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NASDAQ100 Historical Dataset

Frequency Date Range Number of Tickers
Jan 2005 - December 2022
(see below dates for each ticker)
182 Tickers
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All datasets are updated daily (updates for the trading day are available by 11pm US Eastern time).
1 month of free updates are included. Updates are $34.95 per month thereafter.
This bundle is included in the Complete Bundle (7000+ stocks, 2500+ ETFs, 100 Futures, 115 Indices, 50 Cryptocurrencies)

This bundle contains 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour historical intraday data for :
  • 100 component stocks of the Nasdaq 100
  • 48 active stocks previously included in the Nasdaq 100
  • 50 delisted stocks previously included in the Nasdaq 100
  • NDX (Nasdaq 100) index
  • COMP (Nasdaq composite) index
Data is adjusted for dividends and splits. Out-of-hours trades are included.

Updates (Dec 2021) : Added Airbnb (ABNB),Datadog (DDOG), Fortinet (FTNT), Lucid Group (LCID), Palo Alto Networks (PANW), and Zscaler (ZS)

AAL (American Airlines) First Date:9-Dec-2013 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ABNB (Airbnb) First Date:10-Dec-2020 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AAPL (Apple) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ADBE (Adobe Systems Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ADI (Analog Devices) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ADP (Automatic Data Processing) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ADSK (Autodesk) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AEP (American Electric Power) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AINV (Apollo Investment Corp) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AKAM (Akamai Technologies Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ALGN (Align Technology) First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ALTR (Altair Engineering) First Date:1-Nov-2017 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AMAT (Applied Materials) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AMGN (Amgen) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AMZN (Amazon.com) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ANSS (Ansys) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ASML (Asml Holding) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ATVI (Activision Blizzard) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AVGO (Broadcom) First Date:1-Feb-2016 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
BBBY (Bed Bath & Beyond) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
BIDU (Bidu) First Date:5-Aug-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
BIIB (Biogen) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
BMRN (Biomarin Pharmaceutical) First Date:21-Jul-2009 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CDNS (Cadence Design Systems) First Date:31-Oct-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CDW (Cdw Corporation) First Date:27-Jun-2013 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CHKP (Check Point Software Technologies Ltd) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CHRW (C. H. Robinson Worldwide) First Date:3-Jan-2006 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CHTR (Charter Communications) First Date:14-Sep-2010 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CINF (Cincinnati Financial) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CMCSA (Comcast) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CME (Cme) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
COST (Costco Wholesale) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CPRT (Copart Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CSCO (Cisco Systems) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CSX (Csx) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CTAS (Cintas Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CTSH (Cognizant Technology Solutions) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
CTXS (Citrix Systems) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
DDOG (Datadog) First Date:19-Sep-2019 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
DELL (Dell Technologies) First Date:26-Dec-2018 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
DISH (Dish Network) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
DLTR (Dollar Tree) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
DOCU (Docusign) First Date:27-Apr-2018 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
DXCM (Dexcom) First Date:2-May-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
EA (Electronic Arts) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
EBAY (Ebay) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ENDP (Endo International Plc) First Date:3-Mar-2014 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
EQIX (Equinix) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
EXC (Exelon) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
EXPD (Expeditors) First Date:6-Jun-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
EXPE (Expedia) First Date:9-Aug-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FAST (Fastenal Co) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FFIV (F5 Networks) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FISV (Fiserv Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FITB (Fifth Third Bancorp) First Date:20-Jan-2011 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FLEX (Flex Ltd) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FOX (Twenty-First Century Fox Class B) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FOXA (Twenty-First Century Fox Class A) First Date:27-Feb-2019 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FSLR (First Solar) First Date:17-Nov-2006 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
FTNT (Fortinet) First Date:18-Nov-2009 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
GILD (Gilead Sciences) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
GOOG (Alphabet Inc Class C) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
GOOGL (Alphabet Inc Class A) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
GRMN (Garmin Ltd.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
GT (The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
HAS (Hasbro) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
HBAN (Huntington Bancshares) First Date:18-Sep-2009 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
HOLX (Hologic) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
HSIC (Henry Schein) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
IAC (Iac/Interactivecorp) First Date:1-Jul-2020 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
IDXX (Idexx Laboratories) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ILMN (Illumina Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
INCY (Incyte) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
INFY (Infosys ADR) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
INTC (Intel) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
INTU (Intuit) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ISRG (Intuitive Surgical) First Date:1-Jun-2006 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
JBHT (J. B. Hunt Transport Services) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
JD (Jd.com Inc) First Date:22-May-2014 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
JNPR (Juniper Networks) First Date:29-Oct-2009 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
KDP (Keurig Dr Pepper) First Date:7-May-2008 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
KHC (Kraft Heinz Co) First Date:6-Jul-2015 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
KLAC (Kla-Tencor) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
LBTYA (Liberty Global Plc) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
LBTYK (Liberty Global Plc Class C) First Date:8-Sep-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
LCID (Lucid ,) First Date:18-Sep-2020 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
LIFE (Atyr Pharma) First Date:7-May-2015 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
LOGI (Logitech International Sa) First Date:24-Sep-2012 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
LRCX (Lam Research) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
LULU (Lululemon Athletica) First Date:30-Jul-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MAR (Marriott Int'l.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MAT (Mattel) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MCHP (Microchip Technology) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MDLZ (Mondelez International) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MELI (Mercadolibre Inc) First Date:10-Aug-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
META (Meta Platforms) First Date:18-May-2012 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MNST (Monster Beverage) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MRNA (Moderna) First Date:7-Dec-2018 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MRVL (Marvell Technology Ltd.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MSFT (Microsoft) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MTCH (Match) First Date:19-Nov-2015 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
MU (Micron Technology) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NCLH (Norwegian Cruise Line) First Date:18-Jan-2013 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NFLX (Netflix) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NTAP (Netapp) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NTES (Netease Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NTRS (Northern Trust) First Date:29-Apr-2009 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NVDA (Nvidia Corporation) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NWSA (News Class A) First Date:19-Jun-2013 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
NXPI (Nxp Semiconductors Nv) First Date:6-Aug-2010 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
OKTA (Okta) First Date:7-Apr-2017 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ORCL (Oracle) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ORLY (O'reilly Automotive) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PANW (Palo Alto Networks) First Date:20-Jul-2012 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PAYX (Paychex) First Date:6-Jun-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PCAR (Paccar) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PDCO (Patterson Companies) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PDD (Pinduoduo) First Date:26-Jul-2018 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PEP (Pepsico) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PTON (Peloton Interactive) First Date:26-Sep-2019 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
PYPL (Paypal) First Date:6-Jul-2015 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
QCOM (Qualcomm) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
QGEN (Qiagen Nv) First Date:15-Feb-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
REGN (Regeneron) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ROST (Ross Stores) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
RYAAY (Ryanair Holdings Plc) First Date:11-Feb-2013 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SBAC (Sba Communications) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SBUX (Starbucks) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SGEN (Seattle Genetics) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SIRI (Sirius Xm Holdings Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SNPS (Synopsys) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SPLK (Splunk) First Date:19-Apr-2012 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SRCL (Stericycle) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
STX (Seagate Technology) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
SWKS (Skyworks Solutions) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TCOM (Trip.com Limited) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TEAM (Atlassian) First Date:10-Dec-2015 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TEVA (Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd) First Date:11-Feb-2013 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TMUS (T-Mobile Us) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TRIP (Tripadvisor) First Date:21-Dec-2011 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TROW (T. Rowe Price) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TSCO (Tractor Supply Company) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TSLA (Tesla Inc) First Date:29-Jun-2010 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TTWO (Take-Two Interactive) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
TXN (Texas Instruments) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ULTA (Ulta Beauty) First Date:25-Oct-2007 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
URBN (Urban Outfitters) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
VOD (Vodafone Plc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
VRSK (Verisk Analytics) First Date:9-Oct-2009 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
VRSN (Verisign) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
VRTX (Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
WBA (Walgreens Boots Alliance) First Date:31-Dec-2014 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
WDAY (Workday) First Date:10-Dec-2012 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
WDC (Western Digital) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
WYNN (Wynn Resorts Ltd) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
XEL (Xcel Energy Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
XRAY (Dentsply Sirona) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ZION (Zions Bancorp) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ZM (Zoom) First Date:18-Apr-2019 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
ZS (Zscaler) First Date:16-Mar-2018 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2022
AABA-DELISTED () First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:2-Oct-2019
AAXN-DELISTED (Axon Enterprise) First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:22-Jan-2021
ABI-DELISTED (Safety First Trust Series 2009-) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:28-Apr-2014
ABK-DELISTED (Ambac Financial Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:9-Nov-2010
ABS-DELISTED (Albertsons) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Jun-2006
ACAS-DELISTED (American Capital) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:3-Jan-2017
ACIA-DELISTED (Acacia Communications) First Date:13-May-2016 -> Last Date:26-Feb-2021
ACXM-DELISTED (Acxiom Holdings) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2018
ADSW-DELISTED (Advanced Disposal Services) First Date:6-Oct-2016 -> Last Date:29-Oct-2020
AEGN-DELISTED (Aegion) First Date:3-May-2007 -> Last Date:14-May-2021
AET-DELISTED (Aetna) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:28-Nov-2018
AGN-DELISTED (Allergan) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:8-May-2020
AIMT-DELISTED () First Date:6-Aug-2015 -> Last Date:12-Oct-2020
AKCA-DELISTED () First Date:14-Jul-2017 -> Last Date:9-Oct-2020
AKS-DELISTED (Ak Steel Holding Corporation) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:12-Mar-2020
ALSK-DELISTED (Alaska Comm Sys) First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:22-Jul-2021
ALXN-DELISTED (Alexion Pharmaceuticals) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:20-Jul-2021
AMAG-DELISTED () First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:13-Nov-2020
AMCC-DELISTED (Applied Micro Circuits) First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:26-Jan-2017
AMLN-DELISTED (Amylin Pharmaceuticals) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:8-Aug-2012
AMTBB-DELISTED (Amerant Bancorp Class B) First Date:29-Aug-2018 -> Last Date:17-Nov-2021
AMTD-DELISTED (Td Ameritrade Holding Corporation) First Date:25-Apr-2012 -> Last Date:5-Oct-2020
ANDV-DELISTED (Andeavor) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:28-Sep-2018
ANDW-DELISTED (Andrew) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:27-Dec-2007
ANH-DELISTED (Anworth Mortgage Asset) First Date:3-May-2007 -> Last Date:19-Mar-2021
ANR-DELISTED (Alpha Natural Resources C) First Date:15-Feb-2005 -> Last Date:15-Jul-2015
APC-DELISTED (Anadarko Petroleum Corp) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:8-Aug-2019
APOL-DELISTED (Apollo Education) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:31-Jan-2017
ARA-DELISTED (American Renal Associates) First Date:21-Apr-2016 -> Last Date:22-Jan-2021
ARCP-DELISTED (Vereit) First Date:7-Sep-2011 -> Last Date:30-Jul-2015
ARD-DELISTED (Ardagh S.A.) First Date:15-Mar-2017 -> Last Date:5-Oct-2021
ARG-DELISTED (Airgas) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:20-May-2016
ASBC-DELISTED (Associated Banc-Corp) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:22-Dec-2014
ASPL-DELISTED (Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle) First Date:13-Nov-2020 -> Last Date:13-Jul-2021
AT-DELISTED (Atlantic Power Corporation) First Date:23-Jul-2010 -> Last Date:14-May-2021
AV-DELISTED (Aviva Plc Unsponsored ADR) First Date:20-Oct-2009 -> Last Date:22-Dec-2016
AVP-DELISTED (Avon Products) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:3-Jan-2020
BBT-DELISTED (Bb&T Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:6-Dec-2019
BCEI-DELISTED (Bonanza Creek Energy) First Date:15-Dec-2011 -> Last Date:1-Nov-2021
BCR-DELISTED (C.R. Bard) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:28-Dec-2017
BEAM-DELISTED First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:30-Apr-2014
BEAT-DELISTED (Biotelemetry) First Date:1-Aug-2013 -> Last Date:8-Feb-2021
BFYT-DELISTED () First Date:8-Feb-2013 -> Last Date:20-Aug-2020
BHGE-DELISTED (Baker Hughes) First Date:5-Jul-2017 -> Last Date:17-Oct-2019
BHI-DELISTED (Baker Hughes Incorporated Commo) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:3-Jul-2017
BIVV-DELISTED (Bioverativ) First Date:12-Jan-2017 -> Last Date:8-Mar-2018
BLS-DELISTED (Bellsouth) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:29-Dec-2006
BMC-DELISTED (Bmc Software) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:10-Sep-2013
BMCH-DELISTED () First Date:9-Aug-2013 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2020
BMS-DELISTED (Bemis Company Common Stoc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:10-Jun-2019
BOCH-DELISTED (Bank Of Commerce) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2021
BPFH-DELISTED (Boston Private Financial) First Date:8-May-2007 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2021
BPY-DELISTED (Brookfield Property Partners L.P.) First Date:22-Mar-2013 -> Last Date:26-Jul-2021
BPYU-DELISTED (Brookfield Property Reit) First Date:28-Aug-2018 -> Last Date:26-Jul-2021
BRCM-DELISTED (Broadcom) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:29-Jan-2016
BREW-DELISTED () First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:29-Sep-2020
BRKS-DELISTED (Brooks Automation) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:30-Nov-2021
BSTC-DELISTED () First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:1-Dec-2020
BWC-DELISTED (Bwx Technologies) First Date:1-Nov-2005 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2015
BXG-DELISTED (Bluegreen Vacations Corp) First Date:17-Nov-2017 -> Last Date:5-May-2021
BXLT-DELISTED () First Date:15-Jun-2015 -> Last Date:2-Jun-2016
BXS-DELISTED (Bancorpsouth Bank) First Date:7-Nov-2017 -> Last Date:28-Oct-2021
CA-DELISTED (Ca Technologies) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:2-Nov-2018
CAI-DELISTED (Cai International) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:22-Nov-2021
CAM-DELISTED (Cameron International Corporati) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Apr-2016
CATB-DELISTED (Catabasis Pharmaceuticals) First Date:25-Jun-2015 -> Last Date:7-Sep-2021
CATM-DELISTED (Cardtronics) First Date:11-Dec-2007 -> Last Date:18-Jun-2021
CBB-DELISTED (Cincinnati Bell) First Date:20-Dec-2012 -> Last Date:3-Sep-2021
CBE-DELISTED (Cooper Industries Plc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Nov-2012
CBG-DELISTED (Cbre Inc Cla) First Date:1-Jul-2004 -> Last Date:19-Mar-2018
CBMG-DELISTED (Cellular Biomedicine In) First Date:4-Jun-2007 -> Last Date:19-Feb-2021
CCC-DELISTED (Clarivate Plc) First Date:29-Oct-2018 -> Last Date:29-Jan-2021
CCE-DELISTED (Coca-Cola Enterprises Com) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:6-Nov-2018
CCIV-DELISTED (Churchill Capital Iv) First Date:18-Sep-2020 -> Last Date:23-Jul-2021
CEG-DELISTED (Constellation Energy Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:12-Mar-2012
CELG-DELISTED (Celgene) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:20-Nov-2019
CERC-DELISTED (Cerecor) First Date:13-Nov-2015 -> Last Date:24-Aug-2021
CETV-DELISTED () First Date:2-May-2007 -> Last Date:12-Oct-2020
CFN-DELISTED (Carefusion Common S) First Date:1-Sep-2009 -> Last Date:16-Mar-2015
CHMA-DELISTED (Chiasma) First Date:16-Jul-2015 -> Last Date:5-Aug-2021
CHUBK-DELISTED (Commercehub) First Date:22-Jul-2016 -> Last Date:18-May-2018
CHU-DELISTED (China Unicom) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:8-Jan-2021
CIN-DELISTED (Cinergy) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:31-Mar-2006
CKH-DELISTED (Seacor) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:15-Apr-2021
CLCT-DELISTED (Collectors Universe) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:5-Feb-2021
CLDR-DELISTED (Cloudera) First Date:28-Apr-2017 -> Last Date:7-Oct-2021
CLGX-DELISTED (Corelogic) First Date:2-Jun-2010 -> Last Date:3-Jun-2021
CLNC-DELISTED (Colony Credit Real Estate) First Date:1-Feb-2018 -> Last Date:14-May-2021
CLNY-DELISTED (Colony Capital) First Date:11-Jan-2017 -> Last Date:14-May-2021
CMCSK-DELISTED (Comcast Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:11-Dec-2015
CMD-DELISTED (Cantel Medical Corp) First Date:8-May-2007 -> Last Date:1-Jun-2021
CMO-DELISTED (Capstead Mortgage) First Date:7-May-2007 -> Last Date:18-Oct-2021
CMVT-DELISTED (Comverse Technology) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-Feb-2013
CMX-DELISTED (Caremark Rx) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:21-Mar-2007
CNBKA-DELISTED (Century Bancorp) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:12-Nov-2021
CNST-DELISTED (Constellation Pharmaceuticals) First Date:19-Jul-2018 -> Last Date:14-Jul-2021
COG-DELISTED (Cabot Oil & Gas) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2021
COH-DELISTED (Coach) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Oct-2017
COL-DELISTED (Rockwell Collins Common S) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:26-Nov-2018
CORE-DELISTED (Core Mark Holding Co) First Date:26-Jan-2017 -> Last Date:1-Sep-2021
COV-DELISTED (Covidien Plc. Ordinary Shares) First Date:2-Jul-2007 -> Last Date:26-Jan-2015
CPGX-DELISTED () First Date:17-Jun-2015 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2016
CPL-DELISTED (Carolina Power & Light) First Date:1-Oct-2004 -> Last Date:27-Jan-2020
CPN-DELISTED (Calpine) First Date:7-Feb-2008 -> Last Date:8-Mar-2018
CREE-DELISTED (Cree) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2021
CSC-DELISTED (Computer Sciences C) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:31-Mar-2017
CSOD-DELISTED (Cornerstone Ondemand) First Date:17-Mar-2011 -> Last Date:14-Oct-2021
CSRA-DELISTED () First Date:16-Nov-2015 -> Last Date:3-Apr-2018
CTB-DELISTED (Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:4-Jun-2021
CTL-DELISTED (Centurylink Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:17-Sep-2020
CTRP-DELISTED (Ctrip.com International Ltd.) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-Nov-2019
CTRX-DELISTED (Catamaran Corporation) First Date:23-Jun-2006 -> Last Date:23-Jul-2015
CTX-DELISTED (Centex Corp) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:31-Aug-2018
CUB-DELISTED (Cubic) First Date:8-May-2007 -> Last Date:24-May-2021
CU-DELISTED (Cuc International) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:18-Dec-2015
CVA-DELISTED (Covanta Holding) First Date:2-May-2007 -> Last Date:29-Nov-2021
CVC-DELISTED (Cablevision Systems Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:20-Jun-2016
CVG-DELISTED (Convergys Common St) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-Oct-2018
CVH-DELISTED (Coventry Health Care Comm) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:6-May-2013
CXO-DELISTED (Concho Resources) First Date:3-Aug-2007 -> Last Date:15-Jan-2021
CZZ-DELISTED (Cosan Limited) First Date:16-Aug-2007 -> Last Date:5-Mar-2021
DDR-DELISTED (Ddr) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:11-Oct-2018
DEH-DELISTED (D8 Holdings) First Date:4-Sep-2020 -> Last Date:16-Sep-2021
DF-DELISTED (Dean Foods Company) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:11-Nov-2019
DLPH-DELISTED (Delphi Technologies Plc) First Date:15-Nov-2017 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2020
DNK-DELISTED (Phoenix Tree Holdings) First Date:17-Jan-2020 -> Last Date:15-Mar-2021
DNKN-DELISTED (Dunkin' Brands) First Date:27-Jul-2011 -> Last Date:14-Dec-2020
DNR-DELISTED (Denbury Resources) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:29-Jul-2020
DO-DELISTED (Diamond Offshore Drilling) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:24-Apr-2020
DPH-DELISTED (Delphi) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:10-Oct-2005
DPS-DELISTED (Dr Pepper Snapple Inc Dr) First Date:7-May-2008 -> Last Date:9-Jul-2018
DSSI-DELISTED (Diamond S Shipping) First Date:28-Mar-2019 -> Last Date:15-Jul-2021
DV-DELISTED (Devry) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:23-May-2017
DWDP-DELISTED (Dowdupont) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:31-May-2019
DYN-DELISTED () First Date:3-Oct-2012 -> Last Date:6-Apr-2018
EBSB-DELISTED (Meridian Bancorp Common) First Date:23-Jan-2008 -> Last Date:12-Nov-2021
ECHO-DELISTED (Echo Global Logistics) First Date:2-Oct-2009 -> Last Date:22-Nov-2021
EDS-DELISTED (Exceed Company Ltd.) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:29-Apr-2015
EE-DELISTED (El Paso Electric Company) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:29-Jul-2020
EGOV-DELISTED (Nic) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:20-Apr-2021
EIDX-DELISTED (Eidos Therapeutics) First Date:20-Jun-2018 -> Last Date:25-Jan-2021
EIGI-DELISTED (Endurance International) First Date:25-Oct-2013 -> Last Date:10-Feb-2021
EMC-DELISTED (Emc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:6-Sep-2016
EOP-DELISTED (Equity Office Properties Trust) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:9-Feb-2007
EP-DELISTED (El Paso Common Stoc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:24-May-2012
EQM-DELISTED (Eqm Midstream Partners Lp) First Date:27-Jun-2012 -> Last Date:16-Jun-2020
ERI-DELISTED (Eldorado Resorts) First Date:3-Nov-2014 -> Last Date:20-Jul-2020
ESRX-DELISTED (Express Scripts Holding Company) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:20-Dec-2018
ESV-DELISTED (Ensco Plc American Depositary S) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Jul-2019
ETFC-DELISTED (E*Trade) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2020
ETH-DELISTED (Ethan Allen Interiors) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:13-Aug-2021
ETM-DELISTED (Entercom Communications) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:26-Feb-2021
EV-DELISTED (Eaton Vance) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:26-Feb-2021
EVHC-DELISTED () First Date:14-Aug-2013 -> Last Date:10-Oct-2018
FBM-DELISTED (Foundation Building Materials) First Date:10-Feb-2017 -> Last Date:28-Jan-2021
FCAU-DELISTED (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.) First Date:5-Mar-2015 -> Last Date:5-Jan-2021
FCBP-DELISTED (First Choice Bancorp) First Date:2-May-2007 -> Last Date:21-Jul-2021
FDC-DELISTED (First Data Corp) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:26-Jul-2019
FDO-DELISTED (Family Dollar Stores Comm) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:6-Jul-2015
FEYE-DELISTED (Fireeye) First Date:20-Sep-2013 -> Last Date:4-Oct-2021
FFG-DELISTED (Fbl Financial) First Date:10-May-2007 -> Last Date:25-May-2021
FI-DELISTED (Franks International) First Date:9-Aug-2013 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2021
FII-DELISTED (Federated Investors) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:31-Jan-2020
FIT-DELISTED () First Date:18-Jun-2015 -> Last Date:13-Jan-2021
FLIR-DELISTED (Flir Systems) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:13-May-2021
FLXN-DELISTED (Flexion Therapeutics Com) First Date:12-Feb-2014 -> Last Date:18-Nov-2021
FPRX-DELISTED (Five Prime Therapeutics) First Date:18-Sep-2013 -> Last Date:15-Apr-2021
FRX-DELISTED (Forest Laboratories Class) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Apr-2021
FSB-DELISTED () First Date:26-Mar-2015 -> Last Date:14-Aug-2020
FSCT-DELISTED () First Date:27-Oct-2017 -> Last Date:14-Aug-2020
FSH-DELISTED (Fisher Scientific Int'l) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:9-Nov-2006
FTR-DELISTED (Frontier Communications Corporation) First Date:31-Jul-2008 -> Last Date:23-Apr-2020
FWLT-DELISTED (Foster Wheeler Ag) First Date:3-Jun-2005 -> Last Date:3-Dec-2014
GAS-DELISTED (Agl Resources Common Stoc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2016
GCAP-DELISTED () First Date:15-Dec-2010 -> Last Date:30-Jul-2020
GDI-DELISTED (Gardner Denver) First Date:12-May-2017 -> Last Date:28-Feb-2020
GDT-DELISTED (Guidant) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:21-Apr-2006
GDW-DELISTED (Golden West Financial) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:29-Sep-2006
GFN-DELISTED (General Finance) First Date:17-May-2007 -> Last Date:25-May-2021
GGP-DELISTED (General Growth Properties) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:27-Aug-2018
GLIBA-DELISTED (Gci Liberty) First Date:12-Mar-2018 -> Last Date:18-Dec-2020
GLK-DELISTED (Great Lakes Chemical) First Date:1-Jun-2006 -> Last Date:15-Feb-2008
GLUU-DELISTED (Glu Mobile) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:28-Apr-2021
GMCR-DELISTED (Keurig Green Mountain) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:2-Mar-2016
GNCMA-DELISTED (Gci Liberty) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:8-Mar-2018
GNMK-DELISTED (Genmark Diagnostics) First Date:28-May-2010 -> Last Date:21-Apr-2021
GPX-DELISTED (Gp Strategies) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:14-Oct-2021
GRA-DELISTED (W.R. Grace & Co.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:21-Sep-2021
GR-DELISTED (Goodrich Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:26-Jul-2012
GSB-DELISTED () First Date:19-Jul-2007 -> Last Date:27-Aug-2020
GSX-DELISTED (Gsx Techedu) First Date:6-Jun-2019 -> Last Date:12-Apr-2021
GTT-DELISTED (Gtt Communications) First Date:17-Jun-2013 -> Last Date:2-Jul-2021
GTW-DELISTED (Gateway) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:16-Oct-2007
GWPH-DELISTED (Gw Pharmaceuticals Plc) First Date:1-May-2013 -> Last Date:4-May-2021
HAR-DELISTED (Harman International Industries) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:10-Mar-2017
HBHC-DELISTED (Hancock Holding) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:24-May-2018
HCBK-DELISTED (Hudson City Bancorp) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Oct-2015
HCHC-DELISTED (Hc2) First Date:23-Jun-2011 -> Last Date:17-Sep-2021
HCN-DELISTED (Health Care Reit Common S) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:27-Feb-2018
HCP-DELISTED (Hcp) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-Nov-2019
HCR-DELISTED (Hi-Crush) First Date:3-Jun-2019 -> Last Date:10-Jul-2020
HDS-DELISTED (Hd Supply Holdings) First Date:14-Jun-2007 -> Last Date:23-Dec-2020
HLS-DELISTED (Hls Therapeutics) First Date:1-Nov-2006 -> Last Date:29-Dec-2017
HMA-DELISTED (Health Management Associates) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:24-Jan-2014
HMSY-DELISTED (Hms Holdings) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:31-Mar-2021
HMT-DELISTED (Host Marriott Corp) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:17-Apr-2006
HNZ-DELISTED (H.J. Heinz Company) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:7-Jun-2013
HOME-DELISTED (At Home) First Date:4-Jun-2007 -> Last Date:22-Jul-2021
HOT-DELISTED (Starwood Hotels & Resorts World) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:22-Sep-2016
HRS-DELISTED (Harris Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:28-Jun-2019
HSH-DELISTED (Hillshire Brands Company) First Date:12-Jun-2012 -> Last Date:28-Aug-2014
HSP-DELISTED (Hospira Inc) First Date:3-May-2004 -> Last Date:2-Sep-2015
HTZ-DELISTED () First Date:20-Jun-2016 -> Last Date:29-Oct-2020
HUD-DELISTED () First Date:1-Feb-2018 -> Last Date:30-Nov-2020
IBKC-DELISTED (Iberiabank Corporation) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:1-Jul-2020
IMMU-DELISTED (Immunomedics) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:22-Oct-2020
IMS-DELISTED (Ims Health Holdings) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2016
INOV-DELISTED (Inovalon Holdings) First Date:12-Feb-2015 -> Last Date:23-Nov-2021
IPHI-DELISTED (Inphi Corporation) First Date:11-Nov-2010 -> Last Date:20-Apr-2021
JCAP-DELISTED () First Date:27-Mar-2015 -> Last Date:5-Nov-2020
JCOM-DELISTED (J2 Global) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:7-Oct-2021
JCP-DELISTED (J.C. Penney Company Holding Company) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:18-May-2020
JEC-DELISTED (Jacobs Engineering) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:9-Dec-2019
JNS-DELISTED (Janus Capital Cmn S) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:26-May-2017
JNY-DELISTED (Jones) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:8-Apr-2014
JOY-DELISTED (Joy Global) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:5-Apr-2017
JOYG-DELISTED () First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2011
KATE-DELISTED (Kate Spade & Co) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:11-Jul-2017
KDMN-DELISTED (Kadmon) First Date:27-Jul-2016 -> Last Date:8-Nov-2021
KFT-DELISTED (Kraft Foods) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2012
KIN-DELISTED (Kindred Biosciences Comm) First Date:12-Dec-2013 -> Last Date:27-Aug-2021
KMG-DELISTED (Kerr-Mcgee) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:14-Nov-2018
KNL-DELISTED (Knoll) First Date:4-May-2007 -> Last Date:19-Jul-2021
KORS-DELISTED (Michael Kors Holdings O) First Date:15-Dec-2011 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2018
KRB-DELISTED (Mbna) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:30-Dec-2005
KRFT-DELISTED (Kraft Foods) First Date:17-Sep-2012 -> Last Date:2-Jul-2015
KRI-DELISTED (Knight-Ridder) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:27-Jun-2006
LB-DELISTED (L Brands) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:2-Aug-2021
LDL-DELISTED (Lydall) First Date:11-May-2007 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2021
LEH-DELISTED (Lehman Brothers) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:17-Sep-2008
LIVX-DELISTED (Livexlive Media) First Date:14-Dec-2017 -> Last Date:5-Oct-2021
LIZ-DELISTED (Liz Claiborne) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:14-May-2012
LLL-DELISTED (L-3 Communications Holdings) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:28-Jun-2019
LLTC-DELISTED (Linear Technology Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:10-Mar-2017
LMCA-DELISTED (Liberty Media Corporation) First Date:1-Feb-2013 -> Last Date:24-Jan-2017
LMCK-DELISTED () First Date:8-Aug-2014 -> Last Date:24-Jan-2017
LM-DELISTED (Legg Mason) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:31-Jul-2020
LMNX-DELISTED (Luminex) First Date:25-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:13-Jul-2021
LO-DELISTED (Lorillard Inc) First Date:10-Jun-2008 -> Last Date:11-Jun-2015
LOGM-DELISTED (Logmein) First Date:1-Jul-2009 -> Last Date:28-Aug-2020
LORL-DELISTED (Loral Space) First Date:7-May-2007 -> Last Date:18-Nov-2021
LUK-DELISTED (Leucadia National C) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:23-May-2018
LVGO-DELISTED (Livongo Health) First Date:25-Jul-2019 -> Last Date:29-Oct-2020
LVLT-DELISTED (Level 3 Communications Co) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:31-Oct-2017
LVNTA-DELISTED (Liberty Ventures) First Date:10-Aug-2012 -> Last Date:9-Mar-2018
LXK-DELISTED (Lexmark International Com) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:28-Nov-2016
MAY-DELISTED (May Dept Stores) First Date:20-Jun-2007 -> Last Date:17-Aug-2012
MDLA-DELISTED (Medallia) First Date:19-Jul-2019 -> Last Date:28-Oct-2021
MEDI-DELISTED (Medimmune) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:18-Jun-2007
MEET-DELISTED () First Date:4-May-2007 -> Last Date:3-Sep-2020
MEL-DELISTED (Mellon Financial) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:29-Jun-2007
MER-DELISTED (Merrill Lynch & Co) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2008
MERQ-DELISTED (Mercury Interactive) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:12-Aug-2005
MFCB-DELISTED () First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:3-Jun-2019
MFNC-DELISTED (Mackinac Financial) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:3-Sep-2021
MHS-DELISTED (Medcohealth Solutions Inc Commo) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Mar-2012
MIK-DELISTED (The Michaels Companies C) First Date:27-Jun-2014 -> Last Date:14-Apr-2021
MINI-DELISTED () First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2020
MJCO-DELISTED () First Date:29-Jun-2015 -> Last Date:21-Sep-2020
MJN-DELISTED (Mead Johnson Nutrition Company) First Date:11-Feb-2009 -> Last Date:14-Jun-2017
MLHR-DELISTED (Herman Miller) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:29-Oct-2021
MMAC-DELISTED (Mma Capital Management Co) First Date:6-Feb-2008 -> Last Date:12-Aug-2021
MNK-DELISTED (Mallinckrodt Plc) First Date:17-Jul-2013 -> Last Date:9-Oct-2020
MNTA-DELISTED (Momenta Pharmaceuticals) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2020
MOBL-DELISTED () First Date:12-Jun-2014 -> Last Date:30-Nov-2020
MOLX-DELISTED (Molex Incorporated) First Date:24-Mar-2005 -> Last Date:6-Dec-2013
MON-DELISTED (Monsanto Company) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:31-Mar-2021
MR-DELISTED () First Date:20-Jun-2014 -> Last Date:12-Nov-2020
MSGN-DELISTED (The Madison Square Garden Company) First Date:10-Feb-2010 -> Last Date:8-Jul-2021
MSON-DELISTED (Misonix) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:28-Oct-2021
MTSC-DELISTED (Mts Systems) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:6-Apr-2021
MWV-DELISTED (Meadwestvaco Common) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Jul-2015
MWW-DELISTED (Monster Worldwide Common) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:31-Oct-2016
MXIM-DELISTED (Maxim Integrated Products Inc) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:25-Aug-2021
MYG-DELISTED (Maytag) First Date:18-Nov-2008 -> Last Date:29-Jan-2009
MYL-DELISTED (Mylan N.V.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:16-Nov-2020
MYOK-DELISTED (Myokardia) First Date:29-Oct-2015 -> Last Date:16-Nov-2020
NAV-DELISTED (Navistar International Corporation) First Date:30-Jun-2008 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2021
NBL-DELISTED (Noble Energy Inc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:2-Oct-2020
NCC-DELISTED (National City) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2008
NFB-DELISTED (North Fork Ban) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:30-Nov-2006
NFX-DELISTED (Newfield Exploration Company Co) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:13-Feb-2019
NGHC-DELISTED () First Date:20-Feb-2014 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2020
NIHD-DELISTED (Nii Holdings) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2019
NSCO-DELISTED (Nesco) First Date:6-Oct-2017 -> Last Date:26-Feb-2021
NSM-DELISTED (National Semiconductor Corp) First Date:25-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:30-Jul-2018
NXTL-DELISTED (Nextel Communications) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:12-Aug-2005
NYX-DELISTED (Nyse Euronext) First Date:8-Mar-2006 -> Last Date:12-Nov-2013
OMX-DELISTED (Officemax) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:5-Nov-2013
ONNN-DELISTED (On Semiconductor) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:2-Apr-2015
ORBC-DELISTED (Orbcomm) First Date:7-May-2007 -> Last Date:31-Aug-2021
OZRK-DELISTED (Bank Ozk) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:13-Jul-2018
PAND-DELISTED (Pandion Therapeutics) First Date:17-Jul-2020 -> Last Date:31-Mar-2021
PCL-DELISTED (Plum Creek Timber Company) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:19-Feb-2016
PCLN-DELISTED (The Priceline) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:26-Feb-2018
PCP-DELISTED (Precision Castparts Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:29-Jan-2016
PDLI-DELISTED () First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:30-Dec-2020
PE-DELISTED (Parsley Energy) First Date:23-May-2014 -> Last Date:12-Jan-2021
PETM-DELISTED (Petsmart Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:11-Mar-2015
PFBI-DELISTED (Premier Financial) First Date:17-May-2007 -> Last Date:17-Sep-2021
PFNX-DELISTED () First Date:24-Jul-2014 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2020
PFPT-DELISTED (Proofpoint) First Date:20-Apr-2012 -> Last Date:30-Aug-2021
PGL-DELISTED (Peoples Energy) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:21-Feb-2007
PGN-DELISTED (Progress Energy Common St) First Date:2-Sep-2014 -> Last Date:17-Dec-2015
PKY-DELISTED (New Parkway) First Date:4-Oct-2016 -> Last Date:11-Oct-2017
PLT-DELISTED (Plantronics) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:21-May-2021
PMCS-DELISTED (Pmc-Sierra) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:14-Jan-2016
PMTC-DELISTED (Parametric Technology) First Date:1-May-2006 -> Last Date:2-Dec-2013
POL-DELISTED (Polyone Corporation) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:10-Jul-2020
POM-DELISTED (Pepco Holdings Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:23-Mar-2016
PPDI-DELISTED (Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:5-Dec-2011
PQG-DELISTED (Pq) First Date:29-Sep-2017 -> Last Date:2-Aug-2021
PRAH-DELISTED (Pra Health Sciences Comm) First Date:13-Nov-2014 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2021
PRNB-DELISTED () First Date:14-Sep-2018 -> Last Date:25-Sep-2020
PROS-DELISTED (Prosight Global) First Date:25-Jul-2019 -> Last Date:3-Aug-2021
PRSP-DELISTED (Perspecta) First Date:1-Nov-2007 -> Last Date:6-May-2021
PRVL-DELISTED (Prevail Therapeutics) First Date:20-Jun-2019 -> Last Date:21-Jan-2021
PS-DELISTED (Pluralsight) First Date:17-May-2018 -> Last Date:5-Apr-2021
PSFT-DELISTED (People Soft) First Date:7-Oct-2008 -> Last Date:19-Aug-2021
PTLA-DELISTED () First Date:22-May-2013 -> Last Date:1-Jul-2020
PTVCB-DELISTED (Protective Insurance) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:28-May-2021
PVAC-DELISTED (Penn Virginia) First Date:15-Nov-2016 -> Last Date:15-Oct-2021
PVN-DELISTED (Providian Financial) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2005
PWER-DELISTED (Power-One) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:25-Jul-2013
PX-DELISTED (Praxair) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Oct-2018
QADA-DELISTED (Qad) First Date:16-Dec-2010 -> Last Date:4-Nov-2021
QCP-DELISTED (Quality Care Properties) First Date:20-Oct-2016 -> Last Date:26-Jul-2018
Q-DELISTED (Qwest Communications International Inc) First Date:3-Jun-2013 -> Last Date:14-Nov-2017
QEP-DELISTED (Qep Resources) First Date:1-Jul-2010 -> Last Date:16-Mar-2021
QLGC-DELISTED (Qlogic Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:15-Aug-2016
QTS-DELISTED (Qts Realty Trust) First Date:9-Oct-2013 -> Last Date:31-Aug-2021
QVCA-DELISTED (Liberty Interactive Corporation) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:9-Mar-2018
RAI-DELISTED (Reynolds American Inc Common St) First Date:2-Aug-2004 -> Last Date:24-Jul-2017
RAVN-DELISTED (Raven Industries) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:29-Nov-2021
RBC-DELISTED (Regal Beloit Corporation) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:4-Oct-2021
RBK-DELISTED (Reebok Int'l Ltd) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:31-Jan-2006
RBS-DELISTED (The Royal Bank Of Scotland Plc) First Date:18-Oct-2007 -> Last Date:22-Jul-2020
RDC-DELISTED (Rowan Companies Common St) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:10-Apr-2019
RESI-DELISTED () First Date:24-Dec-2012 -> Last Date:11-Jan-2021
RHT-DELISTED (Red Hat) First Date:14-May-2007 -> Last Date:8-Jul-2019
ROH-DELISTED (Rohm & Hass Co) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:1-Apr-2009
RPAI-DELISTED (Retail Properties) First Date:5-Apr-2012 -> Last Date:21-Oct-2021
RP-DELISTED (Realpage) First Date:12-Aug-2010 -> Last Date:21-Apr-2021
RSH-DELISTED (Radioshack Common S) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:2-Feb-2015
RST-DELISTED () First Date:16-Apr-2009 -> Last Date:14-Oct-2020
RTP-DELISTED (Reinvent Technology Partners) First Date:9-Nov-2020 -> Last Date:10-Aug-2021
RTPY-DELISTED (Reinvent Technology Partners Y) First Date:10-May-2021 -> Last Date:3-Nov-2021
RXN-DELISTED (Rexnord Corporation) First Date:29-Mar-2012 -> Last Date:4-Oct-2021
SAF-DELISTED (Safeco) First Date:3-Mar-2008 -> Last Date:30-Aug-2021
SBBP-DELISTED (Strongbridge Biopharma) First Date:16-Oct-2015 -> Last Date:5-Oct-2021
SBBX-DELISTED () First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:31-Jul-2020
SCG-DELISTED (Scana) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2018
SCR-DELISTED (Score Media & Gaming) First Date:10-Jan-2014 -> Last Date:18-Oct-2021
SEBL-DELISTED (Siebel Systems) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:31-Jan-2006
SERV-DELISTED (Servicemaster Global Holdings) First Date:1-Aug-2014 -> Last Date:2-Oct-2020
SFA-DELISTED (Scientific-Atlanta) First Date:3-Oct-2008 -> Last Date:22-Sep-2010
SGP-DELISTED (Merck & Co/Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:3-Nov-2009
SIAL-DELISTED (Sigma-Aldrich Corporation) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:17-Nov-2015
SINA-DELISTED (Sina Corporation) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:22-Mar-2021
SLCT-DELISTED (Select Bancorp) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:15-Oct-2021
SLR-DELISTED (Solectron) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:1-Oct-2007
SMTA-DELISTED (Spirit Mta Reit) First Date:17-May-2018 -> Last Date:31-Dec-2019
SNDK-DELISTED (Sandisk) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:11-May-2016
SNI-DELISTED (Scripps Networks Interactive I) First Date:1-Jul-2008 -> Last Date:6-Mar-2018
SNR-DELISTED (New Senior Investment I) First Date:7-Nov-2014 -> Last Date:20-Sep-2021
SONA-DELISTED (Southern National Bancorp) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:26-Feb-2021
SOTR-DELISTED (Southtrust) First Date:15-Feb-2008 -> Last Date:19-Feb-2009
SOV-DELISTED (Sovereign Ban) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:29-Jan-2009
SPKE-DELISTED (Spark Energy Com) First Date:29-Jul-2014 -> Last Date:9-Aug-2021
SSS-DELISTED (Sovran Self Storage) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:12-Aug-2016
STI-DELISTED (Suntrust Banks) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:6-Dec-2019
STJ-DELISTED (St. Jude Medical Common S) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-Jan-2017
STMP-DELISTED (Stamps.com) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:4-Oct-2021
STND-DELISTED (Standard Avb Financial) First Date:7-Oct-2010 -> Last Date:28-May-2021
STPK-DELISTED (Star Peak Energy Transition) First Date:12-Apr-2021 -> Last Date:12-Apr-2021
STR-DELISTED (Questar Common Stoc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:16-Sep-2016
SUNE-DELISTED () First Date:3-Jun-2013 -> Last Date:21-Apr-2016
SVA-DELISTED (Sinovac Biotech, Ltd) First Date:26-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:22-Feb-2019
SVMK-DELISTED (Svmk) First Date:26-Sep-2018 -> Last Date:14-May-2021
SVU-DELISTED (Supervalu) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:19-Oct-2018
SWY-DELISTED (Safeway) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:29-Jan-2015
SYKE-DELISTED (Sykes Enterprises) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:26-Aug-2021
SYMC-DELISTED (Symantec) First Date:2-Jan-2018 -> Last Date:4-Nov-2019
SYX-DELISTED (Systemax) First Date:1-May-2007 -> Last Date:14-May-2021
TBA-DELISTED (Thoma Bravo Advantage) First Date:15-Jan-2021 -> Last Date:28-Jun-2021
TBIO-DELISTED (Translate Bio) First Date:28-Jun-2018 -> Last Date:13-Sep-2021
TCF-DELISTED (Tcf Financial Corporation) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:8-Jun-2021
TCO-DELISTED (Taubman Centers) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:28-Dec-2020
TCP-DELISTED (Tc Pipelines Lp) First Date:10-May-2007 -> Last Date:2-Mar-2021
TECD-DELISTED (Tech Data Corporation) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:29-Jun-2020
TE-DELISTED (Teco Energy) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Jun-2016
TEG-DELISTED (Integrys Energy Com) First Date:22-Feb-2007 -> Last Date:29-Jun-2015
TEK-DELISTED (Tektronix) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:21-Nov-2007
TERP-DELISTED (Terraform Power) First Date:18-Jul-2014 -> Last Date:30-Jul-2020
TIE-DELISTED (Titanium Metals Com) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:7-Jan-2013
TIF-DELISTED (Tiffany & Co.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:6-Jan-2021
TIN-DELISTED (Temple-Inland) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:10-Feb-2012
TLAB-DELISTED (Tellabs) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:3-Dec-2013
TMK-DELISTED (Torchmark) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:8-Aug-2019
TNAV-DELISTED (Telenav) First Date:13-May-2010 -> Last Date:16-Feb-2021
TNB-DELISTED (Thomas & Betts) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:16-May-2012
TPCO-DELISTED (Tribune Publishing Company) First Date:20-Jun-2016 -> Last Date:24-May-2021
TRCO-DELISTED (Tribune Media Co) First Date:5-Dec-2014 -> Last Date:18-Sep-2019
TRIL-DELISTED (Trillium Therapeutics) First Date:19-Dec-2014 -> Last Date:16-Nov-2021
TSG-DELISTED (Sabre Holdings) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-May-2020
TSO-DELISTED (Tesoro) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:31-Jul-2017
TSS-DELISTED (Total System Services) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:17-Sep-2019
TSU-DELISTED (Tim Participacoes S.A.) First Date:30-May-2017 -> Last Date:12-Oct-2020
TWC-DELISTED (Time Warner Cable Inc Common St) First Date:1-Mar-2007 -> Last Date:17-May-2016
TWX-DELISTED (Time Warner New Common Sto) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:14-Jun-2018
TXU-DELISTED (Txu) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:10-Oct-2007
UFS-DELISTED (Domtar) First Date:16-May-2007 -> Last Date:29-Nov-2021
USCR-DELISTED (Us Concrete) First Date:15-Oct-2010 -> Last Date:25-Aug-2021
UST-DELISTED () First Date:1-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:1-Apr-2021
UTX-DELISTED (United Technologies) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:2-Apr-2020
UVN-DELISTED (Univision Comm) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:28-Mar-2007
VAR-DELISTED (Varian Medical Systems) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:14-Apr-2021
VEDL-DELISTED (Vedanta Limited) First Date:9-Sep-2013 -> Last Date:8-Nov-2021
VEI-DELISTED (Vine Energy) First Date:18-Mar-2021 -> Last Date:1-Nov-2021
VER-DELISTED (Vereit) First Date:7-Sep-2011 -> Last Date:29-Oct-2021
VIAB-DELISTED (Viacom) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:4-Dec-2019
VIA-DELISTED (Viacom Inc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-Dec-2019
VIE-DELISTED (Viela Bio) First Date:3-Oct-2019 -> Last Date:12-Mar-2021
VIP-DELISTED (Vimpelcom Ltd.) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:30-Mar-2017
VMED-DELISTED (Virgin Media) First Date:8-Feb-2007 -> Last Date:7-Jun-2013
VRTU-DELISTED (Virtusa) First Date:3-Aug-2007 -> Last Date:10-Feb-2021
VSLR-DELISTED () First Date:1-Oct-2014 -> Last Date:7-Oct-2020
VSM-DELISTED (Versum Materials) First Date:19-Sep-2016 -> Last Date:4-Oct-2019
WCG-DELISTED (Wellcare) First Date:1-Jul-2004 -> Last Date:23-Jan-2020
WCRX-DELISTED (Warner Chilcott Plc) First Date:21-Sep-2006 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2013
WDR-DELISTED (Waddell & Reed Fnancial) First Date:30-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:30-Apr-2021
WFM-DELISTED (Whole Foods Market) First Date:27-Apr-2007 -> Last Date:25-Aug-2017
WFT-DELISTED (Weatherford Int'l Plc) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:10-May-2019
WIFI-DELISTED (Boingo Wireless) First Date:4-May-2011 -> Last Date:1-Jun-2021
WIN-DELISTED (Windstream Corporation) First Date:18-Jul-2006 -> Last Date:5-Mar-2019
WMGI-DELISTED (Wright Medical N.V.) First Date:18-Jun-2010 -> Last Date:10-Nov-2020
WORK-DELISTED (Slack Technologies) First Date:20-Jun-2019 -> Last Date:20-Jul-2021
WPX-DELISTED (Wpx Energy) First Date:3-Jan-2012 -> Last Date:6-Jan-2021
WRI-DELISTED (Weingarten Realty Investors) First Date:3-Jan-2007 -> Last Date:3-Aug-2021
WSH-DELISTED (Willis Holdings) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:4-Jan-2016
WTRE-DELISTED (Watford Common Shares) First Date:28-Mar-2019 -> Last Date:1-Jul-2021
WUBA-DELISTED (58.com) First Date:31-Oct-2013 -> Last Date:17-Sep-2020
WWY-DELISTED (Wrigley Co.) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:6-Oct-2008
WXS-DELISTED (Wex) First Date:1-Mar-2005 -> Last Date:12-Apr-2013
WYND-DELISTED (Wyndham Destinations) First Date:21-May-2018 -> Last Date:12-Feb-2021
WYN-DELISTED (Wyndham Worldwide Common) First Date:1-Aug-2006 -> Last Date:31-May-2018
XEC-DELISTED (Cimarex Energy) First Date:3-Jan-2005 -> Last Date:30-Sep-2021
XL-DELISTED (Xl Plc) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:11-Sep-2018
XLRN-DELISTED (Acceleron Pharma) First Date:19-Sep-2013 -> Last Date:19-Nov-2021
XONE-DELISTED (The Exone Company) First Date:7-Feb-2013 -> Last Date:11-Nov-2021
YHOO-DELISTED (Yahoo!) First Date:2-Jan-2004 -> Last Date:16-Jun-2017