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Site Update - Q2 2023, Major Upgrade Complete


For Q2 2023, we have launched our biggest update to date. At the backend, we completely revamped our data collection and processing, upgrading all our hardware and now collocating servers across four data centers in the US (we plan to add international data centers in late-2023), we also re-wrote the processing code base to add more features, stability, and performance.

As of March 15, 2023 we went live with the update which features:

  • API access. For all bundles, users can now access the data via a full-featured API which offers all the data skews previously available on the web interface.
  • The web interface is still supported for customers that prefer a graphical interface for navigating and downloading the datasets. The web interface has also been upgraded to improve the structure and navigation.
  • All datasets now include end-of-day daily data, for futures data, this also includes open interest.
  • All dataset bundles now offer updates for the past day, current week, and last 30 days. 
  • Stock and ETF bundles now include both splits-only and splits and dividend-adjusted data (previously only splits and dividends were available).
  • Tickers for the Stock and ETFs bundles are now updated weekly with new IPOs added and delistings removed (we are beta testing our ticker change tracking feature which seamlessly maps ticker changes).
  • Added 40 tickers to the Futures Bundle to bring the total count to 140 tickers.
  • Added approx 400 tickers to the Stocks Bundle to bring the total count to over 7000 tickers
  • Added 10 FX crosses to the FX Bundle to bring the total count to 20 tickers.