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International Index Bundle

Frequency Date Range Number of Tickers
Jan 2005 - June 2021
10 Tickers
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This dataset is no longer updated and is only suitable for historical analysis
1 month of free updates are included. Updates are $59.95 per month thereafter.

This bundle contains 1-minute, 5-minute, 30-minute, and 1-hour historical intraday data for 10 major international indices.

All tickers updated to 2024-07-19

CAC40 (CAC 40) First Date:12-Oct-2004 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
DAX (DAX 30) First Date:6-Jul-2004 -> Last Date:16-Apr-2021
AEX (Amsterdam Exchange Index) First Date:20-Oct-2004 -> Last Date:16-Apr-2021
ESTX50 (Euro Stoxx 50) First Date:29-Jun-2005 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
HSI (Hang Seng Index) First Date:19-Aug-2005 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
MDAX (DAX Midcap) First Date:2-May-2006 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
N100 (EURONEXT 100) First Date:25-Sep-2009 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
NI225 (Nikkei 225) First Date:2-Jun-2004 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
XJO (ASX 200) First Date:15-Mar-2012 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
KOSPI (Korea Composite) First Date:9-Apr-2014 -> Last Date:13-Apr-2021
UKX (FTSE 100) First Date:10-Dec-2015 -> Last Date:16-Apr-2021