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Historical Financial Data (Beta)

Our historical financials stock data-set is currently in Beta and available for free download.
During the beta phase we are offering 10 years of free quarterly data for S&P100 stocks for the period 2010-2019.

The historical stock fundamentals data-set consists of harmonized historical financial statement data for US stocks, complete with over 10 years of income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements as well as valuation and operating metrics such as enterprise value, market caps, pe ratios etc.

  • Data is quarterly
  • Items and categories are harmonized to allow for comparisons between companies
  • Data is updated to reflect any revisions in 10-Q or 10-K statements
  • Non-GAAP items such as EBITDA, Free Cash Flow are included
  • Valuation ratios (e.g. pe ratio), leverage ratios (e.g. debt-to-equity), profitability ratios (e.g. gross margin) are included