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Site Updates Q3 2021


For 2021 Q3 we have completed several data projects :

  • Added fundamental data (i.e. data extracted from financial statements and regulatory filings) to our product lineup. Due to the different nature of fundamental data we decided to list this data on a separate site - FinancialData db . The US fundamental data includes 30 years of quarterly financial statement data for over 5500 tickers.
  • Added indivudal futures contracts to supplement the continuous futures data.
  • Added 24 tickers to the US index bundle.
  • Added SP500 historical components listing to the SP500 bundle.
  • Expanded the out-of-hours trading data for stocks and ETFs. From 2017 out-of-hours data from 4am to 8pm is now available for most tickers.
  • Added 15 actively traded tickers to the ETF dataset.