomed B.V. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-05
MYO (Myomo) Start Date:2017-06-12
MYPS (Playstudios, Class A) Start Date:2020-12-21
MYRG (Myr) Start Date:2008-09-09
MYSZ (My Size) Start Date:2016-07-25
MYTE (Myt Netherlands Parent B.V.) Start Date:2021-01-21
NA (Nano Labs Ltd) Start Date:2022-07-12
NAAS (Naas Technology American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-10-20
NABL (N-Able) Start Date:2021-07-20
NAC (Nuveen California Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NAD (Nuveen Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NAII (Natural Alternatives International) Start Date:2000-01-03
NAK (Northern Dynasty Minerals) Start Date:2004-11-04
NAMS (Newamsterdam Pharma) Start Date:2022-11-23
NAN (Nuveen New York Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NAOV (Nanovibronix) Start Date:2015-05-28
NAPA (Duckhorn Portfolio) Start Date:2021-03-18
NARI (Inari Medical) Start Date:2020-05-22
NAT (Nordic American Tankers) Start Date:2004-11-16
NATH (Nathans Famous) Start Date:2000-01-03
NATL (Ncr Atleos Corp) Start Date:2023-10-11
NATR (Natures Sunshine Products) Start Date:2009-06-25
NAUT (Nautilus Biotechnolgy,) Start Date:2020-08-07
NAVI (Navient Corporation) Start Date:2014-04-17
NAZ (Nuveen Arizona Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NBB (Nuveen Taxable Municipal Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-04-28
NBH (Neuberger Berman Municipal Fund) Start Date:2002-10-22
NBHC (National Bank) Start Date:2012-09-20
NBIX (Neurocrine Biosciences) Start Date:2000-01-03
NBN (Northeast Bancorp) Start Date:2005-12-30
NBR (Nabors Industries Ltd.) Start Date:2005-11-03
NBTB (Nbt Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
NBTX (Nanobiotix) Start Date:2020-12-11
NBXG (Neuberger Berman Next Generation Connectivity Fund) Start Date:2021-05-26
NBY (Novabay Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-10-26
NC (Nacco Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
NCA (Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NCI (Neo-Concept International Holdings Limited) Start Date:2024-04-23
NCL (Northann) Start Date:2023-10-19
NCLH (Norwegian Cruise Line) Start Date:2013-01-18
NCMI (National Cinemedia) Start Date:2007-02-08
NCNA (Nucana Plc American Depositary Share) Start Date:2017-09-28
NCNC (Noco-Noco Inc) Start Date:2022-07-06
NCNO (Ncino) Start Date:2020-07-14
NCPL (Netcapital) Start Date:2007-05-29
NCRA (Nocera) Start Date:2007-05-30
NCSM (Ncs Multistage Holdings) Start Date:2017-04-28
NCTY (The9 ADS) Start Date:2004-12-15
NCV (Virtus Convertible & Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-03-31
NCZ (Virtus Convertible & Income Fund Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-07-29
NDAQ (Nasdaq) Start Date:2005-02-10
NDLS (Noodles & Co) Start Date:2013-06-28
NDMO (Nuveen Dynamic Municipal Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2020-08-27
NDP (Tortoise Energy Independence Fund) Start Date:2012-07-27
NDRA (Endra Life Sciences) Start Date:2017-06-30
NDSN (Nordson Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
NE (Noble Corporation) Start Date:2021-06-09
NEA (Nuveen Amt-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2003-01-16
NECB (Northeast Community Bancorp) Start Date:2021-07-13
NEE (Nextera Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
NEGG (Newegg Commerce, Common Shares) Start Date:2010-06-14
NEM (Newmont Mining Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
NEN (New England Realty Associates Partnership Class A Depositary Receipts Evidencing Units Of Partnership) Start Date:2004-03-15
NEO (Neogenomics) Start Date:2012-12-10
NEOG (Neogen) Start Date:2000-01-03
NEON (Neonode) Start Date:2007-08-13
NEOV (Neovolta) Start Date:2020-05-20
NEP (Nextera Energy Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-06-27
NEPH (Nephros) Start Date:2009-01-22
NEPT (Neptune Wellness Solutions Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-08-13
NERV (Minerva Neurosciences Com) Start Date:2014-07-01
NESRW (National Energy Services Reunited Warrant) Start Date:2017-06-05
NET (Cloudflare) Start Date:2019-09-13
NETD (Nabors Energy Transition Ii) Start Date:2023-09-05
NEU (Newmarket) Start Date:2004-06-21
NEUE (Bright Health Inc) Start Date:2021-06-24
NEWP (New Pacific Metals Common Shares) Start Date:2021-05-20
NEWT (Newtek Business Services Corp) Start Date:2006-10-16
NEXA (Nexa Resources S.A. Common Shares) Start Date:2017-10-27
NEXI (Neximmune) Start Date:2021-02-12
NEXN (Nexxen International Ltd.) Start Date:2021-06-18
NEXT (Nextdecade Corp) Start Date:2015-06-04
NFBK (Northfield Bancorp) Start Date:2007-11-08
NFE (New Fortress Energy Class A) Start Date:2019-01-31
NFG (National Fuel Gas Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
NFGC (New Found Gold Common Shares) Start Date:2021-09-29
NFJ (Virtus Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-03-01
NFLX (Netflix) Start Date:2002-05-23
NG (Novagold Resources) Start Date:2003-12-04
NGD (New Gold) Start Date:2005-06-01
NGG (National Grid Plc) Start Date:2005-08-10
NGL (Ngl Energy Partners Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2011-05-12
NGNE (Neurogene Inc) Start Date:2014-03-12
NGS (Natural Gas Services) Start Date:2002-10-22
NGVC (Natural Grocers) Start Date:2012-07-25
NGVT (Ingevity Corporation) Start Date:2016-05-02
NHC (National Healthcare) Start Date:2000-01-03
NHI (National Health Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
NHS (Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fund) Start Date:2008-12-19
NHTC (Natural Health Trends) Start Date:2007-05-16
NI (Nisource) Start Date:2000-01-03
NIC (Nicolet Bankshares) Start Date:2013-05-17
NICE (Nice American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
NICK (Nicholas Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
NIE (Virtus Equity & Convertible Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-02-23
NIM (Nuveen Select Maturities Municipal Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NINE (Nine Energy Service) Start Date:2018-01-19
NIO (Nio) Start Date:2018-09-12
NISN (Nisun International Enterprise Development Co. Class A Common Shares) Start Date:2016-12-27
NITO (Save Foods Inc) Start Date:2021-05-14
NIU (Niu Technologies American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-10-19
NIVF (Newgenivf Ltd.) Start Date:2022-03-18
NJR (New Jersey Resources Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
NKE (Nike) Start Date:2000-01-03
NKLA (Nikola Corporation) Start Date:2018-06-11
NKSH (National Bankshares) Start Date:2002-08-28
NKTR (Nektar Therapeutics) Start Date:2003-01-15
NKTX (Nkarta) Start Date:2020-07-13
NKX (Nuveen California Amt-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2003-01-16
NL (Nl Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
NLSP (Nls Pharmaceutics) Start Date:2021-01-29
NLSPW (Nls Pharmaceutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-01-29
NLY (Annaly Capital Management) Start Date:2000-01-03
NMAI (Nuveen Multi-Asset Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-11-22
NMCO (Nuveen Municipal Credit Opportunities Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2019-09-17
NMFC (New Mountain Finance Corporation) Start Date:2011-05-20
NMG (Nouveau Monde Graphite Common Shares) Start Date:2021-05-24
NMHI (Nature's Miracle Holding Inc) Start Date:2022-04-14
NMI (Nuveen Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NMIH (Nmi Comm) Start Date:2013-11-08
NML (Neuberger Berman Mlp And Energy Income Fund) Start Date:2013-03-26
NMM (Navios Maritime Partners L.P.) Start Date:2007-11-13
NMR (Nomura Holdings) Start Date:2001-12-17
NMRA (Neumora Therapeutics) Start Date:2023-09-15
NMRK (Newmark) Start Date:2017-12-15
NMS (Nuveen Minnesota Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2014-10-08
NMT (Nuveen Massachusetts Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NMTC (Neuroone Medical Technologies) Start Date:2021-05-26
NMZ (Nuveen Municipal High Income Opportunity Fund $0.01 Par Value Per Share) Start Date:2003-11-20
NN (Nextnav) Start Date:2021-10-29
NNAG (99 Acquisition) Start Date:2023-10-09
NNAVW (Nextnav Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-29
NNBR (Nn) Start Date:2000-01-03
NNDM (Nano Dimension American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2016-03-07
NNE (Nano Nuclear Energy) Start Date:2024-05-08
NNI (Nelnet) Start Date:2003-12-12
NNN (National Retail Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
NNOX (Nano-X Imaging) Start Date:2020-12-15
NNVC (Nanoviricides) Start Date:2007-05-16
NNY (Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NOA (North American Construction Ltd.) Start Date:2006-11-22
NOAH (Noah Holdings Limited) Start Date:2010-11-10
NOC (Northrop Grumman) Start Date:2000-01-03
NODK (Ni) Start Date:2017-03-16
NOG (Northern Oil And Gas,) Start Date:2008-03-26
NOK (Nokia Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
NOM (Nuveen Missouri Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2005-10-31
NOMD (Nomad Foods Limited) Start Date:2015-11-27
NOTE (Fiscalnote Holdings Class A) Start Date:2022-08-01
NOTV (Inotiv) Start Date:2007-05-16
NOV (National Oilwell Varco) Start Date:2005-03-15
NOVA (Sunnova Energy International) Start Date:2019-07-25
NOVT (Novanta) Start Date:2011-02-14
NOW (Servicenow) Start Date:2012-06-29
NPCT (Nuveen Core Plus Impact Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-04-28
NPFD (Nuveen Variable Rate Preferred & Income Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2021-12-16
NPK (National Presto) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPO (Enpro Industries) Start Date:2002-06-03
NPV (Nuveen Virginia Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQP (Nuveen Pennsylvania Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NR (Newpark Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
NRBO (Neurobo Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-08-05
NRC (National Research) Start Date:2013-05-23
NRDS (Nerdwallet, Class A) Start Date:2021-11-04
NRDY (Nerdy Class A) Start Date:2020-11-27
NREF (Nexpoint Real Estate Finance) Start Date:2020-02-07
NRG (Nrg Energy) Start Date:2004-03-25
NRGV (Energy Vault) Start Date:2022-02-14
NRIM (Northrim Bancorp) Start Date:2005-10-06
NRIX (Nurix Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-07-24
NRK (Nuveen New York Amt-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2003-01-16
NRO (Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income Fund Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income Fund) Start Date:2003-10-29
NRP (Natural Resource Partners Lp Partnership) Start Date:2002-10-11
NRSN (Neurosense Therapeutics Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-09
NRSNW (Neurosense Therapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-09
NRT (North European Oil Royality Trust) Start Date:2002-01-29
NRXP (Nrx Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-12-04
NRXPW (Nrx Pharmaceuticals Warrant) Start Date:2017-12-01
NRXS (Neuraxis) Start Date:2023-08-09
NSA (National Storage Affiliates Trust) Start Date:2015-04-23
NSC (Norfolk Southern) Start Date:2000-01-03
NSIT (Insight Enterprises) Start Date:2000-01-03
NSP (Insperity) Start Date:2005-08-10
NSPR (Inspiremd) Start Date:2016-07-13
NSSC (Napco Security Systems) Start Date:2004-02-24
NSTG (Nanostring Technologies) Start Date:2013-06-26
NSTS (Nsts Bancorp) Start Date:2022-01-19
NSYS (Nortech Systems Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTAP (Netapp) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTB (The Bank Of N.T. Butterfield & Son) Start Date:2016-09-16
NTBL (Notable Labs Ltd.) Start Date:2014-10-01
NTCO (Natura &Co Holding S.A.) Start Date:2020-01-07
NTCT (Netscout Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTES (Netease Inc) Start Date:2002-01-02
NTG (Tortoise Midstream Energy Fund) Start Date:2010-07-28
NTGR (Netgear) Start Date:2003-07-31
NTIC (Northern Technologies International) Start Date:2008-06-30
NTIP (Network-1 Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-16
NTLA (Intellia Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-05-06
NTNX (Nutanix) Start Date:2016-09-30
NTR (Nutrien Ltd.) Start Date:2018-01-02
NTRA (Natera) Start Date:2015-07-02
NTRB (Nutriband) Start Date:2017-11-30
NTRBW (Nutriband Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-01
NTRP (Nexttrip Inc) Start Date:2010-10-14
NTRS (Northern Trust) Start Date:2009-04-29
NTRSO (Northern Trust Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/1000Th Interest In A Share Of Series E Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock) Start Date:2019-11-27
NTST (Netstreit) Start Date:2020-08-13
NTWK (Netsol Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTZ (Natuzzi S.P.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
NUBIU (Nubia Brand International Unit) Start Date:2022-03-11
NUE (Nucor) Start Date:2000-01-03
NURO (Neurometrix) Start Date:2004-07-22
NUS (Nu Skin Enterprises) Start Date:2000-01-03
NUTX (Nutex Health) Start Date:2022-04-04
NUV (Nuveen Municipal Value Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NUVB (Nuvation Bio) Start Date:2020-08-26
NUVL (Nuvalent) Start Date:2021-07-29
NUVO (Lamf Global Ventures I) Start Date:2022-01-03
NUW (Nuveen Amt-Free Municipal Value Fund) Start Date:2009-02-25
NUWE (Nuwellis) Start Date:2012-08-10
NUZE (Nuzee) Start Date:2014-04-14
NVAX (Novavax) Start Date:2001-07-10
NVCR (Novocure Limited) Start Date:2015-10-02
NVCT (Nuvectis Pharma) Start Date:2022-02-04
NVDA (Nvidia Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
NVEC (Nve) Start Date:2003-01-23
NVEE (Nv5 Global) Start Date:2013-09-30
NVEI (Nuvei Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2021-10-06
NVFY (Nova Lifestyle) Start Date:2014-01-17
NVG (Nuveen Amt-Free Municipal Credit Income Fund) Start Date:2002-09-12
NVGS (Navigator Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2013-11-21
NVIV (Invivo Therapeutics Holdings) Start Date:2015-04-17
NVMI (Nova Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2002-11-12
NVNO (Envveno Medical) Start Date:2018-05-31
NVO (Novo Nordisk A/S) Start Date:2000-01-03
NVOS (Novo Integrated Sciences) Start Date:2014-04-21
NVR (Nvr) Start Date:2008-01-02
NVRI (Enviri Corp) Start Date:2007-05-03
NVRO (Nevro) Start Date:2014-11-06
NVS (Novartis Ag) Start Date:2000-05-11
NVST (Envista Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2019-09-18
NVT (Nvent Electric Plc) Start Date:2018-04-17
NVTS (Navitas Semiconductor) Start Date:2021-10-20
NVVE (Nuvve Holding) Start Date:2020-05-01
NVVEW (Nuvve Holding Warrant) Start Date:2020-04-30
NVX (Novonix ADS) Start Date:2022-02-02
NWBI (Northwest Bancshares) Start Date:2007-05-03
NWE (Northwestern Corporation) Start Date:2008-05-01
NWFL (Norwood Financial) Start Date:2004-05-17
NWG (Natwest Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-10-18
NWGL (Nature Wood Limited) Start Date:2023-09-12
NWL (Newell Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
NWLI (National Western Life) Start Date:2008-10-03
NWN (Northwest Natural Holding Co) Start Date:2000-07-27
NWPX (Northwest Pipe Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
NWS (News Class B) Start Date:2013-06-19
NWSA (News Class A) Start Date:2013-06-19
NWTN (Nwtn Class B) Start Date:2022-11-14
NX (Quanex Building Products) Start Date:2000-01-03
NXC (Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio) Start Date:2000-01-03
NXDT (Nexpoint Diversified Real Estate Trust) Start Date:2007-05-07
NXE (Nexgen Energy Common Shares) Start Date:2017-05-17
NXG (Nxg Nextgen Infrastructure Income Fund) Start Date:2012-09-26
NXGL (Nexgel Inc) Start Date:2021-12-22
NXGLW (Nexgel Inc Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-22
NXJ (Nuveen New Jersey Qualified Municipal Fund) Start Date:2002-09-12
NXL (Nexalin Technology) Start Date:2022-09-16
NXN (Nuveen New York Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio) Start Date:2002-02-04
NXP (Nuveen Select Tax Free Income Portfolio) Start Date:2000-01-03
NXPI (Nxp Semiconductors Nv) Start Date:2010-08-06
NXPL (Nextplat) Start Date:2021-05-28
NXPLW (Nextplat Warrants) Start Date:2021-05-28
NXRT (Nexpoint Residential Trust In) Start Date:2015-04-01
NXST (Nexstar Media) Start Date:2003-11-25
NXT (Nextracker) Start Date:2023-02-09
NXTC (Nextcure) Start Date:2019-05-09
NXTT (Next Technology Holding Inc) Start Date:2020-07-23
NXU (Nxu Inc) Start Date:2022-09-27
NYAX (Nayax) Start Date:2022-09-21
NYCB (New York Community Bancorp) Start Date:2002-12-20
NYMT (New York Mortgage Trust) Start Date:2008-06-05
NYMTN (New York Mortgage Trust 8.00% Series D Fixed-To-Floating Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock) Start Date:2017-10-13
NYT (New York Times Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
NYXH (Nyxoah) Start Date:2021-07-02
NZF (Nuveen Municipal Credit Income Fund) Start Date:2001-10-03
O (Realty Income Corporation) Start Date:2012-02-10
OABI (Omniab) Start Date:2021-09-30
OB (Outbrain) Start Date:2021-07-23
OBDC (Blue Owl Capital Corp) Start Date:2019-07-18
OBE (Obsidian Energy) Start Date:2022-01-31
OBIO (Orchestra Biomed Holdings) Start Date:2020-08-04
OBK (Origin Bancorp Inc) Start Date:2018-05-09
OBLG (Oblong) Start Date:2007-05-16
OBT (Orange County Bancorp) Start Date:2021-08-05
OC (Owens Corning) Start Date:2006-11-01
OCC (Optical Cable) Start Date:2007-05-16
OCCI (Ofs Credit Company) Start Date:2018-10-05
OCFC (Oceanfirst Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
OCFCP (Oceanfirst Financial Depositary Shares) Start Date:2020-05-08
OCFT (Oneconnect Financial Technology Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2019-12-13
OCG (Oriental Culture Holding) Start Date:2020-12-15
OCGN (Ocugen,) Start Date:2014-12-03
OCSL (Oaktree Specialty Lending Corporation) Start Date:2008-06-12
OCTO (Eightco Holdings Inc) Start Date:2022-05-18
OCUL (Ocular Therapeutix Commo) Start Date:2014-07-25
OCUP (Ocuphire Pharma) Start Date:2019-04-12
OCX (Oncocyte Corp) Start Date:2016-01-04
ODC (Oil-Dri Of America) Start Date:2000-01-04
ODD (Oddity Tech Ltd.) Start Date:2023-07-19
ODFL (Old Dominion Freight Line) Start Date:2000-01-03
ODP (Office Depot) Start Date:2000-01-03
ODV (Osisko Development Common Shares) Start Date:2022-05-27
OEC (Orion Engineered Carbons S.A.) Start Date:2014-07-25
OESX (Orion Energy Systems) Start Date:2007-12-19
OFG (Ofg Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
OFIX (Orthofix International) Start Date:2000-01-03
OFLX (Omega Flex) Start Date:2005-08-01
OFS (Ofs Capital) Start Date:2012-11-08
OGCP (Empire State Realty Op, L.P. Series 60) Start Date:2013-10-08
OGE (Oge Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
OGEN (Oragenics) Start Date:2012-09-24
OGI (Organigram Holdings Common Shares) Start Date:2014-08-27
OGN (Organon) Start Date:2021-05-14
OGS (One Gas) Start Date:2014-01-16
OHI (Omega Healthcare Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
OI (O-I Glass) Start Date:2000-01-03
OIA (Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
OII (Oceaneering International) Start Date:2000-01-03
OIS (Oil States International) Start Date:2001-02-09
OKE (Oneok) Start Date:2000-01-03
OKTA (Okta) Start Date:2017-04-07
OKYO (Okyo Pharma American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2022-05-17
OLB (The Olb) Start Date:2020-08-07
OLED (Universal Display Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
OLK (Olink Holding Ab) Start Date:2021-03-25
OLLI (Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings) Start Date:2015-07-16
OLMA (Olema Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-11-19
OLN (Olin Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
OLO (Olo) Start Date:2021-03-17
OLP (One Liberty Properties) Start Date:2004-01-15
OLPX (Olaplex Holdings,) Start Date:2021-09-30
OM (Outset Medical) Start Date:2020-09-15
OMAB (Grupo Aeroportuario Del Centro Norte S.A.B. De C.V. ADS) Start Date:2006-11-29
OMC (Omnicom) Start Date:2000-01-03
OMCL (Omnicell) Start Date:2001-08-09
OMER (Omeros) Start Date:2009-10-08
OMEX (Odyssey Marine Exploration) Start Date:2007-07-10
OMF (Onemain Holdings) Start Date:2013-10-16
OMGA (Omega Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-07-30
OMH (Ohmyhome Limited) Start Date:2023-03-21
OMI (Owens & Minor) Start Date:2000-01-03
OMIC (Singular Genomics Systems) Start Date:2021-05-27
ON (On Semiconductor Corporation) Start Date:2015-04-06
ONB (Old National Bancorp) Start Date:2002-05-10
ONBPO (Old National Bancorp Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/40Th Interest In A Share Of Series C Preferred Stock) Start Date:2022-02-16
ONBPP (Old National Bancorp Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/40Th Interest In A Share Of Series A Preferred Stock) Start Date:2022-02-16
ONCO (Onconetix Inc) Start Date:2022-02-18
ONCT (Oncternal Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-09-17
ONCY (Oncolytics Biotech Common Shares) Start Date:2018-06-01
ONDS (Ondas Holdings) Start Date:2020-12-04
ONEW (Onewater Marine) Start Date:2020-02-07
ONFO (Onfolio Holdings) Start Date:2022-08-26
ONIT (Onity Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ONL (Orion Office Reit) Start Date:2021-11-01
ONON (On Holding Ag) Start Date:2021-09-15
ONTF (On24) Start Date:2021-02-03
ONTO (Onto Innovation) Start Date:2007-05-07
ONVO (Organovo Holdings) Start Date:2013-08-02
OOMA (Ooma) Start Date:2015-07-17
OP (Oceanpal) Start Date:2021-11-30
OPAD (Offerpad Solutions) Start Date:2020-12-11
OPAL (Opal Fuels Class A) Start Date:2021-05-24
OPBK (Op Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-18
OPCH (Option Care Health) Start Date:2007-04-27
OPEN (Opendoor Technologies Inc) Start Date:2020-12-15
OPFI (Oppfi Class A) Start Date:2021-01-20
OPGN (Opgen) Start Date:2015-05-05
OPHC (Optimumbank Holdings) Start Date:2005-05-16
OPI (Office Properties Ome Trust Common Shares Of Be) Start Date:2009-06-03
OPK (Opko Health) Start Date:2007-06-13
OPOF (Old Point Financial) Start Date:2006-11-01
OPP (Rivernorth/Doubleline Strategic Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2016-09-28
OPRA (Opera American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-07-27
OPRT (Oportun Financial) Start Date:2019-09-26
OPRX (Optimizerx) Start Date:2008-04-30
OPT (Opthea) Start Date:2020-10-16
OPTN (Optinose) Start Date:2017-10-13
OPTT (Ocean Power Technologies) Start Date:2007-04-25
OPY (Oppenheimer) Start Date:2003-09-02
OR (Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd) Start Date:2016-07-06
ORA (Ormat Technologies) Start Date:2004-11-11
ORAN (Orange S.A.) Start Date:2007-05-01
ORC (Orchid Island Capital) Start Date:2013-02-14
ORCL (Oracle) Start Date:2000-01-03
ORGN (Origin Materials,) Start Date:2020-09-04
ORGNW (Origin Materials Warrants) Start Date:2020-09-04
ORGO (Organogenesis) Start Date:2017-01-05
ORGS (Orgenesis) Start Date:2012-02-08
ORI (Old Republic International Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ORIC (Oric Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-04-24
ORLA (Orla Mining Ltd.) Start Date:2020-12-22
ORLY (O'reilly Automotive) Start Date:2000-01-03
ORMP (Oramed Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-16
ORN (Orion Holdings Common) Start Date:2009-05-14
ORRF (Orrstown Financial) Start Date:2007-05-17
OSBC (Old Second Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
OSCR (Oscar Health) Start Date:2021-03-03
OSG (Overseas Shipholding) Start Date:2015-12-01
OSIS (Osi Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
OSK (Oshkosh Corporation) Start Date:2009-08-07
OSPN (Onespan) Start Date:2007-05-03
OSS (One Stop Systems) Start Date:2018-02-01
OST (Ostin Technology Co. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-04-27
OSUR (Orasure Technologies) Start Date:2000-10-02
OSW (Onespaworld) Start Date:2017-11-17
OTEX (Open Text Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
OTIS (Otis Worldwide) Start Date:2020-03-19
OTLK (Outlook Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-06-14
OTLY (Oatly) Start Date:2021-05-20
OTRK (Ontrak) Start Date:2017-04-26
OTTR (Otter Tail) Start Date:2000-01-03
OUST (Ouster,) Start Date:2020-10-09
OUT (Outfront Media) Start Date:2014-03-28
OVBC (Ohio Valley Banc) Start Date:2005-05-13
OVID (Ovid Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-05-05
OVLY (Oak Valley Bancorp) Start Date:2008-08-18
OVV (Ovintiv) Start Date:2007-04-27
OWL (Blue Owl Capital Class A) Start Date:2020-12-14
OWLT (Owlet Class A) Start Date:2020-11-05
OXBR (Oxbridge Re Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-03-27
OXBRW (Oxbridge Re Holdings Warrant Expiring 3/26/2024) Start Date:2014-05-09
OXLC (Oxford Lane Capital) Start Date:2011-01-20
OXM (Oxford Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
OXSQ (Oxford Square Capital) Start Date:2014-03-05
OXY (Occidental Petroleum) Start Date:2000-01-03
OZ (Belpointe Prep Llc Class A Units) Start Date:2021-10-18
OZK (Bank Ozk) Start Date:2007-05-10
PAA (Plains All American Pipeline L.P.) Start Date:2000-01-03
PAAS (Pan American Silver) Start Date:2000-01-03
PAC (Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacifico S.A. B. De C.V. Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacifico S.A. De C.V.) Start Date:2006-02-27
PACB (Pacific Biosciences) Start Date:2010-10-27
PACK (Ranpak Corp) Start Date:2018-03-05
PACS (Pacs) Start Date:2024-04-11
PAG (Penske Automotive) Start Date:2007-07-02
PAGP (Plains Gp Holdings L.P. Class A Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2013-10-16
PAGS (Pagseguro Digital Ltd.) Start Date:2018-01-24
PAHC (Phibro Animal Health) Start Date:2014-04-11
PAI (Western Asset Investment Grade Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
PAL (Proficient Auto Logistics) Start Date:2024-05-09
PALI (Palisade Bio) Start Date:2019-07-18
PALT (Paltalk) Start Date:2018-03-12
PAM (Pampa Energia S.A. Pampa Energia S.A.) Start Date:2009-10-09
PANW (Palo Alto Networks) Start Date:2012-07-20
PAPL (Pineapple Financial) Start Date:2023-11-01
PAR (Par Technology) Start Date:2007-05-16
PARA (Paramount Global) Start Date:2007-04-30
PARAA (Paramount Global Class A) Start Date:2007-05-09
PARR (Par Pacific) Start Date:2012-09-05
PASG (Passage Bio) Start Date:2020-02-28
PATH (Uipath) Start Date:2010-08-06
PATK (Patrick Industries) Start Date:2002-02-05
PAVM (Pavmed) Start Date:2016-07-28
PAVMZ (Pavmed Series Z Warrant) Start Date:2018-04-10
PAVS (Paranovus Entertainment Technology Ltd.) Start Date:2019-10-25
PAX (Patria Investments) Start Date:2021-01-22
PAXS (Pimco Access Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2022-01-27
PAY (Paymentus Holdings) Start Date:2021-05-26
PAYC (Paycom) Start Date:2014-04-15
PAYO (Payoneer Global) Start Date:2021-06-28
PAYOW (Payoneer Global Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-28
PAYS (Paysign) Start Date:2007-05-18
PAYX (Paychex) Start Date:2000-01-03
PB (Prosperity Bancshares) Start Date:2011-12-28
PBA (Pembina Pipeline Corporation) Start Date:2012-04-02
PBBK (Pb Bankshares) Start Date:2021-07-15
PBF (Pbf Energy) Start Date:2012-12-13
PBFS (Pioneer Bancorp) Start Date:2019-07-18
PBH (Prestige Consumer Healthcare) Start Date:2005-02-10
PBHC (Pathfinder Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-22
PBI (Pitney Bowes) Start Date:2000-01-03
PBPB (Potbelly) Start Date:2013-10-04
PBR (Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petrobras) Start Date:2000-08-10
PBR.A (Petroleo Brasileiro ADR Reptg 2 Pref Shares) Start Date:2003-10-07
PBT (Permian Basin Royalty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
PBYI (Puma Biotechnology) Start Date:2012-04-20
PCAR (Paccar) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCB (Pcb Bancorp) Start Date:2018-08-10
PCF (High Income Securities Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCG (Pacific Gas & Electric Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCH (Potlatchdeltic Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCK (Pimco California Municipal Income Fund Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2002-06-26
PCM (Pcm Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCN (Pimco Corporate & Income Strategy Fund) Start Date:2001-12-19
PCOR (Procore Technologies) Start Date:2021-05-20
PCQ (Pimco California Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2001-06-27
PCRX (Pacira Biosciences) Start Date:2011-02-03
PCSA (Processa Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-11-21
PCSC (Perceptive Capital Solutions Corp) Start Date:2024-06-12
PCT (Purecycle Technologies,) Start Date:2021-03-18
PCTTU (Purecycle Technologies Unit) Start Date:2021-03-18
PCTTW (Purecycle Technologies Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-18
PCTY (Paylocity Holding) Start Date:2014-03-19
PCVX (Vaxcyte) Start Date:2020-06-12
PCYO (Pure Cycle) Start Date:2004-06-22
PD (Pagerduty) Start Date:2019-04-11
PDCO (Patterson Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
PDD (Pinduoduo) Start Date:2018-07-26
PDEX (Pro-Dex) Start Date:2002-09-24
PDFS (Pdf Solutions) Start Date:2001-07-31
PDI (Pimco Dynamic Income Fund) Start Date:2012-05-25
PDLB (Pdl Community Bancorp) Start Date:2017-10-02
PDM (Piedmont Office Realty Trust) Start Date:2010-02-10
PDO (Pimco Dynamic Income Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-01-27
PDS (Precision Drilling Corporation) Start Date:2010-06-02
PDSB (Pds Biotechnology) Start Date:2015-10-01
PDT (John Hancock Premium Dividend Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
PDYN (Palladyne AI Corp) Start Date:2021-03-08
PEAK (Healthpeak Properties) Start Date:2007-04-30
PEB (Pebblebrook Hotel Trust) Start Date:2009-12-09
PEBK (Peoples Bancorp Of N) Start Date:2005-11-02
PEBO (Peoples Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PECO (Phillips Edison & Company) Start Date:2021-07-15
PED (Pedevco) Start Date:2007-05-17
PEG (Public Serv. Enterprise) Start Date:2000-01-03
PEGA (Pegasystems) Start Date:2000-01-03
PEGY (Pineapple Energy) Start Date:2007-05-16
PEN (Penumbra) Start Date:2015-09-18
PENN (Penn National Gaming) Start Date:2000-01-03
PEO (Adams Natural Resources Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
PEP (Pepsico) Start Date:2000-01-03
PEPG (Pepgen) Start Date:2022-05-06
PERF (Perfect Class A) Start Date:2022-10-31
PERI (Perion Network Ltd.) Start Date:2007-05-16
PESI (Perma-Fix Environmental Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
PET (Wag) Start Date:2021-09-27
PETQ (Petiq) Start Date:2017-07-21
PETS (Petmed Express) Start Date:2004-01-23
PETVW (Petvivo Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-11
PETZ (Tdh Holdings, Common Shares) Start Date:2017-09-21
PEV (Phoenix Motor) Start Date:2022-06-08
PFBC (Preferred Bank) Start Date:2005-02-15
PFC (Premier Financial Corp) Start Date:2007-05-16
PFD (Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred And Income Fund Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
PFE (Pfizer) Start Date:2000-01-03
PFG (Principal Financial) Start Date:2001-10-23
PFGC (Performance Food Company) Start Date:2015-10-01
PFIE (Profire Energy) Start Date:2011-07-06
PFIS (Peoples Financial Services Cor) Start Date:2007-05-21
PFL (Pimco Income Strategy Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2003-10-09
PFLT (Pennantpark Floating Rate Capital) Start Date:2011-04-08
PFMT (Performant Financial) Start Date:2012-08-10
PFN (Pimco Income Strategy Fund Ii) Start Date:2004-10-27
PFO (Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred And Income Opportunity Fund Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
PFS (Provident Financial) Start Date:2003-01-16
PFSI (Pennymac Financial Services) Start Date:2013-05-09
PFX (Phenixfin) Start Date:2011-01-20
PG (Procter & Gamble) Start Date:2000-01-03
PGC (Peapack Gladstone) Start Date:2000-11-01
PGEN (Precigen) Start Date:2013-08-08
PGNY (Progyny) Start Date:2019-10-25
PGP (Pimco Global Stocksplus & Income Fund Pimco Global Stocksplus & Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2005-05-26
PGR (Progressive) Start Date:2000-01-03
PGRE (Paramount) Start Date:2014-11-19
PGRU (Propertyguru Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-03-18
PGY (Pagaya Technologies Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-06-23
PGYWW (Pagaya Technologies Warrants) Start Date:2022-06-23
PGZ (Principal Real Estate Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2013-06-26
PH (Parker-Hannifin) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHAR (Pharming N.V. ADS, Each Representing 10 Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-12-23
PHAT (Phathom Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-10-25
PHD (Pioneer Floating Rate Fund) Start Date:2004-12-23
PHG (Koninklijke Philips N.V.) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHGE (Biomx) Start Date:2019-03-13
PHI (Pldt Sponsored ADR) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHIN (Phinia Inc) Start Date:2023-06-28
PHIO (Phio Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2012-05-10
PHK (Pimco High Income Fund Pimco High Income Fund) Start Date:2003-04-25
PHM (Pulte Homes) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHR (Phreesia) Start Date:2019-07-18
PHT (Pioneer High Income Fund) Start Date:2005-01-05
PHUN (Phunware) Start Date:2016-10-28
PHVS (Pharvaris N.V.) Start Date:2021-02-05
PHX (Phx Minerals) Start Date:2003-08-22
PI (Impinj) Start Date:2016-07-21
PII (Polaris) Start Date:2000-01-03
PIII (P3 Health Partners Class A) Start Date:2021-04-06
PIIIW (P3 Health Partners Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-03
PIK (Kidpik) Start Date:2021-11-11
PIM (Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
PINC (Premier) Start Date:2013-09-26
PINE (Alpine Ome Property Trust) Start Date:2019-11-22
PINS (Pinterest) Start Date:2019-04-18
PIPR (Piper Sandler Companies) Start Date:2020-01-06
PIRS (Pieris Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-06-26
PIXY (Shiftpixy) Start Date:2017-06-30
PJT (Pjt Partners) Start Date:2015-10-01
PK (Park Hotels & Resorts) Start Date:2016-12-13
PKBK (Parke Bancorp) Start Date:2006-06-21
PKE (Park Aerospace Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PKG (Packaging Of America) Start Date:2000-01-28
PKOH (Park-Ohio) Start Date:2000-01-03
PKX (Posco Holdings American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
PL (Planet Labs Pbc) Start Date:2021-04-26
PLAB (Photronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLAG (Planet Green Holdings) Start Date:2009-09-08
PLAO (Patria Latin American Opportunity Acquisition) Start Date:2022-05-04
PLAY (Dave & Busters Entertainment) Start Date:2014-10-10
PLBC (Plumas Bancorp) Start Date:2006-08-01
PLBY (Plby ,) Start Date:2020-08-31
PLCE (Childrens Place) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLD (Prologis) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLG (Platinum Metals Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-06-28
PLL (Piedmont Lithium Limited) Start Date:2018-05-07
PLMR (Palomar) Start Date:2019-04-17
PLNT (Planet Fitness) Start Date:2015-08-06
PLOW (Douglas Dynamics) Start Date:2010-05-05
PLPC (Preformed Line Products) Start Date:2004-11-26
PLRX (Pliant Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-06-03
PLSE (Pulse Biosciences) Start Date:2016-05-18
PLTK (Playtika Holding) Start Date:2021-01-15
PLTR (Palantir Technologies) Start Date:2020-09-30
PLUG (Plug Power) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLUR (Pluri) Start Date:2007-01-03
PLUS (Eplus) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLX (Protalix Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2010-09-07
PLXS (Plexus) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLYA (Playa Hotels & Resorts N.V. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2017-03-13
PLYM (Plymouth Industrial Reit) Start Date:2017-06-09
PM (Philip Morris International) Start Date:2008-03-31
PMCB (Pharmacyte Biotech) Start Date:2009-03-18
PMD (Psychemedics Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PMEC (Primech Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2023-10-10
PMF (Pimco Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2001-06-27
PML (Pimco Municipal Income Fund Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2002-06-26
PMM (Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
PMN (Promis Neurosciences) Start Date:2022-07-08
PMNT (Perfect Moment Ltd.) Start Date:2024-02-08
PMO (Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
PMT (Pennymac Mortgage) Start Date:2009-07-30
PMTS (Cpi Card) Start Date:2015-10-09
PMVP (Pmv Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-09-25
PMX (Pimco Municipal Income Fund Iii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2002-10-29
PNBK (Patriot National Bancorp) Start Date:2002-10-02
PNC (Pnc Financial Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
PNF (Pimco New York Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2001-06-27
PNFP (Pinnacle Financial Partners) Start Date:2002-05-28
PNI (Pimco New York Municipal Income Fund Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2002-06-26
PNM (Pnm Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
PNNT (Pennantpark Investment) Start Date:2007-04-19
PNR (Pentair Plc) Start Date:2012-09-17
PNRG (Primeenergy Resources Corp) Start Date:2005-05-16
PNTG (Pennant) Start Date:2019-10-01
PNW (Pinnacle West Capital) Start Date:2000-01-03
POAI (Predictive Oncology) Start Date:2010-04-09
POCI (Precision Optics) Start Date:2022-11-16
PODC (Courtside Inc) Start Date:2023-09-08
PODD (Insulet Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-15
POET (Poet Technologies Common Shares) Start Date:2022-03-14
POLA (Polar Power) Start Date:2016-12-07
POLC (Polishedcom Inc) Start Date:2020-07-31
POOL (Pool Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
POR (Portland General Electric Company) Start Date:2006-04-10
POST (Post) Start Date:2012-01-27
POWI (Power Integrations) Start Date:2006-12-19
POWL (Powell Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
POWW (Ammo,) Start Date:2007-05-17
PPBI (Pacific Premier Bancorp) Start Date:2006-03-08
PPBT (Purple Biotech American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2015-11-20
PPC (Pilgrim's Pride Corporation) Start Date:2009-12-29
PPG (Ppg Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
PPIH (Perma-Pipe International Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-16
PPL (Ppl) Start Date:2000-01-03
PPSI (Pioneer Power Solutions) Start Date:2013-09-19
PPT (Putnam Premier Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
PPTA (Perpetua Resources Common Shares) Start Date:2021-02-18
PPYA (Papaya Growth Opportunity I Class A) Start Date:2022-03-04
PPYAU (Papaya Growth Opportunity I Unit) Start Date:2022-01-14
PPYAW (Papaya Growth Opportunity I Warrant) Start Date:2022-03-04
PR (Permian Resources Class A) Start Date:2016-04-15
PRA (Proassurance) Start Date:2001-06-28
PRAA (Pra) Start Date:2002-11-08
PRAX (Praxis Precision Medicines) Start Date:2020-10-16
PRCH (Porch ,) Start Date:2020-01-13
PRCT (Procept Biorobotics) Start Date:2021-09-15
PRDO (Perdoceo Education) Start Date:2007-05-01
PRE (Prenetics Global Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2022-05-18
PRFT (Perficient) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRFX (Painreform) Start Date:2020-09-01
PRG (Prog Holdings) Start Date:2020-12-01
PRGO (Perrigo) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRGS (Progress Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRI (Primerica) Start Date:2010-04-01
PRIM (Primoris Services) Start Date:2008-08-04
PRK (Park National) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRKS (United Parks &Amp; Resorts Inc) Start Date:2013-04-19
PRLB (Proto Labs) Start Date:2012-02-24
PRLD (Prelude Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-09-25
PRM (Perimeter Solutions Sa Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-11-09
PRME (Prime Medicine) Start Date:2022-10-20
PRO (Pros) Start Date:2007-06-28
PROC (Procaps S.A. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-30
PROCW (Procaps S.A. Warrants) Start Date:2021-09-30
PROF (Profound Medical) Start Date:2016-06-09
PROK (Prokidney Class A) Start Date:2021-06-30
PROV (Provident Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRPH (Prophase Labs) Start Date:2007-05-16
PRPL (Purple Innovation) Start Date:2015-10-29
PRPO (Precipio) Start Date:2017-06-30
PRQR (Proqr Therapeutics N.V. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-09-18
PRSO (Peraso) Start Date:2019-08-28
PRST (Presto Automation) Start Date:2021-02-05
PRT (Permrock Royalty Trust Trust Units) Start Date:2018-05-02
PRTA (Prothena Ordin) Start Date:2012-12-21
PRTC (Puretech Health Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2020-11-16
PRTG (Portage Biotech) Start Date:2021-02-25
PRTH (Priority Technology) Start Date:2016-12-06
PRTS (Carparts) Start Date:2007-02-09
PRU (Prudential Financial) Start Date:2001-12-13
PRVA (Privia Health) Start Date:2021-04-29
PRZO (Parazero Technologies Ltd.) Start Date:2023-07-27
PSA (Public Storage) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSBD (Palmer Square Capital Bdc) Start Date:2024-01-18
PSF (Cohen & Steers Select Preferred And Income Fund) Start Date:2010-11-24
PSFE (Paysafe Limited) Start Date:2020-10-09
PSHG (Performance Shipping Common Shares) Start Date:2011-01-03
PSMT (Pricesmart) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSN (Parsons Corporation) Start Date:2019-05-08
PSNL (Personalis) Start Date:2019-06-20
PSNY (Polestar Automotive Holding Uk Plc Class A ADS) Start Date:2022-06-24
PSNYW (Polestar Automotive Holding Uk Plc Class C-1 ADS) Start Date:2022-06-24
PSO (Pearson Plc) Start Date:2013-02-11
PSQH (Psq Holdings Inc) Start Date:2024-01-11
PSTG (Pure Storage) Start Date:2015-10-07
PSTV (Plus Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSTX (Poseida Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-07-10
PSX (Phillips 66) Start Date:2012-05-01
PT (Pintec Technology Holdings American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-10-25
PTA (Cohen & Steers Tax-Advantaged Preferred Securities And Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2020-11-02
PTC (Ptc) Start Date:2000-01-03
PTCT (Ptc Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-06-20
PTEN (Patterson-Uti Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
PTGX (Protagonist Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-08-11
PTIX (Protagenic Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-01-11
PTIXW (Protagenic Therapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-27
PTLO (Portillo's Class A) Start Date:2021-10-21
PTMN (Portman Ridge Finance) Start Date:2007-05-16
PTN (Palatin Technologies) Start Date:2007-04-25
PTON (Peloton Interactive) Start Date:2019-09-26
PTPI (Petros Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-12-02
PTSI (P.A.M. Transportation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PTVE (Pactiv Evergreen) Start Date:2020-09-17
PTWO (Pono Capital Two) Start Date:2022-09-26
PTWOU (Pono Capital Two Unit) Start Date:2022-08-05
PTY (Pimco Corporate & Income Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2002-12-26
PUBM (Pubmatic) Start Date:2020-12-09
PUK (Prudential Plc) Start Date:2013-02-11
PULM (Pulmatrix) Start Date:2014-03-21
PUMP (Propetro Holding Corp) Start Date:2017-03-17
PVBC (Provident Bancorp) Start Date:2015-07-16
PVH (Pvh) Start Date:2000-01-03
PVL (Permianville Royalty Trust Trust Units) Start Date:2011-11-03
PW (Power Reit) Start Date:2006-02-10
PWFL (Powerfleet) Start Date:2007-05-07
PWM (Prestige Wealth) Start Date:2023-07-06
PWOD (Penns Woods Bancorp) Start Date:2006-03-29
PWP (Perella Weinberg Partners Class A) Start Date:2020-11-24
PWR (Quanta Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
PWSC (Powerschool Holdings) Start Date:2021-07-28
PWUP (Powerup Acquisition) Start Date:2022-04-11
PX (P10) Start Date:2021-10-21
PXDT (Pixie Dust Technologies) Start Date:2023-08-01
PXLW (Pixelworks) Start Date:2000-05-19
PXS (Pyxis Tankers) Start Date:2015-11-03
PYCR (Paycor) Start Date:2021-07-21
PYN (Pimco New York Municipal Income Fund Iii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2002-10-29
PYPD (Polypid) Start Date:2020-06-26
PYPL (Paypal) Start Date:2015-07-06
PYT (Pplus Tr Gsc-2 Tr Ctf Fltg Rate) Start Date:2007-05-17
PYXS (Pyxis Oncology) Start Date:2021-10-08
PZC (Pimco California Municipal Income Fund Iii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2002-10-29
PZG (Paramount Gold Nevada) Start Date:2015-04-10
PZZA (Papa John's International) Start Date:2000-01-03
QBTS (D-Wave Quantum) Start Date:2022-08-08
QCOM (Qualcomm) Start Date:2000-01-03
QCRH (Qcr) Start Date:2005-09-27
QD (Qudian American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2017-10-18
QDEL (Quidel Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
QETA (Quetta Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2023-11-30
QFIN (360 Digitech American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-12-14
QGEN (Qiagen Nv) Start Date:2005-02-15
QH (Quhuo) Start Date:2020-07-13
QIPT (Quipt Home Medical Common Shares) Start Date:2021-05-27
QLGN (Qualigen Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-06-24
QLI (Qilian International Holding Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-01-12
QLYS (Qualys) Start Date:2012-09-28
QMCO (Quantum) Start Date:2019-01-15
QNCX (Quince Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-05-09
QNRX (Quoin Pharmaceuticals American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-10-28
QNST (Quinstreet) Start Date:2010-02-11
QOMO (Qomolangma Acquisition) Start Date:2022-11-25
QRHC (Quest Resource Holding) Start Date:2009-07-16
QRTEA (Qurate Retail) Start Date:2018-03-12
QRTEB (Qurate Retail, Series B) Start Date:2018-03-16
QRVO (Qorvo) Start Date:2015-01-02
QS (Quantumscape Corporation) Start Date:2020-11-23
QSG (Quantasing) Start Date:2023-01-25
QSI (Quantum-Si Orporated) Start Date:2020-11-13
QSIAW (Quantum-Si Incorporated Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-04
QSR (Restaurant Brands International) Start Date:2014-12-15
QTI (Qt Imaging Holdings Inc) Start Date:2021-11-04
QTRX (Quanterix) Start Date:2017-12-07
QTTB (Q32 Bio Inc) Start Date:2018-03-28
QTWO (Q2 Holdings) Start Date:2014-03-20
QUAD (Quad/Graphics) Start Date:2010-07-06
QUBT (Quantum Computing) Start Date:2018-07-11
QUIK (Quicklogic) Start Date:2000-01-03
QURE (Uniqure N.V.) Start Date:2014-02-05
QXO (Qxo Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
R (Ryder System) Start Date:2000-01-03
RA (Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund) Start Date:2016-12-05
RACE (Ferrari N.V.) Start Date:2016-01-04
RAIL (Freightcar America) Start Date:2005-04-06
RAIN (Rain Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-04-23
RAMP (Liveramp Holdings) Start Date:2018-10-01
RAND (Rand Capital) Start Date:2002-10-16
RANI (Rani Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-07-30
RAPP (Rapport Therapeutics) Start Date:2024-06-07
RAPT (Rapt Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-10-31
RARE (Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2014-01-31
RAVE (Rave Restaurant) Start Date:2007-05-16
RAY (Raytech Holding Limited) Start Date:2024-05-15
RAYA (Erayak Power Solution) Start Date:2022-12-14
RBA (Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
RBB (Rbb Bancorp) Start Date:2017-07-26
RBBN (Ribbon Communication) Start Date:2007-04-30
RBC (Rbc Bearings Incorporated) Start Date:2007-05-04
RBCAA (Republic Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
RBKB (Rhinebeck Bancorp) Start Date:2019-01-17
RBLX (Roblox) Start Date:2021-03-10
RBOT (Vicarious Surgical) Start Date:2020-09-04
RBRK (Rubrik) Start Date:2024-04-25
RBTC (Rubicon Technologies Inc) Start Date:2022-08-16
RC (Ready Capital Corp) Start Date:2013-02-08
RCAT (Red Cat Holdings) Start Date:2007-12-28
RCEL (Avita Medical) Start Date:2012-03-29
RCG (Renn Fund Inc) Start Date:2007-05-22
RCI (Rogers Communications) Start Date:2000-01-03
RCKT (Rocket Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-02-18
RCKY (Rocky Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
RCL (Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd) Start Date:2000-01-03
RCM (R1 Rcm) Start Date:2017-03-15
RCMT (Rcm Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
RCON (Recon Technology Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2009-07-30
RCRT (Recruiter.com) Start Date:2021-06-30
RCRTW (Recruiter.com Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-30
RCS (Pimco Strategic Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
RCUS (Arcus Biosciences) Start Date:2018-03-15
RDCM (Radcom Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2008-07-15
RDDT (Reddit) Start Date:2024-03-21
RDFN (Redfin Corporation) Start Date:2017-07-28
RDHL (Redhill Biopharma American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2012-12-27
RDI (Reading International Inc Class A) Start Date:2004-03-30
RDIB (Reading International) Start Date:2019-12-16
RDN (Radian) Start Date:2000-01-03
RDNT (Radnet) Start Date:2007-02-14
RDUS (Radius Recycling) Start Date:2007-04-30
RDVT (Red Violet) Start Date:2018-03-26
RDW (Redwire) Start Date:2021-09-03
RDWR (Radware Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
RDY (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories) Start Date:2001-04-11
REAL (The Realreal) Start Date:2019-06-28
REAX (The Real Brokerage Common Shares) Start Date:2021-06-15
REBN (Reborn Coffee) Start Date:2022-08-12
REE (Ree Automotive) Start Date:2021-07-23
REFI (Chicago Atlantic Real Estate Finance) Start Date:2021-12-08
REFR (Research Frontiers) Start Date:2000-01-03
REG (Regency Centers Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
REGN (Regeneron) Start Date:2000-01-03
REI (Ring Energy) Start Date:2008-06-04
REKR (Rekor Systems) Start Date:2017-08-29
RELI (Reliance Global) Start Date:2021-02-09
RELIW (Reliance Global Series A Warrants) Start Date:2021-02-09
RELL (Richardson Electronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
RELX (Relx Plc Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-05-07
RELY (Remitly Global,) Start Date:2021-09-23
RENB (Renovaro Biosciences Inc) Start Date:2015-02-02
RENE (Cartesian Growth Ii) Start Date:2022-07-08
RENEU (Cartesian Growth Ii Unit) Start Date:2022-05-06
RENT (Rent The Runway, Class A) Start Date:2021-10-27
REPL (Replimune) Start Date:2018-07-20
REPX (Riley Exploration Permian,) Start Date:2007-05-16
RERE (Atrenew American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-18
RES (Rpc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RETO (Reto Eco-Solutions Common Shares) Start Date:2017-11-29
REVB (Revelation Biosciences) Start Date:2020-11-17
REVBW (Revelation Biosciences Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-16
REVG (Rev) Start Date:2017-01-27
REX (Rex American Resources) Start Date:2007-05-16
REXR (Rexford Industrial Realty) Start Date:2013-07-19
REYN (Reynolds Consumer Products) Start Date:2020-01-31
REZI (Resideo Technologies) Start Date:2018-10-29
RF (Regions Financial) Start Date:2002-05-10
RFAC (Rf Acquisition) Start Date:2022-04-20
RFI (Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
RFIL (Rf Industries) Start Date:2002-09-05
RFL (Rafael) Start Date:2018-03-27
RFM (Rivernorth Flexible Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2020-03-27
RFMZ (Rivernorth Flexible Municipal Income Fund Ii) Start Date:2021-02-24
RGA (Reinsurance) Start Date:2007-04-25
RGC (Regencell Bioscience) Start Date:2007-05-01
RGCO (Rgc Resources) Start Date:2004-02-24
RGEN (Repligen Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
RGF (The Real Good Food Company Class A) Start Date:2021-11-05
RGLD (Royal Gold) Start Date:2010-04-19
RGLS (Regulus Therapeutics) Start Date:2012-10-04
RGNX (Regenxbio) Start Date:2015-09-17
RGP (Resources Connection) Start Date:2007-05-02
RGR (Sturm Ruger) Start Date:2000-01-03
RGS (Regis) Start Date:2003-03-27
RGT (Royce Global Value Trust) Start Date:2013-10-18
RGTI (Rigetti Computing) Start Date:2022-03-02
RGTIW (Rigetti Computing Warrants) Start Date:2022-03-02
RH (Rh) Start Date:2012-11-02
RHE (Regional Health Properties) Start Date:2017-10-02
RHI (Robert Half International) Start Date:2000-01-03
RICK (Rci Hospitality) Start Date:2000-01-03
RIG (Transocean Ltd.) Start Date:2008-12-19
RIGL (Rigel Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-11-29
RILY (B. Riley Financial) Start Date:2009-08-04
RILYP (B. Riley Financial Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/1000Th Fractional Interest In A Share Of Series A Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock) Start Date:2019-10-08
RIO (Rio Tinto Plc) Start Date:2013-02-11
RIOT (Riot Blockchain,) Start Date:2007-08-28
RITM (Rithm Capital) Start Date:2013-05-02
RIV (Rivernorth Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2015-12-24
RIVN (Rivian Automotive, Class A) Start Date:2021-11-10
RJF (Raymond James Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
RKDA (Arcadia Biosciences) Start Date:2015-05-15
RKLB (Rocket Lab Usa,) Start Date:2021-08-19
RKT (Rocket Cos) Start Date:2020-08-06
RL (Polo Ralph Lauren) Start Date:2000-01-03
RLAY (Relay Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-07-16
RLGT (Radiant Logistics) Start Date:2007-05-18
RLI (Rli) Start Date:2016-01-04
RLJ (Rlj Lodging) Start Date:2011-05-11
RLMD (Relmada Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-09-08
RLTY (Cohen & Steers Real Estate Opportunities And Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2022-02-24
RLX (Rlx Technology) Start Date:2021-01-22
RLYB (Rallybio) Start Date:2021-07-29
RM (Regional Management) Start Date:2012-03-28
RMAX (Re/Max) Start Date:2013-10-02
RMBI (Richmond Mutual Bancorporation) Start Date:2019-07-02
RMBL (Rumbleon Class B) Start Date:2017-01-09
RMBS (Rambus) Start Date:2000-01-03
RMCF (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory) Start Date:2000-01-04
RMD (Resmed) Start Date:2000-01-03
RMI (Rivernorth Opportunistic Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2018-10-26
RMMZ (Rivernorth Managed Duration Municipal Income Fund Ii) Start Date:2022-02-11
RMNI (Rimini Street) Start Date:2015-08-28
RMR (The Rmr) Start Date:2015-12-14
RMT (Royce Micro-Cap Trust) Start Date:2003-12-01
RMTI (Rockwell Medical) Start Date:2000-01-03
RNA (Avidity Biosciences) Start Date:2020-06-12
RNAC (Cartesian Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2016-06-22
RNAZ (Transcode Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-07-09
RNG (Ringcentral) Start Date:2013-09-27
RNGR (Ranger Energy Services Class A) Start Date:2017-08-11
RNLX (Renalytix Ai) Start Date:2020-07-17
RNP (Cohen & Steers Reit And Preferred And Income Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2003-06-25
RNR (Renaissancere Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
RNST (Renasant) Start Date:2005-05-02
RNW (Renew Energy Global) Start Date:2021-08-24
RNWWW (Renew Energy Global Plc Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-24
RNXT (Renovorx) Start Date:2021-08-26
ROAD (Construction Partners) Start Date:2018-05-04
ROCK (Gibraltar Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
ROG (Rogers) Start Date:2000-04-18
ROIC (Retail Opportunity) Start Date:2014-03-06
ROIV (Roivant Sciences Common Shares) Start Date:2021-10-01
ROK (Rockwell Automation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ROKU (Roku) Start Date:2017-09-28
ROL (Rollins) Start Date:2000-01-03
ROMA (Roma Green Finance Limited) Start Date:2024-01-09
ROOT (Root Insurance) Start Date:2020-11-02
ROP (Roper Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
ROST (Ross Stores) Start Date:2000-01-03
RPAY (Repay Corp) Start Date:2018-07-17
RPD (Rapid7) Start Date:2015-07-17
RPHM (Reneo Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-04-09
RPID (Rapid Micro Biosystems) Start Date:2021-07-15
RPM (Rpm International) Start Date:2000-01-03
RPRX (Royalty Pharma) Start Date:2020-06-16
RPTX (Repare Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-06-19
RQI (Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund Inc Common Shares) Start Date:2002-05-10
RR (Richtech Robotics) Start Date:2023-11-17
RRBI (Red River Bancshares) Start Date:2019-05-03
RRC (Range Resources Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
RRGB (Red Robin Gourmet Burgers) Start Date:2002-07-19
RRR (Red Rock Resorts) Start Date:2016-04-27
RRX (Regal Rexnord Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-01
RS (Reliance Steel) Start Date:2000-01-03
RSF (Rivernorth Specialty Finance Corporation) Start Date:2019-06-12
RSG (Republic Services Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RSI (Rush Street Interactive,) Start Date:2020-04-23
RSKD (Riskified) Start Date:2021-07-29
RSLS (Reshape Lifesciences) Start Date:2017-01-12
RSSS (Research Solutions Inc) Start Date:2009-05-15
RSVR (Reservoir Media) Start Date:2021-01-05
RSVRW (Reservoir Media Warrant) Start Date:2021-01-07
RTC (Baijiayun Class A) Start Date:2007-05-16
RTO (Rentokil Initial Plc) Start Date:2008-10-27
RTX (Raytheon Co.) Start Date:2007-04-27
RUM (Rumble Class A) Start Date:2021-04-14
RUN (Sunrun) Start Date:2015-08-05
RUSHA (Rush Enterprises) Start Date:2003-10-07
RUSHB (Rush Enterprises) Start Date:2002-07-10
RVLV (Revolve ,) Start Date:2019-06-07
RVMD (Revolution Medicines) Start Date:2020-02-13
RVNC (Revance Therapeutics Com) Start Date:2014-02-06
RVP (Retractable Technologies) Start Date:2001-05-04
RVPH (Reviva Pharmaceuticals Holdings) Start Date:2018-10-18
RVPHW (Reviva Pharmaceuticals Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2018-10-18
RVSB (Riverview Bancorp) Start Date:2002-02-04
RVSN (Rail Vision Ordinary Share) Start Date:2022-03-31
RVSNW (Rail Vision Warrant) Start Date:2022-03-31
RVT (Royce Value Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
RVTY (Revvity Inc) Start Date:2005-01-03
RVYL (Ryvyl) Start Date:2021-02-17
RWAY (Runway Growth Finance) Start Date:2021-10-21
RWOD (Redwoods Acquisition) Start Date:2022-04-29
RWT (Redwood Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
RXO (Rxo) Start Date:2022-10-27
RXRX (Recursion Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-04-16
RXST (Rxsight) Start Date:2021-07-30
RXT (Rackspace Technologies) Start Date:2020-08-05
RY (Royal Bank Of Canada) Start Date:2000-01-03
RYAAY (Ryanair Holdings Plc) Start Date:2013-02-11
RYAM (Rayonier Advanced Materials In) Start Date:2014-06-30
RYAN (Ryan Specialty) Start Date:2021-07-22
RYDE (Ryde Ltd) Start Date:2024-03-06
RYI (Ryerson Holding) Start Date:2014-08-08
RYN (Rayonier) Start Date:2000-01-03
RYTM (Rhythm Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-10-05
RZB (Reinsurance Of America Incorporated 5.75% Fixed-To-Floating Rate Subordinated Debentures Due 2056) Start Date:2016-06-13
RZLT (Rezolute) Start Date:2017-12-19
S (Sprint Corporation) Start Date:2021-06-30
SA (Seabridge Gold,) Start Date:2004-04-20
SABR (Sabre Corporation) Start Date:2014-04-17
SABS (Sab Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2021-02-09
SABSW (Sab Biotherapeutics Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-25
SACH (Sachem Capital Common Shares) Start Date:2017-02-10
SAFE (Safehold) Start Date:2017-06-22
SAFT (Safety Insurance) Start Date:2002-11-22
SAGE (Sage Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-07-18
SAH (Sonic Automotive) Start Date:2000-01-03
SAIA (Saia) Start Date:2006-07-24
SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) Start Date:2013-09-16
SAITW (Sai.Tech Global Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-28
SAM (Boston Beer Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
SAMG (Silvercrest Asset Management G) Start Date:2013-06-27
SAN (Banco Santander S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
SANA (Sana Biotechnology) Start Date:2021-02-04
SAND (Sandstorm Gold Ltd) Start Date:2009-06-01
SANG (Sangoma Technologies Common Shares) Start Date:2021-12-16
SANM (Sanmina) Start Date:2000-01-03
SANW (S&W Seed Company) Start Date:2010-06-14
SAP (Sap Se ADS) Start Date:2013-02-11
SAR (Saratoga Investment New) Start Date:2010-08-13
SASR (Sandy Spring Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
SATL (Satellogic Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-01-26
SATLW (Satellogic Warrant) Start Date:2022-01-26
SATS (Echostar) Start Date:2008-01-02
SATX (Satixfy Communications) Start Date:2021-11-08
SAVA (Cassava Sciences) Start Date:2007-04-30
SAVE (Spirit Airlines) Start Date:2011-05-26
SB (Safe Bulkers) Start Date:2008-05-29
SBAC (Sba Communications) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBCF (Seacoast Banking O) Start Date:2002-06-03
SBET (Sharplink Gaming Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-05-16
SBEV (Splash Beverage) Start Date:2020-12-24
SBFG (Sb Financial Commo) Start Date:2002-02-04
SBFM (Sunshine Biopharma) Start Date:2022-02-15
SBFMW (Sunshine Biopharma Warrant) Start Date:2022-02-15
SBGI (Sinclair Broadcast) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBH (Sally Beauty) Start Date:2006-11-17
SBI (Western Asset Intermediate Muni Fund Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBIGW (Springbig Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-05
SBLK (Star Bulk Carriers) Start Date:2007-12-03
SBOW (Silverbow Resorces) Start Date:2017-05-05
SBR (Sabine Royalty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBRA (Sabra Health Care Reit) Start Date:2010-11-08
SBS (Companhia De Saneamento Basico Do Estado De Sao Paulo - Sabesp) Start Date:2013-02-11
SBSI (Southside Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBSW (Sibanye Stillwater Limited) Start Date:2013-02-21
SBT (Sterling Bancorp) Start Date:2017-11-17
SBUX (Starbucks) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCCO (Southern Copper Corporation) Start Date:2010-02-17
SCD (Lmp Capital And Income Fund) Start Date:2004-02-25
SCHL (Scholastic) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCHW (Charles Schwab Corporation) Start Date:2010-03-05
SCI (Service International) Start Date:2004-08-27
SCKT (Socket Mobile) Start Date:2000-07-10
SCL (Stepan) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCLX (Scilex Holding Company) Start Date:2021-03-05
SCM (Stellus Capital Investment) Start Date:2012-11-08
SCNI (Scinai Immunotherapeutics Ltd.) Start Date:2015-05-12
SCOR (Comscore) Start Date:2007-06-27
SCPH (Scpharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-11-17
SCPX (Scorpius Holdings Inc) Start Date:2013-07-24
SCS (Steelcase) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCSC (Scansource) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCVL (Shoe Carnival) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCWO (374Water) Start Date:2008-10-03
SCWX (Secureworks) Start Date:2016-04-22
SCYX (Scynexis) Start Date:2014-05-02
SD (Sandridge Energy,) Start Date:2016-10-04
SDGR (Schrodinger) Start Date:2020-02-06
SDHC (Smith Douglas Homes) Start Date:2024-01-11
SDHY (Pgim Short Duration High Yield Opportunities Fund Common Shares) Start Date:2020-11-25
SDIG (Stronghold Digital Mining) Start Date:2021-10-20
SDOT (Sadot Inc) Start Date:2020-02-13
SDPI (Superior Drilling Products) Start Date:2014-05-23
SDRL (Seadrill) Start Date:2022-06-01
SE (Sea Limited) Start Date:2017-10-20
SEAT (Vivid Seats Class A) Start Date:2021-10-19
SEATW (Vivid Seats Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-19
SEB (Seaboard) Start Date:2000-01-03
SECO (Secoo Holding ADS) Start Date:2017-09-22
SEDG (Solaredge Technologies) Start Date:2015-03-26
SEE (Sealed Air) Start Date:2000-01-03
SEED (Origin Agritech) Start Date:2005-11-09
SEEL (Seelos Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-16
SEER (Seer, Class A) Start Date:2020-12-04
SEIC (Sei Investments Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
SELF (Global Self Storage) Start Date:2008-04-07
SELX (Semilux International Ltd.) Start Date:2022-06-27
SEM (Select Medical Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2009-09-25
SEMR (Semrush) Start Date:2021-03-25
SENEA (Seneca Foods) Start Date:2005-05-13
SENEB (Seneca Foods Class B) Start Date:2006-03-20
SENS (Senseonics Holdings,) Start Date:2016-03-18
SER (Serina Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2018-11-29
SERA (Sera Prognostics) Start Date:2021-07-15
SES (Ses Ai) Start Date:2022-02-04
SEVN (Seven Hills Realty Trust) Start Date:2014-10-31
SF (Stifel Financial) Start Date:2012-02-08
SFBC (Sound Financial Bancorp) Start Date:2012-08-23
SFBS (Servisfirst Bancshares) Start Date:2014-05-14
SFIX (Stitch Fix) Start Date:2017-11-17
SFL (Sfl Corp) Start Date:2004-06-17
SFM (Sprouts Farmers Market) Start Date:2013-08-01
SFNC (Simmons First National) Start Date:2003-08-01
SFST (Southern First Bancshares) Start Date:2007-07-06
SFWL (Shengfeng Development Limited) Start Date:2023-03-31
SG (Sweetgreen) Start Date:2021-11-18
SGA (Saga Communications) Start Date:2004-01-20
SGBX (Sg Blocks) Start Date:2017-06-22
SGC (Superior Uniform) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGD (Safe &Amp; Green Development Corp) Start Date:2023-09-19
SGE (Strong Global Entertainment) Start Date:2023-05-16
SGH (Smart Global) Start Date:2017-05-24
SGHC (Super) Start Date:2022-01-28
SGHT (Sight Sciences) Start Date:2021-07-15
SGLY (Singularity Future Technology) Start Date:2022-01-07
SGMA (Sigmatron International) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGML (Sigma Lithium Common Shares) Start Date:2021-09-13
SGMO (Sangamo Therapeutics) Start Date:2000-04-06
SGMT (Sagimet Biosciences) Start Date:2023-07-14
SGN (Signing Day Sports) Start Date:2023-11-14
SGRP (Spar) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGRY (Surgery Partners) Start Date:2015-10-01
SGU (Star L.P.) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHAK (Shake Shack) Start Date:2015-01-30
SHBI (Shore Bancshares) Start Date:2002-02-04
SHC (Sotera Health Co) Start Date:2020-11-20
SHCO (Soho House &Amp; Co Inc) Start Date:2021-07-15
SHCR (Sharecare, Class A) Start Date:2020-11-23
SHCRW (Sharecare Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-25
SHEL (Royal Dutch Shell Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-04-26
SHEN (Shenandoah Telecommunicat) Start Date:2002-05-09
SHFS (Shf Holdings Class A) Start Date:2021-08-20
SHG (Shinhan Financial Co American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
SHIM (Shimmick Corporation) Start Date:2023-11-14
SHIP (Seanergy Maritime Holdings) Start Date:2008-10-15
SHLS (Shoals Technologies) Start Date:2021-01-27
SHOO (Steven Madden Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHOP (Shopify Class A Subordinate Voting Shares) Start Date:2015-05-21
SHOT (Safety Shot Inc) Start Date:2020-10-30
SHPH (Shuttle Pharmaceuticals Holdings) Start Date:2022-08-31
SHPW (Shapeways Holdings) Start Date:2019-11-14
SHW (Sherwin-Williams) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHYF (Shyft) Start Date:2007-05-04
SIBN (Si-Bone) Start Date:2018-10-17
SID (Companhia Siderurgica Nacional) Start Date:2013-02-11
SIDU (Sidus Space Class A) Start Date:2021-12-14
SIEB (Siebert Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
SIEN (Sientra) Start Date:2014-10-29
SIF (Sifco Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
SIFY (Sify Technologies American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
SIG (Signet Jewelers Limited) Start Date:2004-11-16
SIGA (Siga Technologies) Start Date:2015-03-20
SIGI (Selective Insurance) Start Date:2000-01-03
SII (Sprott Common Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
SILC (Silicom Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2006-01-03
SILK (Silk Road Medical) Start Date:2019-04-04
SILO (Silo Pharma) Start Date:2022-09-27
SILV (Silvercrest Metals Common Shares) Start Date:2018-08-21
SIM (Grupo Simec S.A.B. De C.V. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
SIMO (Silicon Motion Technology American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2005-06-30
SINT (Sintx Technologies) Start Date:2014-02-13
SIRI (Sirius Xm Holdings Inc) Start Date:2000-01-12
SISI (Shineco) Start Date:2016-09-28
SITC (Site Centers) Start Date:2007-05-01
SITE (Siteone Landscape Supply) Start Date:2016-05-12
SITM (Sitime) Start Date:2019-11-21
SIX (Six Flags Entertainment Corporation) Start Date:2010-06-21
SJ (Scienjoy Holding Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-02-06
SJM (Jm Smucker) Start Date:2000-08-29
SJT (San Juan Basin Royalty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
SJW (Sjw) Start Date:2005-11-14
SKE (Skeena Resources Common Shares) Start Date:2008-03-25
SKGR (Sk Growth Opportunities Class A) Start Date:2022-08-18
SKGRU (Sk Growth Opportunities Unit) Start Date:2022-06-24
SKIL (Skillsoft Class A) Start Date:2019-07-26
SKIN (The Beauty Health Company Class A) Start Date:2020-11-24
SKLZ (Skillz) Start Date:2020-12-15
SKM (Sk Telecom Co.Ltd) Start Date:2013-02-11
SKT (Tanger Factory Outlet) Start Date:2000-01-03
SKWD (Skyward Specialty Insurance) Start Date:2023-01-13
SKX (Skechers U.S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
SKY (Skyline) Start Date:2000-01-03
SKYH (Sky Harbour) Start Date:2022-01-26
SKYT (Skywater Technology) Start Date:2021-04-21
SKYW (Skywest) Start Date:2000-01-03
SKYX (Skyx Platforms) Start Date:2022-02-10
SLAB (Silicon Laboratories) Start Date:2000-03-24
SLAM (Slam) Start Date:2021-04-16
SLAMU (Slam Unit) Start Date:2021-02-23
SLAMW (Slam Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-16
SLB (Schlumberger Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
SLCA (Us Silica) Start Date:2012-02-01
SLDB (Solid Biosciences) Start Date:2018-01-26
SLDP (Solid Power) Start Date:2021-05-18
SLDPW (Solid Power Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-09
SLE (Super League Enterprise Inc) Start Date:2019-02-26
SLF (Sun Life Financial) Start Date:2002-11-14
SLG (Sl Green Realty) Start Date:2000-01-03
SLGCW (Somalogic Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-16
SLGL (Sol-Gel Technologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-02-01
SLGN (Silgan Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
SLI (Standard Lithium Ltd.) Start Date:2021-07-13
SLM (Slm Corporation) Start Date:2011-12-12
SLMBP (Slm Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock Series B) Start Date:2007-05-16
SLN (Silence Therapeutics Plc American Depository Share) Start Date:2020-09-08
SLNA (Selina Hospitality Plc) Start Date:2022-10-27
SLND (Southland Holdings Inc) Start Date:2021-12-23
SLNG (Stabilis Solutions) Start Date:2007-05-16
SLNH (Soluna Holdings) Start Date:2009-04-23
SLNO (Soleno Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-11-13
SLP (Simulations Plus) Start Date:2004-03-17
SLQT (Selectquote) Start Date:2020-05-21
SLRC (Slr Investment) Start Date:2010-02-09
SLRN (Acelyrin) Start Date:2023-05-05
SLRX (Salarius Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-01-29
SLS (Sellas Life Sciences) Start Date:2008-03-13
SLVM (Sylvamo Corporation) Start Date:2021-10-01
SM (Sm Energy) Start Date:2002-11-20
SMAR (Smartsheet) Start Date:2018-04-27
SMBC (Southern Missouri Bancorp) Start Date:2006-07-21
SMBK (Smartfinancial) Start Date:2007-05-16
SMCI (Super Micro Computer) Start Date:2007-03-29
SMFG (Sumitomo Mitsui Financial) Start Date:2013-02-11
SMFL (Smart For Life) Start Date:2022-02-16
SMG (The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
SMHI (Seacor Marine) Start Date:2017-06-02
SMID (Smith-Midland) Start Date:2007-05-16
SMLP (Summit Midstream Partners Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2012-09-28
SMLR (Semler Scientific,) Start Date:2014-02-21
SMMT (Summit Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-03-05
SMP (Standard Motor Products) Start Date:2000-01-03
SMPL (The Simply Good Foods Company) Start Date:2017-07-10
SMR (Nuscale Power Class A) Start Date:2022-05-03
SMRT (Smartrent) Start Date:2021-08-25
SMSI (Smith Micro Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
SMTC (Semtech Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
SMTI (Sanara Medtech) Start Date:2008-06-12
SMWB (Similarweb) Start Date:2021-05-12
SMX (Smx) Start Date:2021-12-09
SMXT (Solarmax Technology) Start Date:2024-02-27
SN (Sharkninja Inc) Start Date:2023-07-31
SNA (Snap-On) Start Date:2000-01-03
SNAL (Snail) Start Date:2022-11-10
SNAP (Snap) Start Date:2017-03-02
SNAX (Stryve Foods Class A) Start Date:2019-03-06
SNAXW (Stryve Foods Warrant) Start Date:2019-03-06
SNBR (Sleep Number Corp) Start Date:2007-04-27
SNCR (Synchronoss) Start Date:2006-06-15
SNCY (Sun Country Airlines) Start Date:2021-03-17
SND (Smart Sand) Start Date:2016-11-04
SNDA (Sonida Senior Living) Start Date:2004-05-13
SNDL (Sundial Growers Common Shares) Start Date:2019-08-01
SNDR (Schneider National) Start Date:2017-04-06
SNDX (Syndax Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-03-03
SNES (Senestech) Start Date:2016-12-08
SNEX (Stonex) Start Date:2007-04-16
SNFCA (Security Natl Financial) Start Date:2001-08-27
SNGX (Soligenix) Start Date:2009-09-30
SNN (Smith & Nephew Plc) Start Date:2013-02-11
SNOA (Sonoma Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-16
SNOW (Snowflake) Start Date:2020-09-16
SNPO (Snap One Holdings) Start Date:2021-07-28
SNPS (Synopsys) Start Date:2000-01-03
SNPX (Synaptogenix) Start Date:2021-06-07
SNSE (Sensei Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2021-02-04
SNT (Senstar Technologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-05-16
SNTG (Sentage Holdings) Start Date:2021-07-09
SNTI (Senti Biosciences) Start Date:2021-05-26
SNV (Synovus Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
SNX (Synnex Corporation) Start Date:2003-11-25
SNY (Sanofi ADS) Start Date:2013-02-11
SO (Southern Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
SOBR (Sobr Safe) Start Date:2022-05-16
SOFI (Sofi Technologies,) Start Date:2021-06-01
SOGP (Sound Inc) Start Date:2020-01-17
SOHO (Sotherly Hotels) Start Date:2004-12-17
SOHU (Sohu.com American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-07-12
SOI (Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure) Start Date:2017-05-12
SOL (Renesola American Depsitary Shares) Start Date:2008-01-29
SOLV (Solventum Corp) Start Date:2024-03-26
SON (Sonoco Products Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
SOND (Sonder Holdings Class A) Start Date:2021-03-15
SONDW (Sonder Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2021-03-15
SONM (Sonim Technologies) Start Date:2019-05-10
SONN (Sonnet Biotherapeutics Holdings) Start Date:2012-06-21
SONO (Sonos) Start Date:2018-08-02
SONY (Sony American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
SOPA (Society Pass Incorporated) Start Date:2021-11-09
SOPH (Sophia Genetics) Start Date:2021-07-23
SOR (Source Capital) Start Date:2000-01-03
SOS (Sos American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-04-28
SOTK (Sono-Tek) Start Date:2007-05-16
SOUN (Soundhound AI Inc Class A) Start Date:2022-04-28
SOUNW (Soundhound AI Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-26
SPB (Spectrum Brands Holdings) Start Date:2010-03-18
SPCB (Supercom Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2008-12-22
SPCE (Virgin Galactic Holdings) Start Date:2017-09-29
SPE (Special Opportunities Fund Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPEC (Spectaire Holdings Inc) Start Date:2021-12-27
SPFI (South Plains Financial) Start Date:2019-05-09
SPG (Simon Property Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPGC (Sacks Parente Golf) Start Date:2023-08-15
SPGI (S&P Global) Start Date:2007-04-27
SPH (Suburban Propane Partners L P) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPHR (Sphere Entertainment Co.) Start Date:2020-04-09
SPI (Spi Energy Co., Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2016-01-19
SPIR (Spire Global Class A) Start Date:2020-11-03
SPKL (Spark I Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2023-11-27
SPLP (Steel Partners Holdings L.P.) Start Date:2012-04-10
SPNS (Sapiens International) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPNT (Siriuspoint Ltd.) Start Date:2013-08-15
SPOK (Spok O) Start Date:2007-05-04
SPOT (Spotify Technology S.A.) Start Date:2018-04-03
SPPL (Simpple Ltd.) Start Date:2023-09-13
SPR (Spirit Aerosystems Holdings) Start Date:2006-11-28
SPRB (Spruce Biosciences) Start Date:2020-10-09
SPRC (Scisparc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-22
SPRO (Spero Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-11-02
SPRU (Spruce Power Holding Class A) Start Date:2022-11-14
SPRY (Ars Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-12-04
SPSC (Sps Commerce) Start Date:2010-04-23
SPT (Sprout Social) Start Date:2019-12-13
SPTN (Spartannash Company O) Start Date:2000-08-02
SPWH (Sportsmans Warehouse) Start Date:2014-04-17
SPWR (Sunpower) Start Date:2005-11-17
SPXC (Spx Corp) Start Date:2007-04-30
SPXX (Nuveen S&P 500 Dynamic Overwrite Fund) Start Date:2007-04-24
SQ (Square) Start Date:2015-11-19
SQFT (Presidio Property Trust) Start Date:2020-10-07
SQFTW (Presidio Property Trust Series A Purchase Warrants) Start Date:2022-01-24
SQLLW (Seqll Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-27
SQM (Sociedad Quimica Y Minera De Chile S.A.) Start Date:2013-02-11
SQNS (Sequans Communications S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2011-04-15
SQSP (Squarespace) Start Date:2021-05-19
SR (Spire) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRAD (Sportradar) Start Date:2021-09-14
SRCE (1St Source) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRCL (Stericycle) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRDX (Surmodics) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRE (Sempra Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRFM (Surf Air Mobility) Start Date:2023-07-27
SRG (Seritage Growth Properties) Start Date:2015-07-06
SRI (Stoneridge) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRL (Scully Royalty Ltd.) Start Date:2019-06-04
SRM (Srm Entertainment) Start Date:2023-08-15
SRPT (Sarepta Therapeutics) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRRK (Scholar Rock Holding) Start Date:2018-05-24
SRTS (Sensus Healthcare) Start Date:2016-07-26
SRV (Cushing Mlp & Infrastructure Total Return Fund) Start Date:2007-08-27
SRZN (Surrozen) Start Date:2021-08-12
SRZNW (Surrozen Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-12
SSB (South State Corp) Start Date:2007-05-16
SSBI (Summit State Bank) Start Date:2006-07-14
SSBK (Southern States Bancshares) Start Date:2021-08-12
SSD (Simpson Manufacturing Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
SSIC (Silver Spike Investment) Start Date:2022-02-04
SSKN (Strata Skin Sciences) Start Date:2007-05-16
SSL (Sasol Limited) Start Date:2013-02-11
SSNC (Ss&C Technologies Holdings) Start Date:2010-03-31
SSP (E. W. Scripps Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
SSRM (Ssr Mining) Start Date:2007-04-27
SSSS (Suro Capital) Start Date:2011-04-28
SST (System1) Start Date:2022-01-28
SSTI (Shotspotter) Start Date:2017-06-07
SSTK (Shutterstock) Start Date:2012-11-12
SSY (Sunlink Health Systems) Start Date:2004-11-23
SSYS (Stratasys Inc) Start Date:2012-12-03
ST (Sensata Technologies Holding Plc) Start Date:2010-03-11
STAA (Staar Surgical Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
STAF (Staffing 360 Solutions) Start Date:2015-09-29
STAG (Stag Industrial) Start Date:2011-04-15
STBA (S&T Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
STBX (Starbox Holdings) Start Date:2022-08-23
STC (Stewart Information Svcs) Start Date:2000-01-03
STCN (Steel Connect) Start Date:2008-09-30
STE (Steris Plc) Start Date:2015-11-03
STEL (Stellar Bancorp) Start Date:2017-11-08
STEM (Stem,) Start Date:2020-10-08
STEP (Stepstone) Start Date:2020-09-16
STER (Sterling Check) Start Date:2021-09-23
STEW (Srh Total Return Fund) Start Date:2022-04-04
STG (Sunlands Technology American Depositary Shares Representing Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-03-23
STGW (Stagwell) Start Date:2007-05-16
STHO (Star Holdings) Start Date:2023-04-03
STI (Solidion Technology Inc) Start Date:2022-05-02
STIM (Neuronetics) Start Date:2018-06-28
STIX (Semantix Class A) Start Date:2022-08-04
STK (Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Fund Inc) Start Date:2009-11-25
STKH (Steakholder Foods) Start Date:2021-03-12
STKL (Sunopta,) Start Date:2000-01-03
STKS (The One Hospitality) Start Date:2015-05-08
STLA (Stellantis N.V.) Start Date:2008-10-27
STLD (Steel Dynamics) Start Date:2000-01-03
STM (Stmicroelectronics N.V.) Start Date:2013-02-11
STN (Stantec Inc) Start Date:2008-07-31
STNE (Stoneco Ltd.) Start Date:2018-10-25
STNG (Scorpio Tankers) Start Date:2010-03-31
STOK (Stoke Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-06-19
STR (Sitio Royalties Class A) Start Date:2022-06-14
STRA (Strayer Education) Start Date:2000-01-03
STRCW (Sarcos Technology And Robotics Warrants) Start Date:2021-09-27
STRL (Sterling Construction Co) Start Date:2006-01-20
STRM (Streamline Health Solutions) Start Date:2006-07-03
STRO (Sutro Biopharma) Start Date:2018-09-27
STRR (Star Equity Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-19
STRRP (Star Equity Holdings Series A Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock) Start Date:2019-09-13
STRS (Stratus Properties) Start Date:2002-02-04
STRT (Strattec Security) Start Date:2000-01-03
STSS (Sharps Technology) Start Date:2022-04-14
STSSW (Sharps Technology Warrant) Start Date:2022-04-14
STT (State Street) Start Date:2000-01-03
STTK (Shattuck Labs) Start Date:2020-10-09
STVN (Stevanato) Start Date:2021-07-16
STWD (Starwood Property Trust) Start Date:2009-08-12
STX (Seagate Technology) Start Date:2002-12-11
STXS (Stereotaxis) Start Date:2004-08-12
STZ (Constellation Brands) Start Date:2000-09-20
SU (Suncor Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
SUGP (Su Holdings Limited) Start Date:2024-01-24
SUI (Sun Communities) Start Date:2000-01-03
SUM (Summit Materials) Start Date:2015-03-12
SUN (Sunoco Lp) Start Date:2012-09-20
SUNW (Sunworks) Start Date:2015-03-04
SUP (Superior Industries International) Start Date:2009-07-21
SUPN (Supernus Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2012-05-01
SUPV (Grupo Supervielle S.A.) Start Date:2016-05-19
SURG (Surgepays) Start Date:2015-06-01
SURGW (Surgepays Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-02
SUZ (Suzano S.A.) Start Date:2018-12-10
SVC (Service Properties Trust) Start Date:2019-09-25
SVCO (Silvaco) Start Date:2024-05-09
SVII (Spring Valley Acquisition Ii) Start Date:2022-10-28
SVM (Silvercorp Metals Common Shares) Start Date:2017-05-15
SVMH (Srivaru Holding Ltd.) Start Date:2022-09-26
SVRA (Savara) Start Date:2017-04-28
SVRE (Saverone 2014 American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2022-06-03
SVREW (Saverone 2014 Warrant) Start Date:2022-06-03
SVT (Servotronics) Start Date:2003-12-31
SVV (Savers Value Village) Start Date:2023-06-29
SVVC (Firsthand Technology Value Fund) Start Date:2011-04-19
SWAG (Stran & Company) Start Date:2021-11-09
SWBI (Smith & Wesson Brands) Start Date:2007-05-01
SWI (Solar Winds Corp) Start Date:2018-10-19
SWIM (Latham) Start Date:2021-04-23
SWIN (Solowin Holdings) Start Date:2023-09-07
SWK (Stanley Black & Decker) Start Date:2000-01-03
SWKH (Swk) Start Date:2010-02-04
SWKS (Skyworks Solutions) Start Date:2002-06-26
SWN (Southwestern Energy Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
SWSSU (Springwater Special Situations Unit) Start Date:2021-08-26
SWSSW (Springwater Special Situations Warrant) Start Date:2021-09-23
SWTX (Springworks Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-09-13
SWVL (Swvl Holdings Class A Common Shares) Start Date:2022-04-01
SWVLW (Swvl Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2022-04-01
SWX (Southwest Gas Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
SWZ (Swiss Helvetia Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
SXC (Suncoke Energy) Start Date:2011-07-21
SXI (Standex International) Start Date:2000-01-03
SXT (Sensient Technologies Corporation) Start Date:2000-11-06
SXTC (China Sxt Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-01-04
SXTP (60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2023-07-12
SY (So-Young International ADS) Start Date:2019-05-02
SYBT (Stock Yards Bancorp Comm) Start Date:2005-07-27
SYBX (Synlogic) Start Date:2015-10-01
SYF (Synchrony Financial) Start Date:2014-07-31
SYK (Stryker) Start Date:2000-01-03
SYM (Symbotic Class A) Start Date:2021-03-09
SYNA (Synaptics Incorporated) Start Date:2002-01-29
SYNX (Silynxcom Ltd.) Start Date:2024-01-12
SYPR (Sypris Solutions) Start Date:2000-01-03
SYRA (Syra Health) Start Date:2023-09-29
SYRE (Spyre Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2016-04-07
SYRS (Syros Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-06-30
SYT (Syla Technologies Co.) Start Date:2023-03-31
SYTA (Siyata Mobile) Start Date:2020-09-25
SYTAW (Siyata Mobile Warrant) Start Date:2020-09-25
SYY (Sysco) Start Date:2000-01-03
T (At&T) Start Date:2000-01-03
TAC (Transalta Corporation) Start Date:2001-07-31
TACT (Transact Technologies Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
TAIT (Taitron Components Incorporated Class A) Start Date:2006-05-02
TAK (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-12-24
TAL (Tal Education) Start Date:2010-10-20
TALK (Talkspace) Start Date:2020-07-30
TALKW (Talkspace Warrant) Start Date:2020-07-30
TALO (Talos Energy) Start Date:2018-05-10
TANH (Tantech Holdings Common Shares) Start Date:2015-03-24
TAOP (Taoping Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-05-16
TAP (Molson Coors Brewing Company) Start Date:2005-02-09
TARA (Protara Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-02-03
TARO (Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.) Start Date:2012-03-22
TARS (Tarsus Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-10-16
TASK (Taskus) Start Date:2021-06-11
TATT (Tat Technologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2010-01-08
TAYD (Taylor Devices) Start Date:2004-04-16
TBBB (Bbb Foods) Start Date:2024-02-09
TBBK (Bancorp) Start Date:2004-02-03
TBI (Trueblue) Start Date:2007-12-18
TBIO (Telesis Bio) Start Date:2021-06-18
TBLA (Taboola.com Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-30
TBLAW (Taboola.com Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-30
TBLD (Thornburg Income Builder Opportunities Trust) Start Date:2021-07-28
TBLT (Toughbuilt Industries) Start Date:2018-11-09
TBNK (Territorial Bancorp) Start Date:2009-07-14
TBPH (Theravance Biopharma) Start Date:2014-05-16
TBRG (Trubridge Inc) Start Date:2007-05-02
TC (Tuanche American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-11-20
TCBC (Tc Bancshares) Start Date:2021-07-21
TCBI (Texas Capital Bancshares) Start Date:2003-08-14
TCBK (Trico Bancshares) Start Date:2002-02-04
TCBP (Tc Biopharm) Start Date:2022-02-11
TCBPW (Tc Biopharm) Start Date:2022-02-11
TCBS (Texas Community Bancshares) Start Date:2021-07-16
TCBX (Third Coast Bancshares) Start Date:2021-11-09
TCI (Transcontinental Realty) Start Date:2000-01-03
TCJH (Top Kingwin Ltd) Start Date:2023-04-18
TCMD (Tactile Systems Technology) Start Date:2016-07-28
TCOM (Trip.com Limited) Start Date:2007-04-26
TCON (Tracon Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-01-30
TCPC (Blackrock Tcp Capital) Start Date:2012-04-04
TCRT (Alaunos Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-16
TCRX (Tscan Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-07-16
TCS (The Container Store) Start Date:2013-11-01
TCTM (Tarena International Inc) Start Date:2014-04-03
TCX (Tucows O) Start Date:2005-08-16
TD (Toronto Dominion Bank) Start Date:2000-01-03
TDC (Teradata Corporation) Start Date:2007-10-01
TDCX (Tdcx American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-10-01
TDF (Templeton Dragon Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
TDG (Transdigm) Start Date:2006-03-15
TDOC (Teladoc Health) Start Date:2015-07-01
TDS (Telephone And Data Systems) Start Date:2012-01-25
TDUP (Thredup) Start Date:2021-03-26
TDW (Tidewater) Start Date:2000-01-03
TDY (Teledyne Technologies Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
TEAF (Ecofin Sustainable And Social Impact Term Fund) Start Date:2019-03-27
TEAM (Atlassian) Start Date:2015-12-10
TECH (Bio-Techne Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
TECK (Teck Resources Limited) Start Date:2016-12-05
TEF (Telefonica S.A.) Start Date:2013-02-11
TEI (Templeton Emerging Markets Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
TEL (Te Connectivity Ltd.) Start Date:2009-06-26
TELA (Tela Bio) Start Date:2019-11-08
TELL (Tellurian) Start Date:2007-05-16
TELO (Telomir Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2024-02-09
TEM (Tempus Ai) Start Date:2024-06-14
TENB (Tenable Holdings) Start Date:2018-07-26
TENK (Tenx Keane Acquisition Ordinary Share) Start Date:2022-12-08
TENX (Tenax Therapeutics) Start Date:2009-11-09
TEO (Telecom Argentina Sa) Start Date:2013-02-11
TER (Teradyne) Start Date:2000-01-03
TERN (Terns Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-02-05
TEVA (Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd) Start Date:2013-02-11
TEX (Terex) Start Date:2000-01-03
TFC (Truist Financial Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-30
TFFP (Tff Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-10-25
TFII (Tfi International) Start Date:2020-02-13
TFIN (Triumph Financial) Start Date:2014-11-07
TFPM (Triple Flag Precious Metals) Start Date:2022-08-30
TFSL (Tfs Financial) Start Date:2007-04-23
TFX (Teleflex Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
TG (Tredegar) Start Date:2000-01-03
TGAN (Transphorm) Start Date:2020-12-24
TGB (Taseko Mines Limited) Start Date:2004-10-04
TGI (Triumph) Start Date:2000-01-03
TGL (Treasure Global) Start Date:2022-08-11
TGLS (Tecnoglass) Start Date:2012-05-10
TGNA (Tegna) Start Date:2000-01-03
TGS (Transportadora De Gas Del Sur Sa Tgs) Start Date:2013-02-11
TGT (Target) Start Date:2000-01-31
TGTX (Tg Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-07-18
TH (Target Hospitality) Start Date:2018-03-08
THAR (Tharimmune Inc) Start Date:2022-01-12
THC (Tenet Healthcare Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
THCH (Th International) Start Date:2022-09-29
THCP (Thunder Bridge Capital Partners Iv Class A) Start Date:2021-09-09
THCPU (Thunder Bridge Capital Partners Iv Unit) Start Date:2021-06-30
THCPW (Thunder Bridge Capital Partners Iv Warrant) Start Date:2021-09-01
THFF (First Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
THG (The Hanover Insurance) Start Date:2006-05-15
THM (International Tower Hill Mines Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-08-03
THMO (Thermogenesis Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-04
THNPY (Partial Technip Energies) Start Date:2021-06-17
THO (Thor Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
THQ (Tekla Healthcare Opportunies Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2014-07-29
THR (Thermon) Start Date:2011-05-05
THRD (Third Harmonic Bio) Start Date:2022-09-15
THRM (Gentherm) Start Date:2000-06-21
THRY (Thryv Holdings) Start Date:2020-10-01
THS (Treehouse Foods) Start Date:2005-06-28
THTX (Theratechnologies Common Shares) Start Date:2013-02-05
THW (Tekla World Healthcare Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2015-06-26
THWWW (Target Hospitality Warrant Expiring 3/15/2024) Start Date:2019-03-18
TIGO (Millicom International Cellular S.A.) Start Date:2019-01-09
TIGR (Up Fintech Holding American Depositary Share Representing Fifteen Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-03-20
TIL (Instil Bio) Start Date:2021-03-19
TILE (Interface) Start Date:2013-01-18
TIMB (Tim S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2020-10-12
TIPT (Tiptree) Start Date:2010-09-03
TIRX (Tian Ruixiang Holdings) Start Date:2021-01-27
TISI (Team) Start Date:2012-01-03
TITN (Titan Machinery) Start Date:2007-12-07
TIVC (Tivic Health Systems,) Start Date:2021-11-11
TIXT (Telus International) Start Date:2021-02-03
TJX (Tjx Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
TK (Teekay) Start Date:2000-01-03
TKC (Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri As) Start Date:2013-02-11
TKLF (Yoshitsu Co. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2022-01-18
TKNO (Alpha Teknova) Start Date:2021-06-25
TKR (The Timken Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
TLF (Tandy Leather Factory) Start Date:2022-09-07
TLIS (Talis Biomedical) Start Date:2021-02-12
TLK (Perusahaan Perseroan) Start Date:2000-01-03
TLPH (Talphera Inc) Start Date:2011-02-11
TLRY (Tilray, Class 2) Start Date:2018-07-19
TLS (Telos Corp) Start Date:2020-11-20
TLSA (Tiziana Life Sciences Common Shares) Start Date:2018-11-20
TLYS (Tilly's) Start Date:2012-05-04
TM (Toyota Motor) Start Date:2013-02-11
TMC (Tmc The Metals Company) Start Date:2021-09-10
TMCI (Treace Medical Concepts) Start Date:2021-04-23
TMCWW (Tmc The Metals Company Warrants) Start Date:2021-09-10
TMDX (Transmedics) Start Date:2019-05-02
TME (Tencent Music Entertainment) Start Date:2018-12-12
TMHC (Taylor Morrison Home Corporation) Start Date:2013-04-10
TMO (Thermo Fisher Scientific) Start Date:2000-01-03
TMP (Tompkins Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
TMQ (Trilogy Metals) Start Date:2012-05-01
TMUS (T-Mobile Us) Start Date:2007-04-19
TNC (Tennant) Start Date:2000-10-30
TNDM (Tandem Diabetes Care) Start Date:2013-11-14
TNET (Trinet) Start Date:2014-03-27
TNGX (Tango Therapeutics,) Start Date:2021-08-09
TNK (Teekay Tankers Ltd.) Start Date:2007-12-13
TNL (Travel + Leisure Co.) Start Date:2018-05-21
TNON (Tenon Medical) Start Date:2022-04-27
TNP (Tsakos Energy Navigation Common Shares) Start Date:2002-05-10
TNXP (Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding) Start Date:2013-08-09
TNYA (Tenaya Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-07-30
TOI (The Oncology Institute) Start Date:2021-11-15
TOIIW (The Oncology Institute Warrant) Start Date:2020-06-04
TOL (Toll Brothers) Start Date:2000-01-03
TOMZ (Tomi Environmental Solutions) Start Date:2020-10-01
TOON (Kartoon Studios Inc) Start Date:2016-11-21
TOP (Zhong Yang Financial Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-06-01
TOPS (Top Ships) Start Date:2017-11-03
TORO (Toro Corp) Start Date:2023-04-03
TOST (Toast,) Start Date:2021-09-22
TOUR (Tuniu American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2014-05-09
TOVX (Theriva Biologics) Start Date:2007-05-16
TOWN (Towne Bank) Start Date:2000-01-03
TPB (Turning Point Brands) Start Date:2016-05-11
TPC (Tutor Perini) Start Date:2009-06-01
TPET (Trio Petroleum) Start Date:2023-04-18
TPG (Tpg) Start Date:2022-01-13
TPH (Tri Pointe Homes) Start Date:2013-01-31
TPHS (Trinity Place Holdings) Start Date:2012-09-26
TPIC (Tpi Composites) Start Date:2016-07-22
TPL (Texas Pacific Land Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
TPR (Tapestry) Start Date:2007-04-27
TPST (Tempest Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-06-24
TPVG (Triplepoint Venture Growth Bdc) Start Date:2014-03-06
TPX (Tempur Sealy International) Start Date:2007-01-03
TPZ (Tortoise Power And Energy Infrastructure Fund Inc) Start Date:2009-07-29
TR (Tootsie Roll Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRAK (Park City Inc) Start Date:2005-12-13
TRAW (Traws Pharma Inc) Start Date:2013-07-25
TRC (Tejon Ranch) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRDA (Entrada Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-10-29
TREE (Lendingtree) Start Date:2008-08-21
TREX (Trex Company) Start Date:2009-11-23
TRGP (Targa Resources) Start Date:2010-12-07
TRI (Thomson Reuters Corporation) Start Date:2008-04-17
TRIB (Trinity Biotech Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-11-01
TRIN (Trinity Capital) Start Date:2021-01-29
TRIP (Tripadvisor) Start Date:2011-12-21
TRMB (Trimble) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRMD (Torm Plc Class A) Start Date:2018-02-23
TRMK (Trustmark) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRML (Tourmaline Bio Inc) Start Date:2021-05-07
TRN (Trinity Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRNO (Terreno Realty Corporation) Start Date:2010-02-10
TRNR (Interactive Strength) Start Date:2023-04-28
TRNS (Transcat) Start Date:2006-05-17
TROO (Troops Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2010-12-20
TROW (T. Rowe Price) Start Date:2000-01-03
TROX (Tronox) Start Date:2012-06-18
TRP (Tc Energy Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRS (Trimas) Start Date:2007-05-18
TRSG (Tungray Technologies Inc) Start Date:2024-04-19
TRST (Trustco Bank N) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRT (Trio-Tech International) Start Date:2003-01-03
TRTX (Tpg Re Finance Trust) Start Date:2017-07-20
TRU (Transunion) Start Date:2015-06-25
TRUE (Truecar) Start Date:2014-05-16
TRUP (Trupanion) Start Date:2014-07-18
TRV (The Travelers Companies) Start Date:2007-02-27
TRVG (Trivago N.V. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2016-12-16
TRVI (Trevi Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-05-07
TRVN (Trevena) Start Date:2014-01-31
TRX (Trx Gold) Start Date:2005-05-12
TS (Tenaris S.A.) Start Date:2013-02-11
TSAT (Telesat Class A Common Shares And Class B Variable Voting Shares) Start Date:2021-11-19
TSBK (Timberland Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
TSBX (Turnstone Biologics) Start Date:2023-07-21
TSCO (Tractor Supply Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
TSE (Trinseo Sa) Start Date:2014-06-12
TSEM (Tower Semiconductor Ltd.) Start Date:2000-02-28
TSHA (Taysha Gene Therapies) Start Date:2020-09-24
TSI (TCWStrategic Income Fund) Start Date:2006-03-01
TSLA (Tesla Inc) Start Date:2010-06-29
TSLX (Sixth Street Specialty Lending,) Start Date:2014-03-21
TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
TSN (Tyson Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
TSP (Tusimple) Start Date:2021-04-15
TSQ (Townsquare Media Class A) Start Date:2014-07-24
TSRI (Tsr) Start Date:2000-01-03
TSVT (2Seventy Bio,) Start Date:2021-11-05
TT (Trane Technologies Plc) Start Date:2007-04-30
TTC (The Toro Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
TTD (The Trade Desk) Start Date:2016-09-21
TTE (Totalenergies Se) Start Date:2007-04-30
TTEC (Teletech) Start Date:2000-01-03
TTEK (Tetra Tech) Start Date:2000-12-18
TTGT (Techtarget) Start Date:2007-05-17
TTI (Tetra Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
TTMI (Ttm Technologies) Start Date:2000-09-25
TTNP (Titan Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-10-12
TTOO (T2 Biosystems) Start Date:2014-08-07
TTP (Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund) Start Date:2011-10-27
TTSH (Tile Shop Holdings) Start Date:2021-06-17
TTWO (Take-Two Interactive) Start Date:2002-05-09
TU (Telus Corporation) Start Date:2007-01-03
TUP (Tupperware Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
TURB (Turbo Energy) Start Date:2023-09-22
TURN (180 Degree Capital) Start Date:2007-05-03
TUSK (Mammoth Energy Services) Start Date:2016-10-14
TUYA (Tuya) Start Date:2021-03-18
TV (Grupo Televisa S.A.B.) Start Date:2013-02-11
TVC (Tennessee Valley Authority) Start Date:2013-02-11
TVE (Tennessee Valley Authority) Start Date:2013-11-11
TVTX (Travere Therapeutics,) Start Date:2012-11-02
TW (Tradeweb Markets) Start Date:2019-04-04
TWG (Top Wealth Holding Limited) Start Date:2024-04-16
TWI (Titan International) Start Date:2000-01-03
TWIN (Twin Disc Incorporated) Start Date:2005-01-04
TWKS (Thoughtworks Holding,) Start Date:2021-09-15
TWLO (Twilio) Start Date:2016-06-23
TWLVU (Twelve Seas Investment Company Ii Unit) Start Date:2021-02-26
TWLVW (Twelve Seas Investment Company Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-26
TWN (Taiwan Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
TWO (Two Harbors Investment) Start Date:2009-10-29
TWST (Twist Bioscience) Start Date:2018-10-31
TX (Ternium S.A.) Start Date:2006-02-02
TXG (10X Genomics) Start Date:2019-09-12
TXMD (Therapeuticsmd) Start Date:2017-10-10
TXN (Texas Instruments) Start Date:2000-01-03
TXO (Txo Energy Partners Lp) Start Date:2023-01-27
TXRH (Texas Roadhouse) Start Date:2006-08-09
TXT (Textron) Start Date:2000-01-03
TY (Tri Continental) Start Date:2000-01-03
TYG (Tortoise Energy Infrastructure) Start Date:2004-02-25
TYL (Tyler Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
TYRA (Tyra Biosciences,) Start Date:2021-09-15
TZOO (Travelzoo) Start Date:2003-12-30
U (Unity Software) Start Date:2020-09-18
UA (Under Armour Class C) Start Date:2016-03-23
UAA (Under Armour Class A) Start Date:2007-05-14
UAL (United Continental Holdings) Start Date:2010-10-01
UAMY (United States Antimony) Start Date:2007-05-16
UAN (Cvr Partners, Lp) Start Date:2011-04-08
UAVS (Ageagle Aerial Systems) Start Date:2014-06-17
UBCP (United Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
UBER (Uber Technologies) Start Date:2019-05-10
UBFO (United Security) Start Date:2001-05-31
UBOH (United Bancshares) Start Date:2007-05-16
UBS (Ubs Ag) Start Date:2014-11-28
UBSI (United Bankshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
UBX (Unity Biotechnology) Start Date:2018-05-03
UBXG (U-Bx Technology Ltd.) Start Date:2024-03-28
UCAR (U Power Limited) Start Date:2023-04-20
UCBI (United Community Banks) Start Date:2002-05-10
UCBIO (United Community Banks Depositary Shares Each Representing 1/1000Th Interest In A Share Of Series I Non-Cumulativepreferred Stock) Start Date:2020-06-11
UCL (Unocal Co) Start Date:2020-06-10
UCTT (Ultra Clean) Start Date:2004-03-25
UDMY (Udemy,) Start Date:2021-10-29
UDR (Udr Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
UE (Urban Edge Properties) Start Date:2015-01-16
UEC (Uranium Energy) Start Date:2015-01-16
UEIC (Universal Electronics) Start Date:2000-01-03
UFCS (United Fire) Start Date:2000-01-03
UFI (Unifi) Start Date:2000-01-03
UFPI (Ufp Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
UFPT (Ufp Technologies) Start Date:2001-12-28
UG (United-Guardian) Start Date:2006-11-10
UGI (Ugi Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
UGP (Ultrapar Participacoes S.A.) Start Date:2013-02-11
UGRO (Urban-Gro) Start Date:2021-02-02
UHAL (Amerco) Start Date:2004-03-22
UHG (United Homes Inc) Start Date:2021-03-29
UHS (Universal Health Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
UHT (Universal Health Realty) Start Date:2000-01-03
UI (Ubiquiti Networks) Start Date:2011-10-14
UIS (Unisys) Start Date:2000-01-03
UK (Ucommune International Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-11-07
UKOMW (Ucommune International Warrant Expiring 11/17/2025) Start Date:2019-11-07
UL (Unilever Plc) Start Date:2013-02-11
ULBI (Ultralife Batteries) Start Date:2000-01-03
ULCC (Frontier Holdings) Start Date:2021-04-01
ULH (Universal Logistics) Start Date:2007-05-16
ULS (Ul Solutions) Start Date:2024-04-12
ULTA (Ulta Beauty) Start Date:2007-10-25
UMAC (Unusual Machines) Start Date:2024-02-14
UMBF (Umb Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) Start Date:2013-02-11
UMH (Umh Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNAM (Unico American) Start Date:2006-03-31
UNB (Union Bankshares) Start Date:2000-07-13
UNCY (Unicycive Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-07-13
UNF (Unifirst) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNFI (United Natural Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNH (United Health) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNIT (Unit) Start Date:2015-04-20
UNM (Unum) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNP (Union Pacific) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNTY (Unity Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
UONE (Urban One Class A) Start Date:2007-05-16
UONEK (Urban One Class D) Start Date:2007-05-01
UP (Wheels Up Experience) Start Date:2021-07-14
UPBD (Upbound Inc) Start Date:2007-04-27
UPC (Union Planters) Start Date:2021-03-23
UPLD (Upland Software) Start Date:2014-11-06
UPS (United Parcel Service) Start Date:2000-01-03
UPST (Upstart Holdings) Start Date:2020-12-16
UPWK (Upwork) Start Date:2018-10-03
UPXI (Upexi) Start Date:2021-06-24
URBN (Urban Outfitters) Start Date:2000-01-03
URG (Ur Energy Inc Common Shares) Start Date:2008-07-24
URGN (Urogen Pharma) Start Date:2017-05-04
URI (United Rentals) Start Date:2000-01-03
UROY (Uranium Royalty) Start Date:2021-04-28
USA (Liberty All-Star Equity Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
USAC (Usa Compression Partners Lp) Start Date:2013-01-15
USAP (Universal Stainless & Alloy Products) Start Date:2000-01-03
USAS (Americas Gold And Silver Common Shares No Par Value) Start Date:2017-01-19
USAU (U.S. Gold) Start Date:2007-05-16
USB (U.S. Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
USCB (Uscb Financial Holdings Class A) Start Date:2021-07-23
USCT (Tkb Critical Technologies 1 Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-27
USEA (United Maritime) Start Date:2022-07-06
USEG (U.S. Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
USFD (Us Foods Holding) Start Date:2016-05-26
USGO (U.S. Goldmining) Start Date:2023-04-20
USIO (Usio) Start Date:2015-08-11
USLM (United States Lime) Start Date:2002-12-10
USM (United States Cellular) Start Date:2000-01-03
USNA (Usana Health Sciences) Start Date:2000-01-03
USPH (U.S. Physical Therapy) Start Date:2000-01-03
UTF (Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund) Start Date:2004-05-11
UTG (Reaves Utility Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-05-08
UTHR (United Therapeutics Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
UTI (Universal Technical Inst) Start Date:2003-12-18
UTL (Unitil) Start Date:2000-01-03
UTMD (Utah Medical Products) Start Date:2000-03-08
UTSI (Utstarcom Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2000-03-03
UTZ (Utz Brands,) Start Date:2020-03-02
UUU (Universal Security Instruments) Start Date:2003-07-28
UUUU (Energy Fuels) Start Date:2008-10-27
UVE (Universal Insurance) Start Date:2007-04-30
UVSP (Univest Of Pa) Start Date:2003-08-15
UVV (Universal) Start Date:2000-01-03
UWMC (Uwm Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2020-12-28
UXIN (Uxin ADS) Start Date:2018-06-27
V (Visa) Start Date:2008-03-19
VABK (Virginia National Bankshares) Start Date:2007-05-16
VAC (Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation) Start Date:2011-11-08
VAL (Ensco Plc) Start Date:2021-05-03
VALE (Vale S.A. American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Common Share) Start Date:2013-02-11
VALN (Valneva) Start Date:2021-05-06
VALU (Value Line) Start Date:2000-01-03
VANI (Vivani Medical) Start Date:2014-11-19
VATE (Innovate) Start Date:2021-09-20
VBF (Invesco Bond Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
VBFC (Village Bank And Trust Financial) Start Date:2007-05-16
VBIV (Vbi Vaccines) Start Date:2014-07-29
VBNK (Versabank Common Shares) Start Date:2021-09-22
VBTX (Veritex Common) Start Date:2014-10-09
VC (Visteon Corporation) Start Date:2011-01-10
VCEL (Aastrom Biosciences Comm) Start Date:2007-04-26
VCIG (Vci Global Limited) Start Date:2023-04-13
VCNX (Vaccinex) Start Date:2018-08-09
VCSA (Vacasa Class A) Start Date:2021-12-07
VCTR (Victory Capital Holdings Class A) Start Date:2018-02-08
VCV (Invesco California Value Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
VCYT (Veracyte) Start Date:2013-10-30
VECO (Veeco Instruments) Start Date:2000-01-03
VEEE (Twin Vee Powercats Co.) Start Date:2021-07-21
VEEV (Veeva Systems) Start Date:2013-10-16
VEL (Velocity Financial) Start Date:2020-01-17
VEON (Veon Ltd.) Start Date:2013-02-11
VERA (Vera Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-05-14
VERB (Verb Technology Company) Start Date:2019-04-05
VERBW (Verb Technology Company Warrant) Start Date:2019-04-05
VERI (Veritone) Start Date:2017-05-12
VERO (Venus Concept) Start Date:2017-10-12
VERU (Veru) Start Date:2009-06-09
VERV (Verve Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-06-17
VERX (Vertex) Start Date:2020-07-29
VERY (Vericity) Start Date:2019-08-15
VET (Vermilion Energy) Start Date:2013-03-12
VEV (Vicinity Motor) Start Date:2021-07-07
VFC (V.F.) Start Date:2000-01-03
VFF (Village Farms International, Common Shares) Start Date:2019-02-21
VFL (Delaware Investments National Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
VFS (Vinfast Auto) Start Date:2023-08-15
VGI (Virtus Global Multi-Sector Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-02-24
VGM (Invesco Trust For Investment Grade Municipals) Start Date:2016-12-23
VGR (Vector) Start Date:2000-05-25
VGZ (Vista Gold) Start Date:2000-01-03
VHAI (Vocodia Holdings Corp) Start Date:2024-02-22
VHC (Virnetx Holding) Start Date:2007-12-26
VHI (Valhi,) Start Date:2000-01-03
VIAO (Via Optronics Ag) Start Date:2020-09-25
VIAV (Viavi Solutions) Start Date:2000-01-03
VICI (Vici Properties) Start Date:2017-10-17
VICR (Vicor Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
VIEW (View Class A) Start Date:2020-10-19
VIGL (Vigil Neuroscience) Start Date:2022-01-07
VIK (Viking Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2024-05-01
VINC (Vincerx Pharma) Start Date:2020-05-27
VINE (Fresh Vine Wine) Start Date:2021-12-14
VINO (Gaucho Holdings) Start Date:2021-02-17
VINP (Vinci Partners Investments) Start Date:2021-01-28
VIOT (Viomi Technology Co. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-09-25
VIPS (Vipshop Holdings Limited) Start Date:2012-03-23
VIR (Vir Biotechnology) Start Date:2019-10-11
VIRC (Virco Manufacturing) Start Date:2007-06-20
VIRI (Virios Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-12-17
VIRT (Virtu Financial) Start Date:2015-04-16
VIRX (Viracta Therapeutics) Start Date:2011-03-16
VISL (Vislink Technologies) Start Date:2011-11-22
VIST (Vista Energy S.A.B. De C.V. American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Series A Share With No Par Value) Start Date:2019-07-26
VITL (Vital Farms) Start Date:2020-07-31
VIV (Telefonica Brasil S.A.) Start Date:2007-05-01
VIVK (Vivakor) Start Date:2022-02-14
VKI (Invesco Advantage Municipal Income Trust Ii Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2000-01-03
VKQ (Invesco Municipal Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
VKTX (Viking Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-04-29
VLCN (Volcon) Start Date:2021-10-06
VLD (Velo3d,) Start Date:2021-09-24
VLGEA (Village Super Market) Start Date:2000-01-04
VLN (Valens Semiconductor Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-30
VLO (Valero Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
VLRS (Controladora Vuela Compania De Aviacion S.A.B. De C.V. American Depositary Shares Each Representing Ten) Start Date:2013-09-18
VLT (Invesco High Income Trust Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
VLTO (Veralto Corp) Start Date:2023-09-27
VLY (Valley National Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
VLYPO (Valley National Bancorp 5.50% Fixed-To-Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series B) Start Date:2018-10-10
VLYPP (Valley National Bancorp 6.25% Fixed-To-Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series A) Start Date:2018-10-10
VMAR (Vision Marine Technologies) Start Date:2020-11-24
VMC (Vulcan Materials) Start Date:2007-11-19
VMCA (Valuence Merger I Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-04-25
VMD (Viemed Healthcare) Start Date:2019-08-09
VMEO (Vimeo) Start Date:2021-05-19
VMI (Valmont Industries) Start Date:2002-08-30
VMO (Invesco Municipal Opportunity Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
VNCE (Vince Holding) Start Date:2013-11-22
VNDA (Vanda Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-04-12
VNET (Vnet American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2011-04-21
VNO (Vornado Realty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
VNOM (Viper Energy Partners Lp) Start Date:2015-01-16
VNRX (Volitionrx Limited) Start Date:2015-02-06
VNT (Vontier) Start Date:2020-10-05
VOC (Voc Energy Trust Units Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2011-05-05
VOD (Vodafone Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
VOR (Vor Biopharma) Start Date:2021-02-05
VOXR (Vox Royalty) Start Date:2022-10-10
VOXX (Voxx International) Start Date:2000-01-13
VOYA (Voya Financial) Start Date:2013-05-02
VPG (Vishay Precision) Start Date:2010-07-07
VPV (Invesco Pennsylvania Value Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
VRA (Vera Bradley) Start Date:2010-10-21
VRAR (Glimpse) Start Date:2021-07-01
VRAX (Virax Biolabs) Start Date:2022-07-21
VRCA (Verrica Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-06-15
VRDN (Viridian Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-01-20
VRE (Veris Residential) Start Date:2012-11-08
VREX (Varex Imaging) Start Date:2017-01-20
VRM (Vroom) Start Date:2020-06-09
VRME (Verifyme) Start Date:2007-05-23
VRMEW (Verifyme Warrant) Start Date:2020-06-18
VRN (Veren Inc) Start Date:2014-01-22
VRNA (Verona Pharma Plc American Depositary Share) Start Date:2017-04-27
VRNS (Varonis Systems) Start Date:2014-02-28
VRNT (Verint Systems) Start Date:2002-05-16
VRPX (Virpax Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-02-17
VRRM (Verra Mobility Corp) Start Date:2017-03-24
VRSK (Verisk Analytics) Start Date:2009-10-09
VRSN (Verisign) Start Date:2000-01-03
VRT (Vertiv Holdings Co.) Start Date:2018-07-30
VRTS (Veritas Software) Start Date:2009-01-02
VRTX (Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
VS (Versus Systems Common Shares) Start Date:2020-12-29
VSAT (Viasat) Start Date:2000-01-03
VSCO (Victoria's Secret) Start Date:2021-07-21
VSEC (Vse) Start Date:2002-10-16
VSH (Vishay Intertechnology) Start Date:2000-01-03
VSME (Vs Media Holdings Limited) Start Date:2023-09-28
VST (Vistra Energy) Start Date:2017-05-10
VSTA (Vasta Platform) Start Date:2020-07-31
VSTE (Vast Renewables Ltd.) Start Date:2022-01-10
VSTM (Verastem) Start Date:2012-01-27
VSTO (Vista Outdoor) Start Date:2015-02-09
VSTS (Vestis Corp) Start Date:2023-09-27
VTAK (Ra Medical Systems Inc) Start Date:2018-09-27
VTEX (Vtex) Start Date:2021-07-22
VTGN (Vistagen Therapeutics,) Start Date:2016-05-11
VTLE (Vital Energy) Start Date:2011-12-15
VTMX (Vesta Real Estate Corporation) Start Date:2023-06-30
VTN (Invesco Trust For Investment Grade New York Municipals) Start Date:2000-01-03
VTNR (Vertex Energy Inc) Start Date:2013-02-13
VTOL (Bristow) Start Date:2013-01-22
VTR (Ventas Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
VTRS (Viatris) Start Date:2020-11-12
VTS (Vitesse Energy) Start Date:2023-01-17
VTSI (Virtra) Start Date:2018-03-29
VTVT (Vtv Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-07-30
VTYX (Ventyx Biosciences) Start Date:2021-10-21
VUZI (Vuzix Corporation) Start Date:2010-04-01
VVI (Viad) Start Date:2004-08-12
VVOS (Vivos Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-12-11
VVPR (Vivopower International Plc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2016-12-29
VVR (Invesco Senior Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
VVV (Valvoline) Start Date:2016-09-23
VVX (V2x) Start Date:2014-09-29
VWE (Vintage Wine Estates) Start Date:2021-02-08
VWEWW (Vintage Wine Estates Warrants) Start Date:2022-01-19
VXRT (Vaxart) Start Date:2012-11-09
VYGR (Voyager Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-11-11
VYNE (Vyne Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-01-25
VYX (Ncr Voyix Corp) Start Date:2007-01-03
VZ (Verizon Communications) Start Date:2000-07-03
VZIO (Vizio Holding) Start Date:2021-03-25
VZLA (Vizsla Silver Common Shares) Start Date:2022-01-21
W (Wayfair) Start Date:2014-10-02
WAB (Wabtec Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
WABC (Westamerica Bancorp) Start Date:2009-07-21
WAFD (Washington Federal) Start Date:2000-01-03
WAFDP (Washington Federal Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-02-11
WAFU (Wah Fu Education Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-04-30
WAL (Western Alliance Bancorporation) Start Date:2005-07-01
WALD (Waldencast Plc Class A) Start Date:2021-05-12
WASH (Washington Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
WAT (Waters Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
WATT (Energous) Start Date:2014-03-28
WAVD (Wavedancer) Start Date:2007-05-17
WAVE (Eco Wave Power Global) Start Date:2021-07-01
WAY (Waystar Holding) Start Date:2024-06-07
WB (Weibo Corporation) Start Date:2014-04-17
WBA (Walgreens Boots Alliance) Start Date:2014-12-31
WBD (Warner Bros Discovery) Start Date:2022-04-04
WBS (Webster Financial Corporation) Start Date:2002-10-17
WBUY (Webuy Global Ltd) Start Date:2023-10-19
WBX (Wallbox N.V. Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-19
WCC (Wesco International) Start Date:2000-01-03
WCN (Waste Connections) Start Date:2002-10-24
WD (Walker & Dunlop) Start Date:2010-12-15
WDAY (Workday) Start Date:2012-12-10
WDC (Western Digital) Start Date:2000-01-03
WDFC (Wd-40) Start Date:2000-01-03
WDH (Waterdrop) Start Date:2021-05-07
WDI (Western Asset Diversified Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2021-06-25
WDS (Woodside Energy American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Ordinary Share) Start Date:2022-06-02
WEA (Western Asset Bond Fund Share Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-05-16
WEAV (Weave Communications,) Start Date:2021-11-11
WEC (Wec Energy Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
WELL (Welltower) Start Date:2007-04-30
WEN (The Wendy's Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
WERN (Werner Enterprises) Start Date:2000-01-03
WES (Western Midstream Partners Lp) Start Date:2012-12-07
WEST (Westrock Coffee Company) Start Date:2022-08-29
WEX (Wex) Start Date:2007-04-30
WEYS (Weyco) Start Date:2002-02-04
WF (Woori Financial American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2003-10-02
WFC (Wells Fargo) Start Date:2000-01-03
WFCF (Where Food Comes From) Start Date:2021-01-05
WFG (West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd) Start Date:2021-02-01
WFRD (Weatherford International Plc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-02
WGO (Winnebago Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
WGS (Genedx Holdings Class A) Start Date:2020-11-04
WH (Wyndham Hotels & Resorts) Start Date:2018-05-18
WHD (Cactus) Start Date:2018-02-08
WHF (Whitehorse Finance) Start Date:2012-12-05
WHG (Westwood) Start Date:2002-07-01
WHLM (Wilhelmina International) Start Date:2009-02-19
WHLR (Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust) Start Date:2012-11-19
WHLRD (Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Series D Cumulative Preferred Stock) Start Date:2016-09-16
WHLRP (Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Class B Preferred Stock) Start Date:2014-04-30
WHR (Whirlpool) Start Date:2000-01-03
WIA (Western Asset Inflation-Linked Income Fund) Start Date:2003-09-29
WILC (G Willi-Food International Ltd) Start Date:2016-04-07
WIMI (Wimi Hologram Cloud) Start Date:2020-04-01
WINA (Winmark) Start Date:2001-11-19
WING (Wingstop) Start Date:2015-06-12
WINT (Windtree Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-05-20
WIRE (Encore Wire) Start Date:2000-01-03
WISA (Wisa Technologies) Start Date:2018-07-27
WIT (Wipro Limited) Start Date:2013-02-11
WIW (Western Asset Inflation-Linked Opportunities & Income Fund) Start Date:2004-02-25
WIX (Wix.com Ltd.) Start Date:2013-11-06
WK (Workiva) Start Date:2014-12-12
WKC (World Kinect Corp) Start Date:2007-04-30
WKEY (Wisekey International Holding Ag American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-12-27
WKHS (Workhorse) Start Date:2016-01-07
WKME (Walkme) Start Date:2021-06-16
WKSP (Worksport) Start Date:2021-08-04
WKSPW (Worksport Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-04
WLDN (Willdan) Start Date:2006-11-21
WLDS (Wearable Devices) Start Date:2022-09-13
WLFC (Willis Lease Finance) Start Date:2000-01-03
WLGS (Wang &Amp; Lee) Start Date:2023-04-20
WLK (Westlake Chemical) Start Date:2004-08-12
WLKP (Westlake Chemical Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-07-30
WLY (John Wiley & Sons) Start Date:2022-04-01
WLYB (John Wiley & Sons) Start Date:2007-05-16
WM (Waste Management) Start Date:2000-01-03
WMB (Williams Cos.) Start Date:2000-01-03
WMG (Warner Music) Start Date:2020-06-03
WMK (Weis Markets) Start Date:2007-05-10
WMPN (William Penn Bancorporation) Start Date:2021-03-25
WMS (Advanced Drainage Systems) Start Date:2014-07-25
WMT (Walmart) Start Date:2000-01-03
WNC (Wabash National) Start Date:2000-01-03
WNEB (Western New England Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
WNS (Wns) Start Date:2006-07-26
WNW (Wunong Net Technology) Start Date:2020-12-15
WOLF (Wolfspeed,) Start Date:2007-03-13
WOOF (Petco Health & Wellness Company) Start Date:2021-01-14
WOR (Worthington Industries) Start Date:2000-04-19
WORX (Scworx) Start Date:2016-10-06
WOW (Wideopenwest) Start Date:2017-05-25
WPC (W. P. Carey) Start Date:2000-06-29
WPM (Wheaton Precious Metals) Start Date:2007-05-01
WPP (Wpp Plc) Start Date:2017-11-28
WPRT (Westport Fuel Systems Inc Common Shares) Start Date:2008-08-15
WRAP (Wrap Technologies) Start Date:2018-05-29
WRB (W. R. Berkley Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-27
WRBY (Warby Parker) Start Date:2021-09-29
WRK (Westrock) Start Date:2015-06-24
WRLD (World Acceptance) Start Date:2000-01-03
WRN (Western Copper And Gold) Start Date:2008-10-27
WRNT (Warrantee) Start Date:2023-07-25
WS (Worthington Steel Inc) Start Date:2023-11-28
WSBC (Wesbanco) Start Date:2000-01-03
WSBF (Waterstone Financial Com) Start Date:2008-08-04
WSC (Willscot Mobile Mini Corp) Start Date:2015-11-05
WSFS (Wsfs Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
WSM (Williams-Sonoma) Start Date:2000-01-03
WSO (Watsco) Start Date:2000-01-03
WSO.B (Watsco) Start Date:2007-05-16
WSR (Whitestone Reit) Start Date:2010-08-26
WST (West Pharmaceutical Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
WT (WisdomTree) Start Date:2007-05-16
WTBA (West Bancorporation) Start Date:2002-06-05
WTFC (Wintrust Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
WTFCM (Wintrust Financial Fixed-To-Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series D) Start Date:2015-07-09
WTFCP (Wintrust Financial Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/1000Th Interest In A Share Of 6.875% Fixed-Rate Reset Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series E) Start Date:2020-05-29
WTI (W&T Offshore) Start Date:2005-01-28
WTM (White Mountains Insurance) Start Date:2000-01-03
WTO (Utime Ltd.) Start Date:2021-04-06
WTRG (Essential Utilities) Start Date:2007-04-27
WTS (Watts Water Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
WTTR (Select Energy Services) Start Date:2017-04-21
WTW (Willis Towers Watson) Start Date:2016-01-05
WU (Western Union Co) Start Date:2006-10-02
WULF (Terawulf) Start Date:2007-05-18
WVE (Wave Life Sciences) Start Date:2015-11-11
WVVI (Willamette Valley Vineyards) Start Date:2007-05-16
WVVIP (Willamette Valley Vineyards Series A Redeemable Preferred Stock) Start Date:2016-06-29
WW (Ww International) Start Date:2000-10-17
WWD (Woodward) Start Date:2007-05-03
WWR (Westwater Resources) Start Date:2007-05-08
WWW (Wolverine World Wide) Start Date:2000-01-03
WY (Weyerhaeuser) Start Date:2000-01-03
WYNN (Wynn Resorts Ltd) Start Date:2002-10-25
WYY (Widepoint) Start Date:2006-09-26
X (United States Steel Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
XAIR (Beyond Air) Start Date:2019-05-07
XBIO (Xenetic Biosciences) Start Date:2016-11-07
XBIOW (Xenetic Biosciences Warrants) Start Date:2019-07-23
XBIT (Xbiotech) Start Date:2015-04-15
XCUR (Exicure) Start Date:2018-05-22
XEL (Xcel Energy Inc) Start Date:2000-08-21
XELA (Exela Technologies) Start Date:2015-03-27
XELB (Xcel Brands) Start Date:2007-05-23
XENE (Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2014-11-05
XERS (Xeris Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-06-21
XFLT (Xai Octagon Floating Rate & Alternative Income Term Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2017-09-27
XFOR (X4 Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-04-16
XGN (Exagen) Start Date:2019-09-19
XHG (Xchange Tecinc) Start Date:2019-11-05
XHR (Xenia Hotels & Resorts) Start Date:2015-02-04
XIN (Xinyuan Real Estate Co American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-12-12
XL (Xl Fleet) Start Date:2019-09-03
XLO (Xilio Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-10-22
XMTR (Xometry) Start Date:2021-06-30
XNCR (Xencor) Start Date:2013-12-03
XNET (Xunlei American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2014-06-24
XOM (Exxon Mobil) Start Date:2000-01-03
XOMA (Xoma) Start Date:2000-01-03
XOS (Xos,) Start Date:2020-12-08
XOSWW (Xos Warrants) Start Date:2020-12-07
XP (Xp) Start Date:2019-12-11
XPEL (Xpel) Start Date:2019-07-22
XPER (Xperi Holding Corp) Start Date:2020-05-29
XPEV (Xpeng) Start Date:2020-08-27
XPL (Solitario Zinc) Start Date:2006-09-06
XPO (Xpo Logistics) Start Date:2006-06-06
XPOF (Xponential Fitness) Start Date:2021-07-23
XPON (Expion360) Start Date:2022-04-01
XPRO (Expro Holdings N.V.) Start Date:2013-08-09
XRAY (Dentsply Sirona) Start Date:2000-01-03
XRTX (Xortx Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-10-13
XRX (Xerox) Start Date:2000-01-03
XTIA (Xti Aerospace Inc) Start Date:2016-12-12
XTKG (Powerbridge Technologies Co Ltd.) Start Date:2019-04-02
XTLB (Xtl Biopharmaceuticals American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2014-02-18
XTNT (Xtant Medical Holdings) Start Date:2015-10-19
XWEL (Xwell) Start Date:2010-07-27
XXII (22Nd Century) Start Date:2011-01-26
XYF (X Financial American Depositary Shares Each Representing Six Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-09-19
XYL (Xylem) Start Date:2011-10-13
XYLO (Xylo Technologies Ltd.) Start Date:2015-08-05
YALA (Yalla) Start Date:2020-09-30
YCBD (Cbdmd) Start Date:2017-11-17
YELP (Yelp) Start Date:2012-03-02
YETI (Yeti Holdings) Start Date:2018-10-25
YEXT (Yext) Start Date:2017-04-13
YGF (Yangufang International Co., Ltd.) Start Date:2023-03-28
YGFGF (Yangufang International Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2024-01-02
YGMZ (Mingzhu Logistics) Start Date:2020-11-02
YHGJ (Yunhong Green Cti Ltd.) Start Date:2007-05-16
YI (111 American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-09-12
YIBO (Planet Image International Limited) Start Date:2024-01-25
YJ (Yunji ADS) Start Date:2019-05-03
YMAB (Y-Mabs Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-09-21
YMM (Full Truck Alliance Co.) Start Date:2021-06-22
YORW (York Water) Start Date:2001-01-16
YOSH (Yoshiharu Global Co.) Start Date:2022-09-09
YOTA (Yotta Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-06-27
YOU (Clear Secure) Start Date:2021-06-30
YPF (Ypf Sociedad Anonima) Start Date:2013-02-11
YQ (17 Education & Technology) Start Date:2020-12-04
YRD (Yiren Digital American Depositary Shares Each Representing Two Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2015-12-18
YSG (Yatsen Holding) Start Date:2020-11-19
YTRA (Yatra Online, Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2016-12-19
YUM (Yum! Brands Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
YUMC (Yum China Holdings) Start Date:2016-10-31
YY (Joyy) Start Date:2012-11-21
YYAI (Connexa Sports Technologies Inc) Start Date:2022-06-15
YYGH (Yy Holding Limited) Start Date:2024-04-22
Z (Zillow) Start Date:2015-08-03
ZAPP (Zapp Electric Vehicles Ltd.) Start Date:2021-11-05
ZBAO (Zhibao Technology) Start Date:2024-04-02
ZBH (Zimmer Biomet Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-30
ZBRA (Zebra Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZCMD (Zhongchao) Start Date:2020-02-24
ZD (Ziff Davis,) Start Date:2007-04-30
ZDGE (Zedge Class B) Start Date:2016-05-26
ZENV (Zenvia) Start Date:2021-07-22
ZEPP (Zepp Health American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-02-08
ZETA (Zeta Global Holdings) Start Date:2021-06-10
ZEUS (Olympic Steel) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZG (Zillow) Start Date:2011-07-20
ZGN (Ermenegildo Zegna N.V. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-12-20
ZH (Zhihu) Start Date:2021-03-26
ZI (Zoominfo Technologies) Start Date:2020-06-04
ZIM (Zim Integrated Shipping Services) Start Date:2021-01-28
ZIMV (Zimvie) Start Date:2022-02-24
ZION (Zions Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZIONO (Zions Bancorporation N.A. Dep Shs Repstg 1/40Th Perp Pfd Ser G) Start Date:2020-01-02
ZIONP (Zions Bancorporation N.A. Depositary Shares) Start Date:2020-01-02
ZIP (Ziprecruiter) Start Date:2021-05-26
ZIVOW (Zivo Bioscience Warrants) Start Date:2021-05-28
ZJYL (Jin Medical International Ltd.) Start Date:2023-03-28
ZK (Zeekr Intelligent Technology Holding Limited) Start Date:2024-05-10
ZKH (Zkh Limited) Start Date:2023-12-15
ZKIN (Zk International Co. Ordinary Share) Start Date:2017-09-01
ZLAB (Zai Lab Limited) Start Date:2017-09-20
ZM (Zoom) Start Date:2019-04-18
ZNTL (Zentalis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-04-03
ZOM (Zomedica) Start Date:2016-07-29
ZONE (Cleancore Solutions) Start Date:2024-04-26
ZOOZ (Zooz Power Ltd.) Start Date:2022-03-04
ZS (Zscaler) Start Date:2018-03-16
ZTEK (Zentek) Start Date:2022-03-22
ZTO (Zto Express) Start Date:2016-10-27
ZTR (Virtus Total Return Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZTS (Zoetis) Start Date:2013-02-01
ZUMZ (Zumiez) Start Date:2005-05-06
ZUO (Zuora) Start Date:2018-04-12
ZVIA (Zevia) Start Date:2021-07-22
ZVRA (Zevra Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2021-01-08
ZVSA (Zyversa Therapeutics) Start Date:2022-02-10
ZWS (Zurn Water Solutions Corporation) Start Date:2012-03-29
ZYME (Zymeworks) Start Date:2017-04-28
ZYXI (Zynex) Start Date:2008-07-08
AA.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-09-24
AAAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-11-11
AABA-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-27
AACC-DELISTED (Asset Acceptance Capital) Start Date:2004-02-25
AAC-DELISTED (Aac Holdings) Start Date:2014-10-02
AACQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-04
AACQU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-14
AACQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-04
AAIC.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-26
AAIC-DELISTED (Arlington Asset Investment Class A) Start Date:2020-10-26
AAI-DELISTED (Airtran Holdings Inc) Start Date:2001-08-15
AAM.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-03-09
AAM.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-03-26
AAMRQ-DELISTED (Amr Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
AAQC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-10
AATC-DELISTED (Autoscope Technologies) Start Date:2021-07-21
AATI-DELISTED (Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc) Start Date:2005-08-04
AAU-DELISTED (Almaden Minerals) Start Date:2005-12-20
AAV-DELISTED (Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd.) Start Date:2005-12-09
AAVL-DELISTED (Avalanche Biotechnologies) Start Date:2014-07-31
AAWW-DELISTED (Atlas Air Worldwide) Start Date:2007-04-25
ABAC-DELISTED (Aoxin Tianli) Start Date:2010-07-20
ABAX-DELISTED (Abaxis) Start Date:2000-01-03
ABBC-DELISTED (Abington Bancorp/Inc/Pa) Start Date:2004-12-17
ABB-DELISTED (Abb Ltd) Start Date:2001-04-06
ABBNY-DELISTED (Abb Ltd.) Start Date:2007-05-01
ABCD-DELISTED (Cambium Learning) Start Date:2009-12-09
ABC-DELISTED (Amerisourcebergen Corporation) Start Date:2001-08-30
ABCM-DELISTED (Abcam Plc) Start Date:2020-10-22
ABCO-DELISTED (The Advisory Board Company) Start Date:2001-11-13
ABCW-DELISTED (Anchor Bancorp Wisconsin) Start Date:2000-01-03
ABDC-DELISTED (Alcentra Capital) Start Date:2014-05-09
ABD-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-08-17
ABE-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ABEOW-DELISTED (Abeona Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-12-19
ABFS-DELISTED (Arkansas Best Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ABGB-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-17
ABGI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-17
ABH-DELISTED (Abitibibowater Common Stoc) Start Date:2010-12-10
ABI-DELISTED (Safety First Trust Series 2009-) Start Date:2007-04-30
ABII-DELISTED (Abraxis Bioscience/Inc) Start Date:2007-11-14
ABIL-DELISTED (Ability) Start Date:2014-02-05
ABK-DELISTED (Ambac Financial Inc) Start Date:2004-01-02
ABLX-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-10-25
ABMD-DELISTED (Abiomed Inc) Start Date:2005-01-03
ABP-DELISTED (Abraxas Petroleum Corp) Start Date:2000-08-18
ABR.A-DELISTED (Arbor Realty Trust) Start Date:2013-02-05
ABR.B-DELISTED (Arbor Realty Trust) Start Date:2013-05-14
ABR.C-DELISTED (Arbor Realty Trust) Start Date:2014-02-28
ABRN-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-05-15
ABS-DELISTED (Albertsons) Start Date:2004-01-02
ABST-DELISTED (Absolute Software) Start Date:2020-10-28
ABTL-DELISTED (Autobytel) Start Date:2005-06-09
ABTX-DELISTED (Allegiance Bancshares) Start Date:2015-10-08
ABVA-DELISTED (Alliance Bankshares Corporation) Start Date:2001-12-06
ABV-DELISTED (Companhia De Bebidas Das Americ) Start Date:2000-09-15
ABVT-DELISTED (Abovenet Inc) Start Date:2006-09-22
ABX-DELISTED (Barrick Gold Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ABY-DELISTED (Abengoa Yield Plc) Start Date:2014-06-13
ACAH-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-28
ACAHU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-04
ACAHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-29
ACAM-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-09
ACAMW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-15
ACAP-DELISTED (American Physicians Capital Inc) Start Date:2001-01-26
ACAS-DELISTED (American Capital) Start Date:2004-01-02
ACAT-DELISTED (Arctic Cat) Start Date:2000-01-03
ACBI-DELISTED (Atlantic Capital Bancshares) Start Date:2015-11-02
ACC-DELISTED (American Campus Communities) Start Date:2007-01-03
ACCL-DELISTED (Accelrys) Start Date:2004-02-27
ACCP-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ACER-DELISTED (Acer Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-16
ACERW-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-02-02
ACEV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-21
ACEVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-28
ACEVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-17
ACFC-DELISTED (Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation) Start Date:2004-10-05
ACF-DELISTED (General Motors Financial Company/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ACG-DELISTED (Alliancebernstein Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
ACGLP-DELISTED (Arch Capital Ltd.) Start Date:2016-10-03
ACGN-DELISTED (Aceragen Inc) Start Date:2007-12-10
ACGN-DELISTED (Aceragen) Start Date:2007-12-10
ACH-DELISTED (Aluminum Of China Limited) Start Date:2001-12-11
ACHN-DELISTED (Achillion Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-11-09
ACIC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
ACII-DELISTED (Atlas Crest Investment Ii Class A) Start Date:2021-03-29
ACKIT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-04
ACKIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-04
ACLI-DELISTED (American Commercial Lines Inc) Start Date:2005-10-11
ACMP-DELISTED (Access Midstream Partners) Start Date:2010-07-29
ACND-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-14
ACO-DELISTED (Amcol International Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ACOM-DELISTED (Ancestry.com) Start Date:2009-11-05
ACOR-DELISTED (Acorda Therapeutics) Start Date:2006-02-10
ACPW-DELISTED (Active Power) Start Date:2000-08-08
ACQR-DELISTED (Independence Holdings) Start Date:2021-05-19
ACQRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-09
ACRO-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-08-30
ACRX-DELISTED (Acelrx Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2011-02-11
ACS-DELISTED (Acs Motion Control) Start Date:2007-05-01
ACSF-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-16
ACTA-DELISTED (Actua Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-27
ACTC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-25
ACTCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-23
ACTCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-24
ACTD-DELISTED (Arclight Clean Transition Ii Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-05-24
ACTDU-DELISTED (Arclight Clean Transition Ii Unit) Start Date:2021-03-23
ACTDW-DELISTED (Arclight Clean Transition Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-21
ACTI-DELISTED (Actividentity Corp) Start Date:2003-03-05
ACTS-DELISTED (Actions Semiconductor Co.) Start Date:2005-11-30
ACTT-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ACTU-DELISTED (Actuate Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ACW-DELISTED (Accuride) Start Date:2010-12-22
ACXM-DELISTED (Acxiom Holdings) Start Date:2004-01-02
ACY-DELISTED (Aerocentury) Start Date:2002-09-19
ADAT-DELISTED (Authentidate Holding) Start Date:2001-03-28
ADEP-DELISTED (Adept Technology) Start Date:2005-11-15
ADER-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-08
ADERU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-15
ADERW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-09
ADES-DELISTED (Advanced Emissions Solutions) Start Date:2004-10-14
ADEX-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-03
ADF-DELISTED (Aldel Financial) Start Date:2007-06-04
ADGE-DELISTED (American Dg Energy) Start Date:2007-12-28
ADGF-DELISTED (Adams Golf) Start Date:2008-02-19
ADGI-DELISTED (Adagio Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-08-06
ADHD-DELISTED (Alcobra Ltd.) Start Date:2013-05-22
ADK.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-15
ADK-DELISTED (Adcare Health Systems) Start Date:2006-12-21
ADLR-DELISTED (Adolor Corp) Start Date:2000-11-15
ADMP-DELISTED (Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation) Start Date:2010-04-07
ADMS-DELISTED (Adamas Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-04-10
ADNC-DELISTED (Audience) Start Date:2012-05-11
ADOC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-10
ADOCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-10
ADOM-DELISTED (Adomani) Start Date:2017-06-15
ADPI-DELISTED (American Dental Partners Inc) Start Date:2002-10-01
ADRO-DELISTED (Aduro Biotech) Start Date:2015-04-15
ADS-DELISTED (Alliance Data Systems) Start Date:2005-01-03
ADVNB-DELISTED (Advanta Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADVS-DELISTED (Advent Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
ADXSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-17
ADY-DELISTED (Feihe International) Start Date:2006-12-04
ADYX-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-02
AEAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-08
AEACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-15
AEACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-08
AEA-DELISTED (Advance America) Start Date:2004-12-20
AEB-DELISTED (Aegon Nv) Start Date:2006-12-04
AEC-DELISTED (Associated Estates Realty Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
AED-DELISTED (Aegon Nv) Start Date:2005-12-22
AEGR-DELISTED (Aegerion Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2010-10-22
AEH-DELISTED (Aegon Nv) Start Date:2005-06-16
AEK-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-02-07
AEL-DELISTED (American Equity Investment Life Holding Company) Start Date:2007-01-03
AEN-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-10-16
AENZ-DELISTED (Aenza S.A.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-07-06
AEP.B-DELISTED (American Electric Power Company) Start Date:2019-03-25
AEPI-DELISTED (Aep Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
AEPPL-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-01
AEPPZ-DELISTED (American Electric Power Company Corporate Units) Start Date:2020-10-01
AERC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-24
AERI-DELISTED (Aerie Pharmaceuticals Co) Start Date:2013-10-25
AERL-DELISTED (Asia Entertainment & Resources) Start Date:2010-02-22
AES.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
AESC-DELISTED (The Aes Corporate Units) Start Date:2021-03-15
AESE-DELISTED (Allied Esports Entertainment) Start Date:2017-10-25
AESEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-10-25
AET-DELISTED (Aetna) Start Date:2004-01-02
AETI-DELISTED (American Electric Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-16
AEUA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-11
AEV-DELISTED (Aegon Nv Perpetual Cap Secs) Start Date:2006-07-26
AEY-DELISTED (Addvantage Technologies) Start Date:2003-11-24
AEYGQ-DELISTED (Addvantage Technologies Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
AEZ-DELISTED (Hess Bakken Investments I Corp) Start Date:2005-05-17
AF.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-25
AFA-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-28
AFAM-DELISTED (Almost Family) Start Date:2000-02-01
AFCB-DELISTED (Athens Bancshares Corporation) Start Date:2010-01-07
AFC-DELISTED (Ares Capital Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-17
AFCE-DELISTED (Afc Enterprises) Start Date:2004-08-09
AFCO-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-20
AF-DELISTED (Astoria Financial Corporation) Start Date:2002-05-17
AFE-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-02-11
AFF-DELISTED (American International) Start Date:2007-07-06
AFFM-DELISTED (Affirmative Insurance Holdings) Start Date:2004-07-12
AFFX-DELISTED (Affymetrix) Start Date:2000-01-03
AFGH-DELISTED (American Financial) Start Date:2015-11-20
AFH-DELISTED (Atlas Financial Holdings) Start Date:2013-02-12
AFIB-DELISTED (Acutus Medical) Start Date:2020-08-06
AFI-DELISTED (Armstrong Flooring) Start Date:2016-03-17
AFIN-DELISTED (American Finance Trust) Start Date:2018-07-19
AFINO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-15
AFINP-DELISTED (American Finance Trust) Start Date:2019-03-22
AFM-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-16
AFOP-DELISTED (Alliance Fiber Optic Products) Start Date:2000-11-30
AFP-DELISTED (United Capital Corp/De) Start Date:2000-01-03
AFQ-DELISTED (American Financial) Start Date:2010-09-30
AFSD-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-27
AFSI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-26
AFSI.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-07-07
AFSI.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-09-18
AFSI.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-20
AFSI.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-03-17
AFSI.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-09-29
AFSI-DELISTED (Amtrust Financial Services) Start Date:2006-11-28
AFSS-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-22
AFST-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-09-17
AFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-14
AGAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-25
AGBAR-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-18
AGCB-DELISTED (Altimeter Growth 2) Start Date:2021-01-07
AGC-DELISTED (Advent Claymore Convertible Sec) Start Date:2007-05-25
AGCUU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-01
AGCWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-07
AGE-DELISTED (Agex Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-11-29
AGFS-DELISTED (Agrofresh Solutions) Start Date:2014-04-24
AGFSW-DELISTED (Agrofresh Solutions) Start Date:2014-04-10
AGGR-DELISTED (Agile Growth Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-05-19
AGGRU-DELISTED (Agile Growth Units) Start Date:2021-03-10
AGGRW-DELISTED (Agile Growth Warrant.) Start Date:2021-05-05
AGII-DELISTED (Argo International Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
AGIIL-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-25
AGIL-DELISTED (Agilethought Class A) Start Date:2020-01-14
AGILW-DELISTED (Agilethought Warrant) Start Date:2020-01-14
AGLE-DELISTED (Aeglea Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2016-04-07
AGM.B-DELISTED (Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation) Start Date:2014-03-28
AGN.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-15
AGNCB-DELISTED (Agnc Investment) Start Date:2014-05-09
AGO.B-DELISTED (Assured Guaranty Ltd.) Start Date:2010-04-01
AGO.E-DELISTED (Assured Guaranty Ltd.) Start Date:2010-04-01
AGO.F-DELISTED (Assured Guaranty Ltd.) Start Date:2010-04-01
AGP-DELISTED (Amerigroup Common S) Start Date:2003-01-07
AGRX-DELISTED (Agile Therapeutics Commo) Start Date:2014-05-23
AGTC-DELISTED (Applied Genetic Technologies C) Start Date:2014-03-27
AGTI-DELISTED (Agiliti) Start Date:2021-04-23
AGU-DELISTED (Agrium) Start Date:2000-01-03
AHAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-01
AHACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-24
AHC-DELISTED (A.H. Belo Corporation) Start Date:2008-02-11
AHCI-DELISTED (Allied Healthcare International Inc) Start Date:2004-02-23
AH-DELISTED (Accretive Health) Start Date:2010-05-20
AHGP-DELISTED (Alliance Holdings Gp) Start Date:2018-03-15
AHI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-19
AHL.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
AHL.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-12
AHL-DELISTED (Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2003-12-05
AHP.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-05-02
AHP-DELISTED (Ashford Hospitality Prime) Start Date:2013-11-20
AHPI-DELISTED (Allied Healthcare Products) Start Date:2002-09-17
AHS-DELISTED (Amn Healthcare Services) Start Date:2001-11-13
AHT.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
AHT.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-04-21
AI.C-DELISTED (Arlington Asset Investment Corp) Start Date:2019-03-14
AIC-DELISTED (Arlington Asset Investment Corp) Start Date:2015-03-23
AIG.A-DELISTED (American International) Start Date:2008-05-19
AIII-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-17
AIKI-DELISTED (Aikido Pharma) Start Date:2007-05-16
AIMAU-DELISTED (Aimfinity Investment I Unit) Start Date:2022-04-26
AIMC-DELISTED (Altra Industrial Motion) Start Date:2007-01-03
AINV-DELISTED (Apollo Investment Corp) Start Date:2005-01-03
AIPC-DELISTED (American Italian Pasta Co) Start Date:2008-11-14
AIPT-DELISTED (Precision Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-01-08
AIRM-DELISTED (Air Methods) Start Date:2000-01-03
AIRTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-12
AIRV-DELISTED (Airvana Inc) Start Date:2007-07-20
AIS-DELISTED (Antares Pharma) Start Date:2004-09-23
AITB-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-09-23
AIV.A-DELISTED (Apartment Investment And Management Company) Start Date:2014-05-19
AIV.Z-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-08-02
AIW-DELISTED (Arlington Asset Investment Corp) Start Date:2013-05-06
AIXG-DELISTED (Aixtron Se) Start Date:2005-03-15
AIY-DELISTED (Apollo Investment Corporation) Start Date:2013-06-26
AIZP-DELISTED (Assurant) Start Date:2018-03-15
AJAX.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
AJAX-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
AJRD-DELISTED (Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-26
AKAO-DELISTED (Achaogen) Start Date:2014-03-12
AKER-DELISTED (Akers Biosciences) Start Date:2014-01-23
AKG-DELISTED (Asanko Gold) Start Date:2008-01-02
AKICU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-06
AKNS-DELISTED (Westinghouse Solar/Inc) Start Date:2007-05-07
AKP-DELISTED (Alliance California Municipal Income Fund Inc) Start Date:2002-01-29
AKRX-DELISTED (Akorn) Start Date:2007-02-07
AKU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-03
AKUMQ-DELISTED (Akumin Inc) Start Date:2020-09-03
AKUS-DELISTED (Akouos) Start Date:2020-06-26
ALAC-DELISTED (Alberton Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-10-24
ALACR-DELISTED (Alberton Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-11-21
ALACW-DELISTED (Alberton Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-11-21
ALBO-DELISTED (Albireo Pharma) Start Date:2007-05-16
ALCS-DELISTED (Alco Stores) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALDR-DELISTED (Alder Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-05-08
ALDW-DELISTED (Alon Usa Partners) Start Date:2012-11-20
ALF-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ALFIQ-DELISTED (Alfi Inc) Start Date:2021-05-04
ALFIW-DELISTED (Alfi Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-04
ALIN.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-02
ALIN.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-21
ALIN.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-01-25
ALJ-DELISTED (Alon Usa Energy) Start Date:2005-07-28
ALJJ-DELISTED (Alj Regional Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-16
ALL.A-DELISTED (Allstate Corporation) Start Date:2013-06-17
ALL.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-04
ALL.D-DELISTED (Allstate Corporation) Start Date:2013-12-27
ALL.E-DELISTED (Allstate Corporation) Start Date:2014-03-07
ALL.F-DELISTED (Allstate Corporation) Start Date:2014-06-19
ALL.G-DELISTED (Allstate Corporation) Start Date:2018-03-27
ALLB-DELISTED (Alliance Bancorp Inc Of Pennsylvania) Start Date:2006-06-27
ALLI-DELISTED (Allion Healthcare Inc) Start Date:2005-06-28
ALLY.A-DELISTED (Ally Financial) Start Date:2011-03-08
ALLY.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-03-28
ALM-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-07
ALNA-DELISTED (Allena Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-11-02
ALNC-DELISTED (Alliance Financial Corporation) Start Date:2002-02-04
ALN-DELISTED (American Lorain Corporation) Start Date:2009-09-14
ALO-DELISTED (Alio Gold) Start Date:2010-02-09
ALOG-DELISTED (Analogic Corporation) Start Date:2018-01-04
ALP.O-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ALP.Q-DELISTED (Alabama Power Company) Start Date:2017-09-12
ALPN-DELISTED (Alpine Immune Sciences) Start Date:2015-06-17
ALPS-DELISTED (Alpine Summit Energy Partners Class A Subordinate) Start Date:2022-09-28
ALQA-DELISTED (Alliqua Biomedical) Start Date:2007-04-02
ALR.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-27
ALR-DELISTED (Alerislife) Start Date:2017-07-03
ALSK-DELISTED (Alaska Comm Sys) Start Date:2007-05-01
ALTA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-11
ALTE-DELISTED (Alterra Capital Holdings Limite) Start Date:2009-11-27
ALTH-DELISTED (Allos Therapeutics) Start Date:2000-06-23
ALTIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-28
ALTU-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-07
ALTUU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-09
ALTUW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-29
ALTV-DELISTED (Alteva) Start Date:2007-05-16
ALU-DELISTED (Alcatel-Lucent) Start Date:2000-01-03
ALUS-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-10
ALXA-DELISTED (Alexza Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-03-08
ALXN-DELISTED (Alexion Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2005-01-03
ALYA-DELISTED (Alithya) Start Date:2007-05-16
ALY-DELISTED (Allis-Chalmers Energy Comm) Start Date:2004-09-13
AMAM-DELISTED (Ambrx Biopharma) Start Date:2021-06-18
AMAO-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-05
AMAP-DELISTED (Autonavi Holdings Limited) Start Date:2010-07-01
AMB-DELISTED (Prologis/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMBR-DELISTED (Amber Road) Start Date:2014-03-21
AMBT-DELISTED (Ambient Corporation) Start Date:2007-01-04
AMCI-DELISTED (Amci Acquisition) Start Date:2009-08-04
AMCIW-DELISTED (Amci Acquisition) Start Date:2019-01-24
AMCN-DELISTED (Airmedia) Start Date:2007-11-07
AMCP-DELISTED (Amcomp Inc/Fl) Start Date:2006-02-10
AMCS-DELISTED (Amicas/Inc) Start Date:2005-01-04
AMDA-DELISTED (Amedica Corporation) Start Date:2014-02-13
AMEH-DELISTED (Apollo Medical Holdings) Start Date:2008-09-08
AMFI-DELISTED (Amcore Financial Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-13
AMGP-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-05-04
AMH.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-30
AMH.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-03
AMH.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-05-08
AMH.D-DELISTED (American Homes 4 Rent) Start Date:2016-05-25
AMH.E-DELISTED (American Homes 4 Rent) Start Date:2016-06-30
AMH.F-DELISTED (American Homes 4 Rent) Start Date:2017-04-26
AMHC-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-23
AMIC-DELISTED (American Independence) Start Date:2003-03-17
AMLN-DELISTED (Amylin Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2004-01-02
AMMA-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-10-06
AMMD-DELISTED (American Medical Systems Holdings Inc) Start Date:2000-08-15
AMNB-DELISTED (American National) Start Date:2007-05-16
AMOT-DELISTED (Allied Motion Technologies) Start Date:2002-11-21
AMOV-DELISTED (America Movil S.A.B. De C.V. Class A American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2001-02-08
AMPE-DELISTED (Ampio Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2011-05-19
AMPI-DELISTED (Advanced Merger Partners Class A) Start Date:2021-04-22
AMRB-DELISTED (American River Bankshares) Start Date:2002-12-09
AMRE-DELISTED (Amreit) Start Date:2012-07-27
AMRH-DELISTED (Ameri Holdings) Start Date:2016-11-22
AMRI-DELISTED (Albany Molecular Research) Start Date:2000-01-03
AMRS-DELISTED (Amyris) Start Date:2010-09-28
AMRWW-DELISTED (Alta Mesa Resources) Start Date:2017-04-28
AMSG-DELISTED (Amsurg) Start Date:2001-07-13
AMT.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-05-19
AMT.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-05
AMTBB-DELISTED (Amerant Bancorp Class B) Start Date:2018-08-29
AMTG.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-24
AMTG-DELISTED (Apollo Residential Mortgage) Start Date:2011-07-22
AMTI-DELISTED (Applied Molecular Transport) Start Date:2009-08-06
AMV-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-09-27
AMYT-DELISTED (Amryt Pharma Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-12-31
AMZG-DELISTED (American Eagle Energy Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-23
ANAC-DELISTED (Anacor Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2010-11-24
ANAD-DELISTED (Anadigics) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANAT-DELISTED (American National) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANCB-DELISTED (Anchor Bancorp) Start Date:2011-01-26
ANCI-DELISTED (American Caresource Holdings) Start Date:2008-09-29
ANCN-DELISTED (Anchiano Therapeutics Ltd.) Start Date:2019-02-12
ANCX-DELISTED (Access National Corporation) Start Date:2004-07-19
ANDA-DELISTED (Andina Acquisition Iii) Start Date:2019-03-06
ANDAR-DELISTED (Andina Acquisition Iii) Start Date:2015-12-07
ANDAW-DELISTED (Andina Acquisition Iii) Start Date:2012-05-10
ANDV-DELISTED (Andeavor) Start Date:2007-04-30
ANDX-DELISTED (Andeavor Logistics Lp) Start Date:2011-04-20
ANEN-DELISTED (Anaren) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANFI-DELISTED (Amira Nature Foods Ltd) Start Date:2012-10-11
ANGN-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-07-16
ANH.A-DELISTED (Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
ANH.B-DELISTED (Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
ANH.C-DELISTED (Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation) Start Date:2015-01-28
ANLY-DELISTED (Analysts International Corporat) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANNB-DELISTED (Annapolis Bancorp) Start Date:2002-11-08
ANN-DELISTED (Ann) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANO-DELISTED (Anooraq Resources O) Start Date:2004-03-15
ANPC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-31
ANR-DELISTED (Alpha Natural Resources C) Start Date:2005-02-15
ANST-DELISTED (Ansoft Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANTM-DELISTED (Anthem) Start Date:2007-04-30
ANTP-DELISTED (Phazar Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ANV-DELISTED (Allied Nevada Gold) Start Date:2007-05-10
ANVGQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-10
ANW-DELISTED (Aegean Marine Petroleum Network) Start Date:2006-12-08
ANX-DELISTED (Adventrx Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2004-04-29
ANZU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-29
ANZUU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-02
ANZUW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-23
AOBC-DELISTED (American Outdoor Brands Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-01
AOB-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-12-18
AOC-DELISTED (Aon Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
AOI-DELISTED (Alliance One International) Start Date:2005-05-16
AOL-DELISTED (Aol) Start Date:2009-12-10
AONC-DELISTED (American Oncology Network Inc) Start Date:2021-05-05
AONE.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-18
AONE-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-09-24
APAC-DELISTED (Apac Customer Services/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
APAGF-DELISTED (Apco Oil & Gas International) Start Date:2006-11-21
APB-DELISTED (Asia Pacific Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
APC-DELISTED (Anadarko Petroleum Corp) Start Date:2004-01-02
APDNW-DELISTED (Applied Dna Sciences Inc) Start Date:2014-11-17
APE-DELISTED (Amc Entertainment Holdings Amc Preferred Equity Units) Start Date:2022-08-22
APEN-DELISTED (Apollo Endosurgery) Start Date:2007-05-16
APEX-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-10
APFC-DELISTED (American Pacific Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
APF-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific Fun) Start Date:2000-01-03
APFH-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-15
APGB-DELISTED (Apollo Strategic Growth Capital Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-05
APGN-DELISTED (Apexigen) Start Date:2021-02-22
APGNW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-22
APHA-DELISTED (Aphria) Start Date:2015-03-18
APHB-DELISTED (Ampliphi Biosciences Corporation) Start Date:2015-08-21
APIC-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-24
APKT-DELISTED (Acme Packet) Start Date:2006-10-13
APL-DELISTED (Atlas Pipeline Partners) Start Date:2004-05-14
APNC-DELISTED (Apeiron Capital Investment Corp) Start Date:2021-12-30
APO.B-DELISTED (Apollo Global Management) Start Date:2018-03-26
APOL-DELISTED (Apollo Education) Start Date:2004-01-02
APOP-DELISTED (Cellect Biotechnology Ltd.) Start Date:2016-08-01
APOPW-DELISTED (Cellect Biotechnology Ltd.) Start Date:2016-07-29
APPH-DELISTED (Appharvest,) Start Date:2020-06-12
APPHW-DELISTED (Appharvest Warrants) Start Date:2020-06-16
APPX-DELISTED (App Pharmaceuticals/Inc) Start Date:2007-11-14
APPY-DELISTED (Venaxis) Start Date:2007-08-28
APR-DELISTED (Apria) Start Date:2021-02-11
APRI-DELISTED (Apricus Biosciences) Start Date:2010-02-11
APRN-DELISTED (Blue Apron Holdings Class A) Start Date:2017-06-29
APSA-DELISTED (Alto Palermo S.A.) Start Date:2003-11-05
APSG.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-02
APSG-DELISTED (Applied Signal Technology Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
APTI-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-09-23
APTS-DELISTED (Preferred Apartment) Start Date:2011-04-01
APTV.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-16
APTX-DELISTED (Aptinyx) Start Date:2018-06-21
APU-DELISTED (Amerigas Partners) Start Date:2000-01-03
APXT-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-05
APXTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-05
APY-DELISTED (Apergy Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
AQ-DELISTED (Aquantia) Start Date:2012-04-27
AQNA-DELISTED (Algonquin Power & Utilities) Start Date:2018-10-23
AQQ-DELISTED (American Spectrum Realty) Start Date:2001-11-20
AQUA-DELISTED (Evoqua Water Technologies) Start Date:2017-11-02
AQXP-DELISTED (Aquinox Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-03-07
ARAV-DELISTED (Aravive) Start Date:2014-03-21
ARBA-DELISTED (Ariba) Start Date:2003-04-22
ARBG-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-11
ARBGW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-11
ARCE-DELISTED (Arco Platform Limited) Start Date:2018-09-26
ARCI-DELISTED (Appliance Recycling Centers Of America) Start Date:2006-03-21
ARCK-DELISTED (Arbor Rapha Capital Bioholdings I Class A) Start Date:2021-12-20
ARCKU-DELISTED (Arbor Rapha Capital Bioholdings I Units) Start Date:2021-10-29
ARCKW-DELISTED (Arbor Rapha Capital Bioholdings I Warrants) Start Date:2021-12-20
ARCL-DELISTED (Archipelago Learning) Start Date:2009-11-20
ARCP-DELISTED (Vereit) Start Date:2011-09-09
ARCPP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-06
ARCW-DELISTED (Arc Worldwide) Start Date:2007-03-13
ARCX-DELISTED (Arc Logistics Partners Lp) Start Date:2013-11-06
ARD-DELISTED (Ardagh S.A.) Start Date:2017-03-15
ARDM-DELISTED (Aradigm Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
ARDNA-DELISTED (Arden) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARDS-DELISTED (Aridis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-08-14
ARE.D-DELISTED (Alexandria Real Estate Equities) Start Date:2008-11-18
ARE.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-15
ARES.A-DELISTED (Ares Management Corporation) Start Date:2016-06-14
AREX-DELISTED (Approach Resources) Start Date:2007-11-08
ARG-DELISTED (Airgas) Start Date:2004-01-02
ARGN-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-06-21
ARGO-DELISTED (Argo International) Start Date:2018-03-14
ARGS-DELISTED (Argos Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-02-07
ARGU-DELISTED (Argus Capital Class A) Start Date:2021-11-15
ARGUW-DELISTED (Argus Capital Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-12
ARH.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-09
ARI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-02
ARI.C-DELISTED (Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance) Start Date:2016-09-02
ARIA-DELISTED (Ariad Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARII-DELISTED (American Railcar Industries) Start Date:2006-01-23
ARJ-DELISTED (Arch Chemicals Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARK-DELISTED (Blackrock Senior High Income Fu) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARLZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-26
ARMF-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-29
ARMH-DELISTED (Arm Holdings Plc) Start Date:2008-04-14
ARMO-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-01-26
ARNA-DELISTED (Arena Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-01-03
ARNC.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-11-01
ARNC-DELISTED (Arconic) Start Date:2020-04-01
ARO-DELISTED (Aeropostale) Start Date:2002-05-16
ARP.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-10-27
ARPI-DELISTED (American Residential Properties) Start Date:2013-05-09
ARPO-DELISTED (Aerpio Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-08-08
ARQL-DELISTED (Arqule) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARR.A-DELISTED (Armour Residential Reit) Start Date:2012-06-11
ARR.B-DELISTED (Armour Residential Reit) Start Date:2013-02-13
ARRS-DELISTED (Arris) Start Date:2001-08-06
ARRWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-23
ARSD-DELISTED (Arabian American Development Co) Start Date:2006-08-30
ARTA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-16
ARTAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-14
ARTC-DELISTED (Arthrocare Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ART-DELISTED (Artio Global Investors Art) Start Date:2009-09-24
ARTE-DELISTED (Artemis Strategic Investment Class A) Start Date:2021-11-23
ARTEU-DELISTED (Artemis Strategic Investment Unit) Start Date:2021-09-30
ARTEW-DELISTED (Artemis Strategic Investment Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-22
ARTG-DELISTED (Art Technology Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ARTX-DELISTED (Arotech Corporation) Start Date:2003-02-06
ARU-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-08
ARUN-DELISTED (Aruba Networks) Start Date:2007-03-27
ARVL-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-25
ARVLW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-25
ARX-DELISTED (Aeroflex Holding Common S) Start Date:2010-11-19
ARYA-DELISTED (Arya Sciences Acquisition) Start Date:2018-10-05
ARY-DELISTED (Ares Capital 7.75%) Start Date:2010-11-15
ASAP-DELISTED (Waitr Holdings Inc) Start Date:2016-12-22
ASAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-15
ASAX-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
ASB.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-10-10
ASB.C-DELISTED (Associated Banc-Corp) Start Date:2015-06-10
ASB.D-DELISTED (Associated Banc-Corp) Start Date:2016-09-21
ASBB-DELISTED (Asb Bancorp) Start Date:2011-10-12
ASBC-DELISTED (Associated Banc-Corp) Start Date:2004-01-02
ASBI-DELISTED (Ameriana Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-04
ASCA-DELISTED (Ameristar Casinos) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASCMA-DELISTED (Ascent Capital) Start Date:2008-09-26
ASD-DELISTED (Trane Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASEI-DELISTED (American Science & Engineering) Start Date:2004-10-06
ASF-DELISTED (Insperity/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASFI-DELISTED (Asta Funding) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASGR-DELISTED (America Service Inc/De) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASI-DELISTED (American Safety Insurance Holdi) Start Date:2002-08-29
ASLEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-02-28
ASMI-DELISTED (Asm International Nv) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASNA-DELISTED (Ascena Retail) Start Date:2007-04-30
ASN-DELISTED (Archstone) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASP-DELISTED (American Strategic Income Portf) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASPL-DELISTED (Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle) Start Date:2020-11-13
ASPM-DELISTED (Aspect Medical Systems Inc) Start Date:2000-01-28
ASPU-DELISTED (Aspen) Start Date:2011-06-30
ASPX-DELISTED (Auspex Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-02-05
ASRVP-DELISTED (Ameriserv Financial) Start Date:2006-01-26
AST-DELISTED (Asterias Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2014-10-08
ASTM-DELISTED (Aastrom Biosciences) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASTRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-05
ASTX-DELISTED (Astex Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASV-DELISTED (Asv Holdings) Start Date:2017-05-12
ASYT-DELISTED (Asyst Technologies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ASZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
ATAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
ATAC-DELISTED (Atc Technology Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATA-DELISTED (Safety First Trust Principal-Pr) Start Date:2008-02-26
ATAK-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-03-21
ATAX-DELISTED (America First Multifamily Investors L.P. Beneficial Unit Certificates) Start Date:2008-07-01
ATB-DELISTED (Arlington Tankers Ltd) Start Date:2004-11-05
ATC-DELISTED (Atotech) Start Date:2003-06-19
ATCO.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-02-14
ATCO.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-06-20
ATCO.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-09-25
ATCO-DELISTED (Atlas) Start Date:2007-05-07
ATCX-DELISTED (Atlas Technical Consultants Class A) Start Date:2018-11-16
ATE-DELISTED (Advantest Corporation) Start Date:2001-10-25
ATG-DELISTED (Agl Resources Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATH-DELISTED (Athene Holding Ltd.) Start Date:2016-12-09
ATHL-DELISTED (Athlon Energy) Start Date:2013-08-02
ATHN-DELISTED (Athenahealth) Start Date:2007-09-20
ATHR-DELISTED (Atheros Communications Inc) Start Date:2004-02-13
ATHX-DELISTED (Athersys) Start Date:2007-12-12
ATIS-DELISTED (Attis Industries) Start Date:2007-05-16
ATK-DELISTED (Alliant Techsystems) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATL-DELISTED (Atlatsa Resources Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
ATMI-DELISTED (Atmi) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATML-DELISTED (Atmel Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATMR-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-08-05
ATNX-DELISTED (Athenex) Start Date:2017-06-14
ATNY-DELISTED (Api Technologies) Start Date:2009-10-27
ATPG-DELISTED () Start Date:2001-02-07
ATRS-DELISTED (Antares Pharma) Start Date:2007-05-16
ATSC-DELISTED (Ats) Start Date:2010-01-05
ATSI-DELISTED (Ats Medical Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATT-DELISTED (At&T Inc) Start Date:2007-02-27
ATTO-DELISTED (Atento S.A. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2014-10-02
ATTU-DELISTED (Attunity Ltd.) Start Date:2008-02-26
ATU-DELISTED (Actuant Corporation) Start Date:2000-07-24
ATVC-DELISTED (Tribe Capital Growth I Class A) Start Date:2021-05-26
ATVCU-DELISTED (Tribe Capital Growth I Units) Start Date:2021-03-05
ATVCW-DELISTED (Tribe Capital Growth I Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-19
ATV-DELISTED (Acorn International) Start Date:2007-05-03
ATVI-DELISTED (Activision Blizzard) Start Date:2007-04-30
ATW-DELISTED (Atwood Oceanics) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATX-DELISTED (Cross) Start Date:2000-01-03
ATY-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-12
AUBAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-11
AUDA-DELISTED (Audacy Inc) Start Date:2007-04-27
AUG-DELISTED (Auryn Resources) Start Date:2017-07-17
AUO-DELISTED (Au Optronics Corp) Start Date:2002-05-23
AUQ-DELISTED (Aurico Gold) Start Date:2007-05-03
AURC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-30
AUS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
AUTH-DELISTED (Authentec) Start Date:2007-06-27
AUTO-DELISTED (Autoweb) Start Date:2007-05-16
AUXL-DELISTED (Auxilium Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2004-07-26
AUXO-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
AUY-DELISTED (Yamana Gold) Start Date:2007-06-12
AVAN.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-02
AVAN-DELISTED (Celldex Therapeutics/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AVCA-DELISTED (Advocat) Start Date:2006-09-12
AVCO-DELISTED (Avalon Globocare) Start Date:2016-12-06
AVCT-DELISTED (American Virtual Cloud Technologies) Start Date:2017-08-08
AVCTW-DELISTED (American Virtual Cloud Technologies Warrant Expiring 4/7/2025) Start Date:2017-08-08
AV-DELISTED (Aviva Plc Unsponsored ADR) Start Date:2009-10-20
AVEO-DELISTED (Aveo Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2010-03-12
AVF-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-01-10
AVG-DELISTED (Avg Technologies N.V.) Start Date:2012-02-02
AVGOP-DELISTED (Broadcom 8.00% Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock Series A) Start Date:2019-09-25
AVH-DELISTED (Avianca Holdings S.A.) Start Date:2013-11-06
AVHI-DELISTED (Achari Ventures Holdings I) Start Date:2021-11-17
AVID-DELISTED (Avid Technology) Start Date:2007-04-27
AVII-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
AVL-DELISTED (Avalon Rare Metals) Start Date:2009-02-25
AVLR-DELISTED (Avalara) Start Date:2018-06-15
AVNR-DELISTED (Avanir Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-04-11
AVNU-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-02-12
AVNX-DELISTED (Avanex Corp) Start Date:2000-04-05
AVOL-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-12-12
AVP-DELISTED (Avon Products) Start Date:2004-01-02
AVR-DELISTED (Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings Inc) Start Date:2006-06-29
AVTA-DELISTED (Avantax) Start Date:2007-04-30
AVTR.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-17
AVV-DELISTED (Aviva Plc Subordinated Capital) Start Date:2011-11-25
AVX-DELISTED (Avx Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
AVXS-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-02-11
AVYA-DELISTED (Avaya Corp) Start Date:2017-12-19
AWC-DELISTED (Alumina American Depositary) Start Date:2008-04-23
AW-DELISTED (Allied Waste Industries Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AWSM-DELISTED (Cool Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-10
AXAC-DELISTED (Axios Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-03-25
AXARW-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-10-29
AXAS-DELISTED (Abraxas Petroleum Corporation) Start Date:2008-07-25
AXE-DELISTED (Anixter International) Start Date:2000-01-03
AXGT-DELISTED (Axovant Gene Therapies Ltd.) Start Date:2015-06-11
AXHI-DELISTED (Industrial Human Capital Inc) Start Date:2021-12-10
AXK-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-09
AXLA-DELISTED (Axcella Health) Start Date:2019-05-09
AXLL-DELISTED (Axiall Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-01
AXN-DELISTED (Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company) Start Date:2009-08-04
AXO-DELISTED (Axos Financial) Start Date:2016-03-04
AXPW-DELISTED (Axion Power International) Start Date:2007-05-17
AXS.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-23
AXS.D-DELISTED (Axis Capital Holdings Limited) Start Date:2013-05-24
AXU-DELISTED (Alexco Resource Common Shares) Start Date:2007-09-20
AXX-DELISTED (Alderon Iron Ore) Start Date:2009-09-29
AXYS-DELISTED (Axsys Technologies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
AYA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-08
AYLA-DELISTED (Ayala Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-05-08
AYN-DELISTED (Alliance New York Municipal Inc) Start Date:2002-01-29
AYR-DELISTED (Aircastle Limited) Start Date:2006-08-08
AYX-DELISTED (Alteryx) Start Date:2017-03-24
AZC-DELISTED (Augusta Resource Or) Start Date:2006-11-30
AZK-DELISTED (Aurizon Mines) Start Date:2003-11-10
AZRE-DELISTED (Azure Power Global Limited) Start Date:2016-10-12
AZRX-DELISTED (Azurrx Biopharma) Start Date:2016-10-11
AZUR-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-29
AZYO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-08
BAA-DELISTED (Banro Corporation) Start Date:2005-03-28
BABY-DELISTED (Natus Medical Incorporated) Start Date:2001-07-31
BAC.A-DELISTED (Bank Of America Corporation) Start Date:2016-04-26
BAC.C-DELISTED (Bank Of America Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
BAC.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
BAC.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-05
BAC.W-DELISTED (Bank Of America Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
BAC.Y-DELISTED (Bank Of America Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
BAC.Z-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
BAF-DELISTED (Blackrock Income Investment Quality Trust) Start Date:2002-10-29
BAGL-DELISTED (Einstein Noah Restaurant) Start Date:2007-06-08
BAGR-DELISTED (Diversified Restaurant Holdings) Start Date:2013-04-18
BAMH-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-21
BAMI-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-27
BAMM-DELISTED (Books-A-Million) Start Date:2000-01-03
BAMR-DELISTED (Bam Reinsurance) Start Date:2021-06-28
BANC.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-13
BANC.D-DELISTED (Banc Of California) Start Date:2015-04-09
BANC.E-DELISTED (Banc Of California) Start Date:2016-02-09
BANRD-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-07
BARE-DELISTED (Bare Escentuals Inc) Start Date:2006-09-29
BARI-DELISTED (Bancorp Rhode Island Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BAS-DELISTED (Basic Energy Services) Start Date:2005-12-09
BASI-DELISTED (Bioanalytical Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
BAXS-DELISTED (Baxano Surgical) Start Date:2007-10-17
BBBB-DELISTED (Blackboard Inc) Start Date:2004-06-18
BBBY-DELISTED (Bed Bath & Beyond) Start Date:2005-01-03
BBCN-DELISTED (Bbcn Bancorp) Start Date:2005-07-07
BBEP-DELISTED (Breitburn Energy Partners L.P.) Start Date:2006-10-05
BBEPP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-05-16
BBF-DELISTED (Blackrock Municipal Income Investment Trust) Start Date:2001-07-27
BBG-DELISTED (Bill Barrett) Start Date:2004-12-10
BBI-DELISTED (Brickell Biotech) Start Date:2007-05-01
BBIG-DELISTED (Vinco Ventures) Start Date:2018-05-03
BBK-DELISTED (Blackrock Municipal Bond Trust) Start Date:2002-05-10
BBL-DELISTED (Bhp Plc) Start Date:2003-06-25
BBLN-DELISTED (Babylon Holdings Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-10-22
BBND-DELISTED (Bigband Networks/Inc) Start Date:2007-03-16
BBNK-DELISTED (Bridge Capital Holdings) Start Date:2003-01-27
BBOX-DELISTED (Black Box Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BBQ-DELISTED (Bbq Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-16
BBRG-DELISTED (Bravo Brio Restaurant) Start Date:2010-10-21
BBRY-DELISTED (Research In Motion Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
BBT.D-DELISTED (Bb&T Corporation) Start Date:2012-05-04
BBT.E-DELISTED (Bb&T Corporation) Start Date:2012-08-01
BBT.F-DELISTED (Bb&T Corporation) Start Date:2012-11-01
BBT.G-DELISTED (Bb&T Corporation) Start Date:2013-05-03
BBT.H-DELISTED (Bb&T Corporation) Start Date:2016-03-11
BBT-DELISTED (Bb&T Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
BBX-DELISTED (Bbx Capital Corporation) Start Date:2017-07-13
BBXT-DELISTED (Bankatlantic Bancorp) Start Date:2006-10-16
BCAC-DELISTED (Bison Capital Acquisition) Start Date:2017-07-18
BCACU-DELISTED (Bison Capital Acquisition) Start Date:2017-06-20
BCACW-DELISTED (Bison Capital Acquisition) Start Date:2017-07-18
BCA-DELISTED (Corpbanca) Start Date:2005-02-25
BCAR-DELISTED (Bank Of The Carolinas Corporati) Start Date:2004-12-30
BCEI-DELISTED (Bonanza Creek Energy) Start Date:2011-12-15
BCEL-DELISTED (Atreca) Start Date:2019-06-20
BCF-DELISTED (Blackrock Real Asset Equity Tru) Start Date:2006-09-27
BCOM-DELISTED (B Communications Ltd.) Start Date:2009-08-04
BCON-DELISTED (Beacon Power Corp) Start Date:2000-11-22
BCOR-DELISTED (Blucora) Start Date:2007-04-30
BCR-DELISTED (C.R. Bard) Start Date:2004-01-02
BCRH-DELISTED (Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2013-11-06
BCS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-05
BCS.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-12-28
BCS.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-05-09
BCSB-DELISTED (Bcsb Bancorp) Start Date:2005-05-13
BCSI-DELISTED (Blue Coat Systems Inc) Start Date:2002-08-21
BCTG-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-03
BDBD-DELISTED (Boulder Brands) Start Date:2007-08-01
BDC.B-DELISTED (Belden Inc) Start Date:2016-07-29
BDCV-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-12-12
BDE-DELISTED (Black Diamond) Start Date:2010-06-11
BDGE-DELISTED (Bridge Bancorp) Start Date:2002-09-27
BDK-DELISTED (Black & Decker Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
BDN.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-13
BDR-DELISTED (Blonder Tongue Laboratories) Start Date:2000-01-03
BDSI-DELISTED (Biodelivery Sciences) Start Date:2007-05-16
BDT-DELISTED (Blackrock Strategic Equity Divi) Start Date:2004-05-06
BDV-DELISTED (Blackrock Equity Dividend Trust) Start Date:2003-12-19
BDXA-DELISTED (Becton) Start Date:2017-05-18
BDXB-DELISTED (Becton Dickinson And Company Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/20Th Interest In A Share Of 6.00% Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock Series B) Start Date:2020-06-03
BEAM-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-01
BEAV-DELISTED (B/E Aerospace) Start Date:2000-01-03
BEC-DELISTED (Beckman Coulter Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BEE-DELISTED (Strategic Hotels & Resorts) Start Date:2006-03-15
BEEMW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-16
BEL-DELISTED (Belmond Ltd.) Start Date:2000-08-10
BENE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-28
BENER-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-28
BENEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-28
BETS-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-02-20
BEXP-DELISTED (Brigham Exploration Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
BEZ-DELISTED (Baldor Electric Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
BFED-DELISTED (Beacon Federal Bancorp) Start Date:2007-10-02
BFO-DELISTED (Blackrock Florida Municipal 2020 Term Trust) Start Date:2003-09-29
BFRA-DELISTED (Biofrontera Ag) Start Date:2018-02-14
BFR-DELISTED (Bbva Banco Frances S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
BFRM-DELISTED (Bioform Medical Inc) Start Date:2007-11-07
BFS.C-DELISTED (Saul Centers) Start Date:2013-02-13
BFSB-DELISTED (Brooklyn Federal Bancorp/Inc) Start Date:2005-04-06
BFT.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-19
BFT-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-09
BFX-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-30
BFY-DELISTED (Blackrock New York Municipal Income Trust Ii) Start Date:2002-07-30
BGCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-07-03
BGCP-DELISTED (Bgc Partners) Start Date:2008-04-02
BGE.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
BGG-DELISTED (Briggs & Stratton Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BGIO-DELISTED (Blackrock 2022 Global Income Opportunity Trust) Start Date:2017-02-24
BGP-DELISTED (Borders Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BGRY-DELISTED (Berkshire Grey) Start Date:2021-02-11
BGRYW-DELISTED (Berkshire Grey Warrant) Start Date:2021-02-12
BHBK-DELISTED (Hyde Park Bancorp) Start Date:2014-07-22
BHD-DELISTED (Blackrock Strategic Bond Trust) Start Date:2002-05-10
BHG-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-06-24
BHGE-DELISTED (Baker Hughes) Start Date:2017-07-05
BHI-DELISTED (Baker Hughes Incorporated Commo) Start Date:2004-01-02
BHL-DELISTED (Blackrock Defined Opportunity C) Start Date:2008-02-12
BHS-DELISTED (Brookfield Homes Corp) Start Date:2003-01-07
BHSE-DELISTED (Bull Horn Holdings) Start Date:2020-12-17
BHSEW-DELISTED (Bull Horn Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2020-12-17
BHTG-DELISTED (Biohitech Global) Start Date:2015-10-28
BHY-DELISTED (Blackrock High Yield Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
BID-DELISTED (Sotheby's) Start Date:2000-01-03
BIDZ-DELISTED (Bidz.com) Start Date:2007-05-01
BIE-DELISTED (Blackrock Municipal Bond Invest) Start Date:2002-05-10
BIF-DELISTED (Uslife Income Fund) Start Date:2002-05-10
BIND-DELISTED (Bind Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-09-20
BIN-DELISTED (Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd.) Start Date:2009-06-05
BIO.B-DELISTED (Bio-Rad Laboratories) Start Date:2007-05-16
BIOA-DELISTED (Bioamber) Start Date:2013-05-10
BIOC-DELISTED (Biocept) Start Date:2014-02-05
BIOD-DELISTED (Biodel) Start Date:2007-05-11
BIOP-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-01-03
BIOS-DELISTED (Bioscrip) Start Date:2005-03-14
BIOT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-22
BIOTU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-26
BIQI-DELISTED (Biqi International Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2010-07-20
BIR.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
BIRT-DELISTED (Actuate Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BITA-DELISTED (Bitauto Holdings Limited) Start Date:2010-11-18
BJGP-DELISTED (Bmp Sunstone Corp) Start Date:2006-08-10
BJZ-DELISTED (Blackrock California Municipal) Start Date:2001-12-10
BK.C-DELISTED (Bank Of New York Mellon Corporation) Start Date:2012-09-21
BKBK-DELISTED (Britton & Koontz Capital Corpor) Start Date:2005-05-16
BKCC-DELISTED (Blackrock Capital Investment) Start Date:2007-06-27
BKEP-DELISTED (Blueknight Energy Partners L.P. Common Units) Start Date:2010-12-31
BKEPP-DELISTED (Blueknight Energy Partners L.P. Series A Preferred Units) Start Date:2012-03-05
BKFS-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-20
BKHM-DELISTED (Oclaro/Inc) Start Date:2000-04-13
BKHU-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-11-30
BKI-DELISTED (Black Knight) Start Date:2017-10-02
BKJ-DELISTED (Bancorp Of New Jersey) Start Date:2008-06-03
BKK-DELISTED (Blackrock Municipal 2020 Term Trust) Start Date:2003-09-29
BKMU-DELISTED (Bank Mutual Corporation) Start Date:2001-03-06
BKSC-DELISTED (Bank Of South Carolina) Start Date:2007-05-16
BKS-DELISTED (Barnes & Noble) Start Date:2000-01-03
BKW-DELISTED (Burger King Worldwide) Start Date:2012-06-20
BKYF-DELISTED (The Bank Of Kentucky Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-04
BLC-DELISTED (Belo) Start Date:2003-06-09
BLCM-DELISTED (Bellicum Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-12-18
BLCT-DELISTED (Bluecity Holdings) Start Date:2020-07-08
BLEUU-DELISTED (Bleuacacia Unit) Start Date:2021-11-18
BLH-DELISTED (Blackrock New York Municipal 20) Start Date:2001-12-14
BLI-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-17
BLJ-DELISTED (Blackrock New Jersey Municipal Bond Trust) Start Date:2002-05-10
BLL-DELISTED (Ball Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
BLMT-DELISTED (Bsb Bancorp) Start Date:2011-10-05
BLNKW-DELISTED (Blink Charging Co. Warrant) Start Date:2018-02-14
BLOX-DELISTED (Infoblox) Start Date:2012-04-20
BLPH-DELISTED (Bellerophon Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-02-13
BLSA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-22
BLT-DELISTED (Blount International) Start Date:2000-01-03
BLTI-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-10-06
BLTS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
BLTSU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-07
BLTSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
BLUD-DELISTED (Immucor Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BLU-DELISTED (Bellus Health) Start Date:2000-01-03
BLUW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-09
BLUWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-09
BLVD-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-04-24
BLVDU-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-02-13
BMAQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-04
BMC-DELISTED (Bmc Software) Start Date:2004-01-02
BMET-DELISTED (Biomet Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BMJ-DELISTED (Birks & Mayors Common Stoc) Start Date:2005-11-15
BML.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-01-02
BMRG-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-03
BMS-DELISTED (Bemis Company Common Stoc) Start Date:2004-01-02
BMTC-DELISTED (Bryn Mawr Bank) Start Date:2002-02-04
BMTI-DELISTED (Biomimetic Therapeutics) Start Date:2006-05-15
BNA-DELISTED (Blackrock Income Opportunity Tr) Start Date:2000-01-03
BNCL-DELISTED (Beneficial Mutual Bancorp) Start Date:2007-07-16
BNCN-DELISTED (Bnc Bancorp) Start Date:2006-10-13
BNFT-DELISTED (Benefitfocus) Start Date:2013-09-18
BNGOW-DELISTED (Bionano Genomics Warrant) Start Date:2018-09-21
BNHNA-DELISTED (Benihana Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BNHN-DELISTED (Benihana) Start Date:2000-01-03
BNI-DELISTED (Burlington Northern Santa Fe/Llc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BNK-DELISTED (C1 Financial) Start Date:2014-08-14
BNKL-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-05
BNMV-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-02-08
BNNY-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-28
BNSO-DELISTED (Bonso Electronics International) Start Date:2007-05-16
BNT-DELISTED (Bentley Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2004-05-12
BOAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
BOAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
BOAS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
BOBE-DELISTED (Bob Evans Farms) Start Date:2000-01-03
BOCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-05-10
BOCH-DELISTED (Bank Of Commerce) Start Date:2005-08-04
BODY-DELISTED (Body Central) Start Date:2010-10-15
BOFI-DELISTED (Bofi Holding) Start Date:2005-03-16
BOI-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-26
BOJA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-08
BOKFL-DELISTED (Bok Financial Corporation) Start Date:2016-06-30
BOL-DELISTED (Bausch & Lomb Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BOMN-DELISTED (Boston Omaha) Start Date:2016-09-06
BONA-DELISTED (Bona Film Limited) Start Date:2010-12-09
BONE-DELISTED (Bacterin International Holdings) Start Date:2010-07-01
BONT-DELISTED (Bon-Ton Stores) Start Date:2000-01-03
BORN-DELISTED (China New Borun Corporation) Start Date:2010-06-11
BOTA-DELISTED (Biota Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2012-11-09
BOWX-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-21
BOWXU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-05
BOWXW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-21
BOXC-DELISTED (Brookfield Canada Office Properties) Start Date:2012-01-09
BOXD-DELISTED (Boxed) Start Date:2021-12-09
BPAX-DELISTED (Biosante Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-11-05
BPFH-DELISTED (Boston Private Financial) Start Date:2007-05-08
BPFHP-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-19
BPHX-DELISTED (Bluephoenix Solutions Ltd.) Start Date:2003-08-11
BPI-DELISTED (Zovio) Start Date:2009-04-15
BPL-DELISTED (Buckeye Partners L.P.) Start Date:2000-01-03
BPMP-DELISTED (Bp Midstream Partners Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2017-10-26
BPMX-DELISTED (Biopharmx Corporation) Start Date:2014-09-08
BPO-DELISTED (Brookfield Office Properties In) Start Date:2000-01-03
BPOPN-DELISTED (Popular) Start Date:2017-11-02
BPP-DELISTED (Blackrock Credit Allocation Inc) Start Date:2003-02-27
BPRAP-DELISTED (Brookfield Property Reit) Start Date:2018-08-29
BPR-DELISTED (Brookfield Property Reit) Start Date:2018-08-28
BPS-DELISTED (Blackrock Pennsylvania Strategic Municipal Trust Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
BPSG-DELISTED (Gleacher & Company/Inc) Start Date:2007-11-12
BPY-DELISTED (Brookfield Property Partners L.P.) Start Date:2013-03-22
BPYU-DELISTED (Brookfield Property Reit) Start Date:2018-08-28
BPYUP-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-08-29
BPZ-DELISTED (Bpz Resources) Start Date:2008-10-09
BQH-DELISTED (Blackrock New York Municipal Bond Trust) Start Date:2002-05-10
BQI-DELISTED (Oilsands Quest Inc) Start Date:2004-11-26
BQR-DELISTED (Blackrock Ecosolutions Investme) Start Date:2007-09-26
BQY-DELISTED (Blackrock S&P Quality Rankings) Start Date:2004-05-26
BRCD-DELISTED (Brocade Communications Systems) Start Date:2005-11-22
BRCM-DELISTED (Broadcom) Start Date:2004-01-02
BRCN-DELISTED (Burcon Nutrascience) Start Date:2021-05-25
BRD-DELISTED (Brigus Gold Ordinary Share) Start Date:2002-05-10
BRDR-DELISTED (Borderfree) Start Date:2014-03-21
BRDS-DELISTED (Bird Global Class A) Start Date:2023-12-18
BRE-DELISTED (Bre Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRG.A-DELISTED (Bluerock Residential Growth Reit) Start Date:2015-10-26
BRG.C-DELISTED (Bluerock Residential Growth Reit) Start Date:2016-07-21
BRG.D-DELISTED (Bluerock Residential Growth Reit) Start Date:2016-10-17
BRG-DELISTED (Bluerock Residential Growth) Start Date:2014-03-28
BRIV-DELISTED (B. Riley Principal 250 Merger Class A) Start Date:2021-07-06
BRIVU-DELISTED (B. Riley Principal 250 Merger Units) Start Date:2021-05-07
BRIVW-DELISTED (B. Riley Principal 250 Merger Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-29
BRKS-DELISTED (Brooks Automation) Start Date:2007-01-03
BRL-DELISTED (Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRLI-DELISTED (Bio-Reference Laboratories) Start Date:2000-01-03
BRLIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-22
BRMK-DELISTED (Broadmark Realty Capital) Start Date:2019-11-15
BRNC-DELISTED (Bronco Drilling Company/Inc) Start Date:2005-08-16
BRPA-DELISTED (Big Rock Partners Acquisition) Start Date:2017-12-04
BRPAR-DELISTED (Big Rock Partners Acquisition) Start Date:2017-12-01
BRPAW-DELISTED (Big Rock Partners Acquisition) Start Date:2017-12-01
BRPM-DELISTED (B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Class A) Start Date:2019-04-25
BRPMU-DELISTED (B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Unit) Start Date:2021-02-19
BRPMW-DELISTED (B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-13
BRQS-DELISTED (Borqs Technologies) Start Date:2015-11-05
BRS-DELISTED (Bristow Inc) Start Date:2006-02-06
BRSS-DELISTED (Global Brass And Copper Holdings) Start Date:2013-05-23
BSA-DELISTED (Brightsphere Investment Plc) Start Date:2016-08-19
BSAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-07
BSD-DELISTED (Blackrock Strategic Municipal Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
BSDM-DELISTED (Bsd Medical) Start Date:2008-04-22
BSE-DELISTED (Blackrock New York Municipal Income Quality Trust) Start Date:2002-10-29
BSF-DELISTED (Bear State Financial) Start Date:2007-05-16
BSFT-DELISTED (Broadsoft) Start Date:2010-06-16
BSGA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-28
BSGM-DELISTED (Biosig Technologies) Start Date:2018-09-21
BSI-DELISTED (Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd) Start Date:2000-01-03
BSJC-DELISTED (Guggenheim Bulletshares 2012 Hi) Start Date:2011-01-25
BSJD-DELISTED (Guggenheim Bulletshares 2013 Hi) Start Date:2011-01-25
BSKY-DELISTED (Big Sky Growth Partners Class A) Start Date:2021-07-01
BSKYU-DELISTED (Big Sky Growth Partners Unit) Start Date:2021-04-29
BSKYW-DELISTED (Big Sky Growth Partners Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-21
BSMX-DELISTED (Banco Santander Mexico S.A. Institucion De Banca Multiple Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico) Start Date:2012-09-26
BSN-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
BSP-DELISTED (American Strategic Income Portf) Start Date:2000-01-03
BSPE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-08
BSQR-DELISTED (Bsquare) Start Date:2000-01-03
BSTI-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-09-20
BSX.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-02
BTAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-08
BTAQU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-27
BTAQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-08
BTB-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-02-20
BTC-DELISTED (Community Bankers Trust Corpora) Start Date:2006-09-06
BT-DELISTED (Bt Plc) Start Date:2004-11-15
BTFG-DELISTED (Banctrust Financial) Start Date:2002-11-05
BTH-DELISTED (Blyth) Start Date:2000-01-03
BTMDW-DELISTED (Biote Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-29
BTNB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-26
BTN-DELISTED (Ballantyne Strong) Start Date:2007-05-16
BTRS-DELISTED (Btrs Holdings Class 1) Start Date:2019-08-06
BTRSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-29
BTTX-DELISTED (Better Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-10-29
BTUI-DELISTED (Btu International) Start Date:2000-01-03
BTWN-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-07
BTWNU-DELISTED (Bridgetown Holdings Units) Start Date:2020-10-16
BTWNW-DELISTED (Bridgetown Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2020-12-07
BTX-DELISTED (Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics,) Start Date:2021-03-26
BUCY-DELISTED (Bucyrus International Inc) Start Date:2004-07-26
BURG-DELISTED (Chanticleer Holdings) Start Date:2013-01-16
BURU-DELISTED (Nuburu) Start Date:2023-02-01
BVA-DELISTED (Cordia Bancorp) Start Date:2006-08-31
BVH-DELISTED (Bluegreen Vacations Holding Corporation) Start Date:2017-07-13
BVSN-DELISTED (Broadvision) Start Date:2006-03-08
BVX-DELISTED (Bovie Medical Corporation) Start Date:2003-11-05
BVXV-DELISTED (Biondvax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) Start Date:2015-05-12
BWAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-28
BWACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-28
BWC-DELISTED (Bwx Technologies) Start Date:2010-08-02
BWF-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-03-19
BWINA-DELISTED (Baldwin & Lyons) Start Date:2006-02-08
BWINB-DELISTED (Baldwin & Lyons) Start Date:2000-01-03
BWL.A-DELISTED (Bowl America) Start Date:2002-10-11
BWLD-DELISTED (Buffalo Wild Wings) Start Date:2003-11-24
BWOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-05-05
BWP-DELISTED (Boardwalk Pipeline Partners) Start Date:2005-11-10
BWS-DELISTED (Brown Shoe Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
BWY-DELISTED (Bway Holding Co) Start Date:2007-06-13
BXE-DELISTED (Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.) Start Date:2009-11-09
BXLT-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-15
BXP.B-DELISTED (Boston Properties) Start Date:2013-03-28
BXRX-DELISTED (Baudax Bio) Start Date:2019-11-14
BXS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
BXS-DELISTED (Bancorpsouth Bank) Start Date:2017-11-07
BYI-DELISTED (Bally Technologies) Start Date:2006-03-13
BYLK-DELISTED (Baylake) Start Date:2007-05-16
BZC-DELISTED (Breeze-Eastern Corporation) Start Date:2006-08-14
BZM-DELISTED (Blackrock Maryland Municipal Bond Trust) Start Date:2006-07-13
BZP-DELISTED (Bpz Resources/Inc) Start Date:2007-01-12
BZT-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-07-19
C.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-08-14
C.J-DELISTED (Citigroup) Start Date:2010-03-19
C.K-DELISTED (Citigroup) Start Date:2007-04-26
C.L-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-25
C.P-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-01-29
C.PRC-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-10-19
C.PRJ-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-04-29
C.PRK-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
C.PRP-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-05-26
C.S-DELISTED (Citigroup) Start Date:2007-05-16
CAA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-01
CAB-DELISTED (Cabela's Incorporated) Start Date:2004-07-06
CACB-DELISTED (Cascade Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CACQ-DELISTED (Caesars Acquisition Company) Start Date:2013-11-19
CADC-DELISTED (China Advanced Construction Materials) Start Date:2009-01-29
CA-DELISTED (Ca Technologies) Start Date:2004-01-02
CADX-DELISTED (Cadence Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-10-27
CAEI-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-06-10
CAFD-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-03-13
CAHC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-19
CAI.A-DELISTED (Cai International) Start Date:2018-04-06
CAI.B-DELISTED (Cai International) Start Date:2018-08-17
CAI-DELISTED (Cai International) Start Date:2007-05-16
CAJ-DELISTED (Canon) Start Date:2000-09-14
CAJPY-DELISTED (Canon Inc) Start Date:2007-01-03
CAK-DELISTED (Camac Energy) Start Date:2008-12-09
CALA-DELISTED (Calithera Biosciences Co) Start Date:2014-10-02
CALD-DELISTED (Callidus Software) Start Date:2003-11-20
CALL-DELISTED (Magicjack Vocaltec Ltd.) Start Date:2010-07-19
CALP-DELISTED (Caliper Life Sciences Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAM-DELISTED (Cameron International Corporati) Start Date:2004-01-02
CANO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-06
CAO-DELISTED (Csk Auto Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CAP.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-02
CAPA-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-19
CAPAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-04
CAPD-DELISTED (iPath Shiller Cape ETN) Start Date:2012-10-11
CAP-DELISTED (Cai International) Start Date:2007-05-16
CAPN-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-14
CARB-DELISTED (Carbonite) Start Date:2011-08-11
CARO-DELISTED (Carolina Financial Corporation) Start Date:2014-05-14
CASA-DELISTED (Casa Systems) Start Date:2007-05-16
CASC-DELISTED (Cascade Common Stoc) Start Date:2009-06-12
CAS-DELISTED (A. M. Castle & Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CASM-DELISTED (Cas Medical Systems) Start Date:2005-12-15
CASSQ-DELISTED (Casa Systems Inc) Start Date:2017-12-15
CAST-DELISTED (Chinacast Education Corporation) Start Date:2007-10-29
CATB-DELISTED (Catabasis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-06-25
CATS-DELISTED (Catasys) Start Date:2017-04-26
CAVM-DELISTED (Cavium) Start Date:2007-05-02
CAW-DELISTED (Cca Industries) Start Date:2003-03-18
CBA-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-26
CBAH.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-11
CBAH-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
CBAK-DELISTED (China Bak Battery) Start Date:2006-05-31
CBAY-DELISTED (Cymabay Therapeutics Comm) Start Date:2014-01-27
CBB.B-DELISTED (Cincinnati Bell Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
CBB-DELISTED (Cincinnati Bell) Start Date:2012-12-20
CBC-DELISTED (Capitol Bancorp Ltd) Start Date:2002-05-10
CBDBY-DELISTED (Brazilian Distribution Co Companhia Brasileira De Distr Cbd) Start Date:2007-01-03
CBD-DELISTED (Companhia Brasileira De Distribuicao) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBDE-DELISTED (Cbd Energy Limited) Start Date:2014-02-10
CBE-DELISTED (Cooper Industries Plc) Start Date:2004-01-02
CBEY-DELISTED (Cbeyond) Start Date:2005-11-10
CBF-DELISTED (Capital Bank Financial) Start Date:2012-09-20
CBG-DELISTED (Cbre Inc Cla) Start Date:2004-07-01
CBI-DELISTED (Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBIN-DELISTED (Community Bank Shares Of Indiana) Start Date:2005-05-16
CBIO-DELISTED (Catalyst Biosciences) Start Date:2007-05-16
CBK-DELISTED (Christopher & Banks Corporation) Start Date:2002-07-17
CBKN-DELISTED (Capital Bank Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBL.D-DELISTED (Cbl & Associates Properties) Start Date:2007-05-16
CBL.E-DELISTED (Cbl & Associates Properties) Start Date:2012-10-08
CBLI-DELISTED (Cleveland Biolabs) Start Date:2006-07-25
CBLK-DELISTED (Carbon Black) Start Date:2018-05-04
CBMB-DELISTED (Cbm Bancorp) Start Date:2018-09-28
CBM-DELISTED (Cambrex Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBMX-DELISTED (Combimatrix Corporation) Start Date:2002-12-16
CBNJ-DELISTED (Cape Bancorp) Start Date:2008-02-01
CBOU-DELISTED (Caribou Coffee Company) Start Date:2005-10-04
CBP-DELISTED (China Botanic Pharmaceutical In) Start Date:2009-12-09
CBPO-DELISTED (China Biologic Products Holdings) Start Date:2008-01-31
CBPX-DELISTED (Continental Building Products) Start Date:2014-02-05
CBR-DELISTED (Ciber) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBRGU-DELISTED (Chain Bridge I Units) Start Date:2021-11-10
CBRGW-DELISTED (Chain Bridge I Warrants) Start Date:2021-12-31
CBRX-DELISTED (Columbia Laboratories) Start Date:2004-02-13
CBS.A-DELISTED (Cbs Corporation) Start Date:2006-01-03
CBS-DELISTED (Cbs Corporation) Start Date:2006-01-03
CBSHP-DELISTED (Commerce Bancshares) Start Date:2014-06-16
CBSO-DELISTED (Cbs Outdoor Americas) Start Date:2007-05-16
CBSS-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
CBST-DELISTED (Cubist Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
CBTX-DELISTED (Cbtx) Start Date:2017-11-08
CBX-DELISTED (Cbx) Start Date:2013-02-04
CBYL-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-09
CCAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-17
CCA-DELISTED (Mfs California Insured Municipal Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
CCCL-DELISTED (China Ceramics Co.) Start Date:2014-08-07
CCCLW-DELISTED (China Ceramics Co.) Start Date:2010-02-26
CCCR-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-08-13
CCE-DELISTED (Coca-Cola Enterprises Com) Start Date:2004-01-02
CCF-DELISTED (Chase) Start Date:2006-06-09
CCG.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-02-10
CCH-DELISTED (Collier Creek Holdings) Start Date:2013-04-29
CCI.A-DELISTED (Crown Castle International Corporation) Start Date:2013-10-30
CCIH-DELISTED (Chinacache International Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2010-10-01
CCIV.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-30
CCIV-DELISTED (Churchill Capital Iv) Start Date:2020-09-18
CCIX-DELISTED (Coleman Cable) Start Date:2007-03-01
CCLP-DELISTED (CSI Compressco Lp Common Units) Start Date:2011-06-15
CCMP-DELISTED (Cmc Materials) Start Date:2007-04-26
CCNC-DELISTED (Code Chain New Continent) Start Date:2015-12-29
CCN-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-27
CCNI-DELISTED (Command Center) Start Date:2007-05-16
CCP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-08-18
CCRC-DELISTED (China Customer Relations Centers) Start Date:2010-04-29
CCR-DELISTED (Consol Coal Resources Lp) Start Date:2015-07-01
CCRT-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
CCSC-DELISTED (Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co.) Start Date:2010-09-28
CCT-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-03-15
CCV.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-16
CCV-DELISTED (Churchill Capital V Class A) Start Date:2012-12-10
CCVI-DELISTED (Churchill Capital Vi Class A) Start Date:2021-04-05
CCW-DELISTED (Comcast 7.00% Notes) Start Date:2006-11-09
CCXI-DELISTED (Chemocentryx) Start Date:2012-02-08
CCXX.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-02-14
CCXX-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-03
CCZ-DELISTED (Comcast Holdings Zones) Start Date:2000-01-03
CDAK-DELISTED (Codiak Biosciences) Start Date:2020-10-14
CDAY-DELISTED (Ceridian Hcm Holding) Start Date:2018-04-26
CD-DELISTED (Chindata) Start Date:2020-09-30
CDEV-DELISTED (Centennial Resource Development, Class A Business Combination) Start Date:2016-04-15
CDEVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-04-19
CDI-DELISTED (Cdi) Start Date:2000-01-03
CDII-DELISTED (China Direct Industries) Start Date:2009-01-26
CDK-DELISTED (Cdk Global) Start Date:2014-09-22
CDMOP-DELISTED (Avid Bioservices) Start Date:2014-02-27
CDOR-DELISTED (Condor Hospitality Trust) Start Date:2007-05-16
CDORO-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-06-11
CDORP-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
CDRB-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-21
CDR-DELISTED (Cedar Realty Trust) Start Date:2007-04-26
CDS-DELISTED (Cold Spring Capital Inc) Start Date:2000-08-29
CDY-DELISTED (Cardero Resource Or) Start Date:2005-01-24
CEA-DELISTED (China Eastern Airlines Ltd.) Start Date:2007-09-04
CEAYY-DELISTED (China Eastern Airlines Ltd.) Start Date:2007-05-16
CEB-DELISTED (Corporate Executive Board Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CEBK-DELISTED (Central Bancorp) Start Date:2005-05-13
CEC-DELISTED (Cec Entertainment) Start Date:2000-01-03
CECE-DELISTED (Ceco Environmental) Start Date:2007-05-16
CEDC-DELISTED (Central European Distribution C) Start Date:2000-01-03
CEDU-DELISTED (Chinaedu Corporation) Start Date:2007-12-13
CEG-DELISTED (Constellation Energy Inc) Start Date:2004-01-02
CEGE-DELISTED (Cell Genesys Inc) Start Date:2007-05-02
CEL-DELISTED (Cellcom Israel) Start Date:2007-02-07
CELG-DELISTED (Celgene) Start Date:2004-01-02
CELGZ-DELISTED (Celgene Corporation) Start Date:2010-10-06
CELL-DELISTED (Phenomex Inc) Start Date:2020-07-17
CELP-DELISTED (Cypress Energy Partners) Start Date:2014-01-15
CEMI-DELISTED (Chembio Diagnostics) Start Date:2007-05-16
CEMP-DELISTED (Cempra) Start Date:2012-02-06
CEN-DELISTED (Center Coast Brookfield Mlp & Energy Infrastructure Fund) Start Date:2013-09-26
CENH-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-01
CENQW-DELISTED (Cenaq Energy Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-04
CEO-DELISTED (Cnooc Limited) Start Date:2001-02-27
CEP-DELISTED (Constellation Energy Partners) Start Date:2006-11-15
CEQP-DELISTED (Crestwood Equity Partners Lp) Start Date:2010-03-24
CERC-DELISTED (Cerecor) Start Date:2015-11-13
CERN-DELISTED (Cerner) Start Date:2005-01-03
CERP-DELISTED (Cereplast) Start Date:2007-05-16
CERU-DELISTED (Cerulean Pharma) Start Date:2014-04-10
CETC-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-02-08
CETXW-DELISTED (Cemtrex) Start Date:2017-02-17
CFAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-11
CFACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-06
CFBI-DELISTED (Community First Bancshares) Start Date:2017-04-28
CFC.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
CFC.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
CFCB-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
CFC-DELISTED (Countrywide Financial Corp) Start Date:2002-11-13
CFCO-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-20
CFD-DELISTED (Nuveen Diversified Commodity Fu) Start Date:2010-09-28
CFFA-DELISTED (Cf Finance Acquisition) Start Date:2018-12-13
CFFAW-DELISTED (Cf Finance Acquisition) Start Date:2019-01-31
CFFC-DELISTED (Community Financial) Start Date:2006-02-23
CFFE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-05
CFFVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-29
CFI-DELISTED (Culp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CFII-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-19
CFIIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-21
CFIV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-16
CFIVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-23
CFIVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-16
CFK-DELISTED (Ce Franklin Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
CFL-DELISTED (Brink's Home Security Holdings/Inc) Start Date:2008-11-03
CFMS-DELISTED (Conformis) Start Date:2015-07-01
CFN-DELISTED (Carefusion Common S) Start Date:2009-09-01
CFNL-DELISTED (Cardinal Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
CFP-DELISTED (Cornerstone Progressive Return) Start Date:2007-10-15
CFR.A-DELISTED (Cullen/Frost Bankers) Start Date:2013-02-21
CFRX-DELISTED (Contrafect Common) Start Date:2023-12-04
CFSG-DELISTED (China Fire & Security /Inc) Start Date:2007-02-09
CFV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-26
CFVI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-14
CFVIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-19
CFVIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-15
CFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-05-05
CFXA-DELISTED (Colfax Corporation) Start Date:2019-01-16
CFX-DELISTED (Colfax Corporation) Start Date:2008-05-08
CGG-DELISTED (Cgg Sa) Start Date:2007-01-16
CGI-DELISTED (Celadon) Start Date:2009-11-10
CGIX-DELISTED (Cancer Genetics) Start Date:2013-04-05
CGRB-DELISTED (Cougar Biotechnology/Inc) Start Date:2007-02-08
CGR-DELISTED (Claude Resources) Start Date:2003-12-15
CGRN-DELISTED (Capstone Green Energy) Start Date:2007-05-02
CGROW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-26
CGX-DELISTED (Consolidated Graphics) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHA-DELISTED (China Telecom Ltd) Start Date:2002-11-14
CHAP-DELISTED (Chaparral Energy) Start Date:2010-10-08
CHAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-22
CHBT-DELISTED (China-Biotics) Start Date:2006-04-17
CHC-DELISTED (China Hydroelectric Corporation) Start Date:2010-01-26
CH-DELISTED (Aberdeen Chile Fund) Start Date:2006-05-11
CHDX-DELISTED (Chindex International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHEKZ-DELISTED (Check-Cap Series C Warrant) Start Date:2018-05-04
CHEVD-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
CHEV-DELISTED (Cheviot Financial) Start Date:2006-08-29
CHFC-DELISTED (Chemical Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHFN-DELISTED (Charter Financial Corporation) Start Date:2002-08-02
CHFS-DELISTED (Chf Solutions) Start Date:2012-02-16
CHG-DELISTED (Ch Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHK.D-DELISTED (Chesapeake Energy Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
CHKE-DELISTED (Cherokee) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHKM-DELISTED (Chesapeake Midstream Partners) Start Date:2010-07-29
CHL-DELISTED (China Mobile) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHLN-DELISTED (China Housing And Land Development) Start Date:2006-09-27
CHMA-DELISTED (Chiasma) Start Date:2015-07-16
CHMT-DELISTED (Chemtura Corporation) Start Date:2010-11-11
CHNG-DELISTED (Change Healthcare) Start Date:2012-03-08
CHNGU-DELISTED (Change Healthcare Tangible Equity Units) Start Date:2019-06-27
CHOP-DELISTED (China Gerui Advanced Materials Ltd.) Start Date:2009-11-10
CHPM-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-10
CHPMW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-10
CHRA-DELISTED (Charah Solutions) Start Date:2018-06-14
CHRM-DELISTED (Charm Communications) Start Date:2010-05-05
CHS-DELISTED (Chico's Fas) Start Date:2007-04-30
CHSI-DELISTED (Catalyst Health Solutions) Start Date:2008-10-01
CHSP.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-07-17
CHSP-DELISTED (Chesapeake Lodging Trust) Start Date:2010-01-26
CHTP-DELISTED (Chelsea Therapeutics Internatio) Start Date:2006-05-02
CHTT-DELISTED (Chattem Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHUBA-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-22
CHUX-DELISTED (O'charley's) Start Date:2000-01-03
CHYR-DELISTED (Chyronhego) Start Date:2008-09-03
CIAN-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-05
CIDM-DELISTED (Cinedigm Corp) Start Date:2008-11-28
CIE-DELISTED (Cobalt International Energy) Start Date:2009-12-16
CIFC-DELISTED (Cifc) Start Date:2005-06-29
CIFS-DELISTED (China Internet Nationwide Financial Services) Start Date:2017-08-08
CIGX-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-23
CIH-DELISTED (China Index Holdings ADS) Start Date:2019-06-12
CIIC-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-08-12
CIICW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-02-03
CIIGU-DELISTED (Ciig Capital Partners Ii Unit) Start Date:2021-09-15
CIIGW-DELISTED (Ciig Capital Partners Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-05
CIMT-DELISTED (Cimatron Ltd.) Start Date:2005-12-27
CINC-DELISTED (Cincor Pharma) Start Date:2008-11-06
CINR-DELISTED (Ciner Resources Lp) Start Date:2013-09-13
CIR-DELISTED (Circor International) Start Date:2007-05-10
CIS-DELISTED (Camelot Information Systems Ame) Start Date:2010-10-20
CISG-DELISTED (Cninsure) Start Date:2007-11-01
CISN-DELISTED (Cision Ltd.) Start Date:2017-06-30
CIT.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-18
CIT-DELISTED (Cit Inc) Start Date:2009-12-10
CITP-DELISTED (Comsys It Partners Inc) Start Date:2005-01-19
CIXX-DELISTED (Ci Financial) Start Date:2020-11-05
CIZN-DELISTED (Citizens Holding Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
CJ-DELISTED (C&J Energy Services) Start Date:2017-03-06
CJES-DELISTED (C&J Energy Services) Start Date:2011-07-29
CJS-DELISTED (Vale Cap 6.75% Guaranteed N) Start Date:2009-07-20
CKEC-DELISTED (Carmike Cinemas) Start Date:2002-05-23
CKP-DELISTED (Checkpoint Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
CKR-DELISTED (Cke Restaurants Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CKSW-DELISTED (Clicksoftware Technologies Ltd.) Start Date:2003-03-07
CKXE-DELISTED (Ckx/Inc) Start Date:2005-03-01
CLA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-21
CLAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-07-03
CLA-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-12-12
CLAS-DELISTED (Class Acceleration) Start Date:2021-03-08
CLBH-DELISTED (Carolina Bank Holdings) Start Date:2006-04-19
CLBS-DELISTED (Caladrius Biosciences) Start Date:2007-08-09
CLCD-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-06
CLC-DELISTED (Clarcor) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLDA-DELISTED (Clinical Data Inc) Start Date:2005-05-13
CLDB-DELISTED (Cortland Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
CLDC-DELISTED (China Lending Corporation) Start Date:2015-12-04
CLD-DELISTED (Cloud Peak Energy) Start Date:2009-11-20
CLDN-DELISTED (Celladon Corporation) Start Date:2014-01-30
CLDR-DELISTED (Cloudera) Start Date:2017-04-28
CLFC-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-11-25
CLHB-DELISTED (Clean Harbors Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLI-DELISTED (Mack-Cali Realty) Start Date:2007-04-27
CLII.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-30
CLII-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-20
CLIM-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-19
CLMS-DELISTED (Calamos Asset Management) Start Date:2004-10-28
CLNS.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-01-11
CLNS.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-01-11
CLNS.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-01-11
CLNS.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-01-11
CLNS.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-06-07
CLNS.J-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-09-27
CLNS-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-27
CLNT-DELISTED (Cleantech Solutions International) Start Date:2009-12-29
CLNY.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-23
CLNY.B-DELISTED (Colony Capital) Start Date:2014-06-24
CLNY.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-15
CLNY.E-DELISTED (Colony Capital) Start Date:2017-01-11
CLNY.G-DELISTED (Colony Capital) Start Date:2018-06-25
CLNY.H-DELISTED (Colony Capital) Start Date:2017-01-11
CLNY.I-DELISTED (Colony Capital) Start Date:2017-06-07
CLNY.J-DELISTED (Colony Capital) Start Date:2017-09-27
CLOEU-DELISTED (Clover Leaf Capital Unit) Start Date:2021-07-20
CLOVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-08
CLP-DELISTED (Colonial Properties Trust Commo) Start Date:2011-09-30
CLRBZ-DELISTED (Cellectar Biosciences) Start Date:2016-04-20
CLR-DELISTED (Continental Resources) Start Date:2007-05-15
CLRM-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-23
CLRMU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-29
CLRT-DELISTED (Clarient/Inc) Start Date:2005-03-16
CLRX-DELISTED (Collabrx) Start Date:2000-01-03
CLSN-DELISTED (Celsion) Start Date:2008-06-30
CLTX-DELISTED (Celsus Therapeutics Plc) Start Date:2014-01-06
CLUB-DELISTED (Town Sports International Holdings) Start Date:2006-06-02
CLV-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-02-26
CLVS-DELISTED (Clovis Oncology) Start Date:2011-11-16
CLVV-DELISTED (Clever Leaves Holdings Inc) Start Date:2020-12-18
CLWR-DELISTED (Clearwire Corporation) Start Date:2007-03-08
CLXT-DELISTED (Calyxt) Start Date:2017-07-20
CMCSK-DELISTED (Comcast Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
CMED-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-08-11
CMFN-DELISTED (Cm Finance Inc) Start Date:2014-02-06
CMFNL-DELISTED (Cm Finance Inc) Start Date:2018-07-13
CMGE-DELISTED (China Mobile Games And Entertainment Limited) Start Date:2012-09-26
CMGI-DELISTED (Moduslink Global Solutions Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CMIIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-23
CMK-DELISTED (Mfs Intermarket Income Trust I) Start Date:2000-01-03
CML-DELISTED (Compellent Technologies Inc) Start Date:2007-10-10
CMLF-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-04
CMLFU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-02
CMLFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-29
CMLP-DELISTED (Crestwood Midstream Partners Lp) Start Date:2011-12-16
CMLT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-06-03
CMLTU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-07
CMM-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-08-21
CMN-DELISTED (Cantel Medical) Start Date:2002-05-29
CMO.E-DELISTED (Capstead Mortgage Corporation) Start Date:2013-05-17
CMO-DELISTED (Capstead Mortgage) Start Date:2007-05-07
CMPI-DELISTED (Checkmate Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2008-08-22
CMRA-DELISTED (Comera Life Sciences Holdings) Start Date:2022-05-20
CMRAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-05-20
CMRG-DELISTED () Start Date:2002-08-12
CMSB-DELISTED (Cms Bancorp) Start Date:2007-04-04
CMTA-DELISTED (Clementia Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-08-02
CNAM-DELISTED (China Armco Metals) Start Date:2009-12-29
CNAT-DELISTED (Conatus Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-07-25
CNBC-DELISTED (Center Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNB-DELISTED (Cnb Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNBKA-DELISTED (Century Bancorp) Start Date:2002-02-04
CNCE-DELISTED (Concert Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-02-13
CNCO-DELISTED (Cencosud S.A.) Start Date:2012-06-22
CND.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-08
CND-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-28
CNDO-DELISTED (Coronado Biosciences) Start Date:2011-11-17
CNIT-DELISTED (China Information Technology) Start Date:2010-02-11
CNL-DELISTED (Cleco Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNNB-DELISTED (Cincinnati Bancorp) Start Date:2015-10-15
CNNX-DELISTED (Cone Midstream Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-09-25
CNP.B-DELISTED (Centerpoint Energy) Start Date:2018-10-03
CNQR-DELISTED (Concur Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNR-DELISTED (Cornerstone Building Brands) Start Date:2009-11-27
CNSI-DELISTED (Comverse) Start Date:2012-10-24
CNST-DELISTED (Constellation Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2010-04-09
CNTF-DELISTED (China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited) Start Date:2005-05-06
CNU-DELISTED (Continucare Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CNV-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-20
CNVO-DELISTED (Convio) Start Date:2010-04-29
CNVR-DELISTED (Conversant) Start Date:2007-04-30
CNVY-DELISTED (Convey Holding Parent) Start Date:2021-06-16
CNW-DELISTED (Con-Way) Start Date:2006-04-19
CNXA-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-06-15
CNXM-DELISTED (Cnx Midstream Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-09-25
CNXX-DELISTED (Conx Corp) Start Date:2020-12-21
CNYD-DELISTED (China Yida Holding) Start Date:2009-12-07
COB-DELISTED (Communityone Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
COBH-DELISTED (Metro Bancorp/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
COBK-DELISTED (Colonial Financial Services) Start Date:2005-06-30
COBR-DELISTED (Cobra Electronics Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
COBZ-DELISTED (Cobiz Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
CODE-DELISTED (Spansion) Start Date:2010-05-18
CO-DELISTED (Global Cord Blood) Start Date:2009-11-19
COF.C-DELISTED (Capital One Financial Corporation) Start Date:2014-06-16
COF.D-DELISTED (Capital One Financial Corporation) Start Date:2014-10-29
COF.F-DELISTED (Capital One Financial Corporation) Start Date:2015-08-26
COF.G-DELISTED (Capital One Financial Corporation) Start Date:2016-08-05
COF.H-DELISTED (Capital One Financial Corporation) Start Date:2016-12-02
COF.P-DELISTED (Capital One Financial Corporation) Start Date:2012-08-23
COG-DELISTED (Cabot Oil & Gas) Start Date:2004-01-02
COGO-DELISTED (Cogo) Start Date:2005-01-31
COH-DELISTED (Coach) Start Date:2004-01-02
COHR-DELISTED (Coherent) Start Date:2007-04-27
COL-DELISTED (Rockwell Collins Common S) Start Date:2004-01-02
COLI-DELISTED (Colicity) Start Date:2021-04-16
COLIU-DELISTED (Colicity Units) Start Date:2021-02-24
COLIW-DELISTED (Colicity Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-16
COMS-DELISTED (Comsovereign Holding) Start Date:2021-01-22
COMV-DELISTED (Comverge) Start Date:2007-04-13
CONE-DELISTED (Cyrusone) Start Date:2013-01-18
CONM-DELISTED (Conmed Healthcare Management) Start Date:2009-08-27
COR.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-19
COR-DELISTED (Coresite Realty Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-02
CORE-DELISTED (Core Mark Holding Co) Start Date:2017-01-26
CORI-DELISTED (Corium International) Start Date:2014-04-03
CORR.A-DELISTED (Corenergy Infrastructure Trust) Start Date:2015-02-02
CORR-DELISTED (Corenergy Infrastructure Trust) Start Date:2007-05-16
CORS-DELISTED (Corsair Partnering) Start Date:2000-01-03
CORV-DELISTED (Correvio Pharma) Start Date:2007-05-02
COSI-DELISTED (Cosi) Start Date:2002-11-22
COT-DELISTED (Cott Corporation) Start Date:2002-07-30
COTV-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-05-26
COUP-DELISTED (Coupa Software Incorporated) Start Date:2016-10-06
COVA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-31
COVAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
COVAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-01
COV-DELISTED (Covidien Plc. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-07-02
COVR-DELISTED (Cover-All Technologies) Start Date:2004-11-30
COVS-DELISTED (Covisint Corporation) Start Date:2013-09-26
COWN-DELISTED (Cowen) Start Date:2007-05-03
COWNL-DELISTED (Cowen) Start Date:2014-10-30
COWNZ-DELISTED (Cowen) Start Date:2017-12-15
COY-DELISTED (Blackrock Corporate High Yield) Start Date:2000-01-03
COYN-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-06-25
CPAA-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-09-15
CPAAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-15
CPAH-DELISTED (Counterpath Corporation) Start Date:2008-03-19
CPARU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-18
CPBC-DELISTED (Community Partners Bancorp) Start Date:2006-04-11
CPBY-DELISTED (China Information Technology/Inc) Start Date:2007-02-12
CPD-DELISTED (Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd) Start Date:2003-08-19
CPE.A-DELISTED (Callon Petroleum Company) Start Date:2013-06-03
CPE-DELISTED (Callon Petroleum Company) Start Date:2007-05-04
CPGI-DELISTED (China Shengda Packaging) Start Date:2010-12-13
CPGX-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-17
CPHD-DELISTED (Cepheid) Start Date:2000-06-23
CPHL-DELISTED (Castlepoint Holdings/Ltd) Start Date:2007-03-23
CPHR-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-24
CPKI-DELISTED (California Pizza Kitchen/Inc) Start Date:2000-08-03
CPLA-DELISTED (Capella Education Co.) Start Date:2006-11-10
CPL-DELISTED (Carolina Power & Light) Start Date:2004-10-01
CPLG-DELISTED (Corepoint Lodging) Start Date:2018-06-01
CPNO-DELISTED (Copano Energy) Start Date:2004-11-16
CPO-DELISTED (Corn Products International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPP-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor) Start Date:2001-05-21
CPPL-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-02-06
CPSI-DELISTED (Computer Programs And Systems) Start Date:2002-05-21
CPSR.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-02
CPSR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-24
CPST-DELISTED (Capstone Turbine Corporation) Start Date:2000-06-30
CPTA-DELISTED (Capitala Finance) Start Date:2013-09-25
CPTAG-DELISTED (Capitala Finance) Start Date:2017-06-02
CPTAL-DELISTED (Capitala Finance) Start Date:2017-07-05
CPTK-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-01
CPTS-DELISTED (Conceptus) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPUH-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-29
CPV-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-16
CPWM-DELISTED (Cost Plus) Start Date:2000-01-03
CPX-DELISTED (Complete Production Services/Inc) Start Date:2006-04-21
CPXX-DELISTED (Celator Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-11-11
CPY-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
CQB-DELISTED (Chiquita Brands International) Start Date:2000-01-03
CQH-DELISTED (Cheniere Energy Partners Lp Holdings) Start Date:2018-03-05
CRA-DELISTED (Celera Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRAY-DELISTED (Cray Inc) Start Date:2000-04-06
CRBC-DELISTED (Citizens Republic Bancorp) Start Date:2007-01-03
CRCM-DELISTED (Care.com) Start Date:2014-01-24
CRDC-DELISTED (Cardica) Start Date:2006-02-06
CRDN-DELISTED (Ceradyne) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRDS-DELISTED (Crossroads Systems) Start Date:2007-05-16
CRE-DELISTED (Care Investment Trust Inc) Start Date:2007-06-22
CREE-DELISTED (Cree) Start Date:2007-01-03
CREXW-DELISTED (Creative Realities Warrant) Start Date:2018-11-15
CRFN-DELISTED (Crescent Financial Bancshares) Start Date:2002-08-21
CRGE-DELISTED (Charge Enterprises) Start Date:2022-04-12
CRHC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-09
CRHC-DELISTED (Cohn Robbins Holdings) Start Date:2020-11-02
CRHM-DELISTED (Crh Medical Corporation) Start Date:2015-09-03
CRIC-DELISTED (China Real Estate Information C) Start Date:2009-10-16
CRMB-DELISTED (Crumbs Bake Shop) Start Date:2010-06-15
CRME-DELISTED (Cardiome Pharma) Start Date:2004-07-06
CRN-DELISTED (Cornell Companies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRP-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-04-23
CRRB-DELISTED (Carrollton Bancorp) Start Date:2005-05-17
CRRC-DELISTED (Courier Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRR-DELISTED (Carbo Ceramics) Start Date:2000-05-24
CRRS-DELISTED (Corporate Resource Services) Start Date:2007-05-16
CRSA-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-18
CRSAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-17
CRTD-DELISTED (Creatd) Start Date:2020-09-11
CRTX-DELISTED (Cortexyme) Start Date:2004-05-27
CRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-03-12
CRV-DELISTED (Coast Distribution System) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRVP-DELISTED (Crystal Rock Holdings) Start Date:2009-11-27
CRWN-DELISTED (Crown Media Holdings) Start Date:2000-05-08
CRXT-DELISTED (Clarus Therapeutics Holdings) Start Date:2021-02-09
CRXTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-09
CRY-DELISTED (Cryolife) Start Date:2007-05-10
CRZN-DELISTED (Corazon Capital V838 Monoceros Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-11
CRZNU-DELISTED (Corazon Capital V838 Monoceros Unit) Start Date:2021-03-24
CRZO-DELISTED (Carrizo Oil & Gas) Start Date:2000-01-03
CRZWQ-DELISTED (Core Scientific Inc) Start Date:2021-04-08
CSAL-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-20
CSBC-DELISTED (Citizens South Banking Corporat) Start Date:2002-05-23
CSBK-DELISTED (Clifton Bancorp) Start Date:2004-05-11
CSCD-DELISTED (Cascade Microtech) Start Date:2004-12-15
CSC-DELISTED (Computer Sciences C) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSCW-DELISTED (Color Star Technology Co. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2008-10-02
CSCX-DELISTED (Cardiac Science Corp) Start Date:2005-09-01
CS-DELISTED (Credit Suisse Ag) Start Date:2007-01-03
CSE-DELISTED (Capitalsource Inc) Start Date:2003-08-12
CSFL-DELISTED (Centerstate Bank Corporation) Start Date:2005-01-04
CSFS-DELISTED (The Cash Store Financial Servic) Start Date:2010-06-08
CSG-DELISTED (Chambers Street Properties) Start Date:2013-05-21
CSH-DELISTED (Cash America International) Start Date:2004-11-01
CSI-DELISTED (Cutwater Select Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
CSII-DELISTED (Cardiovascular Systems) Start Date:2009-02-26
CSKI-DELISTED (China Sky One Medical) Start Date:2008-09-16
CSLT-DELISTED (Castlight Health) Start Date:2014-03-14
CSOD-DELISTED (Cornerstone Ondemand) Start Date:2011-03-17
CSP-DELISTED (American Strategic Income Portf) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSPR-DELISTED (Casper) Start Date:2020-02-06
CSRA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-11-16
CSRE-DELISTED (Csr Plc) Start Date:2011-09-12
CSS-DELISTED (Css Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSTA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-19
CST-DELISTED (Cst Brands) Start Date:2013-04-17
CSTR-DELISTED (Capstar Financial) Start Date:2016-09-22
CSU-DELISTED (Capital Senior Living Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CSUN-DELISTED (China Sunergy Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2007-05-17
CSWCL-DELISTED (Capital Southwest Corporation) Start Date:2017-12-19
CSY-DELISTED (China Sky One) Start Date:2008-05-28
CTAA-DELISTED (Qwest Corporation) Start Date:2016-02-01
CTAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
CTAC-DELISTED (Chaserg Technology Acquisition) Start Date:2018-10-05
CTAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
CTAQU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-10
CTAQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
CTC-DELISTED (Ifm Investments Limited) Start Date:2010-01-28
CTCH-DELISTED (Commtouch Software Ltd.) Start Date:2005-06-27
CTCM-DELISTED (Ctc Media) Start Date:2006-06-01
CTCT-DELISTED (Constant Contact) Start Date:2007-10-12
CTDC-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-01-09
CT-DELISTED (Capital Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTEK-DELISTED (Cynergistek) Start Date:2010-12-15
CTEL-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
CTF-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-26
CTFO-DELISTED (China Transinfo Technology Corp) Start Date:2008-01-29
CTG-DELISTED (Computer Task) Start Date:2006-06-05
CTGX-DELISTED (Computer Task) Start Date:2006-06-05
CTIB-DELISTED (Cti Industries Corporation) Start Date:2003-05-29
CTIC-DELISTED (Cti Biopharma) Start Date:2007-05-14
CTK-DELISTED (Cootek) Start Date:2018-09-28
CTP-DELISTED (Ctpartners Executive Search) Start Date:2010-12-08
CTQ-DELISTED (Qwest) Start Date:2011-06-08
CTRC-DELISTED (Centric Brands) Start Date:2007-10-15
CTRL-DELISTED (Control4 Corporation) Start Date:2013-08-02
CTRP-DELISTED (Ctrip.com International Ltd.) Start Date:2004-01-02
CTRV-DELISTED (Contravir Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-02-10
CTRX-DELISTED (Catamaran Corporation) Start Date:2006-06-23
CTST-DELISTED (Canntrust Holdings) Start Date:2017-08-24
CTT-DELISTED (Catchmark Timber Trust) Start Date:2013-12-12
CTU-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-03
CTW-DELISTED (Qwest 7.50% Notes D) Start Date:2012-05-10
CTWS-DELISTED (Connecticut Water Service) Start Date:2000-01-03
CTX-DELISTED (Centex Corp) Start Date:2012-04-03
CTXRW-DELISTED (Citius Pharmaceuticals Warrant) Start Date:2017-08-03
CTXS-DELISTED (Citrix Systems) Start Date:2004-01-02
CTY-DELISTED (Qwest Corporation) Start Date:2013-05-24
CTZ-DELISTED (Qwest Corporation) Start Date:2015-09-22
CUBE.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-11-03
CUBI.C-DELISTED (Customers Bancorp) Start Date:2015-05-19
CUBI.D-DELISTED (Customers Bancorp) Start Date:2016-02-02
CUBN-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-09-05
CU-DELISTED (Cuc International) Start Date:2004-01-02
CUEN-DELISTED (Cuentas) Start Date:2021-02-02
CURO-DELISTED (Curo Corp) Start Date:2017-12-07
CVA-DELISTED (Covanta Holding) Start Date:2007-05-02
CVC-DELISTED (Cablevision Systems Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
CVCY-DELISTED (Central Valley Community Bancorp) Start Date:2006-05-01
CVET-DELISTED (Covetrus) Start Date:2019-02-05
CVG-DELISTED (Convergys Common St) Start Date:2004-01-02
CVH-DELISTED (Coventry Health Care Comm) Start Date:2004-01-02
CVLB-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-17
CVON-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-03-15
CVRR-DELISTED (Cvr Refining) Start Date:2013-01-17
CVRS-DELISTED (Corindus Vascular Robotics) Start Date:2014-09-12
CVSL-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-06
CVT-DELISTED (Cvent Holding) Start Date:2013-08-09
CVTI-DELISTED (Covenant Transportation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CVTX-DELISTED (Cv Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CVVT-DELISTED (China Valves Technology) Start Date:2009-11-16
CWAY-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-15
CWBR-DELISTED (Cohbar) Start Date:2015-01-28
CWEI-DELISTED (Clayton Williams Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
CWHN-DELISTED (Commonwealth Reit 7.50% Senior) Start Date:2010-07-01
CWTR-DELISTED (Coldwater Creek) Start Date:2000-01-03
CWZ-DELISTED (Lehman Abs Common S) Start Date:2000-01-03
CXDC-DELISTED (China Xd Plastics Company Limited) Start Date:2009-02-12
CXG-DELISTED (Cnx Gas Corp) Start Date:2006-01-19
CXP-DELISTED (Columbia Property Trust) Start Date:2007-05-16
CXPO-DELISTED (Crimson Exploration) Start Date:2006-09-20
CXR-DELISTED (Cox Radio Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CXRX-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-12-30
CXS-DELISTED (Crexus Investment Crexus) Start Date:2009-09-17
CXZ-DELISTED (Crosshair Energy Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-07
CYAD-DELISTED (Celyad Oncology Sa American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2015-06-19
CYAN-DELISTED (Cyanotech) Start Date:2007-05-16
CYBE-DELISTED (Cyberoptics) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYBI-DELISTED (Cybex International) Start Date:2006-11-21
CYBS-DELISTED (Cybersource Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYBX-DELISTED (Cyberonics) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYCL-DELISTED (Centennial Communications Corp/De) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYDE-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-09
CY-DELISTED (Cypress Semiconductor Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYE-DELISTED (Blackrock Corporate High Yield) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYHHZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-27
CYMI-DELISTED (Cymer) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYN.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-20
CYN.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-11-12
CYNA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-18
CYNI-DELISTED (Cyan) Start Date:2013-05-09
CYNO-DELISTED (Cynosure) Start Date:2005-12-09
CYOU-DELISTED (Changyou.com Limited) Start Date:2009-04-02
CYPB-DELISTED (Cypress Bioscience Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYRN-DELISTED (Cyren Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-05-16
CYRXW-DELISTED (Cryoport) Start Date:2015-07-24
CYS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-07
CYS.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-02
CYS-DELISTED (Cys Investments) Start Date:2009-06-16
CYT-DELISTED (Cytec Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYTR-DELISTED (Cytrx Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
CYTT-DELISTED (Cyteir Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2021-06-18
CYTX-DELISTED (Cytori Therapeutics) Start Date:2005-12-19
CYTXW-DELISTED (Cytori Therapeutics Inc) Start Date:2009-06-24
CYXT-DELISTED (Cyxtera Technologies) Start Date:2020-11-02
CYXTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-05
CZFC-DELISTED (Citizens First Corporation) Start Date:2006-11-03
CZN-DELISTED (Frontier Communications Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
DAEG-DELISTED (Daegis) Start Date:2008-08-25
DAKP-DELISTED (Dakota Plains Holdings) Start Date:2011-08-24
DANG-DELISTED (E-Commerce China Dangdang) Start Date:2010-12-08
DARA-DELISTED (Dara Biosciences) Start Date:2008-02-13
DATA-DELISTED (Tableau Software) Start Date:2013-05-17
DATE-DELISTED (Jiayuan.com International Ltd.) Start Date:2011-05-11
DBCP-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
DBDQQ-DELISTED (Diebold Nixdorf Inc) Start Date:2007-04-30
DBDR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-19
DBDRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-19
DBLE-DELISTED (Double Eagle Petroleum Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
DBLEP-DELISTED (Double Eagle Petroleum Company) Start Date:2007-07-23
DBRG.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-06-25
DBRN-DELISTED (Dress Barn Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
DBTK-DELISTED (Double-Take Software/Inc) Start Date:2006-12-15
DBTX-DELISTED (Decibel Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-02-12
DCA-DELISTED (Virtus Total Return Fund) Start Date:2005-03-01
DCAR-DELISTED (Dropcar) Start Date:2007-05-16
DCE-DELISTED (Deutsche Bk Cap Fdg Tr X Noncum) Start Date:2007-11-20
DCFC-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-01-14
DCFCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-01-14
DCFWQ-DELISTED (Tritium Dcfc Ltd.) Start Date:2022-01-14
DCGOW-DELISTED (Docgo Warrants) Start Date:2020-12-17
DCIN-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-17
DCIX-DELISTED (Performance Shipping) Start Date:2011-01-03
DCM-DELISTED (Ntt Docomo) Start Date:2002-05-10
DCP.B-DELISTED (Dcp Midstream Lp) Start Date:2018-05-17
DCP.C-DELISTED (Dcp Midstream Lp) Start Date:2018-10-09
DCP-DELISTED (Dcp Midstream Lp) Start Date:2007-05-09
DCPH-DELISTED (Deciphera Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-09-28
DCRB-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-14
DCRBU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-20
DCRBW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-14
DCRC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-18
DCRCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-17
DCRD-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-05
DCRDW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-01
DCRN-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-01
DCRNU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-04
DCRNW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-05
DCT-DELISTED (Duck Creek Technologies) Start Date:2020-08-14
DCUA-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-13
DCUB-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-13
DCUC-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-07-11
DCUD-DELISTED (Dominion Energy) Start Date:2016-08-22
DCUE-DELISTED (Dominion Energy 2019 Series A Corporate Units) Start Date:2019-06-19
DD.A-DELISTED (E.I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
DD.B-DELISTED (E.I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company) Start Date:2007-05-17
DDAY-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-25
DDE-DELISTED (Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment) Start Date:2002-05-03
DDF-DELISTED (Delaware Investments Dividend & Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
DDIC-DELISTED (Ddi) Start Date:2004-03-05
DDMG-DELISTED (Digital Domain Media) Start Date:2011-11-18
DDMX-DELISTED (Dd3 Acquisition) Start Date:2005-03-14
DDR.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-06-06
DDR.J-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-03
DDR.K-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-11
DDR-DELISTED (Ddr) Start Date:2004-01-02
DDRX-DELISTED (Diedrich Coffee Inc) Start Date:2005-06-27
DDUP-DELISTED (Data Domain/Inc) Start Date:2007-06-27
DEAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-18
DEACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-10
DEACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-19
DECC-DELISTED (D&E Communications Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
DEG-DELISTED (Etablissements Delhaize Freres Et Cie Le Lion S.A.) Start Date:2001-04-26
DEH.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-15
DEH-DELISTED (D8 Holdings) Start Date:2020-09-04
DEJ-DELISTED (Dejour Energy) Start Date:2007-05-23
DEL-DELISTED (Deltic Timber Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
DELT-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-01
DEN-DELISTED (Denbury) Start Date:2020-09-21
DEPO-DELISTED (Depomed) Start Date:2003-12-17
DEST-DELISTED (Destination Maternity Corporation) Start Date:2008-12-09
DEX-DELISTED (Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-06-27
DEXO-DELISTED (Dex One Common Stoc) Start Date:2010-02-01
DFBG-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-15
DF-DELISTED (Dean Foods Company) Start Date:2004-01-02
DFFN-DELISTED (Diffusion Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2008-07-28
DFG-DELISTED (Delphi Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
DFHT-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-21
DFNS-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-03-23
DFPH-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-04
DFR-DELISTED (Cifc) Start Date:2005-06-29
DFRG-DELISTED (Del Frisco's Restaurant) Start Date:2012-07-27
DFS.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-18
DFT.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-10-20
DFT.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-03-15
DFT.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-05-18
DFT-DELISTED (Dupont Fabros Technology) Start Date:2007-10-19
DFZ-DELISTED (R.G. Barry Corporation) Start Date:2005-12-02
DGAS-DELISTED (Delta Natural Gas Company) Start Date:2002-02-04
DGI-DELISTED (Digitalglobe) Start Date:2009-05-14
DGIT-DELISTED (Digital Generation) Start Date:2000-01-03
DGNR.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-14
DGNR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-05
DGNS-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-17
DGNU-DELISTED (Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Iii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-23
DGSE-DELISTED (Dgse Companies) Start Date:2012-11-15
DHBC-DELISTED (Dhb Capital Class A) Start Date:2021-04-23
DHBCU-DELISTED (Dhb Capital Unit) Start Date:2021-03-02
DHBCW-DELISTED (Dhb Capital Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-23
DHCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-28
DHCP-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-02-12
DHFT-DELISTED (Diamond Hill Financial Trends F) Start Date:2007-11-20
DHG-DELISTED (Dws High Income Opportunities F) Start Date:2006-11-27
DHHC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-29
DHHCU-DELISTED (Diamondhead Holdings Unit) Start Date:2021-01-26
DHR.A-DELISTED (Danaher Corporation) Start Date:2019-03-06
DHRM-DELISTED (Dehaier Medical Systems Limited) Start Date:2010-04-22
DHXM-DELISTED (Dhx Media Ltd.) Start Date:2015-06-23
DICE-DELISTED (Dice Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-09-15
DIDI-DELISTED (Xiaoju Kuaizhi) Start Date:2021-06-30
DINE-DELISTED (Rewards Network Inc) Start Date:2008-05-27
DISCA-DELISTED (Discovery Class A) Start Date:2007-05-02
DISCB-DELISTED (Discovery, Series B) Start Date:2005-11-10
DISCK-DELISTED (Discovery Class C) Start Date:2008-09-18
DISH-DELISTED (Dish Network) Start Date:2005-01-03
DITC-DELISTED (Ditech Networks) Start Date:2000-01-03
DIVX-DELISTED (Divx Inc) Start Date:2006-09-25
DKDCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-06-24
DKNGW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-19
DKNGZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-19
DKP-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-09
DKQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-05-03
DKT-DELISTED (Deutsch Bk Contingent Cap Tr V) Start Date:2008-05-21
DLCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-05
DLCAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-13
DLCAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-05
DL-DELISTED (China Distance Education Holdings Limited) Start Date:2008-07-30
DLGC-DELISTED (Dialogic) Start Date:2010-10-04
DLIA-DELISTED (Delia*S) Start Date:2005-12-20
DLLR-DELISTED (Dfc Global Corp) Start Date:2005-01-28
DLM-DELISTED (Del Monte Foods Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
DLR.C-DELISTED (Digital Realty Trust) Start Date:2017-09-14
DLR.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-09-15
DLR.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-05
DLR.G-DELISTED (Digital Realty Trust) Start Date:2013-04-10
DLR.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-03-27
DLR.I-DELISTED (Digital Realty Trust) Start Date:2015-08-28
DMD-DELISTED (Demand Media) Start Date:2011-01-27
DMED-DELISTED (D. Medical Industries Ltd.) Start Date:2010-08-05
DMK-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-04-07
DMKPQ-DELISTED (Dmk Pharmaceuticals Corp) Start Date:2010-04-07
DMND-DELISTED (Diamond Foods) Start Date:2005-07-21
DMPI-DELISTED (Delmar Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-02-22
DMS-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-04-16
DMSL-DELISTED (Digital Media Solutions Inc) Start Date:2020-07-16
DMTX-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-22
DMYD.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-14
DMYD-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-05
DMYI.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-13
DMYI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-04
DMYQ-DELISTED (Dmy Technology , Iv) Start Date:2021-04-26
DMYS-DELISTED (Dmy Technology Vi Class A) Start Date:2021-11-22
DMYT-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-23
DNAA-DELISTED (Social Capital Suvretta Holdings I Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-06-30
DNAB-DELISTED (Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-30
DNAC-DELISTED (Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Iii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-30
DNAD-DELISTED (Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Iv Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-30
DNAI-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-07-16
DNAY-DELISTED (Codex Dna) Start Date:2021-06-18
DNBF-DELISTED (Dnb Financial Corp) Start Date:2004-09-13
DNBK-DELISTED (Danvers Bancorp/Inc) Start Date:2008-01-10
DNDN-DELISTED (Dendreon) Start Date:2000-06-19
DNEX-DELISTED (Dionex Corp/De) Start Date:2000-01-03
DNI-DELISTED (Dividend And Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
DNJR-DELISTED (Golden Bull Limited) Start Date:2018-03-20
DNY-DELISTED (The Denali Fund Inc) Start Date:2007-10-29
DNZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-23
DOM-DELISTED (Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
DOOR-DELISTED (Masonite International Corp) Start Date:2013-09-09
DOVA-DELISTED (Dova Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-06-29
DOVR-DELISTED (Dover Saddlery) Start Date:2005-11-18
DPD-DELISTED (Dow 30 Premium & Dividend Incom) Start Date:2005-04-27
DPHC-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-17
DPHCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-17
DPL-DELISTED (Dpl Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
DPLO-DELISTED (Diplomat Pharmacy) Start Date:2014-10-10
DPM-DELISTED (Dcp Midstream Partners Lp) Start Date:2005-12-06
DPO-DELISTED (Dow 30 Premium Dow 30 Enhanced) Start Date:2007-05-25
DPRX-DELISTED (Dipexium Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-03-13
DPS-DELISTED (Dr Pepper Snapple Inc Dr) Start Date:2008-05-07
DPTR-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
DPW-DELISTED (Dpw Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
DRAD-DELISTED (Digirad Corporation) Start Date:2004-06-10
DRA-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-09-09
DRAM-DELISTED (Dataram Corporation) Start Date:2000-02-01
DRC-DELISTED (Dresser-Rand) Start Date:2005-08-05
DRCO-DELISTED (Dynamics Research Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
DRCTW-DELISTED (Direct Digital Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2022-02-11
DR-DELISTED (Dr Pepper Snapple) Start Date:2007-03-13
DRE-DELISTED (Duke Realty Corp) Start Date:2005-01-03
DRII-DELISTED (Diamond Resorts International) Start Date:2013-07-19
DRIOW-DELISTED (Dariohealth) Start Date:2016-03-04
DRJ-DELISTED (Dreams) Start Date:2004-11-18
DRL-DELISTED (Doral Financial Corporation) Start Date:2003-01-08
DRNA-DELISTED (Dicerna Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-01-30
DRTT-DELISTED (Dirtt Environmental Solutions Common Shares) Start Date:2014-01-28
DRTX-DELISTED (Durata Therapeutics) Start Date:2012-07-19
DRUA-DELISTED (Dominion Energy) Start Date:2016-07-25
DRU-DELISTED (Dominion Resources) Start Date:2009-06-22
DRWI-DELISTED (Dragonwave) Start Date:2009-10-15
DRYS-DELISTED (Dryships) Start Date:2005-02-03
DS.B-DELISTED (Drive Shack) Start Date:2007-05-16
DS.C-DELISTED (Drive Shack) Start Date:2007-05-16
DS.D-DELISTED (Drive Shack) Start Date:2007-05-16
DSAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-07
DSCI-DELISTED (Derma Sciences) Start Date:2004-12-31
DSCM-DELISTED (Drugstore Com Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
DSCO-DELISTED (Discovery Laboratories) Start Date:2000-01-03
DSCP-DELISTED (Datascope Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
DS-DELISTED (Drive Shack) Start Date:2007-05-02
DSE-DELISTED (Duff & Phelps Select Mlp And Midstream Energy Fund) Start Date:2014-06-26
DSEY-DELISTED (Diversey) Start Date:2021-03-25
DSKE-DELISTED (Daseke) Start Date:2015-10-12
DSKEW-DELISTED (Daseke) Start Date:2015-09-14
DSKY-DELISTED (Idreamsky Technology Limited) Start Date:2014-08-07
DSPG-DELISTED (Dsp) Start Date:2007-05-02
DSSI-DELISTED (Diamond S Shipping) Start Date:2019-03-28
DST-DELISTED (Dst Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
DSTI-DELISTED (Daystar Technologies) Start Date:2004-03-22
DSW-DELISTED (Dsw) Start Date:2005-06-29
DSXN-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-29
DTEA-DELISTED (Davidstea) Start Date:2015-06-05
DTJ-DELISTED (Dte Energy Company) Start Date:2016-06-10
DTK-DELISTED (Deutsche Bk Contingent Cap Tr I) Start Date:2008-03-03
DTLK-DELISTED (Datalink Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
DTOCU-DELISTED (Digital Transformation Opportunities Units) Start Date:2021-03-10
DTOCW-DELISTED (Digital Transformation Opportunities Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-13
DTP-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-06
DTPI-DELISTED (Diamond Management & Technology Consultants/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
DTQ-DELISTED (Dte Energy Company) Start Date:2012-10-03
DTSI-DELISTED (Dts) Start Date:2003-07-11
DTT-DELISTED (Deutsche Bank Cap Fdg Tr Ix Gua) Start Date:2007-08-01
DTY-DELISTED (Dte Energy Company) Start Date:2016-12-08
DTZ-DELISTED (Dte Energy Company 2011 Series) Start Date:2011-12-08
DUA-DELISTED (Deutsche Bank Cap Fdg Tr Viii 6) Start Date:2006-11-01
DUC-DELISTED (Duff & Phelps Utility & Corporate Bond Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
DUCK-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
DUF-DELISTED (Duff & Phelps Class) Start Date:2007-10-08
DUKH-DELISTED (Duke Energy Corporation) Start Date:2013-01-16
DUNE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-19
DUNEU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
DUNEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-19
DVCR-DELISTED (Diversicare Healthcare Services) Start Date:2006-09-12
DVD-DELISTED (Dover Motorsports) Start Date:2000-01-03
DV-DELISTED (Devry) Start Date:2004-01-02
DVF-DELISTED (Blackrock Diversified Income St) Start Date:2005-01-27
DVM-DELISTED (Cohen & Steers Dividend Majors) Start Date:2005-01-27
DVMT-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-09-07
DVOX-DELISTED (Dynavox) Start Date:2010-04-22
DVR-DELISTED (Cal Dive International) Start Date:2006-12-14
DWACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-03
DWACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-30
DWA-DELISTED (Dreamworks Animation Skg) Start Date:2004-10-28
DWCH-DELISTED (Datawatch Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
DW-DELISTED (Drew Industries Incorporated) Start Date:2003-12-11
DWDP-DELISTED (Dowdupont) Start Date:2007-04-27
DWIN.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-11
DWRE-DELISTED (Demandware) Start Date:2012-03-15
DX.A-DELISTED (Dynex Capital) Start Date:2012-08-03
DX.B-DELISTED (Dynex Capital) Start Date:2013-04-22
DXB-DELISTED (Deutsche Bank Ag) Start Date:2007-06-21
DXI-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-23
DXM-DELISTED (Dex Media) Start Date:2013-05-01
DXTR-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-03-20
DYAX-DELISTED (Dyax) Start Date:2000-08-15
DYFN-DELISTED (Angel Oak Dynamic Financial Strategies Income Term Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2020-06-26
DYN.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-10-15
DYNC-DELISTED (Vistra Energy) Start Date:2016-06-28
DYN-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-03
DYNIQ-DELISTED (Dynegy) Start Date:2000-01-03
DYNS-DELISTED (Dynamics Special Purpose) Start Date:2021-05-26
DYSL-DELISTED (Dynasil Of America) Start Date:2005-05-31
EAA-DELISTED (Entergy Arkansas) Start Date:2010-10-12
EAB-DELISTED (Entergy Arkansas) Start Date:2012-12-18
EAC-DELISTED (Erickson Incorporated) Start Date:2012-04-11
EAE-DELISTED (Entergy Arkansas) Start Date:2013-06-06
EAGLW-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-21
EAR-DELISTED (Eargo) Start Date:2020-10-16
EARS-DELISTED (Auris Medical Holding Ltd.) Start Date:2014-08-06
EAS-DELISTED (Energy East Corp) Start Date:2000-09-05
EBAYL-DELISTED (Ebay) Start Date:2016-03-10
EBET-DELISTED (Esports Technologies) Start Date:2021-04-15
EBIO-DELISTED (Eleven Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2014-02-06
EBIX-DELISTED (Ebix) Start Date:2007-05-16
EBSB-DELISTED (Meridian Bancorp Common) Start Date:2008-01-23
EBTX-DELISTED (Encore Bancshares) Start Date:2007-07-18
ECA-DELISTED (Encana Corporation) Start Date:2002-05-08
ECBE-DELISTED (Ecb Bancorp Inc) Start Date:2006-06-22
ECCA-DELISTED (Eagle Point Credit Company) Start Date:2015-05-22
ECCB-DELISTED (Eagle Point Credit Company) Start Date:2016-10-13
ECCY-DELISTED (Eagle Point Credit Company) Start Date:2017-08-09
ECHO-DELISTED (Echo Global Logistics) Start Date:2009-10-02
ECOL-DELISTED (Us Ecology) Start Date:2011-04-19
ECOM-DELISTED (Channeladvisor) Start Date:2013-05-23
ECR-DELISTED (Eclipse Resources Corporation) Start Date:2014-06-20
ECT-DELISTED (Eca Marcellus Trust I) Start Date:2010-07-01
ECTY-DELISTED (Ecotality) Start Date:2010-05-20
ECYT-DELISTED (Endocyte) Start Date:2011-02-04
EDAC-DELISTED (Edac Technologies Corporation) Start Date:2007-03-14
EDE-DELISTED (The Empire District Electric Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
EDG-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-30
EDGE-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-01
EDGR-DELISTED (Edgar Online) Start Date:2000-01-03
EDGW-DELISTED (Edgewater Technology) Start Date:2000-07-03
EDI-DELISTED (Virtus Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Total Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-10-26
EDMC-DELISTED (Education Management Corporation) Start Date:2009-10-02
EDNT-DELISTED (Edison Nation) Start Date:2018-05-03
EDS-DELISTED (Exceed Company Ltd.) Start Date:2009-10-19
EDT-DELISTED (Entergy Texas Inc Mortgage Bond) Start Date:2009-05-19
EDTX-DELISTED (Edtechx Holdings Acquisition) Start Date:2018-10-05
EDTXW-DELISTED (Edtechx Holdings Acquisition) Start Date:2018-10-24
EEE-DELISTED (Evergreen Energy Inc New) Start Date:2000-01-03
EEI-DELISTED (Ecology And Environment) Start Date:2004-03-22
EEP-DELISTED (Enbridge Energy Partners) Start Date:2001-09-05
EEQ-DELISTED (Enbridge Energy Management Llc) Start Date:2002-10-11
EF-DELISTED (Edelman Financial) Start Date:2002-10-11
EFF-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Income Plus Fund) Start Date:2013-06-26
EFII-DELISTED (Electronics For Imaging) Start Date:2000-01-03
EFL-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Floating-Rate 2022 Target Term Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2017-07-27
EFM-DELISTED (Entergy Mississippi) Start Date:2010-04-15
EGAS-DELISTED (Gas Natural) Start Date:2009-08-04
EGC-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-02-28
EGGF-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-19
EGI-DELISTED (Entree Resources Ltd.) Start Date:2005-07-19
EGIF-DELISTED (Eagle Growth And Income Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2015-06-23
EGL-DELISTED (Engility Holdings) Start Date:2012-07-18
EGLE-DELISTED (Eagle Bulk Shipping Commo) Start Date:2007-05-01
EGLT-DELISTED (Egalet Corporation) Start Date:2014-02-06
EGLX-DELISTED (Enthusiast Gaming Holdings) Start Date:2019-10-21
EGN-DELISTED (Energen) Start Date:2000-01-03
EGT-DELISTED (Entertainment Gaming Asia) Start Date:2007-09-12
EGX-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
EHIC-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-18
EHT-DELISTED (Eaton Vance High Income 2021 Target Term Trust) Start Date:2016-05-26
EIA-DELISTED (Eaton Vance California Municipal Bond Fund Ii) Start Date:2002-11-26
EIGR-DELISTED (Eiger Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-01-30
EIHI-DELISTED (Eastern Insurance Holdings) Start Date:2006-09-05
EIO-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Ohio Municipal Bond) Start Date:2002-11-26
EIP-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Pennsylvania Munici) Start Date:2003-01-24
EIV-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund) Start Date:2002-11-26
EJ-DELISTED (E-House) Start Date:2007-08-09
EJFA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-21
EJFAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-25
EJFAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-22
EKDKQ-DELISTED (Eastman Kodak Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELAT-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-30
ELB-DELISTED (Entergy Louisiana) Start Date:2010-03-19
ELGX-DELISTED (Endologix) Start Date:2002-06-03
ELJ-DELISTED (Entergy Louisiana) Start Date:2012-07-06
ELLI-DELISTED (Ellie Mae) Start Date:2011-04-15
ELMG-DELISTED (Ems Technologies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELMS-DELISTED (Electric Last Mile Solutions, Class A) Start Date:2020-09-21
ELMSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-21
ELN-DELISTED (Elan Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELNK-DELISTED (Earthlink Holdings) Start Date:2001-12-14
ELON-DELISTED (Echelon Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELOS-DELISTED (Syneron Medical Ltd.) Start Date:2004-08-09
ELOX-DELISTED (Eloxx Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2012-11-23
ELOY-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-02-16
ELRC-DELISTED (Electro Rent Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ELT-DELISTED (Elster Se American Deposi) Start Date:2010-09-30
ELU-DELISTED (Entergy Louisiana) Start Date:2013-05-23
ELVT-DELISTED (Elevate Credit) Start Date:2017-04-06
ELX-DELISTED (Emulex Corporation) Start Date:2002-06-24
ELY-DELISTED (Callaway Golf) Start Date:2007-05-01
ELYS-DELISTED (Elys Game Technology) Start Date:2020-11-10
EMAN-DELISTED (Emagin) Start Date:2007-03-12
EMBK-DELISTED (Embark Technology) Start Date:2021-11-11
EMBKW-DELISTED (Embark Technology Warrants) Start Date:2021-11-11
EMC-DELISTED (Emc) Start Date:2004-01-02
EMCF-DELISTED (Emclaire Financial) Start Date:2005-06-02
EMCI-DELISTED (Emc Insurance) Start Date:2000-01-03
EMES-DELISTED (Emerge Energy Services Lp) Start Date:2013-05-09
EMJ-DELISTED (Eaton Vance New Jersey Municipa) Start Date:2003-01-24
EMMSP-DELISTED (Emmis Communications Corporatio) Start Date:2006-11-09
EMPW.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-07
EMQ-DELISTED (Entergy Mississippi) Start Date:2006-11-07
EMS-DELISTED (Emergency Medical Services Corp) Start Date:2005-12-16
EMWP-DELISTED (Eros Media World Plc A Ordinary Shares Gbp 0.30 Par Value) Start Date:2013-11-13
EMXX-DELISTED (Eurasian Minerals) Start Date:2008-10-27
EMZ-DELISTED (Entergy Mississippi) Start Date:2011-04-19
ENA-DELISTED (Enova Systems) Start Date:2006-08-29
ENBA-DELISTED (Enbridge Inc) Start Date:2018-04-25
ENBL-DELISTED (Enable Midstream Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-04-11
END-DELISTED (Endeavor International Corporat) Start Date:2004-06-15
ENDP-DELISTED (Endo International Plc) Start Date:2014-03-03
ENER-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
ENFA-DELISTED (890 5Th Avenue Partners) Start Date:2021-03-05
ENFAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-12
ENFAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-05
ENFC-DELISTED (Entegra Financial) Start Date:2014-10-01
ENH.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ENH.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-06-03
ENH.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-10-22
ENH-DELISTED (Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2003-02-28
ENIA-DELISTED (Enel Americas S.A.) Start Date:2007-05-01
ENI-DELISTED (Enersis S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
ENJY-DELISTED (Enjoy Technology) Start Date:2021-02-04
ENJYW-DELISTED (Enjoy Technology Warrant) Start Date:2021-02-04
ENL-DELISTED (Reed Elsevier Nv) Start Date:2000-01-03
ENLK-DELISTED (Enlink Midstream Partners) Start Date:2007-05-10
ENMD-DELISTED (Entremed) Start Date:2000-01-03
ENNV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
ENNVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-09
ENOB-DELISTED (Enochian Biosciences) Start Date:2015-02-02
ENOC-DELISTED (Enernoc) Start Date:2007-05-18
ENPC-DELISTED (Executive Network Partnering) Start Date:2020-11-06
ENR.A-DELISTED (Energizer Holdings) Start Date:2019-01-23
ENRJ-DELISTED (Enerjex Resources) Start Date:2014-06-17
ENSI-DELISTED (Energysouth Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ENT-DELISTED (Global Eagle Entertainment) Start Date:2013-02-01
ENTL-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-01-29
ENTU-DELISTED (Entrust Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ENTXW-DELISTED (Entera Bio Warrant) Start Date:2018-06-28
ENVE-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ENVI-DELISTED (Envivio) Start Date:2007-07-27
ENVIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-14
ENVXW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-05
ENZY-DELISTED (Enzymotec Ltd.) Start Date:2013-09-27
EOCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-04-21
EOCC-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-09
EOC-DELISTED (Empresa Nacional De Electricidad S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
EOCW-DELISTED (Elliott Opportunity Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-08-19
EONC-DELISTED (Eon Communications Corporation) Start Date:2000-02-04
EOPN-DELISTED (E2open) Start Date:2012-07-26
EOX-DELISTED (Emerald Oil) Start Date:2011-03-01
EPAX-DELISTED (Ambassadors) Start Date:2002-05-10
EPAY-DELISTED (Bottomline Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-09
EPB-DELISTED (El Paso Pipeline Partners) Start Date:2007-11-29
EP-DELISTED (El Paso Common Stoc) Start Date:2004-01-02
EPE-DELISTED (Ep Energy Corporation) Start Date:2014-01-17
EPHC-DELISTED (Epoch Holding Corporation) Start Date:2005-10-04
EPHY-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
EPHYU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-08
EPHYW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
EPIC-DELISTED (Epicor Software Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
EPIQ-DELISTED (Epiq Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
EPL-DELISTED (Energy Partners) Start Date:2009-09-23
EPOC-DELISTED (Epocrates) Start Date:2011-02-02
EPR.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-23
EPRS-DELISTED (Epirus Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-07
EPWR-DELISTED (Empowerment & Inclusion Capital I Class A) Start Date:2021-03-01
EPZM-DELISTED (Epizyme) Start Date:2013-05-31
EQC.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-06-03
EQCO-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-07-30
EQD.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-16
EQD-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-06
EQGP-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-03-05
EQOS-DELISTED (Eqonex Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-05-16
EQOSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-16
EQRX-DELISTED (Eqrx) Start Date:2021-06-03
EQRXW-DELISTED (Eqrx Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-20
EQU-DELISTED (Equal Energy Common Shares) Start Date:2010-06-01
EQY-DELISTED (Equity One) Start Date:2000-01-03
ERA-DELISTED (Era) Start Date:2013-01-22
ERB-DELISTED (Erba Diagnostics) Start Date:2007-05-16
ERES-DELISTED () Start Date:2001-04-27
ERESU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-23
ERESW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-14
ERF-DELISTED (Enerplus Corporation) Start Date:2000-11-17
ERN-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-12-10
EROC-DELISTED (Eagle Rock Energy Partners) Start Date:2006-10-25
EROCW-DELISTED (Eagle Rock Energy Partners) Start Date:2010-07-09
EROS-DELISTED (Eros International Plc) Start Date:2013-11-13
ERS-DELISTED (Empire Resources) Start Date:2007-04-17
ERT-DELISTED (Eresearch Technology) Start Date:2001-04-27
ERTS-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
ERYP-DELISTED (Erytech Pharma S.A.) Start Date:2017-11-10
ESA-DELISTED (Energy Services Of America Corp) Start Date:2006-10-03
ESBF-DELISTED (Esb Financial) Start Date:2000-01-04
ESBK-DELISTED (Elmira Savings Bank Ny) Start Date:2015-01-02
ESC-DELISTED (Emeritus Common Sto) Start Date:2000-01-03
ESCRP-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-07-03
ESD-DELISTED (Western Asset Emerging Markets) Start Date:2003-12-04
ESDI-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-04-16
ESGC-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-11-13
ESIC-DELISTED (Easylink Services International) Start Date:2007-08-22
ESIO-DELISTED (Electro Scientific Industries) Start Date:2003-08-21
ESL-DELISTED (Esterline Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
ESLR-DELISTED (Evergreen Solar Inc) Start Date:2000-11-15
ESM-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ESMK-DELISTED (Esmark Inc) Start Date:2007-11-28
ESMT-DELISTED (Engagesmart,) Start Date:2021-09-23
ESND-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-04
ESRX-DELISTED (Express Scripts Holding Company) Start Date:2004-01-02
ESS.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-04-25
ESSC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-03-20
ESSCR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-03-27
ESSCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-03-27
ESSX-DELISTED (Essex Rental) Start Date:2010-01-13
ESTE-DELISTED (Earthstone Energy) Start Date:2007-05-16
ESTR-DELISTED (Estre Ambiental) Start Date:2015-11-16
ESV-DELISTED (Ensco Plc American Depositary S) Start Date:2004-01-02
ESXB-DELISTED (Community Bankers Trust Corpor) Start Date:2007-05-16
ESYS-DELISTED (Elecsys Corporation) Start Date:2009-03-10
ET.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-05-02
ET.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-07-27
ETAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-18
ETACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-31
ETACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-18
ETAK-DELISTED (Elephant Talk Communications) Start Date:2008-06-13
ETE-DELISTED (Energy Transfer Equity) Start Date:2006-02-03
ETF-DELISTED (Aberdeen Emerging Markets Telec) Start Date:2006-05-11
ETH-DELISTED (Ethan Allen Interiors) Start Date:2007-04-26
ETP.C-DELISTED (Energy Transfer Operating) Start Date:2018-05-02
ETP.D-DELISTED (Energy Transfer Operating) Start Date:2018-07-27
ETP.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-26
ETP-DELISTED (Energy Transfer Partners) Start Date:2004-03-01
ETRM-DELISTED (Enteromedics) Start Date:2007-11-15
ETTX-DELISTED (Entasis Therapeutics Holdings) Start Date:2018-09-26
EUSG-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-10
EVAR-DELISTED (Lombard Medical) Start Date:2014-04-25
EVBS-DELISTED (Eastern Virginia Bankshares) Start Date:2003-01-24
EVDY-DELISTED (Everyday Health) Start Date:2014-03-28
EVER.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-14
EVHC-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-08-14
EVJ-DELISTED (Eaton Vance New Jersey Municipa) Start Date:2000-01-03
EVK-DELISTED (Ever-Glory International) Start Date:2008-07-16
EVKG-DELISTED (Ever-Glory International Inc) Start Date:2008-07-16
EVLO-DELISTED (Evelo Biosciences) Start Date:2018-05-09
EVOP-DELISTED (Evo Payments) Start Date:2018-05-23
EVP-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Pennsylvania Munici) Start Date:2000-01-03
EVRY-DELISTED (Everyware Global) Start Date:2013-01-16
EVSI-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-04-30
EVVV-DELISTED (Ev3 Inc) Start Date:2006-03-27
EVY-DELISTED (Eaton Vance New York Municipal Income Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
EXAC-DELISTED (Exactech) Start Date:2000-01-03
EXA-DELISTED (Exa Corporation) Start Date:2012-06-28
EXAM-DELISTED (Examworks) Start Date:2010-10-29
EXAR-DELISTED (Exar) Start Date:2000-01-03
EXBD-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
EXCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-07-03
EXD-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Strategy Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2010-06-25
EXE-DELISTED (Crexendo) Start Date:2007-05-03
EXFO-DELISTED (Exfo Inc) Start Date:2000-06-30
EXH-DELISTED (Exterran Holdings) Start Date:2007-08-21
EXL.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-01-31
EXL-DELISTED (Excel Trust) Start Date:2010-04-23
EXLP-DELISTED (Exterran Partners) Start Date:2007-08-21
EXM-DELISTED (Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd.) Start Date:2005-09-15
EXN-DELISTED (Excellon Resources Common Shares) Start Date:2020-09-23
EXPC-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-05
EXPCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-03
EXPR-DELISTED (Express) Start Date:2010-05-13
EXTN-DELISTED (Exterran Corp) Start Date:2015-11-04
EXXI-DELISTED (Energy Xxi) Start Date:2007-08-01
EYES-DELISTED (Second Sight Medical Products) Start Date:2014-11-19
EYESW-DELISTED (Second Sight Medical Products Warrants Expiring 03/14/2024) Start Date:2017-03-29
EZCH-DELISTED (Ezchip Semiconductor Ltd.) Start Date:2008-01-17
EZT-DELISTED (Entergy Texas Inc) Start Date:2015-02-04
FACA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-13
FAC-DELISTED (First Acceptance) Start Date:2004-05-03
FACE-DELISTED (Physicians Formula Holdings) Start Date:2006-11-09
FACT-DELISTED (Abbott Biotherapeutics Corp) Start Date:2008-12-19
FADV-DELISTED (First Advantage Corp) Start Date:2003-06-06
FAII.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-13
FAII-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-02
FATH-DELISTED (Fathom Digital Manufacturing Class A) Start Date:2021-03-29
FAV-DELISTED (First Trust Active Dividend Inc) Start Date:2007-09-21
FAZE-DELISTED (Faze Holdings) Start Date:2021-04-13
FAZEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-13
FBC-DELISTED (Flagstar Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-02
FBCM-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-06-08
FB-DELISTED (Facebook) Start Date:2012-05-18
FBHS-DELISTED (Fortune Brands Home & Security) Start Date:2011-10-04
FBMI-DELISTED (Firstbank Corporation) Start Date:2005-11-30
FBN-DELISTED (Furniture Brands International) Start Date:2000-01-03
FBNK-DELISTED (First Connecticut Bancorp) Start Date:2011-06-30
FBRC-DELISTED (Fbr & Co.) Start Date:2007-06-08
FBR-DELISTED (Fibria Celulose Sa) Start Date:2009-11-18
FBS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
FBSS-DELISTED (Fauquier Bankshares) Start Date:2006-09-21
FCAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-23
FCACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-22
FCACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-25
FCAX-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-05
FCB-DELISTED (Fcb Financial Holdings) Start Date:2018-01-04
FCBP-DELISTED (First Choice Bancorp) Start Date:2018-01-05
FCCY-DELISTED (1St Constitution) Start Date:2005-05-13
FCE.A-DELISTED (Forest City Enterprises) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCE.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
FCFC-DELISTED (Firstcity Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCFP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-07-20
FCH.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
FCH-DELISTED (Felcor Lodging Trust Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCLF-DELISTED (First Clover Leaf Financial) Start Date:2006-07-11
FCRD-DELISTED (First Eagle Alternative Capital Bdc) Start Date:2010-04-22
FCRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-10-09
FCRZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-08-10
FCSC-DELISTED (Fibrocell Science) Start Date:2009-10-21
FCS-DELISTED (Fairchild Semiconductor International) Start Date:2000-01-03
FCSX-DELISTED (Fcstone /Inc) Start Date:2007-03-16
FCTY-DELISTED (1St Century Bancshares) Start Date:2007-12-19
FCVA-DELISTED (First Capital Bancorp) Start Date:2007-06-14
FCY-DELISTED (Forest City Enterprises Inc Sen) Start Date:2004-02-20
FCZA-DELISTED (First Citizens Banc) Start Date:2002-02-04
FDC-DELISTED (First Data Corp) Start Date:2004-01-02
FDEF-DELISTED (First Defiance Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
FDEU-DELISTED (First Trust Dynamic Europe Equity Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2015-09-25
FDI-DELISTED (Fort Dearborn Income Securities) Start Date:2005-01-18
FDML-DELISTED (Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2008-04-23
FDO-DELISTED (Family Dollar Stores Comm) Start Date:2004-01-02
FDRY-DELISTED (Foundry Networks Llc) Start Date:2000-01-03
FDUSL-DELISTED (Fidus Investment Corporation) Start Date:2018-02-05
FDUSZ-DELISTED (Fidus Investment Corporation) Start Date:2019-02-11
FEAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-03-06
FEAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-27
FED-DELISTED (Firstfed Financial Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
FEDU-DELISTED (Four Seasons Education) Start Date:2017-11-08
FEED-DELISTED (Agfeed Industries) Start Date:2007-08-29
FEIC-DELISTED (Fei Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
FELP-DELISTED (Foresight Energy Lp) Start Date:2014-06-18
FENX-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-14
FEO-DELISTED (First Trust/Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-05-16
FES-DELISTED (Forbes Energy Services Ltd.) Start Date:2011-08-16
FEXDU-DELISTED (Fintech Ecosystem Development Units) Start Date:2021-10-19
FEYE-DELISTED (Fireeye) Start Date:2013-09-20
FFBH-DELISTED (First Federal Bancshares Of Ark) Start Date:2006-11-13
FFBW-DELISTED (Ffbw) Start Date:2017-10-11
FFCH-DELISTED (First Financial Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
FFCO-DELISTED (Fedfirst Financial Corporation) Start Date:2005-04-07
FFD-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Frontier Emergin) Start Date:2008-09-18
FFEX-DELISTED (Frozen Food Express Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
FFFD-DELISTED (North Central Bancshares) Start Date:2006-06-06
FFHL-DELISTED (Fuwei Films) Start Date:2007-05-16
FFI-DELISTED (Fortune Industries) Start Date:2007-05-16
FFKT-DELISTED (Farmers Capital Bank Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FFKY-DELISTED (First Financial Service) Start Date:2003-02-04
FFN-DELISTED (Friendfinder Networks) Start Date:2011-05-11
FGC-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-11-09
FGE-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-03
FGH-DELISTED (Fg Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-16
FGL-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-12-13
FGMC-DELISTED (Fg Merger) Start Date:2022-04-19
FGMCU-DELISTED (Fg Merger Unit) Start Date:2022-02-25
FGMCW-DELISTED (Fg Merger Warrant) Start Date:2022-04-21
FGNA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-20
FGP-DELISTED (Ferrellgas Partners) Start Date:2000-01-03
FGXI-DELISTED (Fgx International Holdings Ltd) Start Date:2007-10-25
FHCO-DELISTED (The Female Health Company) Start Date:2009-06-09
FH-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-07-27
FHL-DELISTED (Futu Holdings Limited) Start Date:2019-03-08
FHLT-DELISTED (Future Health ESG) Start Date:2021-12-08
FHN.A-DELISTED (First Horizon National Corporation) Start Date:2013-02-05
FHS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-11
FHSEY-DELISTED (First High-School Education Co Ltd.) Start Date:2021-03-11
FHY-DELISTED (First Trust Strategic High Inco) Start Date:2006-03-29
FIC-DELISTED (Fair Isaac Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
FICV-DELISTED (Frontier Investment Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-14
FI-DELISTED (Franks International) Start Date:2013-08-09
FII-DELISTED (Federated Investors) Start Date:2004-01-02
FIII-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-21
FIIIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-19
FIIIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-21
FINL-DELISTED (Finish Line) Start Date:2000-01-03
FINM-DELISTED (Marlin Technology) Start Date:2021-03-09
FINMU-DELISTED (Marlin Technology Unit) Start Date:2021-01-13
FINMW-DELISTED (Marlin Technology Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-08
FIRE-DELISTED (Sourcefire) Start Date:2007-03-09
FISH-DELISTED (Marlin Midstream Partners) Start Date:2013-07-26
FISV-DELISTED (Fiserv) Start Date:2000-01-03
FIV-DELISTED (First Trust Senior Floating Rate 2022 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2016-12-22
FIXX-DELISTED (Homology Medicines) Start Date:2018-03-28
FJA-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor) Start Date:2007-07-13
FLDM-DELISTED (Fluidigm) Start Date:2011-02-10
FLE-DELISTED (Fleetwood Enterprises Inc/De) Start Date:2000-01-03
FLKS-DELISTED (Flex Pharma) Start Date:2015-01-29
FLME-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
FLML-DELISTED (Flamel Technologies Sa) Start Date:2001-01-10
FLMN-DELISTED (Falcon Minerals) Start Date:2017-10-30
FLMNW-DELISTED (Falcon Minerals Corporation) Start Date:2017-09-20
FLOW-DELISTED (Spx Flow) Start Date:2015-09-28
FLT-DELISTED (Fleetcor Technologies) Start Date:2010-12-15
FLTX-DELISTED (Fleetmatics Plc) Start Date:2012-10-09
FLWR-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-10-09
FLXN-DELISTED (Flexion Therapeutics Com) Start Date:2014-02-12
FLY-DELISTED (Fly Leasing Limited) Start Date:2007-09-28
FMAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-06
FMAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-27
FMBI-DELISTED (First Midwest Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-04
FMBIO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-06
FMBIP-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-10
FMCI-DELISTED (Forum Merger Ii Corporation) Start Date:2017-05-02
FMCIW-DELISTED (Forum Merger Ii Corporation) Start Date:2017-05-02
FMCN-DELISTED (Focus Media Holding Limited) Start Date:2005-07-13
FMD-DELISTED (The First Marblehead Corporation) Start Date:2003-10-31
FMER.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-05
FMER-DELISTED (Firstmerit Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FMFC-DELISTED (First M & F Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FMI-DELISTED (Foundation Medicine) Start Date:2013-09-25
FMIV-DELISTED (Forum Merger Iv Class A) Start Date:2021-06-07
FMIVU-DELISTED (Forum Merger Iv Unit) Start Date:2021-03-18
FMIVW-DELISTED (Forum Merger Iv Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-26
FMO-DELISTED (Fiduciary/Claymore Energy Infrastructure Fund) Start Date:2004-12-23
FMR-DELISTED (First Mercury Financial Corp) Start Date:2006-10-18
FMSA-DELISTED (Fairmount Santrol) Start Date:2014-10-03
FMTX-DELISTED (Forma Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-06-19
FNB.E-DELISTED (F.N.B. Corporation) Start Date:2013-11-11
FNBC-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-10
FNBN-DELISTED (Fnb United) Start Date:2000-01-03
FNCH-DELISTED (Finch Therapeutics) Start Date:2021-03-19
FNFG.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-12-30
FNFG-DELISTED (First Niagara Financial) Start Date:2000-05-16
FNFV-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-23
FNGN-DELISTED (Financial Engines) Start Date:2010-03-16
FNHC-DELISTED (Federated National) Start Date:2000-01-03
FNJN-DELISTED (Finjan Holdings) Start Date:2013-08-22
FNP-DELISTED (Fifth & Pacific Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
FNSR-DELISTED (Finisar Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FOCS-DELISTED (Focus Financial Partners) Start Date:2018-07-26
FO-DELISTED (Beam Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
FOE-DELISTED (Ferro) Start Date:2007-05-03
FOGO-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-19
FOH-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-01-29
FOMX-DELISTED (Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) Start Date:2014-09-18
FORE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
FOREU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-10
FORG-DELISTED (Forgerock,) Start Date:2021-09-16
FORK-DELISTED (Fuling Global) Start Date:2015-11-04
FOUN-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-12-06
FPAC.U-DELISTED (Far Point Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-06-12
FPAC-DELISTED (Far Point Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-06-27
FPFC-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
FPI.B-DELISTED (Farmland Partners) Start Date:2017-08-18
FPIC-DELISTED (Fpic Insurance Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
FPO.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-01-25
FPO-DELISTED (First Potomac Realty Trust) Start Date:2003-10-23
FPP-DELISTED (Fieldpoint Petroleum) Start Date:2005-09-20
FPTB-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-06-13
FPT-DELISTED (Federated Premier Intermediate) Start Date:2002-12-20
FPU-DELISTED (Florida Public Utilities Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
FRAC-DELISTED (Keane) Start Date:2017-01-20
FRAN-DELISTED (Francesca's Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2011-07-22
FRB-DELISTED (Blackrock Floating Rate Income) Start Date:2004-07-28
FRBK-DELISTED (Republic First Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
FRC.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-01-25
FRC.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-04
FRC.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-27
FRC.D-DELISTED (First Republic Bank) Start Date:2013-04-24
FRC.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-30
FRC.F-DELISTED (First Republic Bank) Start Date:2015-05-28
FRC.G-DELISTED (First Republic Bank) Start Date:2016-02-11
FRC.H-DELISTED (First Republic Bank) Start Date:2017-06-09
FRC.I-DELISTED (First Republic Bank) Start Date:2018-06-06
FRC.J-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-04
FRC.K-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-17
FRC.L-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-11
FRC.M-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-22
FRC.N-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-30
FRCCO-DELISTED (First Republic Preferred Capita) Start Date:2006-06-06
FRC-DELISTED (First Republic Bank) Start Date:2010-12-09
FRED-DELISTED (Fred's) Start Date:2000-01-03
FREQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-10-03
FRF-DELISTED (Fortegra Financial Corporation) Start Date:2010-12-17
FRGAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-21
FRG-DELISTED (Franchise) Start Date:2005-06-29
FRGI-DELISTED (Fiesta Restaurant) Start Date:2012-04-26
FRLN-DELISTED (Freeline Therapeutics Plc) Start Date:2020-08-07
FRM-DELISTED (Furmanite Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-18
FRNK-DELISTED (Franklin Financial Corporation) Start Date:2011-04-28
FRONU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-11
FRP-DELISTED (Fairpoint Communications) Start Date:2011-01-25
FRS-DELISTED (Frisch's Restaurants) Start Date:2000-01-03
FRSG-DELISTED (First Reserve Sustainable Growth Class A) Start Date:2021-04-29
FRSGU-DELISTED (First Reserve Sustainable Growth Unit) Start Date:2021-03-05
FRTA-DELISTED (Forterra) Start Date:2016-10-20
FRTX-DELISTED (Fresh Tracks Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-01
FRX.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-25
FRXB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-03
FRX-DELISTED (Forest Laboratories Class) Start Date:2004-01-02
FRZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-08-10
FSBI-DELISTED (Fidelity Bancorp) Start Date:2006-08-09
FSBK-DELISTED (First South Bancorp) Start Date:2000-03-15
FSC-DELISTED (Fifth Street Finance) Start Date:2008-06-12
FSCE-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-01
FSCFL-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-05
FSCI-DELISTED (Fisher Communications) Start Date:2001-05-18
FSDC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-12
FSFR-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-07-12
FSGI-DELISTED (First Security) Start Date:2005-08-10
FSIC-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-04-16
FSII-DELISTED (Fsi International) Start Date:2000-01-03
FSIN-DELISTED (Fushi Copperweld) Start Date:2006-09-08
FSKR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-17
FSL-DELISTED (Freescale Semiconductor) Start Date:2011-05-26
FSLF-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-09-20
FSNB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
FSNN-DELISTED (Fusion Connect) Start Date:2009-06-18
FSRD-DELISTED (Fast Radius Class A) Start Date:2021-04-06
FSR-DELISTED (Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings) Start Date:2007-03-30
FSRDW-DELISTED (Fast Radius Warrants) Start Date:2022-02-07
FSRN-DELISTED (Fisker Inc) Start Date:2020-10-30
FSRV-DELISTED (Firstservice Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FSRVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-27
FSRXU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-18
FSSI-DELISTED (Fortistar Sustainable Solutions) Start Date:2021-03-22
FSSIU-DELISTED (Fortistar Sustainable Solutions Unit) Start Date:2021-01-27
FSSIW-DELISTED (Fortistar Sustainable Solutions Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-19
FST.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-21
FST-DELISTED (Forest Oil Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
FSTO-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
FSTX-DELISTED (F-Star Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-05-06
FSYS-DELISTED (Fuel Systems Solutions) Start Date:2006-08-25
FTAA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-28
FTAC-DELISTED (Fintech Acquisition Iii) Start Date:2018-11-16
FTACW-DELISTED (Fintech Acquisition Iii) Start Date:2019-01-11
FTAI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-09-17
FTAI.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-02
FTAI.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-30
FTBK-DELISTED (Frontier Financial Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-07
FTCH-DELISTED (Farfetch Limited) Start Date:2018-09-21
FTCV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-25
FTCVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-04
FTCVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-25
FTD-DELISTED (Ftd Companies) Start Date:2013-10-10
FTE-DELISTED (France Telecom S.A. Common Stoc) Start Date:2000-01-03
FTEO-DELISTED (Fronteo) Start Date:2013-05-16
FTGX-DELISTED (Fibernet Telecom Inc) Start Date:2000-04-27
FTIV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-20
FTIVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-20
FTNW-DELISTED (Fte Networks) Start Date:2015-12-29
FTOC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-16
FTOCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-26
FTOCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-16
FTO-DELISTED (Frontier Oil Corp/New) Start Date:2000-01-03
FTRP-DELISTED (Field Trip Health Common Shares) Start Date:2021-07-29
FTRPR-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-05
FTSI-DELISTED (Fts International) Start Date:2018-02-02
FTSV-DELISTED (Forty Seven) Start Date:2018-06-28
FTT-DELISTED (Federated Enhanced Treasury Inc) Start Date:2010-01-27
FTWR-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-08-30
FUBC-DELISTED (1St United Bancorp) Start Date:2009-09-18
FUEL-DELISTED (Rocket Fuel) Start Date:2013-09-20
FULL-DELISTED (Full Circle Capital Corporation) Start Date:2010-09-02
FUQI-DELISTED (Fuqi International) Start Date:2007-10-23
FUR-DELISTED (Winthrop Realty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
FURX-DELISTED (Furiex Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2010-06-01
FUSE.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-26
FUSE-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-14
FUSN-DELISTED (Fusion Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2020-06-26
FUVV-DELISTED (Arcimoto Inc) Start Date:2017-09-21
FVAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-22
FVE-DELISTED (Five Star Quality Care) Start Date:2002-01-02
FVIV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-07
FVT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-25
FWAA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
FWAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-25
FWF-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-06-05
FWLT-DELISTED (Foster Wheeler Ag) Start Date:2005-06-03
FWM-DELISTED (Fairway Holdings) Start Date:2013-04-17
FWPAY-DELISTED (Forward Pharma A) Start Date:2014-10-15
FWP-DELISTED (Forward Pharma A/S) Start Date:2014-10-15
FWV-DELISTED (First West Virginia Bancorp) Start Date:2005-09-21
FXCB-DELISTED (Fox Chase Bancorp) Start Date:2006-10-02
FXCM-DELISTED (Fxcm) Start Date:2010-12-02
FXEN-DELISTED (Fx Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
FXLV-DELISTED (F45 Training) Start Date:2021-07-15
FXRE-DELISTED (Circle Entertainment/Inc) Start Date:2008-01-10
FZT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-06
GAB.D-DELISTED (Gabelli Equity Trust) Start Date:2007-05-16
GAB.J-DELISTED (Gabelli Equity Trust) Start Date:2016-04-01
GA-DELISTED (Giant Interactive Inc Ame) Start Date:2007-11-01
GAGA-DELISTED (Le Gaga Holdings Ltd) Start Date:2010-10-29
GAI-DELISTED (Global-Tech Advanced Innovations) Start Date:2000-01-03
GAINM-DELISTED (Gladstone Investment Corporation) Start Date:2016-09-27
GAINO-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-11
GAINP-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-06
GALE-DELISTED (Galena Biopharma) Start Date:2008-03-12
GALTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-28
GAMCU-DELISTED (Golden Arrow Merger Unit) Start Date:2021-03-17
GAMCU-DELISTED (Golden Arrow Merger Unit) Start Date:2021-03-17
GAMI-DELISTED (Gamco Investors Inc Et Al) Start Date:2007-05-16
GAP-DELISTED (Gap) Start Date:2000-01-03
GAR-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-08-01
GARS-DELISTED (Garrison Capital) Start Date:2013-03-27
GAS-DELISTED (Agl Resources Common Stoc) Start Date:2009-02-09
GAT-DELISTED (Georgia Power Company Series 20) Start Date:2008-12-09
GBE-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-06-30
GBG-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-12-17
GBL-DELISTED (Gamco Investors) Start Date:2000-01-03
GBLIL-DELISTED (Global Indemnity Limited) Start Date:2017-04-10
GBLIZ-DELISTED (Global Indemnity Limited) Start Date:2015-08-28
GBNH-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-16
GBNK-DELISTED (Guaranty Bancorp) Start Date:2008-05-12
GBOX-DELISTED (Greenbox Pos) Start Date:2021-02-17
GBS-DELISTED (Gbs) Start Date:2020-12-23
GBSN-DELISTED (Great Basin Scientific) Start Date:2014-10-09
GBT-DELISTED (Global Blood Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-08-12
GCA-DELISTED (Global Cash Access Holdings) Start Date:2005-09-23
GCF-DELISTED (Global Income & Currency Fund I) Start Date:2006-05-02
GCH-DELISTED (Greater China Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
GCOM-DELISTED (Globecomm Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
GCP-DELISTED (Gcp Applied Technologies) Start Date:2016-01-26
GCV.B-DELISTED (Gabelli Convertible And Income Securities Fund) Start Date:2007-05-17
GCVRZ-DELISTED (Sanofi) Start Date:2011-03-31
GDL.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-04-18
GDP.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-12
GDP.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-08-21
GDP-DELISTED (Goodrich Petroleum Corp) Start Date:2017-04-11
GDV.A-DELISTED (Gabelli Dividend) Start Date:2007-05-16
GDV.D-DELISTED (Gabelli Dividend) Start Date:2007-05-16
GDV.G-DELISTED (Gabelli Dividend) Start Date:2016-07-05
GDYNW-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-10-31
GEA-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-10-17
GEB-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-12
GECCL-DELISTED (Great Elm Capital) Start Date:2017-09-25
GECCN-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-21
GEC-DELISTED (Great Elm Capital) Start Date:2002-12-12
GECXU-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-26
GED-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-09
GEH-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-02-01
GEHL-DELISTED (Gehl Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
GEJ-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-23
GEK-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-21
GEMP-DELISTED (Gemphire Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-08-05
GENQ-DELISTED (Genesis Unicorn Capital Class A) Start Date:2022-04-07
GEOI-DELISTED (Georesources) Start Date:2000-01-03
GEOY-DELISTED (Geoeye) Start Date:2006-09-14
GEP-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-02-24
GEQ-DELISTED (Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhance) Start Date:2011-10-27
GER-DELISTED (Goldman Sachs Mlp Energy Renaissance Fund) Start Date:2014-09-26
GET-DELISTED (Getnet Adquirencia E Servicos Para Meios De Pagamento S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
GETI-DELISTED (Gentek Inc) Start Date:2004-11-23
GEVA-DELISTED (Synageva Biopharma) Start Date:2011-11-04
GFA-DELISTED (Gafisa S.A.) Start Date:2007-03-16
GFED-DELISTED (Guaranty Federal Bancshares) Start Date:2006-11-13
GFG-DELISTED (Guaranty Financial Inc) Start Date:2007-12-31
GFIG-DELISTED (Gfi) Start Date:2005-02-01
GFLU-DELISTED (Gfl Environmental Tangible Equity Units) Start Date:2020-03-03
GFNCP-DELISTED (General Finance Corporation) Start Date:2013-05-20
GFNSL-DELISTED (General Finance Corporation) Start Date:2014-06-13
GFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-11-07
GFX.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
GFX-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-08
GFY-DELISTED (Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic Fund) Start Date:2004-10-27
GFZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-01-30
GGC-DELISTED (Georgia Gulf New Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
GG-DELISTED (Goldcorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
GGE-DELISTED (Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Stra) Start Date:2007-05-04
GGEI-DELISTED (Green Giant Inc) Start Date:2010-09-13
GGMC-DELISTED (Glenfarne Merger Class A) Start Date:2021-05-27
GGMCW-DELISTED (Glenfarne Merger Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-18
GGP.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-02-19
GGP-DELISTED (General Growth Properties) Start Date:2004-01-02
GGPI-DELISTED (Gores Guggenheim) Start Date:2021-05-18
GGPIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-23
GGPIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-17
GGS-DELISTED (Global Geophysical Services) Start Date:2010-04-22
GGT.B-DELISTED (Gabelli Multi-Media Trust) Start Date:2007-05-16
GGZ.A-DELISTED (Gabelli Global Small And Mid Cap Value Trust) Start Date:2016-05-12
GHDX-DELISTED (Genomic Health) Start Date:2005-09-29
GHIV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-03-24
GHIVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-24
GHIVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-08
GHL-DELISTED (Greenhill & Co) Start Date:2007-05-04
GHVI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-02
GHVIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-11
GHVIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-02
GIA-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-12-14
GI-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-05
GIG-DELISTED (Gigcapital) Start Date:2012-04-25
GIGGU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-09
GIGGW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-01
GIIX-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Viii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-26
GIIXU-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Viii Unit) Start Date:2021-02-25
GIIXW-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Viii Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-23
GIK-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-02
GIM-DELISTED (Templeton Global Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-03
GIMO-DELISTED (Gigamon) Start Date:2013-06-12
GIVN-DELISTED (Given Imaging Ltd.) Start Date:2001-10-26
GIW-DELISTED (Giginternational1) Start Date:2005-12-30
GIWWW-DELISTED (Giginternational1 Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-12
GIX-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-01
GJD-DELISTED (Synthetic Fixed-Income Securiti) Start Date:2005-12-16
GJJ-DELISTED (Synthetic Fixed-Inc Strats Stra) Start Date:2004-11-04
GJM-DELISTED (Gmac Llc 7.35% Notes Due 8/8/20) Start Date:2002-08-28
GJN-DELISTED (Floating Rate Structured Repack) Start Date:2005-11-21
GJV-DELISTED (Synthetic Fixed-Income Securities) Start Date:2007-08-01
GKK-DELISTED (Gramercy Capital Common St) Start Date:2004-08-02
GKM-DELISTED (Gmac Llc 7.25% Notes Due 2/1/20) Start Date:2003-03-05
GKNT-DELISTED (Geeknet) Start Date:2009-11-27
GKSR-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-01-23
GL.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-04-06
GLADD-DELISTED (Gladstone Capital Corporation) Start Date:2018-11-08
GLA-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-06-20
GLADO-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-05-16
GLAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
GLAQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
GLBC-DELISTED (Global Crossing Ltd) Start Date:2004-10-15
GLBL-DELISTED (Cartesian Growth Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-04-27
GLBLU-DELISTED (Cartesian Growth Unit) Start Date:2021-02-24
GLBLW-DELISTED (Cartesian Growth Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-28
GLCH-DELISTED (Gleacher & Company) Start Date:2009-11-27
GLDC-DELISTED (Golden Enterprises) Start Date:2002-06-20
GLEO-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-14
GLF-DELISTED (Gulfmark Offshore) Start Date:2007-07-20
GLG-DELISTED (China Bat) Start Date:2015-04-22
GLGL-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-20
GLIBP-DELISTED (Gci Liberty) Start Date:2018-03-12
GLK-DELISTED (Great Lakes Chemical) Start Date:2006-06-01
GLLIU-DELISTED (Globalink Investment Unit) Start Date:2021-12-07
GLOG-DELISTED (Gaslog Lp.) Start Date:2012-03-30
GLOP-DELISTED (Gaslog Partners Lp Common Units Representing Partnership Interests) Start Date:2014-05-07
GLOW-DELISTED (Glowpoint) Start Date:2007-05-16
GLP.A-DELISTED (Global Partners Lp) Start Date:2018-08-13
GLPW-DELISTED (Global Power Equipment) Start Date:2008-02-19
GLS-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-11
GLSH-DELISTED (Gelesis Holdings Inc) Start Date:2022-01-14
GMA-DELISTED (Gmac Llc 7.30% Public Income No) Start Date:2001-04-10
GMBL-DELISTED (Esports Entertainment) Start Date:2010-07-07
GMBT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
GMBTU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-20
GMBTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
GMCR-DELISTED (Keurig Green Mountain) Start Date:2004-01-02
GMDA-DELISTED (Gamida Cell Ltd.) Start Date:2018-10-26
GMHI-DELISTED (Gores Metropoulos) Start Date:2019-02-01
GMHIW-DELISTED (Gores Metropoulos) Start Date:2019-03-25
GMII-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
GMIIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-20
GMIIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
GMK-DELISTED (Gruma S.A.B. De Cv) Start Date:2000-01-04
GMLP-DELISTED (Golar Lng Partners Lp) Start Date:2011-04-08
GMLPP-DELISTED (Golar Lng Partners Lp) Start Date:2017-11-02
GMO-DELISTED (General Moly) Start Date:2006-08-16
GMR-DELISTED (General Maritime Subsidiary Corp) Start Date:2001-06-14
GMTA-DELISTED (Gatx Corporation) Start Date:2016-05-18
GMT-DELISTED (Gatx) Start Date:2000-01-03
GMTN-DELISTED (Gander Mountain Co) Start Date:2004-04-21
GMTX-DELISTED (Gemini Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-08-12
GMVD-DELISTED (G Medical Innovations Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-25
GMVDW-DELISTED (G Medical Innovations Holdings Warrants) Start Date:2021-06-25
GMXR-DELISTED (Gmx Resources) Start Date:2001-03-16
GMZ-DELISTED (Goldman Sachs Mlp Income Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2013-11-26
GNACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-15
GNBC-DELISTED (Green Bancorp) Start Date:2014-08-08
GNCA-DELISTED (Genocea Biosciences) Start Date:2014-02-05
GNC-DELISTED (Gnc Holdings) Start Date:2011-04-01
GNCMA-DELISTED (Gci Liberty) Start Date:2004-01-02
GNE.A-DELISTED (Genie Energy Ltd.) Start Date:2012-10-24
GNET-DELISTED (Global Traffic Network/Inc) Start Date:2006-03-30
GNI-DELISTED (Great Northern Iron Ore Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
GNMX-DELISTED (Aevi Genomic Medicine) Start Date:2011-04-08
GNOG-DELISTED (Golden Nugget Online Gaming, Class A) Start Date:2019-06-06
GNOGW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-06
GNPK-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-14
GNRS-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-05-21
GNRT-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-25
GNUS-DELISTED (Genius Brands International) Start Date:2012-02-03
GNVC-DELISTED (Genvec) Start Date:2000-12-12
GOAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-05
GOAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-25
GOED-DELISTED (1847 Goedeker) Start Date:2020-07-31
GOK-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-11
GOL-DELISTED (Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A.) Start Date:2004-06-24
GOLLQ-DELISTED (Gol Intelligent Airlines Inc) Start Date:2007-04-30
GOM-DELISTED (Gmac Llc 7.375% Notes Due 8/8/2) Start Date:2005-05-09
GOMO-DELISTED (Sungy Mobile Limited) Start Date:2013-11-22
GOODM-DELISTED (Gladstone Commercial Corporation) Start Date:2016-06-06
GOODP-DELISTED (Gladstone Commercial Corporation) Start Date:2006-09-07
GOV-DELISTED (Government Properties Income Trust) Start Date:2009-06-04
GOVNI-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-05-31
GPACU-DELISTED (Global Partner Acquisition Ii Unit) Start Date:2015-07-30
GPAQ-DELISTED (Gordon Pointe Acquisition) Start Date:2018-03-12
GPAQW-DELISTED (Gordon Pointe Acquisition) Start Date:2018-03-12
GPCO-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-08-06
GPE.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-17
GPIC-DELISTED (Gaming Partners International Corporation) Start Date:2004-09-02
GPL-DELISTED (Great Panther Mining Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2008-10-27
GPM-DELISTED (Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund) Start Date:2009-11-27
GPP-DELISTED (Green Plains Partners Lp Common Units) Start Date:2015-06-26
GPR-DELISTED (Geopetro Resources Co Common St) Start Date:2007-02-15
GPT.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
GPT-DELISTED (Gramercy Property Trust) Start Date:2013-05-21
GPX-DELISTED (Gp Strategies) Start Date:2000-01-03
GRA-DELISTED (W.R. Grace & Co.) Start Date:2005-01-03
GRAF-DELISTED (Graf Industrial) Start Date:2018-10-26
GRAY-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-25
GRB-DELISTED (Gerber Scientific Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
GRCL-DELISTED (Gracell Biotechnologies) Start Date:2021-01-08
GR-DELISTED (Goodrich Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
GRH.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-07-31
GRH-DELISTED (Greenhunter Resources) Start Date:2008-01-02
GRIF-DELISTED (Griffin Industrial Realty) Start Date:2006-01-20
GRIL-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
GRM-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-02-11
GRMH-DELISTED (Graymark Healthcare) Start Date:2008-04-15
GRNA-DELISTED (Greenlight Biosciences Holdings Pbc) Start Date:2021-03-08
GRNAW-DELISTED (Greenlight Biosciences Holdings Pbc Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-08
GRNV-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-09
GRNVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-09
GRO-DELISTED (Agria Corporation) Start Date:2007-11-07
GRPH-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-12-15
GRR-DELISTED (Asia Tigers Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
GRRF-DELISTED (China Grentech Limi) Start Date:2006-03-30
GRSH-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Iii) Start Date:2015-11-30
GRSHW-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Iii) Start Date:2015-11-25
GRSV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-29
GRSVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-06
GRSVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-01
GRT-DELISTED (Glimcher Realty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
GRTX-DELISTED (Galera Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-11-07
GRUB-DELISTED (Grubhub) Start Date:2021-06-15
GRVI-DELISTED (Grove) Start Date:2021-06-24
GRX.A-DELISTED (The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust) Start Date:2010-08-20
GRX.B-DELISTED (The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust) Start Date:2014-09-26
GRZ-DELISTED (Gold Reserve Inc) Start Date:2003-10-03
GS.B-DELISTED (Goldman Sachs) Start Date:2007-05-16
GS.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-01
GS.J-DELISTED (Goldman Sachs) Start Date:2013-04-29
GS.N-DELISTED (Goldman Sachs) Start Date:2016-02-16
GSAH.U-DELISTED (Gs Acquisition Holdings) Start Date:2018-06-08
GSAH-DELISTED (Gs Acquisition Holdings) Start Date:2018-07-30
GSDI-DELISTED (Global System Dynamics Inc) Start Date:2021-09-28
GSDWU-DELISTED (Global Systems Dynamics Unit) Start Date:2021-08-05
GSE-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-02-13
GSEV-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Vii, Class A) Start Date:2021-04-15
GSEVU-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Vii Units) Start Date:2021-02-23
GSEVW-DELISTED (Gores Holdings Vii Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-15
GSF-DELISTED (Goldman Sachs) Start Date:2011-03-29
GSH-DELISTED (Guangshen Railway Company Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
GSHT-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-03-24
GSIC-DELISTED (Gsi Commerce Inc) Start Date:2002-05-24
GSI-DELISTED (General Steel Holdings) Start Date:2007-10-03
GSJ-DELISTED (Goldman Sachs) Start Date:2012-05-10
GSJK-DELISTED (Compressco Partners) Start Date:2011-06-15
GSKY-DELISTED (Greensky) Start Date:2018-05-24
GSLD-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-22
GSMG-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-09-12
GSQB-DELISTED (G Squared Ascend Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-08-05
GSQD-DELISTED (G Squared Ascend I Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-26
GSRMW-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-04-18
GSS-DELISTED (Golden Star Resources) Start Date:2002-06-19
GST.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-06-23
GST.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-11-08
GST-DELISTED (Gastar Exploration) Start Date:2006-01-05
GSUM-DELISTED (Gridsum Holding) Start Date:2016-09-23
GSVC-DELISTED (Gsv Capital Corp) Start Date:2011-04-28
GSV-DELISTED (Gold Standard Ventures) Start Date:2012-06-08
GTAT-DELISTED (Gt Advanced Technologies) Start Date:2008-07-25
GTH-DELISTED (Genetron Holdings) Start Date:2020-06-19
GTIV-DELISTED (Gentiva Health Services) Start Date:2000-03-16
GTPA-DELISTED (Gores Technology Partners) Start Date:2021-05-06
GTPB-DELISTED (Gores Technology Partners Ii Class A) Start Date:2021-05-05
GTPBU-DELISTED (Gores Technology Partners Ii Units) Start Date:2021-03-12
GTPBW-DELISTED (Gores Technology Partners Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-06
GTS-DELISTED (Triple-S Management) Start Date:2007-12-07
GTSI-DELISTED (Gtsi) Start Date:2000-01-03
GTT-DELISTED (Gtt Communications) Start Date:2013-06-17
GTU-DELISTED (Central Goldtrust) Start Date:2006-09-22
GTXAP-DELISTED (Garrett Motion Series A Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock) Start Date:2021-05-28
GTXI-DELISTED (Gtx) Start Date:2004-02-03
GTYH-DELISTED (Gty Technology) Start Date:2016-11-18
GUA-DELISTED (Gulf Power Company Series 2011A) Start Date:2011-05-23
GU-DELISTED (Gushan Environmental Energy Lim) Start Date:2007-12-19
GUID-DELISTED (Guidance Software) Start Date:2006-12-13
GUL-DELISTED (Gulf Power Company Preferred Se) Start Date:2003-10-09
GUT.A-DELISTED (Gabelli Utility Trust) Start Date:2007-05-16
GVHR-DELISTED (Gevity Hr Inc) Start Date:2001-08-20
GWAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-07
GWACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-07
GWAY-DELISTED (Greenway Medical Technologies) Start Date:2012-02-02
GWB-DELISTED (Great Western Bancorp) Start Date:2014-10-15
GW-DELISTED (Grey Wolf Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
GWF-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-09
GWGH-DELISTED (Gwg) Start Date:2014-09-25
GWR-DELISTED (Genesee & Wyoming) Start Date:2002-09-27
GXDX-DELISTED (Genoptix Inc) Start Date:2007-10-30
GXGX-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-08
GXGXW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-19
GXP.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-10-18
GXP-DELISTED (Great Plains Energy Incorporated) Start Date:2001-10-01
GYA-DELISTED (Corporate Asset Backed Cab) Start Date:2006-05-08
GYB-DELISTED (Cabco Series 2004-101 Trust) Start Date:2004-06-04
GYC-DELISTED (Corporate Asset Backed Cabco) Start Date:2006-04-26
GY-DELISTED (Gencorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
GYI-DELISTED (Getty Images Inc) Start Date:2002-11-05
GYMB-DELISTED (Gymboree Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
GZT-DELISTED (Gazit-Globe) Start Date:2011-12-14
HAAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-14
HAACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-13
HAACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-14
HABT-DELISTED (The Habit Restaurants) Start Date:2014-11-20
HAIR-DELISTED (Restoration Robotics) Start Date:2017-10-12
HALL-DELISTED (Hallmark Financial Services) Start Date:2007-05-16
HANS-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
HAPP-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-10-25
HAR-DELISTED (Harman International Industries) Start Date:2004-01-02
HARP-DELISTED (Harpoon Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-02-08
HAST-DELISTED (Hastings Entertainment) Start Date:2000-01-03
HAV-DELISTED (Helios Advantage Income Fund) Start Date:2008-12-29
HAWK-DELISTED (Blackhawk Network Holdings) Start Date:2013-04-19
HAYZ-DELISTED (Hayes Lemmerz International Inc) Start Date:2003-12-03
HBANN-DELISTED (Huntington Bancshares Incorporated) Start Date:2016-08-19
HBANO-DELISTED (Huntington Bancshares Incorporated) Start Date:2016-03-28
HBC-DELISTED (Hsbc Holdings) Start Date:2010-02-22
HBHC-DELISTED (Hancock Holding) Start Date:2004-01-02
HBHCL-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-01
HBK-DELISTED (Hamilton Bancorp) Start Date:2012-10-10
HBMD-DELISTED (Howard Bancorp Md) Start Date:2011-11-07
HBNK-DELISTED (Hampden Bancorp) Start Date:2007-01-17
HBOS-DELISTED (Heritage Financial) Start Date:2005-06-30
HBP-DELISTED (Huttig Building Products) Start Date:2010-09-24
HCAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-03-20
HCACU-DELISTED (Hennessy Capital Acquisition Iv) Start Date:2015-07-23
HCACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-03-14
HCAP-DELISTED (Harvest Capital Credit Corporation) Start Date:2013-05-03
HCAPZ-DELISTED (Harvest Capital Credit Corporation) Start Date:2017-08-31
HCAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-27
HCAR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-05
HCARU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-23
HCARW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-05
HCBK-DELISTED (Hudson City Bancorp) Start Date:2004-01-02
HCCC-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-02-21
HCCCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-15
HCCCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-08
HCCH-DELISTED (Hl Acquisitions) Start Date:2018-07-18
HCCHR-DELISTED (Hl Acquisitions) Start Date:2018-07-18
HCCHW-DELISTED (Hl Acquisitions) Start Date:2018-07-18
HCCI-DELISTED (Heritage-Crystal Clean) Start Date:2008-03-12
HCCO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-28
HCDI-DELISTED (Harbor Custom Development) Start Date:2020-08-28
HCDIP-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-06-10
HCDIZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-05
HCDWQ-DELISTED (Harbor Custom Development Inc) Start Date:2021-06-10
HCDZQ-DELISTED (Harbor Custom Development Inc) Start Date:2021-10-05
HCF-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-06-29
HCFT.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-06
HCFT-DELISTED (Hunt Companies Finance Trust) Start Date:2013-03-22
HCHC-DELISTED (Hc2) Start Date:2011-06-23
HCIC-DELISTED (Hennessy Capital Investment V Class A) Start Date:2021-03-08
HCICU-DELISTED (Hennessy Capital Investment V Units) Start Date:2021-01-15
HCICW-DELISTED (Hennessy Capital Investment V Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-08
HCII-DELISTED (Hudson Executive Investment Ii Class A) Start Date:2008-09-15
HCIIU-DELISTED (Hudson Executive Investment Ii Unit) Start Date:2008-07-31
HCIIW-DELISTED (Hudson Executive Investment Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-22
HCLP-DELISTED (Hi-Crush Partners Lp) Start Date:2012-08-16
HCN.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-03-09
HCN.J-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-09
HCN-DELISTED (Health Care Reit Common S) Start Date:2004-01-02
HCP-DELISTED (Hcp) Start Date:2004-01-02
HCS-DELISTED (Hsbc Holdings) Start Date:2008-05-15
HCT-DELISTED (American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust) Start Date:2014-04-07
HCXZ-DELISTED (Hercules Capital) Start Date:2018-05-03
HDIX-DELISTED (Home Diagnostics Inc) Start Date:2006-09-21
HDNG-DELISTED (Hardinge) Start Date:2000-01-03
HDP-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-01-04
HDY-DELISTED (Hyperdynamics Corporation) Start Date:2005-05-05
HE.U-DELISTED (Hawaiian Electric Industries) Start Date:2007-05-16
HEB-DELISTED (Hemispherx Biopharma) Start Date:2000-01-03
HEBT-DELISTED (Hebron Technology Co.) Start Date:2016-12-27
HECCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-09
HECCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-30
HEC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-30
HEK-DELISTED (Heckmann Common Sto) Start Date:2007-11-20
HELI-DELISTED (Chc Ltd.) Start Date:2014-01-17
HEOP-DELISTED (Heritage Oaks Bancorp) Start Date:2005-04-12
HEP-DELISTED (Holly Energy Partners, L.P.) Start Date:2007-05-16
HERA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-26
HERAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-04
HERAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-28
HES.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-02-17
HET-DELISTED (Caesars Entertainment Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
HEV-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-05-08
HEW-DELISTED (Hewitt Associates Inc) Start Date:2002-07-24
HEXO-DELISTED (Hexo Common Shares) Start Date:2019-01-23
HFBC-DELISTED (Hopfed Bancorp) Start Date:2005-12-29
HFC-DELISTED (Hollyfrontier Corp) Start Date:2007-04-27
HFFC-DELISTED (Hf Financial) Start Date:2006-05-23
HGEN-DELISTED (Humanigen,) Start Date:2016-01-13
HGG-DELISTED (Hhgregg) Start Date:2007-07-20
HGH-DELISTED (Hartford Financial Services) Start Date:2012-04-25
HGIC-DELISTED (Harleysville) Start Date:2000-01-03
HGRD-DELISTED (Health Grades Inc) Start Date:2005-06-21
HGR-DELISTED (Hanger) Start Date:2000-01-03
HGSH-DELISTED (China Hgs Real Estate) Start Date:2010-02-11
HGSI-DELISTED (Human Genome Sciences) Start Date:2000-01-03
HGT-DELISTED (Hugoton Royalty Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
HHC-DELISTED (Howard Hughes Corporation) Start Date:2010-11-05
HH-DELISTED (Hooper Holmes) Start Date:2000-01-03
HHGP-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-04-01
HHLA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-29
HHR-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-09
HHRS-DELISTED () Start Date:2023-02-27
HHRSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2023-02-27
HHT-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-06-16
HHY-DELISTED (Helios High Yield Fund) Start Date:2009-09-08
HIF-DELISTED (Western Asset High Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
HIFR-DELISTED (Infrareit) Start Date:2015-01-30
HIGA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
HIGA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-11
HIH-DELISTED (Helios High Income Fund Inc New) Start Date:2008-12-29
HIII-DELISTED (Hudson Executive Investment Iii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-20
HIIIU-DELISTED (Hudson Executive Investment Iii Unit) Start Date:2021-02-24
HIIQ-DELISTED (Health Insurance Innovations) Start Date:2013-02-08
HIL-DELISTED (Hill International) Start Date:2008-02-22
HILL-DELISTED (Dot Hill Systems) Start Date:2003-07-28
HILS-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-01-12
HIS-DELISTED (Blackrock High Income Shares Sh) Start Date:2000-01-03
HIT-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
HITK-DELISTED (Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
HITT-DELISTED (Hittite Microwave Corporation) Start Date:2005-07-22
HJA-DELISTED (Ms Structured Asset Saturn) Start Date:2006-09-14
HJG-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-03-10
HJJ-DELISTED (Ms Structured Asset Saturn) Start Date:2006-08-08
HJL-DELISTED (Ms Structured Asset Saturns Gs) Start Date:2005-07-20
HJLI-DELISTED (Hancock Jaffe Laboratories) Start Date:2018-05-31
HJLIW-DELISTED (Hancock Jaffe Laboratories) Start Date:2018-05-31
HJN-DELISTED (Saturns Goldman Sachs Cap I Ser) Start Date:2006-09-12
HJO-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-02-23
HJR-DELISTED (Ms Structured Asset Ms St) Start Date:2007-08-02
HJT-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-08-01
HJV-DELISTED (Ms Structured Asset Saturns Ge Cap Series 2002-14) Start Date:2007-03-27
HK-DELISTED (Halcon Resources Corporation) Start Date:2004-07-16
HKIB-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-05
HKN-DELISTED (Hkn) Start Date:2007-06-06
HKTV-DELISTED (Hong Kong Television Network Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
HLAH-DELISTED (Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Class A) Start Date:2021-03-18
HLAHU-DELISTED (Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Unit) Start Date:2021-01-13
HLAHW-DELISTED (Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-15
HLBZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-09
HLBZW-DELISTED (Helbiz Warrant) Start Date:2019-12-09
HLEX-DELISTED (Catalyst Health Solutions/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
HLG-DELISTED (Hailiang Education American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2015-07-07
HLGN-DELISTED (Heliogen) Start Date:2021-05-07
HLS-DELISTED (Hls Therapeutics) Start Date:2006-11-01
HLSS-DELISTED (Home Loan Servicing Solutions) Start Date:2012-02-29
HLYS-DELISTED (Heelys) Start Date:2006-12-08
HMA-DELISTED (Heartland Media Acquisition) Start Date:2022-03-14
HMCO-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-17
HMCOU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-09
HME-DELISTED (Home Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
HMG-DELISTED (Hmg/Courtland Properties) Start Date:2000-04-10
HMHC-DELISTED (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Comp) Start Date:2013-11-14
HMH-DELISTED (Helios Multi-Sector High Income) Start Date:2008-12-29
HMI-DELISTED (Huami Corporation) Start Date:2018-02-08
HMIN-DELISTED (Home Inns & Hotels Management) Start Date:2006-10-27
HMLP.A-DELISTED (Hoegh Lng Partners Lp) Start Date:2017-10-09
HMLP-DELISTED (Hoegh Lng Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-08-07
HMPR-DELISTED (Hampton Roads Bankshares) Start Date:2006-08-03
HMPT-DELISTED (Home Point Capital Inc) Start Date:2021-01-29
HMT-DELISTED (Host Marriott Corp) Start Date:2004-01-02
HMTV-DELISTED (Hemisphere Media C) Start Date:2013-04-05
HNBC-DELISTED (Harleysville National Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
HNGR-DELISTED (Hanger) Start Date:2007-05-11
HNH-DELISTED (Handy & Harman Ltd.) Start Date:2008-11-26
HNP-DELISTED (Huaneng Power International) Start Date:2000-01-03
HNR-DELISTED (Harvest Natural Resources) Start Date:2002-05-21
HNSN-DELISTED (Hansen Medical) Start Date:2006-11-16
HNT-DELISTED (Health Net) Start Date:2000-11-06
HNZ-DELISTED (H.J. Heinz Company) Start Date:2004-01-02
HOC-DELISTED (Hollyfrontier Corp) Start Date:2004-04-26
HOGS-DELISTED (Zhongpin) Start Date:2007-12-27
HOKU-DELISTED (Hoku Corporation) Start Date:2005-08-08
HOL-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-12-17
HOLL-DELISTED (Hollywood Media) Start Date:2000-01-03
HOLUU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-05
HOLUW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-05
HOME-DELISTED (At Home) Start Date:2004-12-07
HORI-DELISTED (Emerging Markets Horizon Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-02-07
HOS-DELISTED (Hornbeck Offshore Services) Start Date:2004-03-26
HOT-DELISTED (Starwood Hotels & Resorts World) Start Date:2004-01-02
HOTR-DELISTED (Chanticleer Holdings) Start Date:2013-01-16
HOTRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-01-16
HOTT-DELISTED (Hot Topic) Start Date:2000-01-03
HOVU-DELISTED (Hovnanian Enterprises Inc/ K Ho) Start Date:2011-02-28
HPCCP-DELISTED (Huntington Preferred Capital) Start Date:2005-01-04
HPC-DELISTED (Hercules Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
HPJ-DELISTED (Highpower International Inc) Start Date:2008-06-19
HPOL-DELISTED (Harris Interactive) Start Date:2000-01-03
HPR-DELISTED (Highpoint Resources Corporation) Start Date:2018-03-20
HPT.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-01-23
HPT-DELISTED (Hospitality Properties Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
HPTRP-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-01-23
HPTX-DELISTED (Hyperion Therapeutics) Start Date:2012-07-26
HPX-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-09
HPY-DELISTED (Heartland Payment Systems) Start Date:2005-08-16
HQCL-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-14
HQS-DELISTED (Hq Sustainable Maritime Industries/Inc) Start Date:2007-05-17
HRBN-DELISTED (Harbin Electric/Inc) Start Date:2007-01-31
HRC-DELISTED (Hill-Rom) Start Date:2008-04-01
HRG-DELISTED (Harbinger) Start Date:2009-12-24
HRH-DELISTED (Hilb Rogal & Hobbs Co) Start Date:2001-11-20
HRLY-DELISTED (Herley Industries Inc/New) Start Date:2000-01-03
HRP-DELISTED (Commonwealth Reit) Start Date:2000-01-03
HRS-DELISTED (Harris Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
HRZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-09-27
HSA-DELISTED (Helios Strategic Income Fd) Start Date:2008-12-29
HSAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-04
HSBC.A-DELISTED (Hsbc Holdings Plc) Start Date:2007-05-03
HSC-DELISTED (Harsco Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
HS-DELISTED (Healthspring/Inc) Start Date:2006-02-06
HSEA-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-05-15
HSEB-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-11-15
HSFC.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
HSFT-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-06-30
HSGX-DELISTED (Histogenics Corporation) Start Date:2014-12-29
HSH-DELISTED (Hillshire Brands Company) Start Date:2012-06-12
HSKA-DELISTED (Heska) Start Date:2000-01-03
HSM-DELISTED (Helios Strategic Mortgage Incom) Start Date:2002-07-25
HSNI-DELISTED (Hsn) Start Date:2008-08-21
HSOL-DELISTED (Hanwha Solarone Co.) Start Date:2007-05-14
HSP-DELISTED (Hospira Inc) Start Date:2004-05-03
HSTO-DELISTED (Histogen) Start Date:2013-07-25
HSTX-DELISTED (Aviat Networks/Inc) Start Date:2007-02-07
HSWI-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-03
HT.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-05-20
HT.C-DELISTED (Hersha Hospitality Trust) Start Date:2013-03-08
HT.D-DELISTED (Hersha Hospitality Trust) Start Date:2016-06-02
HT.E-DELISTED (Hersha Hospitality Trust) Start Date:2016-11-09
HTA-DELISTED (Healthcare Trust Of America) Start Date:2012-06-06
HTBX-DELISTED (Heat Biologics) Start Date:2013-07-24
HTC-DELISTED (Hughes Telematics/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
HTCH-DELISTED (Hutchinson Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
HTCO-DELISTED (Hickory Tech Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
HT-DELISTED (Hersha Hospitality) Start Date:2007-05-04
HTFA-DELISTED (Horizon Technology Finance Corporation) Start Date:2017-10-04
HTF-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-27
HTGM-DELISTED (Htg Molecular Diagnostics) Start Date:2015-05-06
HTGX-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-07-17
HTGY-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-26
HTGZ-DELISTED (Hercules Technology Growth Capital) Start Date:2012-04-30
HTM-DELISTED (U.S. Geothermal) Start Date:2008-04-16
HTPA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-03
HTPA-DELISTED (Highland Transcend Partners I Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-01-25
HTR-DELISTED (Helios Total Return Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
HTS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-28
HTS-DELISTED (Hatteras Financial Corp) Start Date:2008-04-30
HTSI-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-02
HTV-DELISTED (Hearst Television Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
HTWO-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
HTWR-DELISTED (Heartware International) Start Date:2009-02-25
HTY-DELISTED (John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global Shareholder Yield Fund) Start Date:2007-09-26
HUB.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
HUB.B-DELISTED (Hubbell) Start Date:2000-01-03
HUGH-DELISTED (Hughes Communications/Inc) Start Date:2006-09-22
HUGS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
HUSI.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
HUSI.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
HUSI.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
HUSN-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-08-08
HUVL-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-12-20
HVBC-DELISTED (Hv Bancorp) Start Date:2017-01-12
HVB-DELISTED (Hudson Valley Holding) Start Date:2004-12-20
HVBT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-01
HWAY-DELISTED (Healthways) Start Date:2006-02-01
HWCC-DELISTED (Houston Wire & Cable Company) Start Date:2006-06-15
HWCPL-DELISTED (Hancock Whitney Corporation) Start Date:2015-04-01
HWD-DELISTED (Harry Winston Diamond Corporati) Start Date:2007-11-19
HW-DELISTED (Headwaters Incorporated) Start Date:2005-04-06
HWG-DELISTED (Hallwood Incorporated Com) Start Date:2004-01-13
HWK-DELISTED (Hawk Corp) Start Date:2004-01-07
HX-DELISTED (Hexindai) Start Date:2017-11-03
HXM-DELISTED (Desarrolladora Homex Common Sto) Start Date:2004-06-29
HYACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-10-25
HYACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-11-17
HYC-DELISTED (Hypercom Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
HYF-DELISTED (Managed High Yield Plus Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
HYGS-DELISTED (Hydrogenics Corporation) Start Date:2000-11-01
HYH-DELISTED (Halyard Health) Start Date:2004-03-15
HYK-DELISTED (Corts Tr Goldman Sachs Cap I 6%) Start Date:2004-03-17
HYL-DELISTED (Structured Products 6.00 C) Start Date:2006-08-24
HYMCZ-DELISTED (Hycroft Mining Holding Warrant) Start Date:2017-02-17
HYM-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-05-11
HYRE-DELISTED (Hyrecar) Start Date:2018-06-27
HYV-DELISTED (Blackrock Corporate High Yield) Start Date:2001-12-04
HYY-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-11-23
HZAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-21
HZAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-12
HZD-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-08-02
HZK-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-23
HZN-DELISTED (Horizon Global Common Shares) Start Date:2015-06-23
HZNP-DELISTED (Horizon Therapeutics Public Company) Start Date:2011-07-28
HZON.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
HZON-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-10
I.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-18
IAAC-DELISTED (Intl Fcstone Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
IAA-DELISTED (Iaa) Start Date:2019-06-17
IACA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-02
IACA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-27
IACB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-05
IACC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-30
IACI-DELISTED (Iac/Interactivecorp) Start Date:2003-06-23
IAR-DELISTED (Supermedia Inc) Start Date:2006-11-20
IBAAY-DELISTED (Industrias Bachoco Sab De Cv) Start Date:2007-05-16
IBA-DELISTED (Industrias Bachoco) Start Date:2000-01-04
IBAS-DELISTED (Ibasis Inc) Start Date:2006-06-22
IBCA-DELISTED (Intervest Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
IBCPO-DELISTED (Independent Bank Corporation) Start Date:2004-02-19
IBER-DELISTED (Ibere Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-04-20
IBI-DELISTED (Interline Brands) Start Date:2004-12-16
IBKCN-DELISTED (Iberiabank Corporation) Start Date:2019-04-05
IBKCO-DELISTED (Iberiabank Corporation) Start Date:2016-05-23
IBKCP-DELISTED (Iberiabank Corporation) Start Date:2015-08-31
IBNK-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-05-22
IBO-DELISTED (Ibo) Start Date:2013-02-04
ICA-DELISTED (Empresas Ica) Start Date:2000-01-03
ICB-DELISTED (Ms Income Securities) Start Date:2000-02-07
ICBK-DELISTED (County Bancorp) Start Date:2015-01-16
ICEL-DELISTED (Cellular Dynamics International) Start Date:2013-07-25
ICGE-DELISTED (Icg) Start Date:2000-01-03
ICH-DELISTED (Investors Capital Holdings) Start Date:2003-07-23
ICOC-DELISTED (Ico Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ICO-DELISTED (International Coal /Inc) Start Date:2005-11-21
ICOG-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-09-13
ICON-DELISTED (Iconix Brand) Start Date:2005-07-01
ICPT-DELISTED (Intercept Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2012-10-11
ICS-DELISTED (Invesco California Municipal Se) Start Date:2000-01-03
ICVX-DELISTED (Icosavax) Start Date:2021-07-29
ICXT-DELISTED (Icx Technologies Inc) Start Date:2007-11-08
IDBA-DELISTED (Idex Biometrics Asa American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-01
IDC-DELISTED (Interactive Data Corp/Ma) Start Date:2002-12-10
ID-DELISTED (I.D. Systems) Start Date:2006-08-30
I-DELISTED (Intelsat S.A.) Start Date:2013-04-18
IDG-DELISTED (Ing Groep N V Pref Ctf 7.3750%) Start Date:2007-10-09
IDICQ-DELISTED (Parts Id Inc) Start Date:2007-05-02
IDI-DELISTED (Tiger Media) Start Date:2008-01-02
IDIX-DELISTED (Idenix Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2004-07-22
IDRA-DELISTED (Idera Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-12-10
IDSA-DELISTED (Industrial Services Of America) Start Date:2003-07-01
IDSY-DELISTED (I.D. Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
IDTI-DELISTED (Integrated Device Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
IDW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-08-04
IDWM-DELISTED (Idw Media Holdings Inc) Start Date:2021-08-04
IEA-DELISTED (Infrastructure And Energy Alternatives) Start Date:2016-10-06
IEAWW-DELISTED (Infrastructure And Energy Alternatives Warrant) Start Date:2016-08-30
IEC-DELISTED (Iec Electronics) Start Date:2009-06-09
IEH-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-08-19
IF-DELISTED (Aberdeen Indonesia Fund) Start Date:2003-10-06
IFFT-DELISTED (International Flavors & Fragrances) Start Date:2018-09-19
IFLO-DELISTED (I Flow Corp/De) Start Date:2000-01-03
IFMI-DELISTED (Institutional Financial Markets) Start Date:2011-01-24
IFON-DELISTED (Infosonics) Start Date:2006-08-03
IFSIA-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
IFT-DELISTED (Imperial Holdings) Start Date:2011-02-08
IGAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-01
IGACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-01
IGACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-23
IGICW-DELISTED (International General Insurance Holdings Warrants Expiring 03/17/2025) Start Date:2018-04-10
IGK-DELISTED (Ing) Start Date:2008-06-27
IGTE-DELISTED (Igate Corporation) Start Date:2000-03-07
IHC-DELISTED (Independence Holding) Start Date:2004-07-15
IHIT-DELISTED (Invesco High Income 2023 Target Term Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2016-11-23
IIAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-19
IIAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-11
IIC-DELISTED (Invesco California Municipal In) Start Date:2000-01-03
IID-DELISTED (Voya International High Dividend Equity Income Fund) Start Date:2007-09-26
IIG-DELISTED (Imergent) Start Date:2004-08-16
IIIIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-02-06
IIIIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-02-01
IIJI-DELISTED (Internet Initiative Japan) Start Date:2004-07-29
IILG-DELISTED (Interval Leisure) Start Date:2008-08-21
IIN-DELISTED (Intricon) Start Date:2005-04-04
IIT-DELISTED (Pt Indosat Tbk American Deposit) Start Date:2000-01-03
IIVI-DELISTED (Ii-Vi Incorporated) Start Date:2007-01-03
IIVIP-DELISTED (Ii-Vi Incorporated 6.00% Series A Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock) Start Date:2020-08-07
IKAN-DELISTED (Ikanos Communications) Start Date:2005-09-22
IKGH-DELISTED (Iao Kun Holding Company Limited) Start Date:2010-02-22
IKJ-DELISTED () Start Date:2002-11-04
IKL-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-07-28
IKM-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-12-19
IKN-DELISTED (Ikon Office Solutions Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
IKNX-DELISTED (Ikonics Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-26
IKR-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-08-09
ILA-DELISTED (Aquila Inc) Start Date:2002-05-10
IL-DELISTED (Intralinks Holdings) Start Date:2010-08-06
ILG-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-01-04
ILLM-DELISTED (Acuityads Holdings Inc) Start Date:2021-06-10
IMAC-DELISTED (Imac Holdings) Start Date:2019-02-13
IMA-DELISTED (Alere Inc) Start Date:2000-07-05
IMB-DELISTED (Invesco Value Municipal Bond Trust) Start Date:2002-08-26
IMBI-DELISTED (Imedia Brands Class A) Start Date:2007-05-01
IMBIL-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-29
IMC-DELISTED (Invesco Value Municipal Bond Tr) Start Date:2007-03-30
IMCI-DELISTED (Infinite) Start Date:2022-11-21
IM-DELISTED (Ingram Micro) Start Date:2000-01-03
IMDZ-DELISTED (Immune Design) Start Date:2014-07-24
IMF-DELISTED (Western Asset Inflation Managem) Start Date:2004-05-26
IMGN-DELISTED (Immunogen) Start Date:2007-04-30
IMGO-DELISTED (Imago Biosciences) Start Date:2021-07-16
IMH-DELISTED (Impac Mortgage Holdings) Start Date:2009-11-27
IMI-DELISTED (Intermolecular) Start Date:2011-11-18
IMMY-DELISTED (Imprimis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-09-28
IMN-DELISTED (Imation) Start Date:2000-01-03
IMNP-DELISTED (Immune Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-16
IMPL-DELISTED (Impel Neuropharma) Start Date:2021-04-23
IMPR-DELISTED (Imprivata) Start Date:2014-06-25
IMPV-DELISTED (Imperva) Start Date:2011-11-09
IMPX.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-01
IMPX-DELISTED (Aea-Bridges Impact Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-11-23
IMRA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-03-12
IMRNW-DELISTED (Immuron Limited) Start Date:2017-06-09
IMRS-DELISTED (Imris) Start Date:2010-03-19
IMT-DELISTED (Invesco Value Municipal Trust C) Start Date:2000-01-03
IMV-DELISTED (Imv) Start Date:2018-06-01
IMVIQ-DELISTED (Imv Inc) Start Date:2018-06-01
INAP-DELISTED (Internap Corporation) Start Date:2006-09-19
INB-DELISTED (Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder) Start Date:2007-07-27
INCB-DELISTED (Indiana Community Bancorp) Start Date:2008-05-06
IND-DELISTED (Ing) Start Date:2003-10-09
IN-DELISTED (Intermec) Start Date:2006-01-03
INDIW-DELISTED (Indie Semiconductor Warrant) Start Date:2021-06-11
INDM-DELISTED (United America Indemnity/Ltd) Start Date:2005-03-14
INDT-DELISTED (Indus Realty Trust,) Start Date:2007-05-17
INET-DELISTED (Internet Brands/Inc) Start Date:2007-11-16
INF-DELISTED (Brookfield Global Listed Infrastructure Income Fund) Start Date:2011-08-29
INFI-DELISTED (Infinity Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-16
INFO-DELISTED (Ihs Markit Ltd.) Start Date:2014-06-19
INHX-DELISTED (Inhibitex/Inc) Start Date:2004-06-04
ININ-DELISTED (Interactive Intelligence) Start Date:2000-01-03
INKA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
INN.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-11-01
INN.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-13
INN.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-21
INN.D-DELISTED (Summit Hotel Properties) Start Date:2016-06-30
INNL-DELISTED (Innocoll Gmbh) Start Date:2014-07-25
INNT-DELISTED (Innovate Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-07-11
INOC-DELISTED (Innotrac Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
INOV-DELISTED (Inovalon Holdings) Start Date:2015-02-12
INPH-DELISTED (Interphase) Start Date:2000-01-03
INPX-DELISTED (Inpixon) Start Date:2013-02-11
INS-DELISTED (Intelligent Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
INSU-DELISTED () Start Date:2002-07-31
INSW.A-DELISTED (International Seaways) Start Date:2018-06-20
INSY-DELISTED (Insys Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-04-19
INT-DELISTED (World Fuel Services Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
INTX-DELISTED (Intersections) Start Date:2004-04-30
INV-DELISTED (Innovaro Inc) Start Date:2009-08-04
INVN-DELISTED (Invensense) Start Date:2011-11-16
INWK-DELISTED (Innerworkings) Start Date:2006-08-16
INXN-DELISTED (Interxion Holding N.V.) Start Date:2011-01-28
INZ-DELISTED (Ing Groep Nv Perpetual Debt Sec) Start Date:2002-12-17
IOC-DELISTED (Interoil Corporation) Start Date:2004-09-08
IO-DELISTED (Ion Geophysical Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
IOTS-DELISTED (Adesto Technologies Corporation) Start Date:2015-10-27
IPAS-DELISTED (Ipass) Start Date:2003-09-29
IPCC-DELISTED (Infinity Property And Casualty) Start Date:2003-02-12
IPCI-DELISTED (Intellipharmaceutics International) Start Date:2009-10-26
IPCM-DELISTED (Ipc The Hospitalist Company) Start Date:2008-01-25
IPCR-DELISTED (Ipc Holdings Ltd) Start Date:2000-01-03
IPCS-DELISTED (Ipcs/Inc) Start Date:2006-03-17
IPHS-DELISTED (Innophos Holdings) Start Date:2006-11-02
IPIC-DELISTED (Ipic Entertainment) Start Date:2018-02-01
IPL.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-22
IPLDP-DELISTED (Interstate Power And Light Company) Start Date:2018-12-31
IPOA.U-DELISTED (Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings) Start Date:2017-09-14
IPOA-DELISTED (Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings) Start Date:2017-09-29
IPOB.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-28
IPOB-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-18
IPOC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-22
IPOC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-12
IPOD.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-09
IPOD-DELISTED (Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Iv Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-12-15
IPOE.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-09
IPOE-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-30
IPOF.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-09
IPOF-DELISTED (Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Vi Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-11-30
IPSU-DELISTED (Imperial Sugar Company) Start Date:2003-04-17
IPT-DELISTED (Iparty) Start Date:2000-01-03
IPVA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-26
IPV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-02-27
IPVF-DELISTED (Interprivate Iii Financial Partners Class A) Start Date:2021-04-26
IPVI-DELISTED (Interprivate Iv Infratech Partners Class A) Start Date:2021-04-30
IPVIU-DELISTED (Interprivate Iv Infratech Partners Units) Start Date:2021-03-05
IPVIW-DELISTED (Interprivate Iv Infratech Partners Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-30
IPXL-DELISTED (Impax Laboratories) Start Date:2009-01-15
IQC-DELISTED (Invesco California Municipal Se) Start Date:2000-01-03
IQN-DELISTED (Invesco New York Quality Munici) Start Date:2000-01-03
IQNT-DELISTED (Inteliquent) Start Date:2007-11-02
IQT-DELISTED (Invesco Quality Municipal Inves) Start Date:2000-01-03
IRC.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-10-10
IRC-DELISTED (Inland Real Estate) Start Date:2004-06-09
IRCP-DELISTED (Irsa Propiedades Comerciales S.A. American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-05-16
IRE-DELISTED (The Governor And Company Of The Bank Of Ireland) Start Date:2000-01-03
IRET.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-08
IRET.C-DELISTED (Investors Real Estate Trust) Start Date:2017-10-04
IRETS-DELISTED (Investors Real Estate Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
IRF-DELISTED (International Rectifier Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
IRG-DELISTED (Ignite Restaurant) Start Date:2012-05-11
IRIS-DELISTED (Iris International) Start Date:2004-04-07
IRL-DELISTED (New Ireland Fund Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
IRNT-DELISTED (Ironnet) Start Date:2020-03-23
IRR-DELISTED (Voya Natural Resources Equity Income Fund) Start Date:2006-10-25
ISAA-DELISTED (Iron Spark I Class A) Start Date:2021-06-09
ISBC-DELISTED (Investors Bancorp) Start Date:2007-01-03
ISCA-DELISTED (International Speedway Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
IS-DELISTED (Ironsource Ltd.) Start Date:2021-06-29
ISEE-DELISTED (Iveric Bio) Start Date:2007-05-16
ISEM-DELISTED (Invesco Rafi Strategic Emerging Markets ETF) Start Date:2018-09-13
ISF-DELISTED (Ing) Start Date:2007-07-10
ISG-DELISTED (Ing) Start Date:2005-10-03
ISH-DELISTED (International Shipholding) Start Date:2000-01-03
ISIG-DELISTED (Insignia Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
ISIL-DELISTED (Intersil Corporation) Start Date:2000-02-25
ISIS-DELISTED (Isis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2002-05-08
ISL-DELISTED (Aberdeen Israel Fund) Start Date:2006-05-11
ISLE-DELISTED (Isle Of Capri Casinos) Start Date:2000-01-03
ISLN-DELISTED (Isilon Systems/Inc) Start Date:2006-12-18
ISM-DELISTED (Slm Corporation) Start Date:2006-09-08
ISNS-DELISTED (Image Sensing Systems) Start Date:2001-10-09
ISO-DELISTED (Isoplexis) Start Date:2007-05-16
ISOS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-23
ISP-DELISTED (Ing Groep Nv 6.20% Perpetual De) Start Date:2003-11-07
ISPH-DELISTED (Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2000-08-03
ISR-DELISTED (Isoray) Start Date:2007-04-19
ISS-DELISTED (Isoftstone Holdings Ame) Start Date:2010-12-14
ISSI-DELISTED (Integrated Silicon Solution) Start Date:2000-01-03
ISTA-DELISTED (Ista Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-08-23
ISUN-DELISTED (Isun) Start Date:2016-04-26
ISYS-DELISTED (Integral Systems Inc/Md) Start Date:2000-01-03
ITAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-06-28
ITACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-30
ITCB-DELISTED (Ita Corpbanca) Start Date:2007-05-16
ITC-DELISTED (Itc Holdings) Start Date:2005-07-26
ITCL-DELISTED (Banco Itau Chile) Start Date:2007-05-16
ITEK-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-02-18
ITG-DELISTED (Investment Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
ITHX-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-24
ITLN-DELISTED (Intellon Corp) Start Date:2007-12-17
ITMN-DELISTED (Intermune) Start Date:2000-03-24
ITMR-DELISTED (Itamar Medical Ltd.) Start Date:2019-03-07
ITUS-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
ITWO-DELISTED (I2 Technologies Inc) Start Date:2005-07-21
IUSA-DELISTED (Infogroup Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
IVAN-DELISTED (Ivanhoe Energy) Start Date:2000-10-09
IVC-DELISTED (Invacare Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
IVCRQ-DELISTED (Invacare Corp) Start Date:2007-05-03
IVD-DELISTED (Ivax Diagnostics) Start Date:2001-03-21
IVGN-DELISTED (Life Technologies Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
IVH-DELISTED (Delaware Ivy High Income Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2013-05-29
IVN-DELISTED (Ivanhoe Mines Ordinary Shar) Start Date:2005-01-18
IVR.A-DELISTED (Invesco Mortgage Capital) Start Date:2012-07-27
IVTY-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-16
IWA-DELISTED (Iowa Telecommunications Services Inc) Start Date:2004-11-22
IWOV-DELISTED (Interwoven Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
IXYS-DELISTED (Ixys) Start Date:2006-10-02
JAG-DELISTED (Jagged Peak Energy) Start Date:2007-07-23
JAH-DELISTED (Jarden) Start Date:2002-06-03
JAS-DELISTED (Jo-Ann Stores Inc) Start Date:2003-11-05
JASN-DELISTED (Jason Industries) Start Date:2013-12-26
JASNW-DELISTED (Jason Industries) Start Date:2013-10-03
JASO-DELISTED (Ja Solar Holdings Co.) Start Date:2007-02-07
JAV-DELISTED (Javelin Pharmaceuticals/Inc) Start Date:2006-07-20
JAXB-DELISTED (Jacksonville Bancorp) Start Date:2002-10-23
JAX-DELISTED (J. Alexander's Holdings) Start Date:2002-02-07
JBJ-DELISTED (Corporate Backed Tr Ctfs Rep Ny) Start Date:2006-05-09
JBN-DELISTED (Select Asset) Start Date:2009-06-17
JBO-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 6.30 Gs Cap I 6.30%) Start Date:2004-10-13
JBR-DELISTED (Select Asset) Start Date:2017-11-02
JBX-DELISTED (Jack In The Box Inc/New) Start Date:2000-01-03
JCAP.B-DELISTED (Jernigan Capital) Start Date:2018-01-30
JCDA-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
JCG-DELISTED (J Crew Inc) Start Date:2006-07-06
JCIC-DELISTED (Jack Creek Investment Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-17
JCICU-DELISTED (Jack Creek Investment Units) Start Date:2021-01-22
JCICW-DELISTED (Jack Creek Investment Warrants) Start Date:2021-03-15
JCO-DELISTED (Nuveen Credit Opportunities 2022 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2017-03-29
JCOM-DELISTED (J2 Global) Start Date:2007-01-03
JCS-DELISTED (Communications Systems) Start Date:2003-01-27
JDAS-DELISTED (Jda Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
JDD-DELISTED (Nuveen Diversified Dividend And Income Fund) Start Date:2003-09-29
JE.A-DELISTED (Just Energy) Start Date:2017-02-14
JEC-DELISTED (Jacobs Engineering) Start Date:2004-01-02
JE-DELISTED (Just Energy) Start Date:2012-01-30
JEMD-DELISTED (Nuveen Emerging Markets Debt 2022 Target Term Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest $0.01 Par Value Per Share) Start Date:2017-09-27
JFBI-DELISTED (Jefferson Bancshares) Start Date:2003-07-02
JFC-DELISTED (Jf China Region Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
JFP-DELISTED (Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Floating) Start Date:2005-03-29
JGGC-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-04-04
JGGCR-DELISTED (Jaguar Global Growth I Right) Start Date:2022-04-04
JGGCU-DELISTED (Jaguar Global Growth I Unit) Start Date:2022-02-11
JGGCW-DELISTED (Jaguar Global Growth I Warrant) Start Date:2022-04-04
JGG-DELISTED (Nuveen Global Government Enhanc) Start Date:2006-07-06
JGT-DELISTED (Nuveen Multi-Currency Short-Ter) Start Date:2007-04-30
JGV-DELISTED (Nuveen Global Value Opportuniti) Start Date:2006-07-26
JGW-DELISTED (The J.G. Wentworth Company) Start Date:2013-11-08
JHAA-DELISTED (Nuveen Corporate Income 2023 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2018-12-19
JHA-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-11-13
JHB-DELISTED (Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2016-09-09
JHD-DELISTED (Nuveen High Income December 2019 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2016-05-11
JHP-DELISTED (Nuveen Quality Preferred Income) Start Date:2002-12-19
JHY-DELISTED (Nuveen High Income 2020 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2015-07-29
JIH-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-20
JLA-DELISTED (Nuveen Equity Premium Advantage) Start Date:2005-05-26
JMBA-DELISTED (Jamba) Start Date:2006-11-29
JMEI-DELISTED (Jumei International Holding Limited) Start Date:2014-05-16
JMF-DELISTED (Nuveen Energy Mlp Total Return Fund) Start Date:2011-02-25
JMG-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-23
JMI-DELISTED (Javelin Mortgage Investment) Start Date:2012-10-03
JMLP-DELISTED (Nuveen All Cap Energy Mlp Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2014-03-27
JMPB-DELISTED (Jmp Llc) Start Date:2013-02-07
JMPC-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-02-13
JMPD-DELISTED (Jmp Llc) Start Date:2017-11-30
JMP-DELISTED (Jmp Llc) Start Date:2007-05-11
JMPNZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-02
JMT-DELISTED (Nuven Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 2) Start Date:2010-02-24
JMU-DELISTED (Jmu Limited) Start Date:2015-04-08
JNCE-DELISTED (Jounce Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-01-27
JNGW-DELISTED (Jingwei International Limited) Start Date:2014-04-11
JNP-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-09
JNS-DELISTED (Janus Capital Cmn S) Start Date:2004-01-02
JNY-DELISTED (Jones) Start Date:2004-01-02
JOAN-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-12
JOBS-DELISTED (51Job American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2007-04-18
JOEZ-DELISTED (Joe's Jeans) Start Date:2007-10-15
JOFF-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-30
JOFFU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
JOFFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-29
JOSB-DELISTED (Jos. A. Bank Clothiers) Start Date:2000-01-03
JOY-DELISTED (Joy Global) Start Date:2007-04-30
JOYG-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-01-02
JP-DELISTED (Jefferson-Pilot) Start Date:2015-07-16
JPEP-DELISTED (Jp Energy Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-10-02
JPG-DELISTED (Nuveen Equity Premium And Growt) Start Date:2005-11-23
JPM.A-DELISTED (J P Morgan Chase & Co) Start Date:2013-02-28
JPM.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-12-24
JPM.E-DELISTED (J P Morgan Chase & Co) Start Date:2008-07-15
JPM.F-DELISTED (J P Morgan Chase & Co) Start Date:2008-07-15
JPM.G-DELISTED (J P Morgan Chase & Co) Start Date:2008-07-16
JPM.H-DELISTED (J P Morgan Chase & Co) Start Date:2015-07-27
JPS-DELISTED (Nuveen Preferred & Income Securities Fund) Start Date:2007-05-04
JPT-DELISTED (Nuveen Preferred And Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2017-01-27
JPW-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-26
JPZ-DELISTED (Nuveen Equity Premium Income Fu) Start Date:2004-10-27
JRCC-DELISTED (James River Coal Company) Start Date:2005-01-25
JRJC-DELISTED (China Finance Online Co. Limited) Start Date:2004-10-15
JRJR-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-16
JRN-DELISTED (Journal Communications) Start Date:2003-09-24
JRO-DELISTED (Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportuntiy Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2007-05-08
JRT-DELISTED (Jer Investors Trust Inc) Start Date:2005-07-14
JSD-DELISTED (Nuveen Short Duration Credit Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2011-05-26
JSN-DELISTED (Nuveen Equity Premium Opportuni) Start Date:2005-01-27
JST-DELISTED (Jinpan International Limited) Start Date:2002-01-29
JTA-DELISTED (Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return Strategy Fund) Start Date:2004-01-29
JTCHY-DELISTED (Jianpu Technology Inc) Start Date:2017-11-16
JTD-DELISTED (Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fund) Start Date:2007-08-01
JT-DELISTED (Jianpu Technology) Start Date:2017-11-16
JTP-DELISTED (Nuveen Quality Preferred Income) Start Date:2002-06-27
JTPY-DELISTED (Jetpay Corporation) Start Date:2018-01-04
JTX-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-06-22
JUN-DELISTED (Juniper Ii Class A) Start Date:2021-12-23
JUNO-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-01-04
JUPW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-30
JUPWW-DELISTED (Jupiter Wellness Warrant) Start Date:2020-10-30
JW.A-DELISTED (John Wiley & Sons) Start Date:2007-05-01
JW.B-DELISTED (John Wiley & Sons) Start Date:2007-05-16
JWAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-01-07
JWF-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-04-26
JWS.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-05-14
JWS-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-06
JZC-DELISTED (Corporate Backed Tr Ctfs 2004-4) Start Date:2004-03-18
JZH-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-06-06
JZJ-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 7.125% C) Start Date:2003-12-05
JZK-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 7.00% Co) Start Date:2003-11-07
JZS-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-07-21
JZT-DELISTED (Lehman Abs Corporate Backe) Start Date:2004-03-16
JZV-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 7.00% Corporate) Start Date:2006-07-12
KAAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-05-02
KAHC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-07
KAIR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-26
KAIRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-06
KAL-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-06-29
KALRQ-DELISTED (Kalera Public Co.) Start Date:2022-06-29
KALWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-06-29
KAMN-DELISTED (Kaman) Start Date:2007-05-07
KANG-DELISTED (Ikang Healthcare) Start Date:2014-04-09
KAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-17
KAZ-DELISTED (Bmb Munai Inc) Start Date:2006-09-21
KBALB-DELISTED (Kimball International) Start Date:2000-01-03
KBAL-DELISTED (Kimball International Cl) Start Date:2007-04-25
KBIO-DELISTED (Kalobios Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-01-31
KBLMR-DELISTED (Kbl Merger Iv) Start Date:2017-06-27
KBLMW-DELISTED (Kbl Merger Iv) Start Date:2017-06-27
KBNT-DELISTED (Kubient) Start Date:2020-08-12
KBNTW-DELISTED (Kubient Warrant) Start Date:2020-08-12
KBSF-DELISTED (Kbs Fashion Limited) Start Date:2015-06-22
KBW-DELISTED (Kbw Inc) Start Date:2006-11-09
KBX-DELISTED (Kimber Resources Inc Ordinary S) Start Date:2005-12-22
KCAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-26
KCAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-17
KCAP-DELISTED (Kcap Financial) Start Date:2006-12-12
KCC-DELISTED (Structured Products 8.20%) Start Date:2003-10-09
KCG-DELISTED (Kcg Holdings) Start Date:2013-06-28
KCI-DELISTED (Kinetic Concepts Inc) Start Date:2004-03-02
KCP-DELISTED (Kenneth Cole Productions) Start Date:2000-01-03
KCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-12-16
KDMN-DELISTED (Kadmon) Start Date:2016-07-27
KDN-DELISTED (Kaydon) Start Date:2000-01-03
KDNY-DELISTED (Chinook Therapeutics,) Start Date:2015-04-15
KED-DELISTED (Kayne Anderson Energy Development Company) Start Date:2006-09-21
KEF-DELISTED (Korea Equity Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
KEG-DELISTED (Key Energy Services) Start Date:2007-10-03
KERN-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-02-26
KERX-DELISTED (Keryx Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-07-28
KEY.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-06-26
KEY.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-08-01
KEYN-DELISTED (Keynote Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
KEYW-DELISTED (The Keyw Holding Corporation) Start Date:2010-10-01
KFED-DELISTED (K-Fed Bancorp) Start Date:2004-03-31
KFFG-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-03-19
KFH-DELISTED (Kkr Financial Holdings Llc 8.37) Start Date:2011-11-18
KFI-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-26
KFN-DELISTED (Kkr Financial Holdings Llc Comm) Start Date:2005-06-28
KFT-DELISTED (Kraft Foods) Start Date:2004-01-02
KFX-DELISTED (Kofax Limited) Start Date:2013-12-05
KGJI-DELISTED (Kingold Jewelry) Start Date:2010-02-18
KGN-DELISTED (Keegan Resources Inc Ordinary S) Start Date:2008-01-02
KH-DELISTED (China Kanghui Holdings American) Start Date:2010-08-17
KHI-DELISTED (Dws High Income Trust New Commo) Start Date:2000-01-03
KID-DELISTED (Kid Brands) Start Date:2009-09-23
KIIIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-18
KIM.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-09-20
KIM.I-DELISTED (Kimco Realty Corporation) Start Date:2012-03-23
KIM.J-DELISTED (Kimco Realty Corporation) Start Date:2012-07-27
KIM.K-DELISTED (Kimco Realty Corporation) Start Date:2012-12-13
KIN-DELISTED (Kindred Biosciences Comm) Start Date:2013-12-12
KING-DELISTED (King Digital Entertainment Plc) Start Date:2014-03-26
KINZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-04
KINZU-DELISTED (Kins Technology Unit) Start Date:2020-12-15
KINZW-DELISTED (Kins Technology Warrant) Start Date:2021-02-04
KIOR-DELISTED (Kior) Start Date:2011-06-24
KIPO-DELISTED (Keating Capital) Start Date:2011-12-12
KIPS-DELISTED (Kips Bay Medical) Start Date:2011-02-11
KIQ-DELISTED (Kelso Technologies Inc) Start Date:2014-10-14
KITD-DELISTED (Kit Digital) Start Date:2009-08-13
KITE-DELISTED (Kite Pharma) Start Date:2014-06-20
KKD-DELISTED (Krispy Kreme Doughnuts) Start Date:2001-05-17
KKR.A-DELISTED (Kkr & Co.) Start Date:2016-03-28
KKR.B-DELISTED (Kkr & Co.) Start Date:2016-06-27
KKR.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-21
KLAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
KLAQU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-08
KL-DELISTED (Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.) Start Date:2017-08-16
KLDX-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-10-27
KLR-DELISTED (Kaleyra) Start Date:2009-05-01
KLXI-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-12-03
KMF-DELISTED (Kayne Anderson Nextgen Energy & Infrastructure) Start Date:2010-11-24
KMGB-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-12-12
KMI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-11-04
KMM-DELISTED (Dsw Multi-Market Income Trust) Start Date:2017-11-02
KMPA-DELISTED (Kemper Corporation) Start Date:2015-01-29
KMP-DELISTED (Kinder Morgan Energy Partners) Start Date:2000-01-03
KMPH-DELISTED (Kempharm) Start Date:2015-04-16
KMR-DELISTED (Kinder Morgan Management Llc) Start Date:2001-05-16
KNBE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-22
KND-DELISTED (Kindred Healthcare) Start Date:2004-10-27
KNDL-DELISTED (Kendle International Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
KNL-DELISTED (Knoll) Start Date:2007-05-04
KNM-DELISTED (Konami) Start Date:2002-10-01
KNO-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-04-20
KNOL-DELISTED (Knology) Start Date:2003-12-18
KNOT-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-03-29
KNR-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-07-06
KNSW-DELISTED (Knightswan Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-03-14
KNSY-DELISTED (Kensey Nash Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
KNTE-DELISTED (Kinnate Biopharma) Start Date:2020-12-03
KNXA-DELISTED (Kenexa) Start Date:2005-06-28
KOG-DELISTED (Kodiak Oil & Gas) Start Date:2006-06-21
KONA-DELISTED (Kona Grill) Start Date:2005-08-16
KONE-DELISTED (Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd.) Start Date:2010-05-17
KOR-DELISTED (Corvus Gold Common Shares) Start Date:2010-09-02
KORS-DELISTED (Michael Kors Holdings O) Start Date:2011-12-15
KOSN-DELISTED (Kosan Biosciences Inc) Start Date:2000-10-05
KPPC-DELISTED (Kapstone Paper & Packaging Corp) Start Date:2007-03-13
KRA-DELISTED (Kraton Corp) Start Date:2009-12-17
KRBP-DELISTED (Kiromic Biopharma) Start Date:2020-10-16
KRC.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-28
KRC.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-16
KRFT-DELISTED (Kraft Foods) Start Date:2012-09-17
KRG.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-12-09
KRJ-DELISTED (Structured Products 8.10 C) Start Date:2004-06-29
KRNLU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-03
KRTX-DELISTED (Karuna Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-06-28
KS-DELISTED (Kapstone Paper And Packaging Corporation) Start Date:2010-01-04
KSICU-DELISTED (Kadem Sustainable Impact Unit) Start Date:2021-03-17
KSICW-DELISTED (Kadem Sustainable Impact Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-17
KSI-DELISTED (Kadem Sustainable Impact Class A) Start Date:2021-05-18
KSK-DELISTED () Start Date:2001-03-15
KSMT-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-05
KSPN-DELISTED (Kaspien Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-04
KSU-DELISTED (Kansas City Southern) Start Date:2005-01-03
KSW-DELISTED (Ksw Inc) Start Date:2006-05-03
KSWS-DELISTED (K-Swiss) Start Date:2000-01-03
KTII-DELISTED (K Tron International Inc) Start Date:2000-01-04
KTOV-DELISTED (Kitov Pharma Ltd.) Start Date:2015-11-20
KTOVW-DELISTED (Kitov Pharma Ltd.) Start Date:2015-11-20
KTP-DELISTED (Lehman Abs Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
KTWO-DELISTED (K2m Holdings) Start Date:2014-05-08
KUB-DELISTED (Kubota) Start Date:2000-01-04
KUN-DELISTED (China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical H) Start Date:2008-12-09
KURI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-01
KURIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
KUTV-DELISTED (Ku6 Media Co.) Start Date:2010-02-11
KV.A-DELISTED (K-V Pharmaceutical Company Clas) Start Date:2000-01-03
KVSA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-04
KVSB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-24
KVSC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-24
KWKA-DELISTED () Start Date:2001-10-22
KWKAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2001-10-22
KWK-DELISTED (Quicksilver Resources) Start Date:2001-10-22
KWN-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-10
KXM-DELISTED (Kobex Minerals) Start Date:2009-10-01
KYE-DELISTED (Kayne Anderson Total Energy Ret) Start Date:2005-06-28
KYN.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-22
KYN.F-DELISTED (Kayne Anderson Mlp/Midstream Investment Company) Start Date:2013-04-08
KYN.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-09-17
KYO-DELISTED (Kyocera) Start Date:2000-01-03
KYTH-DELISTED (Kythera Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2012-10-16
KZ-DELISTED (Kongzhong) Start Date:2007-04-24
LABC-DELISTED (Louisiana Bancorp) Start Date:2007-07-10
LABL-DELISTED (Multi-Color Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
LABP-DELISTED (Landos Biopharma) Start Date:2021-02-04
LACO-DELISTED (Lakes Entertainment) Start Date:2006-03-23
LACQW-DELISTED (Leisure Acquisition) Start Date:2018-01-05
LAIX-DELISTED (Laix) Start Date:2018-09-27
LAQ-DELISTED (Aberdeen Latin America Equity Fund) Start Date:2006-05-11
LAS-DELISTED (Lentuo International) Start Date:2010-12-10
LATN-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-09
LATNW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-09
LAVA-DELISTED (Magma Design Automation) Start Date:2001-11-21
LAWS-DELISTED (Lawson Products) Start Date:2000-01-03
LAYN-DELISTED (Layne Christensen Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
LAZRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-03-25
LAZY-DELISTED (Lazydays Holdings) Start Date:2018-03-16
LBAI-DELISTED (Lakeland Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-08
LBC-DELISTED (Luther Burbank) Start Date:2017-12-08
LB-DELISTED (L Brands) Start Date:2007-04-27
LBF-DELISTED (Dsw Global High Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
LBIO-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-02-09
LBIX-DELISTED (Leading Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
LBMH-DELISTED (Liberator Medical Holdings) Start Date:2007-09-05
LBPS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-22
LBPSW-DELISTED (4D Pharma Plc Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-23
LBY-DELISTED (Libbey) Start Date:2010-01-04
LCAA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-06
LCA-DELISTED (Landcadia Holdings Iv Class A) Start Date:2021-05-18
LCAHU-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-05-26
LCAHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-09-07
LCAPA-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-05-15
LCAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-21
LCAPW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-21
LCAV-DELISTED (Lca-Vision) Start Date:2000-01-03
LCC-DELISTED (Us Airways) Start Date:2005-09-29
LCI-DELISTED (Lannett Co Inc) Start Date:2002-05-10
LCIDW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-18
LCM-DELISTED (Advent/Claymore Enhanced Growth) Start Date:2018-03-15
LCRY-DELISTED (Lecroy Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
LCYAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-09
LCYAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-27
LCY-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-03
LDF-DELISTED (Latin American Discovery Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
LDG-DELISTED (Longs Drug Stores Corp) Start Date:2005-08-01
LDHA-DELISTED (Ldh Growth I Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-05-13
LDHAU-DELISTED (Ldh Growth I Units) Start Date:2021-03-19
LDK-DELISTED (Ldk Solar Co. American Dep) Start Date:2007-06-01
LDL-DELISTED (Lydall) Start Date:2000-01-03
LDR-DELISTED (Landauer) Start Date:2002-01-15
LDRH-DELISTED (Ldr Holding Corporation) Start Date:2013-10-09
LDSH-DELISTED (Ladish Co Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
LEAF-DELISTED (Leaf Ltd.) Start Date:2013-10-16
LEAP.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-11
LEAP-DELISTED (Ribbit Leap) Start Date:2020-11-02
LEDR-DELISTED (Market Leader) Start Date:2008-11-10
LEGA-DELISTED (Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-05-26
LEGAU-DELISTED (Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Units) Start Date:2021-03-23
LEGAW-DELISTED (Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-17
LEGC-DELISTED (Legacy Bancorp/Inc) Start Date:2005-10-26
LEGO-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-04
LEGOU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-20
LEGOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-04
LEH-DELISTED (Lehman Brothers) Start Date:2004-01-02
LEHMQ-DELISTED (Lehman Bros Hld) Start Date:2000-01-03
LEI-DELISTED (Lucas Energy) Start Date:2008-02-15
LEJU-DELISTED (Leju Holdings Limited) Start Date:2014-04-17
LENS-DELISTED (Presbia Plc) Start Date:2007-05-16
LEVB-DELISTED (Level Brands) Start Date:2017-11-17
LEVL-DELISTED (Level One Bancorp) Start Date:2018-04-20
LEXEA-DELISTED (Liberty Expedia Holdings) Start Date:2016-11-04
LFAC-DELISTED (Lf Capital Acquistion) Start Date:2018-06-29
LFACW-DELISTED (Lf Capital Acquistion) Start Date:2018-06-29
LFC-DELISTED (China Life Insurance Company Limited) Start Date:2003-12-17
LF-DELISTED (Leapfrog Enterprises) Start Date:2002-07-25
LFG-DELISTED (Archaea Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
LFGR-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-01-26
LFL-DELISTED (Latam Airlines S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
LFTR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
LFTRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-16
LGAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
LGACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-10
LGC-DELISTED (Legacy Acquisition) Start Date:2017-12-01
LGCY-DELISTED (Legacy Reserves) Start Date:2007-01-12
LGCYO-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-12
LGCYP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-04-14
LG-DELISTED (The Laclede) Start Date:2000-01-03
LGF-DELISTED (Lions Gate Entertainment) Start Date:2004-08-09
LGN-DELISTED (Lodgian Inc) Start Date:2003-01-30
LGP-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-25
LGTOU-DELISTED (Legato Merger Ii Unit) Start Date:2021-11-22
LGTOW-DELISTED (Legato Merger Ii Warrants) Start Date:2021-12-22
LGTY-DELISTED (Logility Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
LGV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-10
LGVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-13
LHC.U-DELISTED (Leo Holdings) Start Date:2018-02-13
LHC-DELISTED (Leo Holdings Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-04-16
LHCG-DELISTED (Lhc) Start Date:2007-01-03
LHDX-DELISTED (Lucira Health) Start Date:2021-02-05
LHO.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-01-31
LHO.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-07
LHO.J-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-05-25
LHO-DELISTED (Lasalle Hotel Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
LIAN-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-01
LINDW-DELISTED (Lindblad Expeditions Holdings) Start Date:2013-07-02
LINE-DELISTED (Linn Energy) Start Date:2006-01-17
LINTA-DELISTED (Liberty Interactive Corporation) Start Date:2006-05-10
LINTB-DELISTED (Liberty Interactive Corporation) Start Date:2006-05-10
LINU-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-02-22
LINX-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-26
LIONU-DELISTED (Lionheart Iii Unit) Start Date:2021-11-04
LIONW-DELISTED (Lionheart Iii Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-07
LIOX-DELISTED (Lionbridge Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
LIQD-DELISTED (Liquid Holdings) Start Date:2013-07-26
LITT-DELISTED (Logistics Innovation Technologies Class A) Start Date:2021-08-12
LITTU-DELISTED (Logistics Innovation Technologies Units) Start Date:2021-06-11
LITTW-DELISTED (Logistics Innovation Technologies Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-11
LIVB-DELISTED (Liv Capital Acquisition Ii) Start Date:2022-03-15
LIVX-DELISTED (Livexlive Media) Start Date:2017-12-14
LIZ-DELISTED (Liz Claiborne) Start Date:2004-01-02
LIZI-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-17
LJPC-DELISTED (La Jolla Pharmaceutical Compan) Start Date:2012-02-23
LK-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-17
LKM-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-05-05
LKQX-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-06
LKSD-DELISTED (Lsc Communications) Start Date:2016-09-28
LLEX-DELISTED (Lilis Energy) Start Date:2009-10-26
LLIT-DELISTED (Lianluo Smart Limited) Start Date:2010-06-14
LLL-DELISTED (L-3 Communications Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-30
LLNW-DELISTED (Limelight Networks) Start Date:2007-06-08
LLTC-DELISTED (Linear Technology Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
LMACA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-16
LMACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-22
LMACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
LMAO-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-18
LMAOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-18
LMCA-DELISTED (Liberty Media Corporation) Start Date:2013-01-10
LMCK-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-07-08
LMDIA-DELISTED (Liberty Interactive Corp) Start Date:2008-03-04
LMDX-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-29
LMDXW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-29
LMHA-DELISTED (Legg Mason) Start Date:2016-03-24
LMHB-DELISTED (Legg Mason) Start Date:2016-08-19
LMIA-DELISTED (Lmi Aerospace) Start Date:2000-01-03
LMNL-DELISTED (Liminal Biosciences Common Shares) Start Date:2019-11-18
LMNS-DELISTED (Lumenis Ltd.) Start Date:2014-02-27
LMNX-DELISTED (Luminex) Start Date:2007-04-25
LMOS-DELISTED (Lumos Networks) Start Date:2011-10-31
LMRK-DELISTED (Landmark Infrastructure Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-11-14
LMRKN-DELISTED (Landmark Infrastructure Partners Lp) Start Date:2018-04-20
LMRKO-DELISTED (Landmark Infrastructure Partners Lp) Start Date:2017-11-02
LMRKP-DELISTED (Landmark Infrastructure Partners Lp) Start Date:2016-03-31
LMST-DELISTED (Limestone Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
LNBB-DELISTED (Lnb Bancorp) Start Date:2002-02-04
LNCE-DELISTED (Snyder's-Lance) Start Date:2000-01-03
LNCO-DELISTED (Linn Co) Start Date:2012-10-12
LNCR-DELISTED (Lincare Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
LNDC-DELISTED (Landec) Start Date:2007-05-11
LN-DELISTED (Line Corporation) Start Date:2016-07-14
LNET-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
LNFA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-07
LNKD-DELISTED (Linkedin Corporation) Start Date:2011-05-19
LNY-DELISTED (Landrys Restaurants Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
LOAC-DELISTED (Longevity Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-10-16
LOACW-DELISTED (Longevity Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-10-15
LOAK-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-05-28
LOCC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-15
LOCK-DELISTED (Lifelock) Start Date:2012-10-03
LOCM-DELISTED (Local Corporation) Start Date:2006-11-02
LO-DELISTED (Lorillard Inc) Start Date:2008-06-10
LOGC-DELISTED (Logicbio Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-10-19
LOJN-DELISTED (Lojack Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
LOKB.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-03
LOKB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-25
LONE-DELISTED (Lonestar Resources Us) Start Date:2016-07-05
LONG-DELISTED (Elong) Start Date:2004-10-28
LOOK-DELISTED (Looksmart) Start Date:2000-01-03
LOR-DELISTED (Lazard World Dividend & Income Fund) Start Date:2005-06-28
LORL-DELISTED (Loral Space) Start Date:2005-12-08
LOTZ-DELISTED (Carlotz Class A) Start Date:2019-05-09
LOTZW-DELISTED (Carlotz Warrant) Start Date:2019-04-15
LOV-DELISTED (Spark Networks) Start Date:2006-02-14
LOVLY-DELISTED (Spark Networks Se) Start Date:2017-11-17
LOXO-DELISTED (Loxo Oncology) Start Date:2014-08-01
LPDX-DELISTED (Liposcience) Start Date:2013-01-25
LPH-DELISTED (Longwei Petroleum Investment Ho) Start Date:2009-11-27
LPHI-DELISTED (Life Partners Holdings) Start Date:2003-10-21
LPI-DELISTED (Laredo Petroleum,) Start Date:2011-12-15
LPNT-DELISTED (Lifepoint Hospitals) Start Date:2000-01-03
LPR-DELISTED (Lone Pine Resources Common) Start Date:2011-05-27
LPSB-DELISTED (Laporte Bancorp) Start Date:2007-10-15
LPS-DELISTED (Lender Processing Services) Start Date:2008-07-03
LPT-DELISTED (Liberty Property Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
LPTN-DELISTED (Lpath) Start Date:2007-05-16
LQ-DELISTED (La Quinta Holdings) Start Date:2014-04-09
LRAD-DELISTED (Lrad Corporation) Start Date:2009-08-04
LRY-DELISTED (Liberty Property Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
LSAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-20
LSBG-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
LSBI-DELISTED (Lsb Financial) Start Date:2005-09-12
LSE-DELISTED (Caplease Funding Inc Common Sto) Start Date:2004-03-19
LSG-DELISTED (Lake Shore Gold) Start Date:2009-02-13
LSI-DELISTED (Life Storage) Start Date:2016-08-15
LSR-DELISTED (Life Sciences Research Inc) Start Date:2006-12-22
LSTZA-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-20
LTCH-DELISTED (Latch,) Start Date:2020-12-31
LTCHW-DELISTED (Latch Warrant Expiring 6/4/2026) Start Date:2020-12-31
LTD-DELISTED (Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
LTEA-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-10-29
LTHM-DELISTED (Livent Corp) Start Date:2018-10-11
LTM-DELISTED (Latam Airlines S.A.) Start Date:2004-07-26
LTON-DELISTED (Linktone Ltd.) Start Date:2004-03-04
LTRPA-DELISTED (Liberty Tripadvisor) Start Date:2014-08-27
LTRPB-DELISTED (Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings, Series B) Start Date:2014-08-29
LTS.A-DELISTED (Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc) Start Date:2013-05-29
LTS-DELISTED (Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc) Start Date:2001-05-08
LTXB-DELISTED (Legacytexas Financial) Start Date:2007-05-16
LTXC-DELISTED (Ltx-Credence Corporation) Start Date:2008-09-02
LTXX-DELISTED (Ltx-Credence Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
LUB-DELISTED (Luby's) Start Date:2000-01-03
LUFK-DELISTED (Lufkin Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
LUK-DELISTED (Leucadia National C) Start Date:2004-01-02
LUXA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
LUXAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-27
LUXAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-22
LVB-DELISTED (Steinway Musical Instruments) Start Date:2000-01-03
LVLT-DELISTED (Level 3 Communications Co) Start Date:2004-01-02
LVNTA-DELISTED (Liberty Ventures) Start Date:2012-08-10
LVOX-DELISTED (Livevox Holding, Class A) Start Date:2019-04-18
LVOXU-DELISTED (Livevox Holdings Unit) Start Date:2019-03-08
LVOXW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-17
LVRA-DELISTED (Levere Holdings) Start Date:2021-05-14
LVRAU-DELISTED (Levere Holdings Unit) Start Date:2021-03-19
LWSN-DELISTED (Lawson Software/Inc) Start Date:2002-01-31
LXFT-DELISTED (Luxoft Holding) Start Date:2013-06-26
LXK-DELISTED (Lexmark International Com) Start Date:2004-01-02
LYG.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-07-22
LYL-DELISTED (Dragon Victory International Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2017-10-20
LYLT-DELISTED (Loyalty Ventures) Start Date:2021-11-02
MAAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-08
MAACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-07
MAACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-09
MAB-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Massachusetts Munic) Start Date:2005-08-26
MACC-DELISTED (Mission Advancement) Start Date:2007-05-18
MACK-DELISTED (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2012-03-29
MACQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-12-06
MACQU-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-09-14
MACQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-11-14
MAKO-DELISTED (Mako Surgical) Start Date:2008-02-20
MALL-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
MAMS-DELISTED (Mam Software) Start Date:2007-07-11
MANT-DELISTED (Mantech International) Start Date:2007-05-01
MARK-DELISTED (Remark Holdings) Start Date:2007-10-03
MASB-DELISTED (Massbank Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
MASC-DELISTED (Material Sciences Corporation) Start Date:2009-03-25
MATK-DELISTED (Martek Biosciences Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
MATR-DELISTED (Mattersight Corporation) Start Date:2000-02-16
MAXY-DELISTED (Maxygen) Start Date:2000-01-03
MAYS-DELISTED (J. W. Mays) Start Date:2008-04-16
MBAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-26
MBA-DELISTED (Cibt Education Ordin) Start Date:2008-04-11
MB-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-19
MBFI-DELISTED (Mb Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
MBFIO-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-11-27
MBHI-DELISTED (Midwest Banc Holdings Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MBII-DELISTED (Marrone Bio Innovations) Start Date:2013-08-02
MBINP-DELISTED (Merchants Bancorp) Start Date:2019-03-29
MBIS-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-02-24
MBLX-DELISTED (Metabolix) Start Date:2006-11-10
MBRG-DELISTED (Middleburg Financial Corporation) Start Date:2006-03-02
MBRK-DELISTED (Middlebrook Pharmaceuticals/Inc) Start Date:2007-06-29
MBT-DELISTED (Mobile Telesystems Public Joint Stock Company) Start Date:2007-01-03
MBTF-DELISTED (M B T Financial Corp) Start Date:2003-05-01
MBVT-DELISTED (Merchants Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
MBVX-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-08-17
MCA-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniyield California Insured Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCAF-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-29
MCBF-DELISTED (Monarch Community Bancorp) Start Date:2006-05-08
MCCC-DELISTED (Mediacom Communications Corp) Start Date:2000-03-13
MCC-DELISTED (Medley Capital Corporation) Start Date:2011-01-21
MCEP-DELISTED (Mid-Con Energy Partners) Start Date:2011-12-15
MCF-DELISTED (Contango Oil & Gas) Start Date:2007-05-11
MCFE-DELISTED (Mcafee) Start Date:2020-10-22
MCGC-DELISTED (Mcg Capital Corporation) Start Date:2001-11-30
MCG-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-15
MCLD-DELISTED (Mcloud Technologies Common Shares) Start Date:2021-11-24
MCMJ-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-12
MCMJW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-12
MCOM-DELISTED (Micromobilitycom Inc) Start Date:2019-12-09
MCOX-DELISTED (Mecox Lane Limited) Start Date:2010-10-26
MCP-DELISTED (Molycorp) Start Date:2010-07-29
MCQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-23
MCRL-DELISTED (Micrel) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCRN-DELISTED (Milacron Holdings) Start Date:2015-06-25
MCRS-DELISTED (Micros Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
MCUR-DELISTED (Macrocure Ltd.) Start Date:2014-07-31
MCV-DELISTED (Medley Capital Corporation) Start Date:2013-03-22
MCX-DELISTED (Medley Capital Corporation) Start Date:2017-11-02
MCZ-DELISTED (Mad Catz Interactive) Start Date:2001-09-17
MDAS-DELISTED (Medassets) Start Date:2007-12-13
MDCA-DELISTED (Mdc Partners) Start Date:2005-08-01
MDC-DELISTED (M.D.C. Holdings) Start Date:2007-01-03
MDCI-DELISTED (Medical Action Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
MDCO-DELISTED (The Medicines Company) Start Date:2000-08-08
MDF-DELISTED (Metropolitan Health Networks) Start Date:2004-11-22
MDGN-DELISTED (Medgenics) Start Date:2011-04-08
MDGS-DELISTED (Medigus Ltd.) Start Date:2015-08-05
MDGSW-DELISTED (Medigus Series C Warrant) Start Date:2018-07-23
MDH-DELISTED (Mhi Hospitality Corporation) Start Date:2004-12-17
MDLA-DELISTED (Medallia) Start Date:2019-07-19
MDLQ-DELISTED (Medley Llc) Start Date:2017-02-14
MDLX-DELISTED (Medley Llc) Start Date:2017-11-02
MDLY-DELISTED (Medley Management) Start Date:2014-09-24
MDMD-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-08-11
MDM-DELISTED (Mountain Province Diamonds) Start Date:2005-04-14
MDNA-DELISTED (Medicenna Therapeutics Common Shares) Start Date:2020-08-24
MDP-DELISTED (Meredith Corporation) Start Date:2005-01-03
MDR-DELISTED (Mcdermott International) Start Date:2000-01-03
MDRX-DELISTED (Allscripts-Misys) Start Date:2007-04-27
MDS-DELISTED (Midas) Start Date:2000-01-03
MDSO-DELISTED (Medidata Solutions) Start Date:2009-06-25
MDSY-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
MDTH-DELISTED (Medcath Corporation) Start Date:2001-08-01
MDTL-DELISTED (Medis Technologies Ltd.) Start Date:2000-06-23
MDVL-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-02-24
MDVN-DELISTED (Medivation) Start Date:2007-03-20
MDW-DELISTED (Midway Gold) Start Date:2008-01-03
MDWT-DELISTED (Midwest Holding) Start Date:2015-09-02
MEAD-DELISTED (Meade Instruments) Start Date:2000-01-03
MEA-DELISTED (Metalico) Start Date:2005-08-17
MEAS-DELISTED (Measurement Specialties) Start Date:2005-09-13
MEDQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-03-10
MEDW-DELISTED (Mediware Information Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
MEKA-DELISTED (Meli Kaszek Pioneer Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-09-29
MELA-DELISTED (Mela Sciences) Start Date:2006-03-09
MELR-DELISTED (Melrose Bancorp) Start Date:2014-10-22
MEMP-DELISTED (Memorial Production Partners Lp) Start Date:2011-12-09
MEND-DELISTED (Micrus Endovascular Corp) Start Date:2005-06-16
MEN-DELISTED (Blackrock Munienhanced Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MENT-DELISTED (Mentor Graphics) Start Date:2000-01-03
MEP-DELISTED (Midcoast Energy Partners) Start Date:2013-11-07
MER.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
MER.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
MER.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
MER.M-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
MER.P-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-08-29
MERU-DELISTED (Meru Networks) Start Date:2010-03-31
MESG-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-18
MET.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
METR-DELISTED (Metro Bancorp) Start Date:2009-06-15
METX-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-10-05
METXW-DELISTED (Meten Holding Warrant) Start Date:2020-05-28
MEUSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-06-17
MFAC-DELISTED (Megalith Financial Acquisition) Start Date:2018-09-21
MFB-DELISTED (Maidenform Brands) Start Date:2005-07-22
MFCB-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-07-15
MF-DELISTED (Missfresh) Start Date:2021-06-25
MFGLQ-DELISTED (Mf Global Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2007-07-20
MFGP-DELISTED (Softwareinto Micro Focus) Start Date:2017-08-17
MFINL-DELISTED (Medallion Financial) Start Date:2016-04-22
MFL-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniholdings Investment Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MFLR-DELISTED (Mayflower Bancorp) Start Date:2006-10-25
MFNC-DELISTED (Mackinac Financial) Start Date:2006-08-11
MFN-DELISTED (Minefinders Ordinary) Start Date:2003-01-21
MFO-DELISTED (Mfa Financial) Start Date:2012-04-17
MFRI-DELISTED (Mfri) Start Date:2002-09-25
MFRM-DELISTED (Mattress Firm Holding) Start Date:2011-11-18
MFS-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-02-18
MFSF-DELISTED (Mutualfirst Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
MFT-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniyield Investment Qualityfund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MFV-DELISTED (Mfs Special Value Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
MFW-DELISTED (M & F Worldwide Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
MGAM-DELISTED (Mobile Global Esports) Start Date:2022-07-29
MGCD-DELISTED (Mgc Diagnostics Corporation) Start Date:2003-07-15
MGEN-DELISTED (Miragen Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-06-18
MGH-DELISTED (Minco Gold Corporation) Start Date:2007-02-01
MGHL-DELISTED (Morgan Holding) Start Date:2007-05-16
MGI-DELISTED (Moneygram International) Start Date:2007-04-26
MGLN-DELISTED (Magellan Health) Start Date:2007-05-02
MGN-DELISTED (Mines Management) Start Date:2004-03-24
MGP-DELISTED (Mgm Growth Properties Llc) Start Date:2016-04-20
MGTA-DELISTED (Magenta Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-06-21
MGT-DELISTED (Mgt Capital Investments) Start Date:2006-04-13
MGU-DELISTED (Macquarie Global Infrastructure Total Return Fund) Start Date:2007-05-08
MH.A-DELISTED (Maiden Holdings) Start Date:2012-08-31
MH.C-DELISTED (Maiden Holdings) Start Date:2010-01-15
MH.D-DELISTED (Maiden Holdings) Start Date:2017-06-19
MHE-DELISTED (Blackrock Massachusetts Tax-Exempt Trust) Start Date:2002-08-14
MHFI-DELISTED (Mcgraw Hill Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
MHGC-DELISTED (Morgans Hotel Co.) Start Date:2006-02-14
MHG-DELISTED (Marine Harvest Asa) Start Date:2014-01-28
MHLDO-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-09-30
MHNA-DELISTED (Maiden Holdings North America L) Start Date:2011-07-27
MHNB-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-29
MHO.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
MHP-DELISTED (Mcgraw-Hill Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
MHR.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-12-14
MHR.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-03-21
MHR.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-13
MHR-DELISTED (Magnum Hunter Resources) Start Date:2009-07-14
MHS-DELISTED (Medcohealth Solutions Inc Commo) Start Date:2004-01-02
MHY-DELISTED (Western Asset Managed High Inco) Start Date:2000-01-03
MICC-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
MIC-DELISTED (Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation) Start Date:2007-01-03
MICR-DELISTED (Micron Solutions) Start Date:2007-04-16
MICT-DELISTED (Mict) Start Date:2013-03-20
MIE-DELISTED (Cohen & Steers Mlp Income And Energy Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2013-03-26
MIFI-DELISTED (Novatel Wireless) Start Date:2007-05-01
MIGP-DELISTED (Mercer Insurance Inc) Start Date:2003-12-16
MILE-DELISTED (Metromile,) Start Date:2020-11-09
MILEW-DELISTED (Metromile Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-20
MILL.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-08
MILL.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-01
MILL-DELISTED (Miller Energy Resources) Start Date:2005-02-28
MIM-DELISTED (Mi Developments Inc Common Shar) Start Date:2003-09-29
MIME-DELISTED (Mimecast Limited) Start Date:2015-11-19
MIMO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-19
MIPI-DELISTED (Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals/Inc) Start Date:2007-02-02
MIPS-DELISTED (Mips Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
MIRN-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-01
MIRO-DELISTED (Miromatrix Medical) Start Date:2021-06-24
MITC-DELISTED (Meatech 3D American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-12
MIT-DELISTED (Mason Industrial Technology,) Start Date:2021-03-22
MITL-DELISTED (Mitel Networks Corporation) Start Date:2010-04-22
MITO-DELISTED (Stealth Biotherapeutics ADS) Start Date:2019-02-15
MIW-DELISTED (Eaton Vance Michigan Municipal) Start Date:2006-07-19
MIXT-DELISTED (Mix Telematics American Depositary Shares Each Representing 25 Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2013-08-09
MJH-DELISTED (Msdw Structured Asset Corporati) Start Date:2007-01-04
MJI-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniyield New Jersey) Start Date:2000-01-03
MJN-DELISTED (Mead Johnson Nutrition Company) Start Date:2009-02-11
MKD-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-31
MKGI-DELISTED (Monaker) Start Date:2018-02-22
MKS-DELISTED (Msdw Structured Asset Msdw) Start Date:2005-11-25
MKTG-DELISTED (Responsys) Start Date:2011-04-21
MKTO-DELISTED (Marketo) Start Date:2013-05-17
MKTWW-DELISTED (Marketwise Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-22
MKTY-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-24
MKUL-DELISTED (Molekule) Start Date:2021-11-24
MKULQ-DELISTED (Molekule Inc) Start Date:2021-11-24
MKV-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-09-07
MLAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-14
MLACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-06
MLG-DELISTED (Metlife) Start Date:2003-12-12
MLHR-DELISTED (Herman Miller) Start Date:2007-04-30
MLND-DELISTED (Millendo Therapeutics) Start Date:2012-11-12
MLNT-DELISTED (Melinta Therapeutics) Start Date:2012-02-06
MLNX-DELISTED (Mellanox Technologies) Start Date:2007-02-08
MLU-DELISTED (Metlife) Start Date:2011-03-14
MLVF-DELISTED (Malvern Bancorp) Start Date:2008-05-21
MMAC-DELISTED (Mma Capital Management Co) Start Date:2008-02-06
MM-DELISTED (Millennial Media) Start Date:2012-03-29
MMDM-DELISTED (Modern Media Acquisition) Start Date:2017-06-07
MMMB-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-22
MMP-DELISTED (Magellan Midstream Partners L.P.) Start Date:2007-01-03
MMPI-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-01-25
MMR-DELISTED (Mcmoran Exploration Company Com) Start Date:2000-01-03
MMUS-DELISTED (Makemusic) Start Date:2005-04-15
MMX-DELISTED (Maverix Metals Common Shares) Start Date:2019-06-25
MNCL-DELISTED (Monocle Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2019-02-07
MNCLW-DELISTED (Monocle Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2019-02-28
MN-DELISTED (Manning & Napier Class A) Start Date:2011-11-18
MNDL-DELISTED (Mandalay Digital) Start Date:2007-11-21
MNDT-DELISTED (Mandiant,) Start Date:2013-09-20
MNE-DELISTED (Blackrock Muni New York Intermediate Duration Fund Inc) Start Date:2003-07-30
MNEL-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-05-11
MNGA-DELISTED (Magnegas Corporation) Start Date:2008-11-19
MNI-DELISTED (Mcclatchy Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
MNKTQ-DELISTED (Mallinckrodt Plc) Start Date:2022-06-17
MNLO-DELISTED (Menlo Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-01-25
MNP-DELISTED (Western Asset Municipal Partners Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
MNR.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-27
MNR.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-07
MNR.C-DELISTED (Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corporation) Start Date:2016-09-14
MNR-DELISTED (Monmouth Real Estate) Start Date:2007-05-16
MNRK-DELISTED (Monarch Financial Holdings) Start Date:2006-05-10
MNRL-DELISTED (Brigham Minerals) Start Date:2019-04-18
MNRTA-DELISTED (Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
MNT-DELISTED (Mentor Corp/Mn) Start Date:2000-01-03
MNTG-DELISTED (Mtr Gaming) Start Date:2000-01-03
MNTV-DELISTED (Momentive Global) Start Date:2018-09-26
MOBI-DELISTED (Sky-Mobi Limited) Start Date:2010-12-10
MOBQ-DELISTED (Mobiquity Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-17
MOC-DELISTED (Command Security) Start Date:2007-06-08
MOCO-DELISTED (Mocon) Start Date:2000-01-03
MOHO-DELISTED (Ecmoho American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-11-08
MOLG-DELISTED (Mol Global) Start Date:2014-10-09
MOLXA-DELISTED (Molex Incorporated) Start Date:2005-03-24
MOLX-DELISTED (Molex Incorporated) Start Date:2005-03-24
MON-DELISTED (Monsanto Company) Start Date:2004-01-02
MONDW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-22
MONT-DELISTED (Montage Technology Limited) Start Date:2013-09-26
MOSC-DELISTED (Mosaic Acquisition) Start Date:2017-10-19
MOSY-DELISTED (Mosys) Start Date:2001-07-17
MOT-DELISTED (Motorola Solutions/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MOTN-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-17
MOTR-DELISTED (Motricity) Start Date:2010-06-18
MOTS-DELISTED (Motus Gi Holdings) Start Date:2018-02-14
MOTV.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-11
MOTV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
MOXC-DELISTED (Moxian) Start Date:2014-04-10
MP.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-06-04
MPAC-DELISTED (Mod-Pac) Start Date:2003-10-15
MPEL-DELISTED (Melco Crown Entertainment Limited) Start Date:2006-12-19
MPET-DELISTED (Magellan Petroleum Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MPG-DELISTED (Mpg Office Trust) Start Date:2003-06-26
MPJ-DELISTED (Mississippi Power Company Sr Nt) Start Date:2003-10-09
MPO-DELISTED (Midstates Petroleum Company) Start Date:2012-04-20
MPR-DELISTED (Met-Pro Common Stoc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MPS-DELISTED (Mps Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MPSX-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-22
MPVD-DELISTED (Mountain Province Diamonds) Start Date:2007-05-16
MRAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-04
MRACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-15
MRAI-DELISTED (Marpai Class A) Start Date:2021-10-27
MRCCL-DELISTED (Monroe Capital Corporation) Start Date:2018-09-18
MRD-DELISTED (Memorial Resource Development) Start Date:2014-06-13
MRDN-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
MRF-DELISTED (American Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MRH.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-05-12
MRH-DELISTED (Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2002-10-10
MRIC-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-05-21
MRKT-DELISTED (Markit Ltd.) Start Date:2014-06-19
MRLN-DELISTED (Marlin Business Services) Start Date:2003-11-12
MRTX-DELISTED (Mirati Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-07-15
MRVC-DELISTED (Mrv Communications) Start Date:2000-01-03
MS.G-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley) Start Date:2014-05-01
MSBF-DELISTED (Msb Financial) Start Date:2007-06-21
MSCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-08
MSCC-DELISTED (Microsemi Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSCS-DELISTED (Msc Software Corp) Start Date:2006-09-05
MSDA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-25
MSDAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-25
MSDI-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-08
MSF-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSFG-DELISTED (Mainsource Financial) Start Date:2002-05-10
MSG-DELISTED (The Madison Square Garden Company) Start Date:2010-02-10
MSGN-DELISTED (The Madison Square Garden Company) Start Date:2010-02-10
MSHL-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-12-18
MSJ-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Cap Trust Vi Cap) Start Date:2006-02-03
MSK-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Cap Tr Viii Gdt) Start Date:2007-05-16
MSL-DELISTED (Midsouth Bancorp) Start Date:2006-09-07
MSLI-DELISTED (Merus Labs International) Start Date:2007-05-16
MSO-DELISTED (Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSON-DELISTED (Misonix) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSPD-DELISTED (Mindspeed Technologies) Start Date:2003-12-15
MSP-DELISTED (Datto Holding) Start Date:2005-04-27
MSPR-DELISTED (Msp Recovery Class A) Start Date:2022-05-24
MSPRW-DELISTED (Msp Recovery Warrant) Start Date:2022-05-24
MSPRZ-DELISTED (Msp Recovery Warrant) Start Date:2020-10-21
MSSR-DELISTED (Mccormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurants Inc) Start Date:2004-07-20
MSTX-DELISTED (Mast Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-01
MSVB-DELISTED (Mid-Southern Bancorp) Start Date:2018-07-12
MSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
MSY-DELISTED (Invesco High Yield Investment F) Start Date:2000-01-03
MSZ-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Capital Trust Vi) Start Date:2006-11-09
MTAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-08
MTACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
MTACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-08
MTBC-DELISTED (Carecloud) Start Date:2014-07-23
MTBCP-DELISTED (Mtbc) Start Date:2016-04-25
MTBL-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-05-04
MTCN-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-01-22
MTCR-DELISTED (Metacrine) Start Date:2020-09-16
MTEC-DELISTED (Mtech Acquisition) Start Date:2018-02-26
MTE-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-09
MTFB-DELISTED (Motif Bio Plc) Start Date:2016-11-18
MTGE-DELISTED (American Capital Mortgage Investment) Start Date:2011-08-04
MTGEP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-05-19
MTL-DELISTED (Mechel Pao) Start Date:2004-10-29
MTMT-DELISTED (Mega Matrix) Start Date:2007-05-16
MTOR-DELISTED (Meritor) Start Date:2007-04-30
MTOX-DELISTED (Medtox Scientific) Start Date:2006-02-16
MTP-DELISTED (Midatech Pharma Plc) Start Date:2015-12-07
MTS-DELISTED (Montgomery Street Income Securi) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTSL-DELISTED (Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.) Start Date:2005-12-05
MTSN-DELISTED (Mattson Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
MTT-DELISTED (Western Asset Municipal Defined Opportunity Trust Inc) Start Date:2009-03-27
MTTRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-02
MTU-DELISTED (Mitsubishi Ufj Financial) Start Date:2005-10-03
MTVC-DELISTED (Motive Capital Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-01-27
MTXX-DELISTED (Matrixx Initiatives Inc) Start Date:2002-06-20
MUDS-DELISTED (Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-03-12
MUDSU-DELISTED (Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-02-08
MUDSW-DELISTED (Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-03-12
MUH-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniholdings Fund Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
MULE-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-03-17
MUS-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniholdings Quality Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MVCB-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-01
MVCD-DELISTED (Mvc Capital) Start Date:2017-11-20
MVC-DELISTED (Mvc Capital) Start Date:2000-06-26
MV-DELISTED (Metavante Technologies/Inc) Start Date:2007-11-02
MVG-DELISTED (Mag Silver) Start Date:2007-07-09
MVL-DELISTED (Marvel Entertainment/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MVNR-DELISTED (Mavenir Systems) Start Date:2013-11-07
MVSN-DELISTED (Rovi Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
MW-DELISTED (The Men's Wearhouse) Start Date:2000-10-02
MWE-DELISTED (Markwest Energy Partners) Start Date:2002-05-22
MWIV-DELISTED (Mwi Veterinary Supply) Start Date:2005-08-03
MWK-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-12
MWO-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Cap Tr V Gtd Cap) Start Date:2003-10-09
MWR-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Cap Tr Iii Capit) Start Date:2003-03-26
MWV-DELISTED (Meadwestvaco Common) Start Date:2004-01-02
MWW-DELISTED (Monster Worldwide Common) Start Date:2007-04-27
MWY-DELISTED (Midway Games Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
MXA-DELISTED (Minnesota Municipal Income Port) Start Date:2000-01-03
MXB-DELISTED (MSCI Inc) Start Date:2007-11-15
MXGL-DELISTED (Alterra Capital Holdings Ltd) Start Date:2007-05-07
MXIM-DELISTED (Maxim Integrated Products Inc) Start Date:2007-04-27
MXN-DELISTED (First American Minnesota Munici) Start Date:2006-05-25
MXPT-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-06
MXT-DELISTED (Maxcom Telecomunicaciones S.A.B. De C.V.) Start Date:2007-10-19
MXWL-DELISTED (Maxwell Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYCC-DELISTED (Clubcorp Holdings) Start Date:2013-09-20
MYC-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniyield California Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MY-DELISTED (China Ming Yang Wind Power Limited) Start Date:2010-10-04
MYF-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniyield Investment Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYJ-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniyield New Jersey Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYM-DELISTED (Blackrock Muniyield Michigan Qu) Start Date:2000-01-03
MYOS-DELISTED (Myos Rens Technology) Start Date:2011-03-04
MYOV-DELISTED (Myovant Sciences Ltd.) Start Date:2016-10-27
MYT-DELISTED (Urban Tea) Start Date:2019-02-20
MZA-DELISTED (Muniyield Arizona Fund) Start Date:2000-01-04
MZOR-DELISTED (Mazor Robotics Ltd.) Start Date:2013-05-28
NAAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-18
NAACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-22
NABI-DELISTED (Nabi Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
NADL-DELISTED (North Atlantic Drilling Limited) Start Date:2014-01-29
NAFC-DELISTED (Nash-Finch Company) Start Date:2003-05-30
NAI-DELISTED (Agic International & Premium St) Start Date:2005-04-27
NAKD-DELISTED (Naked Brand Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-12
NAL-DELISTED (Newalliance Bancshares Inc) Start Date:2007-03-13
NAME-DELISTED (Rightside) Start Date:2014-07-23
NANO-DELISTED (Nanometrics Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
NAO-DELISTED (Nordic American Offshore Ltd.) Start Date:2014-06-12
NAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-09-03
NARA-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-07-07
NATI-DELISTED (National Instruments Corporation) Start Date:2007-01-03
NAVB-DELISTED (Navidea Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2005-10-27
NAV-DELISTED (Navistar International Corporation) Start Date:2008-06-30
NAVG-DELISTED (The Navigators) Start Date:2002-02-06
NAVR-DELISTED (Navarre Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
NBAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-05-01
NBACR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-30
NBACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-30
NBA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-19
NBBC-DELISTED (Newbridge Bancorp) Start Date:2007-08-01
NBCB-DELISTED (First Nbc Bank Holding Company) Start Date:2013-05-10
NBD-DELISTED (Nuveen Build America Bond Oppor) Start Date:2010-11-24
NBEV-DELISTED (New Age Beverages Corporation) Start Date:2014-08-07
NBG.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-07-02
NBG-DELISTED (National Bank Of Greece S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
NBJ-DELISTED (Nuveen Ohio Dividend Advantage) Start Date:2006-06-27
NBLX-DELISTED (Noble Midstream Partners Lp) Start Date:2016-09-15
NBO-DELISTED (Neuberger Berman New York Municipal Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
NBR.A-DELISTED (Nabors Industries Ltd.) Start Date:2018-05-17
NBRV-DELISTED (Nabriva Therapeutics Plc Ordinary Shares Ireland) Start Date:2015-09-18
NBS-DELISTED (Neostem) Start Date:2007-08-09
NBSE-DELISTED (Neubase Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-07-15
NBTF-DELISTED (Nb&T Financial) Start Date:2005-05-16
NBW-DELISTED (Neuberger Berman California Municipal Fund Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
NCBC-DELISTED (New Century Bancorp) Start Date:2006-06-30
NCB-DELISTED (Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund 2) Start Date:2009-04-28
NCBS-DELISTED (Nicolet Bankshares) Start Date:2013-05-17
NCFT-DELISTED (Norcraft Companies) Start Date:2007-05-17
NCIT-DELISTED (Nci) Start Date:2005-10-24
NCOC-DELISTED (National Coal Corp) Start Date:2005-04-22
NCO-DELISTED (Nuveen California Municipal Mar) Start Date:2000-01-03
NCOM-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-19
NCP-DELISTED (Nuveen California Performance P) Start Date:2000-01-03
NCQ-DELISTED (Novacopper) Start Date:2012-05-01
NCR-DELISTED (Ncr Corporation) Start Date:2007-01-03
NCS-DELISTED (Nci Building Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
NCT.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NCT.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NCT.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NCT-DELISTED (Newcastle Investment) Start Date:2002-10-10
NCU-DELISTED (Nuveen California Premium Incom) Start Date:2000-01-03
NDAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-23
NDACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-02
N-DELISTED (Netsuite) Start Date:2007-12-20
NDN-DELISTED (99 Cents Only Stores) Start Date:2000-01-03
NDRAW-DELISTED (Endra Life Sciences) Start Date:2017-06-28
NDRM-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-14
NDRO-DELISTED (Enduro Royalty Trust) Start Date:2011-11-03
NDZ-DELISTED (Nordion) Start Date:2010-02-26
NEBC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
NEBCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-09
NEBS-DELISTED (New England Bancshares) Start Date:2006-04-05
NEBU-DELISTED (Nebula Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2018-03-06
NED-DELISTED (Noah Education Holdings Am) Start Date:2007-10-19
NEE.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-27
NEE.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-11
NEE.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-19
NEE.I-DELISTED (Nextera Energy) Start Date:2012-11-26
NEE.J-DELISTED (Nextera Energy) Start Date:2013-01-22
NEE.K-DELISTED (Nextera Energy) Start Date:2016-06-09
NEE.O-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-13
NEE.P-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-09-27
NEE.Q-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-09-18
NEFF-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-21
NEI-DELISTED (Network Engines) Start Date:2010-02-11
NEOP-DELISTED (Neoprobe) Start Date:2000-01-03
NEOS-DELISTED (Neos Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-07-23
NEOT-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-20
NEPT-DELISTED (Neptune Wellness Solutions) Start Date:2007-08-13
NES-DELISTED (Nuverra Environmental Solutions) Start Date:2007-11-21
NESR-DELISTED (National Energy Services Reunited Ordinary S) Start Date:2017-06-05
NETC-DELISTED (Net Servicos De Comunicacao S.A) Start Date:2002-06-17
NETE-DELISTED (Net Element) Start Date:2010-11-22
NETI-DELISTED (Eneti) Start Date:2013-12-12
NETS-DELISTED (Netshoes) Start Date:2017-04-12
NEV-DELISTED (Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund) Start Date:2009-10-12
NEWA-DELISTED (Newater Technology) Start Date:2017-07-28
NEW-DELISTED (Puxin Limited) Start Date:2018-06-15
NEWL-DELISTED (Newlead Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2009-12-21
NEWM-DELISTED (New Media Investment) Start Date:2014-02-04
NEWN-DELISTED (New Energy Systems . Commo) Start Date:2009-11-18
NEWR-DELISTED (New Relic) Start Date:2014-12-12
NEWS-DELISTED (Newstar Financial) Start Date:2006-12-14
NEX-DELISTED (Nextier Oilfield Solutions) Start Date:2019-10-31
NFEC-DELISTED (Nf Energy Saving) Start Date:2009-08-26
NFH-DELISTED (New Frontier Health Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-06-28
NFIN-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-14
NFINW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-14
NFM-DELISTED (Nuveen Maryland Dividend Advant) Start Date:2001-03-20
NFP-DELISTED (National Financial Partners Cor) Start Date:2003-09-18
NFSB-DELISTED (Newport Bancorp) Start Date:2006-07-07
NFS-DELISTED (Nationwide Financial Services Inc) Start Date:2007-12-06
NFTG-DELISTED () Start Date:2023-02-15
NFX-DELISTED (Newfield Exploration Company Co) Start Date:2004-01-02
NFZ-DELISTED (Nuveen Arizona Dividend Advanta) Start Date:2001-02-02
NGA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-18
NGAB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-05
NGAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-08
NGACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-07
NGACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-07
NGA-DELISTED (North American Galvanizing & Coatings Inc) Start Date:2005-10-11
NGB-DELISTED (Nuveen Virginia Dividend Advant) Start Date:2006-05-24
NGCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-19
NGCAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-21
NGHCN-DELISTED (National General Holdings Corp) Start Date:2016-07-11
NGHCO-DELISTED (National General Holdings Corp) Start Date:2015-03-30
NGHCP-DELISTED (National General Holdings Corp) Start Date:2014-06-20
NGHCZ-DELISTED (National General Holdings Corp) Start Date:2015-08-20
NGK-DELISTED (Nuveen Connecticut Dividend Adv) Start Date:2002-09-13
NGLS.A-DELISTED (Targa Resources Partners Lp) Start Date:2015-10-20
NGLS-DELISTED (Targa Resources Partners Lp) Start Date:2007-02-09
NGM-DELISTED (Ngm Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-04-04
NGMS-DELISTED (Neogames S.A.) Start Date:2020-11-19
NGO-DELISTED (Nuveen Connecticut Dividend Adv) Start Date:2002-09-27
NGPC-DELISTED (Ngp Capital Resources Company) Start Date:2004-11-10
NGSX-DELISTED (Neurogesx) Start Date:2007-05-02
NGT-DELISTED (Eastern American Natural Gas Tr) Start Date:2000-01-03
NGX-DELISTED (Nuveen Insured Massachusetts Ta) Start Date:2005-11-04
NGZ-DELISTED (Agic Global Equity & Convertibl) Start Date:2007-10-02
NHA-DELISTED (Nuveen Municipal 2021 Target Term Fund) Start Date:2016-01-27
NHC.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-11-01
NH-DELISTED (Nanthealth) Start Date:2016-06-02
NHF.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-08
NHF-DELISTED (Nexpoint Strategic Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2006-06-26
NHIC-DELISTED (Newhold Investment Ii Class A) Start Date:2020-09-22
NHICU-DELISTED (Newhold Investment Ii Unit) Start Date:2021-10-21
NHICW-DELISTED (Newhold Investment Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-12-27
NHIQ-DELISTED (Nanthealth Inc) Start Date:2016-06-02
NHLD-DELISTED (National Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2015-03-03
NHP-DELISTED (Nationwide Health Properties/Llc) Start Date:2000-01-03
NHTB-DELISTED (New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares) Start Date:2006-07-14
NHWK-DELISTED (Nighthawk Radiology Holdings Inc) Start Date:2006-02-09
NI.B-DELISTED (Nisource) Start Date:2019-01-04
NID-DELISTED (Nuveen Intermediate Duration Municipal Term Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-12-06
NIF-DELISTED (Nuveen Premier Municipal Oppor) Start Date:2000-01-03
NIHD-DELISTED (Nii Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-26
NIHDQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-02-28
NII-DELISTED (Nuveen North Carolina Dividend) Start Date:2002-09-27
NILE-DELISTED (Bitnile) Start Date:2007-05-16
NIMC-DELISTED (Nisource Inc Series A Corporate Units) Start Date:2021-04-22
NIQ-DELISTED (Nuveenn Intermediate Duration Quality Municipal Term Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2013-08-02
NIR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
NIRWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
NITE-DELISTED (Nightstar Therapeutics Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
NIV-DELISTED (Nivs Intellimedia Technology /Inc) Start Date:2009-03-13
NJ-DELISTED (Nidec Corporation) Start Date:2002-03-11
NJV-DELISTED (Nuveen New Jersey Municipal Value Fund) Start Date:2009-04-28
NKA-DELISTED (Niska Gas Storage Partners Llc) Start Date:2010-05-12
NKBP-DELISTED (China Nuokang Bio-Pharmaceutica) Start Date:2009-12-10
NK-DELISTED (Nantkwest) Start Date:2015-07-28
NKG-DELISTED (Nuveen Georgia Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
NKLAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-06-11
NKL-DELISTED (Nuveen Insured California Divid) Start Date:2002-09-13
NKO-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Dividend Advant) Start Date:2002-09-13
NKR-DELISTED (Nuveen Arizona Dividend Advanta) Start Date:2002-09-16
NLC-DELISTED (Nalco Holding Co) Start Date:2004-11-16
NLCI-DELISTED (Nobel Learning Communities Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
NLNK-DELISTED (Newlink Genetics Corporation) Start Date:2011-11-11
NLOK-DELISTED (Nortonlifelock) Start Date:2007-04-27
NLP-DELISTED (Nts Realty Holdings Par) Start Date:2005-02-03
NLS-DELISTED (Nautilus) Start Date:2002-05-21
NLSN-DELISTED (Nielsen Holdings) Start Date:2015-08-31
NLTX-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-05-13
NLY.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NLY.C-DELISTED (Annaly Capital Management Inc) Start Date:2012-05-29
NLY.D-DELISTED (Annaly Capital Management Inc) Start Date:2012-09-19
NLY.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-12
NM.G-DELISTED (Navios Maritime Holdings) Start Date:2014-01-29
NM.H-DELISTED (Navios Maritime Holdings) Start Date:2014-07-09
NMA-DELISTED (Nuveen Municipal Advantage Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NMB-DELISTED (Nuveen Massachusetts Dividend A) Start Date:2004-11-10
NMBL-DELISTED (Nimble Storage) Start Date:2013-12-13
NMCI-DELISTED (Navios Maritime Containers L.P.) Start Date:2018-12-10
NMD-DELISTED (Nuveen Municipal High Income Op) Start Date:2007-12-27
NM-DELISTED (Navios Maritime Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-14
NMK.B-DELISTED (Niagara Mohawk Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-30
NMK.C-DELISTED (Niagara Mohawk Holdings) Start Date:2007-06-04
NMMC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-18
NMO-DELISTED (Nuveen Municipal Market Opportu) Start Date:2000-01-03
NMP-DELISTED (Nuveen Michigan Premium Income) Start Date:2000-01-03
NMRD-DELISTED (Nemaura Medical) Start Date:2014-12-18
NMRX-DELISTED (Numerex) Start Date:2000-01-03
NMTR-DELISTED (9 Meters Biopharma) Start Date:2016-07-08
NMX-DELISTED (Nymex Holdings Inc) Start Date:2006-11-17
NMY-DELISTED (Nuveen Maryland Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NNA-DELISTED (Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2008-07-07
NNB-DELISTED (Nuveen Virginia Dividend Advant) Start Date:2002-09-13
NNC-DELISTED (Nuveen North Carolina Quality Municipal Income Fd) Start Date:2000-01-03
NNF-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Premium Income) Start Date:2000-01-03
NNJ-DELISTED (Nuveen New Jersey Premium Incom) Start Date:2000-01-03
NNN.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-02-27
NNN.E-DELISTED (National Retail Properties) Start Date:2013-06-03
NNN.F-DELISTED (National Retail Properties) Start Date:2016-10-13
NNO-DELISTED (Nuveen North Carolina Dividend) Start Date:2006-09-19
NNP-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Performance Plu) Start Date:2000-01-03
NOAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-29
NOACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-11
NOACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-29
NOGN-DELISTED (Nogin) Start Date:2021-09-20
NOGNW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-21
NOIZ-DELISTED (Micronetics) Start Date:2000-01-03
NOOF-DELISTED (New Frontier Media) Start Date:2000-01-03
NOR-DELISTED (Noranda Aluminum Holding) Start Date:2010-05-14
NOVB-DELISTED (North Valley Bancorp) Start Date:2002-02-04
NOVN-DELISTED (Novan) Start Date:2016-09-21
NOVS-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-01-17
NOVSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-16
NPA-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-01
NPAWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-01
NPBC-DELISTED (National Penn Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPBCO-DELISTED (National Penn Bancshares) Start Date:2006-10-18
NPC-DELISTED (Nuveen Insured California Premi) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPD-DELISTED (China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd.) Start Date:2007-11-09
NP-DELISTED (Neenah) Start Date:2007-04-25
NPF-DELISTED (Nuveen Premier Municipal Income) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPG-DELISTED (Nuveen Georgia Premium Income M) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPI-DELISTED (Nuveen Premium Income Municipal) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPM-DELISTED (Nuveen Premium Income Municipal) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPN-DELISTED (Nuveen Pennsylvania Municipal Value Fund) Start Date:2009-04-28
NPP-DELISTED (Nuveen Performance Plus Municip) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPSP-DELISTED (Nps Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPT-DELISTED (Nuveen Premium Income Municipal) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPTN-DELISTED (Neophotonics) Start Date:2011-02-02
NPX-DELISTED (Nuveen Premium Income Municipal) Start Date:2000-01-03
NPY-DELISTED (Nuveen Pennsylvania Premium Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQC-DELISTED (Nuveen California Investment Qu) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQ-DELISTED (Nq Mobile) Start Date:2011-05-05
NQI-DELISTED (Nuveen Quality Municipal Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQJ-DELISTED (Nuveen New Jersey Investment Qu) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQM-DELISTED (Nuveen Investment Quality Munic) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQN-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Investment Qual) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQS-DELISTED (Nuveen Select Quality Municipal) Start Date:2000-01-03
NQU-DELISTED (Nuveen Quality Income Municipal) Start Date:2000-01-03
NRAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-01
NRACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-02
NRB-DELISTED (Nuveen North Carolina Dividend) Start Date:2001-01-26
NRCG-DELISTED (Nrc Holdings) Start Date:2017-08-01
NRCIA-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-23
NRCIB-DELISTED (National Research) Start Date:2006-04-17
NRCI-DELISTED (National Research Corporation) Start Date:2006-04-17
NRE-DELISTED (Northstar Realty Europe) Start Date:2015-11-02
NRF.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-23
NRF.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NRF.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-15
NRF.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-11
NRF.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-05-16
NRF-DELISTED (Northstar Realty Finance) Start Date:2004-10-26
NRGM-DELISTED (Inergy Midstream) Start Date:2011-12-16
NRGX-DELISTED (Pimco Energy And Tactical Credit Opportunities Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2019-01-30
NRGY-DELISTED (Inergy) Start Date:2001-07-31
NRU-DELISTED (National Rural Utilities Cooper) Start Date:2005-04-27
NRX-DELISTED (Nephrogenex) Start Date:2014-02-11
NRZ.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-05
NRZ.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-19
NRZ.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-02-20
NRZ.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-22
NRZ-DELISTED (New Residential Investment) Start Date:2013-05-02
NSAM-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-27
NSAT-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-02-10
NS-DELISTED (Nustar Energy L.P.) Start Date:2007-05-16
NSEC-DELISTED (National Security) Start Date:2006-02-01
NSH-DELISTED (Nustar Gp Holdings) Start Date:2007-04-02
NSL-DELISTED (Nuveen Senior Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-07
NSLP-DELISTED (New Source Energy Partners L.P.) Start Date:2013-02-08
NSM-DELISTED (National Semiconductor Corp) Start Date:2012-03-08
NSPH-DELISTED (Nanosphere) Start Date:2007-11-01
NSPRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-08-01
NSPRZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-04-10
NSR-DELISTED (Nomad Royalty Company Common Shares) Start Date:2005-06-29
NSTB-DELISTED (Northern Star Investment Ii Class A) Start Date:2021-02-11
NSTC-DELISTED (Northern Star Investment Iii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-22
NSTD-DELISTED (Northern Star Investment Iv Class A) Start Date:2021-04-22
NST-DELISTED (Nstar) Start Date:2000-01-03
NSTG-DELISTED (Nanostring Technologies) Start Date:2013-06-26
NSU-DELISTED (Nevsun Resources Ltd.) Start Date:2005-01-12
NTC-DELISTED (Nuveen Connecticut Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTCO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-06
NTEC-DELISTED (Intec Pharma Ltd.) Start Date:2015-08-04
NTE-DELISTED (Nam Tai Electronics) Start Date:2003-01-23
NTGN-DELISTED (Neon Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-06-27
NTI-DELISTED (Northern Tier Energy Lp) Start Date:2012-07-26
NTK-DELISTED (Nortek) Start Date:2011-11-15
NTL-DELISTED (Nortel Inversora S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTLS-DELISTED (Ntelos Holdings) Start Date:2006-02-09
NTN-DELISTED (Ntn Buzztime) Start Date:2007-05-04
NTP-DELISTED (Nam Tai Property) Start Date:2007-05-04
NTRI-DELISTED (Nutrisystem) Start Date:2005-06-23
NTRSP-DELISTED (Northern Trust Corporation) Start Date:2014-07-31
NTSC-DELISTED (National Technical Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTS-DELISTED (Nts) Start Date:2007-05-16
NTSP-DELISTED (Netspend Holdings) Start Date:2010-10-19
NTT-DELISTED (Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
NTUS-DELISTED (Natus Medical) Start Date:2007-05-09
NTX-DELISTED (Nuveen Texas Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2002-08-20
NTY-DELISTED (Nbty Inc) Start Date:2003-09-19
NU (Northeast Utilities Common Stoc) Start Date:2021-12-09
NUAN-DELISTED (Nuance Communications) Start Date:2007-01-03
NUBIW-DELISTED (Nubia Brand International Warrant) Start Date:2022-05-02
NUC-DELISTED (Nuveen California Quality Incom) Start Date:2000-01-03
NUJ-DELISTED (Nuveen New Jersey Dividend Adva) Start Date:2002-09-12
NUM-DELISTED (Nuveen Michigan Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
NUN-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Quality Income) Start Date:2000-01-03
NUO-DELISTED (Nuveen Ohio Quality Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2007-05-16
NUTR-DELISTED (Nutraceutical International Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-04
NUVA-DELISTED (Nuvasive) Start Date:2007-01-03
NVC-DELISTED (Nuveen California Select Qualit) Start Date:2000-01-03
NVCN-DELISTED (Neovasc Common Shares) Start Date:2012-07-24
NVE-DELISTED (Nv Energy) Start Date:2008-10-27
NVET-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-02-05
NVGND-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NVGN-DELISTED (Novogen Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
NVIV-DELISTED (Invivo Therapeutics Holdings) Start Date:2015-04-17
NVJ-DELISTED (Nuveen Ohio Dividend Advantage) Start Date:2003-08-07
NVLN-DELISTED (Novelion Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-04-27
NVMM-DELISTED (Novume Solutions) Start Date:2017-08-29
NVN-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Select Quality) Start Date:2000-01-03
NVNOW-DELISTED (Envveno Medical Warrants) Start Date:2018-05-31
NVSA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-12
NVSAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-17
NVSAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-12
NVSL-DELISTED (Naugatuck Valley Financial Corporation) Start Date:2004-10-01
NVTA-DELISTED (Invitae Corporation) Start Date:2015-02-12
NVTL-DELISTED (Novatel Wireless) Start Date:2000-11-21
NVTR-DELISTED (Nuvectra Corporation) Start Date:2016-03-14
NVTRV-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NVTSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-20
NVUS-DELISTED (Novus Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-09-17
NVY-DELISTED (Nuveen Pennsylvania Dividend Ad) Start Date:2002-09-16
NW.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
NWA-DELISTED (Northwest Airlines Corp) Start Date:2007-05-31
NWBOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-07
NWGI-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-23
NWHM-DELISTED (New Home Company) Start Date:2014-01-31
NWI-DELISTED (Nuveen Maryland Dividend Advant) Start Date:2002-09-27
NWK-DELISTED (Network Equipment Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
NWLIA-DELISTED (National Western Life Insurance Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
NWSB-DELISTED (Northwest Bancorp Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
NWY-DELISTED (New York & Company) Start Date:2004-10-07
NXEO-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-06
NXEOU-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-08-05
NXEOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-08-05
NXGN-DELISTED (Nextgen Healthcare) Start Date:2007-04-27
NXI-DELISTED (Nuveen Ohio Dividend Advantage) Start Date:2001-03-30
NXK-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Dividend Advant) Start Date:2001-03-29
NXM-DELISTED (Nuveen Pennsylvania Dividend Ad) Start Date:2005-12-12
NXQ-DELISTED (Nuveen Select Tax Free Income Portfolio Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
NXR-DELISTED (Nuveen Select Tax Free Income Portfolio Iii) Start Date:2000-01-03
NXTD-DELISTED (Nxt-Id) Start Date:2013-08-23
NXTDW-DELISTED (Nxt-Id) Start Date:2014-09-11
NXTM-DELISTED (Nxstage Medical) Start Date:2005-10-27
NXTP-DELISTED (Nextplay Technologies) Start Date:2018-02-22
NXY-DELISTED (Nexen) Start Date:2000-11-14
NXZ-DELISTED (Nuveen Dividend Advantage Munic) Start Date:2002-09-12
NYB-DELISTED () Start Date:2002-12-20
NYH-DELISTED (Eaton Vance New York Municipal) Start Date:2002-11-26
NYLD.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-15
NYLD-DELISTED (Nrg Yield) Start Date:2013-07-17
NYM-DELISTED (Nymagic Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
NYMTO-DELISTED (New York Mortgage Trust) Start Date:2015-05-06
NYMTP-DELISTED (New York Mortgage Trust) Start Date:2013-06-04
NYMX-DELISTED (Nymox Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2007-05-16
NYNY-DELISTED (Empire Resorts) Start Date:2003-04-16
NYRT-DELISTED (New York Reit) Start Date:2014-04-15
NYV-DELISTED (Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund 2) Start Date:2009-04-28
NYX-DELISTED (Nyse Euronext) Start Date:2006-03-08
NZ-DELISTED (Netezza Corp) Start Date:2007-07-25
NZH-DELISTED (Nuveen California Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 3) Start Date:2001-10-03
NZR-DELISTED (Nuveen Maryland Dividend Advant) Start Date:2001-10-04
NZT-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
NZW-DELISTED (Nuveen Michigan Dividend Advant) Start Date:2006-05-01
NZX-DELISTED (Nuveen Georgia Dividend Advanta) Start Date:2001-10-04
O.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-02-10
OABC-DELISTED (Omniamerican Bancorp) Start Date:2010-01-21
OACB.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-17
OACB-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-09
OAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-09-13
OA-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
OAK-DELISTED (Oaktree Capital) Start Date:2012-04-12
OAKS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-06
OAKS-DELISTED (Five Oaks Investment) Start Date:2013-03-22
OAS-DELISTED (Oasis Petroleum) Start Date:2020-11-20
OASM-DELISTED (Oasmia Pharmaceutical Ab) Start Date:2015-11-04
OBAF-DELISTED (Oba Financial Services) Start Date:2010-01-22
OBAS-DELISTED (Optibase Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
OBCI-DELISTED (Ocean Bio-Chem) Start Date:2002-08-09
OBLN-DELISTED (Obalon Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-10-06
OBNK-DELISTED (Origin Bancorp) Start Date:2018-05-09
OBSV-DELISTED (Obseva Sa Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-07-13
OCA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-20
OCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-12
OCAT-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
OCDX-DELISTED (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Plc) Start Date:2021-01-28
OCIP-DELISTED (Oci Partners Lp) Start Date:2013-10-04
OCIR-DELISTED (Oci Resources Lp) Start Date:2013-09-13
OCLR-DELISTED (Oclaro) Start Date:2009-04-28
OCLS-DELISTED (Oculus Innovative Sciences) Start Date:2007-01-25
OCLSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-01-21
OCR.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
OCR-DELISTED (Omnicare) Start Date:2000-01-03
OCRX-DELISTED (Ocera Therapeutics) Start Date:2011-04-04
OCSI-DELISTED (Oaktree Strategic Income Corporation) Start Date:2013-07-12
OCSLL-DELISTED (Oaktree Specialty Lending Corporation) Start Date:2013-04-05
OCZ-DELISTED (Ocz Technology Inc) Start Date:2010-04-23
ODSY-DELISTED (Odyssey Healthcare Inc) Start Date:2001-11-01
ODT-DELISTED (Odonate Therapeutics) Start Date:2017-12-07
OEG-DELISTED (Orbital Energy) Start Date:2008-01-07
OEH-DELISTED (Orient-Express Hotels Comm) Start Date:2000-08-10
OEPW-DELISTED (One Equity Partners Open Water I Class A) Start Date:2021-03-18
OEPWU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-22
OEPWW-DELISTED (One Equity Partners Open Water I Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-15
OFC.L-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-28
OFC-DELISTED (Corporate Office Properties Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
OFED-DELISTED (Oconee Federal Financial) Start Date:2011-01-14
OFG.A-DELISTED (Ofg Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-17
OFG.B-DELISTED (Ofg Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-17
OFG.D-DELISTED (Ofg Bancorp) Start Date:2012-11-06
OFI-DELISTED (Overhill Farms) Start Date:2002-11-04
OGBLY-DELISTED (Onion Global Ltd.) Start Date:2021-05-07
OG-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-07
OGXI-DELISTED (Oncogenex Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2008-08-21
OHAI-DELISTED (Oha Investment Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-04
OHPAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-02
OHRP-DELISTED (Ohr Pharmaceutical) Start Date:2009-10-05
OIB-DELISTED (Invesco Municipal Income Opport) Start Date:2000-01-03
OIBR.C-DELISTED (Oi S.A.) Start Date:2015-01-02
OIBR-DELISTED (Oi Sa) Start Date:2001-11-16
OIC-DELISTED (Invesco Municipal Income Opport) Start Date:2000-01-03
OIGBQ-DELISTED (Orbital Infrastructure Inc) Start Date:2008-01-07
OIG-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-01-07
OIIM-DELISTED (O2micro International American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2000-08-31
OINK-DELISTED (Tianli Agritech) Start Date:2010-07-20
OKSB-DELISTED (Southwest Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
OKSBP-DELISTED (Southwest Bancorp) Start Date:2008-07-08
OKS-DELISTED (Oneok Partners) Start Date:2006-05-22
OLBK-DELISTED (Old Line Bancshares) Start Date:2006-06-01
OMAA-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-08-19
OMAM-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-10-09
OMED-DELISTED (Oncomed Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-07-18
OME-DELISTED (Omega Protein Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
OMEG-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-07
OMG-DELISTED (Om) Start Date:2000-02-01
OMGI-DELISTED (Orion Marine Inc) Start Date:2007-12-20
OMN-DELISTED (Omnova Solutions) Start Date:2000-01-03
OMP-DELISTED (Oasis Midstream Partners Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2017-09-21
OMPI-DELISTED (Obagi Medical Products) Start Date:2006-12-14
OMQS-DELISTED (Omniq) Start Date:2011-01-14
OMRI-DELISTED (Old Mutual Funds I) Start Date:2006-04-21
OMTH-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-11
OMTR-DELISTED (Omnitek Engineering Corp) Start Date:2006-06-28
ONCE-DELISTED (Spark Therapeutics) Start Date:2015-02-02
ONCR-DELISTED (Oncorus) Start Date:2007-05-16
ONCS-DELISTED (Oncosec Medical Incorporated) Start Date:2015-05-29
ONDK-DELISTED (On Deck Capital) Start Date:2014-12-17
ONE-DELISTED (Bank One) Start Date:2010-06-17
ONEM-DELISTED (1Life Healthcare) Start Date:2020-01-31
ONFC-DELISTED (Oneida Financial) Start Date:2006-10-12
ONNN-DELISTED (On Semiconductor) Start Date:2004-01-02
ONP-DELISTED (Orient Paper) Start Date:2009-12-17
ONS-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-06-14
ONSIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-06-20
ONSM-DELISTED (Onstream Media Corporation) Start Date:2005-01-05
ONTX-DELISTED (Onconova Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-07-25
ONTXW-DELISTED (Onconova Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-08-03
ONTY-DELISTED (Oncothyreon Inc) Start Date:2007-12-11
ONVI-DELISTED (Onvia) Start Date:2000-03-02
ONXX-DELISTED (Onyx Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
OPA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-18
OPALW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-21
OPAY-DELISTED (Official Payments Holdings) Start Date:2007-03-13
OPB-DELISTED (Opus Bank) Start Date:2014-04-16
OPENW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-21
OPES-DELISTED (Opes Acquisition) Start Date:2018-03-26
OPESW-DELISTED (Opes Acquisition) Start Date:2018-03-26
OPGNW-DELISTED (Opgen) Start Date:2015-05-05
OPHT-DELISTED (Ophthotech Corporation) Start Date:2013-09-25
OPINI-DELISTED (Office Properties Income Trust) Start Date:2016-05-31
OPLK-DELISTED (Oplink Communications) Start Date:2000-10-04
OPNT-DELISTED (Opiant Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-08-02
OPTM-DELISTED (Optium Corp) Start Date:2006-10-27
OPTR-DELISTED (Optimer Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-02-09
OPTV-DELISTED (Opentv Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
OPWR-DELISTED (Opower) Start Date:2007-05-23
OPWV-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-11-20
OPXA-DELISTED (Opexa Therapeutics) Start Date:2006-09-01
OPXAW-DELISTED (Opexa Therapeutics) Start Date:2012-06-04
OPXT-DELISTED (Opnext) Start Date:2007-02-16
ORBC-DELISTED (Orbcomm) Start Date:2007-05-07
ORB-DELISTED (Orbital Sciences) Start Date:2000-01-03
ORBK-DELISTED (Orbotech Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
ORCC-DELISTED (Online Resources Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ORCT-DELISTED (Orckit Communications) Start Date:2000-01-03
OREX-DELISTED (Orexigen Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-04-30
ORH-DELISTED (Odyssey Re Holdings Corp) Start Date:2001-06-14
ORIA-DELISTED (Orion Biotech Opportunities Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-07-13
ORIAU-DELISTED (Orion Biotech Opportunities Units) Start Date:2021-05-13
ORIAW-DELISTED (Orion Biotech Opportunities Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-07
ORIG-DELISTED (Ocean Rig Udw) Start Date:2011-09-19
ORIT-DELISTED (Oritani Financial) Start Date:2007-01-24
ORM-DELISTED (Owens Realty Mortgage) Start Date:2013-07-01
ORPH-DELISTED (Orphazyme A/S) Start Date:2020-09-29
ORPN-DELISTED (Bio Blast Pharma Ltd.) Start Date:2014-07-31
ORTX-DELISTED (Orchard Therapeutics Plc American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-10-31
OSA-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-12-07
OSAP-DELISTED (Prosomnus Inc) Start Date:2022-12-07
OSAT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-28
OSBCP-DELISTED (Old Second Bancorp) Start Date:2003-12-19
OSB-DELISTED (Norbord) Start Date:2016-02-19
OSGB-DELISTED (Overseas Shipholding) Start Date:2014-10-09
OSGIQ-DELISTED (Overseas Shipholding) Start Date:2000-01-03
OSHC-DELISTED (Ocean Shore Holding Co.) Start Date:2004-12-22
OSH-DELISTED (Oak Street Health) Start Date:2012-01-03
OSIP-DELISTED (Osi Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
OSIR-DELISTED (Osiris Therapeutics) Start Date:2006-08-09
OSLE-DELISTED (Oaktree Specialty Lending Corporation) Start Date:2012-11-01
OSM-DELISTED (Slm Corporation) Start Date:2005-04-28
OSMT-DELISTED (Osmotica Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-10-18
OSN-DELISTED (Ossen Innovation Co.) Start Date:2010-12-21
OSTK-DELISTED (Overstock.com) Start Date:2002-05-30
OSTR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-12
OSTRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-20
OSTRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-12
OTEL-DELISTED (Otelco) Start Date:2013-05-28
OTIC-DELISTED (Otonomy) Start Date:2014-08-13
OTIV-DELISTED (On Track Innovations Ltd) Start Date:2002-11-12
OTLKW-DELISTED (Outlook Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-06-20
OTMO-DELISTED (Otonomo Technologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-08-16
OTMOW-DELISTED (Otonomo Technologies Warrant) Start Date:2021-08-16
OTT-DELISTED (Otelco Inc) Start Date:2004-12-17
OUTD-DELISTED (Outdoor Channel Holdings) Start Date:2004-10-13
OUTR-DELISTED (Outerwall) Start Date:2000-01-03
OVAS-DELISTED (Ovascience) Start Date:2012-11-12
OVEN-DELISTED (Turbochef Technologies Inc) Start Date:2005-06-20
OVRL-DELISTED (Overland Storage) Start Date:2000-01-03
OVTI-DELISTED (Omnivision Technologies) Start Date:2000-07-14
OWW-DELISTED (Orbitz Worldwide) Start Date:2007-07-20
OXBT-DELISTED (Oxygen Biotherapeutics) Start Date:2009-11-09
OXFD-DELISTED (Oxford Immunotec Global Plc) Start Date:2013-11-22
OXF-DELISTED (Oxford Resource Partners) Start Date:2010-07-14
OXGN-DELISTED (Oxigene) Start Date:2000-01-03
OXPS-DELISTED (Optionsxpress Holdings/Inc) Start Date:2005-01-27
OXSQL-DELISTED (Oxford Square Capital) Start Date:2018-03-16
OXUSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-06
OYOG-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
OYST-DELISTED (Oyster Point Pharma) Start Date:2019-10-31
OZM-DELISTED (Och-Ziff Capital Management Llc) Start Date:2007-11-14
OZON-DELISTED (Ozon Plc) Start Date:2020-11-24
OZRK-DELISTED (Bank Ozk) Start Date:2004-01-02
PACD-DELISTED (Pacific Drilling S.A.) Start Date:2011-11-11
PACE.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-07
PACE-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-11-10
PACQ-DELISTED (Pure Acquisition) Start Date:2012-05-14
PACR-DELISTED (Pacer International) Start Date:2002-06-21
PACT-DELISTED (Pactera Technology International Ltd.) Start Date:2010-06-30
PACW-DELISTED (Pacwest Bancorp) Start Date:2008-05-14
PACWP-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-06-07
PACX-DELISTED (Pioneer Merger Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-03-01
PACXU-DELISTED (Pioneer Merger Unit) Start Date:2021-01-08
PACXW-DELISTED (Pioneer Merger Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-01
PAE-DELISTED (Pae) Start Date:2018-09-07
PAET-DELISTED (Paetec Holding Corp) Start Date:2007-03-01
PAEWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-11-05
PAH-DELISTED (Platform Specialty Products Corporation) Start Date:2014-01-23
PAIYY-DELISTED (Aesthetic Medical International Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2019-10-25
PALM-DELISTED (Pulmo Biotech) Start Date:2000-03-02
PANA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-26
PAQC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
PAQCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-08
PAQCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
PARAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-29
PARL-DELISTED (Parlux Fragrances) Start Date:2000-01-03
PARN-DELISTED (Parnell Pharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2014-06-18
PAS-DELISTED (Pepsiamericas Inc/Il) Start Date:2000-01-03
PATI-DELISTED (Patriot Transportation Holding) Start Date:2015-02-02
PATR-DELISTED (Patriot Transportation Holding) Start Date:2006-05-18
PAYA-DELISTED (Paya Holdings Class A) Start Date:2018-11-16
PAYAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-01-11
PBB-DELISTED (Prospect Capital Corporation) Start Date:2015-12-21
PBBI-DELISTED (Pb Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
PBC-DELISTED (Prospect Capital Corporation) Start Date:2018-12-12
PBCT-DELISTED (People's United Financial) Start Date:2007-03-29
PBCTP-DELISTED (People's United Financial Perpetual Preferred Series A Fixed-To-Floating Rate) Start Date:2016-11-29
PBFX-DELISTED (Pbf Logistics Lp) Start Date:2014-05-09
PBG-DELISTED (Pepsi Bottling Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
PBI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-04
PBIB-DELISTED (Porter Bancorp) Start Date:2006-09-22
PBIP-DELISTED (Prudential Bancorp Commo) Start Date:2005-03-30
PBKS-DELISTED (Provident Bankshares Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PBLA-DELISTED (Panbela Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-12-02
PBMD-DELISTED (Prima Biomed Ltd.) Start Date:2012-04-19
PBNY-DELISTED (Provident New York Bancorp Comm) Start Date:2005-06-30
PBTH-DELISTED (Prolor Biotech) Start Date:2009-06-12
PBTS-DELISTED (Powerbridge Technologies Co.) Start Date:2019-04-02
PBY-DELISTED (Prospect Capital Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCAP-DELISTED (Patriot Capital Funding/Inc) Start Date:2005-07-28
PCBK-DELISTED (Pacific Continental) Start Date:2000-06-02
PCCC-DELISTED (Pc Connection) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCC-DELISTED (Pmc Commercial Trust Shares Of) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCCTU-DELISTED (Perception Capital Ii Units) Start Date:2021-10-28
PCCTW-DELISTED (Perception Capital Ii Warrants) Start Date:2021-12-20
PC-DELISTED (Panasonic Common St) Start Date:2008-10-01
PCE-DELISTED (Pacific Office Properties Trust) Start Date:2008-03-20
PCGU-DELISTED (Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Equity Unit) Start Date:2020-07-07
PCI-DELISTED (Pimco Dynamic Credit And Mortgage Income Fund) Start Date:2013-01-29
PCL-DELISTED (Plum Creek Timber Company) Start Date:2004-01-02
PCLN-DELISTED (The Priceline) Start Date:2004-01-02
PCMI-DELISTED (Pcm) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCO-DELISTED (Pendrell Corporation) Start Date:2006-09-13
PCOM-DELISTED (Points.com Common Shares) Start Date:2011-02-10
PCPC-DELISTED (Periphas Capital Partnering Class A) Start Date:2021-02-02
PCP-DELISTED (Precision Castparts Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
PCPL-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-15
PCR-DELISTED (Tutor Perini Corp) Start Date:2004-04-01
PCSB-DELISTED (Pcsb Financial) Start Date:2017-04-21
PCTI-DELISTED (Pctel) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCU-DELISTED (Southern Copper Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCXCQ-DELISTED (Patriot Coal Corporation) Start Date:2007-11-01
PCX-DELISTED (Patriot Coal Common) Start Date:2007-11-01
PCYC-DELISTED (Pharmacyclics) Start Date:2000-01-03
PCYG-DELISTED (Park City) Start Date:2006-08-11
PDAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-24
PDAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-16
PDC-DELISTED (Pioneer Drilling Company Common) Start Date:2001-03-08
PDCE-DELISTED (Pdc Energy) Start Date:2007-04-27
PDE-DELISTED (Pride International Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
P-DELISTED (Pandora Media) Start Date:2011-06-15
PDGI-DELISTED (Pharmanet Development Inc) Start Date:2006-08-28
PDII-DELISTED (Pdi) Start Date:2000-01-03
PDOT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-29
PDVW-DELISTED (Pdvwireless) Start Date:2015-02-03
PEAK-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
PEAR-DELISTED (Pear Therapeutics Class A) Start Date:2021-03-31
PEARW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-26
PEB.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-03-22
PEB.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-09-23
PEB.C-DELISTED (Pebblebrook Hotel Trust) Start Date:2013-03-21
PEB.D-DELISTED (Pebblebrook Hotel Trust) Start Date:2016-06-13
PEC-DELISTED (Pike Electric Corp) Start Date:2005-07-27
PECK-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-04-26
PEET-DELISTED (Peet's Coffee & Tea) Start Date:2001-01-26
PEGI-DELISTED (Pattern Energy) Start Date:2013-09-27
PEI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-25
PEI.B-DELISTED (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust) Start Date:2012-10-15
PEI.C-DELISTED (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust) Start Date:2017-02-01
PEI.D-DELISTED (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust) Start Date:2017-09-13
PEI-DELISTED (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust) Start Date:2007-04-27
PEIX-DELISTED (Pacific Ethanol) Start Date:2005-03-24
PENX-DELISTED (Penford Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PEOP-DELISTED (Peoples Federal Bancshares) Start Date:2010-07-07
PER-DELISTED (Sandridge Permian Trust) Start Date:2011-08-11
PERY-DELISTED (Perry Ellis International) Start Date:2000-01-03
PES-DELISTED (Pioneer Energy Services) Start Date:2012-07-30
PETD-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-01-20
PETM-DELISTED (Petsmart Inc) Start Date:2004-01-02
PETV-DELISTED (Petvivo Holdings) Start Date:2013-05-21
PETX-DELISTED (Aratana Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-06-27
PFBI-DELISTED (Premier Financial) Start Date:2002-06-12
PFCB-DELISTED (P.F.Chang's China Bistro) Start Date:2000-01-03
PF-DELISTED (Pinnacle Foods) Start Date:2013-03-28
PFDR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-13
PFDRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-17
PFHC-DELISTED (Profrac Holding Class A) Start Date:2022-05-13
PFHD-DELISTED (Professional Hldg Corp) Start Date:2017-03-15
PFIN-DELISTED (P & F Industries Class A) Start Date:2002-02-04
PFK-DELISTED (Prudential Financial Inflation-) Start Date:2006-05-02
PFPT-DELISTED (Proofpoint) Start Date:2012-04-20
PFSW-DELISTED (Pfsweb) Start Date:2000-01-03
PFWD-DELISTED (Phase Forward Inc) Start Date:2004-07-26
PFXNL-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-22
PGEM-DELISTED (Ply Gem Holdings) Start Date:2013-05-23
PGH-DELISTED (Pengrowth Energy Corporation) Start Date:2002-05-10
PGI-DELISTED (Premiere Global Services) Start Date:2005-01-03
PGLC-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-07-06
PGND-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-21
PGN-DELISTED (Progress Energy Common St) Start Date:2000-12-11
PGNX-DELISTED (Progenics Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
PGTI-DELISTED (Pgt) Start Date:2007-05-03
PHA-DELISTED (Pultegroup) Start Date:2006-06-19
PHAS-DELISTED (Phasebio Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2018-10-18
PHCF-DELISTED (Puhui Wealth Investment Management Co. Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-12-27
PHF-DELISTED (Pacholder High Yield Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHH-DELISTED (Phh Corporation) Start Date:2005-02-01
PHHM-DELISTED (Palm Harbor Homes Inc/Fl) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHIC-DELISTED (Population Health Investment Co. Class A Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-01-12
PHICU-DELISTED (Population Health Investment Co. Unit) Start Date:2020-11-18
PHICW-DELISTED (Population Health Investment Co. Warrant) Start Date:2021-01-12
PHII-DELISTED (Phi) Start Date:2006-09-14
PHIIK-DELISTED (Phi) Start Date:2006-01-03
PHIOW-DELISTED (Phio Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-12-21
PHLY-DELISTED (Philadelphia Consolidated Holding Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHMD-DELISTED (Photomedex) Start Date:2000-05-10
PHTN-DELISTED (Photon Dynamics Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
PHUNW-DELISTED (Phunware Warrants) Start Date:2018-12-28
PHXM-DELISTED (Phaxiam Therapeutics Sa) Start Date:2017-11-10
PIA-DELISTED (Invesco Municipal Premium Incom) Start Date:2000-01-03
PIAI-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
PICC-DELISTED (Pivotal Investment Iii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-01
PICO-DELISTED (Pico Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
PIH-DELISTED (1347 Property Insurance Holdings) Start Date:2014-04-01
PIJ-DELISTED () Start Date:2002-02-04
PIKE-DELISTED (Pike Corporation) Start Date:2009-05-08
PING-DELISTED (Ping Identity Holding) Start Date:2019-09-19
PIP-DELISTED (Pharmathene) Start Date:2007-08-08
PIPP.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-17
PIPP-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-07
PIR-DELISTED (Pier 1 Imports) Start Date:2000-01-03
PIS-DELISTED (Preferred Plus Trust) Start Date:2003-10-09
PIY-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor) Start Date:2006-03-27
PJA-DELISTED (Preferred Plus Trust Ser Qws 2) Start Date:2003-12-08
PJC-DELISTED (Piper Jaffray Companies) Start Date:2004-01-02
PJH-DELISTED (Prudential Financial) Start Date:2012-12-12
PJI-DELISTED (Pplus Tr Series Gsg 1 Tr Ctf Cl) Start Date:2003-03-25
PJL-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Pre) Start Date:2005-05-31
PJR-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-11-21
PJS-DELISTED (Preferredplus Trust Ser Far 1 T) Start Date:2002-11-15
PKD-DELISTED (Parker Drilling Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
PKH-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Pre) Start Date:2003-11-24
PKI-DELISTED (Perkinelmer) Start Date:2000-01-03
PKJ-DELISTED (Preferred Plus Trust Ser Ctr-1) Start Date:2003-10-09
PKK-DELISTED (Preferred Plus Trust Series Lmg) Start Date:2006-07-12
PKO-DELISTED (Pimco Income Opportunity Fund) Start Date:2007-11-29
PKT-DELISTED (Procera Networks) Start Date:2007-09-20
PL.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-05-23
PL.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-22
PLA-DELISTED (Playboy Enterprises Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLAN-DELISTED (Anaplan) Start Date:2018-10-12
PLCC-DELISTED (Paulson Capital) Start Date:2003-11-13
PLCM-DELISTED (Polycom) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLFE-DELISTED (Presidential Life Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLIN-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-14
PLKI-DELISTED (Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen) Start Date:2007-05-07
PLLL-DELISTED (Parallel Petroleum Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLM-DELISTED (Polymet Mining Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2006-06-26
PLMT-DELISTED (Palmetto Bancshares) Start Date:2011-08-08
PLNR-DELISTED (Planar Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLP-DELISTED (Protective Life 8.0) Start Date:2009-10-15
PLPM-DELISTED (Planet Payment) Start Date:2008-11-21
PLV-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-08-01
PLXP-DELISTED (Plx Pharma) Start Date:2014-03-13
PLXT-DELISTED (Plx Technology) Start Date:2000-01-03
PLYM.A-DELISTED (Plymouth Industrial Reit) Start Date:2017-10-27
PMACA-DELISTED (Pma Capital Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PMBC-DELISTED (Pacific Mercantile Bancorp) Start Date:2000-06-15
PMC-DELISTED (Pharmerica Corporation) Start Date:2007-08-01
PME-DELISTED (Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd.) Start Date:2013-06-07
PMFG-DELISTED (Pmfg) Start Date:2000-01-03
PMGMU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-09
PMI-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
PMTC-DELISTED (Parametric Technology) Start Date:2006-05-01
PMTI-DELISTED (Palomar Medical Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
PMVC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-12
PNC.P-DELISTED (Pnc Financial Services) Start Date:2012-05-01
PNC.Q-DELISTED (Pnc Financial Services) Start Date:2012-09-26
PNCL-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-11-25
PN-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-01-16
PNG-DELISTED (Paa Natural Gas Storage) Start Date:2010-04-30
PNH-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-02-20
PNK-DELISTED (Pinnacle Entertainment) Start Date:2000-02-28
PNNTG-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-09-30
PNNW-DELISTED (Pennichuck Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PNRA-DELISTED (Panera Bread Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
PNRL-DELISTED (Paringa Resources Limited) Start Date:2018-10-04
PNSN-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-05-17
PNTA-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-02-04
PNT-DELISTED (Point Biopharma Global) Start Date:2020-07-08
PNTM-DELISTED (Pontem) Start Date:2021-03-05
PNTR-DELISTED (Pointer Telocation Ltd.) Start Date:2006-02-21
PNU-DELISTED (Pnc Financial Services) Start Date:2004-01-02
PNX-DELISTED (The Phoenix Companies) Start Date:2001-06-20
PNY-DELISTED (Piedmont Natural Gas Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
POLY-DELISTED (Plantronics,) Start Date:2021-05-24
POM-DELISTED (Pepco Holdings Inc) Start Date:2004-01-02
POND-DELISTED (Angel Pond Holdings) Start Date:2021-07-09
PONE-DELISTED (Protection One Inc) Start Date:2007-04-02
PONO-DELISTED (Pono Capital Class A) Start Date:2021-10-12
PONOU-DELISTED (Pono Capital Unit) Start Date:2021-08-11
POPE-DELISTED (Pope Resources) Start Date:2008-04-03
POSH-DELISTED (Poshmark) Start Date:2021-01-14
POT-DELISTED (Potash Of Saskatchewan) Start Date:2000-01-03
POW-DELISTED (Powered Brands) Start Date:2021-03-04
POWR-DELISTED (Powersecure International) Start Date:2007-08-22
POWRU-DELISTED (Powered Brands Units) Start Date:2021-01-08
POWRW-DELISTED (Powered Brands Warrants) Start Date:2021-03-03
POZN-DELISTED (Pozen) Start Date:2000-10-16
PPD-DELISTED (Ppd) Start Date:2020-02-06
PPDF-DELISTED (Ppdai) Start Date:2017-11-10
PPDI-DELISTED (Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc) Start Date:2004-01-02
PPGH-DELISTED (Poema Global) Start Date:2021-03-01
PPGHU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-06
PPGHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
PPHM-DELISTED (Peregrine Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-11-07
PPHMP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-02-20
PPO-DELISTED (Polypore International) Start Date:2007-07-26
PPP-DELISTED (Primero Mining) Start Date:2011-08-15
PPR-DELISTED (Voya Prime Rate Trust) Start Date:2000-01-03
PPS-DELISTED (Post Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
PPX-DELISTED (Ppl Capital Funding) Start Date:2013-03-18
PQ-DELISTED (Petroquest Energy) Start Date:2005-11-30
PQG-DELISTED (Pq) Start Date:2017-09-29
PRAH-DELISTED (Pra Health Sciences Comm) Start Date:2014-11-14
PRAN-DELISTED (Prana Biotechnology Limited) Start Date:2003-09-29
PRCHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-13
PRCP-DELISTED (Perceptron) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRDS-DELISTED (Pardes Biosciences) Start Date:2021-02-17
PRE.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
PRE.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-06-16
PRE.F-DELISTED (Partnerre Ltd.) Start Date:2013-02-19
PRE.G-DELISTED (Partnerre Ltd.) Start Date:2016-05-06
PRE.H-DELISTED (Partnerre Ltd.) Start Date:2016-05-06
PRE.I-DELISTED (Partnerre Ltd.) Start Date:2016-05-06
PRGN-DELISTED (Paragon Shipping) Start Date:2007-08-10
PRGX-DELISTED (Prgx Global) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRIF.A-DELISTED (Priority Income Fund) Start Date:2018-07-12
PRIS-DELISTED (Promotora De Informaciones Sa) Start Date:2010-11-30
PRLS-DELISTED (Peerless Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
PROG-DELISTED (Progenity) Start Date:2020-06-19
PROJ-DELISTED (Deltek) Start Date:2007-11-01
PROS-DELISTED (Prosight Global) Start Date:2004-04-21
PRPB.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-31
PRPB-DELISTED (Cc Neuberger Principal Holdings Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2020-09-21
PRPC-DELISTED (Cc Neuberger Principal Holdings Iii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-30
PRPLW-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-08-25
PRPX-DELISTED (Portec Rail Products Inc) Start Date:2004-01-27
PRSC-DELISTED (The Providence Service Corporation) Start Date:2003-08-20
PRSN-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-04-22
PRSR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
PRSRU-DELISTED (Prospector Capital Unit) Start Date:2021-01-08
PRSRW-DELISTED (Prospector Capital Warrants) Start Date:2021-03-01
PRSS-DELISTED (Cafepress) Start Date:2012-03-29
PRTK-DELISTED (Paratek Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2009-02-03
PRTO-DELISTED (Proteon Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-10-22
PRTY-DELISTED (Party City Holdco) Start Date:2015-04-16
PRVB-DELISTED (Provention Bio) Start Date:2018-07-24
PRWT-DELISTED (Premier West Bancorp) Start Date:2003-07-18
PRX-DELISTED (Pharmaceutical Companies Common) Start Date:2000-01-03
PRXI-DELISTED (Premier Exhibitions) Start Date:2006-06-19
PRXL-DELISTED (Parexel International Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSA.A-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.B-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.C-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.D-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.E-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.O-DELISTED (Public Storage Depositary Shares Each Representing 1/1000 Of A 3.900% Cumulative Preferred Share Of Beneficial Interest Series O) Start Date:2010-04-22
PSA.T-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-13
PSA.U-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2012-06-18
PSA.V-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.W-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.X-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSA.Y-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-03-18
PSA.Z-DELISTED (Public Storage) Start Date:2007-05-16
PSAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-02
PSACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-22
PSACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-28
PSB.R-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-10-19
PSB.S-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-01-18
PSB.T-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-05-14
PSB.U-DELISTED (Ps Business Parks) Start Date:2012-09-17
PSB.V-DELISTED (Ps Business Parks) Start Date:2013-03-15
PSB.W-DELISTED (Ps Business Parks) Start Date:2016-10-21
PSB.X-DELISTED (Ps Business Parks) Start Date:2017-09-22
PSB.Y-DELISTED (Ps Business Parks) Start Date:2017-12-08
PSB.Z-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-11-05
PSB-DELISTED (Ps Business Parks) Start Date:2007-05-03
PSBH-DELISTED (Psb Holdings) Start Date:2006-02-09
PSD-DELISTED (Puget Energy Inc/Wa) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSDO-DELISTED (Presidio) Start Date:2017-03-10
PSDV-DELISTED (Psivida) Start Date:2005-01-27
PSE-DELISTED (Pioneer Southwest Energy Partne) Start Date:2008-05-05
PSEM-DELISTED (Pericom Semiconductor) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSFT-DELISTED (People Soft) Start Date:2008-10-07
PSG-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-20
PSMI-DELISTED (Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation) Start Date:2012-08-08
PSOF-DELISTED (Pansoft Company Limited) Start Date:2008-09-09
PSPC-DELISTED (Post Holdings Partnering) Start Date:2021-07-16
PSPT-DELISTED (Peoplesupport/Inc) Start Date:2004-10-01
PSS-DELISTED (Collective Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSSI-DELISTED (Pss World Medical) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSTB-DELISTED (Park Sterling Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-24
PSTH.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-22
PSTH-DELISTED (Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, Ltd.) Start Date:2020-09-11
PSTI-DELISTED (Pluristem Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-11-26
PSUN-DELISTED (Pacific Sunwear Of California) Start Date:2000-01-03
PSV-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
PSW-DELISTED (Blackrock Credit Allocation Inc) Start Date:2003-07-31
PSXP-DELISTED (Phillips 66 Partners Lp) Start Date:2013-07-23
PTAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-13
PTBI-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
PTE-DELISTED (Polarityte) Start Date:2005-12-06
PTEIQ-DELISTED (Polarityte Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
PTEK-DELISTED (Pokertek) Start Date:2005-10-14
PTGI-DELISTED (Primus Telecommunications Inc) Start Date:2011-06-23
PTHN-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-21
PTIC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-25
PTICU-DELISTED (Proptech Investment Ii Unit) Start Date:2020-12-04
PTICW-DELISTED (Proptech Investment Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-01-25
PTI-DELISTED (Proteostasis Therapeutics) Start Date:2005-12-08
PTIE-DELISTED (Pain Therapeutics) Start Date:2000-07-14
PTK-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-23
PTNR-DELISTED (Partner Communications Company American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-02-11
PTNT-DELISTED (Internet Patents Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
PTP-DELISTED (Platinum Underwriters Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2002-10-29
PTRA-DELISTED (Proterra) Start Date:2020-11-25
PTRAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-24
PTR-DELISTED (Petrochina Company Limited) Start Date:2000-04-06
PTRS-DELISTED (Partners Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
PTRY-DELISTED (The Pantry) Start Date:2000-01-03
PTSX-DELISTED (Point.360) Start Date:2001-06-04
PTVCA-DELISTED (Protective Insurance Corporation) Start Date:2008-09-16
PTX-DELISTED (Pernix Therapeutics Holdings) Start Date:2010-03-10
PTXP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-04
PUB-DELISTED (People's Utah Bancorp) Start Date:2015-06-11
PUK.A-DELISTED (Prudential Public Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
PULB-DELISTED (Pulaski Financial Corporation) Start Date:2002-12-09
PUYI-DELISTED (Puyi) Start Date:2019-03-29
PVAC-DELISTED (Penn Virginia) Start Date:2016-11-15
PVA-DELISTED (Penn Virginia Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
PVD-DELISTED (Administradora De Fondos De Pen) Start Date:2000-01-03
PV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
PVFC-DELISTED (Pvf Capital) Start Date:2000-01-03
PVG-DELISTED (Pretium Resources) Start Date:2010-12-16
PVR-DELISTED (Penn Virginia Resource Partners) Start Date:2001-11-01
PVSW-DELISTED (Pervasive Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
PVTB-DELISTED (Privatebancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
PVTBP-DELISTED (Privatebancorp) Start Date:2008-05-21
PVTD-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-26
PVTL-DELISTED (Pivotal Software) Start Date:2018-04-20
PVX-DELISTED (Provident Energy Ordinary) Start Date:2005-12-16
PWAV-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
PWE-DELISTED (Penn West Petroleum Ltd.) Start Date:2006-06-22
PWPPW-DELISTED (Perella Weinberg Partners Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-20
PWRD-DELISTED (Perfect World Co.) Start Date:2007-07-26
PWX-DELISTED (Providence And Worcester Railroad Company) Start Date:2005-11-21
PXD-DELISTED (Pioneer Natural Resources) Start Date:2005-01-03
PX-DELISTED (Praxair) Start Date:2004-01-02
PXMD-DELISTED (Paxmedica) Start Date:2022-08-26
PXP-DELISTED (Plains Exploration & Production) Start Date:2002-12-20
PYA-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Ppl) Start Date:2005-11-21
PYB-DELISTED (Pplus Trust Series Gsg-2 Tr Ctf) Start Date:2004-03-16
PYC-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Ser) Start Date:2004-11-30
PYDS-DELISTED (Payment Data Systems) Start Date:2015-08-11
PYG-DELISTED (Pplus Trust 7.00% Series Spr-1) Start Date:2003-12-23
PYJ-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-09-16
PYK-DELISTED (Pplus Trust Ser Gsc-1 Tr Ctf Cl) Start Date:2004-12-13
PYL-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Ppl) Start Date:2005-02-23
PYPLV-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-07-06
PYR-DELISTED (Pyrogenesis Canada Common Shares) Start Date:2021-03-11
PYS-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Pplus Tr Ser Rrd-1 Tr Ctf Cl A) Start Date:2007-05-16
PYV-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Ppl) Start Date:2004-08-19
PYX-DELISTED (Pyxus International) Start Date:2007-04-30
PYY-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor) Start Date:2007-12-27
PZB-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch Depositor) Start Date:2006-05-18
PZE-DELISTED (Petrobras Argentina Sa) Start Date:2003-08-07
PZN-DELISTED (Pzena Investment) Start Date:2007-10-25
PZRX-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-05-18
PZZI-DELISTED (Pizza Inn Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
QADA-DELISTED (Qad) Start Date:2010-12-16
QADB-DELISTED (Qad) Start Date:2007-05-14
QADI-DELISTED (Qad Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
QBC-DELISTED (Cubic Energy Inc) Start Date:2008-08-06
QCOR-DELISTED (Questcor Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2008-05-16
Q-DELISTED (Qwest Communications International Inc) Start Date:2013-05-09
QDROU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-18
QELL-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-23
QELLU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-30
QELLW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-23
QEPM-DELISTED (Qep Midstream Partners) Start Date:2013-08-09
QES-DELISTED (Quintana Energy Services) Start Date:2018-02-09
QFTA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-10
QHC-DELISTED (Quorum Health Corporation) Start Date:2016-04-21
QIHU-DELISTED (Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2011-03-30
QIWI-DELISTED (Qiwi Plc) Start Date:2013-05-03
QK-DELISTED (Q&K International American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2019-11-05
QLGC-DELISTED (Qlogic Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
QLIK-DELISTED (Qlik Technologies) Start Date:2010-07-16
QLTI-DELISTED (Qlt) Start Date:2000-01-03
QMM-DELISTED (Quaterra Resources Inc Ordinary) Start Date:2008-03-03
QNGY-DELISTED (Quanergy Systems) Start Date:2022-02-09
QPACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-03
QPSA-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-10-24
QRCP-DELISTED (Quest Resource Corp) Start Date:2007-05-07
QRE-DELISTED (Qr Energy) Start Date:2010-12-17
QRM-DELISTED (Quest Rare Minerals Ltd.) Start Date:2009-02-13
QSFT-DELISTED (Quest Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
QSII-DELISTED (Quality Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
QTEK-DELISTED (Qualtek Services Class A) Start Date:2022-02-15
QTEKW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-26
QTEWQ-DELISTED (Qualtek Services Inc) Start Date:2021-03-26
QTM-DELISTED (Quantum Corporation) Start Date:2006-11-15
QTNA-DELISTED (Quantenna Communications) Start Date:2016-10-28
QTNT-DELISTED (Quotient R) Start Date:2014-05-27
QTRH-DELISTED (Quarterhill) Start Date:2008-10-28
QTS.A-DELISTED (Qts Realty Trust) Start Date:2018-03-16
QTS.B-DELISTED (Qts Realty Trust) Start Date:2018-06-28
QTS-DELISTED (Qts Realty Trust) Start Date:2013-10-09
QTT-DELISTED (Qutoutiao American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2018-09-14
QTWW-DELISTED (Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide) Start Date:2002-07-24
QUMU-DELISTED (Qumu) Start Date:2007-05-16
QUNR-DELISTED (Qunar Cayman Islands Limited) Start Date:2013-11-01
QUOT-DELISTED (Quotient Technology) Start Date:2014-03-07
QVCA-DELISTED (Liberty Interactive Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-26
QVCB-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
QXM-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-03
RAAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-11
RAACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-08
RAACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-12
RAAS-DELISTED (Cloopen Holding) Start Date:2021-02-09
RACA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-08
RACB-DELISTED (Research Alliance Ii Class A) Start Date:2021-03-18
RACY-DELISTED (Relativity Acquisition) Start Date:2022-04-04
RADA-DELISTED (Rada Electronic Industries) Start Date:2007-03-15
RADCQ-DELISTED (Rite Aid Corp) Start Date:2007-04-27
RAD-DELISTED (Rite Aid Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
RADI-DELISTED (Radius Global Infrastructure, Class A) Start Date:2018-02-22
RADN-DELISTED (Radyne Corp) Start Date:2000-02-08
RADS-DELISTED (Radiant Systems Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RAE-DELISTED (Rae Systems Inc) Start Date:2003-08-29
RAH-DELISTED (Ralcorp Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
RAI-DELISTED (Reynolds American Inc Common St) Start Date:2004-08-02
RAIN-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-23
RALY-DELISTED (Rally Software Development) Start Date:2013-04-12
RAM-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-11
RAME-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-05-09
RAMMU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-19
RAMMW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-07-09
RARX-DELISTED (Ra Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-10-26
RAS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RAS.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RAS.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-07-11
RAS-DELISTED (Rait Financial Trust) Start Date:2002-01-28
RAVN-DELISTED (Raven Industries) Start Date:2007-04-30
RAX-DELISTED (Rackspace Hosting) Start Date:2008-08-08
RBAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-13
RBAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-05
RBC-DELISTED (Regal Beloit Corporation) Start Date:2007-01-03
RBCN-DELISTED (Rubicon Technology) Start Date:2007-11-16
RBI-DELISTED (Sport Supply /Inc) Start Date:2007-07-02
RBNC-DELISTED (Reliant Bancorp) Start Date:2013-09-05
RBN-DELISTED (Robbins & Myers) Start Date:2000-01-03
RBNF-DELISTED (Rurban Financial Corp) Start Date:2002-02-04
RBPAA-DELISTED (Royal Bancshares Of Pennsylvania) Start Date:2000-01-03
RBS.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-10-01
RBS.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-10-01
RBS.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-10-01
RBS.L-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.M-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.N-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.P-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.Q-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.R-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RBS.S-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-07-06
RBS.T-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-10-09
RBY-DELISTED (Rubicon Minerals Corporation) Start Date:2004-09-08
RBZ-DELISTED (Reebonz Holding Limited) Start Date:2017-10-12
RCA-DELISTED (Ready Capital Corporation) Start Date:2017-08-11
RCAP-DELISTED (Rcs Capital Corporation) Start Date:2013-06-05
RCCC-DELISTED (Rural Cellular Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
RCHG-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-27
RCHGW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-23
RCII-DELISTED (Rent-A-Center) Start Date:2000-01-03
RCKB-DELISTED (Rockville Financial) Start Date:2005-08-17
RCLF-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
RCLFU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-12
RCLFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-05
RCNI-DELISTED (Rcn Corp/De) Start Date:2005-03-21
RCOR-DELISTED (Renovacor) Start Date:2021-09-03
RCP-DELISTED (Ready Capital Corporation) Start Date:2018-05-02
RCPI-DELISTED (Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-04-27
RCPT-DELISTED (Receptos) Start Date:2013-05-09
RCRC-DELISTED (Rc2 Corp) Start Date:2003-04-10
RDA-DELISTED (Rda Microelectronics) Start Date:2010-11-10
RDBX-DELISTED (Redbox Entertainment Class A) Start Date:2020-12-10
RDBXW-DELISTED (Redbox Entertainment Warrant) Start Date:2020-12-09
RDC-DELISTED (Rowan Companies Common St) Start Date:2004-01-02
RDEA-DELISTED (Ardea Biosciences) Start Date:2007-10-11
RDEN-DELISTED (Elizabeth Arden) Start Date:2001-01-25
RDK-DELISTED (Ruddick Common Stoc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RDS.A-DELISTED (Royal Dutch Shell Plc) Start Date:2005-07-25
RDS.B-DELISTED (Royal Dutch Shell Plc) Start Date:2005-07-20
RDUS-DELISTED (Radius Health O) Start Date:2014-06-06
RECN-DELISTED (Resources Connection) Start Date:2000-12-15
RECV-DELISTED (Recovery Energy) Start Date:2010-04-15
RE-DELISTED (Everest Re) Start Date:2000-01-03
REDF-DELISTED (Rediff.com India Limited) Start Date:2000-06-16
REDU-DELISTED (Rise Education Cayman Ltd) Start Date:2017-10-20
REEAW-DELISTED (Ree Automotive Warrant) Start Date:2021-07-23
REED-DELISTED (Reeds) Start Date:2007-05-16
REG.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-02-17
REG.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-28
REGI-DELISTED (Renewable Energy) Start Date:2012-01-19
REIS-DELISTED (Reis) Start Date:2007-11-30
REMY-DELISTED (Remy International) Start Date:2012-12-13
REN-DELISTED (Resolute Energy Corporation) Start Date:2009-09-28
RENN-DELISTED (Renren) Start Date:2011-05-04
RENX-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-03-15
REPH-DELISTED (Recro Pharma) Start Date:2014-03-07
REPR-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-17
RESN-DELISTED (Resonant) Start Date:2014-05-29
RETA-DELISTED (Reata Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-05-26
REUN-DELISTED (Reunion Neuroscience) Start Date:2021-07-29
REVBU-DELISTED (Revelation Biosciences Unit) Start Date:2020-10-08
REV-DELISTED (Revlon) Start Date:2000-01-03
REVH-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-12
REVHU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-18
REVRQ-DELISTED (Revlon Inc) Start Date:2008-09-16
REVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2001-06-20
REXI-DELISTED (Resource America) Start Date:2000-01-03
REXN-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-10
REXR.A-DELISTED (Rexford Industrial Realty) Start Date:2016-08-17
REXX-DELISTED (Rex Energy Corporation) Start Date:2007-07-25
RF.A-DELISTED (Regions Financial Corporation) Start Date:2012-11-06
RFA-DELISTED (Blackrock Investment Quality Mu) Start Date:2006-11-09
RFMD-DELISTED (Rf Micro Devices) Start Date:2000-01-03
RFMI-DELISTED (Rf Monolithics) Start Date:2000-01-03
RFP-DELISTED (Resolute Forest Products) Start Date:2008-03-03
RFT-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-04-17
RGDO-DELISTED (Regado Biosciences) Start Date:2013-08-22
RGDX-DELISTED (Response Genetics) Start Date:2007-06-05
RHB-DELISTED (Rehabcare Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RHD-DELISTED (Dex One Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
RHT-DELISTED (Red Hat) Start Date:2007-05-14
RIBT-DELISTED (Ricebran Technologies) Start Date:2007-05-09
RIC-DELISTED (Richmont Mines) Start Date:2000-01-03
RICE-DELISTED (Rice Energy) Start Date:2014-01-24
RIDE-DELISTED (Lordstown Motors Class A) Start Date:2019-04-17
RIDEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-26
RIF-DELISTED (Rmr Real Estate Income Fund) Start Date:2009-06-18
RIGP-DELISTED (Transocean Partners Llc) Start Date:2014-07-31
RILYH-DELISTED (B. Riley Financial) Start Date:2018-05-21
RILYI-DELISTED (B. Riley Financial) Start Date:2018-09-12
RIMG-DELISTED (Rimage Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
RIMM-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
RIOM-DELISTED (Rio Alto Mining Limited) Start Date:2012-12-21
RIT-DELISTED (Lmp Real Estate Income Fund Inc) Start Date:2002-07-30
RIVE-DELISTED (Riverview Financial Corporation) Start Date:2009-11-02
RIVR-DELISTED (River Valley Bancorp) Start Date:2006-10-03
RJD-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-12
RJET-DELISTED (Republic Airways Holdings) Start Date:2004-05-27
RKLBW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-04
RKLY-DELISTED (Rockley Photonics Holdings Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-08-12
RKTA-DELISTED (Rocket Internet Growth Opportunities Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-05-13
RKUS-DELISTED (Ruckus Wireless) Start Date:2012-11-16
RLD-DELISTED (Reald) Start Date:2010-07-16
RLGT.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-12-23
RLGY-DELISTED (Realogy Holdings) Start Date:2012-10-11
RLH.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RLH-DELISTED (Red Lion Hotels Corporation) Start Date:2005-09-23
RLJE-DELISTED (Rlj Entertainment) Start Date:2012-10-05
RLOC-DELISTED (Reachlocal) Start Date:2010-05-20
RLOG-DELISTED (Rand Logistics) Start Date:2007-03-07
RLRN-DELISTED (Renaissance Learning Inc) Start Date:2001-04-20
RLYP-DELISTED (Relypsa) Start Date:2013-11-15
RMED-DELISTED (Ra Medical Systems) Start Date:2018-09-27
RMGB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
RMGBU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-10
RMGBW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
RMGC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-30
RMGCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
RMG-DELISTED (Rmg Acquisition) Start Date:2008-01-25
RMGN-DELISTED (Rmg Networks Holding Corporation) Start Date:2012-05-18
RMIX-DELISTED (Us Concrete Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RMKR-DELISTED (Rainmaker Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
RMO-DELISTED (Romeo Power,) Start Date:2019-04-01
RMP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-12-17
RMRM-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
RMTR-DELISTED (Ramtron International Corporati) Start Date:2000-01-03
RNDB-DELISTED (Randolph Bancorp) Start Date:2016-07-01
RNDY-DELISTED (Roundy's) Start Date:2012-02-08
RNE-DELISTED (Morgan Stanley Eastern Europe F) Start Date:2000-01-03
RNET-DELISTED (Rignet) Start Date:2010-12-15
RNF-DELISTED (Rentech Nitrogen Partners) Start Date:2011-11-04
RNIN-DELISTED (Wireless Ronin Technologies) Start Date:2006-11-27
RNJ-DELISTED (Blackrock New Jersey Investment) Start Date:2001-03-27
RNN-DELISTED (Rexahn Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2008-05-27
RNO-DELISTED (Rhino Resource Partners Lp) Start Date:2010-09-30
RNOW-DELISTED (Rightnow Technologies Inc) Start Date:2004-08-09
RNR.C-DELISTED (Renaissancere Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2007-05-16
RNR.E-DELISTED (Renaissancere Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2013-05-31
RNT-DELISTED (Aaron's Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RNVAZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-07-14
RNWK-DELISTED (Realnetworks) Start Date:2007-04-26
RNY-DELISTED (Blackrock New York Investment Q) Start Date:2007-12-13
ROAN-DELISTED (Roan Resources) Start Date:2017-03-13
ROCC-DELISTED (Ranger Oil Class A) Start Date:2021-01-05
ROCCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-07
ROC-DELISTED (Rockwood Holdings) Start Date:2005-08-17
ROCH-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-14
ROCHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-13
ROCM-DELISTED (Rochester Medical Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ROIA-DELISTED (Radio One) Start Date:2000-01-03
ROIAK-DELISTED (Radio One) Start Date:2000-06-07
ROICW-DELISTED (Retail Opportunity Investments) Start Date:2009-11-03
ROII-DELISTED (Riskon International Inc) Start Date:2010-02-12
ROIVW-DELISTED (Roivant Sciences Warrant) Start Date:2021-10-01
ROKA-DELISTED (Roka Bioscience) Start Date:2014-07-17
ROLL-DELISTED (Rbc Bearings) Start Date:2007-05-04
RONI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-08-06
ROSE-DELISTED (Rosehill Resources) Start Date:2006-02-14
ROSEU-DELISTED (Rosehill Resources) Start Date:2016-03-11
ROSEW-DELISTED (Rosehill Resources) Start Date:2016-03-29
ROSG-DELISTED (Rosetta Genomics) Start Date:2007-02-27
ROSS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-03
ROT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-08
ROVI-DELISTED (Rovi Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ROVR-DELISTED (Rover , Class A) Start Date:2021-02-01
ROVRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-04
ROX-DELISTED (Castle Brands) Start Date:2006-04-07
ROYT-DELISTED (Pacific Coast Oil Trust) Start Date:2012-05-03
RPAI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-21
RPAI-DELISTED (Retail Properties) Start Date:2012-04-05
RPAYW-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-07-17
RPI-DELISTED (Roberts Realty Investors) Start Date:2000-01-04
RPLA-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-18
RPT.D-DELISTED (Rpt Realty) Start Date:2011-04-27
RPT-DELISTED (Rpt Realty) Start Date:2007-05-01
RPTP-DELISTED (Raptor Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2006-06-21
RPXC-DELISTED (Rpx Corporation) Start Date:2011-05-04
RRD-DELISTED (R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company) Start Date:2005-01-03
RRI-DELISTED (Genon Energy/Inc) Start Date:2001-05-02
RRMS-DELISTED (Rose Rock Midstream) Start Date:2011-12-09
RRST-DELISTED (Rrsat Global Communications Network Ltd.) Start Date:2006-11-01
RSC-DELISTED (Rex American Resources Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
RSCR-DELISTED (Res Care Inc/Ky) Start Date:2000-01-03
RSE-DELISTED (Rouse Properties) Start Date:2011-12-28
RSHC-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-05-31
RSHCQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-05-31
RSH-DELISTED (Radioshack Common S) Start Date:2004-01-02
RSO.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-15
RSO.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-03
RSO.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-17
RSO-DELISTED (Resource Capital) Start Date:2006-02-07
RSOL-DELISTED (Real Goods Solar) Start Date:2008-05-08
RSPP-DELISTED (Rsp Permian) Start Date:2014-01-17
RSTI-DELISTED (Rofin-Sinar Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
RSVA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-05
RSVAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-02
RSVAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-05
RSYS-DELISTED (Radisys Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
RT-DELISTED (Ruby Tuesday) Start Date:2000-01-03
RTEC-DELISTED (Rudolph Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
RTGN-DELISTED (Ruthigen) Start Date:2014-03-21
RTI-DELISTED (Rti International Metals) Start Date:2000-01-03
RTIX-DELISTED (Rti Surgical Holdings) Start Date:2000-08-10
RTK-DELISTED (Rentech) Start Date:2000-04-05
RTLPO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-15
RTLPP-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-03-22
RTLR-DELISTED (Rattler Midstream Lp Common Units) Start Date:2019-05-23
RTLX-DELISTED (Retalix Ltd.) Start Date:2000-11-20
RTP.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-17
RTP-DELISTED (Reinvent Technology Partners) Start Date:2020-11-09
RTPY-DELISTED (Reinvent Technology Partners Y) Start Date:2021-05-10
RTPYU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-16
RTPYW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-10
RTPZ.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-19
RTPZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-11
RTRX-DELISTED (Retrophin) Start Date:2009-07-02
RTTR-DELISTED (Ritter Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-06-24
RUBI-DELISTED (The Rubicon Project) Start Date:2014-04-02
RUBY-DELISTED (Rubius Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-07-18
RUE-DELISTED (Rue21) Start Date:2009-11-13
RUHN-DELISTED (Ruhnn Holding Limited) Start Date:2019-04-03
RUK-DELISTED (Reed Elsevier Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RURL-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-12-27
RUS-DELISTED (Kid Brands/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
RUTH-DELISTED (Ruth's Hospitality) Start Date:2007-05-02
RVAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-19
RVBD-DELISTED (Riverbed Technology) Start Date:2006-09-21
RVI-DELISTED (Retail Value) Start Date:2018-06-26
RVLP-DELISTED (Rvl Pharmaceuticals Plc Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-10-19
RVLT-DELISTED (Revolution Lighting Technologies) Start Date:2007-04-16
RVM-DELISTED (Revett Mining Company) Start Date:2011-05-10
RVR-DELISTED (White River Capital Inc) Start Date:2007-01-19
RWC-DELISTED (Relm Wireless) Start Date:2005-10-14
RWLK-DELISTED (Rewalk Robotics Ltd.) Start Date:2014-09-12
RXDX-DELISTED (Prometheus Biosciences) Start Date:2013-12-20
RXII-DELISTED (Rxi Pharmaceuticals Corporation) Start Date:2012-05-10
RXN.A-DELISTED (Rexnord Corporation) Start Date:2016-12-12
RXN-DELISTED (Rexnord Corporation) Start Date:2012-03-29
RY.S-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-11-03
RY.T-DELISTED (Royal Bank Of Canada) Start Date:2015-11-02
RYAM.A-DELISTED (Rayonier Advanced Materials) Start Date:2016-08-15
RYB-DELISTED (Ryb Education) Start Date:2017-09-27
RYCE-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-11
RYL-DELISTED (Ryland) Start Date:2000-01-03
RYZB-DELISTED (Rayzebio) Start Date:2023-09-15
RZA-DELISTED (Reinsurance Of America Incorporated 6.20% Fixed-To-Floating Rate Subordinated Debentures Due 2042) Start Date:2012-08-24
RZ-DELISTED (Raser Technologies Inc) Start Date:2005-11-03
SAAS-DELISTED (Incontact) Start Date:2009-01-02
SAB-DELISTED (Saratoga Investment Corp) Start Date:2006-03-14
SABRP-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-20
SAEX-DELISTED (Saexploration Holdings) Start Date:2012-03-29
SAF-DELISTED (Safeco) Start Date:2018-08-29
SAFM-DELISTED (Sanderson Farms) Start Date:2007-05-01
SAII-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-06
SAIIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-06
SAIL-DELISTED (Sailpoint Technologies Holdings) Start Date:2017-11-17
SAJA-DELISTED (Sajan) Start Date:2007-05-08
SAK-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-30
SAL-DELISTED (Salisbury Bancorp Common) Start Date:2003-11-07
SALE-DELISTED (Retailmenot) Start Date:2013-07-19
SALM-DELISTED (Salem Media Class A) Start Date:2007-05-16
SALT-DELISTED (Scorpio Bulkers) Start Date:2013-12-12
SAMA-DELISTED (Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition) Start Date:2019-01-09
SAMAW-DELISTED (Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition) Start Date:2019-01-09
SAN.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-11-13
SAN.B-DELISTED (Banco Santander) Start Date:2007-11-28
SAN.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-01-18
SAN.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
SAPE-DELISTED (Sapient) Start Date:2000-01-03
SAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-15
SASI-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-03-17
SATC-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
SAUC-DELISTED (Diversified Restaurant Holdings) Start Date:2015-11-09
SAVB-DELISTED (The Savannah Bancorp) Start Date:2005-12-13
SBBC-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-07-01
SBBP-DELISTED (Strongbridge Biopharma) Start Date:2015-10-16
SBCP-DELISTED (Sunshine Bancorp) Start Date:2014-07-15
SBE.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-26
SBEA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-03
SBEAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-26
SBEAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-26
SBE-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-09-16
SBG-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
SBGL-DELISTED (Sibanye Gold Limited) Start Date:2013-02-21
SBIB-DELISTED (Sterling Bancshares Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBIG-DELISTED (Springbig Holdings) Start Date:2021-04-06
SBII-DELISTED (Sandbridge X2) Start Date:2021-04-30
SBLKL-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-07
SBLKZ-DELISTED (Star Bulk Carriers) Start Date:2017-11-13
SBNA-DELISTED (Scorpio Tankers) Start Date:2014-05-20
SBNB-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-06
SBNY-DELISTED (Signature Bank) Start Date:2007-05-04
SBNYP-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-17
SBOT-DELISTED (Stellar Biotechnologies) Start Date:2010-08-03
SBP-DELISTED (Santander Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBPH-DELISTED (Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2016-05-06
SBRAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-21
SBSA-DELISTED (Spanish Broadcasting System) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBTX-DELISTED (Silverback Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-12-04
SBW-DELISTED (Western Asset Worldwide Income) Start Date:2000-01-03
SBX-DELISTED (Seabright Holdings) Start Date:2008-11-06
SBY-DELISTED (Silver Bay Realty Trust) Start Date:2012-12-17
SCA-DELISTED (Stellus Capital Investment Corporation) Start Date:2008-07-01
SCAI-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-30
SCBT-DELISTED (Scbt Financial Corporation) Start Date:2004-03-09
SC-DELISTED (Santander Consumer Usa Holding) Start Date:2014-01-23
SCE.B-DELISTED (Southern California Edison Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
SCE.C-DELISTED (Southern California Edison Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
SCE.D-DELISTED (Southern California Edison Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
SCE.E-DELISTED (Southern California Edison Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
SCE.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-05-22
SCEI-DELISTED (Sino Clean Energy) Start Date:2012-09-25
SCG-DELISTED (Scana) Start Date:2004-01-02
SCHN-DELISTED (Schnitzer Steel Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCHW.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-12
SCHW.C-DELISTED (The Charles Schwab Corporation) Start Date:2015-08-05
SCLE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
SCLEU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-12
SCLEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-08
SCLN-DELISTED (Sciclone Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCMF-DELISTED (Southern Community Financial Co) Start Date:2002-02-04
SCMFO-DELISTED (Southern Community Financial Co) Start Date:2006-03-03
SCMP-DELISTED (Sucampo Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-08-02
SCMR-DELISTED (Sycamore Networks) Start Date:2005-09-22
SCNB-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
SCOA-DELISTED (Scion Tech Growth I) Start Date:2021-02-08
SCOAU-DELISTED (Scion Tech Growth I Unit) Start Date:2020-12-17
SCOAW-DELISTED (Scion Tech Growth I Warrant) Start Date:2021-02-08
SCOB-DELISTED (Scion Tech Growth Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-06
SCOBU-DELISTED (Scion Tech Growth Ii Units) Start Date:2021-02-10
SCOBW-DELISTED (Scion Tech Growth Ii Warrants) Start Date:2021-04-08
SCOK-DELISTED (Sinocoking Coal And Coke Chemical Industries) Start Date:2010-02-08
SCON-DELISTED (Superconductor Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
SCPE-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-09-05
SCPL-DELISTED (Sciplay Class A) Start Date:2019-05-03
SCPS-DELISTED (Scopus Biopharma) Start Date:2020-12-16
SCR-DELISTED (Score Media & Gaming) Start Date:2007-04-20
SCRX-DELISTED (Sciele Pharma/Inc) Start Date:2006-06-19
SCSS-DELISTED (Select Comfort Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-10
SCTL-DELISTED (Societal Cdmo) Start Date:2014-03-07
SCTY-DELISTED (Solarcity Corporation) Start Date:2012-12-13
SCU-DELISTED (Sculptor Capital Management) Start Date:2009-12-01
SCUR-DELISTED (Secure Computing Corp) Start Date:2000-05-16
SCVX-DELISTED (Scvx) Start Date:2020-03-20
SCX-DELISTED (L.S. Starrett Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
SDACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
SDACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-30
SDBT-DELISTED (Soundbite Communications) Start Date:2007-11-01
SDCCQ-DELISTED (Smiledirectclub Inc) Start Date:2019-09-12
SDC-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-09-12
SDH-DELISTED (Global Internet Of People Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-02-09
SDI-DELISTED (Standard Diversified) Start Date:2018-04-05
SDIX-DELISTED (Strategic Diagnostics) Start Date:2006-03-22
SDLP-DELISTED (Seadrill Partners Llc) Start Date:2012-10-19
SDR-DELISTED (Sandridge Mississippian Trust Ii) Start Date:2012-04-18
SDT-DELISTED (Sandridge Mississippian Trust I) Start Date:2011-04-07
SDTH-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-24
SDXC-DELISTED (Switch & Data Facilities Company/Inc) Start Date:2007-02-08
SEAB-DELISTED (Seabright Holdings/Inc) Start Date:2005-01-21
SEAC-DELISTED (Seachange International) Start Date:2007-04-26
SEAH.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-02
SEAH-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-23
SEAS-DELISTED (Seaworld Entertainment) Start Date:2013-04-19
SED-DELISTED (Sed International Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-16
SEH-DELISTED (Spartech Common Sto) Start Date:2000-01-03
SELB-DELISTED (Selecta Biosciences) Start Date:2007-11-12
SEMG-DELISTED (Semgroup Corporation) Start Date:2010-11-11
SEND-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-11-15
SEP-DELISTED (Spectra Energy Partners) Start Date:2007-07-26
SEPR-DELISTED (Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SEQL-DELISTED (Seqll Inc) Start Date:2021-08-27
SESN-DELISTED (Sesen Bio) Start Date:2014-02-06
SEVCQ-DELISTED (Sono Nv) Start Date:2021-11-17
SEV-DELISTED (Sevcon) Start Date:2007-05-16
SF.A-DELISTED (Stifel Financial Corporation) Start Date:2016-07-21
SFD-DELISTED (Smithfield Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
SFE-DELISTED (Safeguard Scientifics) Start Date:2000-01-03
SFES-DELISTED (Safeguard Scientifics Inc) Start Date:2007-05-02
SFET-DELISTED (Safe-T American Depositary Share) Start Date:2018-09-11
SFG-DELISTED (Stancorp Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
SFI-DELISTED (Istar Financial Common Sto) Start Date:2000-01-03
SFLY-DELISTED (Shutterfly) Start Date:2006-09-29
SFN-DELISTED (Stifel Financial) Start Date:2013-01-18
SFR-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-01-22
SFRT-DELISTED (Appreciate Holdings Inc) Start Date:2021-01-25
SFRWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-25
SFS-DELISTED (Smart) Start Date:2014-09-24
SFSF-DELISTED (Successfactors) Start Date:2007-11-20
SFT-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-04
SFTGQ-DELISTED (Shift Technologies Inc) Start Date:2019-06-04
SFTTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-06-04
SFTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-20
SFUN-DELISTED (Fang Holdings Limited) Start Date:2010-09-17
SFXE-DELISTED (Sfx Entertainment) Start Date:2013-10-09
SGAM-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-10
SGAMW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-09
SGB-DELISTED (Southwest Georgia Financial Corporation) Start Date:2001-10-18
SGBK-DELISTED (Stonegate Bank) Start Date:2007-05-22
SGEN-DELISTED (Seattle Genetics) Start Date:2007-01-03
SGF-DELISTED (Singapore Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGFY-DELISTED (Signify Health) Start Date:2021-02-11
SGHL-DELISTED (Signal Hill Acquisition) Start Date:2022-03-28
SGI-DELISTED (Silicon Graphics International) Start Date:2009-05-18
SGK-DELISTED (Schawk Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGLB-DELISTED (Sigma Labs) Start Date:2010-09-20
SGLBW-DELISTED (Sigma Labs) Start Date:2017-02-15
SGL-DELISTED (Strategic Global Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGM-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-10-10
SGMS-DELISTED (Scientific Games) Start Date:2007-05-02
SGNL-DELISTED (Signal Genetics) Start Date:2014-06-18
SGNT-DELISTED (Sagent Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2011-04-20
SGOC-DELISTED (Sgoco) Start Date:2012-09-11
SGP-DELISTED (Merck & Co/Inc) Start Date:2004-01-02
SGR-DELISTED (Shaw Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGS-DELISTED (Stream Global Services) Start Date:2009-10-26
SGTX-DELISTED (Sigilon Therapeutics) Start Date:2020-12-04
SGY-DELISTED (Stone Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
SGYP-DELISTED (Synergy Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2009-05-21
SGYPW-DELISTED (Synergy Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2011-12-15
SGZA-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-02-22
SGZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-10-23
SHAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
SHAW-DELISTED (Shaw) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHFL-DELISTED (Shuffle Master) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHI-DELISTED (Sinopec Shangai Petrochemical Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHIPW-DELISTED (Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp) Start Date:2008-10-15
SHIPZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-10
SHLDW-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-19
SHLL-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
SHLM-DELISTED (A. Schulman) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHLO-DELISTED (Shiloh Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHLX-DELISTED (Shell Midstream Partners L.P.) Start Date:2014-10-29
SHO.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-04-13
SHO.E-DELISTED (Sunstone Hotel Investors) Start Date:2016-03-14
SHO.F-DELISTED (Sunstone Hotel Investors) Start Date:2016-05-19
SHOR-DELISTED (Shoretel) Start Date:2007-07-03
SHOS-DELISTED (Sears Hometown And Outlet Stores) Start Date:2012-10-12
SHP-DELISTED (Shangpharma America) Start Date:2010-10-19
SHPG-DELISTED (Shire Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHPGY-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
SHS-DELISTED (Sauer-Danfoss) Start Date:2000-01-03
SHSP-DELISTED (Sharpspring) Start Date:2011-05-02
SHUA-DELISTED (Shuaa Partners Acquisition I) Start Date:2022-04-26
SHZ-DELISTED (China Shen Zhou Mining & Resour) Start Date:2008-03-24
SI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-08-06
SIAL-DELISTED (Sigma-Aldrich Corporation) Start Date:2004-01-02
SIC-DELISTED (Select Interior Concepts) Start Date:2018-08-16
SICP-DELISTED (Silvergate Capital Corp) Start Date:2019-11-07
SI-DELISTED (Siemens Ag American Depositary) Start Date:2000-01-03
SIEN-DELISTED (Sientra) Start Date:2014-10-29
SIHI-DELISTED (Sinohub) Start Date:2008-07-21
SILU-DELISTED (Sprott Resource Lending O) Start Date:2010-02-11
SIMG-DELISTED (Silicon Image) Start Date:2000-01-03
SINO-DELISTED (Sino-Global Shipping America) Start Date:2008-05-21
SIOX-DELISTED (Sio Gene Therapies) Start Date:2015-06-11
SIR-DELISTED (Select Income Reit Common Share) Start Date:2018-01-04
SIRE-DELISTED (Sisecam Resources Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2013-09-13
SIRF-DELISTED (Sirf Technology Holdings Inc) Start Date:2004-04-22
SIRO-DELISTED (Sirona Dental Systems) Start Date:2006-06-22
SITC.J-DELISTED (Site Centers) Start Date:2012-08-03
SITC.K-DELISTED (Site Centers) Start Date:2013-04-11
SITO-DELISTED (Sito Mobile) Start Date:2008-08-12
SIVB-DELISTED (Svb Financial) Start Date:2006-03-01
SIVBO-DELISTED (Svb Financial) Start Date:2006-03-14
SIVBP-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-13
SJI-DELISTED (South Jersey Industries) Start Date:2007-01-03
SJIJ-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-09-18
SJIU-DELISTED (South Jersey Industries) Start Date:2018-04-26
SJIV-DELISTED (South Jersey Industries Corporate Units) Start Date:2021-03-25
SJR-DELISTED (Shaw Communications) Start Date:2007-01-03
SKH-DELISTED (Skilled Healthcare) Start Date:2007-05-15
SKINW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-30
SKIS-DELISTED (Peak Resorts) Start Date:2014-11-21
SKLN-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-05-03
SKS-DELISTED (Saks Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
SKUL-DELISTED (Skullcandy) Start Date:2011-07-20
SKYS-DELISTED (Sky Solar Holdings) Start Date:2014-11-13
SLAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-05
SLA-DELISTED (American Select Portfolio) Start Date:2000-01-03
SLCR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-11
SLCRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-14
SLCRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-09
SLCT-DELISTED (Select Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-16
SLD-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-02-08
SLGC-DELISTED (Somalogic) Start Date:2021-04-23
SLGCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-16
SLGG-DELISTED (Super League Gaming) Start Date:2019-02-26
SLH-DELISTED (Solera Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-11
SLHG-DELISTED (Skylight Health Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-06-07
SLMAP-DELISTED (Slm Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-16
SLNOW-DELISTED (Soleno Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-11-13
SLRA-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-12
SLR-DELISTED (Solectron) Start Date:2004-01-02
SLTB-DELISTED (Scorpio Bulkers) Start Date:2014-09-29
SLTC-DELISTED (Selectica) Start Date:2000-03-10
SLTD-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-04
SLTM-DELISTED (Solta Medical) Start Date:2009-01-12
SLVR-DELISTED (Silverspac Class A) Start Date:2021-11-01
SLW-DELISTED (Silver Wheaton) Start Date:2006-05-09
SLXP-DELISTED (Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) Start Date:2000-11-21
SMA-DELISTED (Symmetry Medical) Start Date:2004-12-09
SMBL-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-08-01
SMCG-DELISTED (Millenium India Acquisition Com) Start Date:2008-04-15
SMED-DELISTED (Sharps Compliance) Start Date:2009-05-06
SMF-DELISTED (Salient Mlp And Energy Infrastr) Start Date:2011-05-27
SMFR-DELISTED (Sema4 Holdings Class A) Start Date:2020-11-04
SMFRW-DELISTED (Sema4 Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2020-11-02
SMHG-DELISTED () Start Date:2002-10-11
SMIT-DELISTED (Schmitt Industries) Start Date:2007-05-16
SMMC-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-06
SMMCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-29
SMM-DELISTED (Salient Midstream Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-05-25
SMMF-DELISTED (Summit Financial) Start Date:2007-05-16
SMMX-DELISTED (Symyx Technologies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SMOD-DELISTED (Smart Modular Technologies) Start Date:2006-02-03
SMSC-DELISTED (Standard Microsystems Corporati) Start Date:2000-01-03
SMS-DELISTED (Sims Metal Management Spons) Start Date:2008-03-17
SMTB-DELISTED (Smithtown Bancorp Inc) Start Date:2004-04-05
SMT-DELISTED (Smart Technologies) Start Date:2010-07-15
SMTL-DELISTED (Semitool Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SMTP-DELISTED (Smtp) Start Date:2011-05-02
SMTS-DELISTED (Sierra Metals) Start Date:2017-07-11
SMTX-DELISTED (Smtc Corporation) Start Date:2000-07-24
SNAK-DELISTED (Inventure Foods) Start Date:2000-01-03
SNBC-DELISTED (Sun Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
SNCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-08-27
SNC-DELISTED (State National Companies) Start Date:2014-11-03
SNCE-DELISTED (Science 37 Holdings) Start Date:2020-11-23
SNDE-DELISTED (Sundance Energy Australia Limited) Start Date:2016-09-02
SNDK-DELISTED (Sandisk) Start Date:2004-01-02
SNE-DELISTED (Sony Ord) Start Date:2000-01-03
SNH-DELISTED (Senior Housing Properties Trust) Start Date:2000-02-23
SNHN-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-07-23
SNHNI-DELISTED (Senior Housing Properties Trust) Start Date:2012-07-23
SNHNL-DELISTED (Senior Housing Properties Trust) Start Date:2016-07-01
SNHO-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-02-22
SNHY-DELISTED (Sun Hydraulics Corporation) Start Date:2002-05-10
SNIC-DELISTED (Sonic Solutions/Ca) Start Date:2000-01-03
SNI-DELISTED (Scripps Networks Interactive I) Start Date:2008-07-01
SNII-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-22
SNMP-DELISTED (Evolve Transition Infrastructure Lp) Start Date:2007-04-10
SNMX-DELISTED (Senomyx) Start Date:2004-06-22
SNNA-DELISTED (Sienna Biopharmaceuticals) Start Date:2017-07-27
SNOAW-DELISTED (Sonoma Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-01-21
SNP-DELISTED (China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) Start Date:2000-10-18
SNPR.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-11
SNPR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
SNR-DELISTED (New Senior Investment I) Start Date:2014-11-07
SNRH-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
SNRHU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-11
SNRHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-01
SNS-DELISTED (Biglari Holdings Inc) Start Date:2004-12-20
SNSS-DELISTED (Sunesis Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2005-09-27
SNSTA-DELISTED (Hpt Sn Holding/Inc) Start Date:2006-06-28
SNTA-DELISTED (Synta Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-02-06
SNTS-DELISTED (Santarus) Start Date:2004-04-01
SNV.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-07-30
SNWL-DELISTED (Sonicwall Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SOAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-05-06
SOAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-26
SOA-DELISTED (Solutia Inc Solutia Inc New Com) Start Date:2008-03-03
SOCB-DELISTED (Southcoast Financial) Start Date:2003-11-06
SODA-DELISTED (Sodastream International Ltd.) Start Date:2010-11-03
SOFIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-30
SOFO-DELISTED (Sonic Foundry) Start Date:2007-05-02
SOGC-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-04-27
SOGO-DELISTED (Sogou) Start Date:2017-11-09
SOJA-DELISTED (Southern Company) Start Date:2015-10-09
SOJB-DELISTED (Southern Company) Start Date:2016-09-22
SOLN-DELISTED (The Southern Company) Start Date:2019-08-21
SOLO-DELISTED (Electrameccanica Vehicles) Start Date:2018-08-09
SOLOW-DELISTED (Electrameccanica Vehicles Warrants) Start Date:2018-08-09
SOLY-DELISTED (Soliton) Start Date:2019-02-19
SOMH-DELISTED (Somerset Hills Bancorp) Start Date:2002-11-14
SOMX-DELISTED (Somaxon Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2005-12-15
SONC-DELISTED (Sonic) Start Date:2000-01-03
SONE-DELISTED (S1 Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
SONS-DELISTED (Sonus Networks) Start Date:2004-09-13
SONX-DELISTED (Sonendo) Start Date:2021-10-29
SOQ-DELISTED (Sonde Resources) Start Date:2009-11-27
SORL-DELISTED (Sorl Auto Parts) Start Date:2006-04-18
SOV.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
SOVO-DELISTED (Sovos Brands) Start Date:2021-09-23
SPA-DELISTED (Sparton) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPAN-DELISTED (Span-America Medical Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPAQ.U-DELISTED (Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp) Start Date:2018-08-10
SPAR-DELISTED (Spartan Motors) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPCE.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-09-14
SPCHA-DELISTED (Sport Chalet) Start Date:2005-09-30
SPCHB-DELISTED (Sport Chalet) Start Date:2005-09-21
SPCM-DELISTED (Sound Point Acquisition I, Ltd) Start Date:2022-04-25
SP-DELISTED (Sp Plus O) Start Date:2007-05-16
SPE.B-DELISTED (Special Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2016-08-31
SPEX-DELISTED (Spherix Incorporated) Start Date:2001-07-16
SPF-DELISTED (Standard Pacific) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPFR.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-03
SPFR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-25
SPGS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-12
SPHS-DELISTED (Sophiris Bio) Start Date:2013-08-16
SPIL-DELISTED (Siliconware Precision Industries Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2000-09-07
SPKB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-05
SPKBU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-11
SPKE-DELISTED (Spark Energy Com) Start Date:2014-07-29
SPKEP-DELISTED (Spark Energy) Start Date:2017-03-22
SPLK-DELISTED (Splunk) Start Date:2012-04-19
SPNC-DELISTED (The Spectranetics Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPN-DELISTED (Superior Energy Services) Start Date:2001-05-15
SPNE-DELISTED (Seaspine) Start Date:2015-06-17
SPNV.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
SPNV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-11
SPP-DELISTED (Sanchez Production Partners Llc) Start Date:2006-11-15
SPPI-DELISTED (Spectrum Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2007-05-07
SPPR-DELISTED (Supertel Hospitality) Start Date:2005-07-20
SPPRO-DELISTED (Supertel Hospitality) Start Date:2009-04-17
SPRD-DELISTED (Spreadtrum Communications) Start Date:2007-06-27
SPRQ.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-25
SPRQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-15
SPRT-DELISTED (Support.com) Start Date:2000-07-19
SPSN-DELISTED (Spansion Inc) Start Date:2005-12-16
SPSS-DELISTED (Spss Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPSX-DELISTED (Superior Essex Inc) Start Date:2004-11-09
SPU-DELISTED (Skypeople Fruit Juice) Start Date:2009-10-29
SPW-DELISTED (Spx Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
SPWRA-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-09-30
SQBG-DELISTED (Sequential Brands) Start Date:2007-05-16
SQBK-DELISTED (Square 1 Financial) Start Date:2014-03-27
SQI-DELISTED (Sciquest) Start Date:2010-09-24
SQL-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-08-27
SQNM-DELISTED (Sequenom) Start Date:2000-02-01
SQZB-DELISTED (Sqz Biotechnologies Co.) Start Date:2020-11-02
SQZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-30
SRAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-02
SRACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-12-30
SRAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-04-15
SRAQU-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-02-24
SRAX-DELISTED (Srax Class A) Start Date:2016-10-13
SRC.A-DELISTED (Spirit Realty Capital) Start Date:2017-10-27
SRC-DELISTED (Spirit Realty Capital) Start Date:2012-09-20
SRCI-DELISTED (Src Energy) Start Date:2007-05-16
SRCLP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-09-10
SRE.A-DELISTED (Sempra Energy) Start Date:2018-01-12
SRE.B-DELISTED (Sempra Energy) Start Date:2018-07-18
SREV-DELISTED (Servicesource) Start Date:2011-03-25
SRF-DELISTED (Cushing Energy Income Fund) Start Date:2012-02-24
SRGA-DELISTED (Surgalign Holdings) Start Date:2007-05-14
SRLP-DELISTED (Sprague Resources Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interests) Start Date:2013-10-25
SRLS-DELISTED (Seracare Life Sciences Inc) Start Date:2007-05-18
SRNE-DELISTED (Sorrento Therapeutics C) Start Date:2009-12-31
SRNG-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
SRNGU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-24
SRNGW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
SRP-DELISTED (Nv Energy/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRRA-DELISTED (Sierra Oncology) Start Date:2015-07-16
SRSA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-29
SRSC-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-10-16
SRSL-DELISTED (Srs Labs) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRT-DELISTED (Startek) Start Date:2000-01-03
SRUN-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-04-28
SRUNU-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-03-24
SRUNW-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-04-28
SRVY-DELISTED (Greenfield Online Inc) Start Date:2004-07-16
SRX-DELISTED (Sra International Inc) Start Date:2002-05-24
SRZ-DELISTED (Sunrise Senior Living) Start Date:2001-05-23
SSAAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-26
SSC-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
SSE-DELISTED (Seventy Seven Energy) Start Date:2014-06-17
SSFN-DELISTED (Stewardship Financial Corp) Start Date:2007-03-13
SSH-DELISTED (Sunshine Heart) Start Date:2012-02-16
SSI-DELISTED (Stage Stores) Start Date:2006-03-16
SSLJ-DELISTED (Sslj.com Limited) Start Date:2018-02-05
SSLT-DELISTED (Sesa Sterlite Limited) Start Date:2013-09-09
SSN-DELISTED (Samson Oil & Gas Limited) Start Date:2008-01-07
SSNI-DELISTED (Silver Spring Networks) Start Date:2013-03-13
SSPK-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-10-01
SSPKW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-10-01
SSRG-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-12-05
SSRI-DELISTED (Silver Standard Resources) Start Date:2000-01-03
SSRX-DELISTED (3Sbio) Start Date:2007-02-07
SSS-DELISTED (Sovran Self Storage) Start Date:2004-01-02
SSU-DELISTED (Signa Sports United N.V. Ordinary Share) Start Date:2021-12-15
SSW.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-02-02
SSW.D-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2012-12-21
SSW.E-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2014-02-14
SSW.G-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2016-06-20
SSW.H-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2016-08-16
SSW.I-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2018-09-25
SSWA-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2017-10-24
SSW-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2005-08-09
SSWN-DELISTED (Seaspan Corporation) Start Date:2014-04-08
STAB-DELISTED (Statera Biopharma) Start Date:2007-05-16
STAG.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-11-03
STAG.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-04-17
STAG.C-DELISTED (Stag Industrial) Start Date:2016-03-15
STAN-DELISTED (Standard Parking Corporation) Start Date:2004-06-02
STAR.D-DELISTED (Istar) Start Date:2007-05-16
STAR.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
STAR.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
STAR.G-DELISTED (Istar) Start Date:2007-05-16
STAR.I-DELISTED (Istar) Start Date:2007-05-16
STAR-DELISTED (Istar Corp) Start Date:2006-11-30
STAY-DELISTED (Extended Stay America) Start Date:2013-11-13
STBC-DELISTED (State Bancorp Inc) Start Date:2008-01-02
STB-DELISTED (Student Transportation) Start Date:2011-09-06
STBZ-DELISTED (State Bank Financial Corporation) Start Date:2011-01-27
STCK-DELISTED (Stock Building Supply Holdings) Start Date:2013-08-09
STD-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
STDY-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-03-23
STEC-DELISTED (Stec) Start Date:2000-10-03
STEI-DELISTED (Stewart Enterprises Inc) Start Date:2006-04-18
STET-DELISTED (St Energy Transition I Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2022-01-24
STFC-DELISTED (State Auto Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
STI.A-DELISTED (Suntrust Banks) Start Date:2007-05-17
STI.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-28
STIC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-11
STIC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
STI-DELISTED (Suntrust Banks) Start Date:2004-01-02
STIX-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-08-04
STJ-DELISTED (St. Jude Medical Common S) Start Date:2004-01-02
STL.A-DELISTED (Sterling Bancorp) Start Date:2007-05-17
STL-DELISTED (Sterling Bancorp) Start Date:2007-01-03
STML-DELISTED (Stemline Therapeutics) Start Date:2013-01-29
STMP-DELISTED (Stamps.com) Start Date:2007-01-03
STNR-DELISTED (Steiner Leisure Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-03
STO-DELISTED (Statoil Asa) Start Date:2001-06-18
STON-DELISTED (Stonemor) Start Date:2004-09-15
STOR-DELISTED (Store Capital Corporation) Start Date:2014-11-18
STPC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-26
STP-DELISTED (Suntech Power Holdings Co.) Start Date:2005-12-14
STPK.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-18
STRC-DELISTED (Sri/Surgical Express) Start Date:2000-01-03
STRCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-08
STR-DELISTED (Questar Common Stoc) Start Date:2004-01-02
STRN-DELISTED (86260J102 Nasdaq Pillar Stran & Company,) Start Date:2021-11-09
STRNW-DELISTED (Stran & Company Warrant) Start Date:2021-11-09
STRP-DELISTED (Straight Path Communications) Start Date:2013-07-24
STRY-DELISTED (Starry Holdings Class A) Start Date:2022-03-29
STRZA-DELISTED (Starz) Start Date:2007-04-26
STSA-DELISTED (Satsuma Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2019-09-13
STS-DELISTED (Supreme Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
STSI-DELISTED (Star Scientific Inc) Start Date:2000-03-21
STST-DELISTED (Argon St/Inc) Start Date:2002-04-09
STT.C-DELISTED (State Street Corporation) Start Date:2012-08-29
STT.D-DELISTED (State Street Corporation) Start Date:2014-03-10
STT.E-DELISTED (State Street Corporation) Start Date:2014-12-01
STU-DELISTED (Student Loan Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
STV-DELISTED (China Digital Tv Holding Co.) Start Date:2007-10-05
STWO-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-30
STWOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-13
STXB-DELISTED (Spirit Of Texas Bancshares) Start Date:2018-05-04
STZ.B-DELISTED (Constellation Brands Inc) Start Date:2007-05-16
SUBK-DELISTED (Suffolk Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
SUF-DELISTED (Sulphco Inc) Start Date:2005-10-07
SUG-DELISTED (Southern Union Company Common S) Start Date:2000-01-03
SUI.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-15
SUMO-DELISTED (Sumo Logic) Start Date:2020-09-17
SUMR-DELISTED (Summer Infant) Start Date:2007-03-07
SUMT-DELISTED (Sumtotal Systems Inc) Start Date:2004-03-19
SUNE-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-03
SUNH-DELISTED (Sun Healthcare) Start Date:2010-11-16
SUNL-DELISTED (Sunlight Financial) Start Date:2023-10-30
SUNS-DELISTED (Solar Senior Capital Ltd.) Start Date:2011-02-25
SUNW-DELISTED (Sunworks) Start Date:2015-03-04
SUPG-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
SUPX-DELISTED (Supertex) Start Date:2000-01-03
SUR-DELISTED (Cna Surety Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
SURF-DELISTED (Surface Oncology) Start Date:2018-04-19
SURW-DELISTED (Surewest Communications) Start Date:2001-09-06
SUSP-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-20
SUSQ-DELISTED (Susquehanna Bancshares) Start Date:2000-01-03
SUSS-DELISTED (Susser Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2006-10-19
SUTR-DELISTED (Sutor Technology Limited) Start Date:2008-02-11
SVAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
SVACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-10
SVACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-05
SVA-DELISTED (Sinovac Biotech, Ltd) Start Date:2004-12-08
SVBI-DELISTED (Severn Bancorp Inc) Start Date:2002-06-24
SV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-09
SVFA-DELISTED (Svf Investment Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-01-27
SVFAU-DELISTED (Svf Investment Unit) Start Date:2021-01-08
SVFAW-DELISTED (Svf Investment Warrant) Start Date:2021-01-27
SVFB-DELISTED (Svf Investment 2 Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-09
SVFC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-09
SVFD-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-14
SVLC-DELISTED (Silvercrest Mines) Start Date:2008-10-27
SVN-DELISTED (7 Days Holdings A) Start Date:2009-11-20
SVNT-DELISTED (Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc) Start Date:2006-02-02
SVOK-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-10
SVOKU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-18
SVOKW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-10
SVON-DELISTED () Start Date:2002-05-17
SVR-DELISTED (Syniverse Holdings Inc) Start Date:2005-02-10
SVSVU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-24
SVSVW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-09
SVU-DELISTED (Supervalu) Start Date:2004-01-02
SVVS-DELISTED (Savvis/Inc) Start Date:2000-02-15
SWAV-DELISTED (Shockwave Medical) Start Date:2019-03-07
SWAY-DELISTED (Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust) Start Date:2014-01-22
SWBK-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
SWC-DELISTED (Stillwater Mining Company) Start Date:2001-06-26
SWCH-DELISTED (Switch) Start Date:2017-10-06
SWET-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-17
SWETU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-12
SWFT-DELISTED (Swift Transportation Company) Start Date:2010-12-16
SWHC-DELISTED (Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation) Start Date:2006-07-20
SWIR-DELISTED (Sierra Wireless) Start Date:2007-05-09
SWJ-DELISTED (Stanley Black & Decker) Start Date:2012-07-26
SWM-DELISTED (Schweitzer-Mauduit Intl) Start Date:2007-05-02
SWNC-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-01-23
SWP-DELISTED (Stanley Black & Decker) Start Date:2017-05-19
SWS-DELISTED (Sws) Start Date:2000-01-03
SWSH-DELISTED (Swisher Hygiene) Start Date:2011-02-02
SWSI-DELISTED (Superior Well Services/Inc) Start Date:2005-07-29
SWSS-DELISTED (Springwater Special Situations) Start Date:2021-09-23
SWT-DELISTED (Stanley Black & Decker Corporate Unit) Start Date:2019-11-14
SWU-DELISTED (Stanley Black & Decker) Start Date:2011-05-10
SWWC-DELISTED (Southwest Water Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
SWY-DELISTED (Safeway) Start Date:2004-01-02
SXCI-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-06-23
SXCL-DELISTED (Steel Excel) Start Date:2000-01-03
SXCP-DELISTED (Suncoke Energy Partners) Start Date:2013-01-18
SXE-DELISTED (Southcross Energy Partners) Start Date:2012-11-02
SXL-DELISTED (Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.) Start Date:2002-02-05
SYA-DELISTED (Symetra Financial Corporation) Start Date:2010-01-22
SYKE-DELISTED (Sykes Enterprises) Start Date:2007-04-30
SYMC-DELISTED (Symantec) Start Date:2018-01-02
SYMM-DELISTED (Symmetricom) Start Date:2000-01-03
SYMS-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-02-28
SYMX-DELISTED (Synthesis Energy Systems) Start Date:2007-08-08
SYNC-DELISTED (Synacor) Start Date:2012-02-13
SYN-DELISTED (Synthetic Biologics) Start Date:2007-05-16
SYNH-DELISTED (Syneos Health) Start Date:2014-11-07
SYNL-DELISTED (Synalloy) Start Date:2004-05-05
SYNM-DELISTED (Syntroleum Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
SYNO-DELISTED (Synovis Life Technologies Inc) Start Date:2002-05-10
SYNT-DELISTED (Syntel) Start Date:2000-01-03
SYRG-DELISTED (Synergy Resources Corporation) Start Date:2009-09-08
SYRX-DELISTED (Sysorex Global Holdings) Start Date:2013-02-11
SYSW-DELISTED (Syswin American Depositary) Start Date:2010-11-26
SYUT-DELISTED (Synutra International) Start Date:2007-03-13
SZC-DELISTED (Cushing Nextgen Infrastructure Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2012-09-26
SZMK-DELISTED (Sizmek) Start Date:2014-02-10
SZYM-DELISTED (Solazyme) Start Date:2011-05-27
TACA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-02
TACA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-22
TACO-DELISTED (Levy Acquisition) Start Date:2014-01-08
TACOW-DELISTED (Del Taco Restaurants) Start Date:2014-01-06
TA-DELISTED (Travelcenters Of America Llc) Start Date:2007-05-16
TAHO-DELISTED (Tahoe Resources) Start Date:2012-05-08
TAI-DELISTED (Transamerica Income Shares) Start Date:2000-01-03
TALS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-07
TAM-DELISTED (Taminco Corporation) Start Date:2013-04-18
TANN-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-01-22
TANNI-DELISTED (Travelcenters Of America Llc) Start Date:2013-01-22
TANNL-DELISTED (Travelcenters Of America Llc) Start Date:2016-07-01
TANNZ-DELISTED (Travelcenters Of America Llc) Start Date:2016-07-01
TANO-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-12-19
TANP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-09
TAOM-DELISTED (Taomee Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2011-06-09
TAS-DELISTED (Tasman Metals Ltd.) Start Date:2011-12-02
TASR-DELISTED (Taser International) Start Date:2001-06-19
TAST-DELISTED (Carrols Restaurant) Start Date:2007-05-16
TAT-DELISTED (Transatlantic Petroleum Ltd) Start Date:2009-12-08
TAX-DELISTED (Liberty Tax) Start Date:2012-07-02
TAXI-DELISTED (Medallion Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
TAYC-DELISTED (Taylor Capital) Start Date:2002-10-16
TAYCP-DELISTED (Taylor Capital) Start Date:2004-11-23
TBAC-DELISTED (Tandy Brands Accessories) Start Date:2000-01-03
TBCP-DELISTED (Thunder Bridge Capital Partners Iii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-01
TBCPU-DELISTED (Thunder Bridge Capital Partners Iii Units) Start Date:2021-02-05
TBCPW-DELISTED (Thunder Bridge Capital Partners Iii Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-31
TBIO-DELISTED (Translate Bio) Start Date:2018-06-28
TBKCP-DELISTED (Triumph Bancorp Depositary Shares Each Representing A 1/40Th Interest In A Share Of 7.125% Series C Fixed-Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock) Start Date:2020-06-24
TBK-DELISTED (Triumph Bancorp) Start Date:2014-11-07
TBL-DELISTED (Timberland Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
TBLTW-DELISTED (Toughbuilt Industries Warrant) Start Date:2018-12-03
TBOW-DELISTED (Trunkbow International Holdings) Start Date:2011-02-03
TBRA-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-08-22
TBSI-DELISTED () Start Date:2005-06-28
TCAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
TCACU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-12
TCAP-DELISTED (Triangle Capital Corporation) Start Date:2007-02-22
TCB.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-27
TCB.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-21
TCB-DELISTED (Tcf Financial Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
TCBIL-DELISTED (Texas Capital Bancshares) Start Date:2012-09-28
TCBIP-DELISTED (Texas Capital Bancshares) Start Date:2013-03-25
TCCA-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-23
TCCB-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-02-10
TCDA-DELISTED (Tricida) Start Date:2018-06-28
TCF.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-27
TCF.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-21
TCF.D-DELISTED (Tcf Financial Corporation) Start Date:2017-09-18
TCFC-DELISTED (The Community Financial Corpor) Start Date:2013-01-14
TCFCP-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-08-02
TCGP-DELISTED (The Carlyle L.P.) Start Date:2017-09-15
TCK-DELISTED (Teck Resources Limited) Start Date:2006-06-29
TCL-DELISTED (Tata Communications Ame) Start Date:2008-02-13
TCN-DELISTED (Tricon Residential Common Shares) Start Date:2021-10-07
TCO.J-DELISTED (Taubman Centers) Start Date:2012-08-16
TCO.K-DELISTED (Taubman Centers) Start Date:2013-03-20
TCPI-DELISTED (Tcp International Holdings Ltd.) Start Date:2014-06-26
TCRD-DELISTED (Thl Credit) Start Date:2010-04-22
TCRR-DELISTED (Tcr2 Therapeutics) Start Date:2019-02-14
TCRZ-DELISTED (Thl Credit) Start Date:2015-12-17
TCVA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-14
TDAC-DELISTED (Trident Acquisitions) Start Date:2018-06-13
TDACW-DELISTED (Trident Acquisitions) Start Date:2018-06-13
TDA-DELISTED (Telephone And Data Systems) Start Date:2012-12-04
TDE-DELISTED (Telephone And Data Systems) Start Date:2011-05-10
TDJ-DELISTED (Telephone And Data Systems) Start Date:2011-03-28
TEA-DELISTED (Teavana Holdings) Start Date:2011-07-28
TECUA-DELISTED (Tecumseh Products Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
TECUB-DELISTED (Tecumseh Products Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
TECU-DELISTED (Tecumseh Products Company) Start Date:2007-05-16
TE-DELISTED (Teco Energy) Start Date:2004-01-02
TEDU-DELISTED (Tarena International) Start Date:2014-04-03
TEG-DELISTED (Integrys Energy Com) Start Date:2007-02-22
TEGP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-05-07
TEKK-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-29
TEKKW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-29
TELK-DELISTED (Telik) Start Date:2000-08-11
TEN-DELISTED (Tenneco) Start Date:2007-05-01
TEP-DELISTED (Tallgrass Energy Partners) Start Date:2013-05-14
TESO-DELISTED (Tesco Corporation) Start Date:2007-04-02
TESS-DELISTED (Tessco Technologies Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
TETC-DELISTED (Tech & Energy Transition) Start Date:2021-05-20
TETCU-DELISTED (Tech And Energy Transition Unit) Start Date:2021-03-17
TETCW-DELISTED (Tech And Energy Transition Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-14
TEU.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-07-30
TEU-DELISTED (Box Ships) Start Date:2011-04-14
TEUM-DELISTED (Pareteum Corporation) Start Date:2016-05-09
TFC.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-11-01
TFC.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-05-03
TFC.H-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-03-11
TFCO-DELISTED (Tufco Technologies) Start Date:2005-05-24
TF-DELISTED (Thai Capital Fund) Start Date:2003-08-04
TFM-DELISTED (The Fresh Market) Start Date:2010-11-05
TFONY-DELISTED (Telefonos De Mexico S Ab De Cv) Start Date:2000-01-03
TGA-DELISTED (Transglobe Energy Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2007-04-27
TGAL-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
TGC-DELISTED (Tengasco) Start Date:2000-01-03
TGD-DELISTED (Timmins Gold) Start Date:2008-10-27
TGE-DELISTED (Tallgrass Energy) Start Date:2018-06-29
TGH.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
TGH.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-08-25
TGH-DELISTED (Textainer) Start Date:2007-10-10
TGP.A-DELISTED (Teekay Lng Partners L.P.) Start Date:2016-10-10
TGP.B-DELISTED (Teekay Lng Partners L.P.) Start Date:2017-10-25
TGP-DELISTED (Teekay Lng Partners L.P.) Start Date:2007-05-16
TGR-DELISTED (Kimbell Tiger Acquisition Corporation) Start Date:2022-03-28
TGX-DELISTED (Theragenics Common) Start Date:2000-01-03
THBR-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-10-04
THBRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-10-04
THCA-DELISTED (Tuscan Holdings Ii) Start Date:2019-07-30
THCAU-DELISTED (Tuscan Holdings Ii Unit) Start Date:2019-07-12
THCAW-DELISTED (Tuscan Holdings Ii Warrant) Start Date:2019-08-13
THCB-DELISTED (Tuscan Holdings) Start Date:2007-12-17
THCBW-DELISTED (Tuscan Holdings) Start Date:2019-03-27
THCHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-09-29
THGA-DELISTED (The Hanover Insurance) Start Date:2013-04-01
THI-DELISTED (Tim Hortons) Start Date:2006-03-27
THLD-DELISTED (Threshold Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2005-02-04
THMA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-31
THMAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-02
THMD-DELISTED (Thermadyne Holdings Corp/De) Start Date:2007-03-13
THOR-DELISTED (Synthorx) Start Date:2000-01-03
THQI-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
THRN-DELISTED (Thorne Healthtech) Start Date:2021-09-23
THRX-DELISTED (Theseus Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2021-10-07
THWWW-DELISTED (Target Hospitality) Start Date:2018-03-12
TI.A-DELISTED (Telecom Italia S.P.A.) Start Date:2005-02-17
TIBB-DELISTED (Tib Financial Corporation) Start Date:2003-12-03
TIBX-DELISTED (Tibco Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
TICC-DELISTED (Ticc Capital) Start Date:2003-11-24
TI-DELISTED (Telecom Italia S.P.A.) Start Date:2003-10-09
TIE-DELISTED (Titanium Metals Com) Start Date:2004-01-02
TIER-DELISTED (Tier Reit) Start Date:2015-07-23
TIG-DELISTED (Trean Insurance ,) Start Date:2016-12-15
TIII-DELISTED (Tii Network Technologies) Start Date:2000-01-03
TINV-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-14
TIOA-DELISTED (Tio Tech A) Start Date:2021-06-10
TIOAU-DELISTED (Tio Tech A Units) Start Date:2021-04-08
TIOAW-DELISTED (Tio Tech A Warrants) Start Date:2021-06-09
TIO-DELISTED (Tingo Inc) Start Date:2009-01-09
TISA-DELISTED (Top Image Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
TIS-DELISTED (Orchids Paper Products Company) Start Date:2005-07-15
TIV-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-29
TIVO-DELISTED (Tivo Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
TKAI-DELISTED (Tokai Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-09-17
TKAT-DELISTED (Takung Art Co.) Start Date:2015-11-25
TKF-DELISTED (Turkish Investment Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
TKLC-DELISTED (Tekelec) Start Date:2000-01-03
TKMR-DELISTED (Tekmira Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2010-03-12
TKTM-DELISTED (Ticketmaster Entertainment Llc) Start Date:2008-08-21
TLAB-DELISTED (Tellabs) Start Date:2004-01-02
TLB-DELISTED (Talbots) Start Date:2000-01-03
TLC-DELISTED (Taiwan Liposome Company) Start Date:2018-11-21
TLEO-DELISTED (Taleo Corporation) Start Date:2005-10-04
TLGA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-22
TLGT-DELISTED (Teligent) Start Date:2007-05-16
TLI-DELISTED (Western Asset Corporate Loan Fund Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
TLLP-DELISTED (Tesoro Logistics Lp) Start Date:2011-04-20
TLMD-DELISTED (Soc Telemed, Class A) Start Date:2020-01-28
TLM-DELISTED (Talisman Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
TLMDW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-01-28
TLMR-DELISTED (Talmer Bancorp) Start Date:2014-02-12
TLND-DELISTED (Talend S.A.) Start Date:2016-07-29
TLN-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-02
TLP-DELISTED (Transmontaigne Partners L.P.) Start Date:2005-05-25
TLRA-DELISTED (Telaria) Start Date:2012-09-20
TLRD-DELISTED (Tailored Brands) Start Date:2016-02-01
TLR-DELISTED (Timberline Resources Corporation) Start Date:2008-05-12
TMBR-DELISTED (Timber Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-06-11
TMCX-DELISTED (Trinity Merger) Start Date:2018-05-31
TMDI-DELISTED (Titan Medical Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2018-06-27
TMH-DELISTED (Team Health Holdings) Start Date:2009-12-16
TMK.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-27
TMK.C-DELISTED (Torchmark Corporation) Start Date:2016-04-06
TMK-DELISTED (Torchmark) Start Date:2004-01-02
TMKR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
TMKRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-08
TMKRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-01
TMM-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
TMNG-DELISTED (The Management Network) Start Date:2000-01-03
TMPM-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-29
TMPO-DELISTED (Tempo Automation Holdings) Start Date:2023-12-11
TMPOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-17
TMR-DELISTED (Meridian Resource Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
TMRK-DELISTED (Terremark Worldwide Inc) Start Date:2007-05-14
TMS-DELISTED (Tms International Class A) Start Date:2011-04-14
TMSR-DELISTED (Tmsr Holding Company Limited) Start Date:2015-12-29
TMST-DELISTED (Timkensteel Corporation) Start Date:2014-06-19
TMTA-DELISTED (Transmeta Corp) Start Date:2000-11-07
TMTS-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
TMTSW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-04
TMUS.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-12-17
TMUSP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-10-27
TMUSR-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-24
TMX-DELISTED (Terminix Global Holdings,) Start Date:2014-06-26
TNE-DELISTED (Tele Norte Leste Participacoes) Start Date:2000-01-03
TNGN-DELISTED (Tengion) Start Date:2010-04-12
TNGO-DELISTED (Tangoe) Start Date:2011-07-27
TNH-DELISTED (Terra Nitrogen Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
TNP.B-DELISTED (Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd) Start Date:2013-05-13
TNP.C-DELISTED (Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd) Start Date:2013-10-03
TNP.D-DELISTED (Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd) Start Date:2015-05-04
TNS-DELISTED (Tns) Start Date:2004-03-16
TNTR-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-06-30
TOBC-DELISTED (Tower Bancorp Inc) Start Date:2005-03-23
TOCA-DELISTED (Tocagen) Start Date:2017-04-13
TOD-DELISTED (Todd Shipyards Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
TOFC-DELISTED (Tower Financial Corporation) Start Date:2001-09-04
TOF-DELISTED (Tofutti Brands) Start Date:2000-01-03
TOMO-DELISTED (Tomotherapy Inc) Start Date:2008-01-02
TOO.A-DELISTED (Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.) Start Date:2013-05-02
TOO.B-DELISTED (Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.) Start Date:2015-04-21
TOO.E-DELISTED (Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.) Start Date:2018-01-25
TOO-DELISTED (Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.) Start Date:2006-12-14
TORC-DELISTED (Restorbio) Start Date:2018-01-26
TOR-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-02-11
TOTAW-DELISTED (Tottenham Acquisition I Limited) Start Date:2018-08-27
TOT-DELISTED (Total S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
TOWR-DELISTED (Tower International) Start Date:2010-10-15
TPCG-DELISTED (Tpc) Start Date:2010-05-04
TPGE-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-06-29
TPGH-DELISTED (Tpg Pace Holdings) Start Date:2017-08-24
TPGI-DELISTED (Thomas Properties) Start Date:2013-04-01
TPGS-DELISTED (Tpg Pace Solutions) Start Date:2021-04-09
TPGY.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-07
TPGY-DELISTED (Tpg Pace Beneficial Finance) Start Date:2020-11-27
TPI-DELISTED (Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co.) Start Date:2008-11-19
TPIV-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-07-28
TPNL-DELISTED (3Pea International) Start Date:2007-05-18
TPRE-DELISTED (Third Point Reinsurance Ltd.) Start Date:2013-08-15
TPTX-DELISTED (Turning Point Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-05-16
TPUB-DELISTED (Tribune Publishing Company) Start Date:2014-07-24
TPVY-DELISTED (Triplepoint Venture Growth Bdc) Start Date:2017-07-19
TQNT-DELISTED (Triquint Semiconductor) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRAD-DELISTED (Tradestation Inc) Start Date:2001-01-02
TRA-DELISTED (Terra Industries Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRCA-DELISTED (Tercica Inc) Start Date:2000-01-12
TRCB-DELISTED (Two River Bancorp) Start Date:2006-04-11
TRCH-DELISTED (Torchlight Energy Resources) Start Date:2010-11-08
TRCR-DELISTED (Transcend Services) Start Date:2000-01-03
TREB.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-06-17
TREB-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-07
TREC-DELISTED (Trecora Resources) Start Date:2007-05-16
TRF-DELISTED (Templeton Russia And East Europ) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRGL-DELISTED (Toreador Resources Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-04
TRGT-DELISTED (Targacept) Start Date:2006-04-12
TRHC-DELISTED (Tabula Rasa Healthcare) Start Date:2016-09-29
TRH-DELISTED (Transatlantic Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRID-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
TRIL-DELISTED (Trillium Therapeutics) Start Date:2014-12-19
TRIT-DELISTED (Tri-Tech Holding) Start Date:2009-09-10
TRITW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-11
TRIV-DELISTED (Trivascular Technologies) Start Date:2014-04-16
TRKA-DELISTED (Troika Media) Start Date:2021-04-20
TRKAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-20
TRK-DELISTED (Speedway Motorsports) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRKWQ-DELISTED (Troika Media Inc) Start Date:2021-04-20
TRLA-DELISTED (Trulia) Start Date:2012-09-20
TRLG-DELISTED (True Religion Apparel) Start Date:2005-08-18
TRMA-DELISTED (Trico Marine Services Inc) Start Date:2005-10-19
TRMR-DELISTED (Tremor Video) Start Date:2013-06-27
TRMT-DELISTED (Tremont Mortgage Trust) Start Date:2017-09-14
TRNC-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-06-20
TRNE-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-03
TRNX-DELISTED (Taronis Technologies) Start Date:2011-02-03
TROV-DELISTED (Trovagene) Start Date:2010-03-02
TRPX-DELISTED (Therapix Biosciences Ltd.) Start Date:2017-03-22
TRQ-DELISTED (Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd) Start Date:2007-05-02
TRR-DELISTED (Trc Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
TRTN-DELISTED (Triton International Limited) Start Date:2007-05-10
TRW-DELISTED (Trw Automotive Holdings) Start Date:2004-02-03
TRWH-DELISTED (Twin River Worldwide Holdings) Start Date:2019-03-29
TRXC-DELISTED (Transenterix) Start Date:2008-02-11
TSCAP-DELISTED (Tristate Capital Holdings) Start Date:2018-03-26
TSCBP-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-05-30
TSC-DELISTED (Tristate Capital) Start Date:2013-05-09
TSCM-DELISTED (Thestreet/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
TSFG-DELISTED (South Financial Inc) Start Date:2000-04-24
TSG-DELISTED (Sabre Holdings) Start Date:2015-06-08
TSH-DELISTED (Teche Holding Company Common St) Start Date:2000-01-03
TSIA-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-31
TSIAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-10
TSIAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-31
TSIB-DELISTED (Tishman Speyer Innovation Ii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-05
TSIBU-DELISTED (Tishman Speyer Innovation Ii Unit) Start Date:2021-02-12
TSIBW-DELISTED (Tishman Speyer Innovation Ii Warrant) Start Date:2021-04-05
TSLF-DELISTED (Thl Credit Senior Loan Fund) Start Date:2013-09-20
TSNU-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-08-07
TSO-DELISTED (Tesoro) Start Date:2004-01-02
TSON-DELISTED (Trans1) Start Date:2007-10-17
TSP-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
TSPQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-22
TSPT-DELISTED (Transcept Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2009-02-03
TSRA-DELISTED (Tessera Technologies) Start Date:2003-11-20
TSRE-DELISTED (Trade Street Residential) Start Date:2008-07-07
TSRO-DELISTED (Tesaro) Start Date:2012-06-28
TSRX-DELISTED (Trius Therapeutics) Start Date:2010-08-03
TSS-DELISTED (Total System Services) Start Date:2004-01-02
TSTC-DELISTED (Telestone Technologies) Start Date:2006-09-27
TST-DELISTED (Thestreet) Start Date:2007-04-30
TSTF-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
TSTR-DELISTED (Terrestar Corp) Start Date:2007-08-16
TSYS-DELISTED (Telecommunication Systems) Start Date:2000-08-09
TTCF-DELISTED (Tattooed Chef, Inc Class A) Start Date:2018-09-12
TTCFW-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-09-12
TTES-DELISTED (T-3 Energy Services Inc) Start Date:2002-02-04
TTF-DELISTED (Thai Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
TTHI-DELISTED (Transition Therapeutics) Start Date:2007-09-04
TTM-DELISTED (Tata Motors Limited) Start Date:2013-02-11
TTO-DELISTED (Tortoise Capital Resources Corp) Start Date:2007-02-02
TTPH-DELISTED (Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2013-03-20
TTS-DELISTED (Tile Shop Hldgs) Start Date:2012-08-22
TUBE-DELISTED (Tubemogul) Start Date:2014-07-18
TUC-DELISTED (Mac-Gray Common Sto) Start Date:2000-01-03
TUDO-DELISTED (Tudou Holdings Limited) Start Date:2011-08-17
TUEM-DELISTED (Tuesday Morning) Start Date:2021-05-25
TUES-DELISTED (Tuesday Morning) Start Date:2000-01-03
TUFN-DELISTED (Tufin Software Technologies Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2019-04-11
TUGC-DELISTED (Tradeup Global) Start Date:2021-06-28
TUMI-DELISTED (Tumi Holdings) Start Date:2012-04-19
TUNE-DELISTED (Microtune Inc) Start Date:2000-08-04
TVAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-09
TVIA-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-05-27
TVL-DELISTED (Lin Tv) Start Date:2002-05-29
TVPT-DELISTED (Travelport Worldwide Limited) Start Date:2014-09-25
TVTY-DELISTED (Tivity Health) Start Date:2007-04-30
TWB-DELISTED (Tween Brands/Inc) Start Date:2007-03-13
TWC-DELISTED (Time Warner Cable Inc Common St) Start Date:2007-03-01
TWCT-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-06
TWCTU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-11
TWCTW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-03
TWGP-DELISTED (Tower) Start Date:2004-10-21
TWLL-DELISTED (Techwell Inc) Start Date:2006-06-22
TWLV-DELISTED (Twelve Seas Investment Company Ii Class A) Start Date:2021-04-29
TWMC-DELISTED (Trans World Entertainment) Start Date:2000-01-03
TWND.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-04
TWND-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-23
TWNI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-09
TWNK-DELISTED (Hostess Brands) Start Date:2015-11-30
TWNKW-DELISTED (Hostess Brands) Start Date:2015-11-25
TWNT-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-26
TWO.D-DELISTED (Two Harbors Investments Corp) Start Date:2018-08-02
TWO.E-DELISTED (Two Harbors Investments Corp) Start Date:2018-08-01
TWOA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-30
TWP-DELISTED (Trex Co Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
TWPG-DELISTED (Thomas Weisel Partners /Inc) Start Date:2006-02-03
TWTC-DELISTED (Tw Telecom) Start Date:2000-01-03
TWTR-DELISTED (Twitter) Start Date:2013-11-07
TWX-DELISTED (Time Warner New Common Sto) Start Date:2004-01-02
TXCC-DELISTED (Transwitch Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
TXCO-DELISTED (Txco Resources Inc) Start Date:2009-01-02
TXI-DELISTED (Texas Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
TXTR-DELISTED (Textura Corporation) Start Date:2013-06-07
TYDE-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-05-18
TYG.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-10
TYHT-DELISTED (Shineco) Start Date:2016-09-28
TYME-DELISTED (Tyme Technologies) Start Date:2013-02-27
TYN-DELISTED (Tortoise North American Energy) Start Date:2005-10-27
TYPE-DELISTED (Monotype Imaging Holdings) Start Date:2007-07-25
TYY-DELISTED (Tortoise Energy Capital Corpora) Start Date:2005-05-26
TZF-DELISTED (Bear Stearns Depositor) Start Date:2005-09-08
TZIX-DELISTED (Trizetto Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
TZK-DELISTED () Start Date:2006-10-26
TZPS-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
TZPSU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-20
TZYM-DELISTED (Tranzyme) Start Date:2011-04-04
UA.C-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-03-23
UACL-DELISTED (Universal Truckload Services) Start Date:2006-08-01
UAM-DELISTED (Universal American Corp) Start Date:2007-12-03
UAUA-DELISTED (United Continental Holdings/Inc) Start Date:2006-02-06
UBA-DELISTED (Urstadt Biddle Properties) Start Date:2007-05-07
UB-DELISTED (Unionbancal Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
UBET-DELISTED (Youbet Com Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
UBIC-DELISTED (Ubic) Start Date:2013-05-16
UBNK-DELISTED (United Financial Bancorp) Start Date:2005-08-17
UBNT-DELISTED (Ubiquiti Networks) Start Date:2011-10-14
UBP.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-10-25
UBP.H-DELISTED (Urstadt Biddle Properties) Start Date:2017-09-21
UBP.K-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-10-03
UBP-DELISTED (Urstadt Biddle Properties) Start Date:2000-01-03
UBS.D-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
UBSH-DELISTED (Union Bankshares Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
UCBA-DELISTED (United Community Bancorp) Start Date:2006-03-31
UCBH-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
UCBID-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-07
UCFC-DELISTED (United Community Financial) Start Date:2000-01-03
UCP-DELISTED (Ucp) Start Date:2013-07-18
UDF-DELISTED (United Development Funding Iv) Start Date:2014-06-04
UDRL-DELISTED (Union Drilling) Start Date:2005-11-22
UEPS-DELISTED (Net 1 Ueps Technologies) Start Date:2005-08-03
UFAB-DELISTED (Unique Fabricating) Start Date:2015-07-01
UFS-DELISTED (Domtar) Start Date:2007-05-16
UGIC-DELISTED (Ugi Corporate Units) Start Date:2021-05-28
UHALB-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-11-10
UIHC-DELISTED (United Insurance Holdings) Start Date:2012-05-10
UIL-DELISTED (Uil Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ULTI-DELISTED (The Ultimate Software) Start Date:2000-01-03
ULTR-DELISTED (Ultrapetrol) Start Date:2006-10-13
ULU-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-07-26
UMH.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-06-06
UMH.B-DELISTED (Umh Properties) Start Date:2015-10-26
UMH.C-DELISTED (Umh Properties) Start Date:2017-07-28
UMPQ-DELISTED (Umpqua Holdings Corporation) Start Date:2007-01-03
UMRX-DELISTED (Unum Therapeutics) Start Date:2018-03-29
UNCA-DELISTED (Unica Corp) Start Date:2005-08-03
UN-DELISTED (Unilever Nv) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNIS-DELISTED (Unilife Corporation) Start Date:2010-02-16
UNS-DELISTED (Unisource Energy Co) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNTD-DELISTED (United Online) Start Date:2001-09-26
UNT-DELISTED (Unit Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
UNTK-DELISTED (Unitek Global Services) Start Date:2010-11-11
UNVR-DELISTED (Univar Solutions) Start Date:2015-06-18
UNXL-DELISTED (Uni-Pixel) Start Date:2007-03-15
UPG-DELISTED (Universal Power Inc Commo) Start Date:2007-01-05
UPH-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-01
UPHL-DELISTED (Uphealth Inc) Start Date:2019-07-01
UPI-DELISTED (Uroplasty) Start Date:2005-10-03
UPIP-DELISTED (Unwired Planet) Start Date:2000-11-20
UPL-DELISTED (Ultra Petroleum) Start Date:2001-01-17
UPTD-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-09-14
UQM-DELISTED (Uqm Technologies) Start Date:2000-10-02
UROV-DELISTED (Urovant Sciences Ltd.) Start Date:2018-09-27
URRE-DELISTED (Uranium Resources) Start Date:2007-03-13
URS-DELISTED (Urs) Start Date:2000-01-03
URZ-DELISTED (Uranerz Energy) Start Date:2006-08-10
USAK-DELISTED (Usa Truck) Start Date:2000-01-03
USAT-DELISTED (Usa Technologies) Start Date:2007-03-13
USB.M-DELISTED (U.S. Bancorp) Start Date:2012-01-27
USB.N-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-04-25
USB.O-DELISTED (U.S. Bancorp) Start Date:2013-05-07
USBI-DELISTED (United Security Bancshares) Start Date:2003-02-21
USCR-DELISTED (Us Concrete) Start Date:2010-10-15
USDP-DELISTED (Usd Partners Lp Common Units Representing Partner Interest) Start Date:2014-10-09
USER-DELISTED (Usertesting) Start Date:2021-11-17
USHS-DELISTED (U.S. Home Systems) Start Date:2001-02-21
USMD-DELISTED (Usmd Holdings) Start Date:2012-09-07
USMO-DELISTED (Usa Mobility) Start Date:2004-11-17
USTR-DELISTED (United Stationers) Start Date:2000-01-03
USU-DELISTED (Usec) Start Date:2000-01-03
USWS-DELISTED (U.S. Well Services Class A) Start Date:2018-11-13
USWSW-DELISTED (U.S. Well Services Warrants) Start Date:2018-11-07
USX-DELISTED (Us Xpress Enterprises) Start Date:2018-06-14
UTAA-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-01-25
UTAAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-01-24
UTA-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-05-28
UTEK-DELISTED (Ultratech) Start Date:2000-01-03
UTIW-DELISTED (Uti Worldwide) Start Date:2000-11-02
UTME-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-06
UTR-DELISTED (Kemper Corp) Start Date:2001-05-24
UTRS-DELISTED (Minerva Surgical) Start Date:2021-10-22
UTX.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-06-19
UWN-DELISTED (Nevada Gold & Casinos) Start Date:2001-10-11
UXG-DELISTED (Mcewen Mining Inc) Start Date:2006-12-11
UZA-DELISTED (United States Cellular Corporation) Start Date:2011-05-16
UZB-DELISTED (United States Cellular Corporation) Start Date:2015-01-02
UZC-DELISTED (United States Cellular Corporation) Start Date:2015-11-24
VACC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-30
VACQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-24
VACQU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-25
VACQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-04
VA-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-11-14
VALE.P-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-05-04
VAPO-DELISTED (Vapotherm) Start Date:2018-11-14
VAQC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-10
VARI-DELISTED (Varian Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
VASC-DELISTED (Vascular Solutions) Start Date:2000-07-20
VAXX-DELISTED (Vaxxinity, Class A) Start Date:2021-11-11
VBLT-DELISTED (Vascular Biogenics Ltd.) Start Date:2014-10-01
VCBI-DELISTED (Virginia Commerce Bancorp) Start Date:2002-07-05
VCF-DELISTED (Delaware Investments Colorado Municipal Income Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
VCI-DELISTED (Valassis Communications) Start Date:2000-01-03
VCIF-DELISTED (Vertical Capital Income Fund Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest) Start Date:2019-05-30
VCKA-DELISTED (Vickers Vantage I Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-03-05
VCKAU-DELISTED (Vickers Vantage I Unit) Start Date:2021-01-07
VCKAW-DELISTED (Vickers Vantage I Warrant) Start Date:2021-03-08
VCLK-DELISTED (Valueclick) Start Date:2000-06-23
VCO-DELISTED (Vina Concha Y Toro S.A.) Start Date:2000-01-03
VCRA-DELISTED (Vocera Communications) Start Date:2012-03-28
VCVC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-13
VCVCU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-24
VCVCW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-12
VCXA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-05
VCXAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-01
VDSI-DELISTED (Vasco Data Security International) Start Date:2000-04-07
VDTH-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-01
VEAC-DELISTED (Vantage Energy Acquisition) Start Date:2017-04-28
VEC-DELISTED (Vectrus) Start Date:2014-09-29
VECT-DELISTED (Vectivbio Holding) Start Date:2021-04-09
VE-DELISTED (Veolia Environnement S.A.) Start Date:2001-10-05
VEDL-DELISTED (Vedanta Limited) Start Date:2013-09-09
VEDU-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-05-17
VEI-DELISTED (Vine Energy) Start Date:2021-03-18
VELO-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
VELOU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-23
VELT-DELISTED (Velti Plc) Start Date:2011-01-28
VENA-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-13
VENAR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-13
VER.F-DELISTED (Vereit) Start Date:2014-01-06
VERBW-DELISTED (Verb Technology Company) Start Date:2019-04-05
VER-DELISTED (Vereit) Start Date:2011-09-07
VGAC.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-02
VGAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-23
VG-DELISTED (Vonage Holdings) Start Date:2007-01-03
VGFC-DELISTED (The Very Good Food Company Common Shares) Start Date:2021-10-13
VGGL-DELISTED (Viggle) Start Date:2012-02-02
VGII-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-13
VHS-DELISTED (Vanguard Health Systems) Start Date:2011-06-22
VIA.B-DELISTED (Viacom Inc) Start Date:2005-12-05
VIAB-DELISTED (Viacom) Start Date:2007-04-30
VIACA-DELISTED (Viacomcbs) Start Date:2007-05-09
VIAC-DELISTED (Viacomcbs) Start Date:2007-04-30
VIACP-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-29
VIA-DELISTED (Viacom Inc) Start Date:2004-01-02
VIA-DELISTED (Via Renewables Class A) Start Date:2021-08-09
VIAS-DELISTED (Viasystems) Start Date:2010-02-17
VICL-DELISTED (Vical Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
VIEW-DELISTED (Viewtran) Start Date:2007-04-30
VIEWW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-21
VIFL-DELISTED (Food Technology Service) Start Date:2000-01-03
VIGN-DELISTED (Vignette Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
VIHAW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-20
VIH-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-19
VIIAU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-23
VIIAW-DELISTED (7Gc & Co. Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2021-02-12
VII-DELISTED (Vicon Industries) Start Date:2000-01-03
VIMC-DELISTED (Vimicro International) Start Date:2005-11-15
VIM-DELISTED (Invesco Van Kampen Trust For Va) Start Date:2000-01-03
VIP-DELISTED (Vimpelcom Ltd.) Start Date:2004-01-02
VIRL-DELISTED (Virage Logic Corp) Start Date:2000-08-01
VISI-DELISTED (Volt Information Sciences) Start Date:2011-01-27
VISN-DELISTED (Visionchina Media) Start Date:2007-12-06
VITA-DELISTED (Vanguard World Fund) Start Date:2000-08-02
VITC-DELISTED (Vitacost.com) Start Date:2011-06-01
VIT-DELISTED (Vanceinfo Technologies Inc Amer) Start Date:2007-12-12
VIVE-DELISTED (Viveve Medical) Start Date:2016-06-14
VIVO-DELISTED (Meridian Bioscience) Start Date:2007-05-04
VIWWQ-DELISTED (View Inc) Start Date:2020-10-21
VJET-DELISTED (Voxeljet Ag American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2013-10-18
VKL-DELISTED (Invesco Van Kampen Select Secto) Start Date:2000-03-22
VKTXW-DELISTED (Viking Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-04-08
VLCCF-DELISTED (Knightsbridge Shipping Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
VLCM-DELISTED (Volcom Inc) Start Date:2005-06-30
VLDR-DELISTED (Velodyne Lidar,) Start Date:2018-10-26
VLDRW-DELISTED (Velodyne Lidar Warrants) Start Date:2020-09-30
VLNC-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
VLNS-DELISTED (The Valens Company Common Shares) Start Date:2021-12-09
VLON-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-10
VLP-DELISTED (Valero Energy Partners Lp) Start Date:2013-12-11
VLRX-DELISTED (Valeritas Holdings) Start Date:2017-03-23
VLTA-DELISTED (Volta) Start Date:2020-11-02
VLTR-DELISTED (Volterra Semiconductor Corporat) Start Date:2004-07-29
VLY.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
VLY.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-08-11
VMAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-21
VMACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-08-21
VMCAU-DELISTED (Valuence Merger I Unit) Start Date:2022-03-01
VM-DELISTED (Virgin Mobile Usa/Inc) Start Date:2007-10-12
VMED-DELISTED (Virgin Media) Start Date:2007-02-08
VMEM-DELISTED (Violin Memory) Start Date:2013-09-27
VMM-DELISTED (Delaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund Ii) Start Date:2000-01-03
VMV-DELISTED (Invesco Van Kampen Massachusett) Start Date:2000-01-03
VMW-DELISTED (Vmware) Start Date:2007-08-14
VNE-DELISTED (Veoneer) Start Date:2018-06-11
VNO.G-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
VNO.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
VNO.J-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-04-26
VNO.K-DELISTED (Vornado Realty Trust) Start Date:2012-07-23
VNOD-DELISTED (Vornado Realty L.P. 7.875% Publ) Start Date:2009-10-07
VNRAP-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-13
VNRBP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-03-06
VNRCP-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-09-23
VNR-DELISTED (Vanguard Natural Resources) Start Date:2007-10-25
VNTR-DELISTED (Venator Materials Plc) Start Date:2017-08-03
VNTV-DELISTED (Vantiv) Start Date:2012-03-22
VNUS-DELISTED (Vnus Medical Technologies Inc) Start Date:2000-01-05
VOCS-DELISTED (Vocus) Start Date:2006-10-02
VOG-DELISTED (Voyager Oil & Gas) Start Date:2011-03-01
VOLC-DELISTED (Volcano Corporation) Start Date:2006-06-15
VOL-DELISTED (Volt Information Sciences/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
VOLT-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-07-26
VOQ-DELISTED (Invesco Van Kampen Ohio Quality) Start Date:2000-01-03
VORB-DELISTED (Virgin Orbit Holdings) Start Date:2021-12-27
VORBW-DELISTED (Virgin Orbit Holdings Warrant) Start Date:2021-05-21
VOSO-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-16
VOSOU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-22
VOSOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-15
VPCB-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-05-05
VPCC-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-26
VPCO-DELISTED (Vapor) Start Date:2010-02-16
VPFG-DELISTED (Viewpoint Financial) Start Date:2006-10-03
VPHM-DELISTED (Viropharma Incorporated) Start Date:2000-01-03
VPRT-DELISTED (Vistaprint N.V.) Start Date:2005-09-30
VQ-DELISTED (Venoco) Start Date:2006-11-17
VQS-DELISTED (Viq Solutions Common Shares) Start Date:2008-10-29
VR.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2016-06-15
VR.B-DELISTED () Start Date:2017-06-21
VRAD-DELISTED (Virtual Radiologic Corp) Start Date:2007-12-03
VRAY-DELISTED (Viewray) Start Date:2015-08-10
VRML-DELISTED (Vermillion) Start Date:2010-01-27
VRNG-DELISTED (Vringo) Start Date:2010-07-27
VRNGW-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-07-27
VRNM-DELISTED (Verenium Corporation) Start Date:2007-06-21
VRS-DELISTED (Verso Corp) Start Date:2008-06-09
VRTSP-DELISTED (Virtus Investment Partners) Start Date:2017-01-27
VRTV-DELISTED (Veritiv Corp) Start Date:2014-07-01
VRX-DELISTED (Valeant Pharmaceuticals International) Start Date:2003-11-14
VSAR-DELISTED (Versartis) Start Date:2014-03-21
VSCI-DELISTED (Vision-Sciences) Start Date:2000-01-03
VSCP-DELISTED (Virtualscopics) Start Date:2006-05-31
VSEA-DELISTED (Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
VSE-DELISTED (Vse Corporation) Start Date:2006-06-14
VSI-DELISTED (Vitamin Shoppe) Start Date:2009-10-28
VSNT-DELISTED (Versant Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
VSPR-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-09-14
VSPRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-30
VSPRW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-30
VSR-DELISTED (Versar) Start Date:2000-01-03
VTA-DELISTED (Invesco Credit Opportunities Fund) Start Date:2007-07-26
VTAE-DELISTED (Vitae Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2014-09-24
VTAL-DELISTED (Vital Images Inc) Start Date:2000-09-29
VTAQ-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
VTAQR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
VTAQW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-05
VTG-DELISTED (Vantage Drilling Company) Start Date:2007-06-08
VTIQ-DELISTED (Vectoiq Acquisition) Start Date:2018-06-11
VTIQU-DELISTED (Vectoiq Acquisition) Start Date:2018-05-16
VTIQW-DELISTED (Vectoiq Acquisition) Start Date:2018-06-11
VTIV-DELISTED (Inventiv Health Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
VTJ-DELISTED (Invesco Van Kampen Trust For In) Start Date:2000-01-03
VTL-DELISTED (Vital Therapies) Start Date:2014-04-17
VTNC-DELISTED (Vitran Corporation) Start Date:2005-03-07
VTRB-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-11
VTRO-DELISTED (Vertro) Start Date:2009-06-09
VTRU-DELISTED (Vitru) Start Date:2020-09-18
VTSS-DELISTED (Vitesse Semiconductor) Start Date:2007-03-13
VTTI-DELISTED (Vtti Energy Partners Lp) Start Date:2014-08-01
VTUS-DELISTED (Ventrus Biosciences) Start Date:2010-12-17
VVC-DELISTED (Vectren Corporation) Start Date:2000-04-03
VVNT-DELISTED (Vivint Smart Home) Start Date:2017-10-19
VVTV-DELISTED (Valuevision Media) Start Date:2000-01-03
VVUS-DELISTED (Vivus) Start Date:2000-01-03
VWR-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-10-02
VWTR-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-02
VYFC-DELISTED (Valley Financial Corporation) Start Date:2006-04-17
VYGG.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-10-02
VYGG-DELISTED (Vy Global Growth) Start Date:2020-11-20
VYNT-DELISTED (Vyant Bio) Start Date:2013-04-05
VZA-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-02-26
WAAS-DELISTED (Aquaventure Holdings Limited) Start Date:2016-10-06
WAC-DELISTED (Walter Investment Management) Start Date:2009-04-20
WAG-DELISTED (Walgreen Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
WAGE-DELISTED (Wageworks) Start Date:2012-05-11
WAIR-DELISTED (Wesco Aircraft Holdings) Start Date:2011-07-28
WALA-DELISTED (Western Alliance Bancorporation) Start Date:2017-11-02
WALDU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-03-16
WARR-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-19
WATG-DELISTED (Wonder Auto Technology) Start Date:2011-09-12
WAVX-DELISTED (Wave Systems) Start Date:2000-01-03
WBAI-DELISTED (500.com Limited) Start Date:2013-11-22
WBB-DELISTED (Westbury Bancorp) Start Date:2013-04-10
WBC-DELISTED (Wabco Holdings) Start Date:2007-08-01
WBCO-DELISTED (Washington Banking Company) Start Date:2006-06-01
WBEV-DELISTED (Winc,) Start Date:2021-11-11
WBKC-DELISTED (Wolverine Bancorp) Start Date:2011-01-20
WBK-DELISTED (Westpac Banking Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
WBMD-DELISTED (Webmd Health) Start Date:2005-09-29
WBS.E-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-12-06
WBSN-DELISTED (Websense) Start Date:2000-06-23
WBT-DELISTED (Welbilt) Start Date:2016-02-18
WCAA-DELISTED (Wca Waste Corporation) Start Date:2004-06-23
WCBO-DELISTED (West Coast Bancorp) Start Date:2000-01-03
WCG-DELISTED (Wellcare) Start Date:2004-07-01
WCIC-DELISTED (Wci Communities) Start Date:2013-07-25
WCRX-DELISTED (Warner Chilcott Plc) Start Date:2006-09-21
WCST-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
WEB-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-06-09
WEBK-DELISTED (Wellesley Bancorp) Start Date:2018-01-02
WEBM-DELISTED (Webmediabrands Inc) Start Date:2009-02-24
WEBR-DELISTED (Weber) Start Date:2021-08-05
WEDC-DELISTED (White Electronic Designs Corp) Start Date:2000-06-08
WE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-10-21
WEI-DELISTED (Weidai Ltd.) Start Date:2018-11-15
WEJO-DELISTED (Wejo Common Shares) Start Date:2021-11-19
WEJOW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-11-19
WEJWQ-DELISTED (Wejo Ltd.) Start Date:2021-11-19
WELL.I-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-03-09
WETF-DELISTED (WisdomTree Investments) Start Date:2007-05-16
WETG-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-23
WEWKQ-DELISTED (Wework Inc) Start Date:2021-10-21
WFBI-DELISTED (Washingtonfirst Bankshares) Start Date:2012-02-13
WFC.J-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-01-02
WFC.N-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2012-08-17
WFC.O-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2012-11-21
WFC.P-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2013-03-25
WFC.Q-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2013-07-23
WFC.R-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2013-12-19
WFC.T-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2014-07-24
WFC.V-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2015-09-16
WFC.W-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2010-01-22
WFC.X-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2016-06-16
WFD-DELISTED (Westfield Financial) Start Date:2002-05-02
WFE.A-DELISTED (Wells Fargo & Company) Start Date:2014-12-08
WFM-DELISTED (Whole Foods Market) Start Date:2007-04-27
WFMI-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
WFSL-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
WGA-DELISTED (Ag&E Holdings) Start Date:2002-08-29
WGBS-DELISTED (Wafergen Bio-Systems) Start Date:2007-06-06
WG-DELISTED (Willbros) Start Date:2000-01-03
WGL-DELISTED (Wgl Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
WGOV-DELISTED (Woodward/Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
WGP-DELISTED (Western Gas Equity Partners) Start Date:2012-12-10
WHFBL-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-07-22
WHI-DELISTED (W Holding Co Inc) Start Date:2007-07-19
WHLRW-DELISTED (Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust) Start Date:2014-04-30
WHRT-DELISTED (World Heart Corporation) Start Date:2004-03-18
WHX-DELISTED (Whiting Usa Trust I) Start Date:2008-04-30
WHZ-DELISTED (Whiting Usa Trust Ii) Start Date:2012-03-23
WIBC-DELISTED (Wilshire Bancorp) Start Date:2004-09-02
WILN-DELISTED (Wi-Lan Inc) Start Date:2011-01-04
WIND-DELISTED (First Wind Holdings Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
WIN-DELISTED (Windstream Corporation) Start Date:2006-07-18
WINS-DELISTED (Wins Finance Holdings) Start Date:2014-11-04
WLBC-DELISTED (Western Liberty Bancorp) Start Date:2009-10-08
WLB-DELISTED (Westmoreland Coal Co.) Start Date:2000-01-03
WL-DELISTED (Wilmington Trust Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
WLFCP-DELISTED (Willis Lease Finance Corporatio) Start Date:2006-11-09
WLH-DELISTED (Lyon William Homes) Start Date:2013-05-16
WLL-DELISTED (Whiting Petroleum) Start Date:2020-09-02
WLMS-DELISTED (Williams Industrial Services) Start Date:2008-02-13
WLP-DELISTED (Wellpoint) Start Date:2001-10-30
WLRH-DELISTED (Wl Ross Holding) Start Date:2014-06-06
WLRHU-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-06
WLRHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-08-05
WLT-DELISTED (Walter Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
WLTW-DELISTED (Willis Towers Watson) Start Date:2016-01-05
WMAR-DELISTED (West Marine) Start Date:2000-01-03
WMC-DELISTED (Western Asset Mortgage) Start Date:2012-05-10
WMCO-DELISTED (Williams Controls) Start Date:2006-10-23
WMGIZ-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-05
WMI-DELISTED (Waste Management Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
WMIH-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-03-28
WMLP-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-07-14
WNI-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
WNNR-DELISTED () Start Date:2022-03-07
WNR-DELISTED (Western Refining) Start Date:2006-01-19
WNRL-DELISTED (Western Refining Logistics) Start Date:2013-10-10
WORK-DELISTED (Slack Technologies) Start Date:2019-06-20
WOWO-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-04-08
WPCA-DELISTED (Warburg Pincus Capital Ia Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-26
WPCB-DELISTED (Warburg Pincus Capital Ib Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-26
WPCS-DELISTED (Wpcs International Incorporated) Start Date:2005-02-25
WP-DELISTED (Worldpay) Start Date:2012-03-22
WPF.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-05-27
WPF-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-17
WPG.H-DELISTED (Washington Prime) Start Date:2012-08-14
WPG.I-DELISTED (Washington Prime) Start Date:2013-04-03
WPG-DELISTED (Washington Prime) Start Date:2014-05-14
WPI-DELISTED (Watson Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2000-01-03
WPK-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-05-30
WPO-DELISTED (Washington Post Company) Start Date:2000-01-03
WPPGY-DELISTED (Wpp Plc) Start Date:2000-01-03
WPT-DELISTED (World Point Terminals) Start Date:2013-08-09
WPXP-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-07-30
WPZ-DELISTED (Williams Partners L.P.) Start Date:2010-07-29
WRB.B-DELISTED (W.R. Berkley Corporation) Start Date:2013-05-07
WRB.C-DELISTED (W.R. Berkley Corporation) Start Date:2016-03-03
WRB.D-DELISTED (W.R. Berkley Corporation) Start Date:2016-05-31
WRC-DELISTED (Warnaco Inc) Start Date:2008-05-15
WRD-DELISTED (Weingarten Realty Investors Wei) Start Date:2009-08-21
WR-DELISTED (Westar Energy) Start Date:2000-01-03
WRE-DELISTED (Washington Real Estate Investment Trust) Start Date:2007-01-03
WRES-DELISTED (Warren Resources) Start Date:2004-12-17
WRI-DELISTED (Weingarten Realty Investors) Start Date:2007-01-03
WRLS-DELISTED (Pensare Acquisition) Start Date:2000-01-03
WRS-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-23
WRTC-DELISTED (Wrap Technologies) Start Date:2018-05-29
WRT-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-08-16
WSB-DELISTED (Wsb Holdings) Start Date:2000-01-03
WSCI-DELISTED (Wsi Industries) Start Date:2000-01-07
WSG-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-07-26
WSH-DELISTED (Willis Holdings) Start Date:2004-01-02
WSII-DELISTED (Waste Services/Inc) Start Date:2004-08-02
WSO.B-DELISTED (Watsco) Start Date:2007-05-16
WSTC-DELISTED (West Corporation) Start Date:2013-03-22
WSTG-DELISTED (Wayside Technology) Start Date:2007-05-16
WTER-DELISTED (The Alkaline Water Company) Start Date:2013-07-09
WTNY-DELISTED (Whitney Holding Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
WTR-DELISTED (Aqua America) Start Date:2004-01-20
WTRE-DELISTED (Watford Common Shares) Start Date:2019-03-28
WTRH-DELISTED (Waitr Holdings) Start Date:2016-05-26
WTRU-DELISTED () Start Date:2019-04-26
WTSLA-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
WTSL-DELISTED (The Wet Seal) Start Date:2000-01-03
WTT-DELISTED (Wireless Telecom) Start Date:2000-01-03
WWAV-DELISTED (The Whitewave Foods Company) Start Date:2012-10-26
WWAY-DELISTED (Westway) Start Date:2009-12-21
WWE-DELISTED (World Wrestling Entertainment) Start Date:2007-01-03
WWIN-DELISTED (Winner Medical) Start Date:2009-10-06
WWON-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-11-23
WWVY-DELISTED (Warwick Valley Telephone Compan) Start Date:2005-11-03
WWWW-DELISTED (Web.com) Start Date:2008-06-09
WX-DELISTED (Wuxi Pharmatech) Start Date:2007-08-15
WXS-DELISTED (Wex) Start Date:2005-02-16
WY.A-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-06-25
WYE-DELISTED (Wyeth) Start Date:2003-01-27
WYN-DELISTED (Wyndham Worldwide Common) Start Date:2006-08-01
WZE-DELISTED () Start Date:2008-02-07
XAA-DELISTED (American Municipal Income Portf) Start Date:2000-01-03
XAN.C-DELISTED (Exantas Capital) Start Date:2014-06-17
XAN-DELISTED (Exantas Capital) Start Date:2018-01-16
XATA-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
XBKS-DELISTED (Xenith Bankshares) Start Date:2009-12-24
XCJ-DELISTED (Xcel Energy Jr Sub Nt) Start Date:2008-02-01
XCO-DELISTED (Exco Resources) Start Date:2006-02-09
XCRA-DELISTED (Xcerra Corporation) Start Date:2010-10-01
XEC-DELISTED (Cimarex Energy) Start Date:2005-01-03
XENT-DELISTED (Intersect Ent O) Start Date:2014-07-24
XFD-DELISTED (Corporate Backed Trust Ctfs 200) Start Date:2003-10-09
XFH-DELISTED () Start Date:2004-04-05
XFP-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 6.125% A) Start Date:2003-10-09
XFR-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 6.25% Bristol-M) Start Date:2004-05-06
XG-DELISTED (Extorre Gold Mines Ordinar) Start Date:2010-03-25
XGTI-DELISTED (Xg Technology) Start Date:2012-04-24
XING-DELISTED () Start Date:2000-01-03
XKE-DELISTED (Lehman Abs Corporat) Start Date:2006-02-21
XKK-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-09
XKN-DELISTED () Start Date:2003-10-09
XKO-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 7.75% Co) Start Date:2002-10-01
XL-DELISTED (Xl Plc) Start Date:2004-01-02
XLNX-DELISTED (Xilinx) Start Date:2005-01-03
XLRN-DELISTED (Acceleron Pharma) Start Date:2013-09-19
XLS-DELISTED (Exelis) Start Date:2011-10-13
XLTC-DELISTED (Excel Technology Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
XM-DELISTED (Qualtrics International) Start Date:2017-01-05
XMSR-DELISTED (Xm Satellite Radio Holdings Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
XNPT-DELISTED (Xenoport) Start Date:2005-06-02
XNY-DELISTED (China Xiniya Fashion Limited) Start Date:2010-11-23
XOG-DELISTED (Extraction Oil & Gas) Start Date:2016-10-12
XON-DELISTED (Intrexon Corporation) Start Date:2013-08-08
XONE-DELISTED (The Exone Company) Start Date:2013-02-07
XOOM-DELISTED (Xoom Corporation) Start Date:2013-02-15
XOXO-DELISTED (Xo) Start Date:2018-01-04
XPDI-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-08
XPDIU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-02-10
XPDIW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-08
XPLR-DELISTED (Xplore Technologies) Start Date:2012-10-26
XPOA.U-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-02
XPOA-DELISTED (Dpcm Capital Class A) Start Date:2020-12-11
XPRT-DELISTED (Lecg Corporation) Start Date:2007-05-04
XRA-DELISTED (Exeter Resource Corporation) Start Date:2006-11-09
XRDC-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-12-12
XRF-DELISTED (China Rapid Finance Limited) Start Date:2017-04-28
XRIT-DELISTED (X-Rite) Start Date:2000-01-03
XRM-DELISTED (Xerium Technologies) Start Date:2005-05-16
XRSC-DELISTED (Xrs Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
XRS-DELISTED (Tal Education) Start Date:2010-10-20
XSPA-DELISTED (Xpresspa) Start Date:2010-07-27
XTEX-DELISTED (Crosstex Energy) Start Date:2003-02-26
XTLY-DELISTED () Start Date:2015-06-26
XTXI-DELISTED (Crosstex Energy) Start Date:2004-01-13
XUE-DELISTED (Xueda Education) Start Date:2010-11-02
XVG-DELISTED (Lehman Abs 6.05% Co) Start Date:2004-03-16
XWES-DELISTED (World Energy Solutions) Start Date:2009-04-27
XXIA-DELISTED (Ixia) Start Date:2000-10-24
YAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-09-24
YAVY-DELISTED (Yadkin Valley Financial Corpora) Start Date:2002-09-05
YCB-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-16
Y-DELISTED (Yte) Start Date:2000-01-03
YDKN-DELISTED (Yadkin Financial Corporation) Start Date:2002-09-05
YDLE-DELISTED (Yodlee) Start Date:2014-10-03
YDNT-DELISTED (Young Innovations) Start Date:2000-01-03
YELL-DELISTED (Yellow) Start Date:2007-05-01
YERR-DELISTED () Start Date:2007-05-25
YGE-DELISTED (Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2007-06-08
YGF-DELISTED () Start Date:2023-03-28
YGTY-DELISTED () Start Date:2018-02-05
YGYI-DELISTED (Youngevity International) Start Date:2009-10-02
YHOO-DELISTED (Yahoo!) Start Date:2004-01-02
YIN-DELISTED (Yintech Investment Holdings Limited) Start Date:2016-04-27
YMI-DELISTED (Ym Biosciences) Start Date:2004-10-01
YMTX-DELISTED (Yumanity Therapeutics) Start Date:2016-02-11
YNDX-DELISTED (Yandex N.V.) Start Date:2011-05-24
YOD-DELISTED (You On Demand Holdings) Start Date:2009-05-19
YOGA-DELISTED (Yogaworks) Start Date:2017-08-11
YOKU-DELISTED (Youku Tudou) Start Date:2010-12-08
YONG-DELISTED (Yongye International) Start Date:2013-06-17
YRCW-DELISTED (Yrc Worldwide) Start Date:2006-01-04
YSAC-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-08
YSACW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-12-08
YSI-DELISTED (Cubesmart) Start Date:2004-11-10
YTEC-DELISTED (Yucheng Technologies Limited) Start Date:2007-03-14
YTEN-DELISTED (Yield10 Bioscience) Start Date:2007-05-10
YTPG-DELISTED (Tpg Pace Beneficial Ii Class A Ordinary Shares) Start Date:2021-04-14
YUMA-DELISTED (Yuma Energy) Start Date:2007-05-16
YUME-DELISTED (Yume) Start Date:2013-08-07
YVR-DELISTED (Liquid Media Common Shares) Start Date:2018-08-13
YZC-DELISTED (Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.) Start Date:2000-01-04
ZA-DELISTED (Zuoan Fashion Limited) Start Date:2011-02-15
ZAGG-DELISTED (Zagg Inc) Start Date:2007-09-04
ZAIS-DELISTED () Start Date:2013-03-22
ZAP-DELISTED (Harbinger Inc) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZAYO-DELISTED (Zayo Holdings) Start Date:2014-10-17
ZB.A-DELISTED (Zions Bancorporation N.A.) Start Date:2007-05-25
ZB.F-DELISTED () Start Date:2012-05-10
ZB.G-DELISTED (Zions Bancorporation N.A.) Start Date:2013-02-11
ZB.H-DELISTED (Zions Bancorporation N.A.) Start Date:2013-05-07
ZBB-DELISTED (Zbb Energy Corporation) Start Date:2007-06-18
ZBK-DELISTED (Zions Bancorporation N.A.) Start Date:2013-09-19
ZBZX-DELISTED () Start Date:2011-10-06
ZEAL-DELISTED (Zealand Pharma A/S American Depositary Shares) Start Date:2017-08-09
ZEN-DELISTED (Zendesk) Start Date:2014-05-15
ZEP-DELISTED (Zep) Start Date:2007-11-01
ZEST-DELISTED () Start Date:2010-02-08
ZEV-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-07-02
ZEVY-DELISTED (Lightning Emotors Inc) Start Date:2020-07-02
ZFC-DELISTED (Zais Financial) Start Date:2013-02-08
ZF-DELISTED (Virtus Total Return Fund) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZFGN-DELISTED (Zafgen) Start Date:2014-06-19
ZFOX-DELISTED (Zerofox Holdings) Start Date:2022-08-04
ZGEN-DELISTED (Zymogenetics Inc) Start Date:2002-02-01
ZGNX-DELISTED (Zogenix) Start Date:2010-11-23
ZGYH-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-04-20
ZGYHW-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-05-13
ZHNE-DELISTED (Zhone Technologies) Start Date:2003-11-14
ZIGO-DELISTED (Zygo Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZINC-DELISTED (Horsehead Holding) Start Date:2007-08-10
ZIONW-DELISTED (Zions Bancorporation N.A.) Start Date:2010-05-20
ZIOP-DELISTED (Ziopharm Oncology) Start Date:2007-05-16
ZIPR-DELISTED (Ziprealty) Start Date:2004-11-10
ZIVO-DELISTED (Zivo Bioscience) Start Date:2021-05-28
ZIXI-DELISTED (Zix) Start Date:2007-05-09
ZLC-DELISTED (Zale) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZLCS-DELISTED (Zalicus) Start Date:2010-02-11
ZLIG-DELISTED () Start Date:2014-06-18
ZLTQ-DELISTED (Zeltiq Aesthetics) Start Date:2011-10-19
ZME-DELISTED (Zhangmen Education) Start Date:2021-06-08
ZMH-DELISTED (Zimmer Holdings) Start Date:2001-08-07
ZN-DELISTED (Zion Oil & Gas Inc) Start Date:2007-01-03
ZNGA-DELISTED (Zynga) Start Date:2011-12-16
ZNH-DELISTED (China Southern Airlines Company Limited) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZNHYY-DELISTED (China Southern Airlines Co Ltd.) Start Date:2013-02-11
ZNT-DELISTED (Zenith National Insurance Corp) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZNTE-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-07
ZNTEU-DELISTED () Start Date:2020-11-17
ZNTEW-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-07
ZOES-DELISTED (Zoe's Kitchen) Start Date:2014-04-11
ZOLL-DELISTED (Zoll Medical Corporation) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZOLT-DELISTED (Zoltek Companies) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZPIN-DELISTED (Zhaopin Ltd.) Start Date:2014-06-12
ZQK-DELISTED (Quiksilver) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZRAN-DELISTED (Zoran Corp/De) Start Date:2000-01-03
ZSAN-DELISTED (Zosano Pharma Corporation) Start Date:2015-01-27
ZSPH-DELISTED (Zs Pharma) Start Date:2014-06-18
ZTEST-DELISTED (Bats Bzx Exchange) Start Date:2011-10-05
ZU-DELISTED (Zulily) Start Date:2013-11-15
ZVO-DELISTED () Start Date:2009-04-15
ZVOI-DELISTED (Zovio Inc) Start Date:2009-04-15
ZWRKU-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-01-29
ZX-DELISTED (China Zenix Auto International Limited) Start Date:2011-05-16
ZY-DELISTED () Start Date:2021-04-22
ZYNE-DELISTED (Zynerba Pharmaceuticals) Start Date:2015-08-05
ZZ-DELISTED (Sealy) Start Date:2006-04-07
Futures - Most Active (130 Most Active Futures)
A6 (Australian Dollar Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
A6 (Australian Dollar Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:A6Z08 -> Last Contract:A6Z26
AD (Canadian Dollar Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
AD (Canadian Dollar Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ADZ08 -> Last Contract:ADZ26
ALI (Aluminum (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2009-01-01
ALI (Aluminum (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ALIZ09 -> Last Contract:ALIZ26
B6 (British Pound Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
B6 (British Pound Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:B6Z08 -> Last Contract:B6Z26
BFX (Bel 20 (EuroNext) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-21
BFX (Bel 20 (EuroNext) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:BFXZ08 -> Last Contract:BFXZ26
BR (Brazilian Real Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-13
BR (Brazilian Real Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:BRZ08 -> Last Contract:BRZ26
BTC (Bitcoin Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2017-12-17
BTC (Bitcoin Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:BTCZ17 -> Last Contract:BTCZ26
BZ (Brent Last Day Financial Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-17
BZ (Brent Last Day Financial Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:BZZ08 -> Last Contract:BZZ26
C (Cocoa Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-12
C (Cocoa Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:CZ08 -> Last Contract:CZ26
CB (Cash-Settled Butter (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-29
CB (Cash-Settled Butter (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:CBZ08 -> Last Contract:CBZ26
CC (Cocoa (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-01
CC (Cocoa (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:CCZ08 -> Last Contract:CCZ26
CL (Crude Oil Wti Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
CL (Crude Oil Wti Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:CLZ08 -> Last Contract:CLZ26
CNH (USD/Offshore RMB Continuous Backadjusted (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2013-02-24
CNH (USD/Offshore RMB Continuous Backadjusted (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:CNHZ13 -> Last Contract:CNHZ26
CSC (Cash-Settled Cheese (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2010-07-12
CSC (Cash-Settled Cheese (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:CSCZ10 -> Last Contract:CSCZ26
CT (Cotton #2 Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-11
CT (Cotton #2 Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:CTZ08 -> Last Contract:CTZ26
DC (Class Iii Milk (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-28
DC (Class Iii Milk (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:DCZ08 -> Last Contract:DCZ26
DX (US Dollar Index Future (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
DX (US Dollar Index Future (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:DXZ08 -> Last Contract:DXZ26
E1 (Swiss Franc Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
E1 (Swiss Franc Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:E1Z08 -> Last Contract:E1Z26
E6 (Euro FX Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
E6 (Euro FX Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:E6Z08 -> Last Contract:E6Z26
E7 (E-Mini Euro Fx (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
E7 (E-Mini Euro Fx (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:E7Z08 -> Last Contract:E7Z26
EBM (Milling Wheat Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-11
EBM (Milling Wheat Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:EBMZ08 -> Last Contract:EBMZ26
ES (E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
ES (E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ESZ08 -> Last Contract:ESZ26
ESG (E-Mini S&P 500 ESG Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2019-11-18
ESG (E-Mini S&P 500 ESG Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ESGZ19 -> Last Contract:ESGZ26
EW (E-Mini S&P 400 Midcap Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
EW (E-Mini S&P 400 Midcap Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:EWZ08 -> Last Contract:EWZ26
FBON (Euro-Bono Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2015-11-02
FBON (Euro-Bono Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FBONZ15 -> Last Contract:FBONZ26
FBTP (Euro BTP Long-Bond Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2009-10-13
FBTP (Euro BTP Long-Bond Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FBTPZ09 -> Last Contract:FBTPZ26
FBTS (Short-Term Euro-Btp (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2011-09-19
FBTS (Short-Term Euro-Btp (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FBTSZ11 -> Last Contract:FBTSZ26
FCE (CAC40 Futures (Euronext) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-15
FCE (CAC40 Futures (Euronext) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FCEZ08 -> Last Contract:FCEZ26
FDAX (DAX Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
FDAX (DAX Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FDAXZ08 -> Last Contract:FDAXZ26
FDIV (Divdax (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2013-04-23
FDIV (Divdax (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FDIVZ13 -> Last Contract:FDIVZ26
FDXM (Mini DAX (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2015-10-28
FDXM (Mini DAX (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FDXMZ15 -> Last Contract:FDXMZ26
FDXS (Micro DAX (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2021-04-19
FDXS (Micro DAX (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FDXSZ21 -> Last Contract:FDXSZ26
FESX (Euro Stoxx 50 Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
FESX (Euro Stoxx 50 Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FESXZ08 -> Last Contract:FESXZ26
FEU3 (Three-Month Euribor (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
FEU3 (Three-Month Euribor (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FEU3Z08 -> Last Contract:FEU3Z26
FGBL (Euro Bund Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-05
FGBL (Euro Bund Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FGBLZ08 -> Last Contract:FGBLZ26
FGBM (Euro Bobl Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-05
FGBM (Euro Bobl Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FGBMZ08 -> Last Contract:FGBMZ26
FGBS (Euro-Schatz (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-05
FGBS (Euro-Schatz (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FGBSZ08 -> Last Contract:FGBSZ26
FGBX (Euro-Buxl (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-07
FGBX (Euro-Buxl (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FGBXZ08 -> Last Contract:FGBXZ26
FOAT (Euro-OAT (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2012-04-16
FOAT (Euro-OAT (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FOATZ12 -> Last Contract:FOATZ26
FSMX (Mini-Mdax (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2021-11-08
FSMX (Mini-Mdax (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FSMXZ21 -> Last Contract:FSMXZ26
FTDX (Tecdax (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
FTDX (Tecdax (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FTDXZ08 -> Last Contract:FTDXZ26
FTI (Amsterdam Index Futures (Euronext) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-15
FTI (Amsterdam Index Futures (Euronext) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FTIZ08 -> Last Contract:FTIZ26
FTUK (FTSE 100 Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
FTUK (FTSE 100 Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FTUKZ08 -> Last Contract:FTUKZ26
FVSA (Vstoxx Futures (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2011-09-08
FVSA (Vstoxx Futures (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FVSAZ11 -> Last Contract:FVSAZ26
FXXP (Stoxx Europe 600 Index (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2010-09-24
FXXP (Stoxx Europe 600 Index (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:FXXPZ10 -> Last Contract:FXXPZ26
G (10-Year Long Gilt Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
G (10-Year Long Gilt Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:GZ08 -> Last Contract:GZ26
GC (Gold Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-31
GC (Gold Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:GCZ08 -> Last Contract:GCZ26
GF (Feeder Cattle Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
GF (Feeder Cattle Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:GFZ08 -> Last Contract:GFZ26
GSCI (S&P GSCI Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-18
GSCI (S&P GSCI Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:GSCIZ08 -> Last Contract:GSCIZ26
HE (Lean Hog Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-23
HE (Lean Hog Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:HEZ08 -> Last Contract:HEZ26
HG (Copper Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
HG (Copper Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:HGZ08 -> Last Contract:HGZ26
HH (Natural Gas Henry Hub Last-Day Financial Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2010-08-30
HH (Natural Gas Henry Hub Last-Day Financial Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:HHZ10 -> Last Contract:HHZ26
HO (Ny Harbor Ulsd (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-26
HO (Ny Harbor Ulsd (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:HOZ08 -> Last Contract:HOZ26
HRC (U.S. Midwest Domestic Hot-Rolled Coil Steel (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2022-02-25
HRC (U.S. Midwest Domestic Hot-Rolled Coil Steel (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:HRCZ22 -> Last Contract:HRCZ26
J1 (Japanese Yen Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
J1 (Japanese Yen Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:J1Z08 -> Last Contract:J1Z26
J7 (E-Mini Japanese Yen (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
J7 (E-Mini Japanese Yen (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:J7Z08 -> Last Contract:J7Z26
KC (Coffee Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
KC (Coffee Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:KCZ08 -> Last Contract:KCZ26
KRW (Krw/USD (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2009-11-30
KRW (Krw/USD (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:KRWZ09 -> Last Contract:KRWZ26
L (3 Month Sterling Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
L (3 Month Sterling Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:LZ08 -> Last Contract:LZ26
LBS (Random Length Lumber Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-10-19
LBS (Random Length Lumber Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:LBSZ08 -> Last Contract:LBSZ26
LE (Live Cattle Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-16
LE (Live Cattle Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:LEZ08 -> Last Contract:LEZ26
M2K (Micro E-Mini Russell 2000 Index Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2019-05-05
M2K (Micro E-Mini Russell 2000 Index Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:M2KZ19 -> Last Contract:M2KZ26
MAX (Aex Mini (EuroNext) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2022-03-28
MAX (Aex Mini (EuroNext) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MAXZ22 -> Last Contract:MAXZ26
MBT (Micro Bitcoin Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2021-05-02
MBT (Micro Bitcoin Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MBTZ21 -> Last Contract:MBTZ26
MCL (Micro Wti Crude Oil Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2021-07-11
MCL (Micro Wti Crude Oil Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MCLZ21 -> Last Contract:MCLZ26
MES (Micro E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2019-05-05
MES (Micro E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MESZ19 -> Last Contract:MESZ26
MET (Ether Micro (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2021-12-05
MET (Ether Micro (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:METZ21 -> Last Contract:METZ26
MFC (Cac 40 Mini (EuroNext) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2014-10-09
MFC (Cac 40 Mini (EuroNext) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MFCZ14 -> Last Contract:MFCZ26
MFS (Mini MSCI Eafe Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2009-09-08
MFS (Mini MSCI Eafe Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MFSZ09 -> Last Contract:MFSZ26
MGC (Micro Gold Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2010-10-03
MGC (Micro Gold Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MGCZ10 -> Last Contract:MGCZ26
MME (MSCI Emerging Markets Index Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2009-09-08
MME (MSCI Emerging Markets Index Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MMEZ09 -> Last Contract:MMEZ26
MNQ (Micro E-Mini Nasdaq-100 Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2019-05-05
MNQ (Micro E-Mini Nasdaq-100 Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MNQZ19 -> Last Contract:MNQZ26
MP (Mexican Peso Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
MP (Mexican Peso Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MPZ08 -> Last Contract:MPZ26
MURA (MSCI China (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2021-10-22
MURA (MSCI China (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:MURAZ21 -> Last Contract:MURAZ26
N6 (New Zealand Dollar Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
N6 (New Zealand Dollar Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:N6Z08 -> Last Contract:N6Z26
NG (Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-24
NG (Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:NGZ08 -> Last Contract:NGZ26
NIY (Nikkei 225 Yen Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-14
NIY (Nikkei 225 Yen Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:NIYZ08 -> Last Contract:NIYZ26
NKD (Nikkei 225 Dollar Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-07
NKD (Nikkei 225 Dollar Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:NKDZ08 -> Last Contract:NKDZ26
NOK (Norwegian Krone (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-05-14
NOK (Norwegian Krone (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:NOKZ08 -> Last Contract:NOKZ26
NQ (E-Mini Nasdaq-100 Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
NQ (E-Mini Nasdaq-100 Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:NQZ08 -> Last Contract:NQZ26
OJ (Orange Juice Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-20
OJ (Orange Juice Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:OJZ08 -> Last Contract:OJZ26
PA (Palladium Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
PA (Palladium Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:PAZ08 -> Last Contract:PAZ26
PL (Platinum Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
PL (Platinum Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:PLZ08 -> Last Contract:PLZ26
PRK (Pork Cutout (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2020-11-09
PRK (Pork Cutout (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:PRKZ20 -> Last Contract:PRKZ26
PSI (Psi 20 (EuroNext) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
PSI (Psi 20 (EuroNext) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:PSIZ08 -> Last Contract:PSIZ26
QG (Natural Gas Mini Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-26
QG (Natural Gas Mini Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:QGZ08 -> Last Contract:QGZ26
RB (Rbob Gasoline Futures (NYMEX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-26
RB (Rbob Gasoline Futures (NYMEX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:RBZ08 -> Last Contract:RBZ26
RM (Robusta Coffee Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-10-07
RM (Robusta Coffee Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:RMZ08 -> Last Contract:RMZ26
RP (Euro-British Pound Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
RP (Euro-British Pound Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:RPZ08 -> Last Contract:RPZ26
RS (Canola Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-16
RS (Canola Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:RSZ08 -> Last Contract:RSZ26
RTY (E-Mini Russell 2000 (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-02
RTY (E-Mini Russell 2000 (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:RTYZ08 -> Last Contract:RTYZ26
SB (Sugar #11 Futures (ICE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-29
SB (Sugar #11 Futures (ICE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:SBZ08 -> Last Contract:SBZ26
SEK (Swedish Krona (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2009-01-23
SEK (Swedish Krona (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:SEKZ09 -> Last Contract:SEKZ26
SI (Silver Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
SI (Silver Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:SIZ08 -> Last Contract:SIZ26
SIL (Micro Silver Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2013-06-17
SIL (Micro Silver Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:SILZ13 -> Last Contract:SILZ26
SIR (Inr/USD (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2013-01-29
SIR (Inr/USD (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:SIRZ13 -> Last Contract:SIRZ26
SR1 (1 Month Sofr Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2018-05-06
SR1 (1 Month Sofr Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:SR1Z18 -> Last Contract:SR1Z26
SR3 (3 Month Sofr Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2018-05-06
SR3 (3 Month Sofr Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:SR3Z18 -> Last Contract:SR3Z26
T6 (South African Rand Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-18
T6 (South African Rand Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:T6Z08 -> Last Contract:T6Z26
TN (Ultra 10-Year Us Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2016-01-10
TN (Ultra 10-Year Us Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:TNZ16 -> Last Contract:TNZ26
UB (Ultra Us Treasury Bond Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2010-01-10
UB (Ultra Us Treasury Bond Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:UBZ10 -> Last Contract:UBZ26
US (30 Year Us Treasury Bond Future (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
US (30 Year Us Treasury Bond Future (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:USZ08 -> Last Contract:USZ26
VX (VIX Futures (CBOE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-08-05
VX (VIX Futures (CBOE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:VXZ08 -> Last Contract:VXZ26
VXM (Mini VIX Futures (CBOE) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2020-08-09
VXM (Mini VIX Futures (CBOE) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:VXMZ20 -> Last Contract:VXMZ26
XAE (E-Mini Energy Select Sector Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2011-05-02
XAE (E-Mini Energy Select Sector Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:XAEZ11 -> Last Contract:XAEZ26
XAF (E-Mini Financial Select Sector Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2011-04-27
XAF (E-Mini Financial Select Sector Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:XAFZ11 -> Last Contract:XAFZ26
XAI (E-Mini Industrial Select Sector Futures (CME) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2011-04-14
XAI (E-Mini Industrial Select Sector Futures (CME) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:XAIZ11 -> Last Contract:XAIZ26
XC (Corn Mini Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-16
XC (Corn Mini Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:XCZ08 -> Last Contract:XCZ26
YM (Dow Futures Mini (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
YM (Dow Futures Mini (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:YMZ08 -> Last Contract:YMZ26
ZC (Corn Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-19
ZC (Corn Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZCZ08 -> Last Contract:ZCZ26
ZF (5-Year Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
ZF (5-Year Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZFZ08 -> Last Contract:ZFZ26
ZL (Soybean Oil Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
ZL (Soybean Oil Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZLZ08 -> Last Contract:ZLZ26
ZM (Soybean Meal Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-19
ZM (Soybean Meal Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZMZ08 -> Last Contract:ZMZ26
ZN (10-Year Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
ZN (10-Year Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZNZ08 -> Last Contract:ZNZ26
ZO (Oats Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-19
ZO (Oats Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZOZ08 -> Last Contract:ZOZ26
ZQ (30 Day Fed Funds Future (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-03-02
ZQ (30 Day Fed Funds Future (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZQZ08 -> Last Contract:ZQZ26
ZR (Rough Rice Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-19
ZR (Rough Rice Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZRZ08 -> Last Contract:ZRZ26
ZRPA (MSCI Europe (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2018-06-20
ZRPA (MSCI Europe (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZRPAZ18 -> Last Contract:ZRPAZ26
ZS (Soybean Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-02-19
ZS (Soybean Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZSZ08 -> Last Contract:ZSZ26
ZT (2-Year Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
ZT (2-Year Treasury Note Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZTZ08 -> Last Contract:ZTZ26
ZTWA (MSCI Emerging Markets Asia (EUREX) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2014-01-07
ZTWA (MSCI Emerging Markets Asia (EUREX) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZTWAZ14 -> Last Contract:ZTWAZ26
ZW (Wheat Futures (CBOT) ) Continuous Futures : Start Date:2008-01-01
ZW (Wheat Futures (CBOT) ) Individual Contracts : First Contract:ZWZ08 -> Last Contract:ZWZ26
Crypto - 50 Most Active Crypto Currencies
ADA (Cardano) Start Date:2018-03-01
APT (Aptos) Start Date:2023-01-20
ARB (Arbitrum) Start Date:2023-04-01
ATOM (Cosmos) Start Date:2020-03-01
AVAX (Avalanche) Start Date:2022-02-01
BAT (Basic Attention Token) Start Date:2018-01-08
BCH (Bitcoin Cash) Start Date:2017-12-04
BNT (Bancor) Start Date:2017-08-01
BTC (Bitcoin) Start Date:2013-04-01
BTC-EUR (Bitcoin-Eur) Start Date:2017-01-01
CVC (Civic) Start Date:2017-07-01
DAI (Dai) Start Date:2018-04-07
DASH (Dash) Start Date:2017-05-01
DOGE (Dogecoin) Start Date:2017-06-01
DOT (Polkadot) Start Date:2020-10-01
EOS (Eos) Start Date:2017-07-01
ETC (Ethereum Classic) Start Date:2017-01-01
ETH (Ethereum) Start Date:2016-03-11
ETH-BTC (Ethereum-Bitcoin) Start Date:2017-01-01
FIL (Filecoin) Start Date:2020-12-01
FUN (Funfair) Start Date:2017-09-01
HBAR (Hedera) Start Date:2022-12-01
ICX (Icon) Start Date:2017-10-01
IMX (Immutable) Start Date:2022-05-01
KNC (Kyber Network) Start Date:2018-06-01
LINK (Chainlink) Start Date:2019-07-01
LRC (Loopring) Start Date:2018-04-07
LSK (Lisk) Start Date:2018-02-01
LTC (Litecoin) Start Date:2017-01-01
MANA (Decentraland) Start Date:2017-08-01
MATIC (Polygon) Start Date:2021-05-01
MKR (Maker) Start Date:2018-06-01
NEAR (Near Protocol) Start Date:2022-02-01
NEO (Neo) Start Date:2017-09-07
OMG (Omg Network) Start Date:2017-08-01
PAX (Paxos Standard) Start Date:2018-12-04
QTUM (Qtun) Start Date:2018-04-01
REP (Augur) Start Date:2017-01-02
RNDR (Render) Start Date:2022-03-12
SC (Siacoin) Start Date:2019-11-01
SHIB (Shiba Inu) Start Date:2021-11-01
SNT (Status) Start Date:2018-01-01
SOL (Solana) Start Date:2021-03-01
TRX (Tron) Start Date:2017-10-07
UNI (Uniswap) Start Date:2020-12-01
USDC (Usd Coin) Start Date:2020-01-08
USDT (Tether) Start Date:2017-04-01
UST (Terraust) Start Date:2018-12-01
UTK (Utrust) Start Date:2018-02-07
VET (Vechain) Start Date:2018-09-01
WAVES (Waves) Start Date:2019-09-01
WIF (Dogwifhat) Start Date:2024-02-08
XLM (Stellar) Start Date:2018-03-01
XMR (Monero) Start Date:2017-01-01
XRP (Ripple) Start Date:2017-02-01
XTZ (Tezos) Start Date:2017-07-03
XVG (Verge) Start Date:2017-10-01
ZEC (Zcash) Start Date:2017-01-01
ZIL (Zilliqa) Start Date:2018-06-07
ZRX (Ox) Start Date:2017-09-01